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tv   News  RT  August 15, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the, the the breaking news and the headlines this monday, the tunnel and so he's government buildings and state tv office. the tv off going to thought presidential president fleas and quit leaving the country. chaos groups already. and now we have gotten more. busy is over the surround product, meanwhile, at couple fort worth, thousands crime terminals in desperate search of flights out of an closes in the united states loads. it's embassy flag and actually evacuated workers. stevens use of helicopters, swooping in for the best for soft medicines, with anxious escape. from vietnam, less than 5 decades ago. the
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joining us in our teens are national this morning where they're headlong coverages . of course, on the ongoing situation in afghanistan, while the taliban have now the under control of the cities and the capital except the airport in cobble these, the recent pictures from the spot itself for about 2 ation procedures are on the way thousands of people crowded into terminals and parking lot seem desperate flights out in gun, so occasionally heard and seen meanwhile, and so just to see the presidential palace and you have gotten capital with president, i should have gone leaving the country and resigning the thought about. now say that the war is over and i'll soon declare and islamic camera. it's all that's going to start with a representative of the group still seen as a terrorist organization by many states has already addressed the nation would be less than the diplomatic institution to function properly for the past 20 years.
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should continue to function as a representative of the afghan people i ask you to continue your work to establish diplomat relations with the people, the process of power transition if peaceful, land ongoing. my great request to the people of couple is to come to their workplace is open markets and shops. local and international organizations are requested to continue their activities as long suffering. people are solely needed days and a screw for their order. it forces to enter the campus also prevents what they say, looting and violence. when africa, law enforcement fled the scene and verified voters, the 2nd thing online. so as people throwing rocks at security officers, apparently leaving college without a fight, a non pm few has come into place and remains enforce. well, here's another recent video from the i've gotten capital numerous taliban fine, who's with sponsoring the streets of trouble with the group of them playing with a us military, humbly show him. if he's out of local journalists,
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reports on how the situation is unfolding, where the people de woke up in the morning and they thought that it's all about already be. and i'll just get on the call and get a plan to be able to get in touch because the people rush away, we just went to the bank. so they went to the, to the gate to buy food. that was a lot of traffic people is just that you could, you saw the people who are in the car and they're in the motor by, by food they will not do or do or i'll just sort of the problems. but in the afternoon with a ton of been in touch with the cd looks quite low more, more and more people. the 1st people blame on the americans because the people are changing or people are saying that in fact, i've gone to some 100 to a tyler bond one year ago when americans and dad talked about how much time.
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i've got some hundreds over to, to the top from the time american did not have. i've done government, i've done people. they always that lead to ton of the province is lead to the district. so good luck. try to prevent the time for capturing of capturing of the 1st people playing on blending on america. and the 2nd people are blaming over a month, which was that lead by any will tell about around top it's offensive in april, following job widens confirmation, and he was putting out american troops. as you can see on the graphic interest month, someone isn't groups gone from a very weak position to controlling the entire country. this is how they unfold. the
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the the video of all to show inmates really bothered about from the country's largest jail
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. they also see the background military prison located just 25 kilometers north of the capital. false claim about $5000.00 convicts was set free, mostly on fighters ready to join the assault. and this 42nd i do on line shows a ton of and setting up a roadblock between janelle about uncall ball. if we're driving through reportedly being checked for documents with men without beds being asked if muslim. 2 2 lewis administration isn't out the number of its troops in i've got a settled increase to 6000 within the next 2 days. that says hundreds of americans have already left the country and thousands more scrambling to follow. meanwhile, ended up tourism planes were seen flying over the african capital that says nato seek to ensure the safe evacuation of foreign citizens. the us embassy and cobble load its 1000 stripes out on monday morning set about created all star to the airport. l. m. open in new york is following the american reaction as i've got on
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on ronald while the flag is down, the u. s. embassy is evacuated, and the staff is at the cobble airport. and from what we understand, they were ordered to burn sensitive documents before leaving the embassy. and now the voices are comparing the situation and cobble to the situation in saigon in 1975, but famous photograph of the us helicopter, pulling out as the government of south vietnam bell. well, here's some of what's been said, the unmitigated disaster enough, kenny stone, the shameful, saigon, like abandonment of kabul, the brutalization of african women and the slaughter of our allies is the predictable outcome of the trump biden doctrine of weakness. now republican senator ben sas also said the united states would regret its actions and ask dana dan, and that this would hurt the international community and it would weaken the alliances of the united states around the world. however, anthony lincoln,
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the u. s. a secretary of state does not agree. he said that he said, basically that cobble is not signed on. and that is quite interesting because quite a little bit of difference there. lincoln said that the united states had achieved its goals and i get a stamp and that because of the terrorist responsible for $911.00 were apprehended and killed, i hit add, achieved its golden and had been successful in the country. now it's important to note that the terrorists responsible for 911 were largely from saudi arabia. they were not afghan. furthermore, osama been lot and was killed in pakistan, not in afghanistan, so quite interesting, but lincoln is satisfied with the u. s. mission after 18 year. here's ways that we succeeded in achieve seeing those fundamental objectives and the idea that we would sign up for remaining there in the midst of a civil war for another 510 or 20 years, was simply not in the national interest. now part of the reason there's
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a just scramble is the us estimate about how long it would take the taliban to retake the country. seemed to have been changing at one point, they thought they had 6 months or 12 months. at one point they thought they had 90 day then even as recently as 2 days ago, they were saying there was no threat to cobble. here's what was said by a representative of the pentagon. always not right now in an imminent threat environment. but clearly, if you just look at what the taliban has been doing, you can see that they are trying to isolate cobble, talk more troops. you sent them to oversee the evacuation of us citizens. but as far as protecting afghans the white house has made clear, they do not feel that is in the interest of the united states at this time. this war has cost us all me. the lives of almost 2 and a half 1000 soldiers. russian is one of the feelings today of those in 4th and last
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cummings and i've got a son. we spoke to us veterans to get some offices about the goals of that war. well, at this point, for, for all of them, the men and women of our country have served in afghanistan, who have lost friends, who, who's seen people injured, have gone through terrible emotional and physical trauma as a result of this service. and had hope that in some way they were helping afghanistan for all of these people. most of them are sad, some are angry, but really they're sad and they're asking the question, and i think it's been reported widely. why, why was, why were we there? what were we really doing? because we did not achieve any mission that was sold to our soldiers. jar, young men and women who served there. what they were told they were doing was not, i'm sorry, it was not the mission that was accomplished. ok. we didn't accomplish that mission, whatever mission the biden and trump, and george bush and obama were hoping to accomplish that was kept
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a secret from our troops that troops were told of very positive things about the future. but again, a standing, none of it was true, and i until committee knows very well that it, most of it was based on fall. so it's been imagining imagination, the bedrooms on iraq, the veterans of afghanistan, all of us veterans ought to be going to our congress to say no more wars. because every one of these conflicts has ended up not only with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of millions of citizens of the countries we've gone into being dead or wounded. but certainly the veteran population of the united states that continues to suffer suicides at $22.00 a day and long term mental problems that affect not only them personally, but their whole families and their communities is something that our us congress and our politicians ought to be held accountable for forgetting us into these endless wars the when was for the defense contractors of the united states of
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america. they got really rich and those apt and that, that helps them on a high level really rich. but those that actually implemented the projects didn't get rich and now the, the retribution and retaliation from it's all a bond who said you'd never should have been working with the u. s. government on in any of this anyway. is tragically going to happen. meanwhile, the 1st part of british troops arrived in a couple on saturday to safeguard nationals and we locate former guns stop. $600.00 soldiers are expected in total. it's weeks pushing defense. secretary warned, i'm going to saw it on the brink of collapse. you've run in the us, pull out a mistake. so adding that kind of admin isn't clearly have momentum across the country. and i've kind of thought as heading towards a civil war. but wallace also predictor the battle scarred nation will again become a breeding ground for al qaeda. meanwhile, many afghans feel abandoned by that british occupation of workers to help foreign
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troops be reprisals from the taliban. one group of africa and through the system u. k. forces right on the streets of cobble on friday morning, the british government protect them. we spoke to one full interpreter, i worked for both british and american forces. he's asked to remain anonymous out of fear for his life. my family has to it's in the past sometime my family home was attacked twice. my father has been given warnings and threats many, many times my. my dad's name was called that has like will be really at risk because he offered not one but 2 offers from his, against the italian. recently, one of the interpreter, his father was caught in a province, he was beaten very badly. and he was asked to ask his son,
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who is an inspector to come and change the city a cause of the taliban in the past year. and so a number of interpreters have been appealed or targeted by the taliban. recently, one of the interpreter who used to be an interpreter for the american special forces was assassinated by the telephone. of course they will be coming off to them . they will be coming off to their families and those interpreters. so there will be but should they will be different. americans have gone away versus going away. everybody is running away. who are they leaving behind the interpreters who have served for years and years old enough kind of some tracing briskin benches . however, the you can government instead of saving the lives, bringing them here to live in peace and safety with their kid. they are making excuses and new conditions put in place only to reject their case. it's all i'm
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hearing from my colleagues is that their cases have been rejected, rejected. there was a number of cases which were told that they were good to go. they were even given. they were sent an email confirming that when they were ready for their flights, they are told now that they can really take to the u. k. i and my brother, both of us would interpreter for the coalition forces. my brother is still enough kind of the british government is making swells accumulations and excuses to withhold. not only my brothers, but many of the interpreters who genuinely need the british governments help and are very high risk. it's frustrating for the people who have served the british forces and currently on a trace. and i think it's a huge is
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a moral and moral together and to, to protect those who have both long side them enough canister. i strongly believe that the telephone will hunt down and we are going to interpreter who is. so if the british and american forces it will be the african interpreters who will pay the ultimate price country, $70.00 lackey, waiting nationals in a panic. you can see fraud and creation struggling to whole heavy rucksacks bags and suitcases packed with 11 loadings to board. a military helicopters campbell that for other states have also suspended diplomatic missions. denmark and norway are temporarily shoving their share compound, germany and finland closing their facility, citing the worsening situation and northern 60 countries of coolant. i've got to start to ensure the safety of those who want to leave a ton of, i mean while says it won't stop far as the parting a russia which has long advocated working with a transition. government says its mission is not under threats and it has no plans
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to shut. it was a power vacuum a significant of course. there's gap fire in the city armed looters. we know about the smell of burning. the important thing is that the taliban as need themselves promise are interested in a peaceful transition of power. they guarantee the safety of for an embassy, including our embassy. we have significantly reinforced our security in advance. now there are no threats to our diplomats. our property will continue our work here in a calm and normal manner. so a member of the russian federation council is worried that a resurgent ton about and could try to spread its influence throughout former soviet countries. their reports to the taliban on negotiating with authorities and most likely on the surrender of the city and the transfer of power to the taliban. who's to blame the usa? they brought in troops 20 years ago, supposedly trained an army that's losing ground, that a fight under being abandoned. now, if they are trying to attract the world community,
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then let them call the un security council and let them decide how to stop what's happening. and i've got this done because bloodshed may begin, the security council may decide to enforce peace and may even use the troops of other powers to restore peace enough ghana, stan, let's compare that to the withdrawal of soviet troops back in 1989. that was an organized pull out. we left nancy bull of that who defended, i've got to stand for the mitchie had deemed for years. the americans have not yet managed to leave the territory of afghanistan. and this army, which they supposedly prepared, has turned out to be completely demoralized. we can say for sure that it's unlikely that russia will enter, got us done. and even if there are some peacekeepers, it's unlikely that russia will be part of that. one of the most dangerous things though, is that if the taliban head to the north, where are allies tajikistan and cut? augusta and we will have to do our duty and protect those states. well also it is,
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and i've kind of taken a serious toll on the countries q and a tearing situation already heavily burdened by the crow virus pandemic heard from one so he will care about the pressure the local population is facing. as the conflict has escalated over the past few weeks, we've seen a massive humanitarian disaster playing out. the escalating fighting has led to civilian casualties and large scale civilian displacement across the countries. and particularly in the past few weeks, we've seen tens of thousands of people fleeing the fighting to safety. here in cobble, this was also on top of an existing humanitarian disaster in which there was conflict . the ongoing impacts of the 19 panoramic and a drought was announced earlier this year. so half the population even before the latest escalation and fighting with a need monitoring assistance and those needs are even greater right now. un was
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nearly $400000.00 civilians have already fled their homes this year with a particular splunk. since may, most of the displaced are reportedly women and children. you know, just some of the heart wrenching stories from the refugees have been displaced from telecon city. the taliban killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house and set fire to demonstrate of me. the punch me in the mouth causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son and i told them that he's a school teacher. she recently became a teacher and had not even received his salary. yes. had a clash has broke out and we were taken hostage, the fighting went on for about 6 or 7 days, and we couldn't go outside to do anything we managed to escape. and now we are displaced as widespread fighting escalates. women and children are going to start paying the highest price. according to the last few and office reports in the past 6 months casualties, women and children gravely increased passing grim total set in 2009. more and more
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women are concerned about the future. on the sullivan, the harsh version of his nomic law. let's understand that well. 7 there are women in the cities particularly cobble that made gains during these last 20 years. women are still oppressed in the countryside. there it still is an extremely poor country with a terrible health care system. and the fighting has really affected women and girls . so stability and peace is very important for women. the teller binary said they're not the same tale, but there were 20 years ago that they will allow women to go to school and to work . we've seen some of that in the places where they have control, and we've seen in some other places that women have been fired from the places they work or they fear, continuing to work until they've gone back into their homes. so i think it's important for the international community to pressure on the taliban to respect the
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rights of women. and to make sure that in this transition process, women will be able to go to school to work, to have their rights respected. and many african asylum seekers wants to come to the e u, but they're not not welcome with the blog canal at loggerheads over what exactly to do with margaret's and those fleeing vine and fall asleep explores what happened to europe's open door policy. the european union is split from what to do with african refugees teaching, assigned them in the letter to the european commission. civil countries insisted they have the right to force to be deport those whose cases have been rejected. they vote that not to deport them, would motivate more refugees, to flee to europe. we would like to highlight the edge need to perform returns both voluntary and non voluntary to afghan. a stan stopping return sends the wrong signal, and it's likely to motivate even more afghan citizen to leave the home for the
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e. u. the situation in afghanistan is deterioration by the all when it comes to the us and nato prepaid. what's called a proof that the end of the month, after decades long war, the situation is so bad that the netherlands, germany, and france have decided to cause the deportation to be for now. the situation in afghanistan is likely to change and events for the coming period are so uncertain that i have decided to introduce a more atoria on deputation decisions and departures. grease or stress belgian and denmark standing firm. they want the rejected, assign them because the e u is not really and does not have the capacity to kind of another major migration crisis. why your guns are waiting, make up around 10 percent of asylum seekers. they're the 2nd largest group after syrian and for
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a continent still scarred by the migration crisis of 5. 6 years ago. there was a feeling of a who, a feeling of having been they before. it has your opinions worried. they might be on the verge of a fish refugee crisis, or t. harris. wanted to recap the latest on the side of one advance medicine group who sees the presidential policy in the capital cobble that's off, the president should have gone. he fled the country. he confirmed his resignation on his facebook page and listened control the entire city besides the falls of the bill soon declared and islamic emeralds of going to stop. these recent pictures for me or evaluation efforts are underway. the airport now the only way out of the country, the people crammed at the terminals and parking lots of flights out with gunshots occasion heard of 15 will keep you up to date with the all the news coming out from the country as we get it.
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with i'm action or attention you're watching going underground over the past week. so go mainstream media is being waking up to the potential extinction of humanity. after landmark, i dcc report issued a warning of hell on earth because of climate change. while this, while the new cold war ratchets up the chances of extinction, but another man made existential threat nuclear annihilation. so is humanity's intelligence and collective knowledge. also the root of its own destruction and the only beneficiaries the billionaire is looking to escape the planet in private rockets. joining me now is renown philosopher, author ac grayling, whose new book the frontiers of knowledge explores the progress, barriers, and future of humanity. when it comes to enlightenment, thank you so much, professor grayling for coming back gone. if anyone thinks that they don't need to read this book, you imply that they are the only themselves to be to blame for not being blown to
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bits by a pentagon. in the nation drone, why, why is this not as it's eric? well, because i'm here i can quote the graph that the enforced always used in his novels . you know, only connect that if you are able to connect things together a bit, make better sense of them, your much more likely to make good decisions about what to do. you know, there's a wonderful anecdote towed about the great for the steven wineburg nobel prize winning physicist who when ronald reagan was contemplating pushing anti ballistic missiles up in space. you may remember that kind of defense that was installed on satellites. weinberg said, it doesn't bother me. the president reagan doesn't know any science, but it doesn't bother me if he doesn't know any philosophy and history. and of course, the point was precisely that if you don't have context, don't put scientific development in the context of it and see how science has changed.


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