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or military mission again stay, we'll conclude. on august 31st were ending americas longest war one phone for did a good who would have thought the quote unquote a young girl, because i really want the truth. so much you got to be subtle. companies something you cut the cut over the what are the most okay that i'm going to get a quote to ship a minute. this was the right weapon against the right hand going on, but it was filled out through z o o z the signing of the us to all about agreement and laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting piece. it f gamma stand and
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i know we still need that mcdonalds and those who i me but if that is the speed of getting the whole book already the berkshire too crazy. this was how american soldiers tormented hodge. i live in graham prison where he'd been held for 5 months, but said, i just don't go allowed to go for the but i was trying to get a hold of job. jeez, every other number to get us is a buzz about. i want to shut up a sub sub would tell you, but i in 2300. it was a district police chief in afghanistan and fought against the taliban. on february,
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the 26th that year, the us military went to his workplace at the police department and arrested him. buses. i'm calling to get up to the valuable to do something about a book that he said, you said to me after his arrest. how did you get a bush thrown into a cell from either you got to be were subtle. company said that the cut cut all the way with a little more but i bet i'm on the wall only the setup is not we'll get things alicia minute. yeah. but you're out of us from new sub will mclean. i don't want to, but hello. how about a no. doesn't notice for out of my you got my sunday that goes there. there was, you know, the say bug on tell you after the 911 attack, the us invaded afghanistan. their goal was to eliminate delta eat as needed and
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overthrew the taliban. that had been in power at the time. the united states established a military base in bagram and built a prison there by the same prison to which hadzic i live with depth and human bug on top of that one other one exactly well over the well not too bad. it's really all the shuttle not actually trip the shuttle or cleaning food or cleaning, just cut off to the truck or as you go, it was tortured for alleged links with the taliban, with whom the americans would later meet at the negotiating table. on february, the 29th, 2020 a peace treaty assigned, obliging nato states to withdraw their troops in return for taliban guarantees that i've got this down will not become a safe haven for terrorists for the company. so
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i wanna get to know what? no, no, no, no, that was a shot there. that you would have. nato began to withdraw troops and under the terms of the agreement between the taliban and the united states, the gun, the government was forced to release $5000.00 convicted taliban members, including known warlords. soon after that the taliban would conduct a series of terror attacks and begin to retake the country. district by district. on the night of july, the 2nd 2021, the americans abandoned by graham airbase and did so secretly without notifying the local authorities. the african military was compelled to secure the site to protect it from looters. before leaving american soldiers removed unneeded vehicles, military hardware and other surplus items and dumped them near the base. the site
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is now a big junkyard renewal for the among the piles of detritus. there are ahmed vehicles, nato, metals, clothes and shoes. those are both well sung because i did better. no, no, call me holler, no, no, guns. i like that. i've been to be that much done on another gender, you know? sure. that'd be like the ones that come out to come out and talk about how to
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get to get to the state of new. so yeah. now does that come with furniture 3? 0 one is that where do you live in? i have one on your truck. was it? does it reset most of the other job chosen or will it will a good does. it is a new shoes or what i'm just needing to know because it is extra as much as you go live has fought in battles, walls and revolutions his whole life. he fought the soviet army, the taliban, and isis after 5 months in prison,
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gully was sent to guantanamo bay detention camp. 4 years later, after being found innocent and released, he took up his gun. once again. the former governor to cover 200 lipp comes from the ship. worry about june, try since 2015. he's been the head man in june district, one of the most dangerous places in the state. the taliban and later rises constantly trying to take over the country. got a been, his men successfully repelled their attacks, but recently he was relieved of his duties of desperate head. but he was not so can look at a certain focus. i'll don't swallow, must home. i've done this, moodily. but there was a boy who showed did you says his father, you know, he says he companies go live now lives in couple his launched and appealed against
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his dismissal in an attempt to regain his old job. even though he's no longer the head hug. regularly visits his old district to see friends meet with the elders and inspect the check points. this road has always been dangerous even more so now, fighting between the gun ami and the taliban has escalated, but that doesn't stop had you got leave. he's traveling to his achieve district in south eastern afghanistan. fed up, nobody particular court all for how much they know there's 2 who do not understand who come come the bed up there actually started to go on the whole cause of the barn because of course we'll good. we'll go. there was a job for them. a
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little low part of it is just a little a holiday and what i thought you didn't want us, but i would love to go. label is visits, the checkpoints that he set up. the address is urgent issues and office some advice the code doesn't that book? oh, yeah, you are going to be some the julie legion grant a system of a remote. but if you have you mother, one of the channels just to let you know that was how, how did you live with the district head? i voted against the taliban through the
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with he has long been a target for the taliban. they've tried to blow him up more than once. that's why he's always accompanied by armed guards on every trend. so missouri does not show rosemont cushion care while he wasn't finished. this is the cemetery where honey guy live buried his brothers. 40 days later the family gathered for the wake. and then there was an explosion. 21. 2. 0, by the taliban had booby trapped the
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grave hoping to kill guy live. but he was incapable that day, which is what saved him. 18 people died and that explosion, mostly women and children for mamma. good luck. literally ship a bunch of bullshit danish little gun. michelle done, this is your same, say dynastee garden, the quarter gardening was me, run a gunny, run the gun on the right to get the color machine was not going to be about to hit that as you know before about the long run. but what you should go up to katie. ah, i don't want any of you know what? she's there to the bone which,
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which does 200. you can leave bush case of that. i would rather than is khaki colored with a classroom. i did come with the america cent hodges. i lived from diagram to guantanamo. he spent 4 years in prison on the caribbean island. the go that i'm going to give you could be did you want to go? they don't, they should have the number they were the last piece could be cut, somebody cut off that was that no, no one quarter will come. i had enough but a month to get to i gotta lose
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the whole. the cold done congest bunkie but burn dog gravy. but when he was, he was the, you know, but such whom are you who really to go to the more that was and if you dummy thus for my holiday, ah, to move sarah the 3 that will buy? no, no, no. was that all the students are little bit of color, but doesn't matter what level the salary the so could have been told that for a little kid doesn't satisfy the
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americans love by an armed ah, this would have fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country large, understood the bargain, you get a whole and then you will rebel, right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for
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i jiggling was eventually found innocent and returned to afghanistan. as soon as he was back, he continued to fight the taliban and later isis, the cross i'm to say danson draws. my father was 400 gully made a stop in door above a district to see his old comrade in arms. hagey honeysuckle, the former district head and now a respected elder malik is silly land you think you're gonna land land if you're gonna this is the gun pakistani border where many of the taliban come from and they often try to take over the area one day, they decided to attack again. then occasion was known as haji hamish goals soldiers were already moving out to intercept them. but then the americans intervened. i
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don't know what to do that. what is up when you get to that? what again when does you know that ladder? i live on do is set them up, see the us, i'm a do not that doesn't really live, doesn't that if you could do that with you, that's going to get i live, i got out of on willow of psyche to really with them. i live with, i'm going to do now with my what is a as a move with a does not look at. i got really when it's going to need actually, when a good given is that julie already there and or above a district the she was try builders have come together. the taliban have proposed that they start negotiations. if you want to come back some time ago, the worry eldest signed a pack requiring everyone to fight against the taliban. any one who supported them would be find an exiled. now the elders must decide whether or not to negotiate
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with the taliban. though sledge among ma, through or close out a little longer, the tune was so. so holler, holler one into the service. who could cooper, susan to sally. she could feeble the capable work. so that's a 100 though her going she does. she was there by that a good, a cut up if you guys will. most of the elders have decided to hold a few more meetings to discuss the issue ah, on the most dangerous sections of the road. how's carlise is escorted by his old acquaintances? from his police days was wrong general as well as i knew that. but that
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a bunny on the man that i'm daunted, dash budget budget. valerie was from louis post to the one that sherman rush, her car. you know, when you get no money down the money, you know, the me go to the other simple going about it, but i'm not a moment out of her for months old. how did you guy live has arrived in a chin. his old district had been continued fighting here for years. at 1st there were constant clashes with the taliban, but in 2015 parts of the district were taken over by isis,
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where they imposed serial law. deposit was cassandra law. so look us up and you gave us a call on my cell, my throughout the channel that i didn't watch that much of an entity by busted the government troops and the u. s. military tried to dislodge ices, but failed. the terrorists had in underground tunnels and caves motherhood under was the last friday, the smoke was done. hello, ms. martin, this is mohammed bundle no one's done about this much visit junko.
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oh, the american military decided to destroy all the underground passages by dropping the biggest conventional bomb or as they call it, the mother of old bombs. that was the 1st time this devastating weapon had been used in combat with the most emotional produced by monday. when i told him i was too much harder to get. i'm the mother of all bombs is the most powerful but not the only bond that was dropped here. this land has been bombed and shelled many times. almost no buildings have been left damaged. there wasn't a 3rd party in the local. no, no, no, no, but i knew that a non we'll go from the other fib on bottom and
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i don't know if you got the southern i'm open to what i have about one. what about, what about when you got to know if you will be what i mean, the dale will come in and get to the city, but for now what i thought it was not filled out through z o o z. thank you, but if you're not saved on the i got the 700 i got i think you go to go. i and i wanna say it was quoted me the time. so. okay. is that something that is no, no, no,
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no i'm going to run out of that bundle. 1 of what. ready i said has been expelled from the district. now afghan troops and local militia counter taliban attacks. i'm let i'm much, much, much more money and good advice was that i was a nice beginner while retreating, the taliban burned down a local market. was phoenix as opposed to godaddy. my. com and i was calling to schedule a showing me none side him. he wasn't even on saturday. that it was actually just show me the rooms and then all
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mcdonald's and does it does what he does go to the go with the good though some of the stuff then she was on the phone as a monday, we will be a shallow stadium. she was losing one color with and i will listen that isn't michelle route. i was much more. i wasn't sure that the child with money start on the quote that will charge will to in a dizzy with them. but because they were done material well with any goodness for the water much, much better better ah
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ah. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ah, on his way back to couple 100. it's an old friend cargo kinda howdy. they fought the soviet army together. the american soldiers arrested them both on the same day before that coco kinda hurry, served with hud. you got leave in the police and was responsible for the local checkpoints. then at least 42 people i wish going of where should my cable show you what i would, i will sort of set up in the little even if you watch on the back of it, they can do what they've done. i've seen a shot that i started eliminate candidates, you bought them like it was a did give them one of the to do a little while it might be we shall not be what they spent the 1st 5 months in bagram. and the next time they saw each other was just before they were sent to guantanamo. but they didn't recognize each other. my voice was with them as it with
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them to get in. but i will the fellow side of the deal doctor will barney shad. i'm going to learn there. yeah, and i will let i just have it on the bus where the alarm are the one that was sort of gentleman whenever you get one in cocoa also face charges for alleged links with elca eda. he spent one year and 9 months in guantanamo where in an attempt to beat a confession out of him. he was tortured. ah, cheryl gog, by the way, give us, but i don't want you to push it out again. tell him again. we will not putting up, we'll do some work. i know that i don't want to know did that thought that the shuttle got? like i said, i got to get my like and as your becky, the let me just like how g got lib. taco was found innocent and sent back to afghanistan after prison. he lost everything. cocoa now lives in his
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friend's house and works as a farmer to feed himself and his wife and their 7 kids. how about that the style of god's book which are well no one is dont that are allowed for disorder. why not? no way to do them and it was both about that. that was a good shot. but so what i read is still when you were talking to cut, you started with us. i will then what about that? but i know it, you can, i was one of the study, but just that it's showing that they did the by luggage while the money bottled another. but the setup monitor home then you would have worked at the madonna. what did you know about madonna? but if we know how to get it back to set up money was that you've got a loan because it was out of that of that, of that, that that would be a dilemma. it's going to show me i'm, i've gotta run this, i'm calling for sure that, that he missed glue. let me see what he's done for them. log on to the police. no dungeon was not going to have some for any of the when i work, i'm sure they're going to be with us. i've been to the full has a while to push them because about china. well, yeah, but on the side of the world, i
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was going to get them on the planet to buy the models that kind of tomorrow will begin to finish. you got the bug and sure that i'm one case of our kids because that's a good one. i don't know if i shall carlos, i don't want to do my or no, i don't want to keep you there, but at least when i look at it and i can ah release my daughter just
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to show the land line. um i know it was due monday they're going to follow this or not but the likelihood there's going to be taliban over running everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. ah . oh, the
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only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking to that is a nation's percept allowed to do anything, all the master races and then you have the mind a nation. so the slave americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. i turning this russian into this dangerous man that wants to take over the world. that was a culture strategy. so that was on your own. i english v i v. i not leashed off in one tablet block, nato could it's our, we move east. the reason us had jimmy, it's dangerous, is the lie. the sovereignty of all the countries,
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the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in larger companies would lose millions and millions or is business and businesses good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. ah, british government warns of a severe risk of terrorist attack it's cobble apples and worn citizens to stay away from the side 1000. so it's still gathering that desperate to leave before the us pull out a complete resident biden's approval. right. it's a new law is all the veteran's voice that angered how the african situation as ravel my fellow better that i've seen such an.


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