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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 14, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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brahman and other corporate raiders as they were noun, were out there gobbling up. so now flash forward in 2021. and here's black's down. essentially taking americas real estate market private. and they're using similar accounting tricks and financial master nations in the form of the 0 percent interest rate available only to them. and then getting their government bodies to foreclose on property owners by concocting a scandal and a pandemic related policy nightmare. and in fact, stealing like they did in the 2000 and i saw prime crisis like they did post. hurricane katrina in the 9th ford in new orleans. they are the e let the wall street people and, and they steal everything. you mentioned blackstone and they are indeed a huge, private equity firm in the retail in the, you know, residential real estate market across the world. in particular with pointing about black rock. black rock is also really getting big into they're the ones buying up
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80000 homes at a time. at the moment. of course they are the recipient of a lot of the largest of the federal government at the moment. they have not only former executives in the binding administration and advising the bite into ministration, but they've been tasked with allocating a lot of the billions and tens of billions and hundreds of billions of dollars a funds that are flowing around all over the place. and so let's also go to the treasury department because this is another wound dog all of the past 50 years the, the place we find ourselves in during this great reset at this moment. and my, i my question, by the way, my eggs, before i get onto this headline, is, you know, how nixon announced on a sunday night that we were going off the gold standard. do you think it's going to be a sunday night that something dramatic happens as well? with perhaps we're introducing a c, b, d, c. tomorrow morning everybody. you're going to have your own bank account and you
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know, a little fed account in which will deposit these free tokens for you. right, well we saw that during the 2008 crisis, when layman was closing embarrassed, turns was collapsing, they got together over the weekends and they did their big announcement on the sunday night. remember, the helicopters are flying in the hamptons, and, you know, the big announcements are rolling out on a sunday night before markets open. but you know, since that time, markets have become more globalized and more leveraged and more hyper sensitive to information happening every 2nd of every day. 247365. and you have now the big coin market that never shots shut in 12 years. so i don't know if they're going to be able to sneak the dead fish under the noses of the folks like they used to be able to. well, i think people are going to be extraordinarily happy to have free money deposited in their fed bank accounts. every normal ordinary citizen is going to receive this is not the banks the base. of course for every 10000 they give you they'll give
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them a 100000000000. so that's the way it works out. but it be something that i think people will go crazy for i think the markets are going to spike. i think this sunday night announcement biden's shock that might happen soon. i think that's going to be something that people will celebrate in the streets before it all collapses, but treasury department to invoke extraordinary measures of congress, mrs. debt ceiling deadline. this happens all the time. it's a non stop partisan show, you know, clown show of like we're not going to raise the debt ceiling and all that. but the thing that stuck out to me about this, whether they mention that you know, this debt ceiling that is always an emergency. we're never going to make it on my god, we're going to default on our debt. well, the limits a facet of american politics over a century prevents the treasury from issuing new bonds to fund government activities once a certain level as reached that level reach $22.00 trillion dollars and august of 2019 and were suspended until last saturday. so 2 years ago, exactly, max,
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the new debt limit will include washington's additional borrowing since the summer of 2019, the congressional budget office estimated in july that the new cap will likely come in just north of 28.5 trillion. so that 30 percent increase in the national debt into 2 years. exactly. right. well, the problem of the death failing is that it forces them to admit what that number is. so like m 3 or m 2, which are the money supply numbers. once the numbers got so scary, they stop reporting them. similarly with the debt ceiling kabuki theater, that happens every couple of years. they're just going to get rid of it. now, i won't even announce that number. it will be impossible to find what the debt american is, and i'll just say a number, the sign for infinity. that's it. that'll be the number. and that's it, that they weren't that the end. well, next we may literally be at the end here. but when we go out,
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we're all going to be billionaires. so it's good news and bad news that i'm delivering here. you know, asteroid heading towards earth is filled with so much precious metal. it would make everyone on the planet a billionaire course. we're, well, i'll be wiped out, but we'll take it with that. so i'll be 1000000000 or is that death fonts? very optimistic view on media or will bring a shower of gold, all big bilberry from the media or that's i think that was the thinking of the dinosaurs at one point. true. i mean, we've covered this before the nasa. launching a mission to study a nearby asteroid worth more than $10000.00 quadrillion dollars, which is said to contain so much precious metal that everyone on earth would be a billionaire. if it return and after discovering psyche 16 and march of $1852.00, which is when the acid was discovered. the 124 mile space fox will be the primary
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focus of nasa project was as targeted to launch in august of 20. 22. the spacecraft would arrive 4 years later in early 2026. so going back to my last comments about a fund day night shock, like they're saying that it's going to come near us in august 2022 next year. this time next year. like they're prepping us for us all being billionaires. in the meantime, they're going to print some c, b c's to make us all of those essential bank digital currency. if you'll see on a sunday night, they'll tell you joe bag a don't. it's out there. you're going to get a couple $1000.00 deposited every week into your bed account. right, well not, not all bad news because my understanding is that goldman sachs is packaging the media or gold reserve collateralized obligation bond that they're selling to pension funds to the tune of many hundreds of millions of dollars in the event that
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the media or does the planet earth, they won't have to pay off the bond if the media or mrs. earth, then they will claim that they shorted the companies in the pension funds that were invested in these bonds to the extent that they net net would have still made money . so goldman sachs will still make money whether the media or hits planet earth or mrs planet, or this in particular that coming for us as an asteroid, not a meteor, but the asteroid is nestled between mars and jupiter, they say. and it is believed to be the remnants of poto planet destroyed by hidden, wrung collisions on the solar system formed. the thing i want to point out about this is of course we keep on seeing aliens, asteroids absolutely free money. no matter what, there's going to be some sort of emergency which will justify us all becoming billing or is we're all going to be billionaires is all going to be that oprah mean, where she's like jeff, where she's handing out money to everybody. everybody gets
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a $1000000000.00. so there it seems like there's non stop chaos from the deepest history of our solar planet. constantly throughout being thrown at us. whether it's aliens, asteroids are absolutely free money and it's all coming for us. on the 50th anniversary week of the nixon shock when the us went off the gold standard and we've had 50 years of non stop, absolutely free money, free credit printing free money, free money, free money for all. all right. yeah. well, it's all coming together, so you're suggesting that there is a cataclysmic cosmic brouhaha, which is deteriorating. our species orientation with the universe as that's understood and that we'd better by bitcoin because i what i'm hearing broo, ah, well, actually much you did say years ago when we 1st started making this show that the black hole of debt. so it makes sense that that black hole of debt and black holes pull in everything. right. so we're pulling in the aliens. i bet you these aliens
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that are here. don't want to be here. they know the doctrine by this black hole. it definitely will be people trapped in the black hole of earth. debt is pulling is stored earth the stupidest planet in the galaxy. now work so rackets. no, no they're, they're increasing that does ceiling. we're going to poland. pretty vortex. more mar gardens. right. well, you know, that's my goes, you know, our system can be a dangerous place. right. and then we build up de la for off the air norms out there. and then you know, apparently the universe smells like a cappuccino. scientists have told us that. so a lot a case you're stranded on a foreign galaxy and you smell a lot a that's my your local coffee shop. that's the smell of outer space. well,
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thankfully we're going to take a break in about 5 seconds. and when we come back, there's going to be much more coming away. so don't even think about thinking about going away. stay right there. the me, the british and american government sivilton being accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed the danger to the state. that was the foundations of the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years,
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to the victim say they still with the consequences. today the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims is the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you see your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said you heard me again from psychological way teachers, news, or psychological terms. and i've got an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the
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ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safe for tyson lation community? are you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? what is in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, in the me. welcome back to the kaiser report. time not to go to mit. fireside in
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scotland is of course of plan of policy dot com author. oh, book by the same title plan, a ponzi mitch. welcome back. wonderful to be here. max. of everybody doing well. yeah. everyone's done. great. now we got the 50th anniversary of the nixon shock. the good, the bad, the ugly, a 50 years. we've seen it all. how do you, how will you be commemorating the 50th anniversary match? will you play a salvatore round in the honor of president nixon? tricky. dicky. tricky, dick. the tricky making began the biggest pond scheme in history when he decided that currency, the basement, and printing unlimited quantities of money would be good. because the debt now has gotten so far out of control that we are. we have no other options, but to see it a precipitous decline in the us dollar. we've already declined substantially. when
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we coupled from having the currency correlated to a tangible asset that that was the beginning of the end. and then in 1999. as we progressed when larry summers and bill clinton decided to allow change the regulations for the banking sector. so that derivative products became wildfire. we let children play the derivative toys, they didn't understand. and that, that is why everything has spiraled out of control. right now, we're in the mess that we've gotten into 50 years later while said. now, stacy suggested in the 1st half that we might see another sunday night surprising. that was what the press called a surprise announcement by nixon on a sunday night to close the gold window. she was speculating that this sunday night surprise might be the fed announcing a new global central bank, digital currency,
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beer thoughts? well, i'm sure that they don't like bitcoin ensure that the central banks don't like a currency that they can't control, but they've already destroyed the value. if you go back to the 1913, which is coincidentally when the federal reserve 1st started, which is not the federal entity, it's not a bank, and it's no part of the federal government. it's owned by j. p. morgan and the member banks. goldman sachs and all of the other banks there's. so the issue that we have here with digital currency controlled by central banks is which is what they want to do when they're trying to get rid of the $100.00 bill or the 500 dollar year or no, they don't want, no government wants the ability to have central planning so that if you're not a good apparatus check, they can shut off your bank accounts. cut off your privileges, puts you in a mask and not let you do anything ever again. so will they announce that while the dollars decline since 1913 when the fed started about 98 percent. so it's only got 2 percent of its value reserve currency historically going back to the beginning of
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time. only last about 100 years. we're at about $100.00 a little over a 100 years in the us dollar before that is as many people know who watch your program. sterling, the british currency, great british pounds, were the reserve currency before the dollar for over 300 years, which was an anomaly in history. now what we're seeing now is the bread and circuses that you traditionally see at the end, the empire. when currency is totally debased, that you had this happen in rome when they had silver based. and then they decided to sell all the precious metals that, that the currency was based on. and that's when we saw the fall of the roman empire or in a similar situation now, except it's worse much worse because we've got trillions of dollars in debt. interest rates can never go up, because max, you're not going to leave this, but you can now or caper upon the steam. right? exactly. now going back a few years, there is
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a rumor that central banks that offer negative interest rates or the negative interest rates would come around and people scoff, this idea. you had you on the shower and you explained that it was well within possibility. then we saw negative rates and we saw the damage that negative rates can cause. and people said, well, it's just temporary. you were suggesting that now it could be more of a permanent basis. then there was a conspiracy theory out there that we'd say negative rates. it retail banking accounts, people would get money taken out of their accounts and people. so now on us, i can never going to happen. you are suggesting that it probably will happen and that it could become a protracted situation. ok, news, flash, germany, almost all the banks now that's gone. negative savings, right? they're taking money right out of people's accounts and every single bond on the german yield curve is negative interest rates. well, what's your comment?
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it's a program that i mentioned on your program 1st it's called steel from savers. so what they want to do is a mr. ray, the proven savers out there, and reward extreme risk by the bankers who continue. it's bailouts for billionaires . and it's an endless cycle until it explodes, we have runaway inflation, which is probably around 20 percent. and they're telling people that there is no inflation. now when you look at real interest rates, max, they've been negative for quite a while. although it might look like there's a small interest rate when you look at the actual inflation rates and you look at the actual rates that they're paying, it's negative. it's real negative interest rates and the horizon and will be here for quite a while. and one of the, the most consequential reasons for this max is because, as you know, with debt has spiraled to close to $270.00 trillion dollars. and they just keep issuing more bonds, which they are monetizing,
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which is the worst possible thing and will end in hyperinflation. and i think people are talking about deflation. you might have temporary deflation, but you all eventually have hyper inflation. and the central banks are the root cause of this problem, and people need to wake up and realize that the same people keep going to the same people who created the problem for the solution. and that's never going to work out . people need to wake up and see that there's a massive problem with debt. corporate debt has never been higher valuations in every market and every asset class or so over extended, it's more than 1929. and the dot com era, 1999, and the bellows just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. you know, the next crisis, what they're going to do is blame it on a crypto attack or on some kind of internet attack and say that it was a foreign actor that didn't. that's why they need to need to take action against a future attacks cyber attacks. when people say that this dope and landscape,
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the finances are in all over the world. they, they seek safe harbor. and so they rush into something that's been around for 3000 years. that they know well preserves, are purchasing power and we should see skyrocketing right now and that's gold. but gold is actually hasn't over the last 10 years is down 3 percent match. what happened? actually gold. gold has been the precious metals complex. it's been manipulated by the bank of international settlements for last night intervened in the markets again, they come in and they dump massive amounts. i mean, eventually you'll see once we get above 950 in gold, you'll see it take off and they'll be no offers. i mean, some of the pre, a precious metal complex is trading close to production costs. so it's the only actual asset class that's undervalued or fairly priced right now. it's actually
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cheap relative to what everything else is in the value ridiculous, absurd astronomic valuations caused by asset class hyper inflation. thank you to the federal reserve, european central bank, the bank, and in the back of england by money printing. and they tell you that inflation is transitory. it's not. it's here to stay. inflation and inflation is around 20 percent. are lying about the numbers and they're just changing the preferences and the basket from which they disingenuously. calculate their basis for inflation to historically the inflation numbers going back to paul volcker days when we saw inflation like we're saying today he jack rates up to 1415 percent. but the rates than the us are under 2 percent. and so how is that possible and what is, will we see rates finally go up match, i think is an exhaustion, is the vent will cause interest rates to rise,
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but that's when the u. s. is going to have to default because when you, when they won't be able to, when interest rates rise, there's so much debt, the u. s. o 's now, now that it will be impossible mathematically for them to repay. because the interest even a small amount, if it gets about 2 percent or 3 percent, will just be too much for them to service the just thing that they have. so they've got to come up with some 8 and switch idea or cyber attack or something co bid, whatever they can blame it on. we're going to blame it on, but they're not going to say it was because of our bad policy. have you ever heard all titian or central banker admitted they've made a mistake? now, i mean, if you just look at the recent corporate crisis, the need to introduce something at, quote, warp speed, etc, is due to the very, very fragile nature of the global economy. that's over indebted, and so there wasn't the usual precautions and time taken to develop something that had been traditionally work. so we and we end up with something that is
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experimental. and that has to do with the world being and a lot of debt, and that you can interrupt upon these game. not only can't, you can't taper upon this game, much by the velocity at which the tapering i wish the ponds is being accelerated, right? as an accelerated positive game, that, that the only thing at warp speed is the amount of this part of your game growing and causing the instability all over every aspect of the economy. now your book plan of ponds you kind of says at all really, i mean this is the definitive text on this whole phenomenon. how long can the extension of the potential last year? you're looking for an exotic janice event to justify a radical policy maneuvers or a bond collapse. so in that at which, which comes 1st, a bond collapse or the,
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or gold breaks free from the shackles of manipulation and star. so it trade the more market value. well, i think we're going to use to look, it's impossible, it's all the top of the bubble, but i think we're going to spark this. tinderbox is, is a liquidity crisis, and i don't know which market is going to suffer from the liquidity crisis that might be stocked. and it might be f, which we spoken about before. and after the devil's tool is rightly said. so as a market goes up, it's fine to buy an atm when markets try to liquidate all at once. you know, it's a basket of stocks, there's going to be no buyers. so when the buyers fall out, the fed can most 40 year old bankers today i think the federal reserve job and all central bankers job is to keep markets boy and keep the stock market higher. even janet y'all and thinks that that's what their job is. and they can't do it anymore, they're out of bullets. so when you run out of bullets, you have a big problem. and you know, this is where we are. we're about at the end of the road a this autumn we're going to have some serious market declines. precipitous
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declines, and i think we haven't seen a correction always seen as a bull market for 12 years of this temporary emergency measures. but the fact if you look at the velocity money chart and to chart that i've showed it demonstrates every time they come in and they put money in and pumped up the markets with this, they've just, it's nothing the bank held the money. it's gotten worse and worse and worse, and in the lower right hand quadrant, you see where we are right now on this chart. the end june, money velocity chart. so it doesn't work. ben bernanke, he's thesis that this is going to trickle down and create aggregate demand doesn't work, but we keep going to the same people and they can't fix it. we need different ideas . we have to stop the group thing and we've got to get out of the bad bad get that we're in right now. right. well, you're in scotland not far from edinburgh. we have about 15 seconds or so. will you be visiting the grave of, of the genius of modern economics adam smith now,
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i mean, i mean, i'm a nurse, i'm north in inverness. right. so we're pretty far from edinburgh. so i think i'll pass on that. that are not went there. it's totally on, on a vengeful is overrated. all right, minutes. thanks so much bring i kaiser report. make sure you guys all right. that's going to do for this edition of kaiser report with me, max kaiser and stacy herbert want to think, i guess, mich firestone, author of plan palsy, until next time, via the me ah, good britain, mr. moseley. when you said that i could, you could google. i
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would like to do i see you have been going to show you so you didn't know if you didn't if the mother molar, that's what you will cover financing for us to use them in order to follow does not so much much not although it is a lot nobody me and he's a sucker. and so you gotta fill me with your partially hon. ah
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ah, in the ah, i use me one of the worst m a nash shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the
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tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas, where many say elected officials are controlled by casino knows the vegas shooting . revealed what the l v m p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine to the american public barely remember that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pen demick heard the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the biggest residents to be the control group to the shiny facades, conceal of deep indifference to the people vice gonna be saved if they were to take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine. it's a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost.
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the the gun he's done, he's spinning out of control. stunned by the taliban. rapid advance towards cobble, you know, just the medicine group to hope the violence in afghanistan. meanwhile, the president refuses to step down, giving against the key taliban condition for a peace day while afghan nationals who risk their lives assisting. foreign military is now fee of bolivar. sally ation from the resurgent taliban. we speak to a former translator who offer his identity to be concealed for his family safety. first from the belief that the telephone was down, every or interpreter was served to partition american forces. it will be the african interpreters who create the until the force and the state of emergency over
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unprecedented wildfire has been expanded to cover to.


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