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tv   News  RT  August 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] the on the stores, you shake the way here or not in chaos. he's had a bad sweeps. the power in afghanistan, reportedly the last protected 3 to 3 minutes seems to be close for the next 2 days to evacuate. those already inside with thousands, desperately trying to use it to escape the country. despite the devastating advance of the taliban, there is some resistance to these mist with african women. among those fighting against the regime is a face for the future. and the chaos to pull out by the western coalition for these behind huge amounts them initially picked up by the insurgents, including vans, weaponry,
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from aircraft to the cold. i called the latest news and look back in events over the last 7 days. you watch a weekly hear an arty international. now the taliban is rapid. paragraph through afghanistan has dominated the headlines this week. however, one region does remain outside the groups control. and the battle for it is looming . with reports coming in, the taliban is now preparing to attack. the strategic pan, she valley were defined. afghans have fled to that region and i post of resistance to the time the band. since the 900 ninety's is just over a 100 kilometers north of the bull, and is surrounded by steep mountains that form a solid natural barrier. meanwhile in compose, the 7 civilians were killed on sunday. the cities airport is huge. crowds gather in a desperate bid to flee the country. that's according to the case defense minister
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the where the airport has been. the scene of sam page cried surgery sam, widespread panic since the medicine group announced his takeover. local media, however, and reporting it will be shut for 48 hours to evacuate those inside, while sizes of others do remain desperate to flee the national border crossings and i run by the citizens. the heavily guarded airport remains the only way i person biden joe biden. has said in his speech to the nation that although 33000 people have already been evacuated from afghanistan, the us is still working hard to get americans and african allies out. he added to the evacuation, had been painful, and a lot could still go wrong. let me be clear, the evacuation of thousands of people from campbell is going to be hard and painful
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. no matter when it started. when we began. i think when this is over, the american people have a clear understanding of what i did, why we did it. and but look at the job. my job is to make judgements. my job is to make judgements. no one else can or will make. i made them, i'm convinced i'm absolutely correct. well, it's not the 1st time biden us offended his decision to withdraw the train from the country originally shed your fee for the 31st of august. the president has now made that patrol might have to be extended to continue the evacuation because donna breaks down 7 days of disarray at ask understands last exit point. the past few days have been an ultimate exercise in white washing for the white house the barrel in collapse. so gan is done following the us withdrawal happened as people were being shot, desperate of gunny scaling jets, some even tragically falling of the shaft to their deaths. and as
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a curator in chief biden searched for excuses, and he initially went for the statue of limitations defense. we've all seen the pictures. we've seen those hundreds of people packed into a c 17. we've seen afghans falling. there was 4 days ago, 5 days ago. it was actually 2, but that's not really the point. anyway. it was the fact that service dogs booted planes and flew to freedom while crowds fought for access on the runway below. and the us ambassador to the un didn't seem to mind. we are in a process of trying to get people out and our friends and allies are not hanging off of planes. there aren't many things that can make a loving parent to give away their infant child to complete strangers in military uniform. yet this option turned out to be preferable to having the baby learn 1st steps under the taliban. i've got women took the groups, promises to treat them fairly with
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a huge pinch of salt too. but to take them is a tool order, even for american nationals who were beaten and rude to the couple. airports. contrary to jo biden's claims, we have no indication that they haven't been able to get income all through the airport. we've made an agreement with the, with the tale bond thus far, they've allowed them to go through and they're interested in a go through. so we know of no circumstance where american citizens are carrying an american passport for trying to get through to the airport. we are aware that some people, including americans have been harassed and even hidden by the taliban. this is unacceptable, and we made it clear to their designated teller bun leader. but joe biden is far from the only person taking the flag. the gentleman authorities scorched for evacuating beer before local staffers, who risked their lives working for the military. and after that, relatives of a do,
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each of villa correspondents have been killed by the hardliners as they are right now. trying to find the reporter himself, chancellor angle americo had to openly admit that the african nation building experiment was a mistake. i just didn't succeed and aren't accomplished. as we had planned, the realization on the mit is terrifying for the millions of africans who supported the more free society and who with the support of when they've gone strong for democracy and women's rights and made important progress. prisons, foreign secretary use edge to step down. as the media alleged, he did not help. going interpreters for the u. k. army escaped the country before the taliban takeover and possible revenge attacks. and all of this is peppered with smaller scandals like the possibility that the evacuation might not be free for americans. and amid all of this, it appears the u. s. leadership still does not have
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a single clue how to contain the fall out of this disastrous withdrawal. i cannot promise with the final outcome will be we don't have the capability to go out and collect up large numbers of people. the u. s. was caught unawares and i think once again, they have failed to analyze what the situation was. it really puts on full display, the delusions of the u. s. which after all, has been in afghanistan for almost 20 years. consuming, according to some estimates, 2 trillion dollars. this money has not gone to the benefit of the afghan people, obviously. and this whole enterprise has been very bad for the american people as well. many us soldiers have died. the good thing about exposing the delusions of the u. s. empire and, and the neo conservative to run
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u. s. foreign policy is that it's going to make them harder to continue. so there needs to be a lot more criticism and exposure of what the reality is versus what are the promises and the, the false estimates by us intelligence officials. as we have been hearing them, many people have not been able to get a flight of cabal. we spoke with a german national, who's currently stuck in the country with his afghan fiance. and i just got so that i'm a german citizen. throughout the day i stay in constant contact with the german foreign ministry and the german ambassador to couple. i received an email saying that one can enter germany, only one is a family member of a german. my fiance is such a person, but she's not being recognized in the official status. and she's a citizen of afghanistan. we hope to leave the country as soon as possible on one of the evacuation charter flights. of course we're very worried about what's going on. we haven't gone out since the day before yesterday. since the taliban set up checkpoints all around the city,
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were also worried that they could find out that i'm a foreigner or that in the future our situation make it worse. if they find out that my fiance is engaged or married abroad once we arrive safely in germany, will of course have no more reason to fear for our lives. we live in a free and democratic country. that's where i want to return to. that's where i belong. i'm calling on the government and the german foreign ministry to let us finish all the paperwork in germany. we have the originals of all of our documents in our hands. let us finally leave this caliphate. give me my fiance. permission to enter germany, while confusion reigns at the airport in the city of cripple itself, daily life is all but ground to a halt. local journalists took us on the tow. also several days that they call, we'll see the capital of a gun at some fall into the fall of one. it seems that the sales, the city is quite sharp that we are seeing here. they're all clues, the bonds,
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the restaurant, the supermarket did all cruise, and if you see this region here, it's a complete yet. why is it 3? if you compare it with us before we do a month before or before it's all about capture the city, it was a very rock city. it was the what these areas you talk a very rush area of call. but now it's like looking very why we will our majority, this person does not make a model in the press kind of fraud, assured the people and call them that they are protected by the kind of on w w. also say that this, i'm thinking about leadership, i have all the fighters that they don't have permission to enter for any houses or to any to search. i know how it is, i build they, they are not allowed to enter the house. has our inquiry on the government, people know i'm a year and a check point of a ton of money in public. i booked us with the commander of the check. fine. that's how they can. i showed you 3 people and what they are saying, what people call my name is above the rock mancha child, find the much
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a hit in the land, the camera movement. it has been 1820 years that we've been in the mountain now. we've captured capital city. i hope you are not set and we have not great of the problem for the terrible people. now i see the shops and markets are closed. what's the message to the shopkeepers and owners of the market? look as i do what a good will given them freedom, they should common, open their shop. there is no problem for them. the fight in finished and again, fighting has finished and again this done loads had animals before this is gone. now we should come together and save our country, and this is one of the call international airport. get lots of people are just gather here to get charles to get inside of the airport. but it seems that the security forces that they don't get permission for anyone to get inside of the airport. now i'm going to interview with one of the guys who is with waiting for long time. it is good, but did he couldn't find the child to get inside of the airport?
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how long have you been behind this gate? it's been around 3 days. there were people that stormed the airport with a certificate for an english course. people went with electricity bills, but those of us with the real documents couldn't get inside. i have my special immigrant visa, which has been accepted and approved, but i still can't get him aside. give me more of a ton of an takeover, has revived major concerns about the inflow of migrants into europe with the u. officials openly fearing a repeat of the 2015 crisis when more than a 1000000 flooded into the block, austria leader. this is a repeated his firm opposition to taking asylum seekers despite the chief. this live on the line just the day before stating it's your small duty to help afghans is to the absolute sustain, clearly opposed to us now voluntarily taking in more people. and that will not happen during my chunk from the ship. i'm not of the opinion that we should take in
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more people quite the opposite. that's legal. i think it is very important that we all for legal ways to those who have to flee afghan is down because of their convictions. we must now offer them safe ways to leave the country and be accepted . i meant, however, this week hungry said it won't make his citizens pay for what he called, fraud american decisions creases. migration minister also insist that the country loans again, become europe's refugee gateway. and the french president to menu macaroni called on e members to coordinate to response against irregular migratory flows. even germany, the state that took most migrants in the 2015 mass him flux wounds that i've gotten stunned neighbors must take asylum seekers and that the whole block agrees with that policy. however, now you bring to minister in his pakistan have taken practically no african refugees, just 14 and 13 migrants respectively. or she's former foreign minister told me, honey,
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a controlled migration policy could work. certain countries have announced that they will, if i made freighted like that i think and 2 groups of african political refugees, frowns announced they would like to take our to john, are they some other say they would like to take medical socks that are in area and so they would like to pick and choose. now this is what actually, alina, my and ego asylum seeking mechanism should be involved. but i don't see it happen in this case. i mean, where were people righteous? where can people book the sites and get the family ready for moving? we simply cannot reduce the whole african, the backup only to this migration issue it's, it's a much, much wider when it comes to security question when it comes to political
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responsibility. and as many think it means over tax it's, it's a complete loss of trustworthiness, of credibility, of what all these call, well you know, in terms of human rights respect and sexual. and i think the destruction of an image is which will fall on our heads in even maximum noise, away and into current my question crisis. we have seen a tremendous decree of in come to terms, and i'm not surprised by the type degree of compet and knowing a little bit of some of the organizations from the inside. some of the people who are now in the rough, high of criticism it's, it's,
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it's an absence of fans of realism. it's an absence of being able to think in the category of your politics, of human nature and of history. and all that i would say, i've got this done is an emblematic symbols of, of what is still to come in terms of the tremendous crisis of whatever the, what has claimed to stand for while the russian president vladimir putin has dismissed the plan by western states to put african refugees in central asia, according to the proposals they would have, the us or e v's is process said before traveling to their final destination. it must be our goal to keep the majority of the people in the region. europe shouldn't wait until people stand at our external borders for. busy vladimir putin was sticking speaking up specifically there against several proposals that were given
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by european leaders to confine afghan refugees to the region until they purportedly received visas from the u. s. or some other western country. but of course, nobody knows exactly how long that's going to take, or if they're even going to receive visas at all. it's important to remember that throughout the the ladder years of the afghanistan war and now a lot of people in afghanistan who collaborated with nato forces the us led coalition. they were promised visas and never received one and now they're fearing reprisals from the taliban. so let's hear what the russian president had to say about the situation. but even with now, western partners frequently raised the question of accommodating african refugees in central asian countries before they get to us visa or some other one. so you can send people without a visa to these countries to our neighbors, but they don't want to take them with the visas to their own countries. is quite a humiliating approach to the issue. now putting statements come amid the
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preparations for tomorrow's collective security treaty organization meeting that's, that's an organization in which 3 of its members states are cars like sun could curtis n and said you could stand. these are all countries that are located in the central asian region. where afghanistan is also located, and this is especially serious for to stay because it shares a common border with afghan, a stand. but one of the bigger problems really is that who's to say that all of the refugees that come into the region are actually going to be refugees, are not militants themselves. i mean, this is a serious problem that the russian president has said, has a direct relationship to russia. national security when you had teams to but we don't, once militants disguise those refugees appearing in our country to her as we are witnessing now enough kindness, then these horrors were on our territory not so long ago. no one wants a repeat of that. that's why we don't one those elements coming from them. now of course those horrors on the territory of the russian federation and then central asia that putting was referencing there, of course,
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had to do with the terrorist attacks that the region and russia have have had, had a problem with throughout the early 2, thousands and even after 2010, and nobody really wants to see of course, a repeat of these terrorist activities on quarter reporting that will in the face of the overwhelming islamist offensive afghans have rallied across the country to show resistance to the taliban regime and compose cried march through the streets denouncing the country's takeover, they chanted on to taliban slogans, and carried. african flags had have become a symbol of defiance. besides unverified video to report to show a taliban fighters seizing afghans flags from a man in the street and then slapping him in the face. women also took part in the protest to it's fair that they are among the most threatened in today's taliban controlled afghanistan. since the takeover street out of the sink, a bull showing female faces have been painted over beauty salons have closed their doors, fearing reprisals,
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and locusts say that women are practically disappeared altogether from the streets . only a very small number, daring to come eyes. all that, despite the teller bands promises to respect women's rights, it seems, afghans don't have much confidence. in those words. we don't want to go back 20 years. they used force against us and broke our smartphone. and they told us that you cannot raise your flag. they told us, go and sit at home, your women be ashamed. was the one who forced to protest against him to show the world that the taliban government does not have any value? not just for us. it has no legitimacy in the world of my colleague who are a yeah, c shave to talk to the man of couple about the situation on the ground in the city . they are in touch with me. they called me and they informed me that i should
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continue my job. there seems to thumb that the taliban is perhaps putting on a bit of a p. r. stand at the moment the taliban saying that they want women to have the opportunity perhaps to even get a job. busy it says women can perhaps even get an education. we have educated women, we have women who can provide services. we have women can, we can be part of the economy. therefore, it's only logical for itala bottom government, our for any government to make sure that we take advantage of that issue of women has to be dealt with and the context of human rights. and islam, of course, within that context, there are freedoms. we cannot deny that from the women of upon us one. do you think the lack of resistance, even the lack of blood spilled, suggests that actually strong support for the taliban within the country. there was a little bit of both for support for paula bon resentment of how things were managed to satisfaction among racket, rank,
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and file in the military executed forces to not to fight because they didn't want to fight or something unknown. the. everything was defined around individuals rather than systems. therefore the motivation to fight for a person or persons was not enough for the people to fight. therefore there was no bloodshed. thank god. do you think mister mayor? the people of cobble are going to accept taliban rule? both sides have to come to grips with reality, and naturally tolerable will also have to come to grips with reality that up on the site is not the same for 20 years ago. so there is a given take that has to take place. while anger over the destruction in afghanistan is reached america to with rallies pouring onto the street said to protest against the taliban, seizing power after the u. s. coalitions rapid patrol, a protest broke on both east and west coast from allay to washington d. c,
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which demonstrates chancing free afghanistan and biden, you betrayed us. i say, demanded whitehouse helps the struggling afghan population. people are being persecuted, women and children do not do not have a future enough dentist and under the terrorist the taliban. so to terrorists organization, there are the same ones that have that we've dealt with in the past. the u. s. never says that we've never deal with terror. why? why are we sitting down on the same table and making agreements with me? i hope that was not going to be a job that i was gonna come to you guys because day on that and i'm going to meet the woman by going to be out of the market the. they just need a hot pretty late was no,
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no mention gonna come knocking your door. the translators are left their left bleeding. taliban are going around killing every single one of them. we're not doing anything about it. the united states government that promised every single one of these workers that want to get you out there or not there. those people are dying one by one more. the taliban now has a he jocelyn of high tech weapons with billions of dollars originally gifted by the pentagon to the afghan army, us national security adviser on to the questions and all of the arms that were left behind. those black hawks were given to call upon they were given to the african national security forces to be able to defend themselves. we don't have a complete picture, obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone. but certainly
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a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously we don't have a sense that they are going to readily handed over to us at the airport. for it is from the week does show seeing taliban fighters parading around campus with american made rifles and military vehicle acquisitions. washington, still trying to estimate just time much weaponry and tack has fallen into the hands of the insurgents. and to add insult to injury the taliban is also created a site to operate unity, one of its special commando units here dec tanked in u. s. k. recreating an iconic world war to face of troops, raising the american flag. nash speaking qualities, going underground. the comedian ham political commentator jimmy door gave us his thoughts on these countries handling of the crisis. you want a u. s. intervention a military intervention? tell me about which country you want the u. s. intervening. and i think it's about, i mean, because a lot of people are saying we need to stay in that gas and help the women. i say,
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how about in the united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invade los angeles and brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homes, people in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america? and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america going to care about the women? and, you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children, plenty of women, a living wage in the united states, give them health care and give them an education. ironically, that's what the government up gamma ended up until we invented the taliban. if you took, so there's 600000 according to statistics or 600000 homeless people in america. lot of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each
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a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month, to go get housing. that would cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know, we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars a day to kill people and get it then. so the united states ever really cared about women. they could spend a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000 that they won't do it. so yet joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, all the leaders on both parties. they know that they're that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states, along with their mothers. and they don't care the ok. now in other news tonight, 17 people including 2 toddlers, a confirmed dead and more than 40 people are missing. after severe flash floods in
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the u. s. say to tennessee route 300 and cause heavy rain because the mobile phone service is still you in the state. national guard has been deployed to help stranded residence right place to fight gas water cannon and the police could protesters demanding for 3rd day. the resignation of time and prime minister over his handling is the time to make one demonstrate is left and the mobile bullet lodged in his head during the clashes rises filled fireworks and projectiles. the protest is gathered. the national police headquarters is whether it's blocking major remote ways through the capital bank. coke of warranty is planting 10000 c the seedlings in a bid to restore siberian forest destroyed by this summer's record wildfires. hundreds of huge blazes of burned across scenario twice the size of luxemburg in the region of u q. tia environmental work isn't students have come together though, on the projects as local communities try to rebuild their lives. before we go,
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spring summer breaking news to this just come to us from the gulf of mexico. a massive fire is broken out on a pen, makes old platform and the gulf following an explosion. the company is not yet confirmed the incident, and there isn't any use of any victims either. so far. the platform is part of mexico's largest oil field producing around 640000 bowers of oil per day in early july and underwater fire did occur on another pemex platform in the gulf g to a gas leak. that nice justin. so that brings you up to date will be back with more in half and oh the i the
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