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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 23, 2021 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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great particular event and so it regards to the f b i involvement. i think this is a really important place to start for january 6, because normally the media can have a polarized conversation in politics when it's the right or the versus the left or vice versa. when you add a 3rd actor in there, in this case, or federal agency, or an agent per box tour, then you're not talking about in organic or you're not talking about a grass roots event. and so a lot of people suspected this from the beginning, including us. ok, and we talked about it when, when it happened to pipe bombs, mysteriously appeared around the sort of protest areas. and then the media went completely hush on that. and so that, that's a standard ammo for the f b i with regards to provoke a turing. i mean, they have people in every single activist group this started under j edgar hoover. it's nothing new in terms of the right wing patriot city. pat khan,
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who taught militia, they had got to inform it's at bundy ranch. literally every single events. the said federal agencies have informants or people involved on the left wing as well. so for january 6th day, why they had why we allowed to have a major event backed up to the capitol. while there was a legislative session in place, that was a trap. but there is no guarantee that the people who are showing up to the event actual protest this spring, that trap. so normally the f b, i will have an agent provoke at work to ensure that the trap is sprung. there should never been patrick headed up again. yeah. let me, let me go to dave here in philadelphia. there was this, you know, a big discussion and heated discussion about having a january 6 investigation. and i'm all for it. i want to know what happened here. but it seems that can only we can only find out what happened to a certain prism and it's a can, can
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a very controlled burn what we learn because from what i understand, there's 14000 hours of videotape of what happened on that day. and we've only seen tiny fragments of it here. i mean, there's nothing wrong with a what. what in the world happened here, but it's going to be controlled burn of what we learn because i think there are political motivations behind it. go ahead, dave. well, i look at this as somebody who's outside the mainstream media, where i've been sense making 79 and leaving mainstream media. and as somebody who spent a lot of time in the anti war movement in the sixties and seventies the f. b, i z as in every day there's not a organization political organization, oppositional right or left in the united states that isn't infiltrated by the f b i and other intelligence agencies, defense intelligence agency and others are for voc jurors
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their context that they have, you know, groomed to be to be their eyes and ears inside the organizations. and the fact that there are, there are leads to all kinds of theories. you can come up with whether they are the leaders, which sometimes turns out to be true as the case of like this guy in the proud voice. it was an informal for the f, b i. so what you can make, that is another story, you know, the, the groups are composed to people who are independent agencies acting on their own to. so i think it's way too early to say this is all a plot of the f b. i doubt it. remember the head of the f, b i was in the point of drug administration is still is so you know, there's a lot of issues that need to be looked at. the problem is that the media that's looking. yeah, exactly. is,
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is like positional to administration and supportive of the, by ministration by and large, you know, that leaves out the ones that were supportive of truck, like fox and the new york close. so it really, what american people are do is to look at their news organizations, the way people in europe go and say, oh, that's the, that's, you know, the, the leslie newspaper, that's the center left. that's right. we miss paper us, you can do it branch or some pension. anyone and, and make judgments accordingly. well, you know, steve, what i find really interesting. i mean, this whole thing started when tucker carlson reported on something that came out of revolver about questioning or simply asking what the f b, i's involvement was. and then the reaction on seeing in an m s and b c. i mean, they just went ballistic and you know, i didn't think they could go ballistic anymore. i mean that's, it seems to be their, their natural mode of existence here. but i mean, you know,
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i will stand by and i mean i've known patrick for a very long time. i mean, i'm just interested in the facts here, and then we can draw some conclusions. it's with coded, if it's with general or a 6. but i mean, if, if the media narrative is being controlled of what we can, how we can frame it, i don't need anyone to frame anything. for me, i want to understand what i mean. all this happened on january 6th. what's the result? give the police more money. why mean, what are they talking about? go ahead. a stephen, detroit, you know, i don't know what the of the eyes involvement is. it was a great explanation of going back to the sixty's as well. i appreciate all that. it's a great history lesson, but just consider this, if you will, and i don't know what the f b i's involvement is. and the reason i don't know is because the media generally in america is lazy. they have the lowest hanging fruit, they just take whatever they can put up there to get cliques. because we went from being shoe leather reporters. it was a blue collar job to hey, i want to be a celebrity to hang out the cool parties. and i don't want to offend anybody, it's
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a cool party because i want to get by the next year. but consider this, if you will. we're talking about the most highly defended city in the world and the most highly defended buildings in that city in the world. somehow a guy and a buffalo hat leads in a few 100 people. it goes wandering around the hallways. really, this just happened because security, they decided not to enforce a bad day. washington d. c is the most highly defended military target in the world. it's targeted by russia, by china, by iran, by cuba, the list goes on, the nation's capital. the white house are the most highly defended buildings in this highly dependent city. and again, here's a guy with his face painted blue wearing a buffalo hat walking around as he watched with no push back, no security. doesn't that seem a bit odd to every one. i mean, how can you think this would happen? how would that possibly happen? because they weren't prepared, come on, they're prepared every single day,
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$365.00 days a year. and yet somehow this just happens spontaneously. they knew it was coming, they saw it on social media. we have cameras and microphones, and big brother is bigger and stronger today than he has ever been. and they missed it. i don't buy it. well, that's why we're doing this program said i don't buy it either. i mean, i, i understand that made they had different training and whatnot. i mean, some of the footage i've seen it, it seem very amicable. ok. i mean, even some of the protesters saying, hey, hey, we're where we're just going to march here. don't break anything. i'm paraphrasing, here, from what little i have seen, because the public has been given very little. but these people are, and in solitary confinement, i mean, it looks from what i've seen patrick. it looked like loitering more than anything else in these paper. i mean, they're talking about sedition treason. i mean, and faith is absolutely right. i mean, how this is the most prepared city in the world for any kind of eventual ality goodness, no, it's been, it's been
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a countless billions of dollars to make sure right. it would never happen. go ahead, patrick. much of what you see in the united states generally. ok surrounding any major of the sensational political bands or even terrorist attacks, a lot of it, by the time the media does its thing. and by the time the political machine does its thing, it's a big production. ok. and so this is no exception and this one was absolutely made to order. listen to what the d. c, capital police were saying. what's nancy pelosi office was saying there was clearly clearly as for the merit of d. c. clearly there was a stand down order or a series of stand down orders that was allowed to happen. and so that was calling an insurrection. has anybody been charged with arms? any protest has been charged with the legal possession of weapons or anything like that to my knowledge? none. so you can't have an insurrection without anybody charged with
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a firearm or something like that. so if it's just a bunch of posters and rabble rousers and various other provocative tours, that's only addition. ok. so, but there is absolutely political, christopher res, no friend of the trumpet, min of donald trump. and they said, pfizer once they ran a whole investigation based on nothing, the more investigation, the molar pro they ran and russia gate narrative for 4 years. they had all sorts of bakery regarding crowd strike in the dmc lakes. i mean, the list goes on and on. so there are people within these agencies. they go and do anything. there is no limits anymore in terms of the size, ation of federal agencies. to me, that's a frightening thing. there might have been limits before they weren't so braves and a lot of the stuff was done as david said, you know, a lot of that under the radar before, but now it's just so the bombast. well patrick got on top of it. they get complete
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media protection. ok, i gentlemen, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on the media and january 16 with our key. ah ah, the join me every 1st a on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me.
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when i was the wrong one, i'll just don't the world yet to see out the thing because the attitude and engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground in military mission against dam. we'll conclude on august 31st. i don't think we did a good to us all the quote unquote a young girl. and i really need proof for my you got to do something that company will cut us a couple of months. okay. that was really the place to get a quote to show that this was the right weapon
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against the right hon bought it from, but it was filled out through z o o z the, the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghan. the stand on that. i'm a dunaway and he the welcome across stock. were all things are considered? i'm peter a bell to remind you we're discussing the media and january 6th. ah, ah okay, let's go back to dave in philadelphia. i really want to reiterate to my guess here,
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and our viewers here. i don't want to make any political bones about any of this until we found out, find out what actually happened. i want to find out 1st and then see who's, who's culpable, who benefited from it? and i want to do that. second, the media is doing it 1st. ok. they're trying to frame everything to make us think in a certain direction as they've been doing for years and years right now. so dave, then something really simple. ashley babbitt, what happened or why is it so hard for the public to find out what happened to that poor woman? i mean, we know that she wasn't armed. we've seen some, i think still pictures of her standing. it looked like they were. officers of the law behind her. so i mean someone shooting her with offices law behind her in a very chaotic situation. why can't the public find out? who did it? maybe it was just an accident. ok. but i mean that families never get a closure and people believing this is being used as political fodder are never
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going to be satisfied until we get some very simple things out in the open. go ahead. dave, in philadelphia, i think that what people need to realize is that the capital police are a kind of unique police force. my experience with the capital police as a journalist and also as a protester, is that they have us you know, they have a role to protect the members of congress and they have had shootings in congress. they've had people drive up in the cars in a threatening way, and they're perfectly capable of blowing someone away like that. poor woman got confused and drove into the front of the capital area and was shot to death with the child in the car and crashed and died. so they're perfectly capable of doing that. but on the other hand, they try to be much more polite and cautious and careful and
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welcoming than most police i've ever had dealings with or watched inaction. so, you know, when you, when people go in and protest, they don't beat them up the way most tops do. they usher them out carefully, maybe issue them citations and take them to prison to be booked. but then they let them go. and it's all done very gently, they don't lock your hands behind your back, throw you on the ground and everything like that. that's not how they're trained to treat the public. so i think they were somewhat confused because when people came in and you saw those images of cops being beaten up and you know, hit with flag poles and stab with sticks and punched in the face. if you did that with a regular top, you'd be dead on the ground, that's the way the least work in the united states. capital police don't work that way and i think they were caught off guard because of their training at doing one thing. and there were different people in that group,
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there were people who were basically walking in and you know, maybe be facing things and stealing and stuff, which is, you know, pretty serious, but not violent. and then there were people who were there to, to be confrontational, proud boys 1st and so on. who, who, and there were people with guns. there were people, you know, that is a serious issue and how they reacted was very strange to, to my view. and i think most people looking like, how could they have been allowed in good question because there were lots of warnings. people are coming to disrupt and be violent. well, i mean, if i go to steve here, i mean, you know, the, the social media platforms are, you know, on the hunter for anyone that was involved in it. but those same platforms was a conduit for people to congregate. i mean, i find it really extraordinary. they want to turn around and use their vast resources to go after people when they knew this was going on all along. bad,
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good actors in bad. ok. so i mean see with such confusion about where we are and i suppose the, the, the, the d o g d j need so much more time to get this case together. but i look at the timing of it all here. i mean, this is going to be a political cudgel. this is what they're aiming to do and this is what the media has been framing it as it's not just against these right rioters and loiterers. and people that just gotten mixed up with this thing here. they're making a political statement that anyone there was associated with the writers are, are equally guilty and that obviously means a lot of trump voters. how do you feel about that? go ahead, steve. that is absolutely the narrative, peter, exactly right about that. what they are trying to create with a january 6 investigation, if you will, and i don't mind an investigation or i don't either, but we're honest and i don't trust it. to be honest, i want to go back to what chuck schumer said on the 7th of january, a,
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2017 about donald trump. when you go after the entire community, they go out to you 6 ways to sunday. it seems they did that for 4 years while he was present, playing dirty pool behind the curtain. but when you look at this and you look at how it all comes together, listen, that's the narrative they want. they want to paint donald trump is a guy wearing a white point he had as if he is a grand wizard of the 2 o'clock pan. and anybody the him are members of the plan. they are racist. they are white supremacist. they are all of these things and look at how this works. i want to go back to what i said earlier, being a reporter, excuse me, used to be a blue collar craft. it was a trade, it was, leather was run it down. you're a newspaper reporter, you're a hard working guy. you're just looking for the truth. and somewhere between 1950. and today it totally changed because the people that are in congress and a lot of these jobs went to the same colleges and universities. the same sororities, the same fraternities, they became buddies with the people, cnn, and m s n,
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b c. and they're all on the same team and they go to the same cocktail party. how some of them are married to each other. we know that. so they're all literally sleeping together, but they're doing it figuratively as well because the handmaidens in the media are delivering the narrative for the democratic party. they've been doing that for 25 years, maybe longer. and as a result of that, the message becomes fairly consistent across cnn m s b c. all of these bumps meaning outlets are consistent with the messages coming out of the democratic party . in fact, they become one in the same. and then you add and mark zocker berg, who spent $300000000.00 to involved himself in the elections of 2020. going so far, some of the social media platforms like twitter to silence the new york post. i'm 100 biden. who, by the way, i'd like to know why 100 buying and selling crappy paintings for $500000.00 a for a national that nobody will ask the question except us right here today. apparently . yeah, i'm sure those are really valuable. think yeah, if you come quite
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a griffith never ends in it's in broad daylight, did jordan, patrick, going to say the professional managerial class. that's exactly what steve just a portrayed right there, because there is no difference between these people in power and the media is, i mean they're just p r for these people here. ok. and you know what? i mean? is that the russia gate hoax continue? it goes on and on and on. and it just takes on different forms. i mean, they found a formula that is a pay day. it's a gift that never stop giving. and i truly worry about what the future trials who have for here, because it's this good. it's just going to be this huge web, you know, all, i mean, the nonsense that we heard about russia get. i think it's going to be small potatoes because this one here that they're going to have this broad net dragnet all the way across the country in social media. i mean, this is good to be a trial of unprecedented attention giving to be about the way they're going to
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cover it. ok, it's going to be, i just have to wonder if they're going to put all these hundreds of people in a stadium and put them on trial at the same time. i wouldn't be surprised if they did that. go ahead. patrick. everything you just said about 100 by the can't possibly be true because 50 members are the us intelligence community said that this is the new guess that is absolutely spot on the new york times washington post leaks are going directly through these media outlets and then they get amplified by, by cnn cnbc and the other major broadcasters. okay. so the new york times absolutely has been trading propaganda misinformation on behalf of the f. b. i, the pentagon, cia washed and post does the same thing on a regular basis. and during the trump administration is kind of process became
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weaponized from the beginning of the trunk term. i mean, everything was just, it was like everything was ending up or in all these papers. it was like a daily fake news story that had to do with russia or trump, or something like this. so the state of the mainstream media is so toxic. and these, these are some of the most speaker cnn, the most immoral. busy people you could possibly imagine in that network reporting, i mean, the caliber of it is just shocking. but this has been given so much credibility by the sort of general consensus in america. patrick, let me, let me jump in here but you know, but it doesn't make a logical sense to you. i mean, they fail upward. ok, they got everything wrong and they get, they get it, they are contracted. expand and then you know you're promoted and then you know, you get a netflix series. i mean and being wrong. it's just, you know,
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it has nothing to do with it. ok. because you pull filled the mission. that is exactly what you're supposed to do. it has nothing to do with what's moral and what is right. ok. and really quite tragically, not, not been carrying about the condition of the body politic. okay. because it's all of this is, is this a politics of hate and division? that's all it is. and it's all for power. that's what they want to do. he 100 percent. ok, they got to give the last minute and a half to a david in philadelphia. we're. we're ending on the program depressing. no. can you give us some, a little bit of love to maybe go ahead dave, in philadelphia? well, maybe it's levity, it might be depressing. i mean, my would like to just sort of correct the mythology about the media before, you know, before trump being aggressive foot soldiers of truth. you know this, this media in the united states has always been servants of power. it's been true in the fifty's when they all locked up the whole, you know,
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red scare thing for an entire decade. they, they covered up and shot cheer leading for the us invasion of vietnam. and you know, all those years of murder and may him in vietnam, they supported the cold war through all the years of the insanity. the media has never been oppositional as a, you know, a principal, they've basically been servants of power and they still are. well, i think, i think very interesting gentlemen is, and i'm really glad we, we got and had a little bit more historical background because i think that's absolutely true. but what i think is really interesting and maybe we can do a separate program on it. is that the entire forest regime change strategy that has been applied to over the last few decades. it's being played out in the united states. they perfected it, and now they're doing it at home. it's very, very interesting. the parallels are amazing and, and i think the outcome is truly,
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truly depressing. i guess the word democracy just doesn't have much currency anymore. i want to thank my guest until adelphia plymouth, and in detroit, i want to thank our viewers for watching us here at our to see you next time. remember, cross pop roles. the the one i make no, no borders under my number please. and you emerge. we don't have authority, we go to the back seat, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge. 2 governors crisis we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also
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know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in the media, a reflection of reality the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. type relation for community you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted?
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you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows, ah, in or military mission against dam. we'll conclude on august 31st one phone. so who did a good to us all the quote unquote a young girl. and i really need proof from i got to do that, you know, southern company southern the cut over what was the quote to show me that this was the right weapon against the right hand. the local no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the,
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the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know that i'm a dunaway and who's the financial survival, john, today, we don't about money laundering 1st to see this isn't a good sir. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman. islands, you never know all the banks are complicit in their club piper so we just have to be mccall. hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. okay, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh,
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beautiful jewelry and how about luxury automobile? again for mag, you know, what money laundering is highly regal copier spots? americans love buying homes. ah, this was a funny middle part of how our political leadership and our country large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you will rebel, right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for
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the upcoming town still dominates the headlines this monday. the biden administration is reportedly changing its policy at cobble airport. now, only americans and nato state citizens will be allowed for plus us green cardholders. there's no further provisions at the moment to come to work for the coalition. some employed by foreign states did manage to flee, but that relative remain in the country, fearing retribution from the taliban. we spoke to one translator on condition of complete anonymity because risks remain high. i believed that americans were responsible for legion and today's anybody will be killed as a result of this blood will be on the hands of the american government sanctions.


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