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now, but over the past 20 years, it's been so good to see those images of girls at school going to college, getting jobs, driving, all those freedoms that they've managed to have in the post 911 generation of afghans and washington claims. it's defending women's rights. that is it, can it still? well, i think that washington, at this point is fairly powerless. now, it doesn't have very much influenced if any, over the top of the telephone have said, august 31st. that's your deadline. you've got to be out of there maybe other international powers, maybe maybe russia, maybe china that could influence the with us. we also heard from a tell us function last weeks that they are different that they will treat women differently. do not know if that is true. we'll have to wait and see. clearly there were so many strides that were made by women in the workforce in government,
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in all areas, you know, in the past 20 years, it would certainly be shame. very, very, a great change. see all of these things disappear with the benefit of your experience and expertise. one of the risks of afghanistan, again becoming a terrible and threatening to de, stabilize its neighbors will again, very difficult to predict the future. i think that job, we look back and see all can go into the foreign nation. said had enough guy. i happened to be very 1989 when the soviets pulled out. and the russians had tremendous losses. and very few gains over the course of 9 years, 10 years that the soviet union was a ball. did they leave the place any better, marginally, perhaps in the urban areas? and were those able to wear those changes? able to, to make changes make change? the answer is no. why don't teen 96 the mad?
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the russian soviets, when the power 90 book, had been taken out of the u. n. compound and executed by the caliber talent. and it's all about were empowered by the late nineties. so the history is not very good and this seems to be, it repeats itself. different nations, different circumstances, different characters, over a very long period. you know, what about the way taliban 2 point? oh, for one of the better term for it is going to present itself. on the one hand we've heard people say, well this is a different generation of taliban leaders. not the same as the ones with at the turn of the century on the other site. other people is saying that this is just a very media savvy, switched on taliban that knows how to sell itself, which is the thing. and how can we really get to see what the true taliban is in 2021? well, sadly,
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we may not know the truth of that until it's too late. we will have to be watching very carefully to see what transpires, particularly among those vulnerable people who are being left behind. and no matter what the us knows now, there is no way they can get all of that deserving africa and out of the country there simply isn't enough time or resources to go very far beyond the capital airport. so good to wait and see. you are absolutely right. the telephone now are putting together a very sophisticated media flips. i was very impressed by the news conference that may help you cobble last week. however, how can the promises that they make the, the enforce, kept it. that is a question much, much beyond me. joe biden said that the african mission was not about nation building. yet,
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there were quotes that have century surfaced of him saying just that in 2001 he now says it was just about to protect united states interests. which was a, do you think this is the, is the crux of the problem in the 20 years enough against it? originally, the mission was supposed to be to protect the american interest in terms of terrorism. it was to rid afghanistan organization that was giving work to us. and in many ways the mission should have ended up in a lot of was killed. that was the purse. unfortunately, whenever america gets involved in foreign wars, they have a tendency to wonder. we filled the nation sometimes in the model of the way americans think things should be and this is where they get sucked in and where it gets very, very complicated. so nation building became almost a side issue which became the dominant issue of the american presence there. i was
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speaking. ready the friends of mine the other day who was the chairman of the american chamber of commerce in capital for a number of years. and he, he was very much part of the business development which leads to the nation building. and i'm not saying this building is not a good thing, but it's almost in achievable thing. it seems to me try to put it in terms of the way american see a nation in the way a possibly nato state lawmakers and others. i suppose they've also got one eye on their image and reputation bearing in mind when vietnam happened. the best the most of us had to be able to understand it were black and white still images on the front of the newspapers and reading what despatches came through today. we've got 24 hour live streaming video of what's happening. the afghan is done and it makes it so much more closed. it's easier to emphasize with the desperate situation. people having that. so is the us withdrawal the same level of catastrophe,
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or is it was well, you have to realize number of what the american can be now with much deeper, roughly the same number of years, but many more troops at its peak, 500000 us troops in vietnam, many more guess 58000 americans killed in vietnam over a 1000000 some say to 1000000 b, and he's on both sides. dead. many, many wounded and enormous. commit. much bigger now. it was much more than the black and white photos in newspapers. yes, we did not have any instantaneous technology, but it was america's 1st television war, color images of the war were on the air virtually every night. or most of the certainly the last 10 years of the war. it took me quite a while to get the images of the communist takeover. so i got out, in fact,
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it took me 26 days where i was able to get on the air with the final images of the takeover of shy god. but when we get you to a 30 minute special rod cast, they were all kinds of special brought it in an era we're in america by the way. there are only 3 television networks, abc, nbc, and cbs. and i was lucky that nbc to be with an organization that gave a lot of time to the end of the war in, in vietnam. the impact in america was tremendous in some ways, much greater. because after all, the numbers that killed on the american side were much lower of the afghan war. it was highly trained, professional army, whereas stack of the day active and 19 sixties and seventies. it was a draft t army of the americans in vietnam,
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impacting many more families. i, i've still struggling to this say, why the impact on it. my main main concern is the military and the impact on the voting and, and now the impact impact on the families. i remember be in moscow, for example, back in 1989 and talking to the russian mothers who lost their sons. heartbreaking part really to see that to see 300 russians being held, p o w, you know, get us back in the back of the eighty's. so these were heart regina, you in issues and i was confronting back in the day and we are now confronting today, off switched on life for all installed to get some old tangible leg doesn't it to well, what's really happening around the world. okay, right to jim laurie, your writings on the afghanistan and of course vietnam there must read for anyone trying to get
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a handle on what's happening right now. i really appreciate your time talking to us here on our team, but you well, this is our p as we continue our full news, hour and anger over the destruction and ask honest on has reached american shores as well, with people pouring onto the street to protest against the taliban seizing power rallies broke out. both the east and west coasts. from l. a. to washington, dc with demonstrators chanting free, afghanistan, and biden, you betrayed us. they also demanded that the white house helps struggling afghan population and comes as politicians across nato. member states blamed the united states and joe biden, in particular for the fall of afghanistan. 3rd quarter looks at the mounting and go 20 years of occupation. more than 2 trillion dollars spent hundreds of thousands dead. it's half the price tag only to get a humiliating defeat and botched evacuation in return. naturally the president had some explaining to do to the american people, majority of americans, and forgive me, i'm just the messenger no longer consider you to be competent,
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focused, or effective in the job. i haven't seen the only reason we're against this is a place from which been lot attacked. the united states of america had this been in another middle eastern country where he could have easily moved from we would have never gone to a guest. biden's proverbial house of cards already looks as if it's coming crashing down the atlantic council called washington deer caught in headlights. the administration's job approval rating fell below that of disapproval for the 1st time ever. and the nations allies, well, they are not happy is used to catastrophe. good people for there were some barriers, incredibility. one for the developing of international relations, $99.00 sharp. this is evident. it is clear that this commitment by the international community has not been successful. this is the biggest debacle that nature has seen since its foundation and it is an e book of change that we're facing out to see that commander in chief call into
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question the courage of men. i forthwith to claim that they ran shameful in those who have never fought for the colors they fly, should be careful about chris lighting. those who have the united states of america bear the main responsibility for the current situation because of their decision. so leave of garrison in parts over with hasty, they have the main responsibility to make matters worse, said looks like the man, donald trump famously branded, sleepy joe might have been snoozing while all this was going on. i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. i've spoken with our nato allies who spoken with nato allies, the secretary state or national security via he's been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world. and our allies, as has the general r b. i keep calling them in general, but my secretary defense. the fact of the matter is i have not seen
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a matter of fact the exact opposite. i've got. this is about america leading the world and all our allies have agreed with that. the seemingly out to lunch attitude and utter fiasco that took place under the current administration has drawn criticism from not just biden's rivals, but from fellow party members as well. i'm disappointed that the button administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid us withdrawal. the images we saw coming out of of going to start show a tremendous humanitarian crisis. this is going to hurt us. no question about it. i think of janice town, his last, every terrorist around the world is cheering. they have watched the taliban defeat america. in effect, president buttons, poor judgment produced the worst possible outcome in afghanistan in only a matter of weeks. even criticism from the media was generally bipartisan secretary blank, and how did president bite and get this so wrong?
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how could officials have this fits? how did it happen? how do we get here? does president abide not bear the blame for this disastrous exit from afghanistan? another 3 years of fighting and we're going to be lucky if we have a single ally left. america is back. that was biden's famous promise. but after a colossal failure in america's longest war, ever, many are starting to wonder if he meant america's turning its back on everyone's trust. over the british prime minister, tony blair, who sent you k troops into afghanistan, 20 years ago, criticize the u. s. decision to pull out, running the justifications behind it as imbecilic. we didn't need to do it. we chose to do it. we did it in a b, d, and to an imbecility. political slogan about ending the forever was blair added the britons involvement in the region was not hopeless despite the taliban to advance and that the u. k. has a moral obligation to stay in the country until the afghans who need to be
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reevaluated. but journalist and international affairs specialist rich of met has told me last time that he's been escaping about. bless claims, he calls this slogan about ending forever wars imbecility. but he's the one who followed george bush, the laughing stock of the, of the western world in 2001 into 2 wars, both of ghana, son and iraq. and he's the one who can not finish the war for 20 years later. now, in 2021 and he's still offering excuses, trying to justify what he did, the united kingdom and the united states did not invade afghanistan to help women go to university, even though that's a great thing. they invaded afghanistan under the pretext of nation building and disposing the taliban and getting all they, they claim that they assassinated they, they got been logged in in 2011. so what are they still doing there? he's the one who started this war in iraq and afghanistan. he was right behind george bush in the warranty era. so of course, he's still trying to justify what he did. still ahead and this r t news, our europeans rallied to demand that government's help. women threatened by the taliban. we'll take
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a look at that after the break. i ah, with me ah. ah, i use
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join me every 1st a on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the the news ah hello, go now the faith to ask on women under taliban rule is also a huge worry worldwide and solidarity rallies protested. have demanded action from that governments including taking in more refugees. many of express fears that the taliban will impose strict laws power in women from key parts of public life. much as read off canoes agency spoke to human rights activist about who's to blame the current crisis. in my opinion, america is the main country who,
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who is responsible right now, because what they should be doing, they're not doing what they are doing is against humanity. terrorists, specifically, paula bon? yeah. i'm mostly against of him and they are more he again, those women who raise their ways, who are not coming, fighting that themselves under the 4 inside the 4 walls of the home. so that's the reason the target. that's the reason that because they were against them, they were against those barbarians policies of them. they were against their force in imposing those terrorist on their country. that's the reason, again, from just one other issue that we're focusing on this monday. and the latest of a series of reports. next, we're looking at the international issue of transgender convicts. abusing female inmates imprisons a growing number of women. say their lives actually been turned into a living hell by mail, prisoners exploiting the system with canadas jail system. among those facing
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accusations, we have requested comment from canada, correctional services about the claims will share its response. and when we do hear back, but for now that i'm going to leave you with our correspondence, ask you to taylor and another of her in depth reports on it. oh, in fact i want to get a sense of your time inside. and specifically, how trans inmates affected your experience? i was incarcerated with trans individual's intervention. that was the 1st time i came across it. and then again, when i went to the federal and that was when they actually put them on compound with us, instead of segregating them away from us. and they didn't have to have surgery. so that happened in 2017. and what was your reaction when you love that that was trans inmates living in the compound with you?
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well, i was actually really freak doe in provincial because they brought me over to the indirect supervision range. and there is a sex offender there that was bully intact, and he was there hiding out because of his crimes. that's what the guards told me anyway, but he was trying to peek into my style when they're searching me. so that was my very 1st experience of that, but when i got to federal and i was told that there are men on compound with us, i was blown away. i didn't believe it. i couldn't believe that they were putting males in women's presence. i was actually harassed by one of them when i was inside, used to get me to try to walk back and forth in front of them so that they could check out my but lots of other comments as well. and then i was also in the halfway has with a male who has fully intact and it was like walking on egg shells. are you worried that there are people who are going to use the system in order to end up in
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a female prison? and then come out and decide that he's a man again. well, yeah, there's nothing to prevent them. if they claim transgender identity, you can't say that they're not transgender because you're discriminating against their identity or their expression, and even the one, but do get denied training for their utilizing the grievance system, which is a complaint system or a correctional service. canada, when their complaint is not resolved, they're bringing it to the human rights tribunal. did you ever inform the gods about how uncomfortable you felt about incident you described of sexual assault and it so how did they react? so. a as women, we do not utilize the avenues that are set up for us. so the grievance system and the human rights tribunal, we're just not, we're not taught about it. we don't understand how the system works. and for the most part, women are there. they're dealing with so much trauma, like
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a lot of them are like constitution, drug addiction and abuse their entire lives. they just accept it as another thing that's happened to them. it's reality of being female. so there are complaints and there are grievances, but not enough. women are speaking out because they're scared. did any of your fellow female prisoners have similar experiences to you? yes. some of my friends were like, pushed up against the wall in the laundry room and a hard time shut down their throats. they've had their breasts or their touch, sexual comments. a few of them have been sexually assaulted. so i speak to a lot of women that have been incarcerated, and the stories are very similar, same of physical altercation. they've never been punched in the face so hard. they're starting to carry weapons around, which is not
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a normal thing for women that are incarcerated in canada. they're putting soup cans and socks because they know that they're fighting males and not women. and there's the really, really big power difference between them. candidates, prison system allows men to choose to solve the sentence in a female prison. if they say they identify as women, they don't need to undergo any thought true or human therapy. that what is enough fuel far to say this is in the name of the quality and to ensure the safety of transgender is the little change was pushed for by prime minister justin trudeau. himself, will you do your best to ensure that trans women are put in prison or prison, more appropriate to their gender identity? through his yes, i will ensure that i consider myself to be a fairly strong advocate for for l g
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b t q 2 issues and fairly aware of all the different pressures. and this wasn't one that i had ever thought of. so thank you. have a mason whom we just heard from, says the government has to rethink its approach to the whole issue. nobody wants to speak about it. they don't want to report on it. we're being told that we're lying, that it's not happening, not have to use that return. so back there's literally no discussion about it. there is no discussion before any of the policies that were implemented. and i feel like there are solution to this. they have the room in men's institutions that have wings and dorms, and they can make l g b, t q wings, better tailor to fit their unique needs over in the united states. similar concerns have been raised. for example, by the case of janai at one row, a transgender woman in annoy who was transferred from a mens prison to a women's facility that was off to she alleged mail inmates had sexually harassed
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her. but in her new prison, monro herself was accused of raping a female inmate at the thought of the california past its own controversial law. now it allows trans inmates to be transferred to facilities that align with that gender identity. the law was adopted in january by may, over 260 transfer requests had been made and not flesh some female convicts, very worried. i will not be a victim anymore. i haven't do with sexual abuse as young as 4 to 8 and with the rape, as well as numerous main staff correctional officers being an appropriate ever since telephone as as b one for 2 has passed, i have been living in constant fear. i can't mentally function without fear. if the men come here, please help us. i'm scared just because they feel like a woman doesn't mean their penis doesn't work. we discuss california law with alex
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har on a co founder partners for ethical and founder of the agenda mapping project. she says the well being of women prisoners is simply of no interest to legislators. senate bill 132 is is, is like a sentencing women who have committed whatever crime to the punishment of sexual violence at the hands of meals. and i think that in terms of the pyramids of nice, i got a new stem and got winner. and every other enabler who had the largest to happen, use the feelings of and the physical safety of incarcerated women at the bottom of that tear amid of needs. when we of course understand it has to be a top ortiz keeping a close eye on similar developments in the us and elsewhere. the walt will have more features on the issues raised to come, ah,
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ah, driven adrian shaped by person. those vision in me, i think we dare to ask me a military mission against a we'll conclude on august 31st ah, one phone for who did a good to us all the quote unquote a young girl. and i will bundle you through so much. you got to do something that
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company will cut a couple of months. i think that was the quote. delicious. very good. this was the right weapon against the right and the local. no, no, no, but i keep somebody on the road through z o o z the, the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know that mcdonald and her this is your media a reflection of reality in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safer type relation or community. ah, you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, the americans love by an armed ah,
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this would have fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you will rebel, right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for the the news the
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news is i'll tell you i've got to stand still dominates the headlines this out. the biden administration's reportedly changing its policy up. cobble add port, now only americans and nato state citizens will be allowed through plus to us green card holders. there's no further provision at the moment for us gone to work the coalition. earlier, some employed by foreign states did manage to flee, but that relative remain in the country, fearing retribution from the taliban. we spoke to one translator on condition of complete anonymity because risks remain high. i believe that americans are responsible for this declaration. and then today's anybody who will be killed as a result of this will be on the hands of detail. the american government pensions built for the rest of the taliban warns the.


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