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the who's ah, ah, the one of the desperate africans who clung to miniature pain taking off from cobble films, the old deal on his phone to st is all known for others, went on to plunge to that chat about grief for me to alter his power, grab a promising that is no work done and then asked down to walk for foreign armies. and given losses revealed that
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a ton of bond commander who gave the victory page from cobbles, presidential palace is the detainees at guantanamo bay. ah, and bring you the story that others might not. this is off hand to national, as always was very glad to have your company while driving right in more scenes of kale center, kind of stone off the ton of bonds. takeover gunshots were fired at the international airport in cobble has people scrambled to see the new regime. some tried to scale perimeter walls and fences to reach about situation. flights with desperate power and striking that children over the barbed wire. unconfirmed reports a ton of on flight a shot, a man scaling a war unsettled to people has been confirmed. killed at the airport in the last few days. the
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satellite imagery taken on sunday cap to the town will in and around the hub has thousands attempted to flee. shoot for lack of petrol. locals reported a found and that caused by the fuel roadside fuel is expensive right now and very difficult to find. well, some of those who reached the pool, so desperate to guess how they resorted to clinging to planes that were taking off this video. it was owned by one of those who read. it's unclear what that said was video has a marginal line. it's. he was one of the lucky ones he survived. and others, one hum, verified and disturbing video, how much sunlight apparently showing some of those who had clung to a u. s. assholes plain fooling to that death on it's reported. the human remains. what also found in the landing gear all stopped very plain, alter its flight from cobble firearms on,
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on munition was dumped out the log in drugs in the car, part of the capitals at port locals abandoned them as they attempted to clean looking for gardening alive. now to the local charlotte plow warry, he's been bring us all the latest assets been unfolding over the last few days. but the 1st thing i want to ask you is looking what happens? what kind of bond is said today? do you think the town of bon is a different group to the 120 years ago while the taliban are clearly trying to adopt to the massive political and social changes that exist in this country? for example, 20 years ago i was didn't have access to internet, didn't have the vibrant media, didn't have the citizen journalism generation. it can be said on the taliban side as well. they are using social media, you know,
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the new media. and they also know what changes have taken place. i was listening to the alarm, which i had the spokesperson was perhaps the most elusive spokesperson in the world . no one had seen him. would often he had his messages. and there war accounts that this is basically just a name for. busy a number of people, we still don't know if this is real name, but that was the sort of fascination that people had with him today and that one media. and as he walked into the government media information center, i want to vibrate media. what, what has come over the last 20 years did ask them tough question. and one of them was about menopause. the, for my head of the government's media information center, who was assassinated, not long ago for which is damages claimed responsibility. so anyway, this is the sort of one standard we're seeing, events unfolding really,
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really quickly. the spokesman did said at the amnesty offer extended to everyone, including those who worked with the americans was something to be 100 and known as to fit anyone. and he also said one of potential and talent could contribute to one is done and they'll be a power shedding government and islamic government, although no further details were provided. so you know, the fact that the taliban, what interviewed lab understands largest television station. hello. that's something that would not happen 20 years ago. the thought about it would not allow it of understand didn't have such a powerful media outlet. so we will have to see how the transition takes place for the taliban from fighting into politics, into governance. how can the keep, for example, i want to sound functional? how can be a city like cobbled functional which is why the of us to form a man of a to stand its position. mr. sultan's, it was a one time close ally of den president of why me and the minister of hell. why much
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row who are working during the corona pandemic has been kept on as position to continue serving the people. so obviously there is that understanding among taliban to run the bureaucracy and to run the government. they would need the help of former government officials whom they have actually called on to come back. well, i appreciate you giving us that overview of what, what seems to be these quite radical changes. hopefully we'll be able to come back to you in the coming hours. maybe days thought was the last. why reporting from couple well as people try to sleep, the taliban has given a media briefing in which to try to assure afghans that they would be safe if they stayed. in particular, the terrorist groups that it would not exact revenge on those who had collaborated with the u. s. coalition to meet your power. join me earlier in the studio to discuss what that means. that seems to be the main message of peace and love. i
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guess the taliban leadership made this press conference apparently to kind of give a faith to the international community that this is a new taliban that they're friendly. they want to make peace. one of the 1st things that they 1st again said is that they want peace, which would mean that there would be no interrogations. and no revenge or any of that sort against anybody who worked in jonathan. any foreign citizens of foreign fighters, foreign workers, or even of gas and citizens who health the coalition during these years matter that the spokesperson for the taliban leadership went on to talk about things like women's rights that women would now have a much better under the new government that the taliban leadership will make, they're still working on that part. they would have all their rights protected. they would be come a very active part of society. they would be able to work on air and even have hold places and positions in government. although they did stress, of course,
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that this would be under the guidelines of serial law. so whatever that means and how that would be actually implemented. after that, he talks about media freedom. once again everybody can work. everybody can function even encouraged the media to highlight the shortcomings of the afghanistan government. although he didn't warn for it not to work against the government. and independent media would also be allowed to remain free and independent basically. so all these messages, they're basically saying that this is a new taliban leadership. this is going to be new. and they've been talking about this all over the place. basically saying these messages to anybody, even our team reached out for an interview with them. and here's what they said. they're not exposed to any danger because they are in our homeland, among their people. we strive to make the future for the people and the country worthy. we have no desire to take revenge on these people. we strive to ensure that all people united, despite all the challenges we want to build a new country and make our people have a decent future. we have issued
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a number of decrees including the decrease concerning those translators who collaborated with the occupying regime for one reason or another. the past is the past. they don't have any problems right now. so it's a media tom offensive. that's for sure. but how convinced our people? well, obviously not everybody is convinced. we can see from all the care going on and again, stand with the mass exodus and all the scenes of people trying to flee the country . because, phil, it's the taliban internationally recognize terrorist organizations. but the taliban leadership has stressed that what it tries to convey is trying to convey that they've changed. it's been 20 years since they were in power. and over these 20 years, the afghan people grew and grew. and they're not the same taliban there. if they were back then and kind of shows, i guess you could say, because now they have twitter handle their holding press conferences, that by all means are civil. i'm sure many people thought it would be something more barbaric when they heard a taliban press conference. there's a lot of promises made here, right?
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so it's still remains to be seen if any of these promises will be held. but one thing this press conference has shown at least, is that the taliban has learned p r basic with learn how to communicate with the west. it's learned how to use these key words that the international community generally likes the new look taliban has already failed to convince some with the use foreign policy chief, joseph brown, saying that the only thing that had improved in the group, but with the 20th go was our ability to speak english you need is growing increasingly worried about the situation of tannist on. they further kale could spread to europe. schools by printing. a large influx of refugees brought out that the block will help countries neighboring off canister on to deal with migration flows. need to coordinate between to be a union member, the states congress. it would be how you know was yeah, and we would have to support it. timesheets and neighbors countries. well,
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joseph borrow, who we were listening to, their summed up the sentiments, expressed at a online meeting of the you foreign ministers in which he said that the priority was the safe evacuation of european and of any african citizens who had worked with them for more than 20 years, if indeed they wanted to be evacuated. he also said that they were ready to engage with the taliban. this did not mean official recognition that it was an acceptance . not everybody in europe is happy. you have, for example, from germany in eastern european capitals who are asking the question why other countries are not taking on the burden of dealing with these refugees. first to we have to discuss how to accommodate the people in the neighboring countries and move forward. the next step would be to look further, but a european solution would certainly be difficult. we have not yet managed to create a common asylum policy. but almost all the c p. we must anticipate and protect
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ourselves against major, irregular my great re flows that would endanger those who use them and feed trafficking of all kinds. we will therefore take the initiative to build without delay, a robust, coordinated, and united response that will involve the fight against irregular flows. now, despite miracles, concern about the human crisis and the potential impact that this could have on europe. but she did manage to find time to attend to full premier in berlin. and this is despite the criticism that so far, gemini has only evacuated save and of its national from cabal. at the same time, a number of leaders are very pits. the mistake you have, for example, the check president my list as women who had said that nature failed in getting done. and its legitimacy has now been brought into question the distrust towards nato. from a number of member countries will grow up this experience because they will say, if you failed and again, it's done. whereas the guarantee that you won't fail in any other critical
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situation. at austria, it has cold on neighboring countries to have guns done to fit up people taishan centers as a way of handling immigrants that are attempting to flee the taliban. also, of course, is maintaining a very hard line stance when it comes to immigrants. you then have turkey, which is in the final stages of building a 295 kilometer roads along the border with the ran to prevent african refugees from entering that country. the nato secretary general said the priority for nato was as follows. nato's focus now is to ensure the safe departure or personnel from our than partner countries. and of the africans who have helped us make admitted that europe was surprised at the speed of the political and military collapse of the cobble government. it was something that they had not anticipated. he also said that he was frustrated that after years of international assistance,
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the results were to quote him, not better talk to robert, but china say profess line, christine, of us to specialize in us politics. so the crisis enough comes on, put yet more train on washington's ties with europe. i think that europe already is under massive stream in terms of humanitarian aid that it provides to other nations and in the region. i, i don't, i don't know why we're not seeing united states president standing. i've been saying, okay, we cause this weather was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago or last week. and we need to step in and help with there's nobody should have to go and live in a refugee camp because a western democracy is decided that it's nation building. i must be clear, it was nation building. that was the mission that we were there for. if we remember back to, to those days, and as a reporter,
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i remember reporting in those types of ways that this was about democracy as much as it was about other things, such as stopping. but nobody should have to live in a refugee camp because of these decisions that are being made by a western government. in the aftermath of the taliban, rapid entry and to cobble washington refrained from comment. but joe biden, national security adviser has now outlined us trying to see on as a few of the situation to the press following white house press secretary comments . the main takeaway is that the us did not expect to go that way and then not quite sure what to do next. even well drawn plans don't survive 1st contact with reality . this is happen more rapidly than we anticipated here. there is chaotic situation in cobble where we don't even have the establishment of a governing authority when you're at a point where things are happening more quickly than anyone would have anticipated
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. then you're going to have some chaotic scenes. i'm doing live now by caleb moore . open from new york, following that press conference. kind of didn't generally, what's your impression of it? well, as you listen to us officials discussing afghanistan, it seems we're getting a pretty steady chorus of, i don't know. we're at a loss. they don't seem to be providing real information and seem to be emphasizing that they don't have a clear picture of the answers. the questions they're being asked. now it's not simply questions about the country in the future of the women that are, that are on the line. there's also questions about us troops and their presence in the country after august 31st us diplomats. and one question that came up is, what about all the weapons the united states has provided to ask and security forces over the years. where did they go? those black hawks were given to the top. they were given to the african national
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security forces to be able to defend themselves. we don't have a complete picture, obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone. but certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously we don't have a sense that they are going to readily handed over to us at the airport. now, amid these fumbling responses, that indicate perhaps a lack of knowledge of what's really going on. we are seeing us officials try out an old tried and true method flap on some sanctions and hope everything works out. i am not going to go into the full planet panel play of things that we can do, but there are obviously issues related to sanctions. not clear whether or not the taliban actually cares about whether it's faces, us,
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sanctions or not. and other questions were raised to which there were further answers of we don't really know. we're not entirely sure we didn't anticipate this . 5 but in addition to that, we did hear mr. sullivan emphasize how much he cares about the afghan women. this is what he said truly deeply. my heart goes out to ask in women and girls in the country today under the telephone. so amid confusion, as the global community looks on, the situation in afghanistan has a lot of questions for us. leaders about what they did know and didn't know and what's going to happen in the future. i'm sure everyone is totally reassured by these answers that have just been provided by washington. officials, watson for people whose job is to answer questions from the press. they didn't seem to be doing too good a job that was kind of open reporting from new york many thanks. almost 20 years of
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u. s. involvement in afghanistan has taken a heavy toll on millions of people. it's also not been coined to american taxpayers about to foot the bill of one of the country's most expensive rules in history. we take a look at the extraordinary cost of the campaign. on my orders near the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda, terrorist training camps, and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes by meeting a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose the the the
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the wealthiest country in the history of the world. and yet we have the higher trial poverty rate of almost any country on earth. our mission and get to stand was never supposed to been nation building. where the taliban take over. take many by surprise. countries are deliberating whether to recognize its government or the u. s. all keys, it will only recognize the thought about when basic human rights are respected. britain says ashby, no recognition tool. all this other countries such as count as a say they have no plans to recognize the taliban whatsoever. want to bring in now which has met the breast john, this to folks is an international says welcome to the program. the last thing i want to ask you is the taliban today in that press conference, there was
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a huge charm offensive. they would, they definitely had a game plan out that. do you think the game plan for the west to recognise the town of bon is going to walk? thanks for having me on. well, i mean the taliban, they made promises. they're saying that they're going to respect women's rights and you know, they're trying to establish some sort of detox with, with the west saying that they're going to incorporate all the values that were supposed to be essential to the afghan government that was set up by the united states and nato allies and obviously failed and then mission. and so they've lost all legitimacy and ghana stand, their government crumbled within days. and as a matter of fact, it's, it's image has been crumbling in a matter of days, we've known for decades now that the war and again a standard last it was last from day one that this government was never going to work. and yet a series of us generals and nato officials, lying about the capacity and capability of the afghan government that they set up. and the security forces, who they pumped full of weapons to make money for the arms industry. and so that
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the taliban. now, you know, they again, stand is bordering 6 countries, a notably iran and china and russia in close proximity. and so they need, you know, these countries have neither condemned nor approved of the taliban. they're, you know, taking a measured slow response because they want to have security and stability on their borders. they've just come out of 20 years of an american occupation on their doorstep. and so they want to make sure that they can go forward. you know, again neither approving nor condemning their their. busy you know, the new government next door, the taliban have of course, territorial control. they don't have what is, of course, the western legitimacy just yet neither from the un and, nor from and to certainly not from the u. s. and the u. k. with ag on their faces because they've been telling us for 20 years that they're trying to set up a government there and they have failed miserably. because the whole thing was a racket to make money for the weapons industry was never about nation building or about delivering democracy was about making money for the private sector. it's that
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simple. i want to ask you, human rights is something that biden talked about. yes. say again, he said the talk about will have to show that they are biding by what he says the civilized world says human rights. do you think that that is the main issue when it comes to accepting the taliban? no, the main issue is whether it's profitable and convenient for the united states to accept the taliban. i mean, when the united states, when the fall of saigon happen in 975, it took the united states about 20 years until 95 to establish ties with vietnam. so who knows how long is going to take with it with gunnison? if the taliban assume control fully and legitimately however, this idea that it's because of human rights is laughable. i mean the united states who gave them jiving weapons in the cold war. this is the united states. they didn't care about their human rights record when they were giving them weapons, who's been allowing saudi arabia to exportable hobby as them. they don't care about how your ape is human rights record. you know, this whole thing also about women's rights. they're making
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a big noise about it and get this done. what about saudi arabia? why nothing about saudi arabia? what? nothing about egypt is it because they're us allied. so this is nothing to do with human rights. this is a facade. this is a joke. the real issue here is whether it's convenient for the united states, whether it's profitable and whether they can salvage their, their crumbling empire. because as i said, they have egg on their face. they've lost all legitimacy. and usually when countries are fleeing and driven out of, of ghana stand, there are empires crumble, certainly thereafter. it's a ton of on fails to call western phase. what does that mean for the country, for a kind of st on and for the afghan people? well, of course the united states will slap sanctions and more sanctions on them as they, as they do since military force doesn't seem to be working after so much time. i mean, like i said, this was a failed endeavor from day one. i don't think that there they have much room left to to you know, i don't think that much headroom less because the taliban, as i said, borders, iran and china,
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iran and china have different plans. we're moving away from a world built on american hegemony to a multi polar world. there is a built in rhode initiative who knows whether again it's and will be integrated into that in the near future or, or thereafter. so again, it's that has other options for the time being. however, i think it is, you know, as, as one of your former guest said it is important for the, for the taliban to keep some people in the bureaucracy in place because they have a huge challenge out of them which is running the country. you know, i don't think that they're up to it because they've, they've just barely assumed territorial control. it's very unlikely that they can run the economy and the health and other facilities that have been decimated by a 20 year occupation. and, you know, a 40 years of conflicts and war, so they have a huge task ahead of them. it's, i think the most important thing to see how russia, china and iran deal with garrison and, you know, considered ties with, with them. not necessarily the united states alone because obviously the taliban have, you know, they've called their bluff. well,
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i think absolutely the implications of desco thought beyond african board has thought it's for sure. why did anyone quite understood the repercussions ripple effect that would have? we appreciate you coming on to the program, showing us your thoughts. that was richard met hutch a brochure. this focusing on international thanks, a ton of bon commander who gave a victory speech from inside the presidential palace soon after the medicines took over the afghan capital. is it so much? a former a detainee out america's infamous one ton of bay prison camp, while colon renault. ronnie was born in 1975, and was recruited by the tunnel on in the 1900. 9 teens eventually joining the movements so called ministry of intelligence in 2001 he was detained by us forces incompetent subsequently sent to guantanamo bay. while he was among the fast detainees that he was incarcerated until 22007. now, at the time, ronnie was deemed by us intelligence as a medium level threat to the us and its allies. i was expected to join groups
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dedicated to attacking us forces in afghanistan, if for the east and if released. and yet the conflict release him addressing the review panel, ronnie reported reclaimed, he was just more re shop people who wanted to return home to cast his sick father on it. we had from scott ritter, a former marine corps intelligence officer. he told us a places like one tom though, back to create extreme us. the united states is very rarely has 100 percent accurate information on people. we detained the these people for, for many years. if i were detained off the street as an innocent person and subjected to in humane treatment in an illegal facility for a number of years by an occupying party. and then i was released, my life would focus solely on killing those people. so when, when people get radicalized by undergoing an experience that no human being should
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be subjected to, we shouldn't be surprised. and it's 100 percent counterproductive. i mean, anybody with any brain knows that this is not how you go forward. after the taliban takeover, the red cross will keep back, can stop in afghanistan and continue providing assistance to sides. or recently the age organization reported since june the foster had treated 40000 people wounded and fighting, and the country all felt for august alone so far is 8000. the red cross direct of asian pacific says that in recent years, over half the casualties, helping women and children on the recent fighting in the, in the country. and in the recent days we've been seeing a number of ensured must have been correct or people injured in the dentist and that's part of which fighting to down leg. got it right and
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created huge you monitor in need. here are deeply you back a bit more from the fighting over the years here. the concern is really much on the women and children that are making more than half of the casualties such that we have. we have, you know, we're, we're subordinate because here from there you have to imagine where the long term shuffling and bade once you have been to the us because you're going to be or so we heard those think i rehabilitation printer where it would take years to just treat people that could have been them to take it from, from those wounds. we are very much committed to continue the work be in a hospital, but that's not on me that i can understand the reason 5 psyche and this is not something that we are denying. however much of the room that we have had over the years. and he's already known and we've been walking in pregnancy control,
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pretty bad control. i read to him, i'm very much going to be that we can continue working with. he's are very much the ones are from natalia independence. and it's very crucial, particularly at this moment, that's one of these issues stand by. there was a rough on this as coverage of the unraveling situation. i've got to start, we'd been following it, please see, and we'll continue to do so. this is our team's national life. from of the the the me the, the.


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