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countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato, what is founded shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large companies would lose millions and millions, or is business and businesses good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion western countries was the imminent risk of a terrorist attack. and capable airport and tell the nationals to stay away from the psych. thousands of still amassing the desperate to get out before the looming evacuation deadline passes. president biden's approval ratings hit a new low as opposed shows the majority of americans. now, believe i've got to stand well once again revert to a breeding grounds of terrorist target, the u. s. army veterans, meantime
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a voice there i and garret, how the current situations unraveled. my fellow veterans that i've seen everyone's lead don't everyone's upset, not pulling out of just even invading up down. a sam was a radius taylor and worldly to shifted responsibility for african refugees. many countries are claiming they've already done enough for a few to the taking any more migrant. turkey is accusing the block of turning a blind eye to the crisis, but at the same time is also refusing to open it stores. ah, good morning, welcome to the program, me watching out into national live with me, kevin, though in from a world you sent a remote sco 1st. this thursday, the us be cable straight of all this, a high risk of a terrorist attack, a couple airport. i've told the citizens to stay away from the area. since i've
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gone this time fell to the taliban. thousands of both foreign nationals and afghans alike have been desperately trying to flee. so the area around the airport, these pictures just in this morning resembles something of a disaster zone, as well as you could call it that with the people sitting there a bit countless bags and suitcases. rubbish strewed around to see it. people after the taliban rejected claims, it was stopping africans with international visas from leaving the country. people still had a vain hope of getting out. seeing that correspondence in conflict with the nation reporting back for us and shares next. and what life is like under the new regime as we were landing, we expected the situation to be desperate around this evil and we certainly weren't disappointed. it isn't quite the bad ammonium. we saw in the early days of this evacuation. so the mobs and the hordes crushing each other in a be to get to these crawford to flee the taliban to flee. i've got to stop. things
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are much more ordered. now nevertheless, it is still very much desperate. as we descended down from the aircraft we were, we were greeted with with an air field that is listed with the shell casings, bullet casings as well as and d, flashback grenades here, gas cabinets is also being used. sleepers shoes, close children's clothes, lizard all over the place. one of the most striking things was also the barbed wire . it is, it is everywhere. i haven't seen bob was laid as high as it was. that is, variable walls of bob was to keep people away from the field as we were driving out of the field. we had me the 2 meters when we saw people trying to rush the main gate and the taliban pfizer wildly firing boarding shot even behind his back was a miracle that no one was hurt. there were thousands of people, literally thousands of people. many of them young, many of them,
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evidently trying to use the opportunity to get out of i've got to start, but among them, elder people, people with families, children, women, but we're carrying, you know, baby's death desperate to get them out of the country. so so the taliban ease ease being relentless, very harsh in keeping people away. as we drove further away from the field though it must be said that they were much more ord. shops were open business, his we're open, people walking around with with groceries, with, with food, with necessities doing about their lives, work, things are much less desperate. there was traffic, but it wasn't as it was in the early days, sort of one way towards the airport. but nevertheless, things are very much chaotic here. people are still getting used to the taliban, which barely a few months ago was the, you know, the fringes of the country. and now in charge of the capital rush has also been
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evacuating people from cob, over the cale stricken international airport for russian air force planes of being taken part of the operation. they're taking $500.00 people out the country, including citizens of russia. barrows, ukraine. i've got to stand the former soviet neighbor said you could stand ah, we hadn't expected the evacuation to go to this. well, it's been very good, crowded. it's usually taken 5 or 6 days to evacuate. what we were told yesterday, and today we're already on the plan. ah, let me see. i want to thank questions president and defense
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minister for taking it out of the dangerous place and bringing us to jacob. they fed us too many thanks to them as it's done. oh, i distribute them. we had to wear home and children can do for school. i went to saint christ, helping else in this situation because it's very difficult now to get to the airport. me more to show you the situation on the streets of capital remains retents with taliban fighters, patrolling and vehicles and brandishing extensive weaponry. i think the problems right now in the capital is a lack of money. long queues have been forming outside banks in the hope they might reopen anytime soon. they've been closed for 10 days now. ever since the telephone swept of power as ever he was trying to make the best of a bad situation. don't lay some taken advantage, show the situation just
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a little case in point. someone sort of make live in this vendor. setting up a shop outside the abandoned us embassy and cobble solid taliban flags. he bought them nearby market, but selling them on guess a bit of a markup to cause, passing by the embassy building. that's a new way of life. you flags to fly. meantime it's not been confirmed. 82000 people have been flown out of afghanistan since evacuation. if it started that figure from the us secretary state, but many sill unlikely to make it up by that looming august 31st deadline. there is no deadline on our work to help any remaining american citizens who decide they want to leave to do so. along with, in many afghans who stood by us over these many years, the expectation of the international community is that people who want to leave afghanistan after the u. s. military departs, should be able to do so. the taliban repeatedly said there won't be any extension as to that evaluation deadline and with the us seat in control of couple put in just
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a matter of days that the fate of those who still want to get out of that is going to be in the hands of the militant group, retired us army, colonel and diplomat, and right believes that while most people will be more or less happy to remain in the country, the reason thousands will still want to leave the great majority of the 38000000 people that live in ghana, stan are not leaving the country. the ones that are primarily are the ones that have worked with the united states government. and then there are some other afghans who saw the opportunity of going to another country. many afghans have left the country because of the lack of employment that will actually give enough money to support your family. but the people that have worked with the us government over the last 20 years certainly feel that their lives may be in danger. because the taller bod may take retribution against them on the death starts to settle a bit news to that 3 quarters of americans recently polled. now believe afghanistan
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will once again become a breeding ground for international terror. it's just like it was 20 years ago. he goes done off reports and what went wrong with the us mission. galveston americans were promised a triumph. a whole generation was raised to the 2. no vows that the mission will be a success. we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes. we will disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al qaeda while preventing, i've got to stand from against serving as a base for terrorists. but instead of 2 decades on the u. s. finds itself in the middle of an exodus of truly biblical proportions. the american military has evacuated more than 80000 people in less than 2 weeks as a ganeth and crumbled under the advance of the taliban. the
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scaled and pace is unprecedented. 80000. yet this still the swarms of people besieging the airport and bearing the fact that despite all efforts the u. s. withdrawal is still a catastrophic failure, especially to those who spend months and years thousands of miles away from family and friends trying to build an american dream amid the sounds of ghana and the when i joined the military, i was pretty idealist. i want to go out and serve my country right out of high
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school. i had sent back with my knees and stuff and i kept trying to get into mess . and i finally did, and i wanted to go to my country. ready and law that men on 35 years old now it's wildly different. now it's you see things they really are and i feel like i feel like the worn out again to send it over. so they have to last, as long as we went there to go from pay to get those. and then it should have been just that. and the worse it ended some time in the 2009 drag on the way it has the ross cause of veteran organizations, apparently seeking to secure a chat with the commander in chief who so far has remained delusive failing to meet obligations to leave against would not only be a national security risk, it would also condemn veterans and survivors of the conflict and have galveston to
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lifetime of moral injury. but the bite in administration is taking a stand here. the mission is a success and that's the heel. they are ready to die on what you do as you adjust and we've adjusted. and while we are continuing to face genuine challenges, we believe we are making progress. i would say that this is and now on track peter to be the largest air lift and us history. so, and that is bringing american citizens out. it is bring are asking partners out. it is bringing allied out. so no, i would not say that is anything but a success. well, it's not hard to tell how convincing they actually are. jo biden's approval ratings plummeted in the wake of this operation. and the majority of americans, well, they remain unfazed by the supposedly high evacuation figures. and believe biden is not doing enough to help those stuck in taliban ruled of ghana. stan, this is no mitigated. do those 2 of epic proportions. this will be
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a stain on buttons, presidency. i think he's going to have blood on his hands for what they did. another bitter ring the allies in the fact that the us invaded afghanistan to get rid of the terrorist threat that was emanating from the country. yet now the hasty evacuation has raised concerns that some people who bought the american plains weren't vetted properly. you know, people are upset with people. i talked to our ag it's completely botched. there is no. ready political will, and there are still americans trap in afghanistan and still haven't been able to get to go. and as far as lessons learned from, i mean other previous words. i mean, if we haven't learned from vietnam, if we didn't learn from, you know, from iraq and early to thousands. i mean, we're just going to continue to make the same big mistakes because we're not the ones that are pocketing the mit. and we're just being used for the will of the mit
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and that's, and that's what i'd say about that. the 2 decades of america. and i've got to stand wrapped up with a resounding fiasco. and one can only guess how much more time it will take to mitigate whatever fall out it is still to bring. yeah, it was, he saw an ego support the army veterans voice there. i go to how the current situations played out. we also heard from iraq war veteran and former marine snipers said you could check it and you know, believes entering, i've got to stop the 1st place was a mistake. the real failure of this war enough, janet, stan, or whatever. you want to call that a conflict was explicitly pointed out in the dentist and papers where a lot of generals basically spoke about the fact that there was no mention. they had no mission, they didn't know what they were doing there. and they didn't know what they were going to do in the future anyway. so yes, of course, i think, i think not even pulling out of just even invading up dana fan was
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a radio taylor. historically, no one has been ever able to conquer a dentist. and so do you think that military us know, that sailed and more able to succeed in iraq? we're going to succeed and i've got to spend that. so that's really finding us the job most times triggered phase of another refugee crisis that was fleeing afghans not looking to find a solemn in the u, a neighboring states. but next morning, as peter, all of us been funding, not everyone is waiting with open arms for these new arrivals. the european union is yet to set any figures for how many african refugees they intend to take in. we'll have been clear though, is european leaders saying they have no intention of seeing a repeat of 2015 refugee crisis. we do not want to relieve what we experienced in 2015. it is not the duty of the e u o slovenia, to help them pay everyone on the planet who is fleeing,
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instead of fighting for their homeland fights. christ foster has the 2nd biggest community of africans in europe. much more than other you states could only sweden having more than us. now we have many problems within our country. we are not interested in becoming a failed states. the australian chancellor says there's no way more refugees will be arriving here on his watch. people on the streets of vienna, though much more mixed in their opinions. i think we should take refuge here because we have space. we have the money, we have everything, no more refugees. we have enough. and if we have the ability to help, why not everyone in europe hesitate, refugees, in fact demonstrations in support of doing more to help african refugees being taking place across the u and in the u. k. the
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ah. the news like in 2015, 2016, it was germany that took in the lion's share of refugees coming to europe. now the german presidents is calling for europe to act with compassion to the the need that recognizes that there has to be limits. we cannot take in all the people seeking a better life for good reasons, but we must grant refuge to those who have the right to protection and asylum under our laws. b. u wants refugees to seek shelter in neighboring countries and has pledged monies to hell. plot, but those who decide to try and use the route through, i've got to start to europe through northern iran and across turkey said to face
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strong obstacles. ankara has approved the building of another 64 kilometers of border wall to keep refugees out. we want to show the whole world that our board is on possible. our biggest hope is that there is no migrant wave from afghanistan. we need to remind europe in france of this fact in europe, which has become the center of attraction for millions of people cannot stay out of the refugee problem by hostile sewing its borders to protect the safety and well being of its citizens. moreover, with this attitude, europe not only violates international law, but also turns back on humanitarian values. turkey has no duty responsibility obligation to the europe refugee warehouse and move run and pakistan are already home to millions of african refugees, according to the united nations, germany, and france. and right here in austria, also hi, you are on the list. notably right down at the bottom though, is the united states,
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which as of 2020, it only take it in 2000 refugees from afghanistan with the current chaos. the result of the united states is decision to pull out the sure to be called to washington to do more. instead of letting its allies do the heavy lifting, they drop her off the vienna took a political and list on air and was focused about it believes the u. s. is trying to pass the responsibility of the african crisis now on to other nations. this is a worldwide international problem, just because we are the, the nearest, physically, the nearest country that the african refugees seek refuge to. doesn't necessarily should mean that where we should be the only one dealing with turkey has been housing millions of syrian refugees. now adding more to this, it's really hard to bear with us is undoubtedly the only source of what's going on that can stand right now. they have create the mess and now they're trying to avoid
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the, the, the cost they have all ready started, you know, lifting out people act and to african countries. and they have also, in the past week or so have leagues, i'm calling for statements to the media from the back channels that the cherokee may may accept. most of these refugees on behalf of us and the, the turkish. first of all, the president, the former, everybody has said, you know, as totally was that they had never heard of it 1st more. exactly 20 past the hour. if you're watching the clock having to go to work, etc, etc, today, or if not, stay with us as much more to come include in this meeting the needs. there is a problem. every industry desperately showed a stuff, prisoners in the u. k. could be put to work on renew skiing to avert labor crisis caused by the double whammy. is a cove. it breaks it. what do you think about the good plan or no critic cried. follow ready? this exploitation. this is our t and dash. ah
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i the me ah, i will. i will join me every thursday on the alex silent
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shore and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the moon. ah, i get morning so the prisoners are the u. k. could be used to avert a major shortage. currently of key work is in canada stories including road haulage and i was it made so be released on temporary license with the initiative. i mean, to integrate them back into society. the lack of manpower being blamed at the moment of both breck said the double whammy bricks and pandemic. so ready said gaps appearing on supermarket shelves on alarm over it. the current shortfall of run $90000.00 heavy goods vehicle drivers,
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placing unsustainable pressure on retailers and their supply chains. and it's not just the lack of transport. food, food produces in restaurants, a source outside at the sources of manpower with currently about $40000.00 vacancies. according to the association of independent meets the buyer may processes all the latest sex off the government. if daily prisoners can fill the gap, predict the right fit. and we look at corona irish. prior to breaks it, we had a large number of a migrant workers based in the country who were to the major poultry processing sector. we're not just looking at prisoners and prison leaders to fill the shortage. we also looking at service personnel through their recruitment agency, given that we've tried to recruit from the case domestic labor force for months, a months and months. and we still have a lot of vacancies. we have to look at other pools of labor that are available. the
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public response to the idea of prisoners plugging the shortfall of that mix on social media and also on the streets, forced labor is morally wrong. an unpaid job merging animals on the killing reduction line wouldn't be 1st choice for paying them back. oh, my god, let them use prisoners. you mean you want slaves because that's what you're saying for you. information under no circumstances can this be allowed to happen? the nightmarish combination of brazenly were slavery criminalizing of protest and extraordinary hiring cove. it in meat processing plans makes this a recipe for dystopian, considering that there is a lot of jobs out in the market right now that are not taken bike, as i can say, a lot of people they think that are a bit like, you know, below them so i feel like if there are a lot of opportunities out there, why not to give a chance to people that have already some time and out there and can actually do the walk and make their contribution. you have to give them
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a chance to be reintroduced in the society and not to be put down. and i look at them like they're not doing well. where does labor shows taste and things like starting up the streets and things like that because of the scripting productive work. so like him to cope thomas and some of the other national grid as well. they employ police fish business, otherwise people out of prison them to the job to go to they probably we commit the crime. let me supplies say that the prison is pay and conditions are the same as regular employees. they also claim some inmates or model workforce. they didn't for you again, when released prisoners under the release from temporary license program eligible for voluntary labor. if successful such a program consists of precedent for the increased use of prison labor. any initiatives that assists prisoners gain employment upon release means great themselves back into our communities is beneficial for society for ex offenders. so
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we welcome these initiative stuff, give the opportunity for people to change their lives for the, for the benefit of everyone risk that all oppertunity is to serve in prison again, skills that can get them, gainful employment, partner release, which can help them change their lives, benefit society and reduce the overall re offending rate with a 1000000 job vacancies, 9 to 2000 prisoners in the u. k. this sort of work is, might be some, suggesting it's close to exploit asian, the sets in the gray area when it comes to using cheap labor from a literally captive audience. fairly often in london part of a team over there, right? 75 2nd rapids, some of the world news is thursday morning. israeli forces fired tear gas rubber bullets and live ammunition and crowds of how to stay in protest is that the board of friends just said to the gaza strip. these pictures in from, for you. a number of people are injured, the demonstrators were demanding. israel removed his blockade of gaza and allow
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rebuilding books to begin again. after the year. it was crowded in that 11th day or so, but may elsewhere us now, hundreds, protesting in new york against mandatory coby vaccinations, demanding personal freedoms be restored with many to crying for jobs as experimental. the cities, governments mandated that school teachers and staff must have at least one dose by september, low to go. the authorities have also introduced the same requirements of people accessing certain indoor activities like restaurants and bars. now, over in japan, activists confronting tokyo police outside the olympic stadium. why? well, the demand and the government cancels the paralympic games. currently, it's just got on the way to prevent any further spread. october infections, a surgeon the consumer right now, break it all time record it already been strong. local positions of the hosting is a long way to deliver that game. so it's this month. that's a rough. what we're talking about so far this morning. delighted you today. and i
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hope you can stick around as well for maybe on next programs off the break in your part of the world. and if you want to keep up to date with any news headlines as i haven't download our app or check r t dot com. kevin, that we reported promoteco signing up for now and have a great day. mm. ah, the ah
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oh, when i was the wrong one. all right, i just don't the rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves with the parts we choose to look for common ground in the ah,
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[000:00:00;00] me welcome to the alec sam issue. when we look at the history of political pulling in the u. k. defend 1st general election portal for the 1945 election. where wartime leader, winston churchill, was isolated and what was seen as a shock results. however, it wouldn't have been as great his shock as people had placed confidence in the gout pulling for the news chronicle, which had been showing lon site level labor leads for the previous 2 years. in these gallops final election port was only one points added for both labor and tori . after that or suspicious start that have been many pulling set backs at yuki


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