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me ah, the taliban unleashes a hail of bullets on a crowd after people raise the afghan national flag a symbol. the militants have replaced across the country with their own banners. it is not the only show of resistance or $10000.00 afghans soldiers reportedly rally in the north of the country. under the leadership of the vice president who insists he is now african legitimate leader. it is claimed that they have already wrested back area here. callback the taliban take over, rips open old wounds in europe, where there are mounting fears of a possible repeat of a 2015 migrant crisis. and 20 years and 3 trillion dollars later, a u. s. political commentator shares his thoughts on whether the war was worth
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about. we invade the inner cities of america and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling, how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is rti international, and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. as we have continuing coverage of the crisis and ive canister in 3 people are confirmed, killed in the african city of july about where holiday fighters open fire on a protest against the groups. seizure of power a dozen more were injured, comes a day after the militants is bound to bring peace country. the shooting started out,
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demonstrators took down the militant groups, black and white banner and hoisted the african national flag instead. public resistance to the telephone take over has been limited though. similar protests have been seen in other provinces. for example, further south in the city, of course, people also tore down the tele bonds banner from the main square and voice of the old african flag instead. taliban fighters open fire soon enough, but no casualties have been reported. local journalist below worry says the milton are under greatest scrutiny these days with everything ending up on line on one's going to install the african national flag. if you are the taliban, you would have not expected this 20 years ago. today, it's a different up on it's done. there's a younger generation people have access to social media. so we will have to see what is the official position of the alibi about this issue right now. this is a major headache for the taliban soldiers trying to police the city
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a city. i don't. busy know a city that's too complicated and this vacuum, some people have just thought ok, this is the time. let's go and pick up some vehicles and weapons from formal officials at the taliban have been shedding their what's up numbers, the number of cell phones, asking residents to basically get in touch if they saw such incidents. and they've been rather swift in quick, in terms of responding 20 years ago, no one could speak and had access to social media to did i want to start watching in the world is watching. in the meantime, a more serious threat to the telephone's power grab is forming in the countries north. it is reported that around $10000.00, the african army soldiers are rallying and punch your province. it is the only region of afghanistan that is still contested. it was an outpost of telephone resistance in the 1990 s, and was never captured during the civil war. it also held out during the soviet invasion, punchier province is located within a valley of steep mountains that form a solid natural defense spearheading the resistance. there now is the afghan,
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1st vice president, umbrella sally. unlike us nato, we haven't lost spirit and see enormous opportunities ahead. useless caveats finished joining the resistance saw a has declared himself have got to stand legitimate, acting president, after his former boss fled the country. amid the telephone's advance on cobble, he has fought the islam of before and was also in charge of spying on the militants leading the national security directorate and other key figure is helping him rally the resistance together. mother, my food, the son and namesake of a prominent african warlord, who opposed the 1st taliban role. here's what my food was saying. back in june about defending his homeland. they're going to fight for the rights of the people. they're going to fight for the rights of women and they're going to fight for many other values. the church. busy and you look and we achieve the past 2 tickets,
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you're the 1st line of defense. we are defending europe, you're defending division, and i've been fighting, not just for themselves, but for everyone. and videos have already started emerging on line of the resistance forces. here you can see the troops flying the green and white flags of the northern alliance. this was formed after the telephone 1st came to power in 1906, and it fought the group until the us led invasion. we discussed emerging resistance with a number of experts and opinion is divided over whether it poses any real threat to the telephone. quality remains machine, how strong this is going to be, but it is a moment to sort of symbolic away because to try to bundle one control of the country, pretty much all of it. and this is all small pockets. resistance could be remaining there and they couldn't develop designs can doomed in the, in the short term not get very big. but i think one big question will be whether any foreign countries don't recognize north and line any other resistance group and
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to try and ostracize. and i'd like to try to, given that conceived value, the punch district has a history of standing up against any kind of an italian rule like the soviets later . but the civil law, i'm the one that is a good chance that all those who are pushing that one would rally around the literacy of i met some some at the moment i'm given that the vice president stared back and he's making this defined claim. he's going to be very, i'll under mental in terms of going listening, that particular opposition, which was in there pretty slowly coming together. and the fight promises to be a bloody one has telephone, has got his hands on the high tech arsenal worth billions gifted by the americans to the afghan army. us national security adviser faced some embarrassing questions about all the weaponry left behind. those black hawks were given to call upon they
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were given to the african national security forces to be able to defend themselves . we don't have a complete picture, obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone. but certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously we don't have a sense that they are going to readily handed over to us at the airport. taliban fighters have been parading around cobble showing off their new made in america, rifles into humvees, and telephone social media accounts have been posting videos, filmed in other cities and regions of arms originally supplied by western powers. earlier we spoke to the founding editor of the online news site. this can't be happening. he says, the seized weapons wouldn't stand a chance against foreign enemies. because of the nature of the taliban african army wasn't being armed to fight against a, a high tech opponent. so i'm not sure that it gives the tell by
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a lot of material to oppose a force that's getting arm safe from the wes, they've got some pretty fancy stuff and they may have a lot of like ard where they don't have any of the really high tech stuff, they don't have any aircraft, missiles and things like that because the, the ask and military wasn't supplied with those. so i'm not sure it gives a great advantage. they wouldn't have things were attacking another power coming in . because the they were being armed against the tell about, remember, comedian jimmy door has some advice for washington on how to avoid such humiliations. he shared it with option with thompson on our she is going underground. do you want a u. s. intervention a military intervention? tell me about which country you want the u. s. intervening. and i think it's about, i mean, because a lot of people are saying we need to stay in afghanistan to help the women. i say, how about united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invade los angeles and
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brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homes, people in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america, and we bring health care to those people? we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america going to care about the women? and, you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children want to have women, a living wage in the united states give them health care and give them an education . ironically, that's what the government up gavin then did. up until we invented the taliban if you took, so there's 600000 according to statistics or 600000 homeless people in america. lot of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month,
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to go get housing. that would cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know, we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars a day to kill people and get it then. so the united states ever really cared about women. they could spend a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000, but they won't do it. so yes, joe biden, nancy pelosi jobs humor. mitch mcconnell, all the leaders and both parties, they know that they're, that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states, along with their mothers. and they don't care. ah, as we're going to stand itself, it's international airport in the capitol saw more chaotic scenes on wednesday
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this and verify that the video shows after women at the air hub and pleading with us guards to let them in america. and other western countries are prioritizing, getting their own nationals out 1st. meanwhile, with crowds of afghans queuing outside the perimeter, it is now been confirmed that us troops have fired warning shots as quote it crowd control measures. the area surrounding the airport though is being controlled by telephone fighters who also open fire to disperse the crowd. they are reportedly not shooting at people as well. long queues have also formed outside at different embassies in cobble made up of people hoping to escape. frances moved its embassy to the capitals airport to speed up processing and ensure greater safety. for those trying to flee of the fall out reaches beyond kinda stands borders. several european nations are refusing to take in refugees from the country ripping wide open old divisions over mass migration with many fearing a repeat of the crisis of 2015. when more than
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a 1000000 people came to europe or cheese pulse here, picks up the story force. while an increasing number of european nations are refusing to accept refugees from afghanistan, what they most afraid of is a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis and countries. i'm not afraid to admit that you have, for example, austria saying that it's against immigration. the interior minutes to say that the aim of europe should be to keep the bulk of the african population in the region. at the same time we heard from hungary saying it's refusing to take in more refugees. it says it won't make it. so it isn't pay for the quote floor the decisions of the united states wanting from the french president in manuel crohn has come under fire for using the term irregular migration coming from a gunny son. and this had left a lot of people angry micron disorder. and france, he mainly wants people to stay there. he doesn't give
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a damn about anything. it is important for him that no one comes to us. what about the right to silence? what about these children? these women, these men, her flaying the terror of the taliban, france must not stand aside. concret actions are needed. now convenient, wait for this has agreed to pay can 5, not 50? not 500, not 5000, but 5 refugees. how many times in the last 3 days have we heard your pin leaders talk about human rights? they seem to be saying all the why things when it comes to love and compassion and justice. and yet the reality speaks a very different story. these huge coral at the moment between brussels and member states and that quarrel is over quoted. it's over protective measures and the like . at the same time we've heard these european needed practically reaping when it comes to the issue of women's rights. and yet it just remains words,
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it's almost like it's fancy p r. the overall sentiment really is one that europe does not want migrant and they're not going to be offering any kind of helping hand . and just in case you need further proof of it, germany has come under fire for using its military ships to bring some $65000.00 cans of beer to germany instead of bringing hundreds of guns and the families who have hoped the german authorities in afghanistan. these people were not drawn to pieces and they have not been evacuated in time. the german president has said that the gun turmoil shamed the waste, the images of desperation at campbell airport, our shameful for the political west. we are experiencing a human tragedy for which we share responsibility. pearlin must do everything it can to bring our people and all afghans who stood for years by their side to safety,
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germans are increasingly worried about an influx of refugees. almost 2 thirds of the population has admitted that they are concerned about a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis. now this comes as important. elections ought to be held next month, a general election in germany, and presidential elections that will be held in april next year in from the issue of migration is likely to be a hot potato. come those elections, which is why you have politicians freighting over the us gun migration attention crisis. the u. k. parliament has been recalled from its summer recess to debate the situation in afghanistan, including repatriated people and taking in refugees. britain has pledged to resettle 20000 afghans, but only 5000 in the 1st year. the withdrawal and into chaos has left many m. p. 's
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incensed the reputation of the west to support democracy across the world has suffered recent defense, not kind of fun shade the west trying to impose just a western example of democracy, possibly was a roots that we should reconsider. we look many options. speaker, including the potential for staying longer ourselves. factoring complacency from our government. was our intelligence really? so whole. what would that, what would i do differently? i wouldn't, i suppose sexual failed now who shall take the time of doing everything the time to get these people. so what does everything that mean that evacuation had to go ahead? we get this done in an expeditious, a fashion as we can. all sacrifice deserves better than this. and so to the people they say on lives on their line for that when i'm going to hope it will support
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just 5000 in the 1st year. what the 15000 men to do, i know round and wait until they've been executed. k officials are working, run the hundreds of thousands of british people have flown tough to serve the prime to flu, to avoid public service. this is off the mac marketing point, raphael, the filing system. the politicians decided to withdraw. the politicians must be responsible for the consequences or parliament was debating inside protesters gathered to condemn the governments responsive to the current events. among those where people with family tramps in the country, with some carrying sign, saying afghans have been left to be butchered. protesters are demanding more people be brought sooner to the u. k. also in the crowd, british ex opposition later. i'm hoping that the government will both explain the chaos of the evacuation will agree on a much larger number of refugees. counties this come to the support for them,
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dropped the anti record to record pretty patel. there's been issues with the past few months. a bubble of give us something thing, thinking a learned the foreign policy lesson written after all as returns to the training the african i've written after all, set up timing cool to the army and the result has not been a good earlier we heard from for robot see the daughter of a british national stuck in afghanistan, she told us officials to have done little to help bring back her elderly mother. my mother's a 79 years old, fragile disabled woman was previous history of a stroke. and she is currently going through severe arthritis and which is waiting for a surgery. and so she cannot travel without a wheelchair access. going to services from the airport and freshman issue is not say the twice at the airport by crowd of passengers trying to get into these flights and other civilians who was trying to flee couple so pressure and she
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wasn't able to afford the flight because of her medical condition when she attended in the office was on and the couple on stress. surely she was constantly being dismissed by the guard. i tried literally bombarding their twitter account, the social media current, trying to get their attention to and bear in mind and pay attention to my mother's condition. unfortunately, every time i contacted them, i was given the same call continues on. the embassy was interesting and encouraging . all citizens to try and seek commercial life, which on question may be full, been suspended because of the us troops trying to control the airport. us president joe biden admit, he knew there would be chaos enough dentist and, but he decided to pull out the troops anyway in an interview with a b. c. news, biden asserts that the security collapse in the war torn country was unavoidable. i
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don't think it could have been handled in a way that there we were going to go back and hindsight, look, but the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos and suing. i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happened. the decision seems to have caused by an dearly back home with the us presidents approval ratings, sharply hitting and all time low. here's our correspondent, kill him up and with commentary. the chaotic scenes and cobble have certainly not been good for the white house. the approval rating of joe biden has now dropped to less than half only 46 percent of americans say they like the jobs the new president is doing now. the events in afghanistan has certainly been a factor because prior to them he was at 53 percent. so a 7 percent drop seems you have resulted. some polls are now showing that joe biden handling of afghanistan is less popular than george
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w bush's handling of afghanistan. and we now have a situation where a senator bob menendez, representing the u. s. foreign relations committee of the senate. he's coming forward with this statement. the events of recent days have been the combination of a series of mistakes made by republican and democratic administrations over the past 20 years, including the trump administration's floored negotiations with the taliban, and the biden administration's flawed execution of the u. s. withdraw. the committee will seek a full accounting for these shortcomings. now, republicans are being far less forgiving. they say that jo biden's decision to rapidly pull out of afghanistan is harming the united states, discrediting the country, hurting relations with allies. there's been a fire storm of anger from the republican side of the aisle this biden administration. so they plan for every scenario. they told us to day prior that coble cobble was not eminent. he told us less than
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a month before that this would never happen yesterday. president biden would accept responsibility and explain how he would fix the catastrophe in galveston. instead, he blamed his 3 pre disasters and the absence of 4 decide our troops for 20 years thing the pointing won't solve this crisis boaters. there should be top to bottom accountability at the pentagon and within the administration for this disaster that this stunning failure has been met with silence from biden cause into serious question. his ability to carry out his duties as commander in chief, the president's failure to acknowledge his disastrous withdrawl provides no comfort to americans or afghan partners whose lives hang in the balance. now to add insult to injury, there are millions, if not billions of dollars, the weapons were talking gun ammunition tank. helicopters that have simply been abandoned. these were weapons that were given to the u. s. trained afghan forces
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and they seem to have been left behind. and from what jake sullivan was, the national security advisor to joe biden says it's pretty unlikely that the taliban is simply going to hand them over at the airport. now. nancy pelosi stepped up and defended the president on this point. i commend the president for the action that he took. this is what happens when you withdraw you some stuff. some equipment is left there. now joe biden stands by his decision. he says that there would not ever been a good time for the usa to pull out of afghanistan. this would have resulted at any point in which this happened. he says he did the right thing. polls are showing americans are not pleased. there is also some outrage in the international community, not a good day for the white house. tonight, biden's denial of american nation building in afghanistan has been slammed by china with beijing saying u. s. military intervention has not only been unproductive there, but also in plenty of other places as well. would you lead all by then? i have noticed that the president biden said that the goal of the united states and
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of ghana stone is not to rebuild the country. she was right in iraq, syria or ghana, stan wherever the u. s. military goes, it leaves behind turmoil, division and destruction of homes and people. it has always lived behind the shambles. the power and role of the united states is destruction, not construction. chinese foreign ministry, spokes person affirmed that beijing respects afghanistan's sovereignty. an avowed that china will help to rebuild the war torn country and thwart anyone seeking to harm china from africa and territory. we discussed patients criticism of america's actions with politics. professor joseph gregory mahoney who says u. s. involvement in central asia has always been stable in disengagement from afghanistan is generally recognized as part of washington's efforts to re position
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strategically against china. so for this reason alone, we shouldn't be surprised by the agents criticism, you know, american involvement in central asia, starting in the late 19 seventy's up to the present, has always been the stabilizing. when the u. s answered after 911 with incredibly due stabilizing and not just for us. but the whole region, especially as the americans put our bases in several other central asian countries, creating new security risk also for china and russia with the current american withdrawal. chinese criticism is not, that's the us is leaving, rather it's the complete mess it's made and it's departure starting with trumps unilateral deal with the tele bond followed by biting incredibly the stabilizing territory. i think china will try to work positively with the taliban. but keep for some time, a little bit of a diplomatic distance. i think they will work through their positive later to,
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but pockets time to try to shape the situation in afghanistan. more positively. that's a rap on this ours coverage of the unraveling situation in afghanistan. we've been following closely and will continue to do so. this is our international life from moscow. stay with the oh, i use
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ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation, whole community. you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere direct. what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah
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ah ah, evinces still continue and told an afghan exams and thousands of us citizens are trying desperately to, as well as help those nations who aided us in various ways over the last 20 years. this is a taliban as tiny a group on a couple airport checkpoints, the us state department, sending a note to stranded americans in the us cannot guarantee your security not to the airport. but as americans at home watch and anguish, beijing has wasted no time and establishing connections with the taliban. they have already stated they will see them as an equal to this as a new report from acts. as the see,
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i actually warn to the prime minister of israel regarding doing business with china for what was that warning? why is the us even interfering? plus social media has no problem in the past, justifying their purge a certain accounts on the basis of eliminating hate speech and reducing threat. if a taliban continue to have free reign on many platforms, so where is this outcry for most of the media concern? there are practically giddy when it president trump was currently ban. steve malls, burke will join us to gotten bad news as a laboratory in the u. s. has just had a breakthrough and it's research which mike actually provide a solution. the energy crisis, which everyone can agree on, i'm sure you use use right here on our to america. we have lots to cover. so let's get started. ah . as many as 15000 people as gain a sand could be eligible for evacuation to the united states. where there are
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a few details when it comes to just how these americans are african nationals will be taken out of the country. we're really working hard to get as many people through as possible. and quite frankly, we're not, we're, it's obvious. we're not close to where we want to be in terms of getting the numbers through. so we're going to work that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we're going to get everyone that we can possibly evacuate evacuated. and i'll do that as long as we possibly can until the clock runs out, or we run out of capability. meanwhile, china is waging wet summer, crawling psychological offensive against united states, raising its state media to trumpet america is a failure. and i'm going to stand there china this while using the unraveling situation. i've dentist and to its own benefit. but they also have their own concerns.


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