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the i choose for season, okay, offices of desperate pirates tried to pass the children to us soldiers hoping to give them a new life communities is 1st master that they feel saying that at risk of being who run british families the last one to the conflicts, enough gown this done and surviving veterans say that they are dismayed by the telephone. the resurgence questioning now where the sacrifices might have been in vain. we speak to the mother of one full and british soldier by design a very i'm trying to do that. a lot of people are asking me, you know,
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was worse. i question now and since sunday i don't believe the news. good afternoon. thanks for joining us in the tele buttons declared the creation of these luck, emerett of afghanistan, the same no use for the country when they were lost in power for days on from the taliban. the dramatic return. the fresh scenes of chaos set, carpool porters. people tried to flee wednesday, hundreds crowded is berries and fancies. even babies were seen being passed over the crowds towards your soldiers stationed with parents, hoping that it would give them a better chance of being evacuated. come far, still being heard coming from taliban checkpoints, these 12 people were killed since sunday. i mean chaos. the airport would more in
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just the port suggested the u. s. military is tear gas to disperse, crowns. massing at the entrance, the dozens of people were seen sitting on the ground with a possessions lying around them with afghans queuing. the perimeter now been confirmed. us troops have been foreign morning shops is quote, a crowd control measure this and verify the video is asking women at the airport, pleading with us gods to let them in. the pentagon says that it must defend the field because thousands could overrun it, putting their own forces at risk. marika and other question countries have been prioritizing, getting their own nations out 1st. meanwhile, taliban fighters and checkpoints surrounded the airport on wednesday. events go now and that is facing difficulties in getting people back. we don't have the capability to go out and collect up large numbers of people. we're really working hard to get as many people through as possible. and quite frankly, we're not,
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we're, it's obvious, we're not close to where we want to be in terms of getting the numbers through. so we're going to work that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the u. s. was caught unawares and i think once again, they have failed to analyze what the situation was. it really puts on full display, the delusions of the us, which after all has been in afghanistan for almost 20 years. consuming, according to some estimates, 2 trillion dollars. this money has not gone to the benefit of the afghan people, obviously. and this whole enterprise has been very bad for the american people as well. many us soldiers have died. the good thing about exposing the delusions of the u. s. empire and the neoconservatives to run u. s. foreign policy is that it's going to make them harder to continue. so there
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needs to be a lot more criticism and exposure of what the reality is versus what are the promises and the, the false estimates by us intelligence officials, cobb level, still the crowd who had people struggling to flee. and while the list of countries conducting rescue operations isn't very long, the number of those who've actually managed to leave isn't that big, those. these are some of the problems facing people. the u. s. doesn't have enough troops to guard the air force or to provide security along television checkpoints. some countries have security doubts about taking in refugees them or proposed with the return of their own citizens. us as evacuated, the largest number of nationals to date and plans to rescue 22000 refugees by the end of august. as for the u. k, the authorities are so far bro. bye. more than 300 british citizens in 2000 and afghans. germany, which was slammed for only taking 7 people on its 1st plane out of cobble is not
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help more than a 1000 people. oliver picks up the story. well, what we've been hearing here in germany from the interior ministers of the 16 states that may cope the federal republic is there petitioning holes the hope of the federal interior minutes. the thing germany needs a new african refugees program, the official message, or the message coming from the top of government here in berlin low is that they want to see african refugees. how has been looked after in neighboring countries to galveston. countries like a ron and pakistan as well. what we've heard from angular merkel though is she says there are lessons that must be learned from what's happened enough gone to some news. i seldom isn't. at this point, i can say that we have nor did she sell goals, and we have to discuss more lessons. we have learned from this german evacuation flights continuing to leave the airport in cobble as of thursday morning, around 900 people had been taken out on lowes plains, but not before. they'll germany vacuum 265000 cans of beer and
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340 bottles of wine. the common for some criticism for doing math before people were put on those planes. we're also looking at how it's been received in the why the european sends a lot of you politicians desperate to avoid a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis. what we've, what we've heard from the likes of a manual mark on the french president, this him saying that his country needs to be protected from those who a seeking refuge. austria has said that camps need to be set up in neighboring countries too off. got us done to detain those people who've already previously been expelled from the european union to stop them. essentially, trying to get back in to the you, when it comes to greece, which is one of those countries that is at entry into the european union for refugees and migrants. well, they're saying they're not going to see 2050 repeat itself. very strong words
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coming out of athens, as they say absolutely no way is that going to happen? they're in fact threatening. they'll send people back to turkey, which is in turn say no way they can't take any more refugees coming over these particular roots. president ed, one, they're saying fences and walls will be erected the commission as well. those saying refugees need to avoid those routes that had been used since 2015, 16 to get into the european union. we should avoid irregular routes, dangerous routes that are to facilitate the bus modeless. instead, we should engage in legal, safe ways for people in need of international protections to come to the opinion. well, it's not just those people that have been referred to, is illegal, a regular that are having issues at the moment. those that have right says it would be to get out of cobble airport on some of those planes are also at
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a loss how to do that right now. our colleagues that are p shut german language systems service, spoke to one german passport holder, one german citizen, who told us his situation. and i just thought, i'm a german citizen. throughout the day, i stay in constant contact with the german foreign ministry and the german ambassador to couple. i received an email saying that one can enter germany, only one is a family member of a german. my fiance is such a person, but she's not being recognized in the official status. she's a citizen of afghanistan. we hope to leave the country as soon as possible. i'm one of the evacuation charter flights. of course, we're very worried about what's going on. we haven't gone out since the day before yesterday since the taliban set up checkpoints all around the city were also worried that they could find out that i'm a foreigner or that in the future our situation make it worse. if they find out that my fiance is engaged or got married abroad once we arrived safely in germany, will of course have no more reason to fear for our lives. we live in a free and democratic country. that's where i want to return to. that's where i belong. i'm calling on the government and the german foreign ministry to let us
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finish all the paperwork in germany. we have the originals of all of our documents in our hands. let us finally leave this caliphate give me and my fiance permission to enter germany. or the deft chairman of the left parliament to group in the under stock under him co believes that the german government had been masking the reality of the situation in afghanistan for quite some time. says a lot of high progress the at the moment. and just to asian, we have to fear it is a complete disaster. what we are witnessing even and the beginning of this year, the government created to picture in our parliament that there is now a full democratic state. ready enough time there is lively, severe society and all these nato involvement success. all this is of course,
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is hypocrisy. it's. it's page. it was for 4 years painted a picture which is not in line with reality, which we can see, you know, i think we should take and bring refugees who are in fear of life. but at the same time, i think it's necessary to really talk to the real power in afghanistan, taliban to go to negotiations to negotiations as well. concerning the refugees and not to break all diplomatic ties. process discounted in london on wednesday condemning the u. k. government response through events, enough camera style like all for those still stuck to be brought to the u. k. as quick as possible. you can form secretaries facing calls to resign after
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interpreters, he worked with british soldiers miss being evacuated from cargo because dominic rob was too busy on holiday to give the green lights in time. marcia, bye bye car kill enough. can form a judge. she fled the country when the taliban 1st came to power and then moved to the u. k. difficulty was to escape the medicines. my job was not competing with a dollar bond in 1997 in front of me. my she became and my house and gabriel, our front door. so i was hiding into 5 to 456 hours when the less diploma and we decided she should live in 2007. did try to can mean on on me over in a car before this was done most the in my life when i left my
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country, my job, my family, the age of 43 is not easy. 3 there thing your rate in your life, a chief for me and for my senior women activists and have chemist on a do not change a lot of evidence against the telephone to us than before. a particularly upset of the rapids full of the western vice government in kabul and the resurgence of the taliban or british veterans and families who lost loved ones to the complaint. from the questioning before those sacrifices were in vain accusing the u. s. u k. governments and botching the withdrawal. we spoke to the mother full and british soldier. she'll binnie he was killed in a 5 fight would tell about militants in may. 2009. he was just 22 years old. his mother jeanette spin, he told us about the emotions that she has been feeling since sunday was i'm very angry. able to do that that they've been able to come in and do what they have been
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able to do. a lot of people are asking, you know, was it worse? i question not. and since sunday i haven't really slept joyful in don't think any of the mums and families that have lost loved ones. they have really been able to comprehend best. i know that when my son was told he was killed save, and women and children and the men that he was mentioned at a time along with his own una. and i will be for effort grateful to him. and so cranked that at the end of the d, his life was given to try meet as country back to start the child from being able to rule the naval to cause head or anyway as well enough down. and then 24 hours. they have just walked in and took over. it's just ludicrous to me, need to explain why the fight is true so rapidly between the key and america
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beneath. explain why this is that, i mean i would like an inquiry into why that happened like us women are among the most threatened groups in taliban control. the chemist on the take of a st. hudson cobble showing women's faces have been painted over some local say that women are practically disappeared from the streets with only a very small number. daring to come out or to say that she'll injure unless stranded in cobble says that he hasn't seen a single woman in his hotel since the taliban took control of human looking. i live in the hotel and capital citizens and stuff because i can't leave the premises. the 1st thing i witness doctor riding and capital was a horrendous terror attack in the defense ministry. that was the sign of things to come. the attack was terrible. soldiers, taliban fighters that were all blown to pieces, locals have been watching. recent events with horror. these are dark days. tragedy that's causing a tremendous upheaval in society. don't forget that the taliban is talking about the inevitable creation of an emerald of galveston. what does that mean?
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it means the regime that's more religious than political on top of the religious measures bell introduce more violent ones. and these are the worst for women which make up of the half of the population. so have no basic rights, no freedom of expression, they will be covered from head to toe with just little slits for the eyes. women of very bad are frightened by what could be in store for them. they will effectively be turned into slaves. many of them are leading figures activists, many in sports music, different types of activities. i've been told, for example, about a female pianist spend 20 years studying to realize the dream of attending the conservatory the taliban and told her no, you won't play anymore. the end of her passion. so one time to life, that's what i've been told, and that's a drama. countries are busy getting the nationals out of afghanistan, russia, among them. december st. cobble estimates are up to
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a 100 russians in the country. most guesses and taliban has guaranteed the safety of all russian planes. this is also indicated it's ready to lift african refugees to any 3rd country willing to accept them in russia's top diplomatic school for inclusive dialogue, enough chemist on if you thought sick when the whole of afghan install was engulfed in a civil war, we advocated the need for an urgent transition to dialogue with the participation of all the opposing african forces. and now when the taliban have in fact taken power a couple, we are in favor of a nationwide dialogue that will allow the formation of a representative government, which will then work out agreement on the final settlement, the country with the support of the afghan people. the hasty withdrawal, the 4th is seen a significant amount of us and nato weapons and equipment and up in taliban. hans is footage recently emerged online from cobb showing and abandoned headquarters of the international charity assistance for the natal admission. the, as you can see,
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stuff seemingly smashed can pieces, leaving them in pieces on the floor. they were apparently destroyed to prevent sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. in while in a recent interview with a b c, news us president joe barton and mentioned he knew that because of kenneth, but said it was unavoidable. i don't think it could have been handled in a way that there we were going to go back. in hindsight, look, but the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos and suing. i don't know how that happens with decision seems to cost by the home is approval rating said in all time low and i'm open, explains the chaotic scenes and cobble have certainly not been good for the white house. the approval rating of joe biden has now dropped to less than half only 46 percent of americans say they liked the jobs that the new president is doing. now. the events in afghanistan have certainly been
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a factor because prior to them he was at 53 percent. so a 7 percent drop seems you have resulted. some polls are now showing that joe biden handling of afghanistan is less popular than george w bush's handling of afghanistan. and we now have a situation where a senator bob menendez, representing the u. s. foreign relations committee of the senate. he's coming forward with this statement. the events of recent days have been the combination of a series of mistakes made by republican and democratic administrations over the past 20 years, including the trumpet, ministrations, flawed negotiations with the taliban, and the biden administration's flawed execution of the us withdraw. the committee will seek a full accounting for these shortcomings. now, republicans are being far less forgiving. they say that jo biden's decision to rapidly pull out of afghanistan is harming the united states, discrediting the country, hurting relations with allies. there's been
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a fire storm of anger from the republican side of the aisle. this by the administration said they plan for every scenario. they told us to day prior that coble. ready cobble was not imminent, he told us less than a month before that this would never happen yesterday. hope president biden would accept responsibility and explain how he would fix the catastrophe and of galveston . instead. he blamed his 3 previous asses and against the ford. beside our troops for 20 years, thing pointing won't solve this crisis boaters. there should be top to bottom accountability at the pentagon and within the administration for this disaster that this stunning failure has been met with silence from credit biden cause into serious question. his ability to carry out his duties as commander in chief, the president's failure to acknowledge his disastrous withdrawl provides no comfort to americans or afghan partners whose lives hang in the balance. now to add insult to injury, there are millions, if not billions of dollars
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a weapon. we're talking gun, ammunition tanks, helicopters that have simply been abandoned. these were weapons that were given to the u. s. trained afghan forces and they seem to have been left behind. and from what jake sullivan, who is the national security advisor, joe biden says it's pretty unlikely that the taliban is simply going to hand them over at the airport now. nancy pelosi stepped up and defended the president on this point. i command the president for the action that he took. this is what happens when you withdraw you some stuff. some equipment is left there. now joe biden stands by his decision. he says that there would not ever been a good time for the usa to pull out of afghanistan. this would have resulted at any point in which this happened. he says he did the right thing. polls are showing americans are not pleased. there is also some outrage in the international community, not a good day for the white house as politicians to lay the blame game of what happened in recent days. also the channel out,
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the americans put the issue up to debate. former president george w bush issued a statement on this. he said that he felt, quote, deep sadness at the return to power by the taliban, and called biden's withdraw. these are all quote, he said, a mistake and unbelievably bad. we really began to lose the war in afghanistan in 2003 when he diverted attention to iraq. and instead of focusing on afghanistan as we got deeper, deeper and iraq, afghanistan became known as the forgotten war. and people were wondering what's going on with that war ended by the way. and that allowed taliban to begin to creep back in. and because all resources, all attention was thereby focused on iraq trying to trying to nation building and regime change. nation building, which were really, really crappy at the, by the way, and we need to get out of that business all together. and we,
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we failed. we failed in both countries. now we've got nothing but total disasters in both countries and over $60000000.00 worth of expenditure, not to mentioned the treasure of life and limb of countless americans and others that have been lost. and it's just, and it's a tragedy, as, as might just say that there are nato invoked article 5 that you know, and an attack on one member state is an attack on all. so at what point should they have returned to their original mission of keeping afghanistan secure? you know, we've seen these heavy handed interventions by the us and nato and western european countries like in libyan syria. and i've had, you know, disastrous consequences. so, one would hope this, my situation, f canister might be a wake up call. you know, these military interventions don't work affectively and cause a lot of hardship and suffering for the population of these countries who have to solve their own internal political problems. most international legal scholars,
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the war and afghans dance was illegal because the taliban never directly sent 911 hijackers to bomb the trade center. and there are no legal basis for that war. so the swift advancement made by the taliban is the failure of the afghan forces. i mean is that kind of tone deaf and simply just punting responsibility. the us cannot and should not try to deflect blame for what's happened there at the end of the day. we are the ones who invaded that country. we're the ones who over through the government there and replaced it with, with our own. and so when we suddenly decided to leave and everything goes to crap, we're ultimately responsible for that. you cannot, you cannot shock blame in this situation and ultimately all falls back on the united states of america for the devastation that being rotten that country right now. the taliban rapid return was greeted with celebrations and series. it'll province
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a hotbed of just how this new the turkish border that won't go down when in washington, because that region is the base of the supposedly moderate opposition. washington is backed all along. just on a small. the taliban is back on the offensive. this time on an international scale, but instead of machine guns and bombs, their weapon of choice is payoff. including pledges like this to abandon their barbarous ways. but i want to give assurances to all competitors, those on the position side as interpreters involved in military actions or those who health and civilian sectors. we have granted them all amnesty. we don't want to take revenge on anyone and those youths who are talented and from the soil and we don't want them to leave never. they are a valuable asset. they must stay in the country, god willing. and according to sherry law, we will that women work and participate in activities. women are the main symbol of our society. we respect them. women will participate in different sectors of
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society. although according to this area law, some are sure it's the same. old g hard preaching taliban, for example, extremists in the syrian province of ed live, who have been out celebrating what they see as the victory of their idea logical twin. 20 years ago, george w bush declared the end of the taliban. but the taliban were patients. and carried out their jihad, so men of syria trusting god, unify your ranks and hold up the taliban. is your example, sir. and yadda stephen handed out sweets as if imagining they themselves had just and to damascus. and in case you forgot who these taliban loving terrorists are, they are the same people, the mainstream media and politicians hod sold as siri as moderate opposition.
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some of that opposition, so called moderate opposition, needs to be part of a syrian political future after assad. and after the transition transition, the moderate opposition in syria is one that if we're ever going to have to have a political transition, we need news for a front, which is an archive to affiliate as absorbed as have other smaller groups have absorbed a number of what we would have previously called the modern opposition situation theory has always been very complex. it was actually back into 2012. i was in a country in the middle east, near syria, speaking to people who were living on the border at the time. you know, nobody really knew anything,
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especially in the us. americans are generally kept in the dark by our government. we didn't know much, but over there, there were dozens upon dozens of terrorist organizations of care. it's actors that were being funded by the united states being called these people, rebels that us with the 40, while ed liberal is a western beacon of hope for regional democracy. cobble is not what way of saying isn't on mitigated disaster. every terrorists around the world and syria, in iraq and in and in africa, are cheering the defeat of the united states military by a terrorist organization. while the west is now busy warning the world, the hardest movements will draw inspiration from america humiliation. and i've got to stand, it seems not to have noticed that it's supposed moderates in syria,
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actually the 1st to have done so. ok, let's bring some breaking news as just come out of washington d. c. the area near the library of congress on capitol hill has been evacuated. you can see here the police court and just to securing that area code to report police are investigating the possibility that it may have been a explosive device inside the truck that was left near the capital building near the library will bring you updates on the story as they come in, i wrap sit up for our coverage for this south. thanks for staying with our team more than 30 minutes. ah. ah ah.
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ah. now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these, these are making the tobacco have been worse the i am max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. we're going to follow up on something
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we've been talking about for a while and that is lack of leadership, but never ending money printing stacy. well, you know, the thing about the trip and dilemma as we have covered, is that this was predicted since bretton woods is that there's always a class between domestic and international policy for the reserve currency because you have to print money and you have to send it overseas, so 1st you get rid of your goal, then you get rid of your manufacturing. so we got rid of that we with, when we got rid of our manufacturing here in the united states in order to support the us dollar as reserve currency. one of the problems is that we no longer really had any sort of domestic policy other than money printing. so this, the failure of this as being really seen during these global ongoing locked downs over a year and a half into this global pandemic. and so i was asking myself like what would have
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happened to hoss had trying to not shut down.


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