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i know we come when he just was in order with me the one of the guns clung to us military plain, taking off from cobble films. the ordeal on his phone fight is unknown, but others went on to plunge to the tunnel on brief, the meteor offers power grabbed promising and seeks no revenge. and that i've come to work for foreign armies off a given the also to reveal a ton of our commander who gave a victory speeds from cobbles, presidential panic, spend 2 years at the ne in guantanamo bank. ah sure most go. this is our teens,
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and i shall. i'm daniel hawkins with util. sunrise, wherever you. all right, welcome to the program. first up for more scenes of chaos in, i've got a song off the taliban takeover as gunshots heard at the international airport and cobble and people scrambled to flee the new regime. some tried to scale perimeter walls and fences to reach of accusation. flights with desperate parents dragging the children over the barbed wire or unconfirmed reports, a ton of on fire shot, a man scaling a wall, while 7 other people have been confirmed killed at the airport in the last few days . the satellite imagery taken on sunday captured the turmoil in and around the hub was thousands, attempted to flee due to a lack of petrol locals, reportedly abandon their cars at the roadside. fuel is expensive there right now. one difficult to find some of those who reach the airport was so desperate to get out,
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they resorted to clicking to planes that were taking off. this video was filmed by one of those who took that risk. it's unclear what the fate was. those who the video has emerged on line is hoped the person was one of the lucky ones. others though, once on a verified and disturbing footage, has emerged on line showing some of those who clung to us air force plane falling to their desk is reported. human remains were also found in the landing gear of that same plane offered flight from cobble. well, meanwhile farms and munition were dumped at the luggage racks in the copy of the capitals. airport. locals abandoned them as they attempted to flee. we've heard from local journalists below. so worry on what's going on in the country right now . while the taliban are clearly trying to adopt to the massive political and social changes that exist in this country. for example, 20 years ago, i was didn't have access to internet. you didn't have the vibrant media. you didn't have the citizen journalism generation. it can be ted on the other side as well. be
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using social media, you know, the new media. and they also know what changes have taken place. events unfolding really, really quickly. and the spokesman did said at the amnesty offer extended to everyone, including those who work with the americans was something to be 100 and known as to fit anyone. and he also said one's of potential and talent could contribute to one is done and they'll be a power shedding government and islamic government, although no further details were provided. so you know, the fact that the taliban one interviewed lab one stands largest television station . hello. that's something that would not happen 20 years ago to talk about it would not allow it of understand didn't have, you know, such powerful media outlet. so we will have to see how the transition explain for the taliban from fighting into politics, into governance. how can we keep,
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for example, i want to start functioning? how can we keep a city like cobbled functioning, which is why the of us the form a man of cobble at to stay in his position. mister salt android, it was a one time close ally of den president of why me and the minister of hell, ways much row who are working during the corona pandemic has been kept on as position to continue serving the people. so obviously there is that understanding among taliban that to run the bureaucracy and to run the government, they would need the help of the former government officials. they have actually called on to come back as people trying to flee the time and gave a media briefing in which had attempted to assure afghans they would be safe if they stayed. in particular, instead, it would not exact revenge on those who collaborated with the us coalition. through power cody joined my colleagues asking taylor in the pseudo to discuss what exactly that means. that seems to be the main message of peace and love. i guess the
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taliban leadership made this press conference apparently to kind of give a face to the international community that this is a new taliban that they're friendly. they want to make peace. one of the 1st things that they 1st, again said is that they want peace, which would mean that there would be no interrogations. and no revenge or any of that sort against anybody who worked in ganeth and any foreign citizens of foreign fighters, foreign workers, or even of gas and citizens who health coalition. during these years after that, the folk person for the taliban leadership went on to talk about things like women's rights that women would now have it much better under the new government that the taliban leadership will make. they're still working on that part. they would have all their rights protected. it would be come a very active part of society. they would be able to work on air and even have hold places and positions in government. although they did stress, of course,
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that this would be under the guidelines of serial law. so whatever that means and how that would be actually implemented. after that, he talked about media freedom. once again everybody can work. everybody can function even encourage the media to highlight the shortcomings of the afghanistan government. although he didn't warn for it not to work against the government. and independent media would also be allowed to remain free and independent basically. so all these messages, they're basically saying that this is a new taliban leadership. this is going to be new. and they've been talking about this all over the place. basically saying these messages to anybody, even our team reached out for an interview with them. and here's what they said. they're not exposed to any danger because they are in our homeland, among their people. we strive to make the future for the people and the country worthy. we have no desire to take revenge on these people. we strive to ensure that our people united, despite all the challenges we want to build a new country and make our people have a decent future. we have
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a number of decrees including the decrease concerning those translators who collaborated with the occupying regime for one reason or another. the past is the past. they don't have any problems right now. so it's a media charm offensive dance for sure. but how convinced all people? well, obviously not everybody is convinced. we can see from all the care is going on and again to stand with the mass exodus and all the scenes of people trying to flee the country. because phil, it's the taliban internationally recognize terrorist organizations. but the taliban leadership has stress that what it tries to conveys, trying to convey is that they've changed. it's been 20 years since they were in power. and over these 20 years, the afghan people grew and they grew and they're not the same taliban there. if they were back then the kind of shows i guess you could say, because now the twitter handles, they're holding press conferences, that by all means are civil. i'm sure many people's side would be something more barbaric when the earth a taliban press conference. there's a lot of promises made here,
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right. so it's still remains to be seen if any of these promises will be held. but one thing this press conference has shown at least, is that the taliban has learned p r basically, and learn how to communicate with the west. it's learned how to use these key words that the international community generally likes the new look ton of as what he failed to convince. some with the use foreign policy chief shows up, burrell saying anything. the group had improved on in the last 20 years, was its members ability to speak english. you leaders growing increasingly worried about the situation in afghanistan, fear and chaos could spread to europe. why? prompting a large influx of refugees, rel added the block will help. i'm going to stall the neighbors deal with migration flows. me to coordinate between do to be a union member states congress. it would be how you know was yeah. and we would have to support it timesheets and neighbors. countries as well. joseph borrow,
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who we were listening to there, summed up the sentiments, expressed at a online meeting of the you foreign ministers in which he said that the priority was the evacuation of european and of any african citizens who had worked with them for more than 20 years. if indeed they wanted to be evacuated, he also said that they were ready to engage with the taliban. this did not mean official recognition that it was an, except and not everybody in europe is happy. you have, for example, from germany and eastern european capitals who are asking the question why other countries are not taking on the burden of dealing with these refugees. first to we have to discuss how to accommodate the people in the neighboring countries and move forward. the next step would be to look further, but a european solution would certainly be difficult. we have not yet managed to create a common asylum policy, but this would be, we must anticipate, to protect ourselves against major irregular my great re flows that would endanger
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those who use them and feed trafficking of all kinds. we will therefore take the initiative to build without delay, a robust, coordinated, and united response that will involve the fight against irregular flows. now despite michael's concern about the human crisis and the potential impact that this could have on europe, she did manage to find time to attend, to form premier in berlin. and this is despite the criticism that so far, gemini had only evacuated 7 of its national from cabal. at the same time, a number of leaders are very pit mistake. you have, for example, the check president my list zeeman, who had said that nature failed enough, got a gun, and its legitimacy has now been brought into question. the distrust towards nato, from a number of member countries will grow after this experience. because they will say, if you failed and again, it's done. whereas the guarantee that you won't fail in any other critical situation. at austria,
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it has cold on neighboring countries to have done to pick up people taishan centers as a way of handling immigrants that are attempting to flee the taliban. austria, of course, is maintaining a very hard line stance when it comes to immigrants. you then have turkey, which is in the final stages of building a 295 kilometer roads along the border with the ran to prevent african refugees on entering that country. the nato secretary general said the priority for nato was as follows. nato's focus right now is to ensure the safe departure or personnel from allied and partner countries. and of the africans who have helped us felt very good miss that europe was surprised at the speed of the political and military collapse of the campbell government. it was something that they had not anticipated . he also said that he was frustrated that after years of international assistance,
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the results were to quote, him not better. produced, journalist focuses on international affairs. richard meant us, things to use. priority is not human rights, its profits and foreign policy objective. we've known for decades now that the war and again a sand his last, it was last from day one that this government was never going to work. and yet a series of us generals and nato officials lying about the capacity and capability of the afghan government that they set up. and the security forces, who they pumped full of weapons to make money for the arms industry. if the taliban have of course territorial control, they don't have what is, of course, the western legitimacy just yet neither from the un and, nor from and to certainly not from the u. s. and the u. k. was egg on their faces because they've been telling us for 20 years that they're trying to set up a government there and they have failed miserably. because the whole thing was a racket to make money for the weapons industry will never about nation building or about delivering democracy was while making money for the private sector. it's that simple. you the western world. busy they claim it's about human rights. they say
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that recognizing a taliban government, a potential taliban government is contingent upon human rights. but again, i find this hard to believe. i think the real factor is not human rights for them. it's whether it's profitable, whether it's convenient for their foreign policy objectives. i think the most important thing to see how russia, china and iran deal with ghana, stan and, you know, consider ties with with them. not necessarily the united states alone, because obviously the taliban have, you know, they've called their bluff when the aftermath of the turbines rapid entry into cobble, washington refrained from comment. but joe, boston's national security advisor has no outlined us strategy and its use of the situation to the press following the white house press. secretary comments the main take away the us didn't expect things to go quite that way. and they're not quite sure what to do next. even well, drawn plans don't survive 1st contact with reality. this is happen more rapidly than we anticipated here. there is chaotic situation in cobble where we don't even
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have the establishment of a governing authority when you're at a point where things are happening more quickly than anyone would have anticipated . then you're going to have some chaotic scene sledge. you listen to us officials discussing afghanistan, they don't seem to be providing real information and seem to be emphasizing that they don't have a clear picture of the answer. the questions they're being asked. and one question that came up is, what about all the weapons the united states has provided to ask and security forces over the years. where did they go? those black hawks were not given to the top one. they were given to the african national security forces to be able to defend themselves. we don't have a complete picture, obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone by. certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously we don't have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport. now, mid these fumbling responses that indicate perhaps
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a lack of knowledge of what's really going on. we are seeing us officials try out an old tried and true method flap on some sanctions and hope everything works out. i am not going to go into the full planet panel play of things that we can do, but there are obviously issues related to sanctions. there remains to be seen whether or not the taliban really cares about us. sanction, however, washington has made clear is not going to sacrifice any more american lives on the altar of democracy in afghanistan. however, national security, advisor sullivan did make clear. he cares deeply about afghan women, truly deeply. my heart goes out to ask in women and girls in the country today under the tall. so amid confusion, as the global community looks on, the situation in afghanistan has a lot of questions for us. leaders about what they did know and didn't know and what's going to happen in the future. i'm sure everyone is totally reassured by
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these answers that have just been provided by washington officials. almost 20 years of us involvement and i've got to san has taken a heavy toll on millions of people. it's also been kind to american taxpayers of the bill for one of the country's most expensive was in history. we'll take a look at the extraordinary costs of the campaign. on my orders, the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda, terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes by meeting a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose the the
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the the other wealthiest country in the history of the world. and yet we have the higher trial poverty rate, almost any country on earth. our mission and ghana stand was never supposed to been nation building a telephone kamala, who gave a victory speech from inside the presidential palace. soon after the medicine took over, the african capital is in so much the form of detainees, america's infamous guantanamo by prison camp now. so who is going on? honey? he was born in 975 and recruited by the thought about in the 1900 ninety's,
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eventually joining the movements so called ministry of intelligence in 2001 he was attained by us forces in cobble and subsequently sent to montana why he was among the 1st, the tiny that he was incarcerated till 2007. at the time, ronnie was deemed by us intelligence as a medium level threat to the us and its allies, unexpected to join groups dedicated to talking as forces in afghanistan if release . yet the americans eventually did let him go addressing the review panel. ronnie reporting the claims he was an ordinary shopkeeper and wanted to return home to care for his sick father. we heard from scott ritter, a former marine corps intelligence officer. he told us places like one ton of who will bond to create extreme with the united states is very rarely has 100 percent accurate information on people. we detain the, these people for, for many years. if i were detained off the street as an innocent person and
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subjected to inhumane treatment in an illegal facility for a number of years by an occupying party. and then i was released, my life would focus solely on killing those people. so when, when people get radicalized by undergoing an experience that no human being should be subjected to, we shouldn't be surprised. it's 100 percent counterproductive. i mean, anybody was, any brain knows that this is not how you go forward. i mean water renaissance vice president has vowed to maintain the fight against the taliban. amolla sally, when tweeted, he was inside the country and was now in fact the acting president. reports say around $10000.00 afghan troops are on their way to pansy province to join the resistance. the area is very close to cobble and includes a strategically important road that leads to the north of the country. south has reportedly been joined by all the military commanders who refuse to give in the
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northern part of the countries historically been a thorn in the taliban side. it was home the so called northern alliance, which fought against the terrorists in the ninety's. according to somerville fighting's, already broken out without gun forces managing to wrest control of some areas near the capital. meanwhile, fresh, it is a much said to be of women protesting and cobble the morning that rights to be respected, including to what education and political participation the thought about though has actually been urging women apparently to join the government. well, in another, unprecedented move a tell about official sat with a female presenter for an interview with toddler news that afghan tv station is still part of a p all campaign to present a more moderate side of the group to the world. earlier, my colleague neal harvey discussed the future of press freedoms in the country with saud martini, the chairman and chief executive of moby group, which overseas follow news and the title of trying to win hearts and minds. they're
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trying to convince the political establishment people outside the tunnel on movement to join and support the taliban movement that are trying to secure international support. so i think it's a bit early. it's a bit too early to judge us to what the long term intentions are. there will be a transitional government know that they may be more restrictive and eventually they'll be in emerett at the top on have their way. so long ways to go before we can say that they're receptive to women on television or to equal opportunity for nascar. how do you feel about freedom of speech in afghanistan? the moment you kind of optimistic, maybe you feared the worst when the taliban came into power. but how are you feeling in the moment? i'm feeling neither. i think it's too early and we can't have to assume that they have changed for good freedom of speech is not just reporting on facts. i mean they,
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they believed that gods on their side and the holy koran is that a constitution? and then they can never be challenged in time. they will need to be need to get channels and we'll see how much capacity they have for criticism when that happens . too, too, too early. and we have months and months ahead of us to see if they actually their, their actions match the words. it's understandable. we've seen an awful lot of people fleeing the heading for the airport. it's been tragic at times, watching the people who tend to get out have you had any real stops saying look, you know, we just not comfortable with this. we, we want to go? yes we have and there are many who want to stay on and continue their work and some who wish to get that. i mean what the taliban do in the, in the coming weeks will determine what people do in the years. i had this, this of this, this middle class, this youth was 60 percent of i've got in front of the age of 20 and they can,
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they can make or break the country. and if they leave, we lose our educated class. so really it's up to the top line in terms of how they behave and their behavior is going to impact what people do in the months ahead. also how to take over the red cross that it will keep staffing and going to start and continue providing assistance to all sides. recently the organization reported that since june, the 1st that a treated 40000 people wounded in fighting across the country. they figure for august alone, so far is $8000.00 to cross the director for asian pacific. as in recent years, over half the casualties have been women and children on the we some fighting in the, in the country and visiting the recent days. we've been seeing a number of ensured must have been correct or people injured in us because that's what it would be. fighting to down leg. got it right and just
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create a huge you monitor in need. here are deeply you back a bit more from the fighting over the years here. the concern is really much on the women and children that are making more than half of the casualties such that we have we receive in our we're, we're supported because here from there you have to imagine that when the long term shuffling and baby wants to have been to us because you're going to be or so we heard those rehabilitation printer where it would take years to just treat people that could have been detected from those ones. we are very much committed to continue with the work be in the hospital, but that's not the best. i can understand the reason for our safety and this is not something that we are denying. however much of the room that we have had over the years. he's already known and we've been working in pregnancy control
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control. i read to him, i'm very much going to be that we can continue working. we're going to, he's are very much the ones are trying to teach independence and, and it's very crucial, particularly at this moment. that's when he's ation stand by the was the russian for him and shells to describe the current predicament as a natural result of the us and nato troop withdrawal. drawing parallels with other western lead interventions over the past 2 decades. critic, se, washington link, the operations in the country have been playing directly into the thought about hands of egos done off explain. they've done it finally from siri and libya in the middle east to venezuela and cuba and latin america. washington has a decades long history of failed attempts to bring anti government militia is to power. and at last they've crack the code in. i've gone, has done with the taliban. apparently,
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all they had to do is instead of aiding them, they should have just fought against them all this time. thanks to our military and our allies and the brave fighters of afghanistan, taliban regime is coming to an end. there is little doubt that our greatest military challenge right now is afghan: a stand. we must reverse the tale, bonds, momentum, and deny the ability to overthrow the government. our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. it all started so well. the us invaded the taliban, fled to the mountains. the us trained and trained and train the new konami spend billions on supplying it with more noms. we spent over a trillion dollars. we trained and equipped an afghan military force with some 300000 strong, gave them every tool. they could need all of this in vain,
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only for the taliban to seize all the equipment. as soon as i've got to stand fools, which strengthen their already solid position in the country, the comprehension of the situation on the ground was also far from what you might expect from the country, deeming itself the military and intelligence superpower. the united states currently lacks a comprehensive strategy to gates reconstruction efforts in afghanistan. it also lacks overarching plants with clearly defined metrics to guide its work in a number of key areas, such as anti corruption, connor narcotics, health, education, gender rule of law and water. all this lead to the inevitable corruption, the thriving within the security forces. there glaring ineffectiveness and as a result, lack of trust to the us backed institution from locals. the african population perceives places, predatory pundits and calls them the most hated institution in the country. around
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30 percent of the recruited place of deserted whether issued weapons to set up their own private checkpoints and extort money from travelers. various sources before the telephone calls were preferrable alternative, and that they were perceived as accessible, fast and less corrupt than the government established courts. so when the us says something like this, that force proved incapable of defending the country. and that did happen more rapidly than we anticipated. is it that big of a surprise? i mean, really well, but at least this time, america's meddling actually led a militant group. even one recognized as terrorists by many states to gain total control over a country of galveston who failed. the united states failed and they failed to train the ocoee and military. but to be honest, this isn't even the 1st time where we've in something like this. remember how much the united states invested in, in nation building and iraq,
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and how the iraqi security forces web. at 1st sight of islam extended, it was very obvious to me. as soon as you know, you said that it would be withdrawing that this was essentially the same thing as hinting the keys to the towel them. but i truly do not believe that the american public understood this. and i'm not even sure that the bite in administration understood this either. this is what happens when you try to impose a western concept of the democratization onto a culture that has absolutely no concept of it. i mean, they didn't, they never had an army there before. and they, they were more involved in insurgencies and whatever. then we tried to build an army. this was totally alien to them. so none of this is surprising. and many of us very early on were saying this is a,
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a prescription for disaster. and this outcome is very dismayed on the one, and i feel very badly for the asking people because they have really taken the brunt of, of this miscalculation both by their own leadership and by the united states government. well, that's all miss alice coverage of the unraveling situation in afghanistan. we are following events on the ground closely. we'll continue to keep us updated as we get information coming in. so you know, with us here on our teams that i show back in half an hour the the guy.


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