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ah, ah, the desperation in cabala tv, crew experiences 1st time the chaos from the afghan capital 10 days after the time the band took a while rushed evacuation 500 people from afghanistan, including the citizens and others from former soviet countries among them to jeez and ukrainian and to show of patriotism or fear of fortune slipping away with us.
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weapon contract is cool. to continue depends dickins ask and mission quickly said the for in chief things, there are clear reasons why it was a massive flow of money that went into the wrong pocket. it can only be called corruption on a large scale. and europe is facing a security nightmare is size into being fleeing afghanistan, rushes topped it, says, is just one of the consequences of us interference in other countries. the fact i've listed for military campaigns that have resulted in nothing but a surge of terrorism and unprecedented drug trafficking, while illegal migrants flooded into europe. ah, good evening disco 9,
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paul care moscow watching arte international. 10 days after the taliban reclaimed power, thousands of people in afghanistan is still trying to flee the country with the main international airport, incapable resembling a war zone. now our senior correspondent murdered gas the night when the conflict weary nation with an r t crew to bring you inside access to what life is like right now in afghanistan as we were landing, we expected the situation to be desperate herein this evil. and we certainly weren't disappointed it isn't quite the bad ammonium we saw in the early days of this evacuation. so the mobs and the hordes crushing each other in a be to get to these crawford to flee the taliban to flee of gather some things are a much more ordered. now nevertheless, it is still very much desperate. as we descended down from the aircraft, we were greeted with with an air field that is listed with the shell casings,
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bullet casings as well as mt flashback grenades here, gas, cad, this is the also be news, sleepers shoes, close children's clothes, leave it all over the place one of the most striking things was also the barbed wire. it is, it is everywhere. i haven't seen bob was laid as high as it was. that is, variable walls of bob was to keep people away from the field as we were driving out of the field. we had me the 2 meters when we saw people trying to rush the main gate annotated baton pfizer wildly firing voting shots even behind his back was a miracle that no one was hurt. there were thousands of people, literally thousands of people. many of them young, many of the evidence he trying to use the opportunity to get out of i've got to start, but among them, elder people, people with families, children, women, but we're carrying, you know, baby's death desperate to get them out of the country. so the taliban ease ease
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being relentless, very harsh in keeping people away. as we drove further away from the field though it must be said that they were much more ordered. shops were open business, his we're open. people were walking round with with groceries, with, with food, with necessities doing about their lives, work, things were much less desperate. there was traffic, but it wasn't, that was in the early days sort of one way towards the airport. but nevertheless, things are very much chaotic here. people are still getting used to the taliban, which barely a few months ago was the, you know, the fringes of the country. and now in charge of the capital, people are desperate because they can't get money out of a t. m. the banks, a shop many, we were many of the banks we were driving by. well, the close data that is promising to get the movement, people be able to get money to pay for their lives, but so far that remains only improvement. so the situation here and capital is
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certainly very desperate at this top murdered gas. the of that will russia has become evacuating people from ca, bullied by the chaos stricken international airport hall. russian air force planes are planned to rescue $500.00 people in total, including citizens of russia, belushi crane, and i scanned the stands former soviet neighbor to duke, esther at other stream we buy it and i'm happy that we're going home and no children can do for school, i went to same cry ship helping us in this situation because it's very difficult now to get to the airport. what we've done. we haven't expected the evacuation to go this. well, it's been very good. it's usually taken 5 or 6 days to evacuate. we were told yesterday and today will already on the plane because he's saying i want to thank precious president and defense minister for taking us out of the dangerous place and bringing us to jacob. they fed us too many thanks to them done. meanwhile,
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american troops and currently the largest presence active boards, airport emit what could be the last days of evacuations? from afghanistan, the taliban, which controls practically everything. apart from the hub, says afghans who gathered their should return home and say that they won't be allowed to leave any longer while also factoring for the safety. those to stay in the country. so with the taliban men, no longer allowing the evacuation of afghan citizens, the children we see here, could be among the last to make it active. to country american troops have in have been doing their best to, to entertain kids at the airport while they do what, wait for those flights. that as previous groups of afghan refugees who flow now still haven't reached their final destination, they've been transferred to us holding sites like this one in kuwait meantime, come home, smack you. cat is office throughout the taliban take over, said that the mass departures to panic. respond
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in the hysteria that has been created around surrounding the departure of many people from up on the sun. this has created some sort of anxiety among the rest of the population because the country has been at war for 40 years. ironically, know that there is no war, people are trying to leave because they have fears. what might happen in the future . and they're also living in a country that is poor, a lot of unemployment. so this is very good opportunity for some people that even if they were not affected by war, they would like to take this opportunity and go elsewhere. ah, political course for the country is not known yet. that's why people are so anxious
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and confused, and they're very worried. right now we don't have any government or any course of action. it will depend on the behavior of paula on how they deal with the liberties of the people, what the freedoms of people need and have to enjoy their the women's issues. girls going to schools, administration being handled by professionals and by experts. these are all the things that people are waiting and watching the news. women's rights are one thing in pictures and advertising's or another think. so the total of one have announced officially at least that they will wide by the law and sharia and islam has given rights to women. and according to this slumming sharia,
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they will allow women to go to school, go to work, pursue their careers as long as it's in the confines of the slavic sharia. it's very clear that islamic sharia has certain conditions, certain principles and certain guidelines. now when i scan it's done, 2nd biggest city kandaher in the size of video agency did managed to film the taliban, posing seized weapons and vehicles. they had been discarded by retreating. nato forces early this month, over all billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry and heavy armor have been abandoned in the country by the u. s. and its partners. video to show a former nato bass. there is dependent pentagon does rush to retreat. the u. s. president sees the evacuation i relies on taliban cooperation completion
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bargains. 31st depends upon the tale bond continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who are trans, we're transporting out no disruption to our operation. in addition, i've asked the pentagon and the state department for contingency plans to adjust the time table should that become necessary? let me remind you that the deadline for the american withdrawal is the 31st of august. i can very my message again to the americans to evacuate all its allies by this time because they have the capability, they have planes, they have the airport, they must evacuate all the troops, and those people who are linked to foreigners. despite the withdrawal being well underway, prominent us politicians and retired generals are demanding that troops should remain. but it does seem that mainstream outlets these people are being heard on or ignoring the fact that some do have vested interest in the company's profiting from the war. that spanned 2 decades on quarter explains, continue the afghanistan,
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occupation calls to delay the pull out of us led coalition troops have hit the mainstream media. when the decision was announced, months ago, i said that i fear that we would come to regret this decision. and we already are, this again, is a nightmare when we were there, we had the cooperation of the afghans. we work with the military. there are a lot of partnerships involved. this is a national security threat. or these just a bunch of overly patriotic americans. it's unlikely you see the taliban victory crashed the prophet party of america's gigantic military industrial complex and the mainstream media often omits that many overly jingle western military officials have investments in that very institution. take former us general j keen. he also happens to be the chair of the company that produces humvees and sits on the board of another company that produces military equipment. so wouldn't you know, he thinks it was a bad idea to leave afghanistan. i think the administration made
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a terrible mistake and, and pull our troops out and, and given the talem on the opportunity to take the country over and, and now we're going to inherit the epicenter of radical islam, right inside of it inside about canis. and it's going to become a more dangerous place. there's also retired us general david portray is a partner at a global private equity firm called k k r, which has assets in the u. s. defense sector. and richard hoss is a former white house adviser who sits on the board of the investment firm lazarus, a firm that also serves defense companies. and we can't forget former us defense secretary leon panetta, senior counselor at beacon global strategy is hardly an unbiased party. another fare mention is florida republican mike waltz, who made up to $25000000.00 in profits. after selling a defense firm, which has offices in afghanistan. the problem is terrorism. that opens up ghana.
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stan doesn't stay in afghanistan. we will see all kind of 3.0. they are working closely with the taliban, and they do tend to attack their former secretary of state condo. liza rice offered her $0.02 on y. america's longest war was not long enough. 20 years may also not have been enough to consolidate all gains against terrorism and assure our own safety we and they needed more time. once again, rice's place on the board of c 3, a i, a defense contracting company is conveniently left out of our article with all these powerful officials having one foot in the capitalist pool and the other in that of the u. s. government. it's not hard to imagine why endless war is a very lucrative business decision for some stock returns from 2001 to 20. 21 for government contracted arms. companies like lockheed martin and northrop grumman totaled more than 1000 percent and wiki leaks,
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founder and whistleblower julian assange tried to warn the world about it years ago to use wash money out of attacking wages out of the tax basis of european africa back into the head of a truck. that is the goal. the goal is to have in looking for some reason the mainstream media doesn't seem to find it necessary to tell their viewers that the experts they invite to inform public opinion on the afghan war. have a very specific agenda of their own on quarter there will. the scale of america's failure in afghanistan has been revealed in 20 declassified documents published by the u. s. national security archive. one does show the extent to which the calamity was consistently and deliberately hidden from the public back in 2002 then defense a creed don rumsfeld, was worried that the afghan mission was drifting but never mentioned it publicly.
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rather arguing there was no point in negotiating the remnants of the taliban more than a decade later, an american diplomat had the same concerns. the 1st question of did we know what we were doing? i think the answer is no. if there was ever a notion of mission creep, it is of dennis done. we went from saying that we will get rid of ok the so they can threaten us to say we're going to end the television. then we said, we will get all the troops the telephone works with then further to have our exit strategy be a stable government. and again, it's done. we have to say good enough is good enough. that's why we're there 15 years later. well, as we heard back in 2011 june sonjee, this is the ultimate goal of the us military campaign in afghanistan was to generate massive profits for american defense companies. we can set the for in chief told my colleague color embrace earlier today that the new documents to vindicate the groups leaks over
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a decade ago to supported by all the revelations that came out of the documents by we can use 11 years ago. some of them, of course, went from earlier period ca, documents, diplomatic cables, military documents, it all pain the, the, the, through the true picture of what was going on. and i'm kind of from 11 years ago. and it was somehow didn't register the, the lie continued. and that is the, the most of pricing for, you know, about the, the current events basically is. and the thing clearly may seem media cars come to record with this. how was it possible for 20 years to maintain the law? what was going on inside them? julian assault also said that the africa was being used to launder american and european money. what, what did he mean by that? the trillion dollars plus the trillion dollars probably under estimate did
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go into us or pocket the military industrial complex, the, the private contractors like dunkirk who were supposed to be training the outcome, police, etc. it was a massive flow of money that went into the wrong pocket. it could only be called corruption on a large scale. on top of that, of course there's a, the, the corruption inside the sun where basically money was used as carol zone to, to pump on the fire. or there were no loved good on the fire, just to gasoline being pumped on the fire that does not create a lasting bonfire. everybody knows that. no, sir, jove people currently fleeing afghanistan is creating a security nightmare for europe. because among those fleeing, the taliban are convicted criminals early deported by the back to afghanistan along with suspects on various global security watch list. it is
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a topic that came up to in talks early this wednesday between the russian and offering foreign ministers in vienna. they have to fight greatest posture has the 2nd biggest community of africans in europe. much more than other you states could only sweden having more than us. i think austria has shown lots of solidarity with them. now we have many problems within our country. we are not interested in becoming a failed states. we also don't want africa understand to become a terror base. we have seen how the americans have enforce their way of living on libya, syria, iraq, and afghanistan. they should mind their own business. i've listed for military campaigns that have resulted in nothing but a surge of terrorism and unprecedented drug trafficking, while illegal migrants flooded into you're following nato's bombing of libya. the main conclusion is rather simple. here don't interfere in and other countries internal affairs and don't use force in violation of the un charter. well, in a striking some of a security concerns in afghan, national on britain's no fly listed make it into the country on
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a minute from plain he was declared, though not to be a person of interest, and was then free to go in france. police rescue when a fight scan to the ledge linked to the taliban, that suspect had failed to comply with his stay at home order and the other 4 or under surveillance. and then in germany, some previously reported afghans, but criminal records did manage to sneak back in via evacuation flight. hungary, for its part, is emphasized, it won't accept an unrestricted flow of afghan refugees and says to it won't let its people suffer from the floor. geopolitical decisions made by the us hungry state secretary added that the chaos in afghanistan probably could have been avoided. what we're seeing right now in capital, in other parts of garrison, is frightening. and i think it could bring about an error in migration and international terrorism that we didn't want and perhaps could have avoided while
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turkey has been reinforcing. its border with a ran faring an influx of afghan migrants from their turkish authorities are expanding the existing concrete boardwalk, a stretch some 240 kilometers by the end of this year. puerto area is not covered by the wall of being boasted by ditches, barbed wire, and also patrols last spring. present erred. one form that turkey would not become europe's refugee warehouses. it's already home to more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees. turkish political analyst on an adam told us that america is trying to pass off its responsibility for the african crisis to other nations. this is a worldwide international problem just because we are the, the nearest, physically, the nearest country. that the african refugees seek refuge to. doesn't necessarily should mean that we should be the only one dealing with turkey has been housing millions of syrian refugees. now adding more to this,
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it's really hard to bear with us is undoubtedly the only source of what's going on . and that can stand right now. they have creates the best and that now they're trying to avoid the, the, the consequences of that they have already started, you know, lifting out people act gans to african countries. and they have also, in the past week or so have leagues, i'm calling for statements to the media from the back channels that the cherokee may, may accept. most of these refugees on behalf of to us and the, the turkish, 1st of all, research president, the form everybody has said, you know, as totally was a kansas and they had never heard of it away from the afghan crisis. after the break. we look at how the german chancellor is chosen successor, has barely a month to pull out all the stops for the public charm offensive. dispos put the policy behind for the 1st time, and well over a decade that story, you know, there's just off the me,
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i the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. developments. only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk the welcome back. and the small baltic states of lithuania has infuriated china by closing up to tie one which beijing considers its territory the united states to is weighing in on the diplomatic spots. but china is foreign minister, has warned that the us shouldn't meddle in the affairs of other countries if they to the ins and outs of the diplomatic spent between china and lithuania are very clear. i would like to reiterate that china had the right to respond with resolute, unnecessary actions, to provoke, to move this seriously infringe upon china sovereignty and territorial integrity.
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have the solar message for the us. china won't co us any country and won't 3 codes by any country either. the u. s. had been to keep the label of coercive diplomacy stems back to la jolla agreeing to let taiwan set up a representative office in the capital. venus recognition annoyed china because it's long regarded the island which is about a 160 kilometers east of the mainland china to be a breakaway province under its sovereignty. in response to the move, china has demanded the nissan bass. leave beijing and recall its own envoy from venus. professor benjamin chiron, shanghai warns that the u. s. does have a long track record of breaking his promises to allies if they are within its course fear of interest. and luthey, i know they do not. who has, who, who hi to the one to provoke china. it has no boundary dispute that china has economic benefit to china. apparently, did us trying to maximize the use of is less and less strategic partners can use to
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afford competition. we push by crossing the bottom line issue of china, which is the one china, peaceable to for andrea. we would then need to completely rely on the us and its allies for economic benefit to us wants to have full control of louis and yet to fulfill its strategic needs with russia. so we all see that the u. s. shows almost all the time to sustain long last to your political influence of countries so far away. i think area such as pie was to see that the u. s. is not as powerful as one, ford to be able to win a war. what influence your politics far away from the us? the us have failed. many of his allies making new tons of from the support open night for whatever countries not of the court interest of the us. find the angle miracles time is german chancellor is almost up, but if her chosen successor thinks he's inheriting rock solid public support,
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he might want to avoid the polls in the papers. because for the 1st time in 15 years, the dorman coalition party is behind peter oliver reports happy days for the social democrats in germany. they are top of the opinion balls in the country for the 1st time. in 15 years they lead the christy and democratic union, christie and social union. the conservative union block by 23 points to 20 to the greens coming in. in 3rd, in the most recent polling, it doesn't make good reading for the christian democratic duty when it comes to the opinions or public opinions on who should be the next chancellor. either in not metric. also good reading for the social democrats. all i've shown the candidate coming out on top with 30 percent in 2nd place. there is an all in a book on 15 while way back is and lashes to of the christian democratic union. now he's been trying to put out some fires and do some, some face saving. he said that he's the man to look after both the environment and
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jobs. these criticize the greens in the social democrats for overly politicizing. the climate crisis says you have to factor in social aspects when you said such big goals. and that's also my idea of what lies ahead of us. it's not about making the steel industry uncompetitive with more restrictions and having to relocate elsewhere. that would give us a good climate picture, a 6 percent less submission, but no more jobs. the go much to transform the still industry so that it uses green energy and becomes green itself. and that's what we need in the chemistry industry in the german automobile, in the hospital for the greens and the social democrats say that mister last year just isn't ambitious enough when it comes to climate issues. there's also been serious criticism heading the way all the conservative union coming into this election with party grandees wondering where it's headed is burning everyone in the
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fire trucks. we have to tell the germans what they will get if they vote for the c d, u. c. s. u and the federal elections. after years of the grand coalition, we have to press the bushel reset button for germany. instead, the election campaign in germany is rippling along. but chancellor angle america will step down at this upcoming election up in any 16 years in charge. she seems relatively calm, heading into the vote. we are fighting all the parties fighting. we will work every day to get a good election result and not look every day at the polls. ultimately, it is the balance of voters in the ballad box of that count. not long to go now before germans go to the polls on the 26th of september to elect a new chancellor. those polls are pretty good for the social democrats right now, but those margins are incredibly fine. patrols reporting there from berlin. so that brings you up to date watching, i'll tell you what back again in 30 minutes. ah
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ah ah, ah. driven by a dreamer shaped by those in
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me dares things we dare to ask me while america is crazy frat party in afghanistan is over. 20 years leaving behind quite a man the the the with.


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