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ministry has declared to outlets in fact including tv, rain, as for an agent. so what does it mean basically now, before they put out, before they publish any information, any material before the any package or story they have to put forward, they disclaim, i'm saying that they are a foreign agent, which means that they get at least some of their funding from abroad from the you, from the united states, basically, it originates from outside of russia. this is pretty much it. they just have to inform their view is where they get their money from tv rain here being one of the most vocal and well allowed anti very staunch to anti government sources of information. but now the fact that america has the same status in the united states and has to do the exact same things. but of course those outlets because tv rain is not the 1st one to get this status here in russia. these outlets the complain and they complain a lot because they lose
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a lot of revenue. they're getting from advertisements. they are saying that essentially companies, they view them as toxic platforms when it comes to putting up ads and ordering ads on the, on the pages. now there's no legal obligation in front of them. i mean companies have no legal obligation, not to well put ads on for on outlets that have been deemed to be for an agents. but well, nonetheless, they choose not to do so. that's why it is a big problem for media outlets that have this status. all right, all t v goes on a fair with the latest. thanks for that update flop. next, all you got commentary takes a closer look at the tobacco industry and its promotion of from product despite the parents. with the help i can offer our, the latest join us again that the
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cigarette smoking stands for freedom, sociability, for relaxation and enjoyment, smokers radiate eroticism and self confidence. or at least that's the promise film stars and filmmakers have known this for decades. me today the tobacco industry is promoting an entirely new generation of products and which comes a new set of promises me was a, it's a tobacco heater or an e cigarette. the traditional habit of smoking has moved into a supposedly healthy, a pastime nicotine enjoyments. no shame or regret the greater the dependence on nicotine, the greater the profit in 2019 alone. the tobacco industry generated worldwide
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revenues of over $800000000000.00. but what are the actual health benefits of these new products for confuse all the latest innovations in smoking? really as homeless as the tobacco industry wants us to believe on their promises of healthier smoking. nearly a tried and tested trick that is safeguarding billions in profits. ah i ah,
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vanessa who sells e cigarettes from her boutique in the food on the small of paris for many years, the 45 year old with a keen cigarette smoke. today, she is an average e cigarette user the, according to vanessa data, these innovative devices are more than the mere alternative to smoking. for the french woman, the cigarette is the best nicotine replacement product you can buy. they can match it up for like a group much with young. the p 2 was an issue that was sitting in critique cases to the patient. the cigarettes gives users the feeling that they're doing something for their health. vanessa davis, who is firmly convinced that
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e cigarettes will help her quit for good while you're there, you can use it there. that sort of business that i think one of it, i've actually businesses, the rush is more consensual. what issues or if it's necessary? who's customers have also been won over by this new smoking experience? so yeah, that the bad. so she see, they can, you know, she see of actually use quite a truly shuttle lead live up book. she said he never is safety measure. if i agree with the number of e cigarette users worldwide has increased dramatically in recent years. in 2011, there were around 7000000, so called vapors by 2018. the numbers had grooms of 41000000, and the 6 fold increase. the relentless rise of the vapor cigarette has not escape the attention of the tobacco industry. the players have now joined the bandwagon
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and marketing the innovation. oh, the me see and java long. good for those x in the yard. any portion in this tier don't against them put on my comment. i was just in the business for this one for the whole dusted gone for the entire office in august to look into is a better way to concept. so we started in the, in the consummation as an a tv product to unbeaten because on the lease and get fond of shifts of adults here. it's not the 1st time that the
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tobacco industry has thought to market its products as homeless to health in a nation. wide survey doctors and all branches of medicine were asked, what cigarette do you smoke? doctor brand named most was camels. tens of thousands of doctors, general practitioners, surgeons, specialists, doctors and every branch of medicine were included. and according to this nation wide survey, more doctors smoke councils than any other cigarette. the tobacco industry has a history of trying to sell those products that they think are they tell us will reduce harm. now we have cigarettes, right? and the question we have to ask ourselves is, do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce hard? especially when we know that they're funded mental motivation is to protect their business. and they need a new generation of users hooked on nicotine. the
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growth. do you think she's handsomely paid in hollywood style, such as audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's, showed how it was done. and we followed the lead for decades, smoking viewed as a harmless pleasure to be pursued, worry free like me to have was in the film was gilder the cigarettes gave you that certain special something the number 30 and the nothing personal i oh no. i was just tossing away my frustration, but in the 1950s, the mood began to change. far more often, it was said that tobacco cigarettes might not be as harmless and so as clean.
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smoking makes you ill. i use in the use that followed american scientists would prove that smoking causes lung cancer and who's willing to chronic bronchitis and other diseases. the american health authority said smoking is suicide is emotion against this backdrop. millions of people stop smoking. ah, the industry was faced with a problem. it's hard to make money from the manufacturer of products that cause illness or even death. i went up last and i just did the in the or do you in the key to but you know, they're put on the c p. if fox him know. now, you know, there are many net fiscal muscle argue no net. so the d was
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a john is receptive and whole game. it was almost discussing the subaltern towel dog lead to c, w z the va. and i cannot direct she not assume hiipaa and the tobacco industry sets to work on new advertising campaigns and new products such as lights and mental cigarettes, as well as the filter. the message is clear, the new products are healthier. smoking is no longer quite so deadly. the tobacco companies did not acknowledge the scientific findings on its harmful effects. none of the things that have been found in tobacco
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smoke are concentrations, which can be considered harmful. look, the components themselves can be considered home for come in or anything can be considered harmful. applesauce is harmful. if you get too much of it, i don't think many people are dying from apple, so they're not eating that much elements in cigarettes, and they come into scratch which constantly weather. so they are on the are new york city. this way, the tobacco industry muddy the waters. as intended, these downs provoked a debate, the distracted from the actual dangers of smoking. the corporations understood this internal industry document from 969 shows. and it works. once again, the smoke cigarettes symbolizes freedom and safe life. smoking is relaxing
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and fond. ah, this is marlborough country. philip norris's sales of cigarettes are thought to have increased exponentially on the 1st 8 months of its campaign for the new mom bra, country. the advertising promises have global reach also in paris. ah, this nation remembers marlborough advertising from childhood, changing her secret plan fully. she don't need any help or anything that he can't get any more. he may go curbing from nasty horse again. neighbor clara
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$90000.00 per year now for the last time she has smoked mom, brew and other well known brands for over 30 years. now she wants to free herself of her nicotine dependence. today, she has an appointment of the outpatient addiction clinic officials. pompey to hospital in paris. she wants to remain anonymous to tentative place until she, the police, and she surmises you need to get me. i'm guessing if you can tell me that dr. las scene is the head of the local department for addictive. according to
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many medical professionals in france are themselves dependent. allison nicotine that makes giving up so difficult to cleanse. katina senior project key key hall id . and kelley ive solved a few me and kelly, i thought i just plan on getting it all set so whom it's so different. and then you could change his whole dollars to vote and you just couldn't go off. if i had done this a 50, correct. i left for g p o street to new york or for past, you know, buffering balance after the left, the key, the morning between a person in justs, the more dependent they become. oh, the the whole
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when i would chose the wrong when all just don't the rules. yes, to fill out. the thing becomes the after an engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in o. the corporations were quick to recognize the role played by nicotine in their products. a document from 1976 from british american
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tobacco lays it out. nicotine is an important aspect of satisfaction, and if the nicotine delivery is reduced below a threshold satisfaction level, then surely smokers will question more readily why they are indulging and inexpensive habits. us a product with too little nicotine constitutes a threat to the industry. in increasing numbers of consumers, quit smoking. it's not just the question of a loss of revenue in the long term. it could even harold, the end of the $1000000000.00 industry, the nicotine is a natural component of the tobacco plant. so how can the tobacco industry pass on as much as possible to the user? me? in this national retreat and sigma chemist are studying tobacco products you regulation state the tobacco smoke may contain a maximum of one milligram of nicotine. here the scientists regularly assess
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whether german tobacco products adhere to the standards. the nicotine content is tested using the smoking machine. but how dependable are the values that it provides, dependency, safety claims, rico that monday this hour liza puts you on the roost. clank him after hours and his leg seat then is full. timely dining can we start manipulates, you want this also organization that all for women is mushy. know are out for didn't besides those, this is angela. she wants to heal. vote by looking to get on done, but they didn't. what this means is that on the smoking machine, the holes enable compliance with the league the required nicotine levels. a closer look at the filter reveals the miniscule perforations. but both of these holes mean for smokers.
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and that also did you get to you don't want them to encourage you to show that finger on done voltage. so coffee cheese, what's in dollars to get picked the now because dorothy consented. you know, obviously me and you continue happening, shots often get them football going to to the shops of me. i me, i really going to get it is because your spirit for coleman, at least one or 2 of the day of and they're from football. and i'm going to show you how fun, when off seed laid out to a husband of india. lots. you can develop 20, surely as many complex you get clean and fresh as all outdoor, absolute pleasure. you get in the clean, fresh taste of bel air. you bel air,
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the light menthol cigarettes that gives you approved back of the holes in the filter hawk back to when tobacco companies 1st introduced the light cigarette. thanks to the whole, they managed to lower the nicotine levels measured by the smoking machine, giving the impression that they all lower in nicotine. but that doesn't mean that might cigarettes on the harmful today's ab band. but the whole innovation have endured me to use this. i see that awesome snow on feel nuclear teen to fulfill the hearts of in on the all of this for you, hot ico his nuclear teen done is just a go to my kid then why it i should be going in and this nuclear teen fluted inside him so gentle and when the when, when a sash no shield, you cuts a decent site as so to freedom is there could meet the some like
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a dish be consistent into michael toya. the more rapid, the nicotine supply, the more satisfied the customer call for dr. la fowler seems patients the nicotine is what makes it difficult to kick the habit. itching and getting annoying management now canal and a half percent. really a trace route t s. kathy dental, i guess we'll go from there and then we need to make a doctor, the phone, the scene, the addictive factor of nicotine is comparable to that of heroin was we are all the food now. good to go. most she mean she see here molig him, so he's for police. so i found a committed to make it we can visit about medicaid,
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the mileage continues to me to see how much more in sure, if the joint severe to, to see they're connected. surely. who does that cause? decor, shift? who's positions for decades? the tobacco industry pretended to be unaware of nicotine addictive qualities such as during this hearing in 1994. when chief executives of the 7 tobacco giants testified before us congress just yes or no. do you believe nicotine is not addicted? i believe nicotine is not addictive. yes, i don't believe that nicotine for our products are addicted. i believe not addictive. i believe the nicotine is not protect is not to believe that
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but is the truth. in the same year, the university of california in san francisco was sent thousands of internal documents from a to back who industry whistleblower ah, on may 12, 994, a box of about 4 or 5000 pages of secret internal tobacco industry documents got delivered to my office, the return address was mister, but which is a cartoon character in a popular comic strip here. my voice um, tobacco host. my 1st and the documents were the 1st look inside the tobacco companies. and what they showed when you were looking into correspondence and the communications between their cop management and their top lawyers and their top scientists and their top public relations. people which they, they had figured out the smoking caused cancer in the 1950,
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stayed for your out and cause heart disease in the 19 sixty's, they recognized nicotine as an addictive drug, and the 960 s, and were designing cigarettes to maximize their redemption all the time publicly denying all of this. and so it was just amazing to be wet behind the curtain. the internal documents revealed the truth. they showed the importance of nicotine 40 tobacco business. in the early seventy's, a document from r j. reynolds states, a tobacco products is essentially a tool for the delivery of nicotine ah, liquids for e cigarettes also contain nicotine, one reputation does nicotine enjoy? here? vanessa de la really takes the view that nicotine is vital for the satisfaction of the consumer. it's the only way of preventing the vapor from taking up smoking
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again. language they will when they get comfortable lives, i believe it's i boys, uncle will also request you plenty key is your best anita anita. that suited here to say on you out. destitute of nikki, the nego regime, she think was refill or mr. she came that actually she need to change that to me last year in particular. so need to talk to me. lou said, oh indeed, the classic a cigarette does not burn tobacco. all important liquids are poured into the device . the battery is activated and the liquid is heated. as soon as the user pulls on the device liquid evaporates, the vapors can be inhaled. ah,
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liquids coming smooth vials. these are available in a variety of flavors. such as pine, a pool with coconut o wild strawberries, liquids also come in different strengths. as far as the customers are concerned, the nicotine in the liquid is as harmless as it is indispensable. what can you see? islands, good teeth, guns hopin sped the cigarette. i meant to know nico tina talk in the family, come, you have any pencil. she was also outside of france. vapors are persuaded that these new products are less harmful than traditional tobacco products in germany to there's
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a general belief in the concept of harm reduction because that is not surprisingly, the spokesman for the e cigarette association is convinced of the benefits of electric smoking. bait heating this and have to convince dusty, it's got to include auto vinegar sheet issues of the time to go on to dust. hope she does hope, natalie, this is trust us, but hopefully we just need help to cope a hope to the state of school for the chemo acknowledged off things of the fuckers. so the, the cigarette is seen as a solution to the tobacco epidemic. you already have to have a phone call. clogged family shop, isaac eats, he got out of his medicines can also start to go on to be up and young and he said he will syrian get there until the time night are hurt. my daughter
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holmes, the tobacco industry also sees the problem in the burning of the tobacco and not in the nicotine for going on with this whole problem. on somebody loose the but equal to the sophie richardson, the gibson via vista, jefferson consent, viking, and hope all is over the offered it. in concord, if you don't meet them on the nicotine of named in art, and does anyone in your on dot com, you know, the either not even inch beer on does i'm going to activism. shuffler switching from one onto puts and know nancy, put in vinegar. easy. this is the old women, isn't of the health promises of times gone by. images such as this suggests that it's possible to use e cigarettes with little or no concern. is this indeed the case e cigarettes generate the error? saw by heating up a liquid, but they don't set it on fire. and people are saying,
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oh well, that's better because you don't have combustion. but the fact is that aerosol, those very, very tiny particles that are a 50th or a 100, the size of a hair are themselves tremendously dangerous. they cause heart attacks. thing cause lung disease. they cause strokes, they trigger inflammatory processes. and e cigarettes, you know, differ from cigarettes when you talk about that daniel m and knows all too well the risk to health posed by e cigarettes. at one time, daniel had dreams of joining the navy. ships the water. they were always his passion. this dream is gone forever. i last 50 days of my memory from the charges that they gave me in the hospital 1st pain, etc. because i was so sick. i just kind of woke up and i had the scar and that's
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really the only reason i knew something bad had happened. like the dodgers hadn't told me, i really wouldn't have known what had happened to join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me ah ah
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ah, the chaos around the international airport in cobble was ever more guns tried desperately perfectly that country didn't know when to the americans. they pushed me out, they kicked me out. or would you be there with a strict yes. creations. like to the u. s. cost $2000.00 or more was washington things of the crap plans? the shop people fleeing. i've got a song following a wave of criticism online. it seems that you failed to see why this charles, you're seeing here. they're all clues. a local journalist gives us a tool around cobbled to see how life is changed.


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