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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 12, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the tragic news from russia. one woman has died and 18 other people are injured. after a blast tore through a bus in the russian town of brownish officials are yet to identify the cause. and i witness. it says explosion hit the vehicle extremely hard. the explosion was very loud, so loud i was definitely for some time. and the plus pressure was so high that my car was almost pushed to the other side of the road. taliban says it has seized up the dentist and 2nd and 3rd largest cities, kandahar and herat with the militants wrapping up their country. why defensive? amid us troop withdrawal and firefighters and volunteers? battle a huge wildfires and rushes far east, where the state of emergency is enforced, smoke en, dash coated huge areas. our correspondence is in the thick of firefighters have now
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created this mineralized zone. this is basically the whole purpose of this is that the fire, as you can see, it's still burning there. it will not be able to pass beyond the zone. because your headlines, this are, i'll be back in just under an hour to take a look at what's happening around the world real quick. this is art international. what have you with me? just because vision or me feel free to the corona crisis, i highlighted the need to rethink the way our society is function. to reflect on days, i'm joined by one of the world's most influential thinkers. legendary philosopher, flowers, the legendary philosopher, author of pandemic colleague 19 shakes. the world i've been wanting to talk to for
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the longest time. welcome to our program. i to be here and i know it to be if you want to match this up. so let's start from this. i remember during last year's famous debate with jordan patterson, you said that humanity will continue to slide toward some kind of apocalypse until some major catastrophe awakens us in this condemning, be categorized as stretch exacerbate look different such, but the damage was indeed to get data. we already have our potential gastro, b, believe and we need is now connected. we are not sure why don't we say the way smith? you remember?
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i don't know. he used speak on the sheet that i shot records. everybody knows the main cause global warming because my prostate mending and so on. so we have another day or so. so because she's a, she's soccer match. mark exploding united states. let's be almost barbara. oh, some guy, no tv. well, united states leasing in the state are those where mass in the state of those who are who are d. kaloni, governmental profi. we know now numbers from united states, we pay 40 states at no stage united
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just putting money into one you can do the shop to finally use the same guy. he managed to estimate the i don't know how he'd be in your back job job, but i always follow dish. do you know? is this 1st starns or under a few match your ash and you know, like in germany there was the most faithful belief, almost ready to be, but look, break my own 3 way offline. i received the united states. glad. i fear most, most the size of their speech. if you got the break down,
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you'll be your last you do not will be even you don't get any dionte though you just say, you know, be my normal life in fear. crazy uncertainty. the toughest thing for a person cited to take need or shear. also a body where not if we need no, i'm sorry to say be it will open some of my more crappy. we need now. feel yes. yes. you need those who but also is you said you well, i don't know what i find show by how although i agree we rely on science stuff.
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i do remember the clear image. do you remember how we need to begin february? my mother was just wait for that sheet. if she were there will be some things from i would even glad about showing play increase doing. i mean you connect my family wonderful. it goes all over. all those theories of the way ways. second race. now we see it's one of the ways was wrong. we know some basic things, but we really don't know what's going on or i want to say that's my message or the forget about the old school be, you know, oh, my dad lives we live with. not just
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this is just one shot record. so my name stays we problems are mean are made in europe in sean and we build a new state we can confront in the organized way. so, and that's the construct your final message that we're going to go back to what we are used to call normal, right. and our regular recent bag, you say that things with certain crisis that they can drive on for years in some cases may never. and is the case. we call the 19 and maybe, you know, again i, you know, i don't know what to expect of vaccines and so on. i am i what,
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what are the me the something there's, and i wanted that i know, i think i want any other dialogue. if you have this thing impression in countries that they follow closely. my own risk is we get something we are more and more getting something that people call a car online. people die. oh, good news or both got all the dangers and so on and so on. and somehow i don't want to be we beat and they go out in my own garden tv and we believe there is now a new base. and then people who don't, many people don't keep in shape in the restaurant. they do. i know they where you are in the most sense, you can re look only below those, but given your yes,
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yes. okay. so again, again is what i am afraid off. of course, i agree with a girl who said to me, we can definitely be if you then tell you we never where we always, we mean glass in the left to us. we will be back quite the will be at least before the bus and you know, can work out and they say you will order food. yes, somebody has to bring your food and so on. and so what, so what i'm saying is that he eat, may get to be better, we make a lot. but what we do accept is that this is we've got a food re told,
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and so i know we're better money state and we will change our way of life. so if you look at it from the other side, and if you're saying it's a permanent state and when you take the permanency for many that they panic because they don't want that certain. but on the other hand, if this is something that we need to get used to, to adjust our habit to use the economy, maybe it is a good thing that happened to us because maybe it was a long time that when needed to stop and think where are you going to agree the deal here or go? i don't want to be to kimmy good. you know, kinney are saying into us that rabbit. and i, and i always say if you didn't like these guys i oh nice. you can then justify us know, because we don't progress probably, you know,
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state of the but this is how i will use those would be the same be didn't know where it made more, more or less dangerous. merely daddy security gone for the social dangelo. and so one lady here, it's not just what the d. c show got the least in the sense i totally agree with you. it can be, i wouldn't say a good be something that we to confirm to be ok. so there is another question. would dig deeper and wakes up the fact that the crisis is permanent. it's a permanent state, but after a while, it becomes a permanent state. it's no longer a crisis. and as soon as the right of virus is accepted as a new normal sense of urgency and the need form to change is gone. how should
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society keep the determination to act upon the change a life if we accept the crisis as the normal? first, if we accept, i think we are not, yes. if we accept it and you know, it will be okay, by 1st it's not, there should be an arm of goss here. we can be, we can lower the inter and so on. and so on. basic message, me just dead economy level and so on. very slow. and i think we are really steep when will this matter be over? that's what we get school every day. me look, that's objective by your law. goes by. okay,
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me good. whatever event we had this slow, because global society, we leave. let's make a cynical experiment. let's imagine that he came out in the late 90 or mean 1956. been trying to really care about became a smaller local peak. so, you know, even if we're going to show us, show, bless, in the sense of we don't give him a scene or we are doing a defensive mess. so to the stands and so on. i think that we can do quite both at the level of social organization. okay, hold your thought there. then take a short break right now when we're back, we'll continue talking to one of the biggest mines of 20th and 21st century slum
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wages about what's going to happen to societies in post corona, iraq, stay with us on the the staves crash, trillions of dollars that they send to chinese workers and chinese factory owners who make the world goods that they shipping containers into amazon warehouses in wal mart stores where millions and millions of americans work at a less than survivor, a wall minimum wage and are for the 1st time in america,
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life expectancy is going down the middle of august, and then we need to talk to someone who can pay more than that for me when i'm in a position where you may need to check on it for me, which mobile phone. when you think about what i was looking for the day, join me, but it was easy. i got to get to choose, you can put in the office me quite
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a bit as long as it doesn't work for you. need any, does that quote ship the ah, and we're back talking to philosophers was huge excel, like you said, not just like a co nomic or paradigm crisis. it's also a psychological crisis. what we see instead of people out in the street demanding an end to like massive corporations or banks, we have people out demanding into certain statues and police races, or, and mandatory wearing masks and forsythe relation. what needs to happen in your view for people's protest, energy to be directed into
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a passive fundamental social change? i'm here, but that she missed if you asked me, well, i was some of the stand and she, i don't think that now we've already gone together by again by us economic progress against that be. and you will make up progress, your movement and so on. and so wrong, we know that today i don't well coordinate some things, for example, your protest against the state that you're out against. so go along getting the same years down into a woman describing the united states against you. we don't respect for the most progress,
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don't you being they were to be sustained by logical belief. all right, we have some already very old fashioned problem. it's not vital whether we can do anything. finally, we old fashion believe to be about. and so wanting to think of escape from not only green goes but also left us joint 10 fear. i don't agree we don't even some of my friends who glean disappeared medical guy. this is luck. dyersburg amounts, you know, we need in a political moment. it's us now or like it's not a bite of do we don't change or not just changing and the only boss i
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see so much stronger over the state and i like to hear about me to be dispatched. i don't mean starting the straight, but i mean there should be when the speaker probably concerns. we've got a meeting where we need coffee this. we need food. co be done again. the problem is coming. got your intervention. it slow when you're thing. when a man, when it hospital does that, that could be just as a massive global response to tackled and some demick. but when you say we need new communism, i don't always understand because to me,
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for someone who live top over lives in communism like you, company isn't, is a great idea, but h, as doesn't work when applied to people. so you tell me what exactly does that entail when you say we need new comments or what exactly, what was your certainly it was something that could be considered to be fully empower. hello me measures which i don't mean by by, by probably way is giving, although he's also driving and he's gone. but when i'm giving him the family, $1200.00 or whatever. so this is already was your
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basic income. this is all, i mean by shot way to reach probably walked away. you probably any day. you know me. we were only going to be aware. i remember all going the skies how you know, and like one of them you can be when the say, kim, please over space or action and so on and so on. but we'd nonetheless need politicizing economy. when you say the new communism is when you have to market economy, but it is a political economy as well. it makes sense. of course, for me it has downfalls because there is much less freedom. but, you know, i guess some, you have to choose what, what kind of freedom you look here. lead to be nice. you know, really made this famous bond freedom. yes. but who walk and so on and so on. you
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know, i always seem to it's not enough. think to me me for you don't to a joyce in the central freedom. united states are not paid. oh, nice, nice book of course. but please don't shoot me the spot and she somehow deep it into the valley. the some delays, the society develops when you say that the corporations and banks should not tell society of the people what they want, what to do, how to lee? or do you mean that something? yes, shoot or or are people i don't want to sound condescending or are people to be completely trusted? i think you're interviewing someone, i think
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a democracy in the sense that people besides every think, sorry about who and then people besides who formulate. she's the she steadied danger, all which can go into action. and so on your lawyers here. all i'm saying is that market logic doesn't what i hear back is logic alone. the market forces you to profit space off off many places. for example, it's very interesting to read books or essays on what goes on, maybe good industry. do you know how many companies are in the west where you are making? but they know that from the market they do go on shaving,
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deal more expensive many things surveyed by the copyright and get the trends. so i'm just, some guy will probably save whatever we should be done by now. i hope you like the spot. they use a couple of my idea would sure be me. again, come, you need you can watch the united states, you know, people say what you may i know we need to be. can you even imagine what chunk of the lady julia and i will try and we will be he will be your cursor when we are nice. may be yes, we need control. and you program, he said, follows on my iphone,
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where i move in there, you know, i know of united states where all are going to be comparable by an internal and so on. but should be we should know what back to us. this might be the most dangerous for of these where when we are not even aware that city is united states, people really think i like the ideal post corano world according to ga. but now i gotta be low. so be low that lies and so well, no, no, it will not be nice. i mean this is more i use one example is
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already water in the audio. say okay, really good balance everybody to survive. but correct me if i wrong, then you now i used the notion of the war and this what i wanna ask you about because post war, relative stability always rested on a social contract. that implies that implied that citizens paid their dues while government keep improving the leading standards. now the crisis has completely highlighted and my husband all the issues with social contract, with dolly paying their dues in government, having nothing to give back. what will be in the, the governments of the world do now to regain the trust of the public because it's not going to be not going to be like before anymore. what can be done to regain
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that trust? what i am afraid, ambitious happening, especially in the united states, is that you know, i don't think this is bad about 10 years ago in cycle calling me beth. this is probably going to democrats that it was some kind of basic bob league . gosh, or i would say back, we played against the game of me. and so on these back, in spite of the ones that we share, calling about in the united states, my madness seem to maybe he will not be a good life. electra results in every successful market, she gets the lead me in the sense that we got the game, but we didn't serve and what i said is
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this, not every country will be after the barrier between they may go to a new one or so called social got back, we will need a new social progress. i hope that she'd, i'm afraid that you know, because my god, what jordan, american gate beach but against america. like some of my to be the spring. know if america gets make our social crises, it will be very danger. all the crafts. i don't want to. he got are we to really a good one and they need to be and you so well that no suspense i want to end our wonderful top. thank you very much. thank you so
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much and i hope we meet again. okay, thanks very much. bye bye. bye. well, i, i, the who's
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end, essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still know what the consequences today the the, the.


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