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[000:00:00;00] the breaking news in the headlines, the telephone says it's the staff john government buildings and state tv up to the president, please the country and quit leaving another country in pieces. okay. also panic and couple for thousands crime terminals in desperate thoughts of flights out of town to bond closes in the us. flow is the flag rates as work because the images of helicopter, yet for desperate stop reminiscent of its anxious escapes vietnam less than 3 decades ago. the
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hello and welcome the thought international today of course eating, focusing on the ongoing situational chaos rather enough. down on the town about now control the afghan capital bought the airport. these are recent pictures from the spot where evacuation assets are currently on the way thousands of people crammed into terminals and paul to notes and desperate such flights. out with gunshots occasionally heard the scene. meanwhile, taliban fighters have seized the presidential palace and the african capital with president awestruck connie leaving the country and resigning on the medicine group, claiming they will soon declare in islamic emerett of afghanistan. a representative of the group still seen as a terrorist organization by many states, has already addressed the nation with the phone because i'm going to diplomatic institutions that function properly for the past 20 years should continue to function as a representative of the afghan people i ask you to continue your work to establish
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diplomatic relations with the people, the process of power transition if peaceful, land ongoing. my great request to the people of couple is to come to the workplace is open markets and shops. local and international organizations are requested to continue their activities as long suffering people solely needed. the esna mas group wanted us forces to enter the capital to prevent, quote, looting and violent one ask and law enforcement please to seen. on verified foot, it's such a thing online shows people throwing rocks at security officers leaving cobble without to find at 9 p. m cuff, you came in and remains in a place where the was, you know, seen called the residents have been seeing the city and huge numbers throughout the day. hundreds of cars restock contracting jobs and some locals even running away on
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foot and massive forms outside. frank, definitely tried to call them like saving water before leaving the chewing, but not just as a john. this proposal how the situation is unfolding in cobble where the people de woke up in the morning and they thought that it's all about already be. and i'll just get on the call and get a plan to be able to call the people to rush away a day. we just went to the bank. so they went to the, to the gate to their, to buy food. there was a lot of traffic people just that you could, you saw the people who are in the car and the motor by, by food they will not do or do or out just to solve the problems. but in the afternoon with a ton of an intent to the d. c. t. look why. there was no more more more people. the 1st people blame on the americans because the people are changing or people are saying that in fact, i've gone to some 100 to
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a tyler bond one year ago when americans and dad tied about that time. i've got some 100 over to, to the top from the time american did not have a government gun people. they always that lead to tell about the problem to lead to they did not try to prevent the fall and capturing of the district and capturing of their 1st people playing on blending on america. and the 2nd people are blaming over a month, which was that lead by the taliban. rob top, it's offensive in april. might remember following to biden's confirmation that he was pulling out american troops. as you can see on the graphic and just months, they've gone from a week position to controlling the entire country. let's take a look back at how the events unfolded.
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the well, this pretty right have support to show inmates released by the ton of bond from the country's largest scale. they will say 5 grand military prison knots located to just 25 kilometers north of the capitol report claim about $5000.00 context free mostly taliban fighters, ready to join the assault footage here start teaching online shows the town about setting up a roadblock between john, the bod, cobble people driving through our reportedly being checked the documents with men without a bid being off. if they were. 2 2 lebanese university jamal with him says, the current situation is a failure of american foreign policy has not been in a normal situation for the past 4 or 5 decades. it's been perpetual
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road since the late 19 seventy's the take over my family. bon off i've got a son, is a clear preview. all 2 decades american effort. of course, the midwest speculations the band will take over but not as with as we sold them. so this has been the american ford and trying to control countries throughout the history and various countries. and the moment they feel they could no longer sustain that pollution and that they would simply forsake their employees and the country to the best and the size of those applying over the u. s. embassy and was very similar to the size of the helicopters, us helicopters over that embassy inside on and $975.00. and i believe that the case of dennis time,
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they're much different from the body. both of the late 19 nineties and even the americans invaded afghanistan all week evidence even though that was implicated in the events of the new york system, the 11. but they wanted to have a pretext to invade the company to direct jump on it. because jenda was against mainly against china against russia. and i guess at the time when that was the rise of coalition, of your asian quote is not a bit the son to american doing the work. well, visa, recent pictures in kabul apple from various countries, our way to slides, to escape us. kindest on nature, forces are at the site to ensure the safe actuation of foreign cities. meanwhile, b u. s. embassy and the capital has lowered the stars and stripes off to solve for
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transferred to the hundreds of american. i'm off already left pantry and the pen has announced it will raise the number of us troops in cobbled to 6000. caleb moore, pin in new york, following the american reaction as chemist on, on the well, the flag is down, the u. s. embassy is evacuated and the staff is at the cobble airport. and from what we understand, they were ordered to burn sensitive documents before leaving the embassy. and now the voices are comparing the situation and cobble to the situation in saigon in 1975. the famous photograph of the us helicopter, pulling out as the government of south vietnam bell. well, here's some of what's been said, the unmitigated disaster enough can it's done the shameful, saigon, like abandonment of cobble. the brutalization of african women. and the slaughter
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of our allies is the predictable outcome of the trump biden doctrine of weakness. now the republican senator ben sass also said the united states would regret it. the action that afghan as dan and that this would hurt the international community and it would weaken the alliances of the united states around the world. however, anthony blanket and the u. s. secretary of state does not agree. he said that he said basically that cobble is not signed on and that is quite interesting because quite a little bit of difference there. lincoln said that the united states had achieved its goals in ghana stamp. and that because of the terrorist responsible for $911.00 were apprehended and killed, i had added she, it's golden, and had been successful in the country. now it's important to note that the terrorists responsible for 911 were largely from saudi arabia. they were not afghan . furthermore, osama ben lawton was killed in pakistan, not enact ganeth, and so quite interesting,
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but lincoln is satisfied with the u. s. mission after 18 year years that we succeeded in achieving those fundamental objectives and the idea that we would sign up for remaining there in the midst of the civil war for another $510.00 or 20 years, was simply not in the national interest. now part of the reason there's such a scramble is that us estimate about how long it would take the taliban to retake the country. seemed to have been changing at one point. they thought they had 6 months or 12 months. at one point they thought they had 90 days, and even as recently as 2 days ago, they were saying there was no threat to cobble. here's what was said by a representative of the pentagon. always not right now in an imminent threat environment. but clearly, if you just look at what the taliban has been doing, you can see that they are trying to isolate couple others talk more troops being sent. ap ganeth them to oversee the evacuation of us citizens. but as far as protecting afghans the white house has made clear,
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they do not feel that is in the interest of the united states that this time. professor austin, she studies salma molig says the washington broken his promises to the country under bond and its when americans had not or the western capitals had not really engaged the elephant in the room. and they had kind of wished to do. we're for 20 years and now that element of back impact, you'll find some full time security forces inside of finest on. we're not too good . they were still really green in their preparation and the americans knew it. the western powers knew it. but just because there had been a lot of investment on the ground by the americans and american, it to waters were demanding as to why. so many of the american troops was still pledged enough by this time that the us had to make this a drawn plus the fact that they did not have anything now to offer to the bomb
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leadership or to the a find people. they had tried all types of experiments and those experiments had not worked here this time. they were the direct stakeholders. and yet despite the month reintegration reconstruction reforming upon society, politics, security forces, nothing is really strong enough to started found ground. while back in 2001. and then us president george w bush insisted that the taliban regime was on its last legs. more recently, jo biden's that it was highly unlikely, the town of wood overrun the country. so next up in the tranquil office, how america's leaders could have got it so wrong, just pictured the timeframes really have a proper think about it. i was 12 when americans sent its soldiers to again stand for the taliban to be dealt with. for 20 years for 2 decades. washington was
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splashing exorbitant amounts of cash on this grand attempt to give the troubled central asian country a failure. coalition servicemen were dying. even more way more local lives were lost. so what do we got now? right after the u. s. pull out announcement in april. the taliban instantly proved it's not just ready to but they want full control. and now very big news. they have entered the capital capital, but even at this point, again, a stance besieged government isn't able to rely on a helping hand from washington. african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death and injury. thousands of american personnel got a fight for themselves. uncle sam is pulling out, but some of the troops have to stay or even be sent back to secure the likes of fleeing us. diplomats but watch out for the wording because according to washington,
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this is not an evacuation. this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale. busy withdrawl, what this is, is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. this is a draw down of civilian americans 46 years after one of the most humiliating episodes in the history of us overseas operations. the falling of south vietnam and the capital saigon. joe biden already had to answer questions about the vietnam defeat. flashbacks, you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happened to vietnam with some people feeling went on watching 0 the tale. vaughn is not this out in the north vietnamese army. they're not, they're not remotely comparable in terms of capability. there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of
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a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. this kind of confidence by the president has done little to convince those who have come up with lines that you can see right here. the journalists can smell a replay of saigon, the growing numbers of politicians turned critics of the gonna send for bob can't help drawing the unfortunate parallels either the latest news or the 3rd, the drop down, and our embassy and a hasty deployment of military forces seem like preparations for the full of couple president biden's decisions have a link toward and even was equal to the humiliating full of saigon in $975.00, who basically gave up on the african government not just now, but all the way back to the start of these talks what president biden did was to embrace it. he owns it. there was a huge foreign policy failure with general army secretions to sheriff 7 months into
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this administration. everything points to a complete collapse. anyway, the whole pull out may end up as an immense reputational issue for the biden administration, for the u. s. as a whole, it's very likely to tarnish the entire 20 years of coalition presence. and again, as dan, but take a moment to think of the price which the afghans are paying and are to pay. and the foreseeable future, the number of local displaced is set to reach 3500000 this year. war is war. the decimal will only keep on rising. the whole crisis puts neighboring countries in jeopardy. you just can't help asking the same question. what was all of it for these long and controversial 20 years? total failure? i think i think there's any other way you can possibly measure by means of compassion when the soviet stuff that's going to sound and 900 can i meet the pro civic government did not collapsing in this way. in fact,
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it took some 2 years before any major cities fell to my job being was here was saying, major cities pulling one off the other 2 to the taliban before the americans have been for the left, which gives credit to compact things that shows how, how much less successful impact americans have been in building a stable government and i've kind of stamina service one, the service didn't exactly do a good job for clarity. the new americans have failed dismally. i think this is got less to do with the of the daughter of miss underestimation of the taliban shying as it is to do with underestimation of the will to fight the government forces. i mean, simply put the government forces collapse. they've shown very little will to, to, to fight. and so it's really a moral problem when the government forces more than the strength of the taliban. well, joining us now, it's francis boyle, professor of lord the university of illinois college of law. thank you for coming
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on. the 1st thing i want to ask you is that everyone seems to be passing the situation going on around like a hot potato. donald trump is slammed biden's actions the was defeat in the history of the u. s. biden and blank can say this is the cause that we would doubt who really is to blame for what's going on now. well, thank you for having me on my best to your jewelry. what is there a whole my friends at o. r g? yes, this is a catastrophic failure for us imperialism along the vietnam in there won't kill with regrets. it's, it's, as you said, a hot potato. there is no reason for the united states to have attacked and invaded afghanistan in the 1st place. i oppose this war from, from the decor reason, given before it started. it's clear shop,
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one of your presenter is pointed in their afghanistan had nothing to do with 911. this was a pre plan war of aggression against the dentist to put the united states military forces into were interesting in order to secure access to the very rich oil fields of central asia. and also to make the united states have a presence in the eurasian mainland. this was something that explained by stigma. krinski in his book the grand just for and i went through the exact same ph. d program at harvard to produce parisian sky before me. so we're seeing the entire house of cards collapse at this time and all the entire
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u. s. foreign policy and stablish. we starting with bush junior and continuing with obama, with trump, and now with the bike and our guilty for what's going on here. it's demonstrates to complete and total bankruptcy of the u. s. foreign policy and defense, which just like the vietnam war did ending in 1975. i want to ask you, among the us people, do you, how do you think that this will pay out? how do you think it's going to be received? i mean, well, look, biden, and who's the biden good should already taken that into account. they've repeatedly said that they don't really think the american people are going to care very much about stan polls. and i think they figured they can write this out. the problem is that it's far from over. you know, we'll have,
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shoot 6000 us troops or at the campbell air for airfield, a 1000 diplomats thousands more americans. they're all sitting ducks here. so anything could go wrong. and this could get far worse before it gets better. talking about peace talks, that would be a way out. they are ongoing in doha. do you think that mediators have lost any leverage that they once had given the sort of clean sweep that the top buttons made of the last 345 days? well right now, it seems to me that china and russia are trying to play a constructive role here to convince the taliban to lexi americans get out of afghanistan with a minimum of dash. so we'll just have to see from,
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from their publicly announced paper so far it appears to tell about a gun that was, you know, president who had the tele, by leadership of delegation over there. not that long ago. and hopefully china and russia can convince the taliban to, to let the americans leave lock stock and barrel. but again, you'd have to understand anything could go. you could have a firefight here. please. please find 6000 us troops and they're basically sitting ducks in the cobalt here for do you think that the us at the moment in benefits at all for what's going on in afghanistan from instability in the region? i don't think so myself. as i said, i think this is a catastrophic failure of us imperial policy that we haven't seen since the vietnam war. i don't,
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it took united states quite some time to recover from that. and i suspect this and when this ends, it will, it's going to take the united states quite some time. both russia and china, off by reading. they have the government to try to get the taliban to understand that they do not want to stand to use as a wanting pass for aggression or version. again, spend what we hope to tell them in that measure. china. his indicators prepared to recognize the salami. hemorrhage can stand as of now the president who is holding back probably using that leverage. i would hope certainly china and russia would be able to contain the situation. well, i certainly hope that piece is the way forward both. well,
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obviously predominate for the ask on people that was francis ball press the floor at the university of illinois college of law money. thanks for coming on and sharing your 4th with us. sure, thanks for having me on. again, we're still ahead. the taliban has taken control of almost all of off down on and we'll have all the latest details off this short break. the the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims. the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i disagree with you,
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i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your adventure logic. you say your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said you hard me again, some psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i've got an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. tyson lation, for community you going the right way?
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where are you being direct? what is true, what is in the world corrupted. you need to defend the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, in join me every 1st day on the alec salmon show. and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the hello again and let's dive straight back in, stays main story taliban fighters have seized the presidential part of me asked on capital cobble with president tuscany leaving the country and resigning the
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medicines. now control the city besides the airport. and i said they will soon decline. and islamic emerett over down on the same is group wanted it forces down to the capital to prevent looting and violence. why down law enforcement leads to the quote, unverified footage thought connecting online shows people praying blocks of security off those leaving couples without a fight. and 9 pm, a few came in and remains in place. the update on the unfolding, christ nascar so on coming in constantly and i've gone to the last worry, has been bringing us up to speed up the de cobble is on the high security alert. busy we are told that some insights was carried and one part of cobbled providence on the outskirts against the taliban. i've not been able to confirm whether those strikes are by the americans or they were by the african air force.
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but we certainly audited and in defense ministry official saying that everything would be orderly, that this transition was take place in a peaceful manner that the afghan forces are here. they continued to reassure dated and president harman carson, the former president street. and that's because why me and his officials are flooded as a vacuum. they have created coordination council along with dr. up the line with enhancement data form, which i didn't come under and lead us to make sure that there is no chaos. there is no pain inflicted on the african people is called both. busy on this all about the government to make sure that they don't allow lawlessness and chaos in their own ranks. and the prevent fortune is from taking advantage of the situation and also. busy phone numbers to call on if there are. busy such issues, we will have to do what will and fall tomorrow. what, what to tell about your presence in the palace means i will determine maybe who will be attending and who else would be leading that additional administration.
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this is a very different country to, is this, all of mine come from which they were defeated, plenty early on. so this will be a transition of many different challenges other than fighting or massive social changes in this country with president gone into rights with nation. confound and power. now in the hands of the militia groups people shared with us or exploitation on a taliban lead off kind of stone. which the thing and the story moment here. this is, this is the end of the war. the longest off the 21st century so far. and after 20 years it's ending now and it's ending in victory for the taliban troops. and it's the complete and her defeat for america allied. many of the come on with the fact that that they believe in amnesty and they want to integrate those people into


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