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tv   News  RT  August 20, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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ah, the chaos around the international airport in cobble was ever wor, i've gotten like desperately to flee that country, trying to get to the americans. they pushed me. they kicked me out to be in the other district. the local journalist gives us a call around cobbled to see how long has changed on the taliban rule. ah, law for moscow, thanks for joining us this evening on teams. and i should like daniel hawkins. we viewed feel 1 in the morning. welcome to the program of crowds of desperate kinds of film, asking around cobbler ford in the hope of escaping to
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a new life away from taliban. the sun for i can still be heard as people stampede in desperation. foreign troops on the about occasionally shot in the air to the crowd, as it's getting increasingly difficult to control the situation. those years also fod tig into the crowd early on fridays until you from which country the next video you can see i've got soldiers also station at the airport foreign blank. the troops tried to push people away from the entrance. local say they're being treated badly by all sides. c are going to stay here for the past 2 days, trying to get in to the americans. they push me out, they kick me out. i would just be in the district. they did it just far as the demit you tried to get yeah. to guy mom. fine with god
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and everyone was kind guy. 2 here, like i know when i go to god in between the kids dedicated like what do you look good for the americans? yeah. yeah. and it's, you know, the americans, the germans, it to be the people with baseball, local journalists, took us on for around the capital on the taliban rule and spoke with those who sees the city is one of those who are trying to escape from it. also several days that the call will see the capital of a gun to fall into the fall of one. it seems that the sales is quite sharp that you are seeing you here. they're all clues. the bonds, the restaurant supermarket did all cruise. and if you see this region here, it's a completely acquired 3. if you compare it with the year before we do a month before, before it's all about capture the city for the very rock city or the area is in
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fact a very rough area of call. but now it's very, it's looking like why we will our majority, this person of the stomach, a model in the press kind of fraud, assured the people and cobbled that they are protected by the ton of on w w, which i've also said that it's not about leadership but have all that to the fight as that they don't have permission to enter any houses or to any to search and the house is built they, they are not allowed to enter to a new house is our inquiry and the government people know i'm a year and a checkpoint of a ton of money and public safety. i bring to us with the commander of the check point. that's how they can show the security people and what they are saying. what did people call up? my name is above the rock mancha china and the merger hidden, the land, the camera movement. it has been 18 or 20 years that we've been in the mountains. now we've captured capital city. i hope you are not set and we have not great of
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the problem for the capital people. now i see the shops and markets are closed. what's the message to the shopkeepers and owners of the market? look as i do what a good will given them freedom. they should common, open their shops. there is no problem for them. with the fight in finished and have dennis them fighting has finished and the gun this done, there is no g had anymore before this is gone. now we should come together and save our country. this is one of the college and took national airport. get lots of people are just got here to get charles to get inside of the airport, but the, the security forces that they don't give permission to anyone to get inside of the airport. now i'm going to interview with one of the guys who is waiting for long time. it is good, but did he couldn't find the chance to get inside of the airport? which is how long have you been behind this gate? it's been around 3 days. there were people that stormed the airport with a certificate for an english course. people went with electricity bills,
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but those of us with the real documents couldn't get inside. i have my special immigrant visa, which has been accepted and approved, but i still can't get inside. getting a local resistance forces amount of successful offensive against the tut about in the north of of going to start like lane, they managed to liberate 3 districts in the province of babylon. on this video, which we've taught, verify, you can see local militia celebrate their success. by raising the national flag report, say the troops along with the gun vice president, i'm sorry he another come on, is reportedly mustering troops in the panacea province in a bit to resist taliban rule. as ordinary people are also showing that resistance to hell and regime and cobble crowds, march through the streets denouncing the takeover of the country. they show on the ground he thought about slogans and carried joins. i've got flags that have become a symbol of defiance. women also took part in the progress they remain among the most threatened in today's about a controlled up kind of stuff to take up
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a street in cobble showing women's faces happened, painted over several shops, and he's out on said also close the door is out of fear of possible reprisals. some local say we will have practically disappeared from the streets with only a very small love, but daring to come out. all that despite the taliban earlier problem. serious the respect women's rights to the same as money i've gotten. don't have confidence in those words. we don't want to go back 20 years. they used forced against us and broke our smart phones. and vic told us that you can not freeze your flag. they told us, go and sit at home. your women be ashamed. we were forced to protest against them to show the world to tell them government does not have any value, no just flaws. it has no legitimate to the world. well,
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this verified video shows a man being assaulted by a ton of man fighter for wearing an afghan national flag. that's out of our members . stop this video on the streets before taking his flag off and then hitting him in the face. hello, my colleague will research. i spoke to the matter of cobble about the situation on the ground. he explained how he managed to keep his job off the tunnel man took over. they are in touch with me. they called me and they informed me that i should continue my job for seems to some that the taliban is perhaps putting on a bit of a p. r stunt at the moment the taliban saying that they want women to have the opportunity perhaps to even get a job. busy it says women can perhaps even get an education a we have educated women, we have women who can provide services. we have women can who can be part of the economy. therefore, it's only logical for itala bond government our for any government to make sure that we take advantage of that issue of women has to be dealt with in the context of human rights. and islam, of course, within that context,
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there are freedoms. we cannot deny that from the women of upon us one do you think the lack of resistance, even the lack of blood spilled, suggests that actually strong support for the taliban within the country. there was a little bit of both for support for paula bon resentment of how things were managed. this satisfaction among rec, rank and file in the military executed forces to not to fight because they didn't want to fight or something unknown. the. everything was defined around individuals rather than systems. therefore the motivation to fight for a person or persons was not enough for the people to fight. therefore there was no bloodshed. thank god. do you think mister mayor? the people of cobble are going to accept taliban rule? both sides have to come to grips with reality and naturally follow,
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but will also have to come to grips with reality that up on the sun is not the same 20 years ago. so there is a given take that has to take place with us intelligence communities under the spotlight after some of the most of the rapid kind of takeover took it completely off guard robot and try to explain it as follows. i got all kinds of cables, all kinds of advice, if you notice a range from this group saying that they didn't said fall when it would fall when it did fall. but saying that it would fall to other saying it wouldn't happen for a long time. and they've be able to sustain themselves through the end of the year . although the intelligence community gave more about that here rating security situation, they hadn't reckoned with the pace of the taliban. the vans joined uses, thoughts share, general mock. many says intelligence assessments will now face far greater scrutiny early, and my colleague neal harvey discussed the former office of how this latest intelligence
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failure would impact washington's credibility. so those are brochure around for vietnam. have a strong attitude to do chavo. when the u. s. army is at war, the civilian intelligence whose cache is independence analysis. doesn't matter. as matter of fact, it's super crash. whether there are any people in the ca who correctly predicted what would happen now? i mean, it has to be, i mean, it was a no brainer. i mean, once the head of sudden come general mackenzie said we are withdrawing all air support. he said that on the 14th of june, 3 weeks later, the air force and army leaves barbara air force base. what did they expect to happen? so in other words, if the civilian agencies piped up and said, you know that the taliban is just going to roll through, they would be disregarded. it's the us army. and it's milly. and it's of course, mackenzie who said, who should be should be
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a portion to blame for this. and the question that i have really, where are they so dumb? how damaging is this for the by the ministration. clearly the president would have gone along with this if he thought it was going to and of such an absolutely pay or not math for him, but how, how much of this hurting him? oh, it will hurt him. it's a liminal event. i would say it's as important as 911. now the real danger of course, is that the people will accuse biden, there is a prospect that the republicans could capitalize on this. because the major media will not be able to tell the truth about what happened on fridays bought and gave an address and also feel a jonas questions regarding the situation. and i've got to start on decisions. washington, a taken in the run up to the fall of call last sunday. this was mounting criticism for all sides blood and tried to put a brace, face on it, and missing know that there's still a lot of uncertainty. so evacuated,
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mission is dangerous. it involves risks to armed forces and it's been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise what the final outcome will be alive now to all he's kind of open. i spent the following buttons address for us. caleb baxter joining us today. what are the key takeaway points we can gone from this on board and take what's been going on and i've got to start or biden. he essentially used his address to try and divert attention away from what were obvious shortcomings and lapses in judgment that led to the taliban serge over the weekend. now biden did try to sell the ongoing evacuation as if it is some sort of success. now, there is a situation as we understand where there are a number of american citizens that are still stuck in cobble in this situation. now
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it's also important to note that, you know, mainstream media has been quite critical of joe biden, on certain networks that tend to lean towards the democratic party in their coverage of launched scathing attacks on biden and how he handled the situation. secretary blink, and how did president buying get this so wrong? how could officials have missed fish? how did it happen? how do we get here? does president abide not bear the blame for this disastrous exit from afghanistan? now in his speech biden admitted that the administration thought up until the very last moment that the afghan forces would not collapse so quickly, the taliban would not be able to surge ahead so quickly. and it's also important to note when he was speaking, he seemed to indicate that it was not the time for criticism. this is what he said . the can overwhelming consensus was that they, this was not, could they were not going to collapse the afghan forces. they were not going to
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leave or not going to just abandon and then put down their arms and take off to be plenty of time to criticize a 2nd guess massage races over. but now, now i'm focused on getting this job done. now, seeing as this was a joint nato alliance that was operating and afghanistan, the hasty pull out has put that nato alliance once again into question. in europe, there are some that are beginning to call into question america's leadership of the nato coalition. though we have not heard any like o virt straightforward criticism, some tropes have been found in the media lately and in the public domain. it's a remarkable change in tone because up until then biden had been viewed as the opposite of donald. trump has more reliable and trustworthy by the nato allies. however, there seems to be rising disillusionment among nato allies. and joe biden,
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though, says this is not something he's concerned about. i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. i've spoken with our nato allies. we've spoken with nato allies, the secretary state, or national security via he's been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world. and our allies, as has the general or excuse me, i keep calling him in general, but my secretary defense the fact of the matter is i have not seen that matter. fact the exact opposite i've got. now donald trump has said that this is the greatest strategic error in us history. he called it capitulation. donald trump has said that joe biden owes america an apology. the world is now looking on and watching the scenes in cobble. the white house is certainly under quite a bit of fire. jo biden's poll numbers are dropping. many are looking on the situation and afghan stan and saying that the united states seems to have pretty
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much dropped the ball here. yes, not an issue that is not going away anytime soon for president biden. caleb opened there. thanks for that late this up, that will be all going into a short break now join us again in a few on his time for the latest. oh, i use me ah, i will.
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i what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk the welcome back to the program. a number of doctors and institutions in the us denying medical care to the vaccinated even for life threatening conditions. one's u. p. and alabama. the least vaccinated state says he's not seeing people who've not, we know you're not connected as he's had enough of seeing people die of coven. if
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patients asked why i told them cove, it is a miserable way to die and i can't watch them die like that. unfortunately, many have declined to take the vaccine and some end up severely ill or dead. i cannot and will not force anyone to take the vaccine. one of the state of washington a patient was denied a liver transplant as he hadn't been job. he says he's not an anti box. it just has a medical condition that could lead to dangerous complications. the same was saying his name was removed from the waiting list for the life saving operation. well, to discuss the issues in life file, guess for the commentator new york is a columnist under walker. political analysts and the web and financial journalist charlie boyle. thanks for joining a soldier from good tech in the program today. surely if i can go to yourself, perhaps 1st, the hippocratic oath require doctors who treat patients equally. regardless,
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solver, all of any 2nd thoughts. do you think i'd vaccinated people here? all the exemption? see what's been a centuries old tradition yeah, well, i mean, i kind of help thinking that the doctor in question is maybe trying to make a point. i think the water issue that probably needs to be discussed right now is we're, we're probably here and a half into this and we're still having arguments about where the vaccinations, effective and masks and all the other stuff. i think they are. well, my evidence is that fractions are affective and people should be taking them. i could understand that there was a new vaccine that hadn't been trial, but there's literally billions of thrown out with very few side effects. and we've now, and we're now in the situation where we've got people dying on a daily basis again, because of the 3rd or 4th way and the u. k. in america,
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i've lost track. now, i can't help thinking that this doctor's really trying to make a point. i don't think i would never force anyone to tell you that. so, you know, i think everyone should be treated regardless of whether they do or not. but i just kind of help thinking that we've got to get out of this somehow. otherwise we're going to be in this mess for ever. and now it's close to millions of people, long coverage, and it's not just the disruption in the u. k. b, we have freedom day months ago, but i don't feel by for millions of people so far. right. you know, been stuff we've supermarket shelves going i'm just like being in the month to 70 bills enough to remember that. so, i mean, i think it's the only way to get that. normally we're not going to control the infection. so i think it's just trying to convince people really, and people should be doing their own research, but they should be looking in, in the right places. i think, yeah, anthony, i can see you shaking. i had the,
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i mean we're seeing images of hospitals, overwhelmed, understaffed. we're seeing information that a lot of the admissions are most admissions in some areas of the country of the world are mainly the, those unvaccinated from cobit, as charlie was saying, is, this is really the only way long to get this situation is really a direction of duty, so say if you're not vaccinated, then we can't give you the treatment. will actually try to be wrong. and the shows are the countries with the least amount of vaccination to the lowest carpet chain related death rates. no, the current terms. right? yeah. not a gas got a number of other countries you look at and countries which the most americans are facts, nations and they've got the hoss jeff rates number of people being treated in a hospital. but i've been going back to this doctor. he is. he is full
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of actually because he's caressing. he's refusing to see his patients last by the same number. yes. actually breaking the crush right time because they actually say you mustn't from the intentional wrong thing and ok. and then if these patients are not see my doctor, i don't want to say at risk of home, so it's a big shot. and now what we do need to do is one thing charlie did. so i do agree with the suite needs to be educated. now unfortunately, it's funny news media like policy her allows crocker. they're based on these things because most of the made ministry needs are in the policy. you take up the line, which means no plot points. so
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it's a pretty terrible situation. we're not many people that thousands of doctors take it totally different. so there's a doctor and what would happen if you said, where are they going to treat patients who haven't been back? somebody to because i'm going to show you the arguments go the other way around. the bottom line, they said your doctor's to see what our progress situations. i mean we, we, the out on so i mean look at all the switch being denied. so. ready these. ready are the public as sure that the countries of the which i blocked on got the last coded 19 deck, right. so it was a big mistake for the child, any form of law and we have to bad mind the outage. just somebody from target on chain is 82 and people who die out primarily people who are
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in the formal cast, a great people who have got people who don't i from other you know, different ages. oh absolutely, my surgeon truck. but we just need to make file for all the gifts to jump in as well. surely i know you want to make a point. i'm going to go to andre, though. andre time of a pandemic like it or not, whatever the positions are. and there's a lot of them when there's a lot of facts and figures to get through millions have died. does possible freedom have place? well, i think the, the 1st thing you got to do when you look at this debate is recognize that there is a huge element of virtue, signaling and dishonesty. let me tell you about that. i was on, i need your channel in the not be of the day where somebody was coming on saying that they wanted to make spreading information about the vaccines,
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illegal agreement times. because it was so many people not taking the vaccine in northern ireland, 85 percent of people who've been vaccinated to grow the virus. now if you compare that to all the vaccine programs, such as the human pop, loma of virus roll out in schools, the girls that show me 82 percent. so 1st and foremost, the suggestion that people are taking the boxes on boss is simply on the trip. and so then you've got to take it to the next level. you've got to say to yourself when we are in a position in the united kingdom, where we are 8075 percent of the population vaccination and rising. why all we actually trying to discriminate against bully harangue though small number of people who chose not to take the boxes. and very often the reason is because it makes me feel better at a middle class dinner policy has no medical benefit. let me just say that the university posture they publish just to give you a day to say that we should not, and the locked down until 80 percent of the bridge population was vaccinate vaccine
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center factor. let me tell you something, the b c g takes to butcher low, says he's only 63 percent effective by that benchmark. we would still have a t be locked down. now. what a load of absolute yeah, andre. point, charlie. oh, i want to get back to you on this and andre. andre made a good point here about the h p v vaccination program. we know in relation to coven, get him a job. it doesn't mean that you can still touch the cobra. the virus, it doesn't mean that you've called spread the virus and in a lot of cases, people set off to where mos and get locked in a face all the same restrictions that those are non vaccinated. also phase. so what grounds do medical institutions do? doctors have the right to exclude both taken, chosen rather not to take this job. well, you might not believe this. i am actually very much against lockdown and against mandatory vaccination. one of the things i was saying very early on in the u. k
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especially was to have some attractive public control matches. so we didn't need a lot down in the 1st place. so when i talk about having a vaccination now i'm talking about and being very effective, but i'm saying, i mean for me personally, the reason i got double vaccination, even though i got it, and hunger and then drop the present. and i have 2 weeks is just because i knew what to do, what i wanted to do and be free. i needed to get it. so to me it was more pragmatic . and i just me just say right, when he says the media is being absolutely around us and you can, we haven't had a balance to for me personally, whenever i spoke about any sort of public health measures that she has nothing to do with locked down on the case, it's wanting to be locked down. well, it shouldn't be necessary. and if we had a government and he wouldn't have needed needed any lockdown, in my opinion, and especially the 2nd or the 3rd one. what were the things i think is worth pointing out? of course he's been picking demick when they were in this ludicrous situation were
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open. so very recently, if you've been vaccinated twice and you tested negative for the crowd of ours, if you're in the same room as somebody tested both, if you were forced to stay off work 600000 people today, i'm not in work in the united kingdom as results are being paid, it's completely ludicrous over the top, yancey. i just want to get back to you and again, mention something andre set about the b, c, g vaccine, tuberculosis, obviously by those standards that require rightly said, we will still, it's about killers is locked down. nevertheless, that's more facing. what we are facing is a covered pandemic. is people dying? what is the way out of this that you'd recommend that if everybody doesn't have monetary jobs or just kids having jobs, a gate, polio, and tetanus, and a whole bunch of other illnesses, childhood, well, be counted on cheating, jobs roll rate, be forwarded solutions. this, this problem we have to remember are not going to be considered for
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a additional licensing to 2023. so anyone taking the time is actually taking arrest with the experiment. actually this will be the results of faxing will not be known for many years because you have the short term the medium and the long term effects are case with with all of this specific, please protect with accidents were approved for emergencies within 6 months. so we all that, that seems nice, much stronger periods upon the site where trudging on dangerous water risk cable war. and the course even with the c con reporting system, which is what creat useless because most people regard about 90. 6000 people comes full even with the u. k. that being about 2000
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deaths per recovery. bond backseat, been literally thousands of injuries. now what's happening with this facts, ration product, people helping us firewall sorts of bains, even with grad advertising. and i'm pleased to say discuss this with the dots or see if it's the right thing for you as an individual for your individual. how to have these vaccines because of the see with, with some people in the, all of the category it should be balanced proper pallet. she has to represent a should consider it, but the vast majority of the population that she might risk to getting sure as they . ready were time so they don't need what they need to do and this is not the department should be pushing for people to be for help.


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