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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, advancing by the hour, let's tell about and make rapid gangs. and i've got to start and reportedly only 50 kilometers from the capitals blocking a mass evacuation. meanwhile, the use open door policy seems to be slamming shuts. with the block split i've gotten refugee, several states insist on their right to forcibly the poor projects that asylum seekers. powell bloss through a passenger, boston, the town of western russia, leaving 2 dead and 17 injured because isn't yet no, i wouldn't say the explosion hit the vehicle of streaming hard. the explosion was very loud. so loud i was deaf and for some time and the blood pressure was so high
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that my car was almost pushed to the other side of the road. ah love from moscow, thanks for joining us in our teams and i salon, daniel hawkins for tonight's welcome through the program. i'm going to sons us back to government is quickly losing control. following the withdrawal of pentagon troops. that's as a taliban, like sweeping gains with militants now reported to be just 50 kilometers from the capital campbell. earlier on friday to talk about a claim that it sees that going on. second largest city, canada ha, you can now see exclusively from there is the mr. thing groups that it sees hundreds of weapons and vehicles as one is large amounts of munitions during the operation. the u. s. embassy and couple as those are all americans to leave the country immediately. and so far as to offer loan to those unable to afford plane tickets home and to use any available commercial carriers on the map,
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you can see the situation in the right now. currently, visa must have taken hold of strategically crucial locations very near the capital . that's out of out and around the top and offensive back in april, off the us president announced he was pulling out troops at the time the militant group held less than a 5th of the country. now they control more than half. we spoke to people on the streets of cobble under the taliban rule here before and they didn't rule in the people's interest. what people think that they will act the same. we will read there is fighting everywhere in getting them the province is fooling day by day. the government should do something. the people are facing the problem with the taliban taking hold of multiple provinces and a single day us troops. so back to work and going to song though, with a slightly different mission of getting american embassy staff out of the country. her with the pens are going to struggling to say whether a complete withdrawal will be conducted on time. does this mean the u. s. military
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withdrawl is not going to be complete by august 31st. again. what i said was, we're aiming to facilitate the reduction of the civilian personnel by august 31st. so it's all lining up on the same timeline. i won't speculate about what the footprints gonna look like post to august 31st because there's this additional mission set of, of helping process special immigrants. so we're just going to have to wait and see, but the drop down itself is still on track to be complete by august 31st. that makes no sense, john, i know i know what your troops and i know what you're saying, lucas. and us minute for helicopters, arrive at the american embassy and couple seller, comparing the scene to the last chopper out of saigon and the final days of the vietnam war. republican lawmakers cornel the hated appointment of the military forces. it seems like a preparation for the fall of kabul, but just one month ago, president joe biden had dismissed all the vietnam powell. you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happened to vietnam with some people feeling when
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watching 0. the tele, yvonne is not this out, the north vietnamese army. they're not, they're not remotely comparable terms of capability. there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan, life to political activist, muslim shoes. thanks for joining us. goods have you in the program today? media reports coming in 2nd fall saying i've got a sounds president my soon leave the country. how likely do you think that is time for having me? well, it can be true or not, but it, the big, the solid scenario is something you mentioned about that. and this is a kind of hashtag right now and social media and i've been younger ration that danny should reside. this is something that we called about as an ration and the circle cog so that you can probably kind of
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a lawsuit taller. bond right. situation is going to the worst scenario. i want them to north of our family and then those back i did their homelessness pessimism and behind the young generation knock out something which i didn't saw. and the last to give up on the use foreign policy for the government to make a peace deal with the taliban is not likely at all given the taliban 2nd. control of most of the country clearly has the up behind what's going to make them sit down at the negotiating table record for the last 3 by the government on the ground situation is something that, for sure all of us have that kind of hyper. again, i shop gattey's government. that is something we'd be forecasted before. 3 or 4 years back. i interviewed international. don't say that this call is not something that's going to get isn't toward a better future. dot com,
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but right now the top to bottom seeds. they're going to come destroy, i've got of them and they will have their own government. this is something for the last one to the fact that i didn't didn't think about that. but right now, rigor 40 when we saw the situation and a lot about getting them in the south and west of denison is something that the talk about is see there are so i've done all due to a shop danny's government. so likely the most worst scenario for the future. we are to statement that from the nato secretary general saying the organization intends to support the govern government as much as possible. i'm struggling to understand what that could mean in the context of the u. s. pull out the about q ation, do you think that could mean a redeployment of us troops beyond not 3000 was seeing very short term despite all its promises to leave the country they will leave. as i mentioned before,
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you tool that the united beds will leave according to troops staying and kind of thing, but for sure they will be then this region i've got to, i'm just really very important for united and they're one of these in a way, in this region, but overall, when i saw the thick of the you know off not pul, volcanic, supporting of africans because of forces. that's true. there's supposed to, the government disappointed the people in the last 2 to get what, what is what is on the ground situation? what i'm seeing right now that these are more car was not given to the outcome governing tickets. important right now is in the hands of the taliban, the contra kinda the capture. c the military and come to the captured one and common goals and they have everything. i know that and 6 and 16 gun fires, which one was the hand of gun governments. you get your forces inside now and the
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taliban. this is the bad scenario. and this is something we need forecast before and capability of the government and security options call that we see that the grid right now in a very bad we are seeing comparison is made between the cobble evacuations. today, departure from seigel and lucky 75. the final days of the vietnam war. yeah, just a month ago, joe barton says the taliban wasn't even close to the vietnamese in terms of military capability in terms of the power yet. now that's not about effectively bob, the capital in control. do you think the us ministration we underestimate the tell about them and have done for years? first of all, i don't think we should be a kind of comparison between call what i'm saying. but overall with all of us forces are a revision of these. it stops on the us and bath in column is something which is
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very given, are kind of bad image kind of stuff. but overall, when we see about the comparability of the call about, i'm something that joe biden said one minute before i let you know that this is not the strongest of the power, but this is something with the weakness of the government. i give you 2 examples. the 1st one is one of the call, the ally, one of the goals of known to shop gunny, where which was the governor of is the never hold of cobble which is named logan. he's submitted everything to the carnival. the think of the one is about the numeral about to go to the proven with the same scenario. cause on that, please do log mommy together. all guys me submit a google tyler bond when it been not one gunshot. not a huge fighting taller. one comes to the cities and they captured and right now
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they can pull more than half of the countries. that's like the muslim shoes that thanks for your time. it's around the program goods. happy with the british forces are also withdrawing. but the defense secretary is already greg rewarding. the sun is on the brink of collapse. cool in the u. s. decision a mistake and want to say about him. it isn't clearly have momentum across the country. and i've kind of thought his heading towards civil war predicting too that the battle scarred nation will again become a breeding ground of al qaeda voting next from out. so the british defense ministry, his shot was dusty. well, all options on the table is the latest from the u. k. is defense secretary friend wallace, as he tries to prevent an all out civil war in afghanistan is the u. k. begins to retreat troops out of the country. now ever since us taliban peace still, what we've seen is nature. all that we have all begun to retrieve what flashes this
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power political vacuum in the region seeing the tale from totally taking control and tipping that balance of power. now not only will poverty, of course increase on political destabilization, but what's a key worry is terrorism could also still be on the rise. and that's why the you case defendant secretary is now saying that pulling out of the region is a huge mistake. now we are in this position where we have clearly to manage across the country. united states are leaving that with an honest yesterday we are leaving alongside them. and that leaves a, as you say, a very, very big problem on the ground developing with the taliban failed states around the world lead to instability, lead to a security threat to off and our interest. we have very clear about that. that's why the west has to learn, you don't fix problems, you manage problems. prob wallace has also said that the united kingdom may act if ask on a stone again began to hob, a terrorism,
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particularly if it pose an international threat like it did arguably some 18 years ago. but many anti war activists argue that the foreign policy has never been about to humanitarian mission, nor was it about democracy and only ever saw the land become the place of conflict, the battle ground giving rise to the taliban. and what was see now is this holly on all accelerating that dominant many areas are now falling to the tale bottom as a particular ring around kabul. at this point, many people question and all of you, whether or not the type i will go directly to try and see is it called. and according to the united nations, they are gone, war has now entered its more deadly destructive phase with casualties climbing over one and a half a 1000 in the past 4 weeks alone. and all of this really has cause a lot of anger here in britain, even with many m. p, some of which have even served in the connie occupation over the last 20 years.
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that incredibly angry and ology that pulling out is a complete mistake. and a huge failure. the operation broke was worse. it took families apart, left children orphans and parents to cry alone. the decision to withdraw is like a rug pulled from under the feet of our partners. that's why i'm angry. it's wasteful and unnecessary. and why is it personal? because i've seen what it costs and what sacrifices are being thrown away. and i know who's going to pay for it. we will what it's actually a pretty desperate time for the united kingdom is actually sending in around $600.00 troops to try and get british nationals out, see it out, a short term basis rescue mission if you like. but for those in afghanistan, both systems simply call and guess how this is incredibly, a tragic and scary time for all of them as a taliban relentlessly takes over. but ultimately for nato allies, britain and america,
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the last 20 years ending up like this is incredibly humiliating. because they tried to rebuild that unsafe allies the region, and now it seems as though with the telephone takeover the country could be worse off than us does the us lead alive quits the country. i've gotten translators, and contractors as well as other workers who help them are increasingly scared of revenge attacks by advancing about group of workers to help k forces of rallied on the streets of cobbled demanding bush johnson, the government protect them. 600 british troops to be sent to the region to help you national leave the country as well as support and the location of stop. the workers, however, are still frightened. i joined the british, told me in the hope of stabilizing golf kind of fun. and i thought that the british forces represented the best chances of bringing peace to my country out kind of on was not the able. we invested all our efforts on energy,
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but i didn't know how complex my country was. because the, the time on gaining control off the capital of the provinces on their advancing their tax to cobble. i'm very worried and concerned about the safety of my family because the taliban will target my family because of my service. our service was by ricky linked to you guys. national security on the british interests across the region and ask on the phone. so it is not really a moral humanitarian for the british government to leave those off guns who has stood by the soldiers to fight a force that re book called an enemy. there are no doubt the thought of the will, will target to our families on those off grounds who have the you can government and the mission in the military and civilian mission. so leading them at the mercy of thought upon is simply a huge mistake. the conflict sharpens the human warms. maybe 400000 civilians have already fled their homes this year with a particular spike since may many
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a heading to a couple of the taliban, but living in extremely precarious condition. here are just some of the heart wrenching stories for refugees have been just from telecom. the telephone killed my son just because all the belongings from my house to them and the punch me in the mouth causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son, and i told them that she's a school teacher, so she recently became a teacher and had not even received salary. had a cautious, broken, taken hostage of the fighting, went on for about $6.00 to $7.00 days. but we couldn't go outside until we managed to escape, and now we cannot. but the slave guy who seek asylum may not be welcome in the you either with the block count a lot. and so what to do with refugees fleeing on it next, fontes pool asleep, those into what happened to ruffles, open door policy. european union is split from what to do with african refugees
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speaking assign them. in the letter to the european commission, civil countries insisted they have the right to forcibly support those whose cases have been rejected. they vote that not to deport them, would motivate more refugees, to flee to europe. we would like to highlight the edge of need to perform returns both voluntary and non voluntary to ghana. stan stopping return sends the wrong signal and is likely to motivate even more afghan citizen to leave the home for the e u. the situation in afghanistan is deterioration, bobby, all when it comes to the us and nato prepaid to what's called a troops at the end of the month. after decades long war, the situation is so bad that the netherlands, germany, and france have decided to poor the deportation. at least for now. the situation in afghanistan is likely to change and events for the coming period are so uncertain that i have decided to introduce
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a more atoria on deputation decisions and departures. agrees, or stress belgian and denmark standing firm. they want the rejected, assign them because the e u is not really and does not have the capacity to kind of another major migration crisis. why having us, as guns we do make up around 10 percent of asylum seekers. they're the 2nd largest group off the syrian and for a continent still scarred by the migration crisis of 56 years ago. there was a feeling of a who, a feeling of having been they before, that has your opinions worried. they might be on the verge of a fish refugee crisis. those people who are here from a gun is time, they are not my. there's a few gees and asylum seeker. and that is why it is very important to remember at all best in countries have signed humor, right,
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convention refugee convention. and they are duty bound to has anyone not only have guns, but syrians are anybody who come to the to their country? and as far as them, because you are who are in the country, are any conflict our personal tend to to their life. so i think then the western countries say, oh, we don't care if a one or if you just go home or you for them. i think this is a violation of humour. right. and we should do that kind of thing. but it's broadcast at the b, b. c has the now thrushes decision to expel is journalist. last year correspondence rainsford is reported from the country since 2014 has reported have been told her accreditation will be extended when it expires at the end of the month. when its bring all correspondence goes on
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a form or all this eagle thanks for joining us. how exactly has all this sort of list come about? what actually spawn criminal defect this move? well down essentially, the russian foreign ministry has refused to renew the work. these old wells are reins 40 correspondent with b. b. c. him in russia. and she will apparently have to leave the country by the end of this month already. but according to the spokeswoman of the russian foreign ministry, murray, as the heart of a, they took this step in response to the actions of the case for an office. have a listen. the anglo saxon media group dismissed multiple warnings by the russian foreign ministry. that relevant measures would be taken in response to london's fees are put downs target and the russian correspondent in the u. k. were published statements on a regular basis offer in the british side to stop prosecute in russia, journalists. so here's the thing, the so called tenants of reciprocity has long been a cornerstone of russian diplomacy. in fact, for the past several years, in plain terms,
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it means that if any country in the world takes hostile steps against russia, something that russia doesn't feel is just and doesn't feel it's right than russia and moscow reserves the right to respond accordingly to basically mirror reactions and do something very, very similar. so this is what the russian foreign ministry is saying happening with well, sarah reins forward. according to the russian foreign ministry, several russian journalists back in 2019, failed to get work visas in the u. k. one of them, for example, didn't, i didn't have the visa renewed and another one simply didn't get one at all. and so for the past several years since 2019 the russian foreign ministry, russian diplomats have been pointing at these situations to the u. k. authorities saying that this wasn't right, but that all, all of that i should say fell on deaf ears. and so russia has decided to take this
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step. at least this is the position of the russian foreign ministry. and of course, the b, b. c is quite better, they've called this step and attack on the freedom of press. they've also called this. they've also urged the russian foreign ministry to reconsider their decision . and also the pledge to, to well reporting on russia's affairs impartially. but when russian journalists weren't allowed to work on the u. k. soil, that was all fine. it was fine for years. it wasn't an attack on the freedom of press. but when the b, b, c, probably the face of the u. k. journalism all over the world gets stung and gets well the same treatment gets the same dose of the same medicine. that's different. yes, certainly tough time for journalism on both sides. egos, none of the thanks for about up the explosions ripped through public boss in the western russian city, veronica killing 2 women and injuring 20 other people and i witness who rushed to
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help them. i was told us what he saw. why not? but i slot a minute, i a minutes after the blast i heard children scream, people please for help. i immediately rushed to the bus and jumped in through the window which had already been shattered. once inside a thorn 11 or 12 year old girl, she was stuck between 2 seats. moments ago i came to help me 1st we got the girl out. i'm sure her ribs broken, given how tightly she had been stuck. we made several attempts to stand her out with what she couldn't and started falling after her. i'll go back on the bus. there was a woman in a green dress. her legs were severely hurt. her legs had been blown off to above the knees. we took her out and puts her on the ground. it was appalling. inside. you could see legs quality parts scattered around, but you don't focus on that as you battle to save human lives. the human life is the most precious thing on us. i didn't analyze anything at the moment of rushing
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to help. i acted instinctively. what self can you do when you hear children screaming, moaning my heart told me to do that. i understand this would shock, ordinary people, they'd seek to avoid such things. i've been to war, i'm sort of used to it. i helped and went hung down here, but it's actually one of the following report begins with st. camera footage of the actual blast on contain some distressing images. a split 2nd before the incidence. and then debrief, flowing out from all sides. that was followed by fire at the time it's believe the boss had around $35.00 passengers on board. as the blast hit some of those who are still able to move fled the scene. further disturbing images of the explosions show an injured pass along on the ground among the debris. rational authorities have opened the criminal pro bono looking into a number of possible explanations with no votes and single out. so far on the court has been following the tragic events, optima, as you can see behind me, whatever was left of the blast has already been cleaned up. traffic is already
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moving normally on the street. again, you can also see me a bench where there are some flowers. this is the bus station right next to where the explosion take took place. people put flowers there overnight and memory of those who died in this tragic event. now, as for what caused this explosion, the investigative committee is looking at several different theory. so the main version it's looking at is that either the diesel boss was filled with the wrong fuel or a gas cylinder had exploded on board. there were other people that were saying that the driver per potentially was being negligent and that it was his fault. while the police have said that, an earlier theory that it was a terrorist attack has now been deemed unlikely. projectiles such as pieces of wine on nails, things usually used and explosive devices were not found. those injured were mostly hand by fragments of flying glass. however, the chance that it could be an explosive device can still not be ruled out. right before the bus exploded. it was fully filled all with
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a total of $35.00 people on board. and 2 people were killed, one of which was a woman who brutally had her legs blown off in the explosion. it was certainly a tragic thing to see as the driver explained after the fact miss diane in the phone, we were still people getting on the bus, the traffic light to read. people got them from the cross walk. i started driving off then the last happened, broken glass smoke. i couldn't understand what happened. people helped evacuated so that there are people who are seriously injured. shortly after this tragedy took place, the regions governor called for a full inspection of the entire regions public transport vehicle. now that inspection has since concluded, and it came up with no new problems connected to any of the regions the transport vehicle. but again, like i said, this investigation is continuing, its continuing to try to find out what exactly cause this explosion. and we'll bring our viewers the latest details as they become available. a warming drawer and efficacy for the pfizer and medina,
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covered vaccines has been highlighted by new american study showing they dipped significantly against that problematic delta strain off the 6 months or the printer has more on the possible ramifications you're about to see the face and hear the thoughts of a leader confident he's almost beaten coven and his country. thanks to our roaring facts, seen efforts. we gain the apprehend against this virus. we can live our lives. our kids can go back to school. our economy is rory back. it must be really painful to peddle back from that which mr. biden hasn't done for now. a month after the speech, though, a senior member of his administration couldn't help admitting the nation was facing a real wake up call. if that's not a wake up call, i don't know what is,
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what is this scary wake up call that can be rail the whole quote unquote, heroic vaccine effort. look, pfizer is the most popular job in america. but research data collected in one state, minnesota shows that pfizer efficacy against cova dropped below 50 percent in july and now stands at 42 percent. the studies. 6 not universal, and it's conclusions. haven't gone through a peer review yet, but there's no turning a blind eye on the worrying numbers in it. so what, what wrong key reason could be that the white house, along with the whole health care system is up against the pesky enemy, the numbers, unfortunately moving in the wrong direction. as delta is the predominant variant here in the united states, we are going to begin with the pandemic cases are storing across our country. driven by the highly contagious delta vary and the as the delta various races through all 50 states, driving new case numbers upward. it's all reflected in the numbers that have gone
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from about 12000 new cases at the end of june in the us to more than 155001 august, the 11th. look at the curve. it's nowhere near flattening. nobody wants the worst case scenario when mutations outsmart the scientists, but that is a possibility. in the meantime, southern states have begun reporting, forges and intensive care unit beds. the crisis is taking install on health workers, country by country delta is putting the whole world to the test. now it's apparently america's turn. it's also a crucial exam for vaccine developers. the good news is that johnson and johnson and split big v shots are still highly effective against the delta variance with 905 and 83 percent efficacy, we're affectively. but it looks like covert and its butane capabilities will keep
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bringing new greek alphabet letters into the public consciousness. unfortunately, much more complicated efficacy. math could be on the way pretty says, and physician runs you bra says some countries are cutting themselves off from scientific advances for political reasons. this whole pandemic really held a mirror out well did show us many and the truth about our political system, about health and equality, about equality globally. and of course about a political move of ation, which interfere with what would life be strictly scientific and medical consideration. so for example, in, in britain, we have been point forward in making huge a contract with the united states and other countries to buy their vaccines. but we have to just ignore the efficacy, both of the russian vaccine and of course of the chinese. and it does seem that we're going to suffer as a result of that at the,


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