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tv   News  RT  August 17, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] the ah, the desperate african ability taking off from cargo film still deal on his phone. his faith is unknown, but some 20 lungs to the one of the taliban command. this is a victory speech just from the gun capital presidential palace spent years as a detainees found him by the new reality enough down this time he's making you, you lead his anxious over a potential migrant crisis point as people flee the country for your last us i'm belong to everything that has followed has not been as successful and has not been achieved in the way we had planned on. we must anticipate, to protect ourselves against major irregular my great re flows
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ah, good evening and thanks for joining us. this is anti international, had been more scenes of chaos in afghanistan to the tele buns take over the country . gunshots were fired at the international airport and cobble as people less scrambled the fleet. the new regime tried to scale perimeter walls and sentences to reach the evacuation flight with desperate parents even dragging their children over the barbed wire or unconfirmed reports of taliban finds a shot, a man who scaling the wall 7 people have been confirmed, killed at the apples in the last few days, the satellite imagery taken on sunday captured the terminal in and around the hubbub. thousands tried to flee due to a lack of petro locals,
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reported the abandoned cars by the roadside. fuel is expensive cars right now and difficult to find. some of that he reached some of the reach. the apple was so desperate to get out. they went so far as to cling to plains that were taking off. this video was filmed by one of those who took that rescue is unclear what the fate was. so since the video has the most on line, it's hopes that that was one of the lucky ones to survive. others weren't so lucky though unverified, undisturbed in video, emerging on line apparently showing some of those who clung to a us air force plane and fell to the death is reported. human remains were also found in the landing gear of that plane. after his flight from cobble amanda, with farms and munition were down to the luggage racks in the car park of cobble airports. locals abandoned them, as it tends to flee. we are local journalists, show it, and jeff is other about the situation on the grant. there we go,
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the room or the one i just sold a house in public city also. they are locked in for the government people every day said that you're looking for the journalist and, and call. it was a shocking for everyone, even for me. i left my office on a red flag a place, but i immediately denied that my school did belong to the found out. i'm the leader of all upon me. well, how much money made and you said that the cobbler people are safe to talk about the cobble the door of the cobbled people and down the route of the title about a fight that has permission to enter out all the people and assisted john lottie are being split into mohammed naive from the taliban political office, the group is still class by most countries in the world as
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a terrorist organization. so i think that the answer to this question is really obvious. the world can see that the territory of 5 canister is now under the control of the islamic state, islamic emerett waste war against the occupation in order to create an independent islamic state. it was claimed that there were 20 different terrorist groups, happy, more or less operating in afghanistan. but when he is land make emory announced to see far a few years ago, not a single shot was fired. and then the islamic emirates struck an agreement with the us. there were rumors in the media and reports that different groups when conflicts over this agreement. but the truth is that no one broke this agreement, then the groups joined. the taliban and the invaders announced their departure, and more more groups began to join the merger. d.
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o mo joe biden appears confused in some of his statements. withdrawal of us troops had to be carried out in a strictly organized manner. after signing the agreement, we tell the us that the withdrawal should take place in a strict order to an agreed schedule. we told them that at every meeting, and then when they postpone the withdrawal for 4 months or longer, we told them the same. i don't know why there is this chaos and confusion and tension or why the dramatic events took place at global airport. the scenes cause pains all afghans and also cause fear and those trying to leave the country. they're not exposed to any danger because they are in our homeland, among their people. we strive to make the future for the people and the country worthy. we have no desire to take revenge on these people. we strive to ensure that our people united despite all the challenges we want to build a new country and make our people have a decent future. we have issued a number of decrees including the decrease concerning those translators who collaborated with the occupying regime for one reason or another. the past is the
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past. they don't have any problems right now. meanwhile, after the taliban takeover, the red cross says that it will keep staff and i've gone to stana, continue to provide assistance to all sides. recently the organization reported that it had treated 40000 people wounded in fighting in afghanistan just since june 1st. while the 5th of august, the loan is at 8000 to live on the line. now my christina, triple, a regional director of the international committee of the red cross, the asia on the pacific. welcome christ allow. as i understand, last week, the taliban withdrew a security guarantee for international red cross members in afghanistan. this is relating to a hunger strike in cobbled just does the plan continue to keep staff in the country despite the thank you. thank you very much for having me. in this program, the international committee of the red cross indeed is very much committed to stay
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and is staying currently. we have over 1800 stuff colleagues done on the income board, but also in more than 10 provinces across the countries and the team, i've not been reducing the team has not been withdrawing. so we have a quicker person to talk in the country and to, to, to, to be there just to go back to the point to where i'm actually 1st. we have under countries being renewed or security guaranteeing warranties from different from data that have has been already on track for years as to waivers. i've been given the commander that okay, come under us, but also the leadership neighbor and some day over there on 9 days, we have been given renewed security guarantee that works and continue going can be for fault. so this is
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a career change and i've been in the country for more than years. they've got some new impressions for us to leave the country, which we are standing by. the people have been done and we are carrying as we maybe one element to add here on the we some fighting in the country and visiting the recent days we've been seeing a number of ensured must have been correct or people injured in that which are fighting down like iraq and created huge you monitor in need here and you were mentioning united day international committee of the red cross together with knowing that in the countries the governor at kristen has been able to treat over 4000
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the afghan. stan embassy revealed videos of africans being tortured. they claimed by the taliban view of your members had experience have come across people who claims have been tortured to the moment there was mentioning that we've been ease. i've been sitting there and is continuing. so we are very much committed to continue the work be in a hospital, but that's not on me. that's your receipt and adapting to the needs. and here in the country we have been going to consider your agency and that's, that's something we have very much committed to, to continue these discussions going on confidentially with today. the leadership was your liver and eat your she lives there was
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a united nations report showing record numbers of women and children killed in the conflict of chemist on the 1st 6 months of this year. it's something that's an issue has been raised several times. i've you noticed an increase in numbers, women and children being injured and killed. that's. that's a very big concern. now we've been out of the numbers that i was just mentioning and just 9 days or do you put you back a bit more from the 15 years here? the concern is really much on the women and children that are making more than half of the casualties such that we have. we have, you know, we're, we're supportive because here from there you have to imagine where the long term stripling and pain once you have been to the us be, can, you can be or so we could do those rehabilitation center that much or,
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or up in the country and aversion where it would take years to, to, to, to just treat people that could have been him to take it from, from those wounds. so it's not only an immediate needs, but it's also good into a restaurant. you mentioned that the taliban of, of offered assurance is the safety of your employees. of saying is one thing doing is another. and also the could be a conflict in lifestyles. the telephone a going to being posing very strict. she real or i don't know how that will fit in with, with your employees way of life. are you completely comfortable with them continuing to, to work and kind of stuff. i can understand the reason for our safety and this is not something that we are denying. however much to run these as we have had over the years he's already known. and we've been walking in pregnancy controlled,
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probably been controlled arrests. and this is something that i've seen over the years or in the day. so i'm, i'm very much convinced that we can continue working with very much want to try to independence and, and it's very crucial, particularly at the moment that we're not going is ition stand by the, was that the option to change the extra money? and then i believe i'm reiterating these commitments to, to stand too low, and there was $15.00, greatly appreciate your time. thanks so much for coming on, christine chipley, my guest regional director of the international committee for the red cross for asian pacific. thank you. now fresh video has emerged. that is said to be women, protesting and cobbled demanding that rights. be respected rights to work, to education and political participation. the sellable knows actually been urging women to join the government. and another unprecedented may. the taliban official
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sat with a female present for an interview with tolo news, an african television station. so part of a piano campaign to present a more moderate side of the group to the world. for all the buses are covered up until his bringing sod must say now he's the chairman and chief executive of the moby group, which overseas tele news really appreciate you coming on sod. let's talk about the interview just mentioned. was this the channels idea or the taliban? so i have a fema lanka interviewing itala beneficial ok . i do apologize. seems like you can hit you can hear me sorry, but unfortunately we can't hear your reply. so we'll try and come back if we can, can you hear me down? oh, we can. no, we've got you. fantastic. ok. so just ask you that again. sorry. just to explain
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for missed that there was the interview. between solo, with a female and interview talib unofficial, was that the channels i did the telephones? well, i think it was just a, was an opportune moment for us to see whether they they abide by the, by what they're saying that, you know, for example there for she media and for women being in the workplace. i think the timing was good and we saw why not had this maybe question this time on representative whether it's the 1st time ever the taliban have spoken on tv with a woman. walden power they saw didn't do it in the 1990. so it's, it's history static moment. shadley 2021. yeah, it's a good point. the good thing seems to be female, present as a back to work and get this done as i understand that briefly offer as i understand
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. so don't mean to telephones, given his blessing to this, is this really a new approach from them? a more moderate approach? i don't know. it's too early to tell you this is a try. you know, this is a very strange moment for everyone. the tyler going to trying to win hearts and minds. they're trying to convince a political establishment, people outside the taliban movement to join and support the taliban movement that are trying to secure international support. so i think it's a bit early. it's a bit too early to judge us to what the long term intentions are. there will be a transitional government know that they may be more restrictive and eventually they'll be in emeralds at the top and have better ways. so long ways to go before we can say that they're receptive to women on television or to equal opportunity for life. garrison must be very anxious time to be broadcasting the news in afghanistan given what is happening that do you think there's any been any kind of
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censorship, either coming pressure coming from the telephone or even self censorship, which can happen sometimes if you're fearful of reprisal? well, i, you know, we, we have 40500 employees. i mean, we, we, 10, you know, we have to be cognizant of this new environment. you know, we have a very tough, brave stoic bunch in cobble going about their work like they did before. so we'll see, i think we have to, i mean it's, it's some people say it's one day the time for us, for us, it's one hour of the time we've heard reports did. if he knows about this, we can know the entity any more to it of tell the taliban forcing women to marry the militants, which is a hard one to belief. but i'll put it to you. i don't know. i mean, there was a lot of propaganda on both sides. we for us, we were struggling to, to,
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to verify those such reports. you got to remember that people have been forcing families to give away their daughters and marriage on all sides. i mean it's, unfortunately that happens in rule, ask allison a strong man and someone who has weapons and someone has money, has been doing this for centuries. so, you know, it's, it's, it's, we just have to put this in context, but there are reports of him, but there are also reports of government officials trying to force them. and so it's not unusual enough. kennesaw to be frank, how do you feel about freedom of speech? enough canister? the moment you kind of optimistic may be feared the worst when the telephone came into power. but how are you feeling in the moment? no, i'm, i'm feeling neither. i think it's too early and we have to assume that they have changed for good freedom of speech is not just some reporting on facts. i mean they,
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they believed that gods on their side. and then the holy koran is the constitution and then they can never be challenged in time. they will need to be need to get channels and we'll see how much capacity they have for criticism when that happens . too, too, too early, and we have months and months ahead of us to see if they actually their, their actions match the words any reservations coming from your staff. like i said, it's a, it's a difficult time to be broadcasting. you must have some very nervous members, everyone standing by you. i mean, that's what courage is. i mean, they are obviously nervous. they're fearful as they should be. but they go about their work. and that's a reflection of, you know, how courageous they are, these, these kids in their twenties have made a tremendous difference. and i've kind of some kind of says media is one of which, you know, most important, one of our most important success stories over the last 2 decades. and we certainly
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don't want these gains to get reverse. and just finally, because it's understandable, we've seen an awful lot of people fling the heading for the airport. it's been tragic at times, watching the people that tends to get out of you had any of your stops saying look, you know, we just not comfortable with this. we want to go. yes we have and there are many who want to stay on and continue their work and some who wish to get that. i mean what the taliban do in the, in the coming weeks will determine what people do in the years. i had this, this sort of this, this middle class, this youth was 60 percent off kind of under the age of 20. and they can, they can make or break the country. and if they leave, we lose our educated class. so really is up to the top line in terms of how they behave and their behavior is going to impact what people do in the months ahead. so the really appreciate you taking the time to speak to say naughty my guess sought
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mercedes and chairman and chief executive of the moby group that overseas told a news. good luck with what you're doing. and the bubbles they say. thank you. lead desert, going increasingly worried about the situation in afghanistan. they fear the chaos could spread to europe by prompting a large influx of refugees. a number of your leaders already stated. they don't want to repeat a 2015 and comes with europe in countries trying to evacuate the personnel from us . get this done. skylar to correspond to europe. peter, all of us. peter, welcome. what is the latest reaction then coming from me? you leaders on the situation and i've got what we've been hearing from you. lead is saying they want to see a united european union approach to handling any refugees coming from afghanistan. we did hear from angle america, the german chancellor, earlier on tuesday who was moaning a lack of unity within the european union when it comes to the issue of asylum.
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we've also heard from france as president emmanuel mac crohn, whose an get sold by saying his country needs to be protected from future arrivals of refugee. first, we have to discuss how to accommodate the people in the neighboring countries and move forward. the next step would be to look further, but a european solution would certainly be difficult. we have not yet managed to create a common asylum policy. but if almost all this would be, we must anticipate to protect ourselves against major irregular my great re flows that would endanger those who use them and feed trafficking of all kinds. we will therefore take the initiative to build without delay, a robust, coordinated, and united response that will involve the fight against irregular flows in the well, the nato secretary general, you installed and berg has also been speaking to the press. he said the priority for the alliance is getting that personnel out of afghanistan right now. natal
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focus right now is to ensure the safe departure or personnel from our, than partner countries. and of the africans who have helped us when it comes to those are the guns that had worked alongside nato troops over the years of the occupation. well, there are certain criteria that allow some to be able to leave the country along with those nato forces. when it comes to those that have worked with the german military, this number of criteria, the number of hoops for them to jump through, you need to have received an individual threat of endangerment. you basically have to have been had your life threatened you have to have worked with the bond is fed the german military within the last 2 years. that's of course 2 years within 20 years of occupation that is being carried out. you also kind of worked for a sub contractor or any aid organization. now,
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when it comes to refugees and what will happen in the future. the best gauge on how it will completely affect countries in europe will be how those refugees are, how many refugees arrive in nearby countries like those in central asia, also a run and countries like pockets done as well. millions of guns already there will be keeping an eye on those nations to see just how many more people arrive and what that will ultimately mean for people trying to get here to europe. peter, all over with that update live from europe. thank you. president biden broke his silence on the crisis more than the day after the taliban took control of afghan. this done, he claimed that the u. s. mission that was never though about nation building our mission and can stand was never supposed to been nation building. it was never supposed to be created a unified, centralized democracy or only why last interesting, again,
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stan remains today. what has always been preventing a terrorist attack on american homeland the statements jamie sought contrast to previous comments back in 2002 biden said, failing to establish a solid national government in afghanistan might create a lawless, safe haven for anti us terrorists. open takes a closer look at the president's history with the conflict. when you look at what's happening, an afghan, a stand, you can hardly say that joe biden is blameless. he supported the war 1st in congress and then his vice president. and now he says that his decision for a sudden withdrawl is correct to many, it looks like he has absolutely no clue what he is doing. but in his mind, it all makes perfect sense. we want to have gans dana was 20 years ago with clear goals. get those who attract us on september, 11th, 2001. and make sure i could not use f ganeth stan as
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a base from which to attack us again. we did that. now some are remembering how wishy washy joe biden was when it came to the obama white house's decision to take out. been lawton. he eventually praise the decision when it fit the overall narrative and emission that will go down to the annals of intelligence and special operations. some of america's most gifted security professionals track down some and a lot after the trail had gone cold. joe, what do you think? and i said, you know, i didn't know we had so many economists around the table. i said, we oh, demanded direct answer. mister president, my suggestion is, don't go, we have to do 2 more things to see if he's there. now biden looks a little shaky when you look over other foreign policy decisions as well when it comes to iraq. he voted for the war and he pushed the false claims about weapons of mass destruction. but now he's for withdrawing their to as vice president. he
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supported prime minister ma leaking and many of argues that he ended up emboldening ice when it came to libya, biden was very outspoken in supporting the overthrow of what was at that time, one of the most stable and economically prosperous regimes on the african continent . you now says that one was a big hoops as well, starting to look like biden doesn't really know what he's doing on the global stage . this is something his critics have been pointing out quite loudly in recent years . i think biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy, a national security issue over the past 4 decades. remember, our biden campaigned for office by calling out donald trump says unpredictable and untrustworthy when it came to us foreign policy. well, recent moves in afghanistan are certainly not an argument in jo biden's favor. you know, it's hard to know what's going through bindings mind because he does change his mind on strategic issues and he doesn't have any clear set of guiding principles
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when it comes to foreign affairs. yes it's, it's somewhat of a crisis, but the crisis happened. a long time ago when democrats stopped supporting and non interventionist military policy when, when democrats were all in favor of going into iraq and going into afghanistan and when they supported hillary clinton and obama, when we, when the united states military got involved in libya and other places they already lost the logical battle. they are in a crisis happens. so this is just another symptom of bad policies within the democratic party. and the democratic party losing the good things that it ever had that it stood for was 20 years of us involvement. enough jonathan's taking a heavy toll on millions of people and it's nothing kind to american taxpayers either who thought to foot the bill for one of the country's most expensive wars in history is a look at the extraordinary costs of the campaign. on my orders,
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the united states military has begun, strikes against the al qaeda, terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes by meeting a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose. ah i the
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real the wealthiest country in the history of the world and yet we have the higher trial poverty rate, almost any country on earth. our mission and ghana stand was never supposed to been nation building. one of the taliban commanders who's getting a victory speech from inside the presidential palace. soon after the militants had taken the afghan capital, it emerged, the former detainees, the americans infamous queen tunnel by prison, camp column ro honie was born in 9075, and recruited by the taliban in the 1990 s. eventually joining the move in. so called ministry of intelligence, 3001. he was detained by us forces in cargo subsequently sent to guantanamo bay, where he was among the 1st detainees, that he was incarcerated until 2007 at the time hon. he was deemed by us intelligence to be a medium level threat to the u. s. on this allies is expected to join groups
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dedicated to attacking us forces in afghanistan if he was to be released yet. the americans did release him indent, addressing the review panel. ronnie reported, he claimed he was just an ordinary shopkeeper. he just wanted to return to i'm gonna start to care for his sick father. and that wraps up our coverage of events in galveston for this hour. do stay with r t more in half an hour. the ah ah ah ah


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