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tv   News  RT  August 13, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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come with me, just to speak with him, go with me. the headlining right now and i'll see us troops back in afghanistan this time to get the diplomat sciences to taliban makes rapid territorial gains. the state department claims. it's not a hasty evacuation. just a safe drop down of embassy south. meanwhile, the use open door policy seems to have slammed shuts. with the block split of the migration of refugees from afghanistan, several states are insisting on their right to forcibly deport rejected aside seeking the powerful glass pass through a passenger bus in the town of iran, asia in western russia, leaving 2 dead and 17 in the cause isn't yet known by witness said the explosion hit the vehicle extremely hard. the explosion was very loud. so loud i was deaf,
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and for some time, the blood pressure was so high that my call was almost pushed to the other side of the road. ah, i live for moscow, this is the international. my name is colin bryan. all the developments in the past 24 hours to tell you about 1st. lo, we're tracking the latest in afghanistan where the taliban says that it sees the country 2nd and 3rd largest cities, kind of ha and head out and verify video circulating on social media, purportedly showing afghan security force is a plea in kandahar to half an hour before the taliban ounces, and the u. s. embassy and cobble is urging all americans to leave the country immediately going so far as to offer loans to those unable to afford plane tickets home and to use the 1st available commercial carriers. meanwhile, the white spread speculation that the capital cobble could fall to the taliban
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within days is the situation right now. the militants control room 2 thirds of the country at the moment they are all in read. the government forces a much diminished territory. the ingrained of the rest are on the brink that contested areas right now in afghanistan. now currently the islamists have taken hold of some crucial, strategically important locations very near to the capital. and they are making inroads, hour by hour, and ramped up. it's offensive back in april, off to you as president joe biden's announcement that he was pulling american troops out. but at the time the islamist group had less than a 5th of the countries territory. wind up to this week, they now controlled more than half that with the taliban taking hold of multiple provinces in a single day. us troops a back to work in afghanistan, there was a slightly different mission. this time that i had to get the u. s. embassy stuff out of the country, as the state department says that it'll dramatically reduce its diplomats in cobble . and although this looks like an evacuation officials try to strike an optimistic
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note. this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale. busy withdrawl, what this is, is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. this is a draw down of civilian americans. there are 3000 us military personnel headed for afghanistan to secure what it's calling a safe, draw down of american civilian personnel. basically, u. s embassy, staff, and others are going to be a score to out of the country by the military. the military will be there to make sure that they're not harmed in the process. now we do know at this point that the taliban after receiving, receiving and seizing several provinces in a single day, is now engine closer to the capital city of cobble. but on tuesday, joe biden made clear that washington is not going to step in to rescue cobble in
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this situation. african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death and injury. thousands of american personnel got to fight for themselves. now the current taliban offensive began back in april when joe biden announced that he intended to withdraw all us forces from the country by september 11th. now that gave question gave rise to 2 questions at this point. you know, and what is really going on now, will the usa now that it's sent, you know, 3000 more troops to oversee the, the, you know, the withdrawal of us civilian personnel and embassy staff. will the u. s. a. continue to have a role in the country. well, when that question was presented to the state department, here's the response. this is not the reintroduction of military forces to pursue
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the mission that they were pursuing prior to may 1. now september 11th is the deadline that joe biden sat for which the us forces will be withdrawn from the country. however, us officials continue to make clear that despite pulling all us forces out of the country, they intend to still offer support to the afghan government in the face of the onslaught of the taliban. now how exactly this support will be offered was something that john kirby representing the pentagon refused to clarify. here's what happened when he was asked about it. does this mean the u. s. military withdrawl is not going to be complete by august 31st. again, what i said was, we're aiming to facilitate the reduction of the civilian personnel by august 31st. so it's all lining up on the same timeline. i won't speculate about what the footprints gonna look like post august 31st because there's this additional mission set of, of helping process special immigrants. so we're just going to have to wait and see,
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but the drop down itself is still on track to be complete by august 31st. that makes no sense. john, i know i know what your troops, i know what you're saying, lucas. i'm saying of the of the original footprint plans that still continuing, but yes, we adding additional troops for this specific and narrow focus and hoping to get them all out by the end of the month. i'm not going to speculate beyond august 31st . now it's important to note the united states has maintained a military presence in afghanistan for over 18 years. and during that time, the country is not become any more stable. the role of the drug lord than the poppy field has certainly expanded in the country. different terrorist groups and warlords battled for control. the taliban remained intact with different parts of territory and such. and now after 18 years of the united states, not having success when it came to the stabilisation of afghanistan, we are the united states set to leave the country. and despite the taliban marching
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ahead and inching closer to cobble, those plans to withdraw from afghanistan seemed to be in full effect. with hostilities showing no sign of abating and i've got to stop the un. it's warning that nearly 400000 civilians have had to leave their homes since the south of the year with a huge spike since may further begin and says that this place people are heading to cobble to flee the taliban, even though that's looking increasingly futile. here it just, some of the heart wrenching stories, the refugees have to have been displaced from telecon. the telephone killed my son to be took all the belongings from my house and set fire to them in front of the punch me in the mouth, causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son and i told them that he is a school teacher. she recently became a teacher and had not even received salary. had a cautious broke out. we were taken hostage of the fighting, went on for about 6 or 7 days, but we couldn't go outside to do anything we managed to escape. and now we are displeased. but those displaced afghan thinking asylum may not be that welcome in
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europe either with the blog currently at loggerheads. so for what to do with refugees and i was playing violence next to paul asleep delves into what happened to europe's open door policy. your opinion is split from what to do with african refugees seeking, assign them in the letter to the european commission, civil countries insisted they have the right to forcibly support those whose cases have been rejected. they vote that not to deport them, would motivate more refugees, to flee to europe. we would like to highlight the edge of need to perform returns both voluntary and non voluntary, to afghan, a stan stopping return, send the wrong signal, and it's likely to motivate even more afghan citizen to leave the home for the e u. the situation in afghanistan is deterioration by the all when it comes to the us and nato prepaid to what's called a troops at the end of the month. after decades long war,
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the situation is so bad that the netherlands, germany, and france have decided to cause the deportation to be for now. the situation in afghanistan is likely to change and events for the coming period are so uncertain that i have decided to introduce more atoria on debt partition decisions and departures agrees, or stress belgian and denmark standing firm. they want the rejected, assign them because the e u is not really and does not have the capacity to kind of another major migration crisis. why haven't you guys are waiting make up around 10 percent on asylum seekers there. the 2nd largest group, after syrians and for a continent still scarred by the migration crisis of 56 years ago. there was a feeling of a who, a feeling of having been they before, that has your opinions worried. they might be on the verge of
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a fish refugee crisis. those people who are here from a gun is done, they're not my. they're a few gees and asylum seeker. and that is why it is very important to remember at all best in countries have signed humor a convention refugee convention. and they are duty bound to has any one, not only of guns, but syrians are anybody who come to the to their country. and as far as them, because of you are in the country, are any conflict personnel to to the life? so i think than the western countries say, oh, we don't care if a wonder if you just go home or do for them. i think this is a violation of human rights and we should do that kind of thing. money is from
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around the world greenville in california, where the so called dixie fire has destroyed more than a 1000 times interrupting in mid july. the majority of the house burnt the ground holding a dozen other small mountain in rural communities of also been lost of the flames. and what is one of the worst largest wildfires in the states? history, distraught locals have been describing that loss. maybe it's too late to help this community, but maybe we can help another community to if you're a little easier than what we've had here. everything that alan is now ashes or twisted metal. it's just all it is, but it has to be ok because what's the alternative? i mean sure. i got a cry. sure, i'm sure. i mean, i'm heartbroken, but you know, that's not gonna, that's not going to rebuild greenville. people will get scattered and misplaced and it will be a long time and coming back and, you know, ends up being essentially it starts to become in archaeology, say i'm from video from greece,
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shows the extent of the destruction left after ferocious wildfires ripped through the island of every swathes of scorched trees and burnt out homes local infrastructure, including roads and electricity networks. we also have a not so far away on the italian island of sicily, the temperature of 48.8 degrees celsius was recorded there on wednesday. if that's verified, that would be europe highest ever in contrast, the chinese province of who bay has been hit by severe flooding 21. people have been killed and 4 currently missing 5 cities there of declared red alerts and thousands have been moved to safety tolerant. search through city streets, flooding, shops, and sweeping vehicles away. the damage so far as estimated more than $16000000.00 and explosions ripped through a public bus in the city of ron western russia, killing 2 women, and entering 70 and other people. just a warning that this report coming up does start with st camera video of the actual
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explosion. and it does contain some distressing images in a split 2nd for the explosion. and then dave, re flying out from all sides than a fire of the time. it's believed that the bus had around $35.00 passengers on board. and as the blast hit, many of those who were still able to move fled further, disturbing images of the explosion show an injured person lying on the ground. among the braces, rush, investigative committees opened a criminal probe and it's looking into a number of possible explanations. but so far, the causes to the mystery. what i witness has been describing what he saw really i was driving towards the southwest market place and drove by the bus suddenly happened, my car was shaken. i looked in the rearview mirror and saw that my vehicle had been passed by an explosion. i stopped, the buses, roof is blown away. people start arriving, emergency services please 5 and someone was taken away with a legs blown off. of us had severe abrasions. the explosion was very loud. so loud
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i was definite for some time. and the plus pressure was so high that my call was almost pushed to the other side of the road while we're here in verona right now where the explosion took place on thursday evening. as you can see behind me, whatever was left of the blast has already been cleaned up, traffic is already moving normally on the street. again. you can also see behind me a bench where there are some fly or is this is the bus station right next to where the explosion take took place. people put flowers, they are overnight and memory of those who died in this tragic events. now, as for what caused this explosion, the investigative committee is looking at several different theory. so the main version it's looking at is that either the diesel boss was filled with the wrong fuel or a gas cylinder had exploded on board. there were other people that were saying that the driver per potentially was being negligent and that it was his fault. while the police have said that, an earlier theory that it was a terrorist attack has now been deemed unlikely. projectiles such as pieces of wire
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on nails, things usually used an explosive devices were not found. those injured but mostly hand by fragments of flying glass. however, the chance that it could be an explosive device can still not be ruled out. right before the bus exploded. it was fully filled all with a total of $35.00 people on board. and according to the regions governor 7017 people were injured. and another 2 people were killed. one of which was a woman who brutally had her legs blown off in the explosion. it was certainly a tragic thing to see as the driver explained after the fact miss diane in the phone, we were still people getting on the bus. the traffic light turned red. people got them from the cross walk. i started driving off then the last happened, broken glass smoke. i couldn't understand what happened at people helped to evacuate, so that there are people who are seriously injured. shortly after this tragedy took place, the regions governor called for
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a full inspection of the entire region public transport vehicle. now that inspection has since concluded, and it came up with no new problems connected to any of the region, the transport vehicle. but again, like i said, this investigation is continuing, its continuing to try to find out what exactly cause this explosion. and we'll bring our viewers the latest details as they become available without coming up when americans, he exposes a severe drop in the efficacy of cobra. vaccines from pfizer and mcdonough, when faced with that delta strain, we take a closer look what they say. they've come up with animal after the break and ah that survival god. here's my goal is going to start at the federal shirt. so there are you don't get a back oh heck,
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no. refrigeration came with the rest, the 7 years bill it separately or kaiser or her all those driven by dreamers shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah,
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ah, next worrying drop in advocacy, pfizer admitted a cobit vaccines has been highlighted by a new american study showing that they did significantly against that problematic delta strain. after 6 months, i'll teach elia patricia has more of the findings. you're about to see the face and hear the thoughts of a leader confident. he's almost beaten, coded, and his country. thanks, george roared vaccine effort. we gain the upper hand against this virus. we can live our lives, our kids can go back to school, our economy is roaring back. it must be really painful to peddle back from that which mr. biden hasn't done for now. a month after the speech, though, a senior member of his administration couldn't help admitting the nation with facing a real wake up call. if that's not a wake up call, i don't know what is,
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what is this scary wake up call that can be rail the whole quote unquote, heroic vaccine effort. look, pfizer is the most popular job in america. but research data collected in one state, minnesota shows that pfizer efficacy against cova dropped below 50 percent in july and now stands at 42 percent. the studies. 6 not universal, and it's conclusions. haven't gone through a peer review yet, but there's no turning a blind eye on the worrying numbers in it. so what, what wrong key reason could be that the white house, along with the whole health care system is up against the pesky enemy, the numbers, unfortunately moving in the wrong direction. as delta is the predominant variant here in the united states, we are going to begin with the pandemic cases are storing across our country. driven by the highly contagious delta vary and the as the delta various races
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through all 50 states, driving new case numbers upward. it's all reflected in the numbers that have gone from about 12000 new cases at the end of june in the us to more than 155001 august, the 11th. look at the curve. it's nowhere near flattening. nobody wants the worst case scenario when mutations out smart the scientists, but that is a possibility. in the meantime, southern states have begun reporting, forges and intensive care unit beds. the crisis is taking install on health workers, country by country delta is putting the whole world to the test. now it's apparently america's turn. it's also a crucial exam for vaccine developers. the good news is that johnson and johnson and split big v shots are still highly effective against the delta variance with 905 and 83 percent efficacy. we're actively,
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but it looks like covert and its butane capabilities. we'll keep bringing new greek alphabet letters into the public consciousness. unfortunately, much more complicated efficacy. math could be on the way. british surgeon and physician randy bra says some countries are cutting themselves off from scientific advances for political reasons. this whole pandemic, really until the mirror out for the well did show many of the truth about our political system, about health and equality, about inequality globally. and of course about the political motivation was inconvenient when what would other light be strictly scientific and medical consideration. so for example, in, in britain, we have been quite full would, in making huge a contract with united states and other countries to buy their vaccines. but we have to ignore would be because the, both of the russian vaccine and of course of the chinese and it does seem that
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we're going to suffer the result of that funding find vaccine tickler was 1st to publish it say 3 results. and at that time showed in 96 percent efficacy was the most effective of all of the back seems really an adult in the efficacy holding up very well. we are cutting off of the political reasons from the scientific advances that are available in the world today. the tokyo games might have wrapped up nearly a week ago, but it's still making headlines with yet another doping scandal this time of british olympics, silver med lifts, been suspended after testing positive for band substances. as alexi ever chef ski report was talking about something that could become the biggest scandal in british olympic history. in fact, this at this time it's registered in big silver medalists, gender. oh job. who won? silver as part of the team in 4 times 100 meters relay. he wanted with great britain, and now he has been provisionally suspended for testing positive,
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allegedly testing positive for 2 band substances. and according to the rules, if this is confirmed, then it will be a blanket punishment for the entire silver medal team. this is the part of the rules which states that where the athlete who has committed an anti doping rule by elation, competed as a member of a relay team. the relating shelby automatically does qualify from the event in question with all resulting consequences for the relay team, including the for feature of full titles, awards, metals, points and price and appearance money. well, if that is confirmed, of course, this will certainly take some loss of a very impressive performance by team g b at the tokyo olympics with 65 overall metals. as for individual punishment, this athlete can face up to 4 years of a total ban on any sporting activity that i have to say. overall, the games that you have been clean and have been of course cases of doping. just as
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of late the athletics integrity unit also revealed that a runner from bahrain subject me a ga, short photo betty cup, but i man and kenny and sprint medic, deamber also have been provisioned suspended for possible substance abuse. and i've also been cases where athletes used banned substances but prior to the elim fixed. and now these steps have resurfaced. this happened with a brazilian volleyball player and also just lately a russian try of lawn athletes, eager to buy down ski who also tested positive for a substance abuse before the olympics. because conductor, during the olympics, did not show anything. and now all the athletes that i mentioned also have the right to appeal against those provisional bands and open there be sample, of course we'll be keeping psycho whole the development stab. but again, we could be facing a major scandal for the british olympic history. council culture killing
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comedy, standups and comics are taking the risks very seriously. right now. they say that the laughter business is under threat because offending the p. c. movement to be a career ending move to try and please everyone your please. no one with comedy is while you go, i think god deal with booze and content issues and sometimes you date an irony and some people don't get not when everybody gets safe and nobody tries anything. things get boring right movie. so i see a lot of unfunny comedians, i see unfunny tv shows, you know, it's hard to be a comedian as it is. and if you're going to muscle someone and they have to be careful what they say, it makes it that much more difficult. so we should the stand up, no censorship here and comedian should not be afraid. and they should not be attack by others who are the twitter police or, or the morality police. where do you draw the line?
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or despite that reaction on social media suggests that there are plenty of other comedians, happy to play it safe because today that material could become tomorrow's unacceptable and out of touch gig, american, comedian, math, or faily though, says that the increasing self censorship is struggling. comedy is something that brings people together and why, why would you want to get rid of that? yes, some people will be offended by some jokes. not everybody finds the same things funny, but the potential is there, like what brings people more than anything else? is comedy and you know, i don't think it's just comedians, you know, people in general are certainly self censoring. they don't want to lose their job over something they said 10 years ago or just ever they don't want to get censored or lose their income for a joke. so of course people are self censoring that the pay on the way dennis
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miller's plus $1.00 gets into extreme baking skills with buddy the last row. it's next to me i choose the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in
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their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual. lifetime means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. then to the victim, say they still with the consequences today. next the then israel or was july and we got to take bus buddy. the last drop had a weird incident at home where a pins that are in his home bullying land screws as pop. but he's back susan 3 duff versus buddy the cake bus. buddy. the last row right up to this, and dennis miller plus one
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ne folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. happy to welcome buddy the last row to show the cake. this is, madeline tells me, but he became a household name with his reality show kick boss that started in 2009 and ran for 14 seasons. so obviously they were running more. i know what you're saying, dennis, that's only 12 years. they ran more than once like survivor, the queued up one after the other is the owner of carlos is bakery as well as the face of buddy bees restaurant. and buddy currently as a show on the food network, buddy versus duff, it's sue mo and chris go and goldman the other half of the team season 3 currently airing. that's a long way of saying, but even less drone. how are your brother? hey, what's going on? dennis?
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have been, man, i'm good brother. i want to check on your, your pod, the home pins that are incident mad. i know it sounds like, you know, i got months out there, but i honestly didn't got a, i'm recovered greeley. i had 5 surgeries, a ton of physical therapy, and i got about 90 percent of my strength back and a lot of my dexterity back when about 56 weeks before. well, we started filming, i had my 5th and final surgery, and that was the one to really give me flexibility. before that i couldn't even bend my my hand. i could, this was like, my fist that i can make. so i would have never been able to do the competition and going into this competition. i really wasn't sure my capabilities. i mean i know i wanted to compete, but i didn't know. busy how strong i was going to be or what my endurance level was
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and i going to tell you dennis, thing god, because not only did i.


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