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tv   News  RT  August 14, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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for the next 30 years, then to the victim, say they still with the consequences. today the breaking news from lebanon at least 20 people are understood to have died and a gas tanker explosion in the countries. north ambulances are currently ferrying, wounded and dead to local hospitals, also head the distressing images from haiti as more than 300 people are dead after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the nation, leaving another 2000 and injured after shocks struck throughout the country. as well, president joe biden is to increase the total number of us troops in cobbled to $5000.00 and has warned that any action against us personnel will receive a military response. this comes as the limits milton group, the taliban closes in on the capital. more demonstrations against coven
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restrictions in france today with thousands turning out in paris for the 5th consecutive week. ah, parking lot from our studio here in moscow. this is art international and whether you're watching from wisconsin or interlocking in michigan, we're glad heavy with us. but we start this hour with breaking news. at least 20 people are reporting dead. and 7 more are understood to have been injured in a gas tanker explosion in northern lebanon. now the red cross has been deployed to the area to transport burn victims, both dead and wounded to local hospitals. and a number of people are understood to be missing as well. the cause of the blast is as of yet unknown. the country recently marked the one year anniversary of another explosion at the capitals port in bay route, in which $2800.00 people died. it was by the countries worst economic crisis in
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decades was hardened by fuel shortages. the military stepped into confiscated, hoarded gas, and several fuel tankers were seized by people, angered by those shortages. switching gears now to another developing story. more than 300 people have died after a 7.2, magnitude earthquake struck haiti forcing the government to declare a state of emergency across almost half of the country. and a bit of a warning you might find from some of these following images disturbing. the the, the quake which was also felt in neighboring countries brought down buildings and left rubble strewn throughout the streets. almost 2000 people were injured just come to haiti continues to face political instability, months after the assassination of president jovan l. noisy. a tropical storm is also expected in coming days, will exacerbate the situation as well. striking,
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just 150 kilometers from the capital. the quake was even more powerful than the one and 2010, which killed around 300000 people, devastated the nation and spark to humanitarian crisis. there is senior researcher in the size knology department at mexico national autonomous university. she's parallels with that quick and says and effective warning system is a problem for places like haiti in this quick has similar characteristics to a devastating trema that occurred 11 years ago. fortunately, this time, it didn't happen near the capital miss populated city port prince. as it did in 2010, however, we still see it effect and here use of damage to infrastructure. for an early warning system to work sent, units detecting from us should be near the, at the center of the population should live farther away, giving them valuable seconds to react. but in places like, hey, t and california, well as quick occur and well populated places that isn't an effective warning
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system which would give people time to prepare we are focusing on the latest developments in afghanistan. now biden is to increase the number of us troops to 5000 and couple in order to protect evacuating, american embassy staff. while warning that any action against us personnel will receive a military response that new number is a vast increase on the 3000 troops by and said that he would send this comes as unconfirmed reports stated that the taliban is now just 11 kilometers from the capital couple the decision to increase the number of follows. another day of gains by the taliban seizing, i've kind of stands 2nd largest city kandahar. meanwhile, the u. s. embassy in the capital capital is urging all americans to leave immediately going so far as to offer loans to those unable to afford plane tickets home and to use any available commercial carriers. and here are the latest pictures from cobble where locals are desperately seeking shelter. after fleeing the tele bonds, rapid advance men, women and children are struggling with harsh living conditions and an acute
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shortage of food and water. mom from allah. i came from the northern jo john province. there was ongoing, brutal fighting and we could only save ourselves and fled to cobble and my mother, myself and some people of the town. car condos, and bergland provinces came here to the park. we have all fled to fighting. there is no food and no water. these families have very worried because they have no idea what to do with lead from the hero proven is due to have the fighting. many other families also fled and living in bad conditions. if dissertation continues like this and have gotten if they want us to return, they should support us and give us weapons so we can defend our country as we have lost our family members during the case of war. now as african women, we should get weapons and fight. we discussed the latest developments and i've gotta stand with kennestone from the hamilton and coalition to stop the war. and couple journalist belong,
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worry the fact that the americans need almost 5000 us troops just to evacuate thousands of 5 lines in the embassy. it tells you where on the sun is after 20 years of massive investment in blood and treasure, not only by the americans, but also by the international community. and every time you hear to these countries tell the citizens to leave us on as soon as possible, especially cobble those type of messages. it is terrorizing one. so we're already very fearful of what could happen. we heard. busy a lot of gotten fired from the police chelsea area, it's in p d 12 where the biggest prison is and everyone thought that this was a target bonus hack inside the city of cobble. so it did terrorize the local population, especially when a couple years we're flying over the prison. then we were told by going to
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officially that there was a problem in the counter narcotics wing of the prison. so you can imagine the impact of what is happening around the country. so it's not a success story. and it's also not the time you know, that the americans could blamed africa needed africa. leaders could blame, you know, the americans. i think everyone has lived down the avalon people, and now we can see even more bloodshed and sufferings if sci fi does not come any time. so clearly, washington did miscalculate and it scrambled to increase troop levels. to compensate for that, the u. s. should never have been, and nato should never have been in afghanistan in the 1st place. this was a unilateral and illegal invasion and occupation that took place without the approval of the un security council. now today, a, the united states, a staging
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a withdrawal, a retreat from afghanistan, and they're doing it in a unilateral fashion. again, they didn't use the help that they could have called upon from russia, china, india, iran and pakistan. and those regional and, and asian powers to organize an orderly withdrawal and the creation of a stable government in kabul. that one that might have been a government of national unity or a power sharing arrangement or coalition government. instead, the u. s. deliberately left mass. and this map right here shows just how much after the territory is now under telephone control, including 2 thirds of provincial capital and of the biggest cities outside the capital such as kandahar where they have reportedly seen hundreds of weapons and vehicles as well as large amounts of ammunition islamists ramped up their offensive
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in april, after the u. s. president announced he was pulling out troops earlier. we spoke to people in missouri sheriff, the 4th biggest city in afghanistan, it is currently fallen under the control of the telephone mother. and i came to missouri sharif to defend my people that the taliban came here to ruin the country . they invite people to an islam does not really as long as if they think that they are also afghans that should come and negotiate with us. or if they want to take power, they should go for elections and make people vote for them. but the only thing they actually want is to ruin afghanistan and our people jenco sector. then they got whole people are fed up with the war and unemployment. and i've been jobless for 2 months already. we are tired of fighting, we want peace. people are fleeing from a dentist in there, go into iran and turkey because of the situation here. they are selling their houses at half the price just to be able to leave. i wanted to do the same, but it ran close their borders because of the warren of ghana,
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samsung dissing them or how much of our life was ruined because of this war. how the people escaped, but those who had no money had to state these attacks scare our families because they always happen at night. people cannot even go to hospital and just because they don't have money. and even those who eventually go often don't get proper care in the head of an italian group, working enough dentist and to promote women's rights. it says washington has left civilians in the lurch. the main concern now is to ensure security for us where and the afghan women and children, they're taking care of our representatives, preoccupied with the faith of women's rights, which they've been fighting for for 20 years. earlier today we decided to shut down our office and hide documents, so that the women under our watch can be tracked down. we will continue doing our job on the cover from home, telephone trip to just 11 kilometers from kabul. it seems that they're not encountering any resistance. i'm afraid the total present in the caps was just
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a matter of days. probably they're waiting until the definitive pull out of us troops scheduled for august 30th before capturing the capital of furthest seeing that with the u. s. and need to withdraw, afghans got the opportunity to run their country on their own. however, in fact, it turned out to be american, the west established a puppet government, which could not care less about afghanistan. and today's officials are only concerned about saving their lives. i think the americans could have handled better their retreat and thought more about ordinary people and their rights. nato has also expressed concern about the tele bonds blitz and reaffirm support for the afghan government and security forces r t u. case simon, right, gives us his take on that. now, his american troops and the 9, so i long as it drives along for the ride, pulled up, i've got installed last month on the 20 years of bombing by the way, and i'll be honest. i haven't gone well. and on friday the 1st city fell to the
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child and started on we've seen like a domino effect. 9 other provincial capital in rural areas falling under child control, us in so actually think the combo might move within 90 days. they say that happened by next week. in fact, some nato countries are actually sending troops back to get their citizens out. already, you want the visual metaphor for america 20 years in the tunnel, driving us blind humvees that they just took from the afghan forces. george washington prepared his bonds. big got a fight for themselves. fight for their nation. nice one that will do it. i'm sure they caught your rallying cry on the evening. news and laska go over. all president's response to the renewed misery of the average person is i do not regret my decision. i'm sure he doesn't. he's not the one to can down the power to contain
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a bond course lane is. yeah, they are dragging the dead through the streets as a warning to anyone who get some report suggests that us officials, i mean cool by surprise, the speed at which time abandoned me back in underlining what we'll kind of know already. the american policy absolutely mastered the element of surprise. fortunately, no one told washington that the enemy supposed to be surprised last year, un report at the ready, preparing position. when foreign troops leave proving that age or piece of military wisdom, if you're going to retreat, it will be best not to tell the enemy the company is in advance. this how withdrawal has been planned to trump. i could win that war in a week. i just don't want to kill 10000000 people. they could have been was i supposed say some other power coming from the white house include thank the gun government should make peace with the town to avoid civil war to
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the american diplomats to talk to the guns and the masses. danis, i've been talking to china and the russians, how they even going to deal with a ton of last year and lower than prison. but when it comes down to this is where they thought we spent over $2000000.00 over 20 years. we trained and equipped with modern equipment over 300000 afghan forces. how many more times american truck owners, bonds spend trillions of dollars to win a war? be surprised when it doesn't work. the site is you and report that no one seems to have read from last year. page 12 interesting is just i'm calling to is present in at least 15 afghan provinces and it's still great my time. that's closer than ever . of course, we'll probably come back britton's defense, actually that well done. everyone here for the next 20 years,
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the pointlessness tragic news in from turkey now where a russian firefighting plane has crashed while helping extinguish blazes in the south of that country. all the people aboard died in the incident. according to the russian defense ministry, 5 russian citizens were among the crew. an investigation into that tragedy is currently underway to europe. now thousands are out again in paris, protesting against co restrictions for the 5th consecutive week. the cry is over, the mandatory health passes now needed to get into restaurants and other public places are these policies here takes a closer look. well, as many as a quarter of a 1000000 people are estimated to have turned out to the streets of france today to protest against the mandatory wearing of the mosque and public spaces. and also having to show their health pos since monday is one of the suite rallies taking place here in paris this saturday. and they were more than $200.00
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that are taking place across the country. we are hearing are violent in the city of neil way. the police are being forced to get against protesters, the feeding on the ground, a 31 of the creation people having turned out, awaiting you for 5 straight. we came saying that they'll be back next weekend until the situation is dealt with. the running call has been no, i'm a con. we will not accept will pass people to be shouting liberty while the various tech, hard from posters make reference to this health path. being a reminder, all the possible use in a party south africa. i've also seen posters saying that this is a health dictatorship and shame on the past. the people i've been talking to all angry office crated. and this is what a few of them had to say. we don't want to, we don't want it's unfair because we don't want this. it's not, we're not again, vaccination. we're not again health issues. we're not against all that. we just
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don't want to. this president has cornered us into depriving us or our freedom. i mean it's, it's crazy. it's 1984. it's for concrete. and so i'll be done to, to go in, in a coffee in a restaurant to, to go, you know, for instance, many sides we've out but the re haitian on it. it's again, democrats, the institutions, hello, thank you. the bus to take it home. so we have a program and we need the vote in downtown perez have been closed off too. and now for the mom to proceed, there is a strong police prison and no doubt they will continue to be as these kind of
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manifestations and demonstrations. taken to the st upfront. the state of emergency over wildfires has been expanded to cover 2 vast regions in eastern russia. 6 smoke has covered parts of the crew to have 4 weeks now and has spread to the neighboring. it could region the fires are now threatening a dozen villages with several having to be evacuated this week. and our t news team has been following frontline cruise. ah ah ah, what are the red ones? those are fires. a fire covered this area. what's highlighted and green was also a fire. what's red is what is actively burning now. how much land does the fire
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cover? about 150 square kilometers or 150000 hector's. there was a huge bar here, but we have already put it out. it was here where we drove the fire 100 kilometers from me. it's just we're running and driving, trying to find the fire, but the shift fast and the wind an open escape. sometimes they move one bomber in each direction. i mean everything to sort of us. where is a fire that you're told everywhere. that's how you get burned. it's a total nightmare. i've never seen it as bad as this before. i look like a smarter. so where is the fire? now, everywhere. that obvious, the main part is now behind the village. i'm sorry. say everyone is trying to do
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something to save the forest or it will all burn. it was this year. this is how the 4th bird. this is the episode. i just kind of in breathing here. the small fire, the guys are trying to put up with their own hands. so my little piece like this burned down dozen miles of forest me me? ah, what we were told the summer would be the same as usual on the more arid. that's understandable because it happens every 5 to 10 years. we've been preparing for this, but we have now. is the try somewhere in history. we could not imagine that. this is a very serious challenge. me. me. me
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. ah, ah. according to new guidance, published by the scottish government, children as young as 4 are able to change their name and gender at school, claiming that it is possible to come out as transgender at any age. now schools have been recommended to support pupils if they want to transition without their parent consent. this means that trans children should be able to use whatever bathroom or changing room they choose to help the kids better understand their gender identity. schools have also been advised to suggest neutral books and uniforms, but activists, marion called her thinks it's a dangerous path to try on this is inherently flawed. through all idea ology, which is the pushing on the lobbying groups, which helps right this,
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this document 4 year old has no idea what the agenda is very kind of easily influencing the very easily influenced by adults and what they say around them. so gradually putting kids in boxes that's an age of 4 years old. and that you're saying, oh, well, if you're a boy and you're like you're playing with dolls, maybe you're actually trumps. these are very dangerous ideologists that we're actually, we're going in and i'm sort of being progressive, naturally betting me questions countering that. the scottish government says children are happier and learn more at school when they feel safe, respected, and included whenever they decide to transition. here's how broadcast her and former british and p, george callaway sees it, the nationalist government here, frustrated by its failure to achieve its primary goal the breakup of britain, the independence of scotland has made our turn to matters,
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solve sexuality and gender. in a truly remarkable way. i have, as it happens, a 4 year old school, and if the teacher wanted to take her to the park, she would have to have my consent to do so. but under this new set of regulations, if my 4 year old wanted to change our gender, her name, her personal pronouns, they wouldn't have to even inform me. nevermind. as for my consent, this decree undoubtedly rob's parents of the rights and the european human rights convention. it is absolutely illegal in my view, i'm responsible for my children until they reach the age of majority. human rights groups are kids in canada of breaking international law over the sale of
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weapons to saudi arabia. a report from 2 organizations also states that canada violated in arms treaty and humanitarian rights over the war and yemen. we spoke with the reports, co author be endeavored to not only analyze but refute the findings of canada's report. and come to the conclusion that canada's export of l. a. v's and other canadian made weapons to saudi arabia is actually in contravention of canada's legal obligations under the arms trade treaty to which candidate has been a safe party for a couple of years now. canada cannot permit the export of weapons to a recipient where there is a substantial risk that that recipient is going to use those weapons in contravention of human rights to facilitate human rights abuses. $2900.00 canada exported nearly $3000000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi arabia in the very year.
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it also signed up for an international arms treaty. and despite global pressure on the saudis, over the assassination of washington post columnist jamal shows you in 2020 canada still raked in more than a $1000000000.00 in weapons deals. but canadian leaders insist that there are strong control systems in place. and there is no risk of rights violations. much of this, of course, centers around the ongoing conflict in yemen where who t rebels, who over through the many government are up against a multinational coalition, led by saudi arabia. more than 200000. you have a nice have died since the conflict started in 2014. for 1000000 have been displaced in tens of thousands are on the brink of starvation. un warned it is the world's worst humanitarian disaster. kelsey gallagher went on to say that arm sales from canada, facilitate that war. it's been a hot complex, it's 2014 and is deemed one of the world's worst humanitarian crises happening today. and certainly can provision of weapons to saudi arabia,
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jose substantial risk of facilitating that conflict. and that is not just our assessment. in fact, that's actually based on the assessment of the group, the u. n. group of eminent experts on yemen who have for a couple of years now. i stated that the provision of weapons to saudi arabia is not only feeling the conflict, but last year in their annual report. they actually sent it out and directly named canada as one of the, the few countries directly named as supplying weapons and thereby feeling the violence. what's happening in the world at this hour? let's go back to our breaking news story. at least 20 people are reported dead and 7 more are understood to have been injured in a gas tanker explosion in northern lebanon. the red cross has been deployed to the area to transport burn victims, both dead and wounded, to the local hospitals there. and a number of people are understood to still be missing the cause of the blasters. as
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of yet unknown former prime minister sod, harvey re called for the government and president to step down over the explosion of the country. recently marked the one year anniversary of an explosion at the capitals port in a route which $218.00 people died. that was followed by the countries worst economic crisis in decades along with political turmoil and mass protests against the government. the situation was hardened by fuel shortages. the military has stepped in to confiscate, hoarded gas, and several fuel tankers were seized by people angry at those shortages course. our news team is following the situation. we will keep you updated in the future hours . you are watching our future national. we're glad have you with us. mm. i so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only really and go into this. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk now we have easy read. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these, these are making the tobacco tours? ah, the me the
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me ah son, welcome to all the parts in the beginning was the war. then the war was with god and the word was god. this opening phrase from the gospel of john is often cited by atheist emphasizing the significance of language in the abolition of the human species. but in spite of or perhaps because of the power of their words, humans have always tried to regulate. if censorship inevitable, especially in this day and age, and especially when it comes to politics. while to discuss it, i'm now joined by jonathan zimmerman, professor of history education at the university of pennsylvania. i'm author of free speech. why we should give a damn professor. it's good to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. thank you. it's good to be here. now let's start with. i'm sure purposefully i g. title of your book. why should anyone and specifically,
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why should any american give a damn about free speech? well, i think the reason they should give a damn it is that every great movement for social justice, every great campaign to fight oppression in his united states, was powered upon and depended upon free speech. that's really why we wrote the book to remind people about the radical uses in the radical potential of free speech. unfortunately, in my view, free speech and part of the united states has now been coded as a conservative value. and i find this ridiculous and a historic and the reason we wrote the book and the reason that you should get it down if you want to make anything better in america, you need free speech. and every campaign to do that has relied on, i think, not only in this part of the world, but also many americans. i see free speech as.


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