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boucher, i don't know why that you would need that because that quote the gun he's done, he's spinning out of control. the u. n. is alarmed at the deteriorating security situation in afghanistan with the taliban making rapid territorial gains following the u. s. withdraw milton group is now reportedly only 50 kilometers from the capital cover. with the us lead alliance leaving the country, afghan nationals who have risked their lives assisting foreign military. now fear violence, retaliation from the resurgence taliban. we speak to one that former translator who worked with both british and american army. he has asked for his identity to be concealed for his safety, and that of his family. are strongly believe the details of what will happen down. every or an interpreter will serve to partition american forces. it will be the
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african interpreters for who create the ultimate force and a powerful blast, tears through a passenger bus in the town of veronica in western russia, leaving 2 dead and 20 injured the cause isn't yet known. we hear from it nigh witness who rushed to help survivors. minutes off to the loft, i heard children scream. people please help me gently rushed to the bus and jumped in through the window which had already been shattered. ah, broadcasting was read from our studios and moscow. this is our teacher national. i'm sean thomas, certainly glad to hear you with us. now the un security general is raising grave concerns as afghanistan's government is quickly losing control of the country following the u. s. troop withdrawal,
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the taliban is making sweeping territorial gains with its militants now. reporting to be just 50 kilometers from the capital. cobble. the un chief is desperately urging all parties to refrain from harming civilians. even a country, the test, tragically known generations of conflicts. afghanistan is in the throes of yet another k. u optic. and desperate chapter. an incredible treasure the for its long suffering. people are forgotten. he's done his spinning out of control. on friday, the taliban claimed that it had seized. i've got to stand 2nd largest city kind of harm. you can now see exclusive footage from there is limit militant group said it seems to hundreds of weapons and vehicles as well as large amounts of ammunition during the operation of u. s. embassy and cobble is urging all americans to leave immediately going so far as to offer loans to those unable to afford a plane tickets home, and use any available commercial carriers on the map. here you can see the
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situation in afghanistan right now on the ground. currently, the taliban has taken hold of strategically, crucial locations, very near to the capital, is limits. ramped up there offensive back in april, after the u. s. president announced that he was pulling out troops at the time the milton group had less than a 5th of the country. now they control more than half local journalists below. sar . worry. told us what the people in couple are feeling right now. the people who are gonna stand specially the people of cobbled or extremely disappointed in a lack of literary strategy that should have prevented what is now a very moralizing trend for the african soldiers entire unit. you know, even a brigade in cor commanders are entering to the top one not putting up a fight. many people in the city of cobbled today that i spoke to told. busy me that why did their sons got killed when they were sent to that more corners of this
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country? and this was the end result when you had the western embassies listed in the cobble is not there for when you hear them deploying forces, saying that this is specifically to evacuate their own, you know, citizens. it does not instill confidence in the african government during the african peoples. i'm sure that the presence of taliban around cobbler province in within the city is now an open secret. and what is a city like car? but it's panic. it's chaos. you know the memories of the 1990 s, very fresh. when i went to a very dark period, i must also highlight another point that cobbler had no electricity. so those fears are real risks. busy and the people of mine is quite tragically, don't have a hole in the future of this country that is crumbling for the time. be. meanwhile,
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an initial deployment of us forces has arrived in cobbled to protect evacuating. embassy staff, with most of the 3000 local troops for the mission expected in the coming days. and amid the swirl of helicopters at the embassy observers are comparing the theme to the last chopper out of saigon, which marked the end of the vietnam war. senior republican lawmaker, mitch mcconnell says, it looks like america is getting ready for the fall of cobble, but just a month ago, president joe biden dismissed the vietnam parallel. you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happened to vietnam with some people feeling went on watching 0. the tele vaughn is not this out. the north vietnamese army, they're not, they're not remotely comparable terms of capability. there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan total failure. i think that there's any other way you can possibly measure some by means of compassion when the
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soviet stuff that's going to sound and 989, the pro civic government did not collapsing in this way. in fact, it took some 2 years before any major cities out to my job was here is saying, major cities pulling one off to the other 2 to the taliban before the americans have been for the left, which gives credit to compact things that shows how, how much less successful impact americans have been in building a stable government and i've kind of family service one. the service didn't exactly do a good job. so therefore clearly the americans have failed dismally. i think this has got less to do with the daughter of miss underestimation of the taliban strang as it is to do it under estimation of the will to fight the government forces. i mean, simply put the government forces collapse. they've shown very little will to, to, to fight. and so it's really a moral problem when the government forces more than the strength of the taliban.
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now, british forces are also withdrawing, but the country's defense secretary is already gravely warning that afghanistan is on the brink of collapse, calling the u. s. decision mistake then wallace says tell about milton's clearly have momentum across the country and africa. stan is heading towards civil war predicting as well that the battle scarred nation will again become a breeding ground for all kind of reporting. next, from outside, the british defense ministry here is shot edwards, dusty for options on the table. that is the latest from the u. k is defense secretary, friend wallace, is he twice prevention all out? civil war now scanning stone is the u. k. begins to retreat troops out of the country. now ever since us taliban peace still, what we've seen is nature that we have all begun to retrieve what flashes this power political vacuum in the region, seeing the tale, been totally taking control and tipping that balance of power. but this point was obviously
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a situation that's deteriorated by the minute. the u. k. prime minister barak johnson says that britain should be proud of what's been done there over the last 20 years. i must say, i don't believe it was in vain, because i do think when you look back at what has happened over the last 20 years, there was a massive effort to deal with a particular problem that everybody will remember after 911. and that was successful. now not only will a poverty of course increase on political these stabilization, but what's a key worry is terrorism could also still be on the rise. and that's why the u. k. the funded secretary is now saying that pulling out of the region is a huge mistake. now we're in this position where we have plenty to manage across the country. the united states are leaving, that was announced yesterday. we are leaving alongside them. and that leaves a, as you say, a very, very big problem on the ground developing with the taliban failed states around the world lead to instability lead to
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a security threat to off on our interest. we were very clear about that, that fly that the west has to learn that you don't state problems, you manage problems. pro button wallace has also said that the united kingdom may act if ask on a stone again began to hob, a terrorism, particularly if it pose an international threat like it did arguably some 18 years ago. but many anti war activists argue that the foreign policy has never been about to humanitarian mission, nor was it about democracy and only ever saw the land become the place of conflict, the battle ground giving rise to the taliban. and what we see now is the tale of on all accelerating the dominant, many areas are now falling to the tale by another particular ring around kabul. at this point, many people question and all of you, whether or not the type i will go directly to try and seize kabul and according to the united nations, the gun war has now entered his more destructive phase with casualties. climbing
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over one and a half a 1000 in the past 4 weeks alone. and all of this really has cause a lot of anger. here in britain, even with many m. p, some of which have even served in the connie occupation over the last 20 years. that incredibly angry and all of that pulling out is a complete mistake and a huge failure. the operation broke was worse. it took families apart, left children orphans and parents to cry alone. the decision to withdraw is like a rug pulled from under the seat of our partners. that's why i'm angry. it's wasteful and unnecessary. and why is it personal? because i've seen what it costs and what sacrifices are being thrown away. and i know who's going to pay for it. we will what it's actually a pretty desperate time for the united kingdom is actually sending in around $600.00 troops to try and get british nationals out. see out a short term basis rescue mission if you like. but for those in afghanistan,
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both systems simply call and guess how this is incredibly, a tragic and scary time for all of them as a taliban relentlessly takes over. but ultimately for nato allies, britain and america, the last 20 years ending up like this is incredibly humiliating. because they try to rebuild that on stabilize the region. and now it seems as though with the tale take over, the country could be worse off than us. and as the u. s. lead alliance withdraws. afghan nationals who helped the foreign troops now here reprisal from the taliban themselves. a group of afghans who had assisted u. k. forces rallied on the streets of cobbled demanding protection from the british government. 600 british troops are being deployed to protect you. pay nationals as they evacuated, as well as support relocation of former. i've got staff. i spoke to a former african interpreter who worked for british and american forces. and he has
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asked to remain anonymous out of fear for his life. my family has listed to it's in the past sometime my family home was attacked twice. my father has been given warnings and threats many, many times my. my dad's name was called that his life will be severely at risk because he offered not one but 2 of the sons against the italian. recently, one of the interpreter, his father was caught in a province. he was beaten very badly. and he was asked to ask his son, who, who is an interpreter, to come in, trace the issue the cause of detail upon recently, one of the interpreter who used to be an interpreter for the american special forces was assassinated when he turned to the interpreters who have served for
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years and years or stems enough kind of tracing risk and benches. however, you could government instead of serving deadlines, bringing them to live in peace and safety with their kids. or they are making excuses and new conditions put in place only to reject their cases. all i'm hearing from my colleagues is the big cases have been rejected, rejected. there was a number of cases which were told that they were good to go. they were even given in there was sent an email confirming that when they were ready for the flights, they are told that they can re, to, to, to the you, to my brother, book office wanted to for the coalition forces. my brothers still enough to understand the british government is making a false accusations and excuses to withhold. not
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only my brothers visa, but many of the interpreters who genuinely need the british governments help and are very high risk or strongly believe the detail above 100 down every or an interpreter who's. so if the partition american forces, it will be the african interpreters or who paid the until the force. as the conflict sharpens the un ones that nearly 400000 civilians have already fled their homes this year with a particular spike. since may many are heading to cobble to flee the taliban, but are living in extremely precarious conditions. here are just some of the heart wrenching stories from refugees. i have been displaced from telecom said the taliban killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house and set fire to demonstrate the punch me in the mouth, causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son and i told them that he's
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a school teacher. she recently became a teacher and had not even received his salary yet, had a class has broke out and we were taken hostage in the fighting, went on for about 6 to 7 days. and we couldn't go outside to do anything we managed to escape. and now we are displaced but displaced afghans who seek asylum may not be welcome in the you either with the block currently at loggerheads over what to do with refugees and those fleeing violence of next year's or to policy clear as she dives into what happened to brussels open door policy the european union is split what to do with african refugees teaching, assigned them. in the letter to the european commission, civil countries insisted they have the right to force to be deport those whose cases have been rejected. they vote that not to deport them, would motivate war refugees, to flee to europe. we would like to highlight the edge of need to perform returns
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both voluntary and non voluntary to afghan. a stan stopping return sends the wrong signal, and it's likely to motivate even more afghan citizen to leave the home for the e. u. the situation in afghanistan is deterioration by the all when it comes to the us and nato prepaid to what's called a truth. that the end of the month after decades long war situation is so bad that the netherlands, germany, and france have decided to deportation can be for now. the situation in afghanistan is likely to change, and events for the coming period are so uncertain that i have decided to introduce a more atoria on deputation decisions and departures. or spread. belgian and denmark standing firms. they want that would checked, it assigned them because the e u is not ready and does not have the capacity to kind of another major migration
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crisis. why haven't you guys are waiting make up around, tend to sit until the sign them seekers there. the 2nd largest group, after syrian and for a continent still scarred by the migration crisis of 56 years ago. it was a feeling of a who, a feeling of having been they before, that has your opinions worried. they might be on the verge of a fish refugee crisis. those people who are here from a gun is time. they are not my, they're a few used and italian cheaper. and that is why it is very important to remember that all the best and countries have signed humor a convention refugee convention. and they are duty bound to has anyone, not only of guns, but syrians are anybody who come to the, to their country, and as far as how long because you are in the country are any conflict
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personnel to, to their life. so i think then the western countries say, oh, we don't care if a wider, if you go home or we do for them. i think this is a violation of human rights and we shouldn't do that kind of thing. still to come to the program, the bbc has condemned russia decision to expel there. veteran, moscow correspondent of the kremlin has explained the case as a symmetrical response. we take a closer look after a short break. this is our to international. ah, i join me every 1st day on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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ah, with me ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah welcome back. this is r t international, not the kremlin has explained its refusal to extend to the accreditation of the bbc's veteran moscow correspondent as a symmetrical response to britain discrimination of russian reporters. as, as the u. k broadcaster denounced the decision to expel sarah rainsford, who has been in the job for the past 7 years, are done off, shed light on the controversy. essentially, the russian foreign ministry has refused to renew the work resolved. well, sir, arranged ford, a correspondent with b. b. c, him in russia and she will apparently have to leave the country by the end of this month already. but according to the spokeswoman of the russian foreign ministry marie as hard as they took this step in response to the actions of the case for an office, have a listen. the anglo saxon media group dismissed multiple warnings by the russian foreign ministry. that relevant measures will be taken in response to london's fees
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that put downs target. and the russian correspondent in the u. k. were published statements on a regular basis or for the british side to stop prosecute in russia, journalists. so here's the thing, the so called tenants of reciprocity has long been a cornerstone of russian diplomacy. in fact, for the past several years in playing terms, it means that if any country in the world takes hostile steps against russia, something that russia doesn't feel is just and doesn't feel it's right than russia and moscow reserve the right to respond accordingly to basically mirror reactions and do something very, very similar. so this is what the russian foreign ministry is saying happening with . well, sarah range forward. according to the russian foreign ministry, several russian journalists back in 2019 failed to get work visas in the u. k. but one of them, for example, didn't, i didn't have the visa renewed and another one simply didn't get one at all. and so
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for the past several years since 2019 the russian foreign ministry, russian diplomats have been pointing at these situations to the u. k. authorities saying that this wasn't right, but that all, all of that i should say fell on deaf ears. and so russia has decided to take this step. at least this is the position of the russian foreign ministry. and of course, the b, b. c is quite better, they've called this step and attack on the freedom of press. the also call this, they've also urged the russian foreign ministry to reconsider their decision. and also the pledge to, to well reporting on russia's affairs impartially. but when russian journalists weren't allowed to work on the u. k. soil, that was all fine. it was fine for years. it wasn't an attack on the freedom of press. but when the b, b, c, probably the face of the u. k. journalism all over the world gets stung and gets well the same treatment gets the same dose of the same medicine. that's different
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art independent journalist martin summers thinks that the problem is that western countries want to see russia as an enemy. well, you've got to think about it from a sort of psychological warfare point of view from the, from the western side. what they want to see in media is lots and lots of discussion about how bad russia is. so you don't know the defender h miss defender sales in that disputed waters. there's got to be some anti russian media story every week. and in that sense, in the state, you can argue that the russians are playing into their hands there by. she's not just knocking a visa renewed, but on the other hand it's, it's because the relations also paul, that we reach this point b to do something to, to, to improve relations. but it's hard to see watts when there's such a loss of ingrained hostility, mostly on the western side. i mean, they won't,
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they won't, russia is an enemy. and they make that pretty clear an explosion ripped through a public bus in the western russian that city of veronica, killing 2 women and entering 20 other people. and i witness who rushed to help. survivors told us what he saw. why not but i slot a minute, i a minutes after the blast i heard children scream, people please help me to leave rushed to the bus and jumped in through the window which had already been shattered. once inside a thorn 11 or 12 year old girl, she was stuck between 2 seats. at that moment the guy came to help me. first we got the girl out. i'm sure her ribs broken, given how tightly she had been stuck. made several attempts to stand her out with what she couldn't and started falling after her. i'll go back on the bus. there was a woman in a green dress. her legs were severely hurt, her legs had been blown off to above the knees. we took her out and puts her on the
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ground. it was appalling. inside. you could see legs quality parts scattered around, but you don't focus on that as you battle to save human lives. a human life is the most precious thing on us. i didn't analyze anything at the moment of rushing to help. i acted instinctively. what self can you do when you hear children screaming, moaning my heart told me to do that. i understand this would shock, ordinary people, they'd seek to avoid such things. i've been to war, i'm sort of used to it. i helped i went hung on the morning that the following report begins with st. camera, the video of the actual blast and contained some rather distressing images. now a split 2nd before the incident and then the brief flying out from all sides than a fire all the time. it is believed the bus had around $35.00 passengers on board. and as the blast hit, many of those who were still able to move flooded the scene rather quickly. further
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disturbing images of the explosion show an injured person lying on the ground among the debris. russian authorities have opened a criminal probe and are looking into a number of possible explanations with no version single doubt so far or cheese donald quarter has been following the tragic events aftermath. as you can see behind me, whatever was left of blast has already been cleaned up, traffic is already moving normally on the street. again, you can also see behind me a bench where there are some flowers. this is the bus station right next to where the explosion take took place. people put flowers there overnight in memory of those who died in this tragic event. now, as for what caused this explosion, the investigative committee is looking at several different theory. so the main version it's looking at is that either the diesel boss was filled with the wrong fuel or a gas cylinder had exploded on board. there were other people that were saying that the driver per potentially was being negligent and that it was his fault. while the
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police have said that an earlier theory that it was a terrorist attack, has now been deemed unlikely. projectiles such as pieces of one on nails, things usually used, and explosive devices were not found. those injured but mostly hand by fragments of flying glass. however, the chance that it could be an explosive device can still not be ruled out. right before the bus exploded, it was fully filled all with a total of $35.00 people on board. and 2 people were killed, one of which was a woman who brutally had her legs blown off in the explosion. it was certainly a tragic thing to see as the driver explained after the fact was enough. oh no, we were still. people were getting on the bus, the traffic light turned red. people got them from the cross walk. i started driving off then the last happened, broken glass smoke. i couldn't understand what happened at people helped to evacuate, so that there are people who are seriously injured. shortly after this tragedy took place, the regions governor called for
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a full inspection of the entire region public transport vehicle. now that inspection has since concluded, and it came up with no new problems connected to any of the region, the transport vehicle. but again, like i said, this investigation is continuing, its continuing to try to find out what exactly caused this explosion. and we'll bring our viewers the latest details as they become available at your news this hour, just under 32 minutes, i'll be back with another full infrastructure news. this is our introduction, me the the problem of the death failing is that it forces them to admit what that number is. like m 3 or m 2, which are the money supply numbers once the numbers got so scary, they stop reporting them. similarly with the debt ceiling kabuki theater, that happens every couple of years. they're just going to get rid of it won't even announce that number. it will be impossible to find what the american is. and i'll
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just say a number sign for infinity. the unexpected upside of the pandemic kenya is experiencing an elephant baby boom. 206 with why this kenya have so many cars. and how has the panoramic impacted people's lives? is andree roll is very big along any fact he end up killing himself. ah, i don't believe nearly and then you go on via whoa. and i will make the little was i didn't mean to be a media group. get idea. can you say lucky to me? mean it will because that neither one of the
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been a polluted the they didn't even notice whether they call to do this, but i know they come when he just was in order with the the, the this is boom, bought so one business. so you can't afford to miss branch bar and i'm rachel robbins in washington. coming up, you pay, the economy is on a winning streak, but how long will laugh? we'll take a look at the latest issues with iris trade, post breakfast slot, 3 of the world's most influential billionaires have set their sights on greenland. what could the reason possibly be for us?
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and then we turned to argent tina, where the south american may.


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