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the, the, the the town of bon is that the doorstep of cobble was reports played me no minutes and to just 11 kilometers from us down. capital square puzzle was taken over the country, thought the largest city its latest pom twice and a major offensive following us allowed more demonstrations against coven restrictions and prompts today with 1000 turning out again in paris to fit the state of emergency unprecedented. wildfires has been expanded to cover to valve regions in eastern rationale pulled and 7000000 heck is on slide. barian. forest are expected and all t news reports from the front line. the small fire to the guys are trying to put up
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with their own have a little feast like this was burned down dozens of miles force. ah, now every hour this is you get it all national for myself and home team. hello. thanks for joining us. well, with focusing on the lakes to what it means and kind of stone where the telephone is be making substantial territorial gains following the mass us withdrawal. unconfirmed reports save us chemist minutes group is now just 11 kilometers from the cap to cobble. meanwhile, the countries president refuses to resign, saying in a nationally televised address that his fight is not over. why have the latest pictures from cobble? why locals are desperately seeking shelter to flee the town of bonds, rapid and fond men, women and children struggling with the harsh living justin sang,
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there is an acute shortage of food and water mar. smaller, i came from the northern jo john province. there was ongoing, brutal fighting and we could only save ourselves and fled to cobble, and my mother, myself and some people of the town. car, condos, and bergland provinces came here to the park. we have all fled to fighting. there is no food and no water. these families have very worried because they have no idea what to do with lead from the hero. proven is due to have this fighting many other families also flood and live in in that conditions. if the situation continues like this in galveston, then we want us to return. they should support us and give us weapons so we can defend our country as we have lost our family members during the case of the war. now as african women, we should get weapons and fight why their own culture, unless blog. so worry, talked with ortiz, calling bray about the situation on the ground. but there is hopelessness. people
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are wondering what is the strategy that the government has to stop or slow down is a rocket and tyler bond advances over the last few hours. the provincial capital couldn't our province in eastern afghanistan as fall in. we saw celtic scenes in the city of us either by the way, locos were looting k 40 sevens and other ammunition from the police headquarters. the african officials were fleeing, and locals were throwing stones at name saying don't leave. i think you are looking at a severe crisis of leadership within the security sector. the fact that the government did not know that some of his governors and other sienna officials and provinces, war and negotiations with the thought of, i'm about surrenders. are you in a safe passage? shows you how big that problem is. that is, i thing a constant question. that every african is asking. why are these places falling?
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why are african government? so just not putting of a fight. and i had a chance to listen to prism mash on line is message. love very tired. he looked tens. he said that he wanted to prevent further bloodshed by working for a political settlement, but he defused to elaborate what that would mean. there was talk of resignation. obviously that is not true as of now. so all of this compounded has created a climate of uncertainty among ordinary ones. the psychological impact, this must be a man's. now what about those families, those households left in cobble? what's the humanitarian situation like for them as things stand right now? we have to remember the fighting started and finest time during the harvest season . farmers, you know, come in to the royal on his son, lost all of that income. businessman, who had invested from hundreds and thousands of dollars to millions of dollars lost their money, that in expense because of the fighting, you know, so there is
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a worst sick nomic situation. you have the pandemic and then you've got this humanitarian crises where more than a 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes. but we have to really also remember millions of 5 lines don't have that choice. they have to be stuck in kandahar city. and last guy and it was with because the highways are infested with roadside bombs. this fighting that has been, strikes isn't artillery. and for many ones, i think the friday, the lies in the fact that this has been happening to generations that they have been used and abused by the number of governments over the last 40 years, all under the names and slogans of various progress and stuff like that while this map shows just how much off down searches now on to taliban control, including 2 funds of provincial capitals and the biggest cities outside the capital, such as tanda hall, while they reportedly saved hundreds of weapons and vehicles as well as in large
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amounts of munition, they are islamist, ramped up there, offensive, and 8 pull out us president announced he was putting out troops, audio we spoke to people on monday shore if that's the 4th big city and off kindest on. and it's recently fallen under control of the taliban. old mother and i came to missouri sharif to defend my people that the taliban came here to ruin the country . they invite people to an islam does not really as long if they think that they are also afghan, they should come and negotiate with us. or if they want to take power, they should go for elections and make people vote for them. but the only thing they actually want is to ruin afghanistan and our people jenco structure. then they got whole people are fed up with the war and unemployment. i've been jobless for 2 months already. we are tired of fighting. we want peace. people are fleeing from a dentist in there. go into iran and turkey because of the situation here. they are selling their houses at half the price just to be able to leave. i wanted to do the
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same, but it ran close their borders because of the warren of ghana, samsung them or how much of our life was ruined because of this war. how the people escaped. but those who had no money had to stay. these attacks scare our families because they always happen at night. people cannot even go to hospital just because they don't have money. and even those who eventually go often don't get proper care about the head of an italian group working in afghanistan to promote women's rights, says the washington's left civilians in the lodge. the main concern now is to ensure security for our staff and the afghan women and children. the taking care of our representatives are preoccupied with the faith of women's rights which they've been fighting for for 20 years. earlier today we decided to shut down our office there and hired documents so that the women under what cannot be tracked down. we will continue doing our job on the cover from home, telephone trip to just 11 kilometers from kabul. it seems that nothing countering
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any resistance, i'm afraid, the total present in the capital is just a matter of days. probably they're waiting until the definitive pull out of us troops scheduled for august 30th before capturing the capital of 1st at seeing that with the u. s. and they to withdraw, afghans got the opportunity to run their country on their own. however, in fact, it turned out that the american of the west established a puppet government, which could not care less about afghanistan. and today's officials are only concerned about saving their lives. i think the americans could have handled better the retreat and thought more about ordinary people and their rights. got some breaking news coming in the saw more than at 220 people have reports. they died after a $7.00, not going to off quick in haiti, or quake which was also fell to neighboring countries, brought down buildings and left rubble strewn throughout the streets. the trauma was even more powerful than one back in 2010,
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which has been white. remember the death estates in the nation and fox humanitarian crisis over in europe, 1000 drought again in paris, protesting games cobra restrictions for the 5th consecutive week. the outcry is over, the mandatory health pauses now need to get into restaurants and other public places . ortiz policy. i will say among the crowds, well as many as a quarter of a 1000000 people are estimated to have turned out to the streets of france today to protest against the mandatory wearing of the mosque in public places. and also having to show their health past monday. this is one of the sweet rallies taking place here in paris the saturday. and they were more than $200.00 that'll taking place across the country. we are hearing are violent in the city of neil way . the police are being forced to get against protesters, the feeding on the ground,
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a 31 of the creation people having turned out, awaiting you for 5 straight. we came saying that they'll be back next weekend until the situation is dealt with. the running call have been no mccall and we will not accept will pass. people have also been shouting liberty while the various tech, hard from posters make reference to this health path. being a reminder, all the possible use in a party south africa. i've also seen posters saying that this is a health dictatorship and shame on the past. the people i've been talking to all angry office crated. and this is what a few of them had to say. we don't want to, we don't want the sanitary sewer or we don't want this. it's not. we're not again, vaccination. we're not again, health issues. we're not against all that. we just don't want to. this president has cornered us into depriving us or our freedom. i mean it's, it's crazy. it's soon, 984. it's for concrete and it's all be done to, to go in,
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in a coffee in a restaurant to, to go, you know, for instance, many sides we've out but the relation on it, it's again, democrats, the institutions, hello. thank you. the bus to take it home. so we have a program and we need the vote here in downtown perez have been closed off too. and now for the mom to proceed, there is a strong police presence. and no doubt they will continue to be as these kind of manifestations and demonstrations. taken to the streets of, from a state of emergency, if a wildfire has been expanded to cover too fast regions in eastern russia, 6 most covered pod. so if you could say 4 weeks and spread to the neighboring
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airports region, the fire as a threatening adults and villages now with several having to be evacuated just this week. and also news team has been following from one me with the red one. those are fires, a fire covered this area. what's highlighted and green was also a fire. what's red is what is actively burning. now. how much land does the fire cover? about 150 square kilometers or 150000 hector's. there was a huge bar here, but you have already put it up. it was here where we drove the fire 100 kilometers
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from me. it's just we're running and driving, trying to find the fire, but the shift fast and the wind and open escape. sometimes they move one kilometer in each direction, you have everything where the store, you ask, where is a fire that you're told everywhere. that's how you could burn. it's a total nightmare. i've never seen it as bad as this before i look like a smarter. so where is the fire now, everywhere, that obvious, the main part is now behind the village. i'm sorry. say everyone is trying to do something to save the forest or it will all burn. it was this year. this is how the forest bird. c this is the episode just kind of in breathing here. the small fire, the guys are trying to put up with their own hands. so my little piece like this
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burned down dozen miles of forest. mm mm. ah, me just what we were told the summer would be the same as usual, no more arid. that's understandable because it happens every 5 to 10 years within preparing for this. but we have now is the try somewhere in history. we could not imagine this is a very serious challenge. mm mm mm ah. ready
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ah, the international skating union has outlined new regulations for transgender asking those who transition from female to male, all eligible to compete in the mail category almost without any restrictions. but the ice cation will sorry to seem to watch toughest dance towards male to female transition. the skate has declared that gender identity is female. the declaration cannot be changed for sporting purposes for a minimum of 4 years. escape the total theory. testosterone level must remain below 5 nanometer per liter of blood throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the women caps agree. v i s yes, new regulations toughen the testosterone restrictions. however, the international impact committees fix to a lower bar back in 2015. it threw up guidelines pinned to national sport, federations, ensuring eligibility for transgender. he's primary sex homeowners below
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a level of 10 non malls police twice that of the current i see regulation still strewn. bill and pick committee recently admitted that its rules on sex reassignment were falling behind the current balance and should be updated. one of the previous year were political and social commentator lauren china lawyer and transgender act of a stephanie hayden, always good topic on the program. i'm stephanie, i want to start with you. i mean, so these do seem to suggest that men have larger bones, high a bone density, high up muscle density, even with lower to stop drone. so, isn't thought a worry for fac competition. this is why it's important that every governing body for each individual sport draws on its own rules and regulations, based on the best available, find typic evidence available for that support. now in the case of the ice skating,
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the 14th seems to me that they have don't just start. so you have the situation where female to male athletes is no apparent restriction of the male to female. they have sex, testosterone levels, which they expect the transgender female athlete to be below, in order to compete in the female category, and not to me as a very sensible compromise. we must absolutely respect sporting integrity, but we also have to expect and understand that in the changing social landscape, where transgender males and females are becoming more visible in society, that has to be a way of accommodating all the competing interests. and it seems to me that opening bodies with all the best available find the best for the best place to make that decision. i lauren,
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we did hear that to stop. i love the rules are extremely strict for transact pete's . do you think that protects the female rivals? unfortunately, no, i don't think this protects them nearly as much as the purpose of gender desegregated. sports was designed to protect women. as you've mentioned earlier, there are differences between transgender women and biological females that exist beyond the testosterone levels. if you are someone who developed biologically as a male, your bone, density, your muscle density, all of this will be different and these differences will not be changed simply by going on. hormone blockers or taking more estrogen. these are athletes. if you are trends that have an aid biological advantage over females, and i think we need to remember that we all want to be compassionate, intolerant, of course. but the entire reason why sax segregation in sports exists in the 1st place is because biological males do have that advantage over females. so by allowing transgender athletes to compete in the woman's category, unfortunately,
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we are essentially nullifying the reason why we have women's teams in sports in the 1st place. i mean, stephanie listening to learn that obviously there are many fema meets who have been training the whole life will be large competitions. they put everything in, they are in the overwhelming majority. those who are biologically for born female then compete in the female category. a lot of them are coming out and saying, i don't want trans competitors because it means i'll never be able to when it's unfair. shouldn't their rights also be respected here? okay, well let's look at the absence of this. there was a recent control. the see only last month for the toe. karen lympics over the transgender female weight lifting competitors from new zealand. what actually happened? well, that particular competitor came absolutely nowhere in the competition. so it's the arguments of those that say it's on transgender 3, my lawfully. so really men dishonest, trying to win gold metals by saying that now women, well, you would have expected
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a whole range of sport to be effected. but when it actually happened last month, while surprise, surprise, not only did the transgender female know when the gold medal, the transgender female came absolutely nowhere. note what this really is about is yet another attack on a minority demographic and an attempt to exclude them from society. with any argument possible, disguised as reasonable consent. when you look at the evidence, in particular, what happened last month? it doesn't even begin to stand scrutiny. i mean, laura, how do we then strike a balance between fac competition and the rights of transact pito, who also, you know, want to be able to participate fully in the category that they identify with? well, the thing about participating competitive sports is that it is not an inherent human right. i was also not included at the olympics and did not when any olympic metals
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that does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that my human rights were being denied. i've had, i've heard some people talk about all right, then if you are someone who's friend trends and you want to be in a competitive sport perhaps should there, there should be trends only leagues, or there are leagues where people can, you know, volunteer to participate against trans competitors if they feel comfortable with that, but just throwing all of women's sports under the bus in the, in its entirety, i don't think is the answer. and you know, the other guest mentioned laurel hubbard, just because one trans athlete failed during the competition. that doesn't mean we can ignore the biological reality and science. there are a disproportionate number of trans athletes who are male to female winning championships and world records. when you look at the actual percentage of the trans population, it's just, it's disproportionate. we see in canada, there's a specific, a biker, who has female to male, who has won the, you know, numerous women's titles. and not only are they mailed a female, they're also older,
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so i don't think there's enough grounds just dismissed biology based on the one case of oral hubbard. stephanie, how more do you? i know it's something that you did mention earlier about impostors pretending to be trans to get into, for example, women's competition. well, it seems to me that that particular argument is absolutely and utterly bonkers. it's almost the argument that men are going to say the women's return to the women's toilets to do home to women. there's just no evidence of that. and be the whole premise to see even stand scrutiny, you know, to change the hormonal makeup of your party is not from the one can do overnight to take actually quite a few years. and i would also, and when you're on east region, it still took a profound effect on your muscle mass on your wrench. and to think that
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e mail is going to suddenly say, you know what, i'm going to change my hormonal maple, my identity, and even legal, i fancy. and as you pointed out, the beginning of this t bay in the ice games for they require at least a 4 year commitment to the acquired gender. if you think it was really good just to potentially get to go. i'm sorry, i just don't think that's in the realm of reality. lauren, is that any kind of trans asking for example medical benchmark that you'd you'd be happy with and fema competitions or is it something that you want you want to blanket on? i would prefer a blanket ban and i know so many other female athletes would also prefer that look when it comes to the biological reality. there is a reason why we don't see this conversation coming up when it comes to female to male transgender athletes. and that is because you can take your hormones, you know, after transitioning or during transitioning, but that does not change that if you develop as a female or a male, your biology will be different. and you know, i think the, the issue of, oh, well,
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no one would just say there were a trends in order to win these competitions. i don't think it's very practical to have a system that is based entirely on someone's word or the honor system. and we have, by the way, seeing that in california prison systems, for example, there are female inmates who have become pregnant. since allowing trends inmates into this into female only are women's only prisons rather, which is essentially rate because inmates cannot consent when they are in the criminal justice system. so i think we do see that with all the athletes who are gaining prominence, wealth and publicity, i don't think it's possible to perhaps say yes, i am trans in order to gain this recognition. if we look at all the trials and tribulations every single athlete puts themselves for in order to gain that recognition and that glory, no, i don't think it's out of their own. the question that perhaps someone who is doing this with the biological male may not actually be experiencing gender dysphoria. i mean, stephanie, do you think we're heading towards
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a future where there are no time divisions in sports, but rob this for example, an ability level to fission. and do you think the thought would be a compromise that people would say ok, watch dr. bob pounds fire. i don't believe we all at the moment society, rightly or wrongly, is organized on a chem, the binary. and i personally do not see about changing anytime soon. so we have to work within the male and female categories. and you know, if i may say so, lauren reveal tetra close would be cold for a total ban on transgender females participating in school? well, i went to that very openly, well, whatever you just said it, no, i'm not the only you for the 1st time here on this general, what the point i'm making is got you're calling for it. and that is, the real agenda here is about cleaning transgender females from society and lies down to not really,
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i know it says that society supported pulls of society. you know, you say we've got to do in my mail from society by not letting them even if they identifies male by not letting them compete with females. if you all 2nd little assistance, if you will, please allow me to finish your 2nd goal. a system of rules which starts off by saying that a female who was once a male cannot participate as a female in sports than yes, many would argue your, excluding them from society. now, one thing you said a few moments ago was about the system in california prisons with respect to lauren was total, does not go in all in color. prisons is a no relevance to sport, which is going to be, is because you've generated that is unthinkable that someone would claim to be transgender without actually being transgender in order to simply game the system.
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but we see that this has happened unfortunately, and it will happen again. the purpose of sex aggregated sports is to protect women, sports integrity. it is not to validate the gender identity of different athletes that has never been validating gender. right? that people like the lp will lead to transgender women, like mates always come out with the thought that's about validation. it's about a transgender female living their life as a female. so in my example, i mean, i'm not to be in any case soon with respect. well, i'm recognized by the state as a female. it's not you who is not trained wrist rules and regulations of the sports consent to say whether somebody who is mostly of the female sex, whether you like it or not can or can i think it should be female actually because it is these other female athletes that are saying they're not comfortable with this,
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and this is the thing, this is a feminist idea, offspring of the feminist ideology, but ultimately it is biological females. we're going to be heard by this policy. well then, i mean we can talk, you know, pay, kronos, you can just on your question if i can just on your question. lauren, you know, the whole point had spoke governing bodies as they set the rules of the sport concerned. now i'm going to sound very blown. if any competitor is unhappy with the rules of the sport concerned to such an extent that they feel uncomfortable, then they don't have to to be. but they all the rules. why the rules are all going to be more mission? there are, there are states out there that are starting to ban transgender participation when it comes to women's sports. would you take the same approach to? well, if you don't like it, just don't participate when it comes to those areas. because don't forget that the athletes who are trends male to female, they are still more than welcome to participate in male horse. they simply are in
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the study. but i know the chain about the united states, what i'm, where those laws are being brought in. and individual states concerned that meeting quite some difficult proposition in various appellate court. so it remains to be funded, but not what you don't like the rules that are being sent out by the bodies, then you simply do not have to participate. well, is that not that old? ultimately, if the law dictates that it's still held in the united states ultimately by the supreme court, that will be the law. not will you and you will feel the law. you wouldn't have an issue with what i might have an issue, but that would be the law you would have to respect. and it's exactly the same now with regards to the rules and regulations and very sporting competitions. those bobby's up the best evidence. they have made the decision. and they are the rules that they spammed. and when you know the most high profile example of this happened
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only a few weeks ago, despite people like yourself saying, this is the end of women, sports, and biological women. when have a chance? well guess what, how can support support, right? love them, hold the big, get any, what would you say the same thing to female bikers who have been essentially booted out of their category by a trans competitor? right? because we can talk about the single case of laurel hubbard. but the issue is broader than simply laurel hubbard. we also have people like hatteras, a menu who many are saying is allegedly someone who has, you know, male over irt, testes, you know, is therefore not completely biologically female. she has been breaking records and a lot of these are these rulings also point one like her. if i thought i'm sorry to interrupt you, i have been largely sidelined by this. i appreciate it. so i enjoyed this conversation and see i hope you did as well. unfortunately, we have run out, but i do hope we can get you both on again soon. that was political and social commentator lauren chen and lawyer, stephanie hayden. i'm not as good bye from moscow we hope to see you very soon and
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have a great day.


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