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the bigger question of who the dream has been for the headlines today and i'll change the national health disarray and cobble that board a week on swept the power and i'm going to stop still desperately trying to flee the country through the only corridor. but the devastating advance of the kind of and the reason resistance groups protesting with takeover. i've gotten women even to the screens fearing for that huge shock under the new regime. the chaotic pull out by the coalition also leave a generous gift for the surgeon, including advanced weaponry macro to all vehicles and even biometric authentication system. ah
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for moscow, thanks for joining us tonight on august 8th. and i love daniel hawkins. where you are this morning. welcome the program. at the time of sweeping offensive through, i'm going to start to seize power has dominate down use line throughout the week. thousands of people are still stuck at cobble airport trying to flee the country. the 16, the time fees and crowns have been coming into the 1st day, the militant group and out the total control over the country. all water both so now run by the insurgents. the heavily defended airport and cobble remains the only place out of their reach. and the only way to leave the country. now on saturday, the pentagon said some 17000 people up in and if that out of this week, including around 2 and half 1000 americans on the same day, the u. s. embassy and cobble issued an alert for citizens to avoid the air force.
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and unless there were specific instructions from the american government to go there, it goes out of breaks down the last 7 days at the afghan capital's main transport hub and wanting to view as you may find some of the upcoming content distressing. the past few days have been an ultimate exercise in white washing for the white house. the beverly collapse of gaston following the us withdrawal happened as people were being shot, desperate of gunny scaling jeff some even tragically falling of the shaggy to their deaths. and as a curator in chief biden searched for excuses, and he initially went for the statue of limitations defense. we've all seen the pictures. we've seen those hundreds of people packed into a c 17. we've seen afghans falling. there was 4 days ago, 5 days ago. it was actually 2, but that's not really the point. anyway,
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it was the fact that service dogs booted planes and flew to freedom while crowds fought for axis on the runway below. and the us ambassador to the un didn't seem to mind. we are in a process of trying to get people out and our friends and allies are not hanging off of planes. there are many things that can make a loving parent give away their infant child to complete strangers in military uniform. yet this option turned out to be preferable to having the baby learn 1st steps under the taliban. i've got women took the groups, promises to treat them fairly with a huge pinch of salt too. but to take them is a tool order, even for american nationals who were beaten and rude to the couple. airports. contrary to jo biden's claims, we have no indication that they haven't been able to get income or through the airport. we've made an agreement with the, with the taliban as far they've allowed them to go through and they're interested
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in and go through. so we know of no circumstance where american citizens are carrying an american passport are trying to get through to the airport. we are aware that some people, including americans have been harassed and even didn't buy the television. this is unacceptable and we made it clear to their designated tell a bun leader. but joe biden is far from the only person taking the flack when of dentist and collapse to us vice president campbell, a harris went abruptly silent. that's despite previously heralding herself has one of the luck motives before the pull out to date. this is her only comment on the evacuation chaos. we are closely monitoring the situation in afghanistan. oh, priorities to continue evacuating us citizens, special immigrant visas applicants and vulnerable guns out of the country. the german authorities are scorched for evacuating beer before local staffers who risk
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their lives working for their military and up to that relatives of a do each of villa correspondent have been killed by the hardliners as they are right now, trying to find the reporter himself. chancellor angle americo had to openly admit that the african nation building experiment was a mistake. i just didn't succeed and aren't accomplished as we had planned. that is a realization and the middle one is terrifying for the millions of afghans who supported the more free society. and who with the support of what they strove for democracy cation and women's rights, and made important progress. britton's foreign secretary is edge to step down. as the media alleged, he did not help. i'm going to interpreters for the u. k. army escaped the country before the taliban takeover and possible revenge attacks. and all of this is peppered with smaller scandals like the possibility that the evacuation might not be free for americans. and amid all of this,
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it appears the u. s. leadership still does not have a single clue how to contain the fall out of this disastrous withdrawal. i cannot promise with the final outcome will be we don't have the capability and collect of large numbers of people. the u. s. was caught unawares and i think once again, they have failed to analyze what the situation was. it really puts on full display, the delusions of the u. s. which after all, has been in afghanistan for almost 20 years. consuming, according to some estimates, 2 trillion dollars. this money has not gone to the benefit of the afghan people, obviously. and this whole enterprise has been very bad for the american people as well. many us soldiers have died. the good thing about exposing the delusions
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of the u. s. empire and the neo conservative to run u. s. foreign policy is that it's going to make them harder to continue. so there needs to be a lot more criticism and exposure of what the reality is versus what are the promises and the the false estimates by us intelligence operational. however, not everyone is lucky enough to get a c, a vacuum ration flights we heard from one german national, who's currently stuck in the country with his afghan fiance. and i just, i'm a german citizen. throughout the day, i stay in constant contact with the german foreign ministry and the german ambassador to couple. i received an email saying that one can enter germany, only one is a family member of a german. my fiance is such a person, but she's not being recognized in the official status. she's a citizen of afghanistan. we hope to leave the country as soon as possible on one of the evacuation charter flights. of course we're very worried about what's going
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on. we haven't gone out since the day before yesterday since the taliban set up checkpoints all around the city. were also worried that they could find out that i'm a foreigner or that in the future are situation like you're worse if they find out that my fiance is engaged or got married abroad. once we arrive safely in germany, we'll of course have no more reason to fear for our lives. we live in a free and democratic country. that's where i want to return to. that's where i belong. i'm calling on the government and the german foreign ministry to let us finish all the paperwork in germany. we have the originals of all of our documents in our hands. let us finally leave this caliphate give me and my fiance permission to enter germany. thousands of codes and soldiers lost their lives in a 20 a conflict, and i've got to stop and particularly upset the rapid fool of the western back government and cobble and the resurgence of the taliban. british veterans and families whose loved ones last live some questioning if all those sacrifices were in vain accusing the us and u. k. governments of boxing that withdrawal. we spoke to the mother of fall,
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a british soldier, sean bennett, who was killed in a firefight with ton of medicine back in may 2009. he was just 22. his mother, janet been a, tell us about the emotions she has been feeling since last sunday was i'm very, i'm able to do that that they've been able to come in and do what they have been able to do. a lot of people are asking, you know, was it worse? i question now. and since sunday i haven't really slept or fill in any of the mums and families that have lost loved ones, they have really been able to comprehend best. i know that when my son was told he was killed save, and women and children and the men that he was mentioned at a time along with his own una. and i will be for effort grateful to him and so cried that at the end, the d, his life was given to try meet the country back to start the tyler from being able
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to rule the neighbor to cause head or any way of one off down and within 24 hours, they have just walked in and took over. it's just ludicrous to me, need to explain why the fight is true so rapidly between the key and america beneath. explain why this is, i mean i personally would like an inquiry into why that happened like us or some questioning who low sacrifices were in vain accusing the us and u. k. governments of boxing the withdrawal we spoke to the mother of fallen british soldiers, sean bennett, who was killed in a fire fight with the taliban militants in 202222000 non. rather she told us about the motion. she's been feeling since sunday. well and her, the news in the face, a very willing offensive bodies with some afghan people have been running across the country to show their resistance to taliban regime. in cobble crowds marched
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through the streets announcing to take over the country, showing that anti sad and slogans and carried off can flag that have become a symbol of defines this in verified video, allegedly shows a ton of fire, just seizing afghan flags for a man in the street, he then hits him in the face. a women also have been taking part in the progress. it's feared that among the most threatened in today's about controlled afghanistan . since to take a st adverts in cobblestone men's faces have been painted over several shops and beauty salon are also closed doors out of fear of possible reprisals, some local se women of almost disappeared from the streets with only a very small number. daring to come out lattice spotless out of bonds, promises to respect women's rights. it seems. many afghans don't have confidence in those worth. we don't want to go back 20 years. they used force against us and broke our smartphone. and they told us that you can not raise your
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flag. they told us, go and sit at home. your women be ashamed. was no one who forced to protest against them to show the world that the taliban government does not have any value. not just for us, it has no legitimacy in the world. i've always seen shay spoke of the matter of cobble about the situation on the ground. they are in touch with me, they called me and they informed me that i should continue. my job seems to thumb that the taliban is perhaps putting on a bit of a p. r stunt at the moment the taliban saying that they want women to have the opportunity perhaps to even get a job. it says women can perhaps even get an education. we have educated women, we have women who can provide services, we have women can, who can be part of the economy. therefore it's only logical for itala bond government our for any government to make sure that we take advantage of that. the
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issue of women has to be dealt with and the context of human rights and islam, of course, within that context, there are freedoms. we cannot deny that from the women of upon us. one, do you think the lack of resistance, even the lack of blood spilled, suggests that actually strong support for the taliban within the country. there was a little bit of both for support for paula bon resentment of how things were managed. the satisfaction among rocket rank and file and the ministry security forces to not to fight because they didn't want to fight or something unknown. the ever thing what defines around individuals rather than systems. therefore, the motivation to fight for a person or persons was not enough for the people to fight. therefore there was no bloodshed. thank god. do you think mister mayor? the people of cobble are going to accept taliban rule?
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both sides have to come to grips with reality. and naturally follow, but will also have to come to grips with reality that up on the sun is not the same as 20 years ago. so there is a given take that has to take place was part of a drive to promote a more moderate image. the thought of angel surf was alleging women to join the government. and after the fall of cobble, a taliban official, sat with a female present for an interview with tom news, an african tv station. we discussed the future of press freedoms in the country with sidewalks. any is the chairman and chief executive group which overseas follow news. the title of trying to win hearts and minds. they're trying to convince the political establishment people outside the tunnel on movement to join and support the taliban movement that are trying to secure international support. so i think it's a bit early. it's a bit too early to judge us to what the long term intentions are. there will be
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a transitional government know that they may be more restrictive and eventually they'll be in emeralds at the top or have better ways of freedom of speech is not just on reporting on facts. i mean they, they believed that gods on their side and the holy koran is the constitution and then they can never be challenged. and in time, they will need to be need to get channels and we'll see how much capacity they have for criticism. when that happens, there are many who want to stay on and continue their work and some who wish to get that. i mean, what the taliban do in the, in the coming weeks will determine what people do in the years. i had this to sort of this, this middle class, this youth bulge, you know, 60 percent of off counselors under the age of 20. and they can, they can make or break the country and they leave, we lose our educated class. so it really is up to the taliban in terms of how they behave and their behavior is going to impact what people do in the months ahead.
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but in the meantime, a more serious threat without a man's power grab it for me in the countries north. it's reported at $10000.00 that's going on. the soldiers have gathered in pansy, a province is the only reason of going to stone, still contested. it was outpost of panama resistance in the 1990 and was never captured during the civil war. it was also held out during the soviet invasion and sea of problems is located within a valley of a steep mountains that for my solid natural defense spearheading resistance then now is the african 1st the vice president abra sally. unlike us nato, we haven't lost spirit and see enormous opportunities ahead useless caveats finished joining the resistance solid guide himself. i've got to stand legitimate acting president offers. former boss fled the country with sullivan's advance on cobble is for the islam of before and was also in charge of spying on the minutes and leading
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the national security directorate. and other key figure is helping him rally the resistance together. and my food, the son and namesake of a prominent african wall that opposed the 1st taliban rule is what my food was saying back in june about defending his homeland. they're going to fight for the rights of the people. they're going to fight for the rights of women and they're going to fight for many other values. the church and you look at you from the past 2 tickets. you're the 1st line of defense. we are defending europe, you're defending division, and i have cancer fighting, not just for themselves, but for everyone. videos appeared on line this week of the resistant forces. you can see the troops flying the green and white flags of the northern lines is formed off is not about 1st came to power in 1996. and it's for the group until the us led invasion opinions divided over whether it poses any real threat. that's halliburton now remains machine how strong this is going to be. but it is
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a moment to sort of symbolic way because a ton of banners one control of the country, pretty much all of it. and this is all small pockets. resistance could be remaining there and they couldn't develop designs can i can doomed in the, in the short term not get very big. i think one big question will be whether any foreign countries don't recognize north and line any other resistance group and to try and ostracize and isolate the title. given that one says, well, the punch district has history of standing up against any kind of a sort of guardian rule legged with a soviets later to the civil law. i'm the one that is a good chance that all those who are watching the on the one will rally around the literacy of i met some assaults some masoud at the moment. i'm given that to the vice president stared back and he's making this defined claim. he's going to be
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very, i'll on the mental in terms of going listening, that particular opposition, which was in there pretty slowly coming together and has a good access to high tech weapons arsenal, worth billions of dollars originally gifted by the american to the african army. the us national security adviser on some questions about the arm that have been left behind. those black hawks were given to the taliban. they were given to the african national security forces to be able to defend themselves. we don't have a complete picture obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone, but certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously, we don't have a sense that they are going to readily handed over to us at the airport in photos. this comes a light throughout the week. about 5 years have been seen parading around cobbles showing off the new american made rifles and humvees washington instead attempting
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to estimate the amount of weaponry in technology. it is fallen into the hands of the militant group. also add insult to injury and also taken advantage of a photo opportunity. as special commander unit created an iconic world war 2 photo of soldiers raising the american flag. comedian jimmy doors twice, washing on how to avoid simulations. he shared it with action or time zealand aussies going on around. do you want a u. s. intervention a military intervention? tell me about which country you want the u. s. intervening. and i think it's about, i mean, because a lot of people are saying we need to stay in afghanistan to help the women. i say, how about the united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invades los angeles and brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homeless people in, in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america? and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we
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bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america going to care about the women? and, you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children want to give women a living wage in the united states? give them health care and give them an education. ironically, that's what the government up ganeth ended up until we invented the taliban. if you took, so there's 600000 according to statistics, there's 600000 homeless people in america. lot of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month to go get housing. that would cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know, we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars a day to bomb and kill people and get it then. so the united states ever really
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cared about women. they could spend a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000 that they won't do it. so yes, joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, all the leaders and both parties. they know that they're, that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states, along with their mothers. and they don't care. the mean wallet hub ions, political leader and co founder. abdulla johnny bravo has not returned from excel. taliban affiliated media showed him the greeted by cheering crowds getting off the plane and kandaher hirata who was arrested by pakistani security forces in 2010 and kept in custody for years is now expected by some to become the next leader of going to stop. what another taliban commander who was seed on sunday storming the presidential thomas in the capital, turned out to be a former, detain me than a tourist guantanamo by prison. camp on me to power takes
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a closer look at his and other similar cases. if the situation of gaston wasn't already a disaster showcasing the shortcomings of us foreign policy and appetite for regime change. well, it turns out one of the taliban leaders who gave a celebratory speech from couples presidential palace was none other than a former guantanamo detainees. who was released as a quote medium risk. guess seriously, of all the people, the u. s. tortured in guantanamo, this was one of the guys deems thought, really dangerous, and let go meet goal am roo honey. one of the 1st detainees at guantanamo in 2002, he was captured by us forces on suspicion of being a taliban security officer. during his time and get more ru honey, maintain that he was, quote, a simple shopkeeper who tried to help americans. so some 5 years later or 8, according to ronnie, he was released on the promise that he just wanted to help is sick father won an
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appliance store and couple fast forward to 2021 and he's a taliban commander leading the take over of couple. so either the u. s. intelligence was, well not really intelligent and let a taliban radical pull one over them and lie his way out of the hands of the ca, or it was the time to spend and get mo, that actually radicalized the simple shopkeeper into a taliban fanatic. don't matter if a detainee were innocent. indeed, because he lived and they've got to stop and was captured on or near the battle area, he must know something of importance. well, apparently all the torture and human rights violations that get mall, and other us detention centers turned out to be all for nothing. sure, they apparently got some good and fell out of some of the detainees. but on the other hand, the ones that they let go went on to became terrorist leaders. yeah, ronnie isn't the only detain eastern terrorist boss. there's a whole list there is the 5 taliban leaders that obama swapped for an american
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desert, or these leaders were promised to never see a battlefield again. and that would be held in guitar far from again, a san, regardless of circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be. we still get an american soldier back if he sells and kept it period full stop yet somehow there. now apparently the masterminds behind the current take over a couple. one of them is even a part of the official delegation of the taliban. he even took part in negotiating the us withdrawal from janice. then earlier this year. we'll see. then there are the isis super terrorists, for example, leap in from us all buck daddy, the former leader of isis. he was captured in 2004, held in detention at a u. s. facility in iraq for 10 months. let go and went on to have a successful career and terrorism becoming the head honcho of the big bad, isis. he was a street thug. when we picked him up in 2004,
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it's hard to imagine we could about a crystal ball, then that would tell us he'd become head of isis. yeah. if only you could have seen that coming anyway. and then there's this guy who was a valuable inform and during his time, at the hands of us intelligence, our that was a song. but if you meet talents and ability and now he's no less than the current leader of isis replacing all. but daddy turns out he was just using the us to get rid of the competition for the top spot amongst terrorist, another big wolf's. this is kind of beginning to seem like a trend. now, basically, not only did the us fail to recognize dangerous radicals when they were right there their hands, they apparently even managed to embolden and help radicalized people who probably wouldn't have posed any threat if it weren't for having an encounter with some american intelligence officers. in the end, america seems to be fighting problems itself created and so many that doesn't even
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come as a shock. we do know that more than 90 percent of all the people rounded up and going to guantanamo and tortured and held him solitary and held under terrible conditions for years. us had absolutely no evidence on or the evidence was completely mistaken and distorted. and that torture is really real and it is created oceans and oceans of hate. and bog from base background air force base. there was major prison there where that held thousands of prisoners for years. that creates great hatred among anyone who's ever been through a system like that or their family members. and it is why the government finally completely collapsed. we gone from the collapse of the country. questions being asked as to how the well equipped gun army was so easily swept aside. we'll discuss the issue with a panel of guess. so despite all of america's fire power,
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despite all of america's allies, united states was really doomed from the very beginning. did i say i did not understand what it was getting involved in united states culturally was so ignorant of conditions inside afghanistan that we fought the war in the completely inept way from the beginning. this is being the biggest military blunder and the history of a half the planet. i don't think any coalition company should ever, ever again, work with america. this is her reaches. you don't need to have the main to understand, but you need to remove your staff from an embassy and to secure abuse, and then leave the countries. but to do it backwards is completely in unheard of. it's been has been thought through it. it feels if someone has, has dullness with no knowledge whatsoever of the area. a large number of african only people, especially outside the cities, are sick and tired of war instability and insecurity. the corruption of the
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outgoing west and support the government on. perhaps it's not even, it's not actually welcoming the taliban, perhaps in a mindset that it can't be worse than the previous incumbents that were backed by the western powers. and without those factors in place, this rapid advance could not take place. you've got some corrupt warlords, and you've got to corrupt government officials and business men who have their own pockets effectively stolen. the money that was supposed to go to supplies for the military and the supposed to go direct reconstruction programs to help the afghan people, who were they going to fight for. they didn't believe in many of the leaders in the military who were also stealing. and they didn't believe in the government, which was very, very corrupt. this was not planned. strategically has went wrong. if anything, this has made america is strategic. foreign policy completely irrelevant. and it's,
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it's just start, it's just, i've been sorry for the civilians left behind. i'd be sorry for the ask on people, it just seemed pointless the whole of being a waste of time while supporting away just a few. i mean time, the team and i are back in hall for our the latest join us again than ah, financial survival guide. looking forward to your message this is what happened the benches in britain. it was kaiser report ah, the.


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