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tv   Documentary  RT  August 16, 2021 10:30am-10:45am EDT

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was where i began. the afghan people deserve to live in safety, security, and dignity. we in the international community, stand ready to assist them. thank you very much. i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of france. yeah, the floppy room asked him, is it? thank you very much mister president. again, i like to thank you for all convening this meeting. had a tragic historic time for a dentist on the situation is very serious. because this is a new era and the future of this country that is offered so much is more onset and than ever. we've had the secretary general express his concern. we share his concern either on capital, where peace and security and i've kind of strong but also of the entire region in jeopardy. i would like to reiterate a firm condemnation of violence and human rights violations and violations of
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h l which are taking place at the moment. and that's kind of all parties. the conflict must respect that commitment and in particular the protection of civilians . that's why we would call for an immediate cease fire and the respect of international law. in the middle of this violence, my heart goes out to all those who built that today's modern afghanistan, they must be protected. now show me their projections, but more broadly, the protection of civilians and in particular, women and children must be an absolute priority. the perpetrators of abuse must be brought to justice. this council must be carefully monitor, be evolving situation civilians and in particular women and children. and not be forgotten, women must be protected, their rights must be respected. and he democratic progress combat in organized crime. and in particular fighting drugs, the protection of cultural heritage,
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all the faith program which brought afghanistan of the past 20 years in the international community must not be wiped out. the priority is of course ask i unity, peace can only prevail if everyone participates in it. i need to security situation with not blowing out the urgent military situation. the convict has increased the number of displaced persons and is increasing the already immense needs of the entire population. humanitarian assistance must be accessible to all the access medical mediterranean stuff to old people in need. and also their protection must be guaranteed in conclusion, to remind you that from don children's shoulder, where the african people and it's partners to make progress towards the primary party. if you nama, to commend the courage on the work of all of the team to the mission under the auspices and coordination of deborah lions. and i'd also like to commend the work
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of the united nations had a key role to play and i've kind of done, but the un cannot work alone. the resolute commitment of the social community standing beside the african people will also be decisive over the next few months and years. thank you. i thank the representative of france. i now give the flow to the representative of the united kingdom. you have the flow please. thank you, mr. president. and thank you said the general feel briefing mister president, what is happening now in afghanistan is a tragedy. we have long believed that we only pass to a sustainable peace and kind of storm and regional stability, lane and associates of political settlements. we have worked hard to breathe life into peace negotiations between the african government and the taliban. working closely with the us are leading allies and other regional powers. the teladvantage
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at doha to engage in those talks in good faith. the actions on the ground betrayed that promise. mister president, the taliban must immediately do 3 things. first, they need to cease all hostilities and military action to ensure the protection of civilians and to allow the safe and orderly for departure, foreign nationals and others who wish to leave. second, they must commit unequivocally not to harbor it will give safe haven to terrorist groups which in danger and age or other countries and said that however must honor their promises to protect and oppose human rights, including those women, girls and minorities. we have seen evidence of health and human rights abuses in areas where they have taken control, including prosecuting execution of minority groups, cautious directions on women. allegations are false marriage and using civilians as
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human shields. if the taliban continued to abuse basic human rights, they cannot expect to enjoy any legitimacy in the eyes of the african people or the international community. mr. president, given the prejudice security situation as canister and is now facing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. lack of access is most between scales of the problem. ask the population were already in need of humanitarian assistance at the start of the end. and the situation is much worse now. the taliban must suspect international humanitarian law and commit humanitarian organizations to continue their work with unhindered faith access to those in need. the united kingdom has long been a leading provider of humanitarian aid to africans, both in kind of stone and in the region. over recent years, the case has been proud to be one of the leading contributors to the african humanitarian fund. we will continue to work with our partners in this council
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in the human rights council, and most importantly, in the region to deliver more stable and inclusive afghanistan for all its people. it is going to live in special community coordinate closely in the coming days and weeks to ensure that we speak with a single message in agreement with going to stay on the u. k. will use his presidency of the g 7 and membership of this counsel to help for such close a coordination and to address the humanitarian plights that the people now face. thank you mister president. i thank the representative, the united kingdom for a statement. i know give the floor to the representative of kenya. you have the floppies. good morning, mister president. i have the honor to make this statement on behalf of the a 3 plus
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one, namely canyon to media. justly, you know, we've been listening to an emergency session of the un security council, devry new york. just to recap the few things that we said we heard from the, the invoice, from france and the u. k. speaking not for very long and talking mostly about just how they want to ensure that humanitarian organizations are allowed to continue to work to for the un to, to, to focus on addressing the needs of the humanitarian needs of the citizens of afghanistan. no much be on the u. s. envoy reiterated that point. talked about the the aid that sitting at border crossings that is still controlled by the taliban. demanding that they released that aid into the country, but also issued a warning to the taliban. that if any harm comes to any us soldiers or citizens that the us would meet that with a swift response, that emergency meeting continues will continue to dig in and out of it as the afternoon progresses. now the war claimed the lives of almost 2000 people,
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500 us soldiers with money. the colleagues not questioning what it was all for to us veterans, including one that held reopened. the u. s. embassy cobble in 2001 shad ethel's well at this point for all of the men and women of our country have served in afghanistan who have lost friends, who, who seen people injured, have gone through terrible emotional and physical trauma. as a result of this service and had hope that but in some way they were helping afghanistan for all of these people. most of them are sad, some are angry, but really they're sad and they're asking the question, and i think it's been reported widely. why, why was, why were we there? what were we really doing? because we did not achieve any mission that was sold to our soldiers to our young men and women who served there. what they were told they were doing was not, i'm sorry, it was not the mission that was accomplished. ok. we didn't accomplish that mission,
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whatever. mission biden, and trump, and george bush and obama were hoping to accomplish that was kept a secret from our troops. our troops were told of very positive things about the future, but again, a standing, none of it was true and, and i until committee knows very well that it, most of it was based on falsehoods, in imagining imaginations, the veterans on iraq, the veterans of afghanistan, all of us veterans ought to be going to our congress to say no more wars because every one of these conflicts has ended up not only with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of millions of citizens of the countries we've gone into being dead or wounded. but certainly the veteran population of the united states that continues to suffer suicides at $22.00 a day and long term mental problems that affect not only them personally, but their whole families and their communities is something that our us congress and our politicians ought to be held accountable for forgetting us into these
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endless wars the when was for the defense contractors of the united states of america, they got really rich and those afghans that, that help them on a high level, not really rich, but those that actually implemented the projects didn't get rich and now the, the retribution and retaliation from a tall, a bond, who said you'd never should have been working with the u. s. government on in any of this anyway. is tragically going to happen. while the 1st batch of british troops arrived in carville on saturday to safeguard nationals and help to relocate former africa and stuff, 600. so the soldiers are expected in total of the pin states have been evacuating the national to and suspending diplomatic missions, denmark norway term probably shot the shad compound, germany and fiddle and closing their facilities because of the situation. and more than 60 countries of cold enough canister to ensure the safety of those who want to leave given the deteriorating security situation, we support
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a work into secure and colon all parties to respect and facilitate the safe and orderly departure of foreign nationals and afghans who wish to leave the country, those in positions of power and authority across of janice, done their responsibility and accountability for the protection of human life and property and for the immediate restoration of security and civil order. well the case, foreign secretary has been flagged for not cutting his holiday short earlier as the taliban was seizing afghan. this done, don't involve return to britain on sunday. correspondence shall be dashed, reports from london. well, the questions here in the united kingdom is, where is the government and where is the leadership in responding to the crisis in the stone? and the last time we heard from the prime minister of ours johnson last week, he said the president should be incredibly proud of what is the chief in the region? obviously in light of this complete, tiny bon, take
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a very questioning response. indeed. today, the prime minister, posting a cobra me saying that's a meeting where the cabinet should all be attending the foreign secretary dominic rob as know it to be seen as he's on holiday. and obviously it's his job to try and deal with these international issues, particularly in regards to foreign policy that has re, fox and instigated a whole host of criticism against him for the foreign secretary to go a while during an international crisis of this magnitude is nothing short of a shameful. i think it was amazing, staggering that the foreign secretary was still on holiday. while i scanned them was collapsing to the taliban. you've got to be on duty during that sort of period where we're so deeply and intimately involved in it. we haven't heard from the foreign secretary and about a week despite this being the biggest single foreign policy disastrous in suez. so i don't know what the foreign office is thinking over say the united kingdom has been part of this nature occupation over the last 18 years. the brit 1st. c and
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initially when to under the international pretense of a pro, humanitarian and pro democracy mission, however all carefully but the very fact and speed of this taliban take as many people point to the defeat 1st. militarily, politically, the sounds is a very humiliating time for the west and that foreign policy because the west has always predicated its entire regimes on being the most robust. and it's not jump on to will activists that have this point of view. but even some tory back benches in government, this is completely humidity eating for the west. we assembled the most incredible technologically advanced lines. the world is ever seen and were being defeated by an insurgency that armed with a k 40 sevens and all p, jeez. this will be the biggest own goal made by the west. so far this century, the humanitarian disaster that's about to unfold will be kansas straw fake. the
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migration challenges will be huge. we will see further terrorist attacks. we know over the weekend, 600 troops deployed as a rescue mission to try and get these people back safely. that includes british nationals, but also gone in that help assist the british army during the occupation. already around 300 people have been thrown back. the idea was around 122-1500, throughout the next few days till the total $4000.00 brought home. but we've seen absolute cale 16 cobble as well. but what we do know is the military side of our, for, as in the british side, where the british planes are in the airport on this point in time. secure. however, the defense secretary ben wallace here in the united kingdom seeking out today and a radio interview became a very, very emotional. he even became quite choked up he himself is a soldier and he said some people might not be able to get back. some people will
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get back and we will have to do our best and countries the processes people. why do you feel it? so personally mr. wallace can undersold because it's 20 is a sacrifice. is what it is. parliament is being recalled back from some recess that's on wednesday. it begins at 9 30 in the morning. some 5 hours will be dedicated to a debate on this ongoing crisis. i'll be speaking of everything from the war on terror as gender and foreign policy in the 1st place to the very fact that 5 weeks ago, the prime minister of foreign johnson says that a tale bon takeover would be out of the question. obviously, that is actually wrong at this point. so many people will be questioning the prime minister on all of that. but what about the intelligence that provided this nato ex, this in the 1st place? i'm crucial.


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