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meet the pro, soviet government did not collapsing in this way. in fact, they took some 2 years before any major cities fell to the majority being was here is saying, major cities pulling one off the other to have a taliban before the americans. and even for the left, which gives credit to compact things that shows how, how much less successful impact americans have been building a stable government. and i've kind of stamina service one, the service didn't exactly do a good job. so therefore, i mean a clarity. the americans of failed did more thing. this is got less to do with the daughter of miss underestimation of the taliban. shang, as it is to do with underestimation of the will to fight the government forces. i mean, simply put, government forces collapse show very little will to, to, to fight. and so it's really a moral problem when the government forces more than the strength of the taliban. we also discuss the latest developments in afghanistan. we can stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war. washington this did miscalculate and they
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scrambled to increase troop levels. to compensate for that, the u. s. should never have been, and nato should never have been in afghanistan in the 1st place. this was a unilateral and illegal invasion and occupation that took place without the approval of the un security council. now today, the united states and staging a withdrawal, a retreat from afghanistan. and they're doing it in a unilateral fashion. again, they didn't use the help that they could have called upon from russia, china, india, iran, and pakistan. those regional and, and asian powers to organize an orderly withdrawal. and the creation of a stable government in kabul, that one that might have been
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a government of national unity or a power sharing arrangement or coalition government. instead, the u. s. deliberately left mass. so in cobble right now and immensely tense time, the taliban on the outskirts of the city. but other outlets reporting right now that taliban supported the jubilant in the streets of the journalist. we've been in constant contact with a couple below. for while re says there's deep concern right now about the future on the streets of the capital. from what i can confirm from what i have been able to speak to people, there was chaos to exchange. when people were rushing towards the atm machine or the traffic job members or the police open fire into the air, the traffic cops are trying to basically keep traffic in motion a cobble in the city. now in panic, everyone is leaving, but we will have to see how the transition for cobbler city takes place. now, the best clarity from both sides that is serving as an aside in terms of, you know,
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putting into some fearful scenarios and events and uncertainty. but it's easier said than done low, so let's see how we do that and the, when do you do that? if it does not go, okay, we're back to square one. and it does look also very chaotic that at the end of 20 years of massive international investment, billions of dollars, you know, perhaps even trillion lives. lot of this is the end result. so we will have to see how it moves from here. but as i said, again, the clarity from all sides is help, you know, restore some sort of confidence in the outline people, especially 6000000 people living in this city. we have to really remember that the african private sector sport, hundreds of millions of years, dollars into the city, and the construction of buildings, shopping malls, at an eventual apartments and other businesses. so this is also why the thought of one of issue, the statement, reassuring businesses,
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both one informed that the investments were protected. so let's see how that goes. but obviously if you are looting in violence or in the minds of people, okay, for the western presence of that and i was scramble to get people out. there's not much air traffic around cobble of them. i remember there is appears to be charted, us flight sweden being one of the latest to say that it is evacuating all of its embassy stuff from cobble, a rescue operation also under to get the u. k. ambassador and stuff out of the afghan capital. britton's defense secretary early warned that i've gone established on the brink of collapse, calling the u. s. decision to leave a mistake predicting that the battle scarred nation will once again become a breeding ground for al qaeda. shoddy edwards dash the has the details on that for options on the table. that is the latest from the u. k. is defense secretary friend wallace, as he tries to prevent an all out civil war in afghanistan is the u. k. begins to retreat troops out of the country now,
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ever since us taliban p. still. what we've seen is nature that we have all begun to retrieve what flashes this power political vacuum in the region, seeing the taliban totally taking control and tipping that balance of power. now, not only will poverty, of course increase on political destabilization, but what's a key worry is terrorism could also still be on the rise and that's why the u. k. dependent secretary is now saying that pulling out of the region is a huge mistake. now we're in this position where it's out of the house cleaning the manager across the country. united states are leaving that with an honest yesterday we are leaving alongside them. and that leaves a, as you say, a very, very big problem on the ground developing with the taliban failed states around the world lead to instability, lead to a security threat to off and our interest. we have very clear about that. that's why the west has to learn. you don't state problems, you manage problems. pro button wallace has also said that the united kingdom may
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act if ask on a stone again began to hob, a terrorism, particularly if it pose an international threat like it did arguably some 18 years ago. but many anti war activists argue that the foreign policy has never been about to humanitarian mission, nor was it about democracy and only ever saw the land become the place of conflict in battle, ground giving rise to the taliban. and what we see now is the tale around all accelerating that dominance, according to the united nations, the african war has now entered his more deadly destructive phase with casualties climbing over one and a half a 1000 in the past 4 weeks alone. and all of really has cause a lot of anger here in britain, even with many m. p 's, some of which have even served in the connie occupation over the last 20 years. that incredibly angry and ology that pulling out is a complete mistake. and
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a huge failure. the operation broke was worse. it took families apart, left children orphans and parents to cry alone. the decision to withdraw is like a rug pulled from under the feet of our partners. that's why i'm angry. it's wasteful and unnecessary. and why is it personal? because i've seen what it costs and what sacrifices are being thrown away. and i know who's going to pay for it. we will what it's actually pretty desperate time for the united kingdom is actually sending in around $600.00 troops to try and get british nationals out. c, l, a short term basis rescue mission if you like. but for those in afghanistan, both citizens simply call and guess how this is incredibly, a tragic and scary time for all of them as a taliban relentlessly takes over. but ultimately, for nato allies, britain and america, the last 20 years ending up like this is incredibly humiliating. because they tried
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to rebuild that unsafe allies the region, and now it seems as though with the telephone takeover the country could be worse off than us. shoddy ad was dashed the outside to the british defense ministry. while as the us lead alliance withdrawals and hastily at last, what about the afghan nationals who helped foreign troops? well, they no fear reprisals from the taliban. one group of afghans who assisted british forces rented on the streets of cobble on friday, demanding protection from the british government. now it may just be that that cause have been heard. 600 british troops have been deployed, that to safeguard u. k. national since they evacuate from the capitol, as well as apparently supporting the relocation of former african staff. we spoke to one interpreter in the week who worked for british and american forces. he did asked to remain anonymous, out of fear for his life. my family has listed to it's in the post sometime i am be home was attacked twice. my father has been given warnings and
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threats many, many times my. my dad's name was called that his life will be severely at risk because she offered no one, but 2 of her sons guessed the italian. recently, one of the interpreter, his father was caught in a province. he was beaten very badly. and he was asked to ask his son, who, who is an interpreter, to come in, trace the issue to your cause of detail of our recently one of the interpreter who used to be an interpreter for the american special forces was assassinated by the time of the interpreters who have served for years and years or stems enough chemist on tracing risk and benches. however, you can government instead of saving their lives, bringing them to live in peace and safety with their kids. or they are making
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excuses and new conditions put in place is only to reject the cases. all i'm hearing from my colleagues is the big cases have been rejected, rejected. there was a number of cases which were told that they were good to go. they were even given in there was sent an email confirming that when they were ready for the flights, they are told that they can re, to, to, to the you, to my brother, wonderful sport interpreter for the coalition forces. my brothers still enough to understand the british government is making a false accusations and excuses to withhold. not only my brother's visa, but many of the interpreters who genuinely need the british governments help and
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are at the very high risk are strongly believed that itala will hug down every or been interpreter, who is. so if the partition american forces, it will be the african interpreters or who paid the ultimate course can. you can get another live update from cobble. now i hope and speak to showy, but now jeff is arda, who's a journalist? i do believe we've now just lost connection. maybe he's, he's not that i'm. yeah, we do have a connection again. good to have you back with a show we had talked to ilya and we've got you back online when we spoke to you earlier on, the tension in that city right now must be unbearable as anything changed since then. well, of course this morning when i went to the city, i saw the people appointed. everyone is rushing from one side of call to other side of call boat. people are rushing to make sure that they are going to get by the bar
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and talk, rejecting the people are giving money. well, in fact, of course, that the face of the call will be changed at the public. told me that we face in the morning. you want to look fresh, but no one hour before. when i went out and i started, you know, quite a lot of military troops are going around the city we are hearing the military and cooked us are trying to tie off call us according to information that we got from different sources in the district number district number, stick number class avenue, district that a district number 6 people are people seem to tell about places in this area. thought about how's the plays in the district they are speaking with the people, but the people are saying that the tunnel, those are the type of of behavior are very good. they are not as much as they heard
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about that is reassuring to hear how long do you think that's gonna last cuz it cools for the past 20 years, the people have cobble, and in those metropolitan areas of afghanistan have been shifting. culturally women's rights have changed. a lot has changed in the past 20 years compared to the previous taliban rule. one of the biggest fears for the people living that was the biggest 1st because the past 20 years we have a cheese, lots of patients. we oh, good us, went to school, the girls went to university, they had to be a ride. so we had to get the human right. we had the right of freedom of speech, but i coming up to talk about all these achievements will be, destroy, will be completely destroyed. we are very firm because we cannot, we cannot leave and december, the gym of the telephone that we have plenty of back. telephone with the controller
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going to something with his tongue vision. we want our government a new government, a new chapter for the country to save all of the 20th achievements of the people that they have found in the past when years who's going to be able to try and make sure that that happens though, because you're presidents asher are gone, he is on the verge of resigning, let's be honest, and those going to be that hand overpower the peaceful transition is really to try and reduce the level of bloodshed, which of course is paramount. but in terms of safeguarding those hard one civilian rights over the past 20 years that you've just lifted there, once the transition of power occurs, who is going to make sure that they stay? well, in fact, of course, there's been any administration as complex, big gone. we will, we will be witnessed of a new entry and government soon, and that vision might be happened tonight or tomorrow,
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but also pick transitions do. new interim government will be responsible for, for saving all achievement, western countries, the america that, that gave me to america. i would just talk about the fact that people in cobbled analysts and couples you're saying that we called 100 over to dekalb bond in the agreements between the american and then now whatever that you're facing, what problems will be faced also into government? and if we lose our democracy, if we do, our human rights goes right. it will, all of us will be responsible for all of us will be was one conduct and for you as a, as an african citizen in cobble. how did it feel to see those military helicopters, that presence of the united states and others now leaving, unlikely to be back?
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how does that make you feel? now that your left what we are feeling like military days, we are seeing that we are in the war. we haven't had such a helicopter fountain in this kind of call in the and the step 1020 years. now we are, we are here in the military side. we are hearing sounds of helical stuff, and this guy was, carry people high, did not know how to get to the homes and it's like no military date. it's a ministry cd and we don't know what, how, how it goes out. and when we've seen those other cities and regions fall to the taliban with speed and with ease is because it seems that there's little alternative. it's either death or retribution is. is that what's gonna happen in cobble? do you think? well, i just was the same. yes. because it has the same to start. did you felt one has
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the same idea? you what, what, what has been done or what have been done in other district on the call, but call the either province from the funding to retirement. it might be happening in an industry. so low taliban forces have said that they won't enter yet, that they are on the outskirts of capital. there are reports in other news outlets that there are at least taliban supporters who have been seen to be jubilant on the streets. have you seen any of that? what level of taliban support is there among the populace of the capital? one of the people in the capitol, they don't, they're not supporting to try to support the problem and you don't support because they told on the area and they will be killed by the tell them. but the fact that the people and public safety are not the support of this call a bunch of why it's all about. all right, so the 1st one, yes, we have we haven't said confirm the telephone is that below me you said that they
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will not. they will not, they will not interrupt the problem with the fighters the are a waiting and gave off call and wait for the result of the nation and, and the time of this transition with some government. not bearing in mind that the eyes of the world, the powers of the world are closely watching, are gonna stand more than they probably done in recent years. probably in 20 years . let's be honest. what would you like them to do? what realistically can they do? well, bodies or individual countries to make sure that those people who are inferior, who are petrified right now, and those hundreds of thousands who are displayed to try and at least secure some sort of humanitarian aids or at least some sort of security for the future. of course, the western countries they are responsible for the situations that 100 pounds is a family displace from different province that i'm going to cobble your living in
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depaul in the sea of causal people of gun. it's not people who call every night for paid food for them and could not continue for a long time. we did for a we did for support. and i'm sure that the wisdom tooth will not even gone. it's done behind that they will. they will continue the support and i've got some people need for the support of some tense piece with for the aid of the risk factors. otherwise, that got to last for, for a long time. and for the, for the household, for the families of cobble that presumably cobble is better off the many other cities in terms of its infrastructure and its facilities. but looking forward to what's gonna happen in the coming days and weeks will things start running out supply change? will families be divided? what the actuality of the, the future for those families? one of people who probably don't have any other place to go get to know people that there was ended from instead of going to spend leg and not going to sunday,
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noticed that they had one choice to come to color because color was the have on the time and then moved to call the city. but now why do we not all the province of are going to have on hand. and the boarders today to the foreign countries are also produced against the call, the city they call the families, cobra, people, and problem. they don't have either choice. you get the same problem because we don't know, we don't see. i agree, place that we should go to that area. we are, we are, we will force the same problem and request from the top one from the other a when to show that to the people who are going to some who don't hold the people that we own from going to some people have some muslims, and we don't have a problem with that. and so if you're trapped in, i've got a cobble and you're unable to move around. how do you see that developing at the moment you're able to talk to us. we really appreciate you being able to explain to
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us 1st hand what's happening, where you are. it's not going to be able to continue because last time the tell about were in control. it was pretty brutal. well, i've seen that according to formation that we have gotten to the taliban hasn't changed that they don't have to be heavier. that they had plenty of before. big, big god experience with that i would like to face that cannot run a country are big enough governance on the people. but according to the people that they are living under control of the telephone right out in the province, i spoke with them. they are happy from the behavior of the telephone. they're saying that don't, don't, don't, don't get problem for the people the lead. if you just go to school the lead people to go to war. in fact, sheets that they fall into the top 100 essentially. and they just got back to normal was problem. oh so i think i'll step to transition. so we will move back to our normal war. so for so it will be some direction will become
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limited to the people are going to some by the taliban. but i hope that those decision will not be very, very heavy. that the people i've done is not. what else do you think has changed for the taliban? them? because most people's understanding is that their understanding of sure re laura and how to conduct the rule of afghanistan is still a pretty strict version of islam. so what has changed? i presume women's rights will be rolled back. well in fact it and cobble we are not is still the problem. the problem is i have not up to the public center to know, but the people that i spoke with them in missouri to show that to me last night i spoke with people in the alpha condos that are on full, not the stuff i got from that they will follow just if you wanted to get out of hand. i spoke with the people that they are living into under control. they are
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saying a lot of changes on the telephone before the telephone. you permission for the guess what it's called, but they give her mission for the goes up on the telephone. that's what you call people don't have a problem with watching of the tv, but before the what a lot of problem with it's all about to watch tv. i just what we also have some, some, some, some reports from the whole, from not of, from stoker from going to stand. the woman did not get permission from the hold on to go to work for the woman that they were working for. a couple bank branch in and they were doing stopped by to tell them, did not give her mission for them to continue working capital bank. i bank and public and. and also i spoke with some reporters in the hall that they had a meeting with their telephone and basically told to report that they can continue or change and or they can run the stations. but they should follow the
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law before they should follow the program of the tyler bond. and also the asked that they were asked by the time on the new d. 3 for the woman to start going to school and taught to break war as they are there. i don't think i don't you permission for the woman colleagues to come to the station. ok show it's, it's great to talk to every few hours because very important that we get actual 1st hand idea of what life is like that this rapid transition to taliban power in the afghanistan region. but for now show you been couple thanks very much. take ok, hopefully we'll hear from a show you but in the coming hours as well as the situation changes. now a member of the russian federation council is concerned that the resurgence taliban could try and spread influence on former soviet states. their reports to the taliban on negotiating with authorities and most likely on the surrender of the
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city and the transfer of power to the taliban. who's to blame the usa? they brought in troops 20 years ago, supposedly trained an army that's losing ground, that a fight and being abandoned. now, if they are trying to attract the will community, then let them call the un security council and let them decide to stop what's happening. and i've got this done because bloodshed may begin, the security council may decide to enforce peace and may even use the troops of other powers to restore peace enough gone to stan. let's compare that to the withdrawal of soviet troops back in 1989. that was an organized to pull out. we left nancy buller there who defended. i've got to stand for the movie, had deemed for years. the americans have not yet managed to leave the territory of afghanistan. and this army, which they supposedly prepared, has turned out to be completely demoralized. we can say for sure that it's unlikely
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that russia will enter afghan is done. and even if there are some peacekeepers, it's unlikely that russia will be part of that. one of the most dangerous things though, is that if the taliban head to the north, where are allies tajikistan and categor steiner, we will have to do our duty and protect those states. ok, as we wrap up this rolling news, our just to recap the latest on the taliban advance in afghanistan, the minutes in group now surrounded the capital. cobbled fight as a poised on the outskirts of the city. as taliban representatives are reportedly at the presidential palace for negotiations with the government, they claim that fighters won't enter the city until those talks are completed. meanwhile, there are conflicting reports on the countries. president asher are gone, a resigning there are also reportedly ongoing emergency talks between the president, the u. s. a. nato is what's going on on the streets of the capitol at the moment. that's the airport that you can see right now. there's not been very much traffic that just seems to be charter flights in and out of cobble airport and
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a couple of international carriers making their way in and out. people are fleeing their homes, abandoning cars in the middle of the road, with huge traffic jams reported in the city. all this now means the medicine effectively control every major city in afghanistan, following a rapid and decisive offensive. they also reportedly control every board post across the country. and the only way in and out of afghanistan is for the heavily guarded international airport and carnival. beside this, the taliban says that it's successfully taken the bag from ab base that military facility. it was hastily abandoned by the us military and early july without any notification inside bag room, thousands of taliban fighters and also like state terrorists were held in that prison will update you again with headlines stories and more reaction here on r t for moscow in just a couple of minutes the
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the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the the other stuff. and then you need
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to talk to someone who actually can be done, but even when i'm in a position where you may need what's going on for me, which mobile phone bill. and it isn't about what it was working for me. but it was easy. i got to know how to choose, you could put up with me quite a bit as belong to the 100 west and you need that because that quote should
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the, the, the, the, the, it is our breaking news. this sunday afghanistan's interior minister is a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government with the authorities reportedly entering into talks with the taliban. medicine group has surrounded koppel, ordering its fight as not to enter the capital. following an intense week of rapid taliban advances sweeping the country and taking every major city in just a few days, the islamist resurgence began immediately after us president joe biden announced that american troops would withdraw back in april of the 2 decades since washington dragged, cobble into war the u. s. is out of afghanistan leaving the desperate people face to face with the militants. once again.


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