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the the the, the, the, the, the, the, the british government warns of a severe risk of a terrorist attack of cobble airports. the buns minister of information says the threats being exaggerated, to smear the new leadership. and spoke to our senior correspondent who's in the afghan capital, the foreign secretary brave face on relations with the united states,
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saying that they remain special joe biden, snobs, london's play to extend the african evacuation. president biden is approval rating . it's a new low as the veterans voice, their anger at how the afghan situation hasn't ruffled my letter that i think everyone's lead down. everyone's upset, not pulling out of just even invading. dana fan was a radio taylor. ah thanks so much for joining us here on our team to national since the afghan capital folks who the taliban. thousands of people have been desperately trying to flee. and now there's just 5 days to go until the u. s. pullout deadline, some countries sample ready halted their evacuation effort,
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including the netherlands in belgium. they both site the rapidly deteriorating situation in gobble. despite that, crowds of afghans are still waiting outside the airport in desperate bid to flee to gas and fire hoses have been used to disperse crowds, but to no avail. and the taliban is saying that it will not allow any more africans to leave the u. k. is want of a severe threat of a terrorist attack at campbell airport from western nations, the words the citizens to stay away. intelligence over the course of the week has come at a more certain around the highly credible, imminent, lethal attack onto the add port. all the handling centers being used by western forces. we had to share that very, very real threat with people in campbell and advised them that they should move away from the apple or not come to the airport. or the telephone natal rush me to
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that. they were the ones to was nature about a potential attack on car lap or i think o respond run against. there is enough kind of some for us right now. he managed to speak with the taliban. the new minister of information, the taliban. here the government is, is taking shape. they've just established a minister, nominated a minister of information and culture. they also said that, that these tara threat at the airport, the, it was the tally button that warned nato that the rees a threat. but where britain said that it is severe and precise, the taliban says that what they told nato is that there is a loo threats and it isn't specific and specific threat. they said someone may try to use advantage of the chaos, the press of people at the airport to shoot terminal to perhaps plaza bowman to try to blame to try to discredit the taliban here the tad. but also said that they have an obligation before the international community to make sure that no terrorists
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can ever make of god just on whom again, never use it as a as a base of operations. but he went to the same office, the same building, the ministry of information, do 1018 and now and the difference is incredible. ital about g to be making a huge effort to job journalists. they gave us an interview. the 1st interview, the ministers, 1st interview, as the minister of information of, of got a thought was to a russian group of journalists. and he said that the taliban has changed. he assured that his assured that over the last 20 years, the taliban has learned many things. they evolve, that they're now able to govern a country with, with many different views. they've also said that the, the effort to rebuild of got to saw the devastated country off the 20th war could only begin once the americans and nato troops leave the airport. they say that
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there's, there's no alternative and unless they do that, but they will be forced to make that very difficult decisions that they're political office. the minister told us he also said that the taliban month, good relations with the united states, with russia, china, with europe, with everyone, all of their neighbors that there is no threat coming out of i've got to say that they don't want to export the ideology thing out onto their partners, as he said that the taliban also will honor any trade economic political agreements with the with any other country before that in place now that they will abide by them according to, according to international law. well, the situation remains incredibly tensor rossville, huge numbers of people at the airport still crushes. sometimes the taliban shooting in the air. troops, native troops inside the airports that have scaring away would be refugees. people
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who don't necessarily have the paper that even those who have the papers and do all, i'm able to get into the airport, whether they're not being led by the taliban, or not being led by nato troops. american troops, predominantly while we were driving to administrative information and back we saw a huge number of people near a hotel and all of them had papers with them. at diety, there are rumors going around the capital, that western diplomats racial, someone else, setting up temporary offices in hotels or in buildings and stamping out these is there and some people, some people are desperate. they heard what the united states, what britain said, get to the airport mall a vacuum and they took them. but there was, this is something that the taliban is also said. they believed them. they believed that they'll get a better life in the west if they just managed to get to the airport in the end result is the huge mob of people at the airport. the, the huge flash mob would call them, of people tearing up at random locations in the city,
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hoping that someone at the nearest room, hoping that someone will stamp a visa into their passports, and they'll be able to be able to fly away. russia's also been lifting people from carbo via the cale stricken international airport for russian military. jazz have been part of that rescue operation. they've taken 500 people out of the country already. they include citizens of russia, bella, race ukraine, and ghana sons, former soviet neither g. oh, [000:00:00;00] i know we hadn't expected the evacuation to go to this. well, it's been very good. it's usually taken 5 or 6 days to evacuate. we were told
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yesterday and today will ready on the plan. ah, let me see. i want to thank precious president and defense minister for taking us out of the dangerous place and bring us to g. g. yes, they fed us too many. thanks to them done. oh, i distribute them were unhappy that were doing home and no children can do as for school, i went to the same cry ship, helping us in this situation because it's very difficult to get to the airport with me. the situation on the streets of capital remains tense with taliban fighters, patrolling and arm and vehicles and brandishing weaponry. there's also a cash crisis. long keys have been forming outside banks in the home that they've
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just mine reopen. they've been close for 10 days now. ever since the taliban swept to power, put in the face of adversity. some citizens are adapting to the new reality and trying to earn a living. this fund a set of shelf outside the abandoned us embassy. he's selling taliban flag sports at the nearby market. and he, celtic withdraw from afghanistan, put the us adults with some of its allies just i've been rejected calls from the u . k. and europe in countries for the evacuation to be extended beyond the deadline of august 31st. the u. k. foreign sector insist the social special relationship with washington remain strong. looking at events yesterday in the g 7 summit is a special relationship over foreign secretary medical student. of course, when you disagree with your closest friend it, it causes consternation on both sides the relationship, but absolutely nobody should think that the u. s. and the u. k. have anything about
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the deepest and strongest relationships with oral half left a bitter taste in the mouth, and joe biden has been harshly criticized. the u. s. president says, staying longer in kabul would raise the risk of an attack by islamic state and strain. a tenuous working relationship with the taliban, but a former u. k commander says the terrorist threat now coming from afghanistan is worse than before. 911 and biden should face and military court. i don't believe prison button should be impeached. he's the commander in chief of the us armed forces. he's just essentially surrendered to the taliban. he shouldn't be in paste. he should be court martialed for betraying the united states of america and the united states armed forces are barton, both are being condemned by m. p. as in parliament, some calling his criticism of the afghan army, shameful, and pizza, by a cell which he served in afghanistan, says the special relationship is not what it was and why britain didn't sound up to the us. but the harshest criticism this biden has come from former prime minister,
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tony blair, who took britain into afghanistan 2 decades ago. it is so over decision to withdraw from again, his son in this way was driven by grand strategy. but by politics, we did it in a b, d, and soon imbecile of political slogan about and in the forever wars as if our engagement in 2021 was remotely comparable to our commitment 20 or even 10 years ago. while it was british prime minister, winston churchill, who 1st used the term special relationship in 1946 and it was popular when margaret fletcher and ronald reagan were in car, withdrew from us on a stone, has exposed the fact. it's an unequal relationship, and when the u. s says it's leaving its allies must follow. and in a post bracket world where trade deals are ti, the british might protest, but ultimately need to keep their closest ally on side 3 quarters of americans recently. paul, now believe that ive canister will once again become a breeding ground for international terrorist,
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just like it was 20 years ago. what do you think is selma reports on what went wrong with the u. s. mission? ghana stern americans were promised a triumph. a whole generation was raised to the 2. no vows that the mission will be a success. we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes, but instead of 2 decades on the us finds itself in the middle of an exodus of truly biblical proportions. the american military has evacuated more than 80000 people in less than 2 weeks, as have ganeth and crumbled under the advance of the taliban. the
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scaled and pace is unprecedented. 80000. yet this still the swarms of people besieging the airport and bearing the fact that despite all efforts, the u. s. withdrawal is still a catastrophic failure, especially to those who spend months and years thousands of miles away from family and friends trying to build an american dream. amid the sounds of gaston. ah ah. when i joined the military, i was pretty ideal as i wanted to go out and served my country right out of high school. i had sent back with my knees and stuff and i kept trying to get into mess . and i finally did. and i wanted to go to my country and law that man on
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35 years old. now it's wildly different. now it's you see things they really are. and i feel like i feel like the worn out again to stand in and of itself. they have to last as long as that we went there to go from there to get those spots . and then it should have been just that. and the worse it ended sometime in the 2009 drag on the way it has the ross schools of veteran organizations, apparently seeking to secure a chat with the commander in chief who so far has remained delusive. failing to meet legation to these against would not be a national security risk, it would also condemn veterans and survivors of the conflict and have gunnison to lifetime of moral injury. but the bite in administration is taking a stand here. the mission is a success, and that's the hill. they are ready to die on. what you do is you adjust and we've adjusted. and while we are continuing to face genuine challenges,
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we believe we are making progress. i would say that this is and now on track peter to be the largest airlift and us history. so, and that is bringing american citizens out. it is bring are asking partners out. it is bringing allies out. so no, i would not say that is anything but a success. well, it's not hard to tell how convincing they actually are. jo biden's approval ratings plummeted in the wake of this operation. and the majority of americans, well, they remain unfazed by the supposedly high evacuation figures. and believe biden is not doing enough to help those stuck in taliban ruled of ghana. stan, this isn't the mitigated, did those 2 of epic proportions. this will be a stain on buttons president thing i think he's going to have blood on his hands for what they did. another bitter ring the allies in the fact that the us invaded afghanistan to get rid of the terrorist threat that was emanating from the country
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. yet now the hasty evacuation has raised concerns that some people who bought at american plains weren't vetted properly. yeah, people are upset with people. i talked to our ag it's completely botched. there is no. ready political will, and there are still americans trap in afghanistan and still haven't been able to get to go. and as far as lessons learned from, i mean other previous words. i mean, if we haven't learned from vietnam, if we didn't learn from, you know, from iraq in their early 2 thousands. i mean, we're just going to continue to make the same big mistakes because we're not the ones that are pocketing the mit. and we're just being used for the will of the mit and that's and that's what i'd say about that. the 2 decades of america and i've gotten a stan wrapped up with a resounding fiasco. and one can only guess how much more time it will take to
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mitigate whatever fall out it is still to bring. well, as we saw in egos report, tommy veterans of the voice that angered how the situation is played out. we also heard from iraq war veteran and former marine sniper says, you could check and he believes that entering afghanistan in the 1st place was a mistake. the real failure of this war enough can expand or whatever you want to call it. a conflict was explicitly pointed out in the papers where a lot of generals basically spoke about the fact that there was no mention. they had no mission, they didn't know what they were doing there, and they didn't know what they were going to do in the future. anyway, so yeah, so of course i think, i think not pulling out of just even invading up. dennis sam was a radius taylor. historically no one has been ever able to conquer a dentist. and so do you think that military us know, that sailed and more able to succeed in iraq?
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we're going to succeed and spend that. so that's really funny. so will the united states withdrawal from i'm gonna send this triggered fizz of another refugee crisis with the use houma. the 1st chief. now saying that the blog should try to prevent african refugees from flocking to its borders. we should not wait until people end up at our external border. the issue for today is to support a gun is in afghanistan to support of gone is in the neighboring country to prevent people from going on dangerous smugglers routes. alaska. refugees of said their size on your, of the still no clarity on how many of them will be accepted to all the variables. the european union is yet to set any figures for how many african refugees they intend to take in. we'll have been clear though, is european leaders saying they have no intention of seeing
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a repeat of 2015 refugee crisis. we do not want to relieve what we experience in 2015. it is not the duty of the e. u o. levine near to help them pay everyone on the planet who is fleeing, instead of fighting for their homeland fights. chris foster has the 2nd biggest community of africans in europe, much more than other you states, with only sweden having more than us. now we have many problems within our country . we are not interested in becoming a failed states. the austrian chancellor says that no way more refugees will be arriving here on his watch. people on the streets of vienna though much more mixed in their opinions. i think we should take refuge here because we have space. we have the money, we have everything, no more actually just we have enough. and if we have the ability to help, why not everyone in europe hesitate, refugees, in fact demonstrations in support of doing more to help african refugees being taking place across the u and in the u. k.
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the ah, the news me. back in 2015, 2016. it was germany that took in the lion's share of refugees coming to europe. now the german presidents is calling for europe to act with compassion to the the need. but recognizes that there has to be limit, we cannot take in all the people seeking a better life for good reasons. but we must grant refuge to those who have the right to protection and asylum under our laws. the
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e. u wants refugees to seek shelter in neighboring countries and has pledged monies to hell plot. but those who decide to try and use the route through up galveston to europe through northern iran and across turkey. set to face strong obstacles. ankara has approved the building of another 64 kilometers of border wall to keep refugees out. we want to show the whole world that our board is on possible. how biggest hope is that there is no migrant wave from afghanistan. need to remind europe in france of this fact in europe, which has become the center of attraction for millions of people, cannot stay out of the refugee problem by hostile sewing its borders to protect the safety and well being of its citizens. moreover, with this attitude, europe not only violates international law, but also turns back on humanitarian values. turkey has no duty, a responsibility obligation to the europe. refugee warehouse on a run in pakistan are already home to millions of african refugees, according to the united nations,
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germany. and france and right here in austria also. hi, you're on the list. notably right down at the bottom though, is the united states switch as of 2020, it only take it in 2000 refugees from afghanistan with the current chaos. the result of the united states is decision to pull out the ship to be called to washington to do more instead of letting its allies do the heavy lifting. this is a worldwide international problem just because we are the, the nearest, physically the nearest country. that the african refugees seek refuge to doesn't necessarily should mean that where we should be the only one dealing with turkey has been housing millions of syrian refugees. now adding more to this, it's really hard to bear with us is undoubtedly the only source of what's going on that can stand right now. they have creates the best and that now they're trying to
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avoid the, the, the cost they have all ready started. you know, lifting out people act gans to african countries and they have also in the past week or so have leagues and confirm statements to the media from the back channels that the cherokee may may accept. most of these refugees on behalf of to us and the, the turkish. first of all, the president, the form, everybody has said, you know, as totally was a never heard of. it still has prisoners in the u. k. could people to work in the meeting district to offset the labor crisis goes by the double blow of covert and brag is it printing, so i couldn't get to exploitation the
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk when i would chose the wrong. why don't just don't the rules yes, to shape out. this thing becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. well
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america was crazy friends, party in ghana standards over 20 years, leaving behind quite a math the welcome back prison inmates in the u. k. could be roped in to cover staffing shortages in key industries. they include road haulage, an upper to us. the government is considering releasing the temporary license, the a being to integrate them back into society. the lack of manpower is being blamed on both brags is in the pandemic, and it's already seen gaps appear on supermarket shelves. the kern shortfall of around $90000.00 heavy goods vehicle drivers, placing unsustainable pressure on retailers and their supply chains. and it's not just the lack of transport. food food produces in restaurants, a source outside of sources of manpower with color li,
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about 40000 baking things. according to the association of independent meets the bias may processes of the latest sex off in the government. if the daily prisoners can fill the gap, predict the right fit. and we look at corona irish prior to breaks it, we had a large number of a migrant workers based in the country who were to me to poke processing sector. but we're not just looking at prisoners and prison leaders to fill the shortage. we are looking at service personnel through their recruitment agency, given that we've tried to recruit from the case domestic labor force for months and months and months. and we still have a lot of vacancies. we have to look at other pools of labor that are available, the public response to the idea of prisoners plugging the shortfall of that mix on social media and also on the st. forced labor is morally wrong. an unpaid job merging animals on
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a killing reduction line wouldn't be 1st choice for paying them back. oh my god, let them use prisoners. you mean you want slaves because that's what you're saying . for you. information under no circumstances can they be allowed to happen? the nightmarish combination of brazenly were slavery criminalizing of protest, and extraordinary hiring could cove it in meat processing plans make this a recipe for dystopian, considering that there is a lot of jobs out in the market right now that are not taken by, as i can say, a lot of people that they think that are a bit like, you know, below them still feel like there are a lot of opportunities out there. why not to give a chance to people that have already set that time out there and can actually do the walk and make their contribution. you have to give them a chance to be re enter this into society. i'm not to be put down and i look at them like they're not doing well. what is navy shows and things that like starting up the streets and things like that because it's getting productive work. trouble
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like him to cope thomas some of the other come i think the national grid as well. they. they employ police fish business. otherwise. let people out of prison. i'm going to job to go to the for the recall the crime. i mean supplies say that the prison is pay and conditions are the same as regular employees. they also claim some inmates or model workforce. they didn't for you again when released prisoners under the release on temporary license program eligible for voluntary labor. if successful such a program consists of precedent for the increased use of prison labor, any initiatives assists prisoners gain employment upon release, reinstate themselves back into our communities is beneficial for society for ex offenders. so we welcome these initiative stuff, gave the opportunity for people to change their lives for the, for the benefit of everyone that a lot of oppertunity to serve in prison. again, skills that can get them, gainful employment, partner release,
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which can help them change their lives, benefit society and reduce the overall re offending rate with a 1000000 job vacancies and 92000 prisoners in the u. k. this sort of work it might say, won't be, it was some suggesting it's close to exploitation. the sets in the gray area when it comes to using cheap labor from a literally captive audience, a saudi all see in london. now the us vice president does in vietnam, paying homage to the american war heroes. she placed the bunch of flowers at a memorial, which it turns out was actually to me so funny to see, fought against the united states to get the full story on. paul had to r t dot com into the world news israeli 45, he gasped or bullets. busy and live crowds of palestinian protestors at the garza border, a number of people were injured. the demonstrators were demanding israel remove its blockade of garza and allow rebuilding to begin after the area was pounded in an 11
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day or so in the us. hundreds of been protesting in new york against mandatory covey shots were demanding personal freedoms money decrying the jobs is experimental. the city governments requiring school staff to have at least one dose by september. the japan activists confronted tokyo police outside the limpid stadium, demanding the government cancel the paralympic games that have just gotten them the way to prevent further spread. if coven infections are surging in the country right now, breaking on the. okay, that run for now, if you have time, check out more news on a website to don't go the


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