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the me ah, i forgot he's done and he's spinning out of control. un is alarmed at the deteriorating security situation in afghanistan with the taliban making rapid territorial gains following the us withdrawal. the militant group is now reportedly only 50 kilometers from the capital, coupled with the us lead lines leaving the country after nationals who have risked their lives assisting foreign military. now fear violence, retaliation from the research and taliban. we speak to one former translator who worked with both british and american armies. he has asked for his identity to be concealed for his and his family. safety are strongly believe that the telephone was down. every interpreter who served the partition american forces it will be,
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the african interpreters will be out of the course. and a powerful blast cares through a passenger bus in downtown, in the town of ron, as in western russia, leaving to get 20 injured because is not yet known with here from an eye witness who rushed to help survivors. the minutes after the blast i, her children scream, people please help me to leave, rushed to the bus and jumped in through the window which had already been shattered . and that does it for your headlines, this our be back with another look in just about an hour's time watching our to international. stay with me on this week show who is news? do you trust and one cable news. loud mouse get sued for lying. why is there defense that you should know better? but 1st, as school bells ring, many parents are anxious. will students be safe?
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i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on i t america. oh i as the delta variant, rage as governors and mayors in school systems clinic curve ball from revised centers for disease control, recommendations that students, staff and teachers should mask up after all, and even we fully vaccinated should resume masking indoors. cdc director, dr. rachelle will lensky explains that the delta variant is showing every day its willingness to outsmart us and be an opportunist. in rare occasions some vaccinated people infected with a delta variant. after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others
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. this new science is worry, some man, unfortunately warrenson update to our recommendations and point one the interview or accuse dr. foundry of changing his position on this, the dots. it, i'm not changing the viruses, and the american academy of pediatrics has recommended that everyone over age to wear masks in school and care facilities. it's not enough to sort of open according to emily o, stir an economist who studies parenting at brown university. she says we are going to need to figure out how to make it possible to open normally. can we? let's ask dr. lisa moser, a retired teacher and certified peer support specialist who has been facilitating teacher peers support group. lisa host, the popular teacher talk pod cast. lisa, how are the teachers you taught to doing? are they apprehensive?
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are they coping early? optimistic we are saying some good size, but certainly we are nowhere near normal and, and look at what we do know. we do know that the student population is a large population that is not vaccinated. we do know that there are a number of areas across the country. what are wearing a mask apparently, is taking away something from a person rather than actually protecting everybody in the community. and let me also add in that over the summer months we had a number of summer programs. there were summer camps. people wanted to be able to go out and engage in learning over the summer. well, where the data, we do know that there were a number of reports where students were testing positive and had to do some warranting. but we don't have any follow up data as to where we're the teacher numbers that we have teachers being impacted over the summer months from opening up
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from summer. can we do know that there are a number of schools now training in data where students have tested positive. so it's no surprise that we have a large population student population that has not had the vaccine going into a building where teachers are vaccinated. but apparently this barrier can still be transmitted. so that puts our teachers in an 50 way, said that we're not optimistic about at least in many areas across the country. we're not optimistic about it and that's what i am hearing. and that's the voice that i want to project here is that there's, there are a lot of questions going on. and 3rd, yet you must also be hearing frustration. and i'm a long ago school teacher. and i know how important it is to them to teach. they must miss the in person interaction with kids starting well,
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of course we know that face to face learning is the. the fact if and what teacher doesn't want to be effective, we do want to be effective, i think is so important for you to stay in your son or your daughter to school with a mask. send them with math on that's the least we can do for our teachers. come on . good point. you mentioned data children under 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine. and an educator in maine told me about what's called pul, testing. there were, every kid in the class gets swabs and then all the swaps go into a common test, which can determine, hopefully that misses sheldon's class was ok, or not working, parents count on school as de facto child care. and all parents face a tough choice, send them back that class risking infection, or keep them home and cost them that important socialization, many fret,
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jeopardize their mental health and educational development. lisa, if you had elementary school age children, now living where you live, what would you do? well, the biggest thing that i would love to see is more testing. why can't we step up in the community and have more of our students tested so that we can see the data? let me know where exactly are the hot spots in our school communities because we don't know that data is not available. so that would be the 1st thing that i would implement. and as i said already, parents, please then your child, then your daughter to school with a math, talk to that son or daughter and ask them please do you know, i know that this may be uncomfortable at time, but let have the ability to keep these mask on during the day during the school day, certainly there are times where a break can be found. but in the classroom, in the hallway that math is needed, especially if you are in
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a hot spot. and there are a number of spots that would be considered high risk, all across the united states that we know that because some of the hospitals now are reporting that there are no general services because the beds are not available . yeah, the bath change is day to day and you're right. the answer to my question, i guess is a very local. we're speaking with dr. lisa moser, a host of the teacher taught podcast. she has a teacher peer support group facilitator. lisa teachers are givers. they have a calling, they're not doing this, they get wealthy. and even with all that this pandemic has put them through. we've seen heart warming stories about teachers who are real champions. so make the pitch . why to become a teacher? teaching. as you said, it is a calling, it's an art as well as the science in pedagogy. and i want to see the community
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appreciate teachers in a sense that, oh, i can't wait to be a teacher. it's a wonderful thing to be a teacher. and just really quickly all, and let me go into a little bit of time before the pan demik. if you walked into a room, say you were networking, you had some professional, is there some friends there? and let's say a ball or walked into the room. oh, we just adore the athletic ability of this professional athlete, but let a teacher walk into that same room and now it may not happen all the time, but you know for that frequently. oh a teacher. oh, well, being good if you do that, i couldn't. i couldn't do that, it couldn't be me. so we all know that teaching can be challenging. but let's have some real appreciation, real complement, and let's make the profession the trans that we need in our society by appreciating
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teachers we, we are real people, and it is a profession. it is a backbone corner, stone for our society. let's start treating teachers better and we'll see teachers going more into the field into the classroom. i'm sure this has happened to you and, you know, i taught in the seventy's. so this is long ago. but every once in a while i'll hear from someone i taught, who reminds me of something i taught them and it's just a wonderful feeling. lisa moser teacher taught podcast, stay safe, and thank you. as always for stepping into the big picture. history does not recommend the widening gulf between the haves and the have nots, and the pandemic shut down wacked, lower income workers. worse. here are some sobering numbers from the 2020 a f l. c. executive pay. watch. listen to this. the c e. o. 's of the s and p 500 companies received, on average 15 and
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a half 1000000 in total compensation. that's the average. and then the average company, the c o 2 worker pay ratio, was not a misprint. $299.00 to $1.00. the boss averaged a $260000.00 res last year, while the average production and non supervisory worker saw a wage increase of $957.00 a year. over the past decade, the securities and exchange commission requires publicly traded companies to disclose their highest paid executives total compensation and the pay of their median employee and regulatory filings. and according to the a, f, l, c i o tabulation. the s and p companies with the 5 most extreme disproportion ratios are and this is a hollow shame. number 5, chipotle,
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a mexican grill whose head honcho, w to doubt at 38000000. while the average burrito roller racked up a little over 13 k. now the company is quick to note that these are part timers who were 25 hour weeks and the 2020 was a tough year. still the ratio was 289821 more skilled full timers at the firm. number 4, pay com software average just over 71 fowl. while c, e o. chad richardson took home 211 mill, 209 and a half of it in stock awards. a 2963 to one ratio. dizzy yes. number 3 is the gap, which like most small stores, took a hard hit during the shut down, during which c e. o. sonia sin gall, came over from old navy where she made 4800000 and 20192020th
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a gap. just shy of 22000000, 831-1321 ratio runner up western digital, which also had a new boss, david galler from cisco systems, his compensation also mostly stock awards. just under 36000000 workers assembling is hard disk drives and flash drives made a media and 7700. 849342 one ratio and the biggest 2020 c e o 2 worker pay ratio. 50290421 auto parts company. her app tv, formerly delphi automotive, which more than doubled chief executive officer, kevin clark's total compensation to over $31000000.00 compared to its median employees. total annual compensation,
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$5906.00. last year, coming up, should the media be held accountable for pandemic, misinformation and willful just information. this is the big picture on our t america. ah . the problem of the death failing is that it forces them to admit what that number is like am 3 or am to which are the money supply numbers. once the numbers got so scary, they stop reporting them similarly with the debt ceiling kabuki theater. if that happens, every couple of years, they're just going to get rid of it. now, i won't even announce that number. it will be impossible to find what the american is. i'll just say a number to the sign for infinity. i
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think it's part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims law firms at the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you say your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said your heart be again from psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the ah,
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next month it will be 20 years. recall how in the days following 911, we were all americans. we were actually being nice to each other. and we were angry enough that whoever did this, that we bundled into iraq. we were galvanized by a human enemy yet. now as we're under attack by a super human enemy, a virus that has killed over half a 1000000 in the usa and is now researching. we argue how polarized are we in a c, n, an interview, dr. priscilla phrase and ozarks health care and missouri describes patients cheese, vaccinating, who like then president trump don't want anyone to know. they've had some experience that sort of changed their mind from the viewpoint of those in their family, those in their friendships circle or those in their work circles. but even though
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they were able to make that decision themselves, they didn't want to have to deal with peer pressure or the outburst from other people about them giving into everything. how did we get here? misinformation, translation, ignorance, denial of data. to many americans use social security, excuse me, social media as a news feed. but by now you've heard the argument over what's called section 230. the liability shield. big tech uses to pose as we're platforms, while editing the way publishers do. and to senators have introduce the health misinformation act, which would attempt to issue guidelines about what's misinformation, lots a lot. we've already had that discussion with our next guest. and you can find that video where you'll find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture r t, or on portable tv. now i want to talk about this information, media, profiteering on pessimism. the continued existence of fox news channel could be
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at stake and a $1600000000.00 lawsuit, bi election equipment vendors, dominion voting services, and smart magic. suing for 2700000000 and the aggregate roughly a 5th of foxes. total valuation foxes accused diverse porting conspiracy theories that these companies stole 2020 votes from trump attorney and trump advocate sidney powell and rudy giuliani are also and hot water. let's welcome back. legal and media analysts. lionel lionel media dot com. lionel cable channels and blogs are not held to the same standards that broadcast tv and radio stations fcc licensees are, should they be no, of course not. that's the most ridiculous thing. in fact, i don't even know if we're going to have fcc licenses. you know,
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one time they asked roger ailes the question that said, should journalist be license? and he says, you only need a license to cut hair. by the way, speaking to misinformation, people always forget that it was president trump who came up with the vaccine member warm speed. he was only said i took the vaccine, i'm taking a take it take the vaccine. i brought in the comfort i brought in the java center, but yet through a, by the way, not misinformation, but naked bias and the, i'm for cation of truth. and the way i guess, the re commitment of facts. it's just the way it's always been. cnn is of a particular mindset and political bent. you know, there's, i know that fox is as well, but how and so what hash tag show what, what does that mean? misinformation? let us assume that the wonderful piece you gave before about the differences in
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work or salaries versus that of the ceo. what if i turn to snopes snopes popes, whatever? i've got a little back and i've got some article that says you're all wet. that's not true. you read those the wrong way. this particular basis was whatever i'm substantiated . so i take that proof and i knock you off your pedestal, off your platform because you know, we're providing misinformation and you, holland my information said this while that's wrong. it's wrong. oh, determined is wrong, i determine it's wrong. you save masks help. i say they don't you say they do, i. that's what i used to call it social intercourse. cj change of ideas. are obvious. emp door. yeah, there are commercials right now. how and there are commercials that say you can
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take one pill and get all of the bio available fido nutrients and a pill that you can from a bushel of whatever it is. there's a word for it, and i can't say it, it's got for re mis information. so, well, i guess you're making my point because the pay equity numbers i cited were data fcc f e c filings. and we choose our news, but you're an attorney. what is laughable to this layman is the defendants defense . sidney powells lawyers argued that she should not be liable for defamation, because the allegations against the voting machines company are so implausible that quote, reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact. and in a separate action, slander claim against the fox news host, young tucker, carlson by former playboy model, karen mcdougal telling of an affair with donald trump. the opinion of the trump
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appointed judge was that quote, fox persuasively argues that given mister carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer arrives with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the statement he makes whether the court frames mister carlson statements as exaggeration, non literal commentary or simply blow the ating for his audience. the conclusion remains the same. the statements are not actionable. and this door swings both ways . when one america news filed at $10000000.00 libel suit against m. s. n. b c's, rachel, matto. it was dismissed because the judge decided that quote, reasonable viewers would consider the contested statement to be open, yet reputations are one thing. now people are dying because of what miss reported about the pandemic about the way he lionel. when does advocacy equal dangerous
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information? wait a minute, how did you get from that to this? first of all, the way you said rachel meadow merrier. now, when you obviously thought that was excessive, and the reason why the sydney power case was taken out of court because you have to read the entire point. the reason why of that was important was she was charged with liable. liable is making a statement of fact regarding somebody that the famed if you how and cook say, you know, i think that this guy is crazy. and i think i think that masks are stupid, or i think the covert is from, you know, the notions and you say, i think, and i go to court and i'm trying to say, this was mr. cook's opinion. right? nobody would have thought that was the fact that was the context of that. and by the way, i can't stand all, there's wible and me because ridiculous. but the point of the matter is simply this holland, we come from
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a world that doesn't exist anymore. we come from the world of radio where we had shock jock, for we said, oh, you know what you said. all we cared about. sure was he was, did he say the f word? mentioned x or dory fungi letter rep? i used to have a wonderful p d who said whatever you do, go into a great job, just don't lose the life back. can you push the envelope? so what we're losing our sense or freedom. well, if you remember one thing from this entire conversation, it's the 2 words. he spoke a moment ago, a copy i am tour. thank you. media and legal analysts. lionel lionel media dot com was january 6. dress rehearsal, while most of us hope that we dodged a bullet that day too many americans saw the u. s. capital breach, as a 1st step and over proven the government in our social order broadly, which they regard as corrupt, cynthia miller, interest director of the polarization and extremism research and innovation lab at
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american university, reckons that in many ways we can see how january 6 was a kind of loosely formed coalition around this idea of acceleration, ism and ideology, which foresees a moment when the institutions of government, society and the economy will be wiped out in a wave of catastrophic violence. clearing the way for a utopia that will supposedly follow. and while a lot of people want to see january 6 as the end of something, she thinks we have to consider the possibility that this was the beginning of something. the f b i has arrested over 500 capital writers and they're asking if you recognize any of the faces they've posted at f. b i dot gov and they're monitoring lots of fringe group online shatter. but if we learned anything during the pandemic shut down and intense whether episodes that continue, it's that we need to,
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as the boy scouts say, be prepared. highly recommended reading. indeed, 10000 words that could save your life our free at the prepared dot com, who's founder john raimie says that for whatever reason, you may need to hunker down at home. think long term. your 1st goal is to be able to survive in your house for at least 2 weeks on your own. no utilities, no outside help. now, things used to be talked about as like a 72 hour kit or 3 days. we've seen in plenty of recent examples, even just with natural disasters, things don't get back to normal within 3 days. so the modern advice is that 2 weeks, imagine all of a sudden the lockdown happens. do you have to go out and get food and water for the toilet paper for 2 weeks?
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or can you just go in your home, lock the doors and survive there for 2 weeks? or if there is a natural disaster and all the local utilities are down, as we saw in texas recently. so that's that 1st goal. can you survive on your own in your home for 2 weeks with no utilities. so that means water, one gallon of per one gallon per person per day. do you have enough pare, shop, staple food for 2 weeks? do you have medications for 2 weeks? do you have daily hygiene stuff? do you have the ability to communicate or get radio signals without the grid? and that is the big picture. thank you for watching. it will be the same time next week if you're watch live or. busy if you don't, you can tune in or d, v r s a direct tv channel 3 to one on the dish dish. we're 280 and that you tube dot com slash r t america. we have our a live feed and we've archived all of my shows. and youtube dot com slash the big
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picture our t. and if you miss us live, you can catch us where you will find all our shows and our vast cast on the free, portable tv app and the app store, or google play, or at portable dot tv. i am a holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter, where if you follow me, i'll follow you and where you can suggest what you'd like to see us talk about here in the big picture question more. ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy. plantation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful at the very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end to essentially destroy personality of an individual. lifetime means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. to have the victim say they still live with the consequences today. the
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max as are this is the kaiser report. you know, stacy, i was thinking about back and then 1980 the levers buyouts of those days. and the idea of going private. this law become germane to what we're speaking about. well, 50 years later. remember, we're heading right into the 50 year anniversary of the great reset of $971.00, which was the nixon shock when president nixon took the us off the gold standard. he announced that late at night on a sunday night, august 15th august 16th we were off. right. so we're yet again starting another great reset, i believe. and in this reset, you'll own nothing and you'll be happy. they've already told us what it's going to be right for every for seller, there's a buyer, black rock. so this is a wall street journal article that i was referring.


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