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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 14, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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all, he's just a regular sailor who answers to one of the big 3 firms that own 75 percent of the serial market. a few powerful trans national companies dominate every link of the food supply chain, from season fertilizers to slaughter houses and supermarkets to serials and beers, big food maintains their monopoly the same way that big oil or big tobacco. does the bank roll front group obscure the science under i political campaign and spare? no lobbying expense, it's basically the same business except instead of a cigarette. these companies are trying to convince you that you will be super cool with the cito hanging from your mouth. cheetos also keep you slim and protect you from co bid. they also bank rolled efforts to keep cheetos in school, along with other junk food that is barely food like ding dongs, ring dings and hose. those are barely names to they sound more like insults to the
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kids eating them. i mean, how was i supposed to have high self esteem as a child when i was eating something called hello. you don't know me stupid cake. when it comes to big food companies, unlike tobacco and oil, they're not necessarily always selling us poison. these companies are also sustained by bad practices such as industrial farming. what we're worker, pay and safety, satisfying the outsides of shareholders instead of consumers and a massive lobbying effort to perpetuate the lives that keep the monopolies intact. during the 2020 election cycle, the food industry spent $177000000.00 on political contributions. while we end up with is essential food groups like this. ground workers live corn more corn, corn flavored lives, and build off that you take once a day. then you should have crushed and ground workers wrapped up in
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a sausage with an industrial drink. so at least $24.00 times a day, big food companies spent their dollars on capital hill to keep wages down for farm workers and frontline food workers. only $0.15 of every dollar we spend in the supermarket goes to farmers. the rest goes to processing and marketing our food. more resources went into this mid cove it and then food production. it says hosting plan is super spread for thanksgiving. this sounds like an ad campaign written by the virus itself. the viruses next, that pitch was serving as a host for a virus plan, a christmas bike. them like punch. i mean, it got shelf for 30 years. the price of fork has stayed relatively the same, but workers are getting paid less man. i hope those workers get to bring home some literal. if not figurative begun,
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farming and food preparation are some of the most dangerous job. wal cargill international suite in record profit? hi, it's, it's 156 year history. it's meat packing plans have the largest outbreaks in north america. this company has 14 billionaires among its ruling circle, but only offered bonuses to workers with perfect attendance records during the pandemic. that was certainly a creative way to get people to come to work sick. it wasn't in till several workers died that they were forced to slow down operations. yes, the only greater honor than dying for your country is dying for the cargill food corporation. for firms control to meet market from farms to packaging, including cargo. all of them argue to keep neat plans open since they were allegedly feeding the country. but much of their products was going overseas as
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exports. big food insist we need big farms to feed the big world. we need these industrial mega farms that destroy the environment and poison local drinking water and end up going even less nutritious food. even though studies show that when it comes to farms, size actually does not matter. the needs of 70 to 80 percent of the people of the world are being met by smaller farms. the rest of the world live in need industrial agriculture to feed itself, especially not products from the us. most of the meet the u. s. export goes to developed nations, not places like yemen where they wouldn't be able to pay global market prices for imported meat. not to mention food security in the u. s. right now is not at an all time high, especially among farm workers feeding the world. i mean, we're not even feeding fargo. now let's talk about corn. corey subsidies in the u.
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s. total. 200. $16000000000.00 from $995.00 to 2020. the bulk of 4 made goes to cash crops like cornyn. so way, instead of nutritious food leading to worse public health outcomes. for now, maybe we'll find a way to genetically modify or a corn so that americans will get super powers instead of obesity and diabetes. imagine super cob man, he has the power to pass through an entire digestive system from in a south look is to what stomach a large intestine than a small intestine. and then he'll exit a rectum completely intact. not a scratch on him. despite the tons of corn, we produce each year, 2 and a half tons per american citizen. we don't even get to see that corn most corn doesn't get in. instead, more than 100 percent goes into animal feed. additive like corn syrup used in
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sugary junk food, and increasingly ethanol which produces toxic air pollutants when burned with gasoline. and if it's not in food, it's sprayed on the food to keep it working fresh or like a wax. i mean this apple didn't just wake up like this. you know, you have too much of some thing when farmers can only make money on it by either burning it or by charging people to come to their farm and shoot cob at their equipment. it's been a tough year for farmers. you're right there and across errors, but they put something in the cross. there's. this is something called a corn canon. and what they do is you take one of those little ears of corn that doesn't get too much into commodity markets these days and then fire it. let's see . hey, i hit the. yeah, that is the most american solution to an american problem. have too much of something. let's put it in a gun farm subsidies benefit the large landowners of one percent and farms
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and who are the land owners? also the one percent loan, $5000000000.00. wall street speculators are the nation's biggest buyers of farmland jacking up per acre prices beyond what family farmers can pay. the vast array of products we can get from the supermarket has been a powerful tool of propaganda to scare us away from socialism. imagine, oh so we, it's supermarket, they don't have any fun label. hardly any horn. and the shelves are always kind of empty. kind of like they were and 2020. the magic of capitalism didn't keep the supermarket stock during the pandemic because it was never designed to it's true function as usual, is to take a small amount of rich people and make them even richer. in other words, it's harvesting billionaires season. coming to you from washington, d. c, the belly of the beast. this is redacted tonight.
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i welcome. i named kara bonnie: now let's take the news out to dinner, dancing. and then we'll take the news from behind. pfizer and madonna are raising prices on coven vaccines. right? in time for a resurgence of the virus, a new variant vaccine passports and the possibility of booster shots. the delta vary and for been pharma right now is like, how are we for candy? i mean, who knows? maybe they're going to have to sell vaccines half off after this search and relegate the bio to shopping carts in the back of c b s. but now you can get those needles without all that pesky can covering it. you might say that raising the
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price of vaccine in a situation this dire, especially for countries who have yet to receive, the vaccine is the epitome of corruption. you might say that soaking up government money for research and development while claiming exorbitant profits and according patents at the expense of people's lives, is the sign of a system that has completely collapse. but i say those countries are suckers, and these are just the side effects of the system folks. this is just smart business. these companies are nothing but pay won't for survival. they're like the 3rd party company who installed oxygen masks on the airplanes, except when the plane goes down. to get your oxygen masks, all you gotta do is put a quarter in the slot above your trade table. delta airlines even announced that will accept visa mastercard, and even apple pay for oxygen masks right now. they also got the cdc to name the
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next koby barry and spirit airlines. in other news, the f. b, i surveilled activists bank roles hit man was tied to the murder of martin luther king and regularly entrapped, the mentally ill and deficient to fabricate terror threats and continue to justify their own existence. but there are also growth in f. b, i agent used photos of female office staff as bait in 6 trafficking things. yuck. well, i guess this is how you have to get the job done. that female body inspector headquarters before you got to do, you can't catch any criminals without doing a little misconduct. yourself and you can talk to anyone at the f b i offices before. they've committed their morning crime. a special agent asks support staff to provide provocative photos of themselves and not to tell anyone
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including their supervisors about the undercover operations. he only gave some details about the operations. i alongside my wife and launching an investigation into finding a 3rd and other sexy picture news. apple will scan photos stored on iphones and i cloud for child abuse, imagery, android users. you got never to worry about apple. the company which was famous for security, will now allow a client side back door feature that will scan photos and messages for pictures of new children. i mean, automated systems have been great for catching criminals or catching someone i guess the f b i show the bat, your house and your and taken, and you try to explain to them that you just never hit puberty, but they don't buy it. they say, if you don't give it the kid you're taking pictures of, you're going slammer and other creepy tech news. the vigilante app citizen is
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paying people to live stream crime scenes and emergencies. vigilantes meet the gig economy. there might be a wait for your ober because your driver also lives as a citizen field worker and he's down the block. filming a building burned down. let's hope it collapses. soon. citizen has a check or a 5 year history. first launch has vigilante that a band then reintroduce as b, innocuous sounding citizen to down play that connection to vigilant to them. but paranoid app which gives the user an impression of ever present crime, floated with an on demand rent, a cop feature. and recently put a bounty on an innocent man's head. they also rolled out a feature that's like 911911 like where you can pay someone else to call the cops for you. so if you're walking home and there's a black eye behind you and you're not sure whether or not it's getting dangerous, you can ask the app to call the cops, your not a karen if there's
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a middle man dialing 911 for you. and now they're getting into local journalism. can you imagine this? you can get $200.00 a day to be on the app beat. these events could range from child reported missing to housewife to anything else. says the listing with workers expected to interview witnesses and police officials. could this be an incentive to commit crimes? so you can film, let yourself be on the look out for people who ask you for a photo. set up a tripod and a camera hit record and then be out of view and take your money. i will not be surprised that there is a sped of selfie robberies in the city. and here's more bad news for journalism. a former diplomat scottish activists and whistle blower, craig maurice, surrendered to the police for an 8 month prison sentence for charges related to blog post c wrote reporting on public officials trial. this makes greg murray the
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1st person who has been charged with media contempt in over a half a century in the u. k. activists and journalists raised their concerns. the jailing of a british blogger should worry journalists on both sides of the atlantic. but we hardly hear a peep from american mainstream news, nor did we're very much chatter about it from the british press. but a journalist jailed in bella. ruth iran, china, that really jerks our tears. that's just how we get off. it's likely that craig maria, close associations with julian assad. jan is thorough coverage of the as on case motivated the u. k. court against him. he was even supposed to appear as a witness. the russ activists say will have a chilling effect on press. freedom and throwing. maria and jail may be just a desperate attempt to protest the u. k. and us security establishments from criticism. i mean these people are sensitive. you don't want to hurt their feelings
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. i mean, they might take it out on a middle eastern military aged male. we have to go to a quick break, but check out much more at redacted tonight, on portable dot tv will be right back. the ah, lose again. ah i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims the language of mental health became more common.
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so if you disagree with something i said on this program, just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems. in your adventure logic, you see your micro grass mate, you see you triggered me. you said you harmed me again some psychological way because news or psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the now we have e cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these, these are making the tobacco have been worse?
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welcome back to the last tuesday. we had some big news regarding the governor of new york. andrew cuomo for more return to our new york corresponded job for con. i love jennifer lo nail me. i don't know what you're talking about. you see, i really, really hate new york politics, especially andrew cuomo. i've completely sworn off cuomo news for over a year now. so you haven't heard that cuomo resigned. dady really? or is this another one of your cruel jokes? a good time you convinced me there was a pencil lodged inside my own anus. i just said it was up here and around the corner. i didn't know you'd take it so seriously. but yes, it's true. he's resigning because he got caught sexually harassing several women. oh, wait, that isn't funny. i shouldn't be laughing, correct? yeah, probably not. sorry,
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that is just not the reason i expected. cuomo to leave office makes sense. they'll get me wrong. the man is a sociopath, just not the reason i expected. so what's the reason you expected? where do i start? he should definitely resign for harassing women, but he also should have resign years ago for being a corrupt, petty criminal shill for the wealthy elite in new york. andrew cuomo is the reason why racism against italians is totally acceptable in new york. totally acceptable. totally acceptable. plus. he's not really italian. remember? as a new yorker, i am black. i am gay. see what he is in the hall of fame corrupt as governor. he's taken huge amounts of money from the real estate industry. he's worked with the infamously dar consulting firm, mackenzie and his administration started a weird, unprecedented policy of deleting state workers emails. after 90 days. when pressed on this, his administration said it was to save on data. you know,
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like when your phone is running out of memory. so you scroll past your photos, videos, apps, and start deleting individual text messages to save on data. and on top of all of it, the state version of office 365 actually offers unlimited email archiving. no, you're a boomer when microsoft office becomes downfall. i don't mean to be a just or offensive in any way. but andrew cuomo is one old, corrupt spaghetti, eating bastard spaghetti eating. yes, spaghetti eating. he's refused to hold press conferences to answer questions from the public. believe it or not, he further privatized in home care for the disable to enrich his friends any shut down the moreland commission, which was created to investigate new york state corruption commission. he started by the way, until they started investigating a little too close to home. he was like, guys, i know i created this commission to fight corruption,
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but the thing is when i did that, i forgot that i am corrupt, simple mistake, man, job for you really hate this guy. that's not even the half of it. i don't have time to go into with constant assault on the working class, or his petty behavior towards is perceived rivals and liberal. the loved him at the start of the pandemic, just because trump was an office in coloma. could you have a press conference without calling cnn reporter's gay liberals were falling over him all while he was actively pushing cuts to medicaid at the start of a global pandemic? that's what i completely checked out. cuomo news, i was like, i'm angry. i am disgusted. i am black, i am gay. i'm done with cuomo. no more. cuomo news? i don't blame you. not to mention any calls. all those nursing home deaths. he did . what? thanks for the report job for. thank you. moving on as the economy struggles to
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recover from the pandemic and 2020 in general. some employers are stooping to a new low in order to find laborers who will work on the sheep for more. we go to our intelligence failure, anders we, ah, talk to just about any business owner these days. and they will tell you that the number one problem facing america's economy is a shortage of labor. there just aren't enough workers in this country willing to do high risk frontline work like busing tables, cleaning toilets or spying on your co workers who want to unionize. millions of americans have cut costs and are still getting unemployment benefits. they compensate them as much or better than their prevent amick work. who would want to go back to pouring drinks or a party of 10 unvaccinated bon jovi fans for $725.00 an hour when the government will pay you more to do?
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literally anything else. in addition to generating a toxic amount of steam coming out of conservative ears, the quote unquote labor shortage has supposedly slowed our post coven economic recovery. because of this, some 26 states have canceled federal extended unemployment benefits early. though economists have noted the available jobs recovery data shows, there is no economy wide labor shortage. if employers really need these positions filled, they can simply raise their wages and ensure the workplaces are safe, then they get more than enough applicants. that seems like common sense, but as every aspiring entrepreneur learns in business school, your beloved hard working employees are in fact your sworn enemies. if too many bosses cave and their workers' a wage that's consistent with things like inflation and productivity, then watch next. are workers going to start getting shares in their company's decision making authority, the right to choose their own nicknames. all of
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a sudden, millions of james's will insist that you no longer call them jimbo. the blow to overall workplace morale will be devastating. but thanks to good old fashioned ingenuity companies have found all sorts of creative ways to fill open positions. they've started hiring teenagers, automating some job roles to avoid raising wages. lobbying congress to double the cap on work immigration visas, and expanding the use of prison labor. slight, i mean prison labor may not exactly sound wholesome, but it is the smartest way for these companies to get their employees back. instead of offering their former workers more money and safe conditions. they can just say fine, you don't want to work for us at these wages. we'll just wait for you yet poor enough to be swallowed up by the criminal justice system. and you'll end up having to work for us anyway for even less. who says crime doesn't pay. some of this work though, pays even more than on the outside in kansas prisoners from that to peak. a
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correctional facility get paid $14.00 an hour to work on a russell stover. kennedy production line. that's almost twice the federal minimum wage. that $14.00 though, does come with some liquor strings attached. the state of kansas also deducts 25 percent of prisoners pay for room and board. and another 5 percent goes toward the victims from the prisoners also must pay for gas for nearly 2 hour bus ride to and from the plant. in kansas is defense. they do have a lot of victims who have been impacted by a wide range of disasters, especially around small bill. elsewhere. states like texas in delaware are setting up work release programs with the restaurant industry that will train convicts when they're in prison, then hire them once they get out. it's a group on level deal for the restaurants anyway. usually, companies have to pay trainees, but not anymore. and i'm like, all those ungrateful coven quitters living off unemployment. ex. cons won't have
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any better options, so bosses can pay them next to nothing. it'll probably get awkward it. shake shack when a customer asks is my order ready? i just heard buzzing, and they'll have to say no. that's just my ankle bracelet. contracts negotiated between prisons and private industries stipulate that a certain number of prisoners will always work for these companies. meaning there needs to be a certain number of people who become prisoners in the 1st place. these perverse incentives have created a vicious self perpetuating cycle of crime and incarceration. pretty soon, career counselors are going to be saying that kids be considered counterfeiting should know how to work. a printer now, russell stover didn't pay me to say that, of course, it is a good thing for the incarcerated to receive help finding work when they leave prison. what their pay and working conditions should be the same as everyone else's . the real motivation behind these programs isn't altruism, for capitalists,
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the point is to drive down wages overall by forcing workers to compete with literal slave what i mean. prison labor. just something to think about when you're reading russell stuff from washington. i'm anders leave with rejected tonight. ah, here are your headlines from the future in 2 weeks. we'll get news on that apple security update. parents arrested for sending pictures of baby wearing nothing but diaper sagos and tomorrow it will read. new female f. b. i higher looking forward to promotion from bait to sexy hostage tied to train tracks. and in a few years you'll find out new loan crisis emerges as millennials struggle to pay off pfizer debt for only vaccine effective against omega variance. that's
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our show. you can get more redacted tonight on youtube dot com slash redacted tonight. but until next time. good night and keep fighting. the robin driven by drainage shaped banks with me in me. i think we dare to ask. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the demon a robot must protect its own existence. was the problem of the death failing is that it forces them to admit what that number is like am 3 or 2, which are the money supply numbers. once the numbers got so scary, they stop reporting them. similarly with the debt ceiling kabuki theater,
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that happens every couple of years. they're just going to get rid of it won't even announced that number. it'll be impossible to find what the data for the american is that i'll just say a number sign for infinity. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising messrs to essentially destroy personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed the danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences. today.
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the breaking news from lebanon at least 20 people are understood to have died in a gas tanker explosion in the countries. north ambulances are currently ferrying, wounded and dead to local hospitals, also head. the distressing images from haiti as more than 300 people are dead. after a $7.00 magnitude earthquake shock of the nation, leaving another 2000 and injured after shock, struck throughout the country. as well, president joe biden is to increase the total number of us troops in cobbled to $5000.00 and has warned that any action against us personnel will receive military response. this comes as the limits, milton group, the taliban.


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