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the americans love buying homes. ah, this was fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country, large understood the bargain. you get a home and then you will rebel, right? as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy. plantation.
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. a very critical time. time to sit down and talk your new more be a precursor. there was someone who would use what you the most i in 1990. 1 of the situations spirals completely out of control got about you know the referendum for the spring of that year. be off soviet fit to vote on whether the state should be preserved on change it for you with the 3 city and the one the in the area or both of us give you the
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trends nice. there is a narrow strip of land along the bank of the nice river in soviet times it was part of the mold davian, soviet socialist republic. in the late 19 eighties, the winds of change began to blow and just now and local nationalists demanded that they switched to the left in alphabet and speak romanian trans nice. this predominantly, russian population resisted the changes to rascal the capital declared its refusal to secede from the u. s. s. our us, let me just go by that. but she moved me last year . she mcdonald miss shanella. he is not the worse tolbert bonus to the neat,
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clean your premium ability to switch you to the store 3 other measurements. i'm not an option on the last. this is a must off, you know, do from having the was more than us to look in your facility for disability and the way in the just telling us what you will have given us. i'm going to get the video in a little more so much for us in your list. so just to keep us some sequence on that. but the idea is to put to move some was which was august at the radio lloyd, who knows me what else? there's a little you know, yellow this,
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a lot of this ammonia jewish has been doing enough so much slug would do. it's not the way on the show us him. we will miss them with those. it will store it will be running the some the when you got to look could you do pretty good bill and not the police cumulate go show. pretty foolish history would be guy. what was that? a bill? what years was this of when mom, look the video, a borland disguise merely in italy, yet, but the one of the bulk of the coil i or should, but not to use the me up order,
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but the most valuable for the beer on the door. pretty destroy a bullet, didn't last little, not for you. when you said that the bullet, i'm going to give you the new mail and when you did it for service, i went to this and you wish we are going to see you even though the baltic republics, armenia and ga, all joined moldova in boycotting gorbachev. referendum. the majority of soviet citizens voted to preserve the union, but the soviet president realized that the time had come to change the power dynamic between the central government and republics. he announced that the drafting of a new union treaty was underway and scheduled for signing on august the 20th 1991 postal movie shirley. and i'm always say you need to go over it on board for peace . wimbeles are actually immune to reflect. yes. the way it natural so that so much rate sheet that was the lowest suited for let's see what,
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what are the linear friendly de la la. they certainly lives here live here easily. what a piece of metal thruster, numeracy, my, me. so i was about the little ones that doing the dance of the little ones from sy kosky is famous. one lake with the soundtrack to the soviet union collapsed. it was the only output that every tv channel add on the morning of august the 19th later and goes on the central television station read the statement from members in a group moon, in the best of serbia. traditions by an acronym, se, se was mostly stupid to stay on the phone. you got about me fail. i'm city h m i business d, p to didn't. the s s a deal with the s s s f meets the p. s. s. s. s
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united. that any but steeper ref go lower than the one for english and it's direct . what should it look over? so i don't know if you'd see it now for 3 beaters covering you pretty strongly deal with similar, which you will 1st know other than what i've done with born in the store. but i mean, it was, was in india, me. ah, what your convenience? michelle said it was near furniture appeal, gives me an issue for you what, what she stole. but so i told her just about julia for cut all which i'm not such a softer such are. so let me let you see. we'll leave the luxury to come with you to see me up of it. no,
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you have isn't the colonel for you. so they show that we are only nationalist year, so send me another. would you send me, your lease is reduced to somebody to, to look for that renewal was fully slow. you guys are gonna lose. you could butcher when cardelia. mr. horshal good. well sure would. its learning sheet is near subs the burden william glover because of his birthright. that way. yes, it's mozilla. and when you go there to be on you, but it was with him. but she did presidio the ah, the state committee on the state of emergency the declared got a job to be sick and can find him to the doctor in florida consisted of the hands of security agencies and high level soviet officials. they believed that perestroika had hit a dead end and that the forces in power had led the country to collapse.
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apart from sidelining, the president, the plan involved imposing sense to ship burning mass gatherings and disbanding all political parties and the troops on the streets of moscow for you to do berkeley dish your district museum. but here home with almost nick crystal for school solutions. so you're breaking up pretty little misuse. yes or more time? where does this whole pro democracy leaders with elton at the front converged on the white house in the will or for the all new to show who florida. we also do live so you
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know, so she said she was the year for the i'm going to go the done with learners for your for to see you. and then you could show little game of heard. i me, the white house became a focal point for resistance to the qu, yields in support as gathered there, and drove the body free for that found to weigh in there, but over the border i oh boy, if you didn't get enough to and you've been with them and usually
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a person that is just for new. now you can, you can add your son. oh, good julie. so now you're going to cut down the right is no matter what i've got my choice valuable. then you've got done that even though i didn't know that she was open and i did not hear you. what was going to do i gotta tell you the numbers are on the audio. i'm ashton, i just you know, just google. i still have
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not much tv this misguided. the great stuff. does it take a little gotta ownership with him. all ready your call? you can you can put a list of the dealers they could do the the now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce are these are making
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the tobacco wars the i use it was summer. the run the course and all the resources region was more credible. i see you're still into it. what is your, what's but no one else followed. special forces commanders probably remembered who had been skate, go to after events and bill news,
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and decided against storming the white house. but military vehicles were still deployed in central moscow about his he elton made one of the most important decisions of his political career. he climbed onto a tank station outside the white house that shows no way to show you the quiz eating the gym. but if you can get that, that each risk of him, well it fill it out and they need that. he's on the tank because again, nowhere he's the chief. when you teach you origin yes, credit relation or get the drama, but i joseph menus,
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whereas the sci fi leaders seemed hesitant and clueless. the press conference they organized was a p. our desire is me to give it to somebody else again, commission. what is he sick with whom the tanks that we see on the street. no problem. the rest, it was soon as possible. and i think some of blood children, jason mcgee, it seems to me that you're on the market for some pretty much it was to shoot him, or should we assume that she is still on yet much more than a peculiar. meanwhile, alexander going yelton's, deputy and vice president of russia against all odds, was able to fly from moscow to photos where he somehow got into garbage off the residence and met the soviet leader. what mr. alton jojo, georgia, regional dawson actually can we just expense it?
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glitch for us or what mr. nisha was going on with this is that a smoke seamless which case you blush it good. yeah, no more legit enough stores? cracker though we will sure small coin here. we're going to show whatever issue. so we started song, s j initial pershing junior f one on s i d and the person i to perform with that that are both the 2 years because he's, yes you me see it's in your message and yet or the router mission cross. she and i missed a bunch of my mission. she is better, so we're live school then and later many wondered if got a bunch of new about or suspected a q or even that the state committee on the state of emergency was his doing. but sure. she was now was it could definitely move furrows briefly
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a little bit though it is. she's okay. what's the party this will you please literally me though it was a william citizen, sharon, a pleasure. know what? yeah. premium. which though larry should be. what if so, steph worse or good? could she put you up yourself? so she, if amelia was issue, sco maritsa. yes. were math new mom with a deal with where did should is which in a lesson by at them when you're swim. absolutely. nothing is no absolute, move it in the spring, you just shift those that the renewal blog on the try giving you some action for no continental for gauging rash with normal stress and maximum. the is nice kind of everything you need. the whole thing is some moment for you put them on there now because when you minute jim deal must quench the who failed. the conspirators were arrested and the internal affairs minister about his poolgan shot himself. let us
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just do what would you do? could you put the woof woof shipment and you'll see them. we're sure to lose it. new or she could or? sure, doug, give just a new nation. little nauseous. there was similar. yeah. shoes. we were swear yet. we're still the spirit narrow them was that was to yet mark in his meal is near with text of a sucker i need say as car sales school when bit saws. nathan may was there. she wouldn't have good news with charlotte, nor tim knew many yet what she did not awesome. of course. the youngest one meal grandson
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in yellow visa forest is a huge nature, was covering both sides of the bella, russian polish border. in soviet times, the government resident stood within the bar and that's where the leaders of 3 countries, russia, ukraine, and bill was gathered in early december, 991. the forest would become the place where the soviet union officially ceased to exist with more than cobra. spanish to subway, just he hasn't last beside me if there was any tiny buddy show with the station near below storage company, and she'll need somebody see us complying into this issue? who will go to school but assist? susan, responded, grace would let us go to see you said you to go water from then you say you the city. and so that's i feel as if it is going to make sure things were so scared. because what assume you don't go to the home. they say it was,
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you will know the blue up with the civilization and ship them. he almost had to watch instantly would live in a small dakota because they're just waiting for jewish thoughts. piero, you covered in the in the so any taking place in which nikolai and hero you covered up on you about it or jump though? sure. no, no, no, it's my gosh. what do you watch over it? it isn't already many my coach. number 2 years. you got a bunch all of tissue weight besides moving. so you need me to shoot me a line. yeah. in
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a couple minutes and we'll go go what singlish krinski middle school age, use a mission will some of us in the natural years and speed particular process the good about choice of last minute during the preceding it's it says i'm going to go as it you know the style is monica with you because we were standing, jason computing go to the other was that she was so kid. so don't know if you knew she they use what comes you you told me i used to be a not old robert. yes. teach but here
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i show you. so i you. so she is, well, why many of them she'll, if it's been like that was just huge michelle of order. it shouldn't go to question brochure. technically, garbage off who wasn't invited to the bill of gathering, was still head of state. the residence was teeming with k, g, b agents, and military personnel. he could have ordered them to arrest everyone at the meeting. but the soviet president didn't. all he did was to have phone conversations with the president of russia, ukraine, and bella. ruth, who reported what had happened or we're showing you have 3 choices. open you look pretty interesting. was when you know was going to the local hor, over to look next chicago and wildly loans. there was a little trail with today's too little chest unless
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you're going to where she was. i was where it was, but is to go as one you will show you one was pretty much the ah sure those are good to go. or the other thing here, i'm sure the style style li, but she be always you but yeah, but yes, the go as soon as i was there continue to go to the store and buy me. but he was seated with unison beach shows gauge of children. you're welcome to say someone but you sonya 15 egypt message to me to let me absolutely go present because decent. civic solution was rocky. jim was dealing with some of the linear my fear of any of them people fighting
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the i system assume the unions dissolution was the start of a new free era. just ship ship shape for one of the thing is pretty clear. but it wasn't fun, not feasible for us. it sounds collapse was the biggest disaster of their lives now who got enough skip i. soon as i said, i was going to the show, this was all you gotta give me just do this yourself. this in your product. or mr. to change it so it doesn't matter what your washing shock option, but because it is something that is checked on this,
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this is back with us because that's what an effort to rebuild socialism from a tiny mountain vintage looks like 30 years after the soviet union ceased to be showing us a static under netflix, but that was all 1st because there is a shaft and i was like released most i guess you guys put out on that and i was one of them is just not good news and soft got out. but as she backed up stanley roost and, you know, does julie don't not us like a passion when roger's is religious really suitable you do get to sleep scroll. how do you live, sir? shows up question. is this as resistant? couldn't this interesting
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news? i still have to know he'll be doing you there tomorrow morning if you mix it would. sure. but i keep simply, ah, let you know what she normally do is because we use though we yet little gosh, the more me and the issues that are going to still be like boy shoot. okay, national group. ah some little could be sure to show the cost of $1000000.00 could be a good us,
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but social isn't house or nation circle or moment of your me where you can reach me at that seems to just shift around it move to say, let's say isn't that got me on that rigidly and then it's going to really get bush velocity is pretty rely on the conflict of all that she's been screaming at us. so there's the americans love buying homes. ah,
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this was a fund, mental part of how our political leadership and our country a large understood the bargain. you get a home and then you will rebel, right, as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about no longer deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for now we have cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce are these are making the tobacco tours the an expected upside of the pandemic kenya is
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experiencing. and the ellison baby boom, $200.00. why this kenya have so many allison carves and how has the panoramic impacted people's lives? is andree role is a fairly big along in any fact he end up killing himself. i don't believe nearly and then you got one via well and i will proceed lake i was going to get the idea mad. and i can say like it when the mean thing in it, because at night that of the when i'm in the day who did the they didn't even notice whether they call to do this.
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but i know they come when it just wasn't go or whatever. did it me the in the top stories of the week here are not chaos that comple airport off the taliban sweeps to power in afghanistan. read the last protected fruit feed. the militants will be closed. for the next 2 days to evacuate, the use of ready inside the tires is still desperately trying to use it for escape the country. despite the devastating advance of the taliban, there is some resistance. these limis with african women among those fighting against the regime, say fear for the future. the chaos, polite by the western coalition also leaves behind huge amounts of nation picked up by the insurgents, including bonds, weaponry from aircraft, and armored vehicles. ah.


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