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tv   News  RT  August 18, 2021 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the in the tell about open spot during a demonstration in support of the national flag, which militants of replaced with, owed all across the country. 3 people were supposedly killed. us admit, irrevocably losing an indefinite amount of american weather into the taliban arms. to now use the county african people and 22 years and 3 trillion dollars later us political commentator says his thoughts on whether the war was worth it about. we invade the inner cities of america and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine, those people, we bring counseling people. how about we invade america?
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and we start trying to help america. ah, i that you want to see international at least 3 people have reportedly been killed a dozen more injured during a demonstration and supported the africa national flag in the city july about this comes just the death of the taliban, which is now in control of the country vowed to bring peace to the war weary land. the taliban reportedly opened far into the ad to disperse crowds after people took down the groups, black and white flag raised the flag of the previous africa government. rev instance of public resistance since the militants takeover taliban internationally
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recognized as a terrorist organization. similar protest reports and taken place in other provinces. for them. in the capital kabul, the militants had been busy arresting looters in this video tele by members or allegedly arresting, suspected criminals using a rocket propelled grenade launcher movements. political leader and co founder milan abdul gone. the bottom guy is now back in the country taliban affiliated media showed him being met of the plane in kandahar is believed to flow from cancer where the group maintains a political office or the door is expected by some to become the next leader of a canister. meanwhile, an armed resistance is forming against the taliban report, say around $10000.00 african troops or on the way to pan sheer province to join the resistance. this is the only province in afghanistan, which is still contested. it was an outpost of taliban resistance in the 1900.
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$90000.00 was never captured during the civil war, nor was it captured by the service during their invasion. providence is located within the valley of steep mountains which form a solid, natural defense. rolling the resistance is the afghan vice president umbrella. sally. he actually now says that he is gone, his son, legitimate, acting president after his former boss fled the country. as the taliban rounded on cobble, sala has fought the telephone before and was also in charge of spying on the militants leading the national security directorate. he's rolling resistance together with another leader. raw suit, who's the son, the namesake of one and most prominent leaders of the african resistance to the 1st taliban group is what masoud was saying in june about defending kind of stuff. they're going to fight for the rights of the people. they're going to fight for the rights of women. and they're going to fight for many other values. the church and you look at you from the past 2 tickets. you're the 1st line of defense. we are
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defending europe, you're defending division, and i have cancer fighting, not just for themselves, but for everyone. the more videos have been emerging on line of the afghan resistance forces. you can see the green, white flags of the northern alliance being flowed in the province where the resistance is gathering. the northern alliance was form right after the telephone 1st came to power in 1996. i think against it to the u. s. came to the country and the fight promises to be a bloody one. as the taliban is good at hands on the high tech arsenal, worth billions gifted by the americans to the african army. the us national security adviser faced them. embarrassing questions about weaponry left behind those black hawks were not given to the tall one. they were given to the african national security forces to be able to defend themselves. we don't have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone by. certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously we
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don't have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport. taliban fighters have been parading around cobble showing off the new made in america, rifles and humvees. comedian jimmy, do as some advice for washington on how to avoid such humiliation. you share that with us, you, mackenzie, and our teeth going under the you want a us intervention, a military intervention, tell me about which country you want the u. s. intervening. and i think it's about, i mean, because a lot of people are saying we need to stay in afghanistan to help the women. i say, how about the united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invades los angeles and brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homeless people in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america? and we bring a health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america?
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and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america going to care about the women? and, you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children want to give women a living wage in the united states? give them health care and give them an education. ironically, that's what the government up ganeth ended up until we invented the taliban. if you took that there are 600000 according to statistics or 600000 homeless people in america, lot of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month to go get housing. that cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know, we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars a day to bomb and killed people to get it then. so the united states ever really cared about women. they could spend
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a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000 that they won't do it. so yet joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, all the leaders and both parties. they know that they're, that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states along with their mothers. and they don't care. ah, jo biden's, previous remarks and a canister of come back to haunt him a decade ago. and he was nice presidents. he insisted the u. s. leave afghanistan, no matter the consequences for the guns during a comparison with vietnam, while now he says the mission was never about nation building, competency made 20 years ago suggest otherwise. you just on of explains. it didn't take long for the taliban to fill in. has it power vacuum left after the now infamous us pull out defending that with the rule, president biden pin. the blame on the african government. political leaders of
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afghanistan were unable to come together for the good of their people. unable to negotiate for the future of their country, when the chips were down, they would never have done so while us troops remained that can stand, bearing the brunt of the fighting for them. americans mission and i've got to stand was never supposed to have be nation building, says president bite and in 2021. the alternative to nation building is k. s. senator biden retorts in some parts administration. nation building is still a dirty phrase. but the alternative to nation building is chaos. a chaos that churns out blood thirsty warlords, drug traffickers, and terrorist. when the u. s. failed to swiftly hand down ben loudon in 2001. the mission shifted towards remodeling the country into an ideal society that does not breed terrorists. george bush used the exact words nation building when looking
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back, flashing back at american efforts in the country. we know that true police will only be achieved when we give the afghan people the main to achieve their own aspirations. pace fees will be achieved by helping ab ganesh. stan, develop its own stable government. but to do that meant to break the spine of the traditionalist african society and implants a new one from reconstruction and aid efforts to overseeing the formation of the new african state army. us trained, of course, and that did not come cheap. the the
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the, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, and yet we have the higher trial poverty rate, almost any country on earth. critics, even brandon, the ex president of the garrison. as for ghani, a u. s. protege, he is a familiar figure to the american establishment, while washington's european allies also didn't have any illusions about what exactly the aim of the mission was. i was things didn't succeed and learn to complex as we had planned. that's the realization. and the big one is terrifying
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for the millions of afghans who supported the more free society and who with the support of western states on straw for democracy, dictation and women's rights, and made important progress. moreover, the right volumes of books studying us nation building in ghana and one's literally called exactly like that word for word. but the bite and team refused to capitulate 10 just admit defeat. instead, they're trying to hide their intentions behind the abstract facade of the war on terra, and branding it as an actual success. we succeeded in achieving those fundamental objectives and the idea that we would sign up for remaining there in the midst of a civil war for another $510.00 or 20 years, was simply not in the national interest, killing bin laden 10 years ago is arguably the only achievement the u. s. has to show for its mission and i've got to stand other benefits which the country well
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did enjoy under the u. s. protectorate, like an improvement in women's rights, a lower infant mortality rate and more children going to school. all of that is now left at the taliban mercy. while the ruling leads in washington, too busy writing, revisionist history. u. s. army combat veteran corey mill says we're always to clear objectives of the mission to eliminate the terrorist threat, and to rebuild the nation. what went wrong, the minute that americans thought that we were in the business of nation building, what we went over there to do in the very beginning. and i was part of that was to eliminate the terrorists who were responsible for the $911.00 attack and also stop being a safe haven to terrorism that have been done and perfect that with cpr operation irregular warfare. a symmetric warfare and spent operation forces with the, with the support of the intelligence communities, basically going out putting together a t t packets. we then got into this ship of nation building and they wanted to
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continue to perpetuate this idea that we need to stay there in arm and build and defend and help create a democracy. you know, because we're american are arrogant, see that every other country, nice democracy like us just never ends when it comes out vanish. jan this was a lot. busy of plans to begin with, and i tell all my better and brothers and sisters who are out there, but it was the suit, not the boots who was responsible for this failure. the taliban and all of the chairs networks and then we had to watch as americans, but they had the time they never had to leave and they knew they could wait us out . please say i can speak now to juergen. told her for who's a german journalist and actually leads his own political party to this form. now that team told and her for the just this party really good to have you appreciate your time. you again, 1st of all, the withdrawal of us forces from afghanistan. did they abandon the people of the country? there are not, in your opinion, it's
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a big mass. it's s or fee for the american prestige, and they have lost everything. they have lost control over the situation. they are out of the game now. they were going to be the u. s. damned if they stayed. probably the lots of critics for them being them in the 1st place done. if they they left. i mean, it was a difficult decision, but did they make the wrong one to leave was not wrong. i think they had to leave the country, like all the countries who have conquered afghanistan during the hundreds of years during the past had certainly get this done. the, the question is how you leave. they said we will leave on a certain day. so the time they started to wait,
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they had the time they knew the americans who believe this was extremely stupid. this was by the way and, but nobody forced obliged by them to continue this strategy. and there were, there was a possibility to say, we asked you certain rights women rights, certain rights, certain human rights, to guarantee the security of those who have been working with us with americans and the allies. they didn't get these guarantees, they could have said, we will stay here until you give these clear ganges. and they just said, we are going to leave. and now they can back the taliban. the taliban has the controls. and now we have to negotiate. and we have lost control over the
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situation and do united states ridiculous. they have lost their bras sees. and i think it's very hard for the americans because they're imperialism is very to be the number one. and the what is very important for the the to will want to be in and i, of the americans, if they know what will happen if you are an ally of the americans, if you are 1000 vietnamese or, or in africa. now everybody knows what we have, it gives him once said, it's dangerous to be an enemy of the united states. but it's fatal badly to be a friend of the united states and cover of canister. and has shown that again
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i scanned and proven itself to be notoriously difficult to try and take control of an entertain for the us to try and turned it into a western style democracy. was that something that was doing from the beginning? i think it was not very difficult for the taliban when this war i have predicted this in many tv shows since the beginning of this war. i started 20 years ago. i wrote books about the only afghans can beat it, feet, afghans, so they had no chance. and they made a big mistake. this coalition, they graded, they made a coalition with walls, with criminals, like dust them. heck, marcia. and they made a coalition with corrupt people. so the government,
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the system was completely unpopular and this is one of the reasons why the population of cobble and, and coding those and other cities led the tyler gun and the government was unpopular. they wanted to get rid of corrupt regime. the american have presented to them, and by the way, the situation in afghanistan was not very good. less then half of the population has access to clean water. more than 50 percent of the people who have almost nothing to eat. so the situation is very bad and discounts you it's some people say it's worse than in 2001. so there was nothing to lose. how's that possible us and its
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allies have spent 2 decades that they pump trillions of dollars in it? how is it possible the situation can be so bad as it been, as it been slipping through the cracks into corruption? what mean, what is the legacy going to be of the 20 years that you know, i and not only i don't talk on it. i've been in afghanistan so often they have to ask, i have paid for for ridiculous things. incredible sums, clear corruption. and if you put the money in the, into the pockets of the warlords. i have seen yesterday on, on cnn the hours of dustin, dustin is one of the most criminal walls of afghanistan. that's the guy who put the pilot man after the victory over the tiny about into one into containers and put them into the desert and let them die. i have seen these houses. i've never seen
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such a lecturers house this house has been constructed with hundreds of millions stolen from the people who have gone to sun and paid by the people of the united states. so, and the 2nd thing is, the americans did not invest in people. they invested in, in military military strengths, immunity sings of the afghan forces. but if you don't have more strengths, if you don't have values, you defend. if you have corrupt killing people. corrupt i repeated all was the most horrible waltz you can imagine. i'm, i'm quite nice with guys it's, i don't like to talk about wallace, but we have some water out there. and this is where the best part of the united
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states is. one of the reasons why the people of afghanistan didn't want to defend this, it is against the taliban invite. so easy to enter and the americans had no, they just don't know scanner. so they had no idea how it works. they don't know how the taliban attack a city the taliban take the city by infiltrating the city weeks before with their people. and then they have hundreds or thousands of people in the city waiting for the attackers. and then it's very difficult to defend as city if the enemy has already is people in this city. so they have no idea and they were not interested to know that people. when i went to afghanistan, i went to the market, not with bodyguards, not with a car,
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especially gar, just by walk, and i was invited to drink g by everybody. i couldn't drink all the tv. people have been incredibly nice and i had the opportunity to talk to these people to talk about the good things and bad things. the things they like from, from our side, the things i did didn't like when american politicians are german politicians, when they're they went there was special cause and body guards and they said, we have seen now they haven't seen any jesse palaces. they have met politicians, they've never met the population and you have to meet the population and, and we had you again, i do apologize. i'm afraid i'm going to have to interrupt you just running out of time. really appreciate your thoughts and the stories you're telling is either, i guess you're going to have a leader of germany's team,
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told her that just as party. thank you. thank you. and protest have gathered in london condemning the u. k. government's response to events and i've got to stand there cooling for those still stuck in the country to be brought to the u. k as quickly as possible. ok, partridge has more purchased face afghans. i'm supposed to be including m. p. 's and stop the war coalition. gathered outside parliament ahead of the debate on us. got his son very appealing to the government to bring those who stood the british and american forces in afghanistan to the u. k. to protect them from the taliban on tuesday night, the government said the u. k. will take up to 20000 refugees over the coming years . a number which home secretary pretty battelle not says could more than double put opposition figures want to see the plan behind the promises. i'm hoping that the government will both explain the chaos of the evacuation will agree on a much larger number of refugees. tony's this come to the support for them, dropped the anti refugee rhetoric pretty battelle has been dish out with the past
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few months. and a bubble will give us something thing. they can learn the foreign policy lesson. britain, after all is returns to the training, the afghan. i britain, after all, set up the training cool to the army and the result is not going to go. but meanwhile, the taliban has gone on to pay are offensive to win over hearts and minds. and that political leaders have also promised women will have rights, according to sherry, a law, an amnesty for those who work for foreign powers and quote, fears about housing extremists. but relative that those still enough down is done skeptical and fearful. i came here by 1718 years ago because of these people are now in back home, and i want to call it on our back office one years on the circling of people, everyone. and we got back in the same spot us when here's ago watching tv killing people. schools are close again. the one was congress outside again, which was 20 years ago. so it's just
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a waste of money in which the government didn't, if you will. yes. you watch some retails people are just dropping from a to playing . i can watch fear of valuable. no fear. nobody will run like this to the runway up the aeroplane and just fly with him over. and he dropped dead. they, they, they, they will happy to die like this, not by tele, one. these protest this hope, the diplomacy will work long term in a country where military intervention, hundreds and thousands had been killed or injured. we are greatly concerned regarding women and children was unable condition in san. secondly, that we are really concerned that that a bond in the region they would be used as a proxy and british and american the left them like this. and now this time, the one you can get harvard and we the more arms and a weapons. and that is a big concern. we have friends there. they are in great clear. they don't know what
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to do at the moment. they have been told by poly bond that they're not going to harm them, but nobody knows that. what will they do next? the united kingdom should be interesting. the taliban come to the discussion and make a commitment that they would not being in the law. they will not make out nissan, i feel pretty safe. and i know they can be believe the they might commit something year in last year. but i, i still think that if they make a commitment on the international platform, then they can be headed that we need to be thinking very, very seriously about the lessons from the paul and what they mean for the foreign policy, the future. and i think it's a day that it's a day of reckoning really, and it's a day in which the politicians need to action for the 1st time since 2001 think hard and think about the damage that they've done in the series of farm was taken
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place and they really need to learn the lesson. we have to end this talk through the rules. we have to end this aggressive foreign policy. and i rob of this house coverage of the situation in afghanistan. stay with auntie for continued coverage. the the good news
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the news time action or attention you're watching the season finale of going undergrads as the world potentially witnesses, the end of the so called american, the euro coming up in the show, the ambassador to the united nations of regional power broke about this time and why he was not allowed to speak of the emergency security council meeting on
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afghanistan. and what is next, the de facto see a korean to taliban that finally defeated the usa, u. k. and other nato nations occupying the so called graveyard of empires. and why is the military industrial complex allowing us president joe biden to withdraw from afghanistan resigning the global scale of u. s. m, those to the jimmy door? show jimmy door, all listen more coming up in today's season finale of going underground for any nature veterans watching this show. there are multiple help lines in your countries for those disturbed by the issues in this episode. that's of course because the formerly ca armed taliban is defeated nature nations like the u. s. a n u k. after 20 years in one of the most g o strategic places on earth, critical to afghanistan, future will be pakistan. and joining me now from new york is the un ambassador to buckets and, and the former president of the un security council when you're accurate my best to, thanks so much for coming on. i should just say that amidst all the mainstream media around the world, reporting on this little comment about the fact that you said after the emergency
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meeting at a press conference at the u. n. in new york, you weren't allowed to speak to the emergency meeting. i mean, that's relevant to vietnam, arguably, not so much of estonia. why? when you went out to speak at the meeting with joe enough, just sheen by the indian president of the council. there was widespread support for almost all the members of which period one to pakistan and other regional countries to me every participate. but in the getting to that without giving any reason and only in right, a kid representative so that we can represent you at the moment. but communicate focused on yawning, publicly on i believe speak.


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