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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  August 12, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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and of course of the chinese and it does seem that we're going to suffer the result of that, that the funding find vaccine tickler was 1st to publish the site 3 results. and at that time showed a 96 percent efficacy was the most effective of all the vaccines really. and it does seem that the efficacy holding up very well. but we are cutting off of the political reasons from the scientific advances that are available in the world today. that is a for me, i'll be back and say 30 minutes with a look at your headlines. this is our international, me, next stuff is really blessed and we got to take the bus. but the last stroke had a weird incident at home where a pins that are in his home bullying land screws his pop. but he's back season 3 it duff versus buddy the cake boss, buddy, the last row right up to this. dennis miller plus one
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the ne folks welcome to dennis miller plus one happy to welcome. but the last row to the show the cake. this is, madeline tells me, but he became a household name with his reality show kick boss that started in 2009 and ran for 14 seasons. so obviously they were run and more. i know what you said, dennis, that's only 12 years. they ran more than once like survivor. they queued up one after the other. he is the owner of carlos is bakery as well as the face of buddy bees restaurant. and buddy currently as a show on the food network, buddy versus duff. it's sue mo, in chris go and goldman, the other half of the team season 3 currently airing. that's a long way of saying, but even last row, how are you brother? hey, what's going on? dennis? have been, man, i'm good brother. i want to check on your, your pod, the home pins that are incident that i know it sounds like you know, i got
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a month out there, but i honestly didn't got a, i'm recovered greeley. i had 5 surgeries, a ton of physical therapy. and i got about 90 percent of my strength back and a lot of my dexterity back when about 56 weeks before we started filming, i had my fift in final surgery now was the one to really give me flexibility. before that i couldn't even been my my hands, i could, this was like, my 1st like can make so i would have never been able to do to competition. and going into this competition. i really wasn't sure my capabilities. i mean, i know i wanted to compete, but i didn't know how strong i was going to be or what my endurance level was. and i going to tell you dennis, thing god. because not only did i, you know, go to a competition great. but we made some of the best cakes i've ever made in my life.
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and there was nothing from a hand perspective that held me back, or that i couldn't do little light or touch on your front page now. but it said, you know, when i think about the irony of that body, like, obviously it's your stock and trade killer baker. now tv star, but you start up carlos, they agree and you know, that's sure that you're living, and maybe it always years, me a grand, i catch the great chef at a linea. he ends up getting a taste, but you know, a tumor on it. you just think my god, the way the world visits weird things for you to go in doing some bowling. all of a sudden that happens like that. you've got immediate carpal tunnel. 5 surgeries later. so thankful you're back, brother. what a, what a great the punctuation note. yeah, and honestly, god bless the doc carlson is h s. s. and my therapy team because you know,
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i would never, if i show you the video then assume it's pretty gloria looks like like a holloway prop. i got a metal spike that went right through my hand. it was. it's crazy. well, thank god, you're a good le let's, let's leave it at that. and i know a lot of fans were worried about you, but you're back in there in the squared circle with duff goldman. so i know they weren't going to green light your baby unless you had your chops back to notice that i am fresh, but i got to tell you in the last 3 months i got hooked on great british baking show. i've watched 9. yeah, i watch 9 and tire seasons. i was fascinated vita is funny, the thing i walked away with, i used to always look in the windows at pho, shaw, or something. when i was in paris and the god patricia raised so beautiful. i've lost my respect for the way because it doesn't seem half as good as half the puddings and takes and shoe pastry they were making on the show over the 10 seasons
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i watched. and i'm wondering what when you 1st started, was it bread? is that your gateway, your gateway bake? now my gateway, big was definitely more. busy old world, the time and deserts you know, like making a sweet. l or cream puff st. clair's, all that shoe pastry pies and cookies. and, you know, i have a tremendous amount of respect for, for that british breaking show. it's kind of like it's killing a trance. you go into a new you sucked in and you like how to help that. i watched him see that he did. you memorize, you know, mesmerized. so for me, it's more important the flavor and the artisan of how to make something. then even the way it looks and i know that you watch what i do case and you're like, oh yeah, but a lot of what you do is more decorative and creative. yeah. but it starts with the
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base of that, you know, old world ingredients doing it the old fashioned way. we get, well, we still do today. yeah, definitely more interested in what's on the inside of the fondant than i am underfunded. it's. yeah, it's nice, but to me it's like the the colon area, equivalent sheet rock or something you got to actually want to see those back all the place of our yeah, you get the skim coat on, but i want to see what's behind there, man. and i'm fascinated by the cake big and you know, what i dug about the british break off is that they were still they hadn't gotten so woke or politically correct, that they still wouldn't light somebody up who screwed the poach on a particular thing. i find that artic listed is such a touchy feely world right now with this whole thing, but we don't have a 1st or 2nd place. there were times people would, based on their and paul hollywood guy would say he take a bike because this is horrible. and i think it shouldn't be the end of the world
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we, we've, we've become a motional, heem, a feely acts. i found that interesting that they would still call people on up. i'm wondering on the way up, do you think you would have gotten as good as you god, if there wasn't somebody markup here while somebody along the way who just looking . so this is being cut and a kid. you've got to get better. don't you need that somewhere in your career? i definitely do. i mean again, i was dealt crazy cards. i was 17. my dad died. i had to drop at a high school to take over the family business. and you know, i had to go every single day and work hard with the guys who knew more than me. i had a whole myself, you know, pay homage, respect to them for them to teach me. and i had to train and i trained and i trained and i, you know, i had to become the best i could be what i did. and it only comes from hours and hours. you know, people always asked me all the time. like, how did you get so good for me?
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baking is like breathing. i don't even think about it. it's a reaction, right? i think a placement bag. it's like attached to my arm. it's like, you know, like a transform that only happens when you bake thousands and thousands of cakes and cookies and pastries. it's from hours of becoming a master, right? i watch you or the piping bag. it's like, you know, roger far us whole not to distract it. it's just, it is an extension of, of your very person. hey toby, but your dad read brag on your old man for me or tell me what it, what sort of kid that he handed off at 17 and what part did he play? and getting that kid from amniotic to 17. tell me about your dad. my dad was my best friend, my biggest hero, my life, and biggest influence. by 1st day of work, he brought me in. i was probably 11 or 12 years old and i said, my going to do that. i'm going to make cake. and he brought me
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a bathroom and he says, i want you to clean the toilet bowl. so really, i gotta clean it all. and again, i came from a very old fashion, tying and household where i had 4 sisters and my mom, i was like the prince and do nothing at home. you know, i'm like, great. so like, i mean it's just, it was all you can or you can say today that there was a tour of the little lord valid. i'm obvious thing to me. i was already, you know, i mean we're up with you know, but he and he said to me, why he, when i said, dad, you want me to really do this. he says, why do you think you too good for? and i said no. and he said to me, son, you got to take as much pride in clean the toilet bowl as if you were making a wedding cake. and he wanted to show the baker's that just because i was his son, i wasn't going to get special treatment. and he wanted me to know what it was like
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to be the guy to clean the towable and you know what today dennis, in their mind i, you know, i will get down and clean the total. busy today i tell my employees, there's never anything that i'd ask you to do that i wouldn't do. i never ask you to work harder than me. and, you know, you set the temple, he's to tell me when you, when you're working on a bench. he say used to say you got to do 2 cookies to everybody's one. you set the tempo, your blood's got to boil. like you said, the example of how to work, be the 1st one in and, and do what you gotta do. and he was amazing. and i actually during this season a body dove or finale cake, we did this $22.00 foot long nuclear dinosaur. right. and it was about 2000 pounds. was this one of the stickers cakes ever made of my wife?
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i mean, you'll step back. you'll like, holy, like you can't even imagine you made that and i step back them as an i cry. and i thought of my dad, i said man, they all men can see what we got even dreamt of doing that in 1990, you know. busy like when, when i was learning as a young baker and just you know, that after this injury i was able to achieve that level of cake. was, was like, no, i thought of l man. there's actually his chain. when he died. i put it on, i never take it off. beautiful. you know what you should it that you should have good in march. and the old man went in at the end of the nuclear dinosaur at the end of the 22 feet. right. where are the elementary canal exits on the property and put a molten steaming cake right there. and then your old demand saying what you're too good to clean up nuclear dinosaur, buddy. go glean rather exactly,
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say to me if it but the last row, whether it's folks to take a break, we're going to come back and talk more about buddy versus duff. i also want to talk about some of the primal underlay of preparing food for other human beings. there's show biz, there's this, there's that. but if he did come from, obviously, from the family, those women taking care of him, the women, but making something about the primal exchange, preparing sustaining food for other human beings and how important it is. and this whole overarching scenario, buddy, the last row right after this on dennis miller plus one. ah, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings,
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except where the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning the theme in a robot most protects its own existence was only and then i say it's crazy trillions of dollars that they send to chinese workers and chinese factory owners who make the world goods that they shipping containers into amazon warehouses in wal mart stores where millions and millions of americans work at
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a less than survivor will minimum wage and are for the 1st time in america, life expectancy is going down the the me hey folks. welcome back to that is miller plus was having a blast buddy. the last drop and the pause, good cake boss started in 2009 room for 14 seasons. he's the owner of carlos baker . i think they branched out a little, but the original mother ship, i think somewhere in jersey. and he's also the face of buddy v's ristorante, and he currently has to show, you know, with duff buddy versus stuff on the food network. you know, buddy, my kid when he got out of in new instead of taking one of those. well,
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what do they call it a bridge year before you go either high school to college, college grad school. he took a bridge year and he said he just wanted to work gigs like like larry, larry, whatever, darnell or whatever his name is. and the razor's edge, he wanted to just work a bunch regular gigs. he was a baker for awhile and i said, son, you know, he was in new york. you said it was a 1000 degrees. he was bacon bread for this restaurant down in the village. and i said, what do you get out of its son? and he said, well listen, i just wanted to learn something substantive. and i thought what could be more substantive than making bread to be the peat other humans and having them come back in a few days later and say i was a killer love, give me another one of those. he said it was a very primal and he found a valid exchange. you must find that your work. it must be the underlay of everything. right. 100 percent, dennis, i mean that's, that's what we do. you know what, i'm going to business and making people happy when i see them me, one of my creations or something that i made and you see them enjoy it. it's
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why we do what we do. and it's funny how you said, you go back to like bread baking, we talk about it actually where my mother comes from an italy. it's a little town and pull your cold of the moon. i've been the plan. you've been employ. yeah. great, good. of the motor every year wins the blue ribbon for the best bread and all europe. and i'm just saying and because my mother's down, it's called pun delta motor, right. so i did an. busy episode to keep boss right, we will go to the bakery and this oven had to be about 1400 years old. that they were baking bread in. and they had the mother used to go. how many years is the mother? he's the goes, we don't even we, i mean, 100, say hundreds, a years it goes back that. yeah. mother is and they treat this thing like like,
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you know, it's, it's their child. this mother. yeah. and they make an a bread and we're trying to film and you know how it is and all right, we'll wait a 2nd camera. the guys like, hey, listen fargo, we don't go right now. we're going to bring going know, a rose to where it's got to go and my camera guys are all scramble. we got it. but to see the pride of what these, you know, like this quality did, they made any cobblestones. were this big old oven and what happens is they stuff if they light a fire would, would, would, would they stuff to burn all the bright, an air and then close it and then she'll walk the oxygen. so the fire goes out and it is worth the bread cook, and it is like the most delicious bread you've ever tasted in your life and done in such an old world way. and what happened was the town, it's funny day. all the families used to have a stamp,
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because back then they couldn't go ambo and 500 years ago, they had no way of they couldn't buy the bakery the bread from the bakery. they would make the bread at home and put their family stamp in it, and then bring it to a bakery and he would baker for them. wow. that was like, the stick is thing. so that's like my, like my surname miller there. there was always the cat and the thing you, you'd take the take the grain from the field down and he would grind it up the miller for the same sort of the same deal that i love, that they couldn't afford it. so they take it to the, the center piece that of and that still is with us today. you talk about the hub of a town right there, brother. incredible, incredible. and i love the fact that the mother east, they've always got a story on like, well this was the emperor herod bins. belly button flies. and we put that in some. we put that in some oil le monet overnight to now we've got this
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. they've always got a story about their mother use that so beautiful. yeah. or when you get into cognac like you, they tell you about this cause cognac was you know, for being 90 to a teen glory to big. you know, it goes live a very rare vintage indeed. you know, when i was read, when you watch bread the world around, but when you go over, you were talking about the sub and i love that mental image of them having it all those years. they get those stones so hot, you think about over in india when you see them throwing those things in those big . they're almost like jars that they super heat and they throw it, they flap it onto the inside of the jar, take their non bread. i'm just absolutely fascinated by bread. if somebody said to me and listen, i love cakes. i'm a cake fan, my self. but somebody said, what's it all about? and i wanted to study baking. i think i'd have to go to bread just because it seems so adam and eve to me. know. yeah,
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there's some could the bread is amazing. i love. right. i mean again and luckily enough, being from new york in new jersey, we are good bread here. you know what i'm saying? i mean, i don't, i don't, i don't want to let you and i will secret, but we do get the best in a country here. know that a lot, those slider bonds out of white man. i can think about those and still get my mouth water and on the way, by the way, i to t to where you stop it. well, you know, you know, i know. i love it. i love it. i love it. best boom, boom, boom, this pile him in, baby, smash him down those little balls and go in track of the body of the last or buddy versus up as the show right now. 3rd season over at the food network. it's funny to me. they always find authentic catch up posting the shows and yet when they do their next network food shift thing, it's so politically correct and woke and it, you know, you sit there and you watch it and they come in with those incipit career. you can't say anything, you know, they're your bosses. but the thing that works on food network is real guys doing
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real work and make a real product. you look at guy, i know people have trouble with guy when i want you guys to get an extra casual, makes apostrophe sam, which i know clara, wisconsin who he's proud of it and god gives him his property. that's a beautiful moment man. it's very important that the host connect with regular human beings where nobody like guy for that. and i got to say like i know him or. busy you know, besides be on tv with him. he's just an awesome god. yeah. he's there kylie, you know, he's just saw through the earth and, and that's and that's what, what i think people connect with. right. and honestly, i don't think that anybody does better on tv, and i mean, you know, like, he's that kind of guy like who you want to come to your baker. you want to feed him . you know what i'm saying? he looks like a guy you want to feed. now robert osborne on tcm was the another fully realized, guy on television, i thought what a perfect mesh of a guy and the movies. and i look at guy, and like i said, you see those people,
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they're very proud of a specific this that's been made maybe a 100 times and the hand that the guy and he does, he disengages with john, takes a big binding. looks taps that i think that's, that's their pulitzer, that's the nobel prize that moment matters to them. and he knows that he says he's smart and he's kind and not only to them, but to people in the community like white manor. right. like me and you know, light manner, but you know, there's some guys here in new jersey but not ever be across america. does like when you're watching diners driving the dives and you see white man on the, you know, i didn't as my spot or, you know, water a want to local places that you know, so it's a, becomes a community here. ok. now, duff's real people like you to the extent that i know my can say no golf duff, i know guy a little, but whenever i would watch for the best thing i ever 8 and they got to him, they usually put him in the clean up spot and you could,
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you could see those jobs work and he's about to tell you about a pit pizza, which in baltimore, you can see, you know, he's getting all drooly like turner and who should know it's dripping. i guess that he knows of what he used to say which or do i know exactly well as if i had to tell you of me and i became really good friends over over the course of these 3 seasons. it funny enough, we were really probably 2 of the biggest names in baking in a world, but we never really met, you know, we never really, really sore each other. just kind of coincidentally, and then, or, you know what, i hurt my hand. he was one of the 1st people to call me and, and wish me best same guy, you know, and just just just good people. so now let's say i want to pick your brain a little bit and i know there's a bunch of places, but man, you gotta give me a few of cakes that you dream about because i gave, yeah, i can get,
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i can get caught up with a cake or a good hokey, i can think of, you know, a good hoagie sandwich and i can't get it out of my head. i go, i got to call in and see if they ship those. there is a cake place back in virginia that i order a christmas cake from. i can't remember the name right now. it comes with a red can with a strike club at it is so freaking good. i'll get another one the christmas. sorry, i'm blanking on the name, but tell me a couple cakes that you roll over in your hands. and boy, they hit the hell out of that cake. well, i mean, i believe it or not. i love cake. i mean, so we did this one episode of we were doing a show was be but now be body. it was, it was what we did. i didn't like a competition show where i was looking for like the best figures and this one guy made this sweet potato cake. and again, and listen, i mean, between me and you,
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i try to be politically correct when you eat it. you know what i'm trying to say when you eat one thing and you're like, oh my god, this thing is delicious? yeah, i the whole god damn piece it was like it was forget about was no one thing. cream cheese, i always had like this maple water cream. so like a maple butter cream, but it was a sweet potato cake. it was almost like it had p cans on top. was like, can be, it was like crack, it was so good. you just like kept going into it and you couldn't, couldn't get enough of it. you ever see the movie? quite shell buddy. do you know that? well, the, there's a great movie called quiz show directed by robert redford and it's, it's, i'm telling you, if you get a chance, it's one of the most exquisite modern movies. it gets short trip, but it's brilliant. it's about the quiz show scandals, and there's
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a scene where re find goes home for the weekend, his life's of maelstrom. now he's been cheating on the, he's been cheating on this quiz show. he knows that his father's grand d, the columbia university and he knows he's in trouble. he goes home, he becomes a kid. he goes into the kitchen and i can't sleep. he takes a big court glass cord of milk and a piece of chocolate cake. and it's the only sol as he has in his life at the moment, is he's eating his mom's chocolate cake and he's calling his head with a cold bottle and then taking a big swig. and i often. 2 think, you know, you can derive comfort creature comforts from some things from your childhood that can make it feel safe again. and often they're of an all factory sense, tast touch, smell, stuff like that. 100 percent, 100 percent. know that i get to check the movie out, but there's nothing like that. you know, i mean for me, i could i do it on sundays. like when i wake up on sunday morning, i walked downstairs and i could smell the garlic and meatballs brian up reminds me
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of my mother or my grandma. now my wife does it, you know, so it sadness, damage it at family meal that, that center i did not bring families together like boot or are you replicate that vide, buddy over at the restaurant? a, tell me about that. i'm not as hip to that. i know you from banking, you replicating that family vibe over there. 100 percent. anytime you are the venetian, that is let me know. i love to have you there. check it out. what the for me, the the call on every rock stars in my life war. my mom, my grandma, my dad, my, my wife, my wife's and amazing cook. i mean that's why i can't lose the last 30 pounds, you know? but um, i want people to go to my restaurant and feel like to read it in my house. and honestly, we've just been so, you know,
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it's about 7 years now. we've just been growing so much. we had a lot of repeat business because it's real. it's real like jersey, red sauce type of place. you know, so anytime you're in town come let me add to your list of impact cooks in your life. i got to go with big poly shave and the guy like dad raise a leg. that's like the ready get to get a translucent. instead, it's such a perfect moment. these guys are so brutish, but they're delicate with their garlic slides. absolutely beautiful. but in the last stroke chairs these best, and guess what folks, the, the hand is good. and buddy and stuff and their 3rd season. good to see you back. rather, i'm glad. good for you. that is always a pleasure, man. thank you, brother. all right, later. good buddy. the last straw dennisville are plus work. oh,
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i think it's part of the mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims. the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, just say i disagree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your adventure logic. you see your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said you harmed me again some psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i definitely problems politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the the, the, the,
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the tragic news from russia. one woman has died and 18 other people are injured. after a blast tore through a bus in the russian town of roneesh. officials are yet to identify the cause and i witness. it says explosion hit the vehicle extremely hard. the explosion was very loud. so loud i was definitely some time in the plus trash. it was so high that my car was almost pushed to the other side of the road. one of the taliban says it has seized the dentist and 2nd and 3rd largest cities, kandahar and herat with the militants wrapping up their country wide offensive amid us troop withdrawal and firefighters and volunteers have battle huge wildfires and rushes far east, where the state of emergency is enforced smoke en, dash, have.


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