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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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up an up just seen by the indian president of council. there was widespread support for almost all the members of the one to pakistan and other regional countries to me ever participate. but in the getting to that without giving any reason and only in right, a kid representative so that we can represent at the moment but communicate in particular speak. none of us now. i think it was because in the not at the cable industry pounds. but in any case, we made our use no toner media, and that's to do with the way the us work because it was in the zone of the security council, the gun veto things,
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but it was the rotating chair of that emergency meeting because the presidency for the month of which i need can abuse that because in order to take partisan position, i came to stifle funds. once in a critical debate on board is a sam quality there to, to our audience and sound as it is going in and out. but obviously, as you say, it's so important global terrorism, global heroin trade. these are the big issues dominant. grab britain's foreign secretary. i mean, return to india back is on relation to the bit to grab the foreign secretary here. said he'd been in touch with your government and your government and told him that they were surprised by the taliban victory. why was i so surprised? i mean, the washington post. a few months ago it was he more than a year ago,
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had the afghan papers, which said that the u. s. officials were lying. that's what the washington post said about how successful the nato campaign was enough canister. people think of the size where they were quite a robust security service agency. i think that eventually the couple regina hood latch the question i think was that it collapse so quickly. and that's why we, i mean, was your prime minister, your prime, your prime minister, more or less is mean saying that ghani ghani is a puppet of the united states. doesn't have support around the country. i mean, they, you to infected with these policy. think tanks, these so called mainstream media tv pundits. all these disgraced, arguably generals that appear on television screen telling us iraq libya, syria who knows venezuela. it's all going to turn out right. you being infected by
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these ideas to rush to promote a settlement. and we hope that there would be a check for susan and we try to help in including in the process as well as to the protocol class format, you know, which groups russia, us, china parties done. we were all trying to get get a pretty good chunk of money for the for the bottom or call it but mission da, man progressed navy. so confident
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branch. why? why is it we never hear about the choice in nature, nation media. i don't know where the, you know, the boris johnson a sent our aircraft carrier. britain's aircraft carrier to china is maritime borders. and obviously the threats to the shanghai cooperation with nice ation continue from, from washington. what is you might have to explain what the troika is, because over here it's all about britain's negotiation skills with the taliban government. in the course of trying to promote them. between the copies of russia took the initiative to bring together the united states, china and the other team members of council on
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going down in mechanism to support the promotion of patients to be on the market for that to the mechanism and other mechanisms. we wouldn't be able to persuade the partners to have more inclusive government in clinic to be up to. that'll be up to the, to the taliban. what do you make of the fact that we're also hearing in nature, capitals, it's all about women's rights. do you think nato leaders care about women's rights, obviously, the sanctioning iran hurting the women of iran economically there? i think the women of venezuela economically would sanctions and major nations let alone what they've done in syria, which they also sanction is this women's rights idea?
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kind of decoy that they using and actually it's not women's tried to draw that in the minds of bars. johnson and joe biden. the problem in the mean axis in the government in the talking of course, national interest that we're talking with them. i mean, the, you know, prime minister him around gun. i don't know what he means when he said that the taliban victory is breaking the chains of slavery in defeating nato nations. what, what did he, what did he mean? mind that you take over the other culture becomes psychologically subservient. when that happens, please remember, it is worse than actual slavery. it is hard to throw off the change of cultural enslavement. what is happening enough canister?
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and now he's been as broken the shackles of slavery. what does the run con mean by that? i think people have now, you know, throwing off, whitening, wrenching, nice, control. done. and now you should be not, you know, being controlled by you and not being able to determine what, you know, how we want to be going. do you believe the troika has the power to pressure the taliban on? things like women's rights on amputation on, you know, crucifixion is that on there. would you had the in the list of version? sure. making you know what?
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no one try. because you know, making that respect. right. following the government, we need to hold them to, to those statements. and they make guarantees to pakistan about the pakistan taliban on the border regions that there's not going to be a resurgent partner sunny taliban presence bombing your cities now that they've taken cobble commitments. we may have machine served me each. i hope that he will be able to control the pcp. some of the other who was supported by the mdf, the national agency by the wrong
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sponsor. and we had one time probably take a few emanating from these groups and we should be able to control group, neutralize, to prevent terrorist attack. and just find the very briefly the cia and m i. 6 were involved in the creation of the taliban. how concerned is black is found about the ca, which seems to be a report say increasing their presence in afghanistan. i noticed that it's been reported that the as of july, a former ca station chief robert granny has been given a contract with bug or signing government signs that pakistan is very aware of ca, influence in the region
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to every row. if you are there, isn't it nobody she once you get into mean or in the region. but if, if the objectives are terrorism problem done to get to the share in the need to work with every right to matter. thank you. after the break, we unpacked the midst of withdrawal, as it becomes clear that the only real winner from the us is longest war in the military industrial complex with the host. if you meet your show, jimmy door, all listen more coming up in part 2 of this season finale of going underground.
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ah ah, ah. ah, me. the the news came
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out of the welcome back. one of the questions hanging over us president joe biden so cooled withdrawal from afghanistan is why a politician notorious for supporting us imperialism from latin america to the middle east, is suddenly so keen on pulling troops out of a war. he supported in 21. while jimmy door comedian and host of jimmy, ga, believes the by the sudden and the worst guys is actually just a way to pivot to other fields is a comp he joins me not a guy from los angeles in the united states. jimmy, thanks so much for coming back for a season finale. i'll get to the imperialism in the 2nd. but you know that everyone on every single mainstream channel over there over here, even boris johnson,
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people here in london, steven called bare comedian. all these people are saying women's rights, women's rights, and you think that actually massage and sanctions from us. and you can then as wayllace, iran, it gives the lighter, all this caring for women's rights when it comes to the withdrawal from afghanistan . you know, what helps women's rights more than anything is if you stop bombing them about a week and a half ago, the united states bomb a school high school and a health clinic killed 20 women and children. so that would be the thing that would, would hurt women the most is when you bomb them and you, and bade their countries and you slaughter thousands of them for the military, industrial, complex prophets and to steal their natural resources. joe biden, as you know, everybody's getting it, they are giving them a hard time. of course the in the united states, the press which is funded by the military industrial complex and wall street wants more war all the time. so they're allowed to criticize a president for ending
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a war, but they don't criticize presidents for starting award, that would, that would be unpatriotic and that would go against what their advertisers want. and so, as joe biden is catching grief from the american press and politicians for ending this pointless murderous war that we all knew was always going to end like this. they are ramping up the military budget here as they're ending the war. they're spending an extra $25000000000.00. so all the money they were spending $300000000.00 a day for 20 years. we spent in afghanistan, the united states, that $300000000.00 a day. well, they're not going to stop spending $300000000.00 a day. i don't know what they need all that money for. oh, maybe it's joe biden can now go bomb and somalia, which is bombing somalia, which 40 percent of the country are nomads. there is bombing the poorest people on the planet continuously. and now he's taking those soldiers from afghanistan occupying a 3rd of syria,
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their wheat fields in the oil fields. so the imperialism is not stopping in fact, are actually wrapping it up and they're spending more money on the war machine is an economy of death that the united states is perpetrating across the entire world . and so that's what's happening in women's rights. again, the, the afghanistan had a socialist government that was committed to women's rights and education and the welfare of its workers. the united states helped overthrow that government by propping up the taliban because we wanted to get a win on russia. and we didn't want russia to have a presence in central asia. and so that's what happened to a government that actually would respect women. they had won an afghan event, the united states came in and got rid of them. and by the way, this idea that the taliban of these bad guys that the united states doesn't want to work with, we work with the taliban. we invented the taliban. i videotape and my cho appeal regret and admitting we invented the taliban. and so that, that's where we are,
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we were, we invent a problem, the country, they just like ran ran. they had a democratically elected government in 1953, the cia and the united states over through that government, they installed this job. and now we have the ayatollah and that, that, that the, of the awkward see and read. so all these problems are created by the united states and there are period, elizabeth, don't think it stopping, you know, been unfair to am i 6 british intelligence also involved in, in all of that. but you do favor intervention by the usa shock, horror. i heard you on your show, the other day you're saying you want a u. s. intervention a military intervention. tell me about which country you want the u. s. intervening . and i think it's about, i mean, because a lot of people are saying we need to stay in afghanistan to help the women. i say, how about the united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invades los angeles and brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homeless people in,
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in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america? and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we in beta america? and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america going to care about the women? you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. america won't give maternity leave to women so they can take care of their family when they go out to work. a job that doesn't pay for rent, you know, 40 percent of the homeless people in the united states have jobs. they don't pay enough for them to have a home or an apartment. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children want to give women a living wage in the united states? give them health care and give them an education? ironically, that's what the government of gavin ended up until we invented the taliban. yeah, the similar controversy here about cuts and universal credits given during corona
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virus over the past few months and its impact on young girls and poverty. i mean, do you believe that biden was lying when he spoke in his speech about it was an intelligence failure? $86000000000.00 i think is saudi intelligence was present button line. yes, he was lying as the african papers revealed that the intelligence community and the military, the top brass people running the war in afghanistan have known that this is a failure from day one. they knew that they didn't have the direct quote from the african papers as we don't have the foggiest idea of what we're doing in afghanistan. they all predicted that the taliban would immediately run over the government as soon as we pulled out. and that's exactly what happened. joe biden said that that wasn't true. that wasn't that the intelligence community's assessment, and that was the intelligence community's assessment. and everybody knows that it's been revealed, revealed in the watch to both these aren't secrets. but again, the biggest disseminator of misinformation, especially about war,
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is the united states government and state department. and in the 2nd, one of these bad was meant corporate media in the united states. yes, he was lying saying that he was a reporter asked them hey, your own intelligence community is saying the taliban is going to overrun the government in afghanistan. and so he said they didn't come back in just one course they did. we know that we have the papers, so yes, he's cut, joe biden is a pathological liar. it was a pathological liar before he ran for president. he had to drop out the 1st time he ran for being caught being a pathological buyer. so yes, he's been lying about that sort of course, they'll never lose their facebook or twitter account. i mean, meaning joe biden, meaning the defense department. they have a twitter account ever facebook, but they'll never ever lose those for b, for using mis information or spewing misinformation which they're doing on the regular. well, they all will be denying it what goes through their minds. then in d. c, the foreign policy, think tanks, the politicians,
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the news anchors the news presents as the journalist, the op ed writers, the entire elite class of the, for the state. do they not know that loads of girls and women are going to go hungry tonight without federal aid? yes, well of course they do and they don't care. so this idea that the united states uses its military to care for women. it's 40 on its face. oh, did they invent pro women bombs? i think they did. so if you took that there are 600000 according to statistics or 600000 homeless people in america, a lot of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month, to go get housing. that would cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know, we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars
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a day to bomb and killed people to get it then. so the united states ever really cared about women. they could spend a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000 that they won't do it. so yet joe biden, nancy pelosi jobs humor. mitch mcconnell, all the leaders on both parties, they know that they're, that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states, along with their mothers, and they don't care. that's why joe biden, he brags that this new bill is going to cut child poverty and half, which is not because he won't give us a $15.00 minimum wage of 50. you won't give people a living wage in the united states. he refuses to. he ran on it, it's super popular. the american people want a living wage of $50.00 minimum weights and he refuses to do it because joe biden is bought and paid for by wall street. and so no, he doesn't care about women. he doesn't care about children, he's the biggest war monger. it is the biggest war criminal to. so you remember
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when the united states, when donald trump was threatening to pull the soldiers out of afghan? it's dan. 2 years ago, the democrats and republicans in congress came together and passed the law. an amendment called the role cheney amendment that prohibited donald for removing the, the troops from afghanistan. so these people don't care about women and children. they will never allocate money to help those homeless people, they won't ever try to get the one out of 5 children living in poverty any help they're not putting poverty. and that's a number like child poverty. and that's not happening. and i say, if you, if you're going to brag that you're going to cut child poverty and have in the richest country on the face of the earth, why wouldn't you just put child poverty in hole? why are you doing it in fractions? why wouldn't you, what does it take to get rid of it altogether when i call a enemy? because the enemy is, as you mentioned earlier, russia was why poor the united states had to sadly sponsor the brutal
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islamist taliban. then russia was the enemy because he got trump elected, and actually russia was involved in cuba. why is biden so obsessed with punishing the women and girls and men and boys of cuba? you know, the only thing i can think of is that they want regime change. they weren't resume, change everywhere. and it's bipartisan. i mean, what's weird is that brock obama actually was had started to turn around on cuba. and now joe biden is even worse than truck was with cuba. so you'll bite into bigger imperialist, i guess, you know. and so i look for him to go and try to go back into venezuela to do some more stuff in central and south america. i mean, that's just what the united states does and what they're doing to, to, to the people of cuba is just brutal. it's the same thing or don't the people of theory, the same thing are doing to the people of iran. they're using sanctions to punish people. i mean, now you can get cancer, you have cancer and theory and good luck getting the medicine you need. and the
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same thing all around the world. venezuela. uber rendered punishing people with sanctions, which are an act of war. so, and people at and peace, they talk about things in the united states, like it's a kitchen remodel. you know, it's thanks, since our murder isn't horrible. so you seem to be saying that women's rights are being weaponized in this way. i don't know where kamala harris has gone. i mean, just finally, the big global story. historic story, obviously, climate change and i v c. c, lead author on this program said they don't count emissions from military equipment just as they just, they don't care about the women's rights really, according to you. do you think it passes through the pentagon mind or the british military is mind about climate change when they launch all these wars and do all these things in all these countries? well, i'm pretty sure that the united states military is the big is purveyor of greenhouse
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gases. right? don't they care? i think they contribute to the most global warming then i think even so i'm free and i would be widely. they don't release the official figures and special forces you guys have. no one really knows. well, i remember elizabeth warren when she ran for president, she wanted to greens, you want to make the, the murder machine called the united states military. more environmentally friendly . i get and i don't know, i get the bombs explode and a c for trees, fly out. i don't know what happens, but again, they don't really care about climate. they don't really care about women's, right. the only thing they care about is corporate profits. and that's why the united states isn't the situation. it is where we have $15.00 kids living in poverty, in the richest country in the world, 80 percent of workers live paycheck to paycheck, half the drugs we can't afford $400.00 birds. the, it's in the richest country in the world. this is what happens when your government gets captured 100 percent by corporations, the military industrial complex. wall street,
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big pharma and oil companies. they control our government and that's why we can make it a living waived in the united states. and that's why the united states looks way more like brazil today that it should come all hours when she gone well. and in april of this year, she was claiming credit for it. i just saw there was a, there was a headline in political, i think i featured, i might show kamala harris want to read it. she was the last person in the room with joe biden. when he decided to make the decision to pull out of afghanistan and in april, if you want to credit for that. and yesterday there is reporting that she did that . she said, i don't want to have that on me so that she's quickly shifted. because again, the establishment, media and the just the establishment in the united states. it has the earth mentality, right? so in april it was a great idea to get out of the data set. and now it's a horrible idea, and nobody has drilled except for a guy like probably ron paul. he's been consistent jimmy door. thanks so much for coming on the season finale. that's it for this show. and this season,
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going underground will be back on wednesday, september the 8th a few days before the anniversary of the ca, back coo and chilly, until then we'll be playing some of your favorite shows from the season to keep watching. go for subscribe to the channels for online explosive content and keep in touch with us via social media channels. we'll be looking up the news stories we can let us know who you'd like to see me interview on the next season of going under grants. you are welcome to maximize your financial survival guide looking forward to your message. this is what happens to patients in britain delegate that you watch kaiser report. now we have the cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to cigarettes. do we trust tobacco companies with their
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message that these new products are actually going to reduce these? these are making the tobacco tours. ah, you know, some years ago when you said that you were going to go below watch a movie it was going to show you where you didn't numbers to bring it in the other molar. that's what you will cover for us to lead me to follow. because that's how much
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is it too much? not although a lot nobody me on the is a soccer and you say you gotta let me know what you personally other one of which ah ah ah ah
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the it's all about and this is a hail of bullets on a crowd after people raise the afghan national flag, a symbol, the military have replaced the cross country with their own banner. it's not the only show of resistance of 10000 up 10 soldiers reportedly rally in the north of the country under the leadership of the vice president who instead he is now a legitimate leader. it is claimed they've already wrested back areas near the taliban take over, rips open old wounds in europe where there are mounting fears of a possible repeat of the 2015 migrant price of 20 years and 3 trillion dollars later.


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