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ah ah how to bond on leashes a hand of put us on a crowd off to people raised the ass down the national flag, a symbol of the medicine have replaced across the country with that. it's not the only show resistance as 10000 ask our soldiers report to be riley in the north of the country and we need to ship the vice president who insist now afghanistan. let just let need. it's claims they've already went to back. air is mere cobble ton of on tape, over rips, open old wounds in europe with mountain fares possible repeat the 2015 white one crisis plus 20 years and 3 trillion dollars. later us political commentator
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says his thought was, the war was, was about, we invade the inner cities of america and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine, those people, we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america, and we start trying to help america? ah, well, now every now this is our national, we online from the russian capital. and for joining us with our, and that's head straight to afghanistan, was 3 people who are confirmed killed in the city of a lot of bad. how on fighters open fire on a protest against the group seizure of how us adults and more were injured? it comes a day off the minister bow to bring peace to the country. the
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fire was opened off to people start to take down the black and white banner. i'm flying the african national flag instead. public resistance to the taliban takeover has been limited. so civil protests have seen in all the provinces, for example, far the south and the city of cost. people also told down the telephone spine from the main square and voice to the old african flag. instead, telephone fight has opened fire soon enough, but no casualties have been reported. local journalist bloss why says the malice, millison is on to greater scrutiny these days with everything ending up online. one's going to install the african national flag. if you are the taliban, you would have not expected this 20 years ago. today, it's a different one. it's then there's a younger generation people have access to social media. so we will have to see what is the official position of this other button about this issue right now. this
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is a major headache for the taliban soldiers trying to police the city a city. i don't. busy know a city that's too complicated and vacuum. some people have just thought ok, this is the time. let's go and pick up some vehicles and weapons from for more facials at the taliban have been shedding their what's up numbers, the number of cell phones asking residents to basically get in touch if they saw such incidents. and they've been rather twist and quick in terms of responding 20 years ago. no one could speak and had access to social media. did i want to start watching in the world is watching. in the meantime, a more serious threat to the taliban power grub is forming in the countries north and supported around $10000.00 on the soldiers are rolling in punjab. providence. it's the new regional kind of stone that's still contested. it was an outpost of ton of resistance in the 90s was never captured during the civil war. it also held out during the soviet invasion. punch problems is located in
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a valley of steep mountains that form a solid natural defense spearheading the resistance. and now is the ask and vice president. hum, rella sala. unlike us nato, we haven't lost spirit and see enormous opportunities ahead. useless caveats of finished joining. the resistance fall has declared himself afghanistan's legitimate acting president. off his former both fled the country and the tyler bonds advance and cobble. he has fought p as in thomas before and was also in charge of spying on them. heating the national security directorate, and now the key for guy is helping him raleigh, the resistance together. that's much of my suit, the son and namesake of a prominent afghan warlord, who opposed the 5 ton upon rule. here's what my suit was saying back in june about defending his homeland and they're going to fight for the rights of the people. they're going to fight for the rights of the woman and they're going to fight for many other values. the church. busy and you look and we achieved the past to see
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that you're the 1st line of defense. we are defending europe. you're defending division. and africans are fighting them just for themselves. but for everyone. and those videos ready started much on line off the resistance forces. here you can see the troops slide, the green and white flags of the northern alliance. this will formed off the tunnel on foss, came to power, $96.00, and it for the group on toby, us led invasion. we discussed the emerging resistance of the number of x for me i did, is defined and over whether it poses any real threat to fatality. whether you remember machine, how strong this is going to be. but to choose the moment it sort of symbolic way, because the ton of under one control of the country, pretty much all of it. and this is all small pockets, resistance could be remaining there and they couldn't develop designs and doomed in the, in the short term not get very big. i think one big question will be whether any foreign countries don't recognize north and line any other resistance group. and to
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try and ostracize, and i'd like to try to been given that funds to value the conser district has a history of standing up against any kind of italian rule. let it be the soviets later. but the 2nd law, i'm the top one, submitted a good jumpstart. all those were pushing the on the one will rally around. the literacy of i met some assaults some masoud at the moment. i'm given that vice president stared back and he's making this defined claim. he's going to be very, i'll on the mental in terms of goal is things that particular produce and which was in there pretty slowly coming together. and the fight promises to be a black one as the taliban has got it. hands on. the high tech also was billions gifted by the americans to the afghan army, the us national security adviser to face some pretty embarrassing questions about
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about weaponry that's behind those black hawks were not given to the tall one. they were given to the ask and national security forces to be able to defend themselves . we don't have a complete picture, obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone by. certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously, we don't have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport. taliban fighters have been parading around kabul, shutting off that new made in america, rifles and humvees, and ton of on social media accounts have been posting video films and other cities and regions of alms, originally supplied by western powers. audio. we spoke to the founding, add new site. this can't be happening. he says the seized weapons are not advanced enough to give the ton of bond a significant up against the rivals who assembly the armed because of the nature of the tele, bon african army wasn't being armed, fight against a,
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a high tech opponent. so i'm not sure that it gives the tell, but a lot of material to oppose a force that's getting arm safe from the wes, they've got some pretty fancy stuff and they may have a lot of like hardware they don't have any of the really high tech stuff they don't have any aircraft, missiles and things like that because the, the ask in military wasn't supplied with those. so i'm not sure it gives a great advantage. they wouldn't have things for attacking another power coming in . because the they were being armed against the taliban. remember, community and to me to have some advice for washington on how to avoid such humiliations. he shouted with option, we're tansy on all t is going underground. do you want a u. s. intervention a military intervention? tell me about which country you want. the u. s. intervening and i think it's about, i mean, because
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a lot of people are saying we need to stay in afghanistan to help the women. i say, how about in the united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invades los angeles and brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homes, people in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america? and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america going to care about the women? and, you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children want to have women living wage in the united states, give them health care and give them an education? ironically, that's what the government up gavin ended up until we invented the taliban. if you took, so there's 600000 according to statistics or 600000 homeless people in america. lot
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of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month to go get housing. that would cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know, we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars a day to kill people and get it then. so the united states ever really cared about women. they could spend a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000 that they won't do it. so yet joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, all the leaders and both parties. they know that they're, that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states, along with their mothers. and they don't care. ah, as for us can install itself. it's international app point in the capital for more scenes of chaos. on wednesday,
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the song verified figure has asked women at the hub of painting with us called to let the men america and all the watching countries are prioritizing, getting that nation is out. fuss. meanwhile, was proud of afghans queuing outside the perimeter. it's now being confirmed. us troops has fired warning shots as quotes a crowd control measure. area. surrounding the absolute bow is being patrolled by taliban fighters who also open fire to this pass. the crowds that reportedly not shooting up people long queues of also formed outside different embassies and cobble made up of people hoping to escape. france has moved them to feed to the capital that port to speed up processing, and ensure greater safety for those trying to flee the full out which is beyond afghan stones, bought as several european nations are refusing to take in refugees from the
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country ripping wide open old divisions over mass migration with many faring, a repeat of the crisis of 2015, one more than a 1000000 people came to europe on she's told us here, picks up the story. while an increasing number of european nations are refusing to accept refugees from afghanistan, what they most afraid of is a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis and countries. i'm not afraid to admit that you have, for example, austria saying that it's against immigration. the interior minutes to say that the aim of europe should be to keep the bulk of the african population in the region. at the same time we heard from hungary saying it's refusing to take in more refugees. it says it won't make it. so it isn't pay for the quote floor the decisions of the united states wanting from the french president in manuel mac cron has come under fire for using the term irregular migration coming from a county son. and this has left
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a lot of people angry micron disorder and france. he mainly wants people to stay there. he doesn't give a damn about anything. it is important for him that no one comes to us. what about the right to silence? what about these children? these women, these men, her flaying the terror of the taliban, france must not stand aside. congress actions are needed now. levine yet wait for this has agreed to pay. can 5, not 50, not 500, not 5000, but 5 refugees. how many times in the last 3 days have we heard your pin leaders talk about human rights? they seem to be saying all the why things when it comes to love and compassion and justice. and yet the reality speaks a very different story. these huge coral at the moment between brussels and member states and that quarrel is over quoted. it's over protective measures and the like . at the same time we've heard these european needed practically weeping when it
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comes to the issue of women's rights. and yet, it just remains words. it's almost like it's fancy. p r. the overall sentiment really is one that europe does not want migraines and they not going to be offering any kind of helping hand. and just in case you need further proof of it, germany has come under fire for you think it's military ship to bring some $65000.00 cans of beer to germany instead of bringing hundreds of guns and their families who have hoped the german authorities in afghanistan these people were not going to be uses and they have not been evacuated in time. the german president has said that the gun turmoil shamed the waste the images of desperation at capable airport shameful for the political west. we are experiencing
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a human tragedy for which we share responsibility. pearlin must do everything it can to bring our people and all afghans who stood for years by their side to safety, germans are increasingly worried about an influx of refugees. almost 2 thirds of the population has admitted that they are concerned about a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis. now this comes as important election ought to be held next month. a general election in germany and presidential elections that will be held in april next in france. the issue of migration is likely to be a hot potato. come those elections, which is why you have politicians freighting over the us gun migration potential crisis. the u. k. parliament has been recalled from its summer recess to debate the situation, afghans don including repack, treating people and taking in refugees. britain has pledged to resettle 20000
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pounds, but only 5000 in 1st year withdrawal and in skewing chaos has left many m. p. 's incensed the reputation of the west to support democracy across the world has suffered recent defence not gonna stand, shade the west trying to infiltrate the western example of democracy, possibly was a roots that we should reconsider. we look at many options with the speaker, including the potential for staying longer ourselves. factoring complacency from our government. was our intelligence really? so whole. what would the, what would i do differently? i wouldn't the phone sex is failed. shutting now shop. now the bible says doing everything the con, to get these people to what does everything the kind mean that evacuation to go ahead, we get this done in expeditious, a fashion as we can. all sacrifice deserves better than this. and so to the afghan
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people say on lives on their lives for that when i'm can i hope it will support just 5000 in the 1st year. what are the 15000 men to do? i know round and wait until they've been executed. k officials are working, run the hundreds of thousands of british people of flowed tough going to stand to serve the prime to flu, to avoid public service off the mac marketing point for our failed asylum system. the politicians decided to withdraw. the politicians must be responsible for the consequences. while parliament was debating inside protest since gathered outside to condemn the government response to the current of among those people, we found many trapped in the country. with some tiring signs saying afghans have been left to be butchered. the protesters are demanding more people be brought to you. k one also in the crowd, the british ex opposition leader. i'm hoping that the government will both
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explain the chaos of the evacuation would agree on a much larger number of refugees, counties contradict dropped the anti refugee records present. battelle has been issues with the past few months. bubble give us coming thing. thinking to learn the foreign policy less britain after all, as the chances of training, the afghan i've written after all, set up his timing cool to the army and the result has not been a good idea. we heard from free but easy. the daughter of a british national stock in afghanistan, she told us british vessels have done little to help bring out her mother her mother's a 79 years old, fragile disabled women with previous history of a stroke. and she is currently going through severe and authorized and which is waiting for a surgery. and so she cannot travel without a wheelchair access. and we will services from the airport on freshman issue was
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knocked twice at the airport and by crowd passengers trying to get into these flights and other civilians who was trying to flee couple so pressure. and she wasn't able to afford the flights because of her medical condition when she attended in the office was on and a couple on threat. surely she was constantly being dismissed by the guard. i tried literally bombarding their treasure accounts as social media current trying to get their attention to and bear in mind and pay attention to my mother's condition. unfortunately, every time i've contacted them, i was given. the same call continues on. the embassy was interesting and encouraging. all citizens to trying a commercial life which on question may be for been suspended because of the us troops trying to control the airport. jo biden's decision to pull out all that kind
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of stone which triggered the collapse of the cobble government. seems. have coffin, danny thought comb with the u. s. president's approval rate and sharply hitting an all time low. has all corresponding all t is caleb open with more. the chaotic scenes and cobble have certainly not been good for the white house. the approval rating of joe biden has now dropped to less than half only 46 percent of americans say they liked the jobs the new president is doing now. the events in afghanistan has certainly been a factor because prior to them he was at 53 percent. so a 7 percent drop seems you have resulted. some polls are now showing that joe biden's handling of afghanistan is less popular than george w bush's handling of afghanistan. and we now have a situation where a senator bob menendez, representing the u. s. foreign relations committee of the senate. he's coming forward with this statement. the events of recent days have been the combination of
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a series of mistakes made by republican and democratic administrations over the past 20 years, including the trumpet, ministrations floored negotiations with the taliban, and the biden administration's flawed execution of the u. s. withdraw. the committee will seek a full accounting for these shortcomings. now, republicans are being far less forgiving. they say that jo biden's decision to rapidly pull out of afghanistan is harming the united states, discrediting the country, hurting relations with allies. there's been a fire storm of anger from the republican side of the aisle this biden administration. so they plan for every scenario. they told us to day prior that coble cobble was not eminent. he told us less than a month before that this would never happen yesterday. president biden would accept responsibility and explain how he would fix the catastrophe in galveston. instead, he blamed his 3 pre disasters and against the ford beside our troops for 20 years.
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thing the pointing wound solve this crisis boaters there should be top to bottom accountability at the pentagon and within the administration for this disaster that this stunning failure has been met with silence from biden cause into serious question. his ability to carry out his duties as commander in chief, the president's failure to acknowledge of disastrous withdrawl provides no comfort to americans or afghan partners whose lives hang in the balance. now to add insult to injury, there are millions, if not billions of dollars of weapons were talking gun ammunition tanks, helicopters that have simply been abandoned. these were weapons that were given to the u. s. trained afghan forces and they seem to have been left behind. and from what jake sullivan, who is the national security advisor, joe biden says it's pretty unlikely that the taliban is simply going to hand them over at the airport now. nancy pelosi stepped up and defended the president on this
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point. i commend the president for the action that he took. this is what happens when you withdraw you some stuff. some equipment is left there. now joe biden stands by his decision. he says that there were not ever been a good time for the usa to pull out of afghanistan. this would have resulted at any point in which this happened. he says he did the right thing. polls are showing americans are not pleased. there is also some outrage in the international community, not a good day for the white house. low back in afghanistan, the telephones, political leader and co found milan to gone a broader has now returned from exile. kind of on affiliated media showed him being greeted by cheering crowds off the plane in kandahar for a dog who was arrested by pakistani security forces in 2010 and kept in custody for years is now expected by some to become the next leader. are honest on one another taliban commander who was seen on sunday storming the presidential palace and the capital turned out to be a form,
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a detainee at the new tourist. guantanamo bake on tiese to me to park takes a closer look at his and all the similar cases if the situation in afghanistan wasn't already a disaster, showcasing the shortcomings of u. s. foreign policy and appetite for regime change. well, it turns out one of the taliban leaders who gave a celebratory speech from couples, presidential palace was none other than a former guantanamo detainees who was released as a quote medium risk. yes. seriously, of all the people, the us, tortured in guantanamo. this was one of the guys deems thought, really dangerous, and let go meet gold roo honey. one of the 1st detainees at guantanamo in 2002. he was captured by us forces on suspicion of being a taliban security officer during his time and get my rou, honey. maintain that he was quote, a simple shopkeeper who tried to help americans. so some 5 years later were 8.
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according to ronnie, he was released on the promise that he just wanted to help is sick father, one an appliance store and couple fast forward to 2021 and he's a taliban commander, leading the take over of cool. so either the u. s. intelligence was, well not really intelligent and let a taliban radical pull one over them and lie his way out of the hands of the ca or it was the time it's been and get know that actually radicalized the simple shopkeeper into a taliban fanatic. don't tell you for the to me were innocent. indeed, because he lived and they've got to stop and it was captured on or near the battle area. he must know something of importance. well, apparently all the torture and human rights violations that get mall, and other us detention centers turned out to be all for nothing. sure, they apparently got some good and fell out of some of the detainees. but on the other hand, the ones that they let go went on to became terrorist leaders. yeah, ronnie isn't the only detain eastern terrorist boss. there's
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a whole lift. there is the 5 taliban leaders that obama swapped for an american desert, or these leaders were promised to never see a battlefield again. and that they would be held in could tar far from again, a stand regardless of circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be. we still get an american soldier back. if you seldom kept it, period full stop yet somehow they're now apparently the masterminds behind the current take over a couple, one of them is even a part of the official delegation of the taliban. he even took part in negotiating b. u. s. withdraw from again then earlier this year. we'll see. then there are the isis super terrorists. for example, the infamous all buck daddy, the former leader of isis. he was captured in 2004, held in detention at a u. s. facility in iraq for 10 months, let go and went on to have a successful career and terrorism becoming the head honcho of the big bad,
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isis. he was a street thug when we picked them up in 2004. it's hard to imagine we could about a crystal ball, then that would tell us he'd become head of isis. yeah. if only you could have seen that coming anyway. and then there's this guy who was a valuable inform and during his time, at the hands of us intelligence, our was a song but of unique talent and ability. and now he's no less than the current leader of isis replacing all. but daddy turns out he was just using the us to get rid of the competition for the top spot amongst terrorist, another big wolf's. this is kind of beginning to seem like a trend. now, basically, not only did the us fail to recognize dangerous radicals when they were right there their hands, they apparently even managed to embolden and help radicalized people who probably wouldn't have posed any threat if it weren't for having an encounter with some american intelligence officers. in the end,
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america seems to be fighting problems. it's self created. and so many that doesn't even come as a shock. we do know that more than 90 percent of all the people rounded up and taken to guantanamo and tortured and held him solitary and held under terrible conditions for years. us had absolutely no evidence on or the evidence was completely mistaken and distorted. and that torture is really real. busy and it is created oceans and oceans of hate. and bog from base bog from air force base. there was major prison there where that held thousands of prisoners for years. that creates great hatred among anyone who's ever been through a system like that or their family members. and it is why the government finally completely collapse. well, it's an end to the south coverage of the unraveling situation in afghanistan that we've been following very closely and will continue to do so. but just before we
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end for the sour, some breaking news coming in from southern russia in military aircraft crashed off to take off for portly kidding. the pilot. the pain is said to been carrying no weapons and came down in on populated area. investigators have been sent to the site with the following, not store and keep you updated. this was our teens national life. moscow the who's a long long when i would show the wrong. why don't i just don't. i mean, you have to fill out the thing because the after an engagement
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equals the trail, when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in the with the hello and welcome to cross off. were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. russia, china relations are strong and getting deeper. we are told this is dangerous for the washington lead world. is it? why are moscow and beijing moving closer together.


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