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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 16, 2021 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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oblique story, why does anyone in their right mind even tune in any more the, the cross talking the media, i'm joined by my guess john verbally in new york. he is a political analyst, as well as a former foreign correspondent in russia. in graphics. we have tom, verbally, he is a contributor with real americas voice. and in los angeles, we cross pie e and he is a corporate strategic planning and independent economic analyst or a gentleman cross talk roles and the fact that means you can jump in anytime you want pie. i always go to the person that got up early as for their program, and that's you because you're exactly on the other side of the world as me. as i said in my introduction, what people tune in and what we know, the ratings are really, really down. but i mean, in my introduction, i just gave you the easiest stories that they blundered over the last few years. and there is no corrective, they don't even recognize that they're, they, they,
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they misinformed the public, they, they, inside the public and they, in, with no self reflection of how much damage it's being done here. and on top of that, all the story says, divide people, and it seems to be that's their primary ideological motive is to divide ok, because who knows what's going on, you really have to make an effort to learn what's going on. because you watch cable and what will read the broad sheets your last. maybe that's the point. go ahead, pye and los angeles, or generally regarding the corporate, mainstream media, they obey a ruling, trans atlantic, a lead establishment, not rigorous rules of journalism. anyone hearing that is paranoid simply hasn't read history, let alone done a simple google search on government molestation of a so called free press. over the past several decades. the news media is corrupted on just about everything. besides, i don't know, sports and weather reporting practically all other reporting is politicized. be
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a macro economic, geopolitical, or certainly the science of health care over the past year and a half. yeah, i mean, if i got to go to john, it'll, it looks like narrative always will. trump reality is a, because that's all we're given is, is approved by the professional managerial class narratives that we can talk about . you can't talk about this or will disappear. you with their friends in big tech, and then you know, the biggest one of all is the lab leak story. you know, now we're allowed to talk about it. well, who in the world has the right to tell us what we can say? what we can say, but they use coercion, we will disappear, you from public life. i mean, this is just absolute lunacy. so, i mean, you know, what is it, you know, there was a soviet thing, you know, the, the future is said, but the past is uncertain. and this is what's happening. go ahead. yeah. yeah. it was disgraceful a year ago in march, march 2020 when jer, i know it's 12530 year old journalists are calling dr. luc montagnier, who has
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a noble prize invite biology. and these 25 year old journalists, a calling him a conspiracy theorist because he said the virus covered and he is from a lab. it's an absolute madness, peter. absolutely. we're living in the same firm that these, these hacks, these journalist attacks that they can criticize. a noble prize laureate. it is peer madness, but we know they work. they're just a p r agency, basically the major media. now, most of them are just working as p r. agents used for a powerful interest in, especially in the u. s. government, the british government been the democratic party, 1st and foremost, but also for corporate interest. so whoever will pay them. and most journalist probably sincerely believe they're doing their job, but it and then realize that they are be manipulated by their editors of all by those above that. and that's what's really sad because a lot of journals, sincerely thing their journalists, they're fighting for the truth. they're going to, they're going to serve the public that that's what's really sad they need, they need to wake up. the journalist, the massive journals need to wake up,
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and they need to revolt against their superior. well, what tom with, you know, maybe they equate journalism with advocacy because they're, they're not the same thing as matter fact. they're when you call mingle them, it is very, very dangerous because it colors what you see and understand. so, i mean, i think they call themselves journalist, but they're really at advocates for an ideology here. you know, tom, one of the interesting things is in doing cross talk now over 10 years is that i've kind of distilled down what this program does is that we debunk all of this stuff. that's what we end up doing because they look at us is conjuring up crazy ideas and then we end up being right hooked every single time. but they never turn around and say, well you've got a point that they never say that, ok. what they do is they smear, you ok, that's what journalists do. they smear and you know what journalists also do, it makes me or other journalists ok, that's how about it is go ahead. tom in greenwich. no. europe, sir. i absolutely right. this is exactly what they do and your lead to the question
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is, is agenda driven media. they have an agenda and going back to a former president, trump, their agenda was to get him at our office. and as far as koby to virus was the perfect vehicle to do that. early on they criticized trump. we ban travel from china, they call them a xena folk. and then the scientist actually created a scenario, a, the media, the whole conspiracy theory of a lab origin virus, right? as a back there was that lance, the statement. yep. that said you were conspiracy. there was, if you dare to think it came from the lab and the media didn't do any due diligence because the person behind that, the one who orchestrated that was dr. peter that sec, who was the person who funded the war, hon lab. if that is the note screaming conflict of interest, i don't know what is yeah, well, you know,
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it in tom if you know if this program and there's a few other places that you can go to and you could actually hear that. i mean, yesterday i saw a doctor found on one of these ridiculous morning programs that nobody watches. and, you know, it was just all chit chat about, you know, flowers on a table. and though the vice president's wife was there, and it was all very jovial, no one asked and like, by the way, what was that exchange you had about gain of function with your colleague in the beginning of last year? nothing 0, absolutely 0. i mean, that is, that is the definition of just peer disinformation. if you don't agree with it, it doesn't exist pipe, agree with me or disagree with me on that. i mean, i agree with you. and then just with regard to this, will hon lab leak theory. and frankly, anthony found, she's now seemingly potentially being thrown under the bus will see where the narrative goes. they all appear kind of coordinated in order to deflect attention away from what beijing certainly and others around the world have been loudly
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adamant about in their formal state pronouncements as well as their english language pressed online for over a year. namely the need for us authorities to prudently investigate for dietrich maryland as well as other us labs around the world. bio labs regarding cove its root causes. the who and china joint research concluded just in march that the will hon lab league theory lacks credibility, but that won't stop it from gaining atlantis is propaganda mileage in china's english language press c, g t n is loud about it, but it's verboten territory anywhere in corporate press in the u. s. u k, or certainly other 5 ice nation. why? even i can follow up. i'm just some guy that i could follow up on a, c, g, t, n, piece in english, and think for myself as kind of millions of others. hence, this latest distraction with team player found she in order to shift narratives. i
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mean, who writes these scripts for the press to then we're cite some neo con hacks with heidegger fetishes who never finished film school. i me, interesting and all in my introduction i gave all of the, the, the ridiculous be asked goes, you know, these people, it was orchestrated with people that are not very bright. ok. it's that is obviously that's why they fall apart. and these and these new quote, new stories are for other news people could to believe ok would say all this kind of nod their head ok like seals, you know, clapping here. you know, bit john, you know, my, i want to make it clear to everyone here. i want to know what happened. ok. i'm not interested in blaming or punitive anything. i'm not interested in it. i want to know what happens. so we don't go through it again because for all the people that report upon it and for all the faculty like people they still get paid are doing really, really well. there are hundreds of millions of people around the world that are in
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distress right now because of this, and we need accountability and the get accountability. we need to know the truth for a change. go ahead. john. new york is going to be know, accountability because as we said, as we know, there's really no leads and there's a media that serves. this really leads and so there's never gonna be an accountability never been, never will be independent investigation. fact, she won't be brought to justice. maybe he'll be thrown under the bus by people, obviously more powerful because he's just upon at the end of the day. but there's one moment here, i really want to emphasize that we're not we haven't talked about is the public. how does the public, how does the american public see this? and why do they fall for every time every time the american public at least 5060 percent, they fall for not entirely 100 percent. but 56 percent of people believe the lies and they fall for every time. why? because americans have effectively outsourced their thinking to the media. yeah, most americans, they, they cannot, they're so busy. they have so much debt. they're so much credit card debt their pay, the rent, pay the mortgage onto their smart people,
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but they have no time to think. so they just click ok and he said this scene and said that your time. so that's, that's what i'm going to think because i have no time to think so i definitely, most americans out source their thinking to the major media. the major media knows that the corporate media call them the party controlled media. they know that. and so they will trick they will deceive the american public every time and get away with it. yeah. accountable. okay, let me go to, i'm going to go to tommy last minute here, right? you all also, i would expand upon what john just said there is that if you don't degree, if you do descent, then you're a big it then you're a racist, you're a trend. but having the smear you, if you don't agree, go ahead, right, right before we go to the break question. no, i'm here. that's right. and you'd always xena fall or throw the list out there. it really is about silencing any opposition? what i find most right, frightening is silencing independent thought. that's what our country here in the u . s. is based on freedom of x correction, freedom of beliefs, freedom to assemble. and what the progressive democrat left want to do is silence
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that. and the media is there cheering them on why and, and also you know, in with this labilly query, it's not, it's not really about china in my opinion. it's about the us government involvement in the this is what they're really, really were because they can be demonized. rush, a rand, chime, and that's all that's all about new for us here. but if it's, if the u. s. government officials are involved in this than that in something really catastrophic that we have to consider. or i'm going to go to a short break here, and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on the media. stay with our the guy with a 6 day marathon of creativity, a multi cultural festival, and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became
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a russian cultural capital. 28 categories. ahh from violence, piano to the parenting and data protection nigeria just throwing up over the water in georgia. you know, if you could get some credit for them to be here. they filter when read or context the delta gains only take the very best of the best buy i hello, good morning, mr. mazel with well,
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when you said that the good to go below. what you would like to do? i see. yeah, going to show you where you didn't know if we're still pretty good in the it's not the best what you will cover the 1st little i don't know if you send me your wish to follow because that's too much not although a lot nobody me on there is a sucker and you say you forgot to tell me your partially hon. ah
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ah ah me ah the welcome back to cross hawk where all things are considered on peter la bell to remind you we're discussing the media. ah,
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go back to los angeles pie, one of the things i find very disturbing are these official narratives that we're forced to abide by. and in one of those narratives it has to do with science now. a little over a year ago, i thought in the science, you know, i'm, you know, i'm, i'm not great with math and kind of stuff. ok. and you know, when, when suddenly, when the land comes out with an article, you know, you know, i'm not a science guy, but i know what the lancet is and now i find out that's basically completely fraudulent here. i mean, the do is to enforce these ideologies and these narratives. they destroy everything in their way. everything. now, where you are, is there like a fox news scientist or a c and n scientist? now, i mean, then what's the worth of science? i mean the junk back to go ahead pine. well, 1st all, you bring up any of these issues to family, friends, colleagues,
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whoever. and they'll throw back this peer review issue will say, look, whatever you're citing to me, unless it's peer peer review approved never mind the plethora of controversies involving, essentially bought off peer review over decades. and the general. yeah, i mean you're right, the corporate media is oddly stuck to a very strict script over the last, certainly 20 months parodying, essentially whatever anthony voucher and bill gates say as if they're old testament prophets. meanwhile, alternative and foreign media online have consistently hosted countless m d 's, ph. d. 's are ends, nurses related specialists who are objecting to clearly assign, talking points from this n i a each w h o c, d, c, and big farm a syndicate, essentially, because corporate media and corporate medicine ultimately obey the same a lead establishment and have for over a century, i mean the media parents quote unquote, trust the science rather than supposing quackery online. yet not every specialist
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loudly objecting to these assigned orthodoxies. is a quack. i mean the late nobel laureate, kerry mullis, who both invented the p c. r test and critique. it's institutional misuses certainly wasn't a crack, a quack of any sort, but you wouldn't know that because the corporate press paints him as some drug inspired loon or something. yeah, you know, you're john is like when i hear you know, trust the site and actually that translates to my mind as shut up and listen and follow the leader. ok, that's what i how i read. when anyone tells me to follow the science, that means they got an angle that they got an angle there. ok, why do i feel that way? they made me do that. they make all feel that way after one hoax after another and you want me to get it. you sell me another the same bill of goods again here. i mean, this is really quite, i mean, what it does is it's going to, it's creating
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a fragmented society where nobody knows what to believe. and i'm absolutely convinced that particularly the liberal corporate media they, they're, they're pinpointing their identifying for you who to hate. because the war, international war on terror has come home. and those are the people that are your enemies. you see it every single day. you know, biden's comments and culture with das we in my, my ghastly, i mean by just saying, you know, bring it on civil war. it's completely irresponsible in the media. just goes right along with it. go ahead, john. yeah, but that's, that's the goal. the goal is to create constant chaos. it's almost like a like a mouse strategy here i maybe these people probably have never read my, don't know much about him. but that is essence to tragic. create more chaos. to turmoil in society, kate division and we see it, you know, just, just so you just 3 years know i was out of the country right from 1990 to 2013. so when i return to the u. s. in late 2013, i suddenly realize entirely different country and especially the tension. i'd never
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seen such tension since division before. and supposedly obama was gonna bring the country together, but quite the opposite happen. and then i realize the media where i work 15 years in the major media and i realized i left 2011 from the major media. and i realize that the major media had changed, and it some simply had become an instrument of the ruined part of the ruined lead. and the main, one of the main policies was create term while create division crate stress and tension in society. have people hate each other? because why the answer is very simple. it's easy to rule them that yeah, he people divided and fighting each other. you know, one of the interesting things is that the media is us. i don't know how to describe it. it has not overcome or come to terms with with donald trump, because again, with this lab leak story because tom said one thing, it must be the opposite. but i mean, if trump said 2 plus 2 is for, they'd say he's a liar because he said it ok. i mean, there are plenty things the former president said that i did not like and very
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strongly disagreed with. but you take it issue by issue and this is what the media has done. they have these, this trump derangement syndrome is just taken over their dna. i mean, you have to take everything case by case and try to verify the facts instead of just smearing it away because someone said it and, and also if you look at m s m, b, c, they keep doing trump because they need the ratings. i mean, every single segment somehow goes back to the former president. i mean, it's been 6 months. life is moved on, but they lived there. they, they, that's their space where they habitate. go ahead tom. peter, certainly they, they had an agenda agenda was they have everything trump in your 1st introduction listed, all the things that were connected to former president trump with a way to media misguided it use it. abuse that but you know, the, are you and the other panel symmetric keyboard is called a count ability look, i have a degree in molecular biology. i follow science,
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i follow data going into this pandemic. i was completely neutral, but as it time evolve, well, my eyes and focus went on doctor anthony found g because of all people. he had one job to do. protecting the united states from pandemic because he runs the infectious disease unit at an age. the national institutes of health and he oppose the china travel bad. he didn't agree that there was a problem. he was denied that there was a problem with the virus until mid march. that is just amazing to me because his job is anything would have been to exaggerate the risk, to go visit bureaucracy and to keep american safe. yes, he did the complete opposite. and oh, by the way, he's the highest paid government official. he makes more money than president biden . this is simply outrageous. need to hold people accountable for their jobs. well, comment, it seems to me his primary function in his current position is to dole out taxpayer
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is money to pet projects that he likes and, and you know, the gain of function which is a term i only learned over the past year. mean, he's basically the godfather of it, there's, it's documented as documented all over the place if you want to know. so, i mean, that's quite peculiar. i mean, why is american money doing this kind of experimentation in a foreign country when it was prohibited in the united states? i mean, can anyone just ask them not simple question. i know, rand paul's been trying to do that. and again, he's just dismissed as being a fool, but he's a position, i mean, of all the people of congress to get ask an intelligent question and believe me, there are many intelligent people in congress. he's the guy pi, i notice you're agreeing with me. thank you. go ahead. yeah, and i agree with thomas, so i mean, both guess press knobs getting back to just the press. they're not allowed to think or ask necessary questions just on this issue of anthony found, she, i mean,
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even if he was the most gifted immunology in the us, we just assume that for split 2nd, his staying power in such a politically critical role should beg deeper questions over the more esoteric aspects of health care and governance. i mean, you consider surgeon's general only, sir, for your terms is appointed by the president. why only 4 years when foul cheese advised every us president has since reagan. i was a kid when he came on board. i mean, why him per se? is it purely due to scientific skill or do to like establishment relationships and frankly, deception skills the likes of which are no say the u. s. federal reserve chairs urge to retain found is 80 years old, keeps contradicting himself and complains about only getting like 4 hours of sleep nowadays. and yet he supposedly the most important physician in the world right now, because there's no one else out there to at least credibly vet the science as your
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other guest alluded to. you know, in john, i mean, again, i mean, he seems like a, the quintessential bureaucratic operator and he has amazing staying power, which i had never heard of the guy until all of this happened here. but, and it made. but for me, this is all, you know, we're talking, the focus is on the media here, but it's the professional managerial class. we can take it away from left to right here. it's more about a certain class and it's interest here. and they adore him because they reinforce narratives that are beneficial to them as a group of people. ok. and so that's why they naturally protect them because he's credential, but he's connect, it has the right zip code. ok. that's what it's all about. i see this is these people protecting their, their view of the world because it works for them. we all, you know, you know, the, they're all having wine in the shower and having brunch. ok. as so many people in the world are still recovering from all of this, and nobody wants to buy down. why?
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apparently, this is just abominable. go ahead, joe. yeah, where is he? but he goes even deeper than that, because as we know, american society will america, a country where if you don't perform, you get fired, you should could be quite easily why we find out for you, for you, john, for tom, for pie and me. okay, go ahead. going right, yeah, but the fact that found to stay there as, as i said, despite all. busy his failures and mistakes speaks about the fact that these are people not to just enjoy having him there. but there is really an agenda. he's been put in place and i absolutely, i never use the term deep state. i never use that term. i don't like to use it, but now i taught for me to deny its existence. you could become so obvious that there is a class of bureaucrats and group of bureaucrats inside the us government, who do have an agenda. these are people do work, think work and think long term. just a disclosure. my family has been working with the federal government for more than half a century. so i do have some insight knowledge about this. can't speak much about
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it, but it's real. it's real that there are powerful interest interest in the us government . and these are people who think long term and they have their people in the right positions. right, places, and they will keep them there to achieve that agenda, whatever it might be. you know, john, there's only one thing that gets in their way democracy. that's what gets in their way. they of whore it ok. why should have half the population? why should 75000000 people have a say in politics? that's what they are poor. they, we believe that they certainly believe that they are absolutely necessary and they're privileged. ok because of their, their class standing and all of this here, this is all going in a very bad direction gentlemen, because at one point, it's a real conspiracy theory. i've got to get out of hand, and then no one is going to know what to do here. that's all the time we have, gentlemen. i want to thank my guest in new york and in los angeles. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here, are you text i'm and remember me?
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i my recent studies, 90 percent of all the money per thing for all the different programs never leaves wall. right, so it just stays on walter still saying here's an infrastructure bell road tunnels bridge is and they the 2000 paid bill, they numerated all the things where this one is supposed to go. and then they pass the bell. then they authorize the money to be printed and then they sent it for distribution to wall street races on that very clearly in the money velocity chart, which is always going towards europe. that never goes anywhere. assisted on wall street balance sheet and they use it to buy expensive property land. and that's been the story now for more than 20 years.
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the annex painted upside of the pandemic kenya is experiencing an elephant baby boom. 206. why does kenya have so many allison cars? and how has the panoramic impacted people's lives? is andree role is a very big along in any fact he end up killing himself. ah, i don't believe nearly and then you go on via well, and i will make a living will for you to mean you can get i can look it when the mean thing in it. because at night that the, when i'm going to the
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they didn't even notice whether they call to do this. but i know they come when he just was in order with me l work for are just talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great track rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the theme in a robot must protect its own existence with
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the . c breaking news here into national, at least 5 people have reportedly been killed at cobble airport and get this done. the news can show data and verified video emerged on line showing us soldiers using what they call preventative fire at the airport. just the victims may have been killed in a stampede. this people of rush to get out of the country. the celtic situation at the airport comes as a taliban is back in total control of afghan stuff. following the capture of the country's capital on sunday follows a week of rapid territorial gains by the uncertain thomas at russia to evacuate every american citizen from the.


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