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the new more we it's pretty similar to what it was going to show. i 991. the situation spirals completely out of control got about, you know, the referendum for the spring of that year. be of soviet fit to vote on whether the state should be preserved on changed some of the 33 deletions on the marble. so ah, trenton easter is a narrow strip of land along the bank of the nice river. in silvia times, it was part of the mold davian, soviet socialist republic. in the late 19 eighties, the winds of change began to blow and just now and local nationalists demanded that
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they switched to the left in alphabet and speak romanian trans. nice. this predominantly, russian population resisted the changes to rascal the capital declared its refusal to secede from the u. s. s. can you let me just go by that? but she moved me. it's not easy to get a lot of them get done with the machine. now let's see, is that the worst bonus to the neat, clean cream ability to switch indians to the store? so the other minutes, i'm not an option on the last. this is a must off, you know, do probably was more or less to lose her disability of the
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way in the just telling us what you know. so i'm going to repeat the video of it for much for us in your list. so just to keep us supported with some of the stick and so on that. but the idea was to not put the move was it was at the radio lloyd who knows me what else? there's a little you know, yellow. this a lot of this ammonia jewish as a normal don't get enough, so much slug would respond with the do not the when on the show us him, we will miss you. will story was within the next
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level. when you got to look, could you do pretty good. good to build the blows up. please. cumulate. go. we're showing pretty rural foolish history would be guy. what was it that a bill? what years was this of? it will pull it up. when mom look the video, a borland, this code merely the silly yet, but the one really was just reading the bulk of all the coil. i should but not to use the me up oil. but the most you can see when you look at the beer on the previous throwable didn't last not just over when you said that it was a bullet dollar in the mail. and when you could do to reduce service,
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i mean if you wish lee is going to see you even though the baltic republics, armenia and georgia, all joined moldova in boycotting got much offs. referendum. the majority of soviet citizens voted to preserve the union. but the soviet president realized that the time had come to change the power dynamic between the central government and republics. he announced that the drafting of a new union treaty was under way and scheduled for signing on august the 20th 1991 . my 1st movie, shirley, and i'm always saves me to go over it on void for peace. wimbeles are actually reflect. yes, the way a natural so that way, so much rate sheet. that's the lowest. but let's see, you know, what, what are the linear certainly, there does a good deal when they certainly live, she lives here. e, lee, would it be to be made to cross the numerous, me
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one of our stuff with us a little bit want to do the dance of the little ones from side coffees, famous. one lake with the soundtrack to the soviet union collapsed. it was the only output every tv channel and on the morning of august the 19th later and goes on to the central television station statement for members in a group moon, in the best of serbia, traditions by an acronym, se se was motionless to persist a onions or yeah, you got about your mikaela city, h m i t p t e n t a s s is that still deal with the p d on the s s s f. it's a pretty and s s a set united. there any pets, cheaper. go lower than the one thing that you know, it's a direct what should it look over? so i don't know if you'd see it not for 3 beaters covering you put it in there on
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the deal. it's not similar which you will if 1st know what the collision he what i've done with born in the store very me need was, was in india, me. ah, what your convenience? michelle said. one nipple appeal gives me an issue for you. what? i'm what she stole, but so much. so we're just about to cut off. i'm not such a softer fixture. so let me know if you usually we should love to come with you to see me up. but know you have is that the kernel per year? so there are only enough for for a year, so send me another. would you send me the lease is reduced to they are submitted. the renewal was fully loaded because of her loan. you could butcher
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cardelia. mr. horshal. good. well, sure. its learning. she is near subs the burden william glover because of his preference that way. yes, it's mozilla. and when you go there to be new but it was with him. but she did presidio the ah, the state committee on the state of emergency the declared gorbachev to be sick and confined him to his doctor in florida consisted of the hands of security agencies and high level soviet officials. they believed that perestroika had hit a dead end and that the forces in power had led the country to collapse. apart from sidelining, the president, the plan involved imposing sense to ship burning mass gatherings and disbanding all political parties and the troops on the streets of moscow
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for you, or if they were to do bookkeeping dishes or send your district museum. but here home, i almost nick crystal for school. this only is solutions, but i get your grip mission pretty little misuse. yes or more time. where does this whole pro democracy leaders with yeltsin at the front converged on the white house? the use of it, the will are for the all new to show who florida we also do not know suitable for the year for going to go to dump with learners for your for to see you and then you could show what. ok,
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monday i thought me the white house became a focal point for resistance to the qu. giltin support has gathered there in droves, the re buddy for back, down there by the border. i oh boy, if you did get enough to and you've been with them, can you use that is just for new. now you can, you can add your own julie. now your
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visual school and cut out the right is no matter what i've got my choice. i don't know, i didn't know that she was not good for you . what's going to tell you the numbers are on the table. i'm ashton. you'll just put it up to google. i still have not much tv. just thought i'd tell you this started yes. go go, that's great stuff. does it take
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a little, gotta separate him all by the boy. that was a pretty good of course you can put the plan for the deal. is that what do i use i is your media a reflection of reality? the in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safer? types, elation, community. are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows, ah, in or military mission against them will conclude. on august 31st, i was assigned to who did a go to what i thought the quote unquote a young girl who will be on the roof for much. you got to the southern company, so the cut,
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the cut over the what was the quote things alicia very good. this was the right weapon against the right and the local. no, no, but i keep from but it was filled out to reveal the, the signing of the us to all about agreement and laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know that mcdonald and her the lingo somewhere. somebody is run the dorm, the region was more. use your printer more mila. i see you're still into it. but as you don't know, what else follow special forces commanders probably remembered who had been
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scapegoat after events and bill news and decided against storming the white house. but military vehicles was still deployed in central moscow there. but his yelton made one of the most important decisions of his political career. he climbed onto a tank stationed outside the white house. that shows no way to show you to get the quiz even the but if you can, at that stage, you risk him. well, if the police are in the military 0 and they can get tank because again, nowhere a, he's a chit when you 1st near or teach you rich genius relation or get the drama i
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joseph menus. whereas the sci fi leaders seemed hesitant and clueless. the press conference they organized was a p, our desire is me to give it to somebody else. again, what is he's sick with whom the tanks that we see on this in the rest, it was soon as possible. and i think some of blood children from the list invasion mcgahey, it seems to me that you can pull some when you wish to shoot him, should we assume that she's settled? can you know when you stop on yet more than a peculiar. meanwhile, alexandra rhodes, going deputy and vice president of russia against all odds was able to fly from moscow to photos where he somehow got into garbage off the residence and met the soviet leader. me spend a little bit in years,
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y'all are totally original dos. actually i can we just expense it? glitch other for us or mr. nisha was is that with this is that a smoke seamless which case? you blush it good the do more legit and i said the stores record there. we rush to flow washer smoke when it was going to show whatever else re issue. so story, song rush, j a and this person junior one on this idea and the person i talk to you as soon as she gets in and their message or the router mission cross. she and i'm just going to measure my mission. she is part of the school then, and later many wondered if got a bunch of knew about or suspected a q or even that the state committee on the state of emergency was his doing your shoes now was it could definitely move furrows briefly a little bit though it is,
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she's ok. what's the party this will you please literally me though it was a william sure isn't sure. nipple, as we know what your premium plates the larry should be a $1.40 and stuff. worse or good. could she put you up yourself? so she for amelia was issue sco maritza, yes. well man, you my wither deal with what it should is which is a blessing where the mature swim. absolutely, and the thing is no absolute movie in the spring. you just ship those that the renewal blog that i get it in your selection for no continental for gauging, no stress. and the is nice because we do need the whole thing is some special moment for you, but there must be one. now, because you might change almost quenched the coup, failed,
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the conspirators were arrested, and the internal affairs minister about his poolgan shot himself. let us just do a bit of the ritual. roland, the good. can you hear the room? he was with you with him. we're sure to lose it new or she could or sure, doug, give it to jana and his nation. little nauseous there. question, lose your shoes through or swear, yet we're still the spirit narrow them. was that or still yet mark in his meal is near with text of a sucker i need say, as he saves school when bit susan of money was there, she wouldn't have good news with charlotte. no, tim knew many yet what she did not awesome. of course, the youngest meal, socrates from the
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in beulah visa forest is a huge nature, was a covering both sides of the bill of russian polish border. and soviet times the government resident stood within the bar. and that's where the leaders of 3 countries, russia, ukraine, and bill over was gathered in early december, 991. the forest would become the place where the soviet union officially ceased to exist with more than cobra, for spanish, spanish to subway just doesn't last but beside me, if there's any way i anybody show with the station you just storage over there and then she says, i need somebody say it's not complying into this woman issue who you know, will go to school, but i need to say isn't responding, which i just always used to go to the city. and so that's,
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i think if it is going to make sure things lots of kids consort, assume you don't miss a lot of was was going to up with some of the ship. them, he almost had to watch instantly would live a small dakota because with a choice hero you covered in the, in the so any taking a sicko line you get you covered? yeah. i knew about it here or, you know, and it's my gosh, what do you can reach over to him? is in many my coach to hear titian the weight of besides moving over,
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it is free to shoot me a line. yeah. in a couple minutes and we'll go through what singlish krinski middle school age mission will some was a natural year soon said to be just the chicken. see good about choice for the last minute during the preceding it says on the go as a little bit of the style is monica with the premium because it was the new chest and complaining go to stella was that she was so kids ago. i still don't know if you can use a new com. thank you. you don't use coax. so b not all right?
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yes. teach you. so i you saw she was why may it was used for posting so i was just huge michelle of it. i guess they should've go to question brochure. technically, garbage off who wasn't invited to the bill of edge, a gathering was still head of state. the residence was teeming with k g, b agents and military personnel. he could have ordered them to arrest everyone at the meeting. but the soviet president didn't. all he did was to have phone conversations with the presidents of russia, ukraine and bella. ruth, who reported what had happened or what's your new choice? opinion look like. when you log onto their local hor, over to look next, go wildly loan. there was
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a little thrill. with today's too little to list. you're going to what she was. i was with you, but is to go as one you will show you one was pretty much the politic ah nasha, but it was good to go or the other thing that was on the style was style lee, but she be always similar. yeah, yes. go as soon as i was there, continue to go to the store and buy a new, but he was a series unison gear beach. so sky, image of children, you for can you show the sales composite? if someone sonya 15 egypt message, can you give me a call? this is jim mckay civic solution. i saw your rookie jim was dealing with some of
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the linear must be of any of them people fighting in the system. the soviet union's dissolution was the start of a new free era shirts . and she got the new shirts for one of the really was fun, not feasible for others. the us, it sounds collapse was the biggest disaster of their lives. now who got enough to give us a model by chance going to the show this give me just do this yourself, this in your product. i miss the changes so it doesn't really matter what you're washing up. chevy and what about because of the ball if it is updated,
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this is checked on this. this is back with us because that's what an effort to rebuild socialism from a tiny mountain vintage looks like 30 years after the soviet union ceased to be sure the systemic understand. but the more she was all on 1st, because there is a soft and i was like, release the most skills she has put on this is jeanette good news. and if i had to go out, but as she factor, you just only got the wrong roost. and you know, it does nothing to do in us. like a 1000 managers is religious, really super you do get to sleep scroll. how do you live, sir? shows up. was genius. he says resistant. this interesting
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news. i philip didn't know you're doing you there tomorrow morning if you would. sure. but i keep crazy any simply ah, my children didn't know what she knew you is because that you use, though yet little gosh, the more me and the issue that list is still what the voice she need, she ok nation grossman i ah, um let's look with the ship to show the
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1000000 dollar good us, but social isn't house or the 2nd one moment of your me permission from me yet? that seems to just shift around it. move to say, let's say, isn't that mean you will not rigidly no sooner than it's going to release the velocity of pretty rely on the conflict. more of a kasinsky spreads. as soon as there's the financial survival guide, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm
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a try get any or i'm grease based on the site. c walk 3 prod. thank you for helping ah, enjoy that right. sell out that way. when i would chose the same wrong. why don't just don't the world. yes to see out the same because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look for common ground in so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation,
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic developments. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk americans love by an armed. ah, this is a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain. you get a home and then you know, rebel, right, that's the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about a longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for
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the anyway it begins and i've got to stand still dominates the headlines this monday morning. cobble airport, stay shut for another 24 hours after it was closed. on sunday, to try and clear the huge bag logo, people desperate to leave. thousands of would be if i q is heading for the only way out of telephone controlled countries that will bring up speed. and what's happening this morning also ahead to some of the afghans who worked for coalition forces did manage to flee, but their relatives remain the country living in fear for their lives. now we spoke to one of the translators on terms of complete anonymity because risks remain awfully high. i believe that americans are responsible for this negligence. and today's anybody will be killed as a result of this. will be on the hands of the american government, away from.


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