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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  August 17, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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no revenge killings and we have seen, you know, the monster renders a host protection for, for example, a counterterrorism pursued team and it was known by the central intelligence agency, the ca, we saw a master vendor of them like, you know, hundreds of them differently, surrendering through tribal mediations and the thought about i've given them letter and then said ok past is the past. now you have to go back to your home villages. so if i'm honest and can you know, hold such surrender deals in session shortages that they've offered. i think that is part of a process that i would call could heal the wound of the last 20 years. we have to really remember the last 20 years both. busy sides, you know, have lost their family members, both sides and like, you know, lost their friends at the very highest echelons of both the government as well as the tyler bond. so let's see if i can move from it, you know,
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painful and deadly and bloody pass of politics into a more peaceful settlement. and you know, when you talk about a lot of times you have to bring the dynamics into it. i've one of our neighbors, immediate neighbors, even countries like russia, they will be very, very worried. if the situation take the turn for the worse out there will i do apologize. i'm, i'm a, i'm afraid we just found another time i will have to interrupt you. they're getting an update will speak to me again, i'm sure throughout the evening, ballasa our local journey in cobble and wrap so that we will continue on coverage of the unraveling situation in afghanistan. stay with auntie the ah, ah
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ah, remember when abide and there's a tale take over that, get it. now and editable. no, it is not. because you have the app can troops at 300000 well equipped as well as crypt his any army in the world and an air force. again, something like $75000.00 is not an m. and then even went on to say this, there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people be lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all come from well, shy of 40 days later, we have images like this one coming from google. and yes,
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there are the images of helicopters listing americans off the u. s. embassy. and now the taliban has announced the renaming of the country. he is lumnick m dana. stan. so why did president biden? it's totally get the future for us. get us in so wrong. and what is being called biden's gone moment as a reference to the failures. the u. s. suffered in vietnam in 975. we're going to discuss the long, outspoken critic of the war, and i'm going to stand with congressman and we're going to bring you at the latest comments on the afghan. it's dan from the president. the following is emergence from vacation, as well as the 360 of you on whether or not the biden administration deserves a blame for the expedius class of the african government. considering this was something president trumpet declared. he was going to do as well. with the same chain of events have transpired under trust direction. i'm sorry, i know you've in your watching news use use right here on our t america. let's get started.
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ah, caliber has taken over afghanistan with an unexpected strength and speed that has the bite and ministration. scrambling to evacuate remaining americans and afghans who helped us forces during the 20 year war. our teacher, john patty, has more. tells the tragic story. desperate afghans hopelessly clinging to the side of a u. s. air force, c, 17 gen. some reportedly falling to their deaths as it took off over cobble inside the jet. for some 800 people, flown to the u. s. air force base in doha cutter. they were the lucky one. at least 7 people were killed as thousands of afghans rushed the homie cars, i international airport and cobble trying to escape afghanistan. as the taliban continued its fast defensive satellite photo show the airport overrun with people,
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men, women, and children, futilely trying to leave a board any and all planes. taliban leaders took over the presidential powers in cobbled sunday, lowering the afghan national flag again. president ghani, led the country. taliban forces continued to advance over the weekend, hanging control of cobble afghanistan's other major cities. the taliban leader mall . abdulla ghani ballad are called on taliban fighters. not to be quote unquote, arrogant as they continue to take control by dar will join other senior taliban leaders in cobble, italian and spokesman. carter meanwhile, said the taliban will protect the security of afghans and their property on the security of the call the city. and that the, the properties of people, the honor, are not autumn, harder, and people are not killed. it is important for us to
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take all the necessary meteor for the security of people. so they actually are going now, but some fear it will be anything but a peaceful transfer of power with the taliban, despite its messages of inclusivity and peace. hunting down those who helped us in western forces and further subjugating women and other africans, the rushed withdraw from the u. s. embassy and cobble has drawn comparisons to the fall of saigon in 1975, president, inviting, cut short his vacation to fly back to washington. d. c. to address the ongoing crisis as his administration scrambles to do damage control. and president biden speaking from white house, defended his decision to continue the draw down of us forces in afghanistan, though, admitted that the rapid collapse of the country happened faster than expected. listen,
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i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw us forces. that's why we're still there. we were clear eyed about the risk. we planned for every contingency, but i always promised the american people. i'll be straight with you. the truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. have kenneth stan political leaders gave up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed sometime without trying to fight. now the president said that the united states provided the money, the training, the resources. but in the end, the afghan gover military simply didn't have the will,
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and the u. s. could not provide them the well to fight for their own country. he said, 6000 us troops will be on the ground this week to help with the ongoing really evacuation . and that's what it is. efforts as to why the u. s. t. employee can sooner. well, the president said some just simply didn't want to leave. and that the afghan government, he said, did not want to create panic by allowing the us to pull thousands of people ahead of time. that will argue way. that will be a big point of contention. i'm sure, finally, scotty, the president said that the buck stops with him at a quote. i know my decision will be criticized, but i'd rather have that and pass an endless war onto yet another president and administration and quote, you, john, you are fine for now. and keep you real quick while i have you us in the press conference, i listened to it. it was interesting because there was really no new information. it was almost like a speech that it could give it a week ago. there was nothing specifically addressing what we were, what we're seeing in the videos and the photos going on the streets right now. you know, was there a chance for him to take questions from journalist?
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i have a feeling, a lot of them had some now that's the short answer. he didn't take any questions. you know, he left the podium without taking any questions, but the pentagon, pentagon officials are answering questions. they're taking questions, of course, the state department. and i'm sure there's going to be lot lot more to come out of this. you know, the, the bottom line, i think the, the main message that the president wanted to get across. scottie was that he defended his decision. he said it was the right decision to make. he did not want to leave any more quote, unquote boots on the ground and that they will, that us forces will continue to protect the airport and to get people out of there . but, but now comes to the debate about ok, why weren't people get out? why are not special immigration visas being given to those who did help us forces? who did help us personnel? because those are the people that are now severely at risk and who can't get out of
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the country. so there's a lot of logistical questions that remain at this point. and that's the topic. and those will be ongoing. that will be part of the ongoing debate as we continue to look at this. and john, i think the key is, most americans are like, great, i'm glad that we came home. it's just how it's been handled specially the last 2 weeks of it. like you pointed out, it seems like we weren't prepared. why was that not already said, why did we not already get people out of theater before we actually pulled our troops out? because guess what? now you have cast on the streets and i think we're sending our military back in and even more dangerous situation for john. thank you so much for covering this today. you're welcome. now to give us some insight on the events like a book we bring in for cars when from florida, alan grayson, the arrogance that america has shown in afghanistan and some other places, has been our downfall. it's hubris that defeated us in afghanistan not to tell about, well, and that's, that's probably a big question. not only applies that goes with several other theaters around the
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world that the us got involved with. i want to talk to you about how quickly the student government actually felt, you know, we keep here with this vietnam breton reference, at least south vietnam, actually held for 2 months couple, it's actually just 2 weeks. do you think those in power in the u. s. government, you order the withdrawal actually thought these governments were prepared to stand on their own, or was that just saying things when they actually knew the truth? a certain amount to the military industrial complex has gotten the idea that they can dictate to reality. and that's what you saw there are certainly people inside the u. s. government who were telling other people inside the u. s. government, this is all going to be fine. we. we spent our $6000000000.00 a year building is fighting force. and it's all going to be fine. the problem is they ran up against 2 things. first of all, the people were actually in the african army. didn't feel that it was a matter to them. whether of the foreign occupier continued to occupy the country,
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or whether a ruthless dictatorship or religious dictatorship took over simply didn't matter enough to them to fight. and part of that was the fact that we were paying them a $150.00 a month. who's going to risk being decapitated? face to face of the taliban warrior for $150.00 a month. the 2nd thing is that people don't really understand this. there's a cultural aversion, believe it or not to dying and war in that part of the world. so what happens instead is something that goes all the way back to ancient egypt. what happens is that the 2 parties decide who's going to win ahead of time, who's gonna lose, which is stronger, which is weaker and weaker, so gives up. so that's what we're actually seeing happening now in afghan. it's then this cultural aversion to dying for the cause on that cause. however, it seems to change to a certain extent. now that a new group is in power. but you know, here's what i get. a congressman, both trump and biting, gave this timelines the troopers role. do you think it was a smart idea to announce this militarist military stickly,
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based on everything going on the us, what they were going to be doing when they're going to be gone to the region? do you think that basically gave a timeline as to when everything else could build up against us matters. you know, the taliban always knew within 100 or so the size of us forces in afghanistan at a given moment. you have to give them some kind of credit for knowing what's going on inside of our operations, just like we know what's going on inside of their operations. so i don't think that's the deciding factor. what is the deciding factors that we spend years negotiating with? tell then trump came up with an agreement that he was very proud of. he called it a peace agreement and there was nothing in that agreement as a taliban pointed out last week that prevented them from taking over the country. that's really stupid. but the thing is they didn't take over the country until by an accident out, and we started actively withdrawing our client withdrawing our troops. do you think there were any other outside forces that were actually involved in convincing the taliban? that now was the time to get involved besides just the us we did,
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we actually caused this chaos that we're seeing on the screen, j 100 percent. i think it is fair to say that if we still at $100000.00 troops and cast them to tell that i would not take over. but that's been true now for 20 years that we have. we have more than 800000 us soldiers who retired rep can stand with permanent brain injury injury that you can actually it's so bad that you can actually see it on a brain scan. that's how bad it is. we've lost 2000 plus troops or allies, a last $500.00 plus troops in the country. and we spent 2 trillion dollars that's do the math that you'll find at $6000.00 servicing the human being in the united states very little, which actually reach the african people by the way. so at some point you have to say, that's the choice. are we going to remain there indefinitely for whatever reason you want to conjure up or we're going to leave. and after 20 years we've left choice in congress and grayson. i mean, i know that's a sad day to day of the fact of everything going on,
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but i know this is something that you would wish would have been 20 years ago. i know a lot of families wish it would have happened 20 years ago. thank you. so much for joining us. thank you to now when we return, president trump wanted to pull out completely out of afghanistan was unsuccessful and he had democrats are saying the failure of the region today. the large part, the deal made by the former administration. we will give you the $360.00 view after the break, the ah, ah, you know, mr. moser, when you said that i heard you say you but the good to go below.
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i see the, you know, going to show you where you, the numbers to president is the best. what you will cover the 1st of all, i don't know if i use them in order to follow some of the lease. you might not, although it is not nobody me and he's a sucker and you say you go get forgotten. phyllis coming me personally, hon. which, ah ah
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ah ah, as we continue our coverage as the events unfolding in afghanistan, we're take a look at the transition of power in the country since the us invasion in 2001 on june at 2002, how made cars i is pick to head, africana stands transitional government cars i who with the help of the united states in britain, returned to f. kenneth, stand from pakistan after the 911 attacks to organize resistance to the taliban on january 2004, with the backup of the us. an assembly of $502.00 african delegates agreed on a constitution for i've gotta stand and create
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a framework for national elections. on october 2004 cars, i become see 1st, democratically elected president of afghanistan cars. i went with the 55 percent of the vote car's eyes election victory is hit by accusations of fraud by his opponents. he went again in august of 2009 after more than 2 months of uncertainty followed a disputed presidential election. the election which period cars i against top contenders. abdul, abdullah and ash raf ghani was flawed by fraud allegations under international pressure cars. i agreed to a run off a vote. but a week before the run off cars i main rival, abdul pulls out and cars. i is declared the winner during his 2nd term car's age relationship with nato, and the united states becomes increasingly strained. and he has been accused several times of corruption. just like in the united states,
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the president can serve only 2 terms in office. and in september of 2014, i shop ghani, the newly elected president signed a power sharing agreement with his chief poet, abdulla duleigh, who had organized thousands of protesters as he challenged the voting results. despite the truce, the power struggle between ghani abdul gives taliban strategic advantage as they start making gains in the countryside. throughout presidency, the taliban were able to strengthen their presence inside afghanistan. in 2017. the u. s. drops on the taliban. a 21000 pound bomb, nicknamed the mother of all bombs. but it doesn't stop militant from growing stronger. eventually, they become so powerful. that ghani was shut out of peace talks between us and the taliban. in september of 2019. in august of 2021,
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president connie once promised to rebuild afghanistan fled the country within hours of the taliban, entering the country's capital, leaving behind a legacy of unfulfilled promises. following the fall of cabal and 2021 cars i decides to remain in couple but his daughters and he appealed to the taliban to respect his life. and that of his family as well as the civilians in afghan stand. by the ministrations defending its actions. afghanistan, saying its hands were tied by the previous, the ministrations deals that they made with the taliban. now is that a fair claim? as the trump camp is deemed the fall of couple the saigon on steroids and a desperate rush to flee. i want to get 360 with our panel and rochelle african instead veteran and founder of the mighty oak foundation and ed martin present as phyllis schafer, eagles, and publisher of eagle action report. thanks for joining me, gentlemen. thank you. thank you. chad. i want to start with you, 1st of all, thank you so much for your service to our country. i really appreciate that. and
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you as a veteran, you spent time and asking us, and i assume what does looking at the pictures of the videos that we have seen over the past few days? what does that say to you? what is that? what's it, what are the thoughts that come to mind as you see the same land, but i'm sure you have thought it in the last fellow's fellow friend and brother and sisters in war. what is this doing with you right now? yeah, i did. 8, department staff gas standards for a joint special operations command, job force. my son did a deployment to afghanistan. so lots of the best in for me and my family in a see this one for the just or if he gets tragic because of nature, my job at 1st hand knowledge of who the jalap is and i heretic. the outcome of this will be when afghan people not even mentioned the over spill of terrorism. that's going to watch me throughout the world globally. you know, over 29 states when i want to get to that ad. but i want to be honest,
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there's one thing that as i've watched the coverage of the past few days, it's kind of kind of made me kind of a little right red flag. i see the picture of men trying to get on the airplane. you see him climbing walls. i do have to ask this question. where are the women and children? very rarely are you seeing children on their and yet we're finding reports of these res games that are drawing up hit list of girls and widows that are being hunted down for sex. slave. i cannot see this happening america because i don't think the men would leave their women and children behind. but what does this say right now about the people that are left that they're so quick to leave their women and children behind in the houses at the mercy of the taliban? well, it certainly is disturbing. i agree with you and you sort of shake your head and wonder as you watch a lot of these images. some right now they're showing people that are clinging to planes that are taking off. i look at culture enough. ganna. stan is something very different than us. 8 and all of us can sort of comprehend, and i think we sort of have to, you know, kind of, as we're withdrawing from the country, we have to say, okay,
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we can't figure everything out. i agree with you those images. we also only seeing a snapshot, right? we're only seeing and we're not being told the truth, i don't think by the, by the ministration. why is it such a failure? look, let's be honest. if you the debate about it would stay in more nod ended and we were getting out of the war. but how we left has been a debacle and embarrassment and devastating and terrible in rent this and it's diminished america in the side of the rest of the world. and so i, what we don't know though is one of the intelligence community tell by why did biden decide something different? what's going on? i, frankly, at this point, i believed nothing that i'm being told by biden, or by the administration, because they're not showing the facts, comported with what's the reality on the ground. and that's, i think, a little the disconnect. i think most of us, they watched the videos and they watched the president's press conference. i kind of scratch and i had, it seemed like there was 2 different realities that were being spoken of. maybe just because biting during vacation this past weekend wasn't paying attention necessarily. for the rest of us were being shown. you know, i do want to ask you on the, on this question for it. you know,
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when you look at trump said he did not want to get out of afghanistan. in fact, we now know as commanders did not tell them the truth, and they kind of led to believe we were withdrawn when we really were not in that region. that being said, how do you think trump would have handle this draw down and reaction differently under president trump and i'm going to throw, you know, i'm with, are that back to you ed? well, this i, this is very important. i appreciate it. donald trump did something that they talked about with reagan, they called reagan, a cowboy, trump was unpredictable. and the one thing he knew was he make a deal with bad guys, kim jong, on make a deal with people, he'd say, even the taliban and say if you're going to honor a d, you better do it because otherwise i'm going to come in like a world heard on top of you and people believed it with biden. it's been this sort of milk toast mellow, laid back 50 years in washington mindset. and i think the difference would have been that we would have struck a deal with bad guys, the taliban. and they would have allowed us to leave in the way we could, and then maybe over the next 5 years that dentist would be lost. but we wouldn't
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have this chaos right now. look, we're very close to a situation where we're going to have american hostages. and biden alluded to it in his speech earlier today. he said, we're sending in more military. we're got order to do, get a bunch. it's going to turn into black hawk down where we've got 2000 marines in trying to save 150 embassy workers, and they're surrounded by the taliban. and, you know, across the world, taiwan is paying attention north korea, paying attention and saying, with this back, cause president and his team, they won't even know what's going on, let alone step up and stop what's happening. it's a very, very big deal. and a very bad day for america, when chad, i get your opinion on that, but also talk about how alex and president ghani fled afghanistan. rochelle is reported to a cars and helicopters full cash. do you think he should be held accountable for his government collapsing in some form? very quickly considering 70 people now are being tortured and killed mainly just for supporting him. yeah, absolutely. thank you. should be you should be responsible for every ends up and
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please to arrive. i think the foundation of this, this who very of whether we should or should i were to media media has the truth is we had 4000 troops and 4 states. it was the international we supported i live in nashville after national police and he was walking the 1st way. we're safer for because of it. so why do we need to leave? have 80000 pants. it's worth 240002 germany says 430000 south korea. why is 4000 cincinnati to see why we, why would we say we have to move out in this war? let's see that i haven't been able to answer that
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basis. right now, is that actually i don't believe we have, i believe we were participating. wasn't 5 industry what, what do you mean? like the record international meetings? we also get low, the free or on china and russia. we do. ringback set up place for us. we still have our wet. i've got to get you on one little piece of political partisanship, especially the taliban is actually still on twitter. the former us president is not that concerning concerning. i mean, sanity i right. we're living in a nation american nation, where we have big tech and big media. big tech is trying to change our minds with neuro science. big media is doing it was about brain washing and big government now is enforcing it. it's insanity right up in your exact right and let the only good
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thing about this is that trump is quieter and more and more people are saying we might have been better off with trump. and i think you're going to see the politics of this by the way, i look back 1976. after the fall of saigon, the democrats were largely in power, paid a heavy price politically. now it was after nixon, so got a card or one of course they paid even more of a price and $7880.00. but i think you're watching a, if there's a free and fair election, big big if it's going to be a republican sweep next year. be very interesting to cover chad at all. like, always thank you for joining us. well, there's been a lot of events going on. i want you to stay with us because that's all the time we have a shout. i promise. so this is a conversation and we're going to continue in this. she's asking us and as far from being done and as news can do for you, stay tuned here to r t america get off a follow me on twitter at and you use the hash tag team engages. we will try to keep you updated on the event. now for this showing more much into download at the
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portable dot to the app for your apple or android device too much they showed has shows. and like always, we deliver the news that you can make your own opinion. we always are grateful for you watching. are you in the me join me every 1st day on the alex summon show, and i'll be speaking to guess on the world, the politics sport. business, i'm show business, i'll see you then me now we have the cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these, these are making the tobacco floors the
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ah, one of the desk with the ability like taking off from cargo film deal on his phone . his faith is unknown but some way to plunge to the one of the taliban command. this is a victory speech is from the gun capital presidential palace spent years as a detainees one found them by the new reality enough down this time is making new lead is anxious over a potential migrant crisis point. this people flee the country for a year and belong to everything that has followed has not been as successful and has not been achieved in the way we have planned. we must anticipate to protect ourselves.


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