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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  August 26, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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20 injured report, say 4 american soldiers are among the dead and 3 among the injured. now. the explosions come just hours after western governments had warned of a security threat so far, no serious claim of responsibility. atalla, by nearly a downplayed terror attract warnings as a provocation. and it's now saying several of its own guards were injured in the blast along with women and children. there are unconfirmed reports that a terrorist group called isis k, which is an african affiliate of islamic state, may have been behind the attacks. ally reports suggest the 1st explosion was a suicide bomber, while the 2nd explosion is thought to be in a car bomb of a 2nd explosion happened near the baron hotel where tradition american citizens have been based in recent days awaiting evacuation. several european nations announced early on thursday that they will hosting their evacuations from cobbled airport and they're still around 1500 americans and many other foreign nationals still enough kindest on, desperately trying to get out of the country before the us with roll deadline,
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which is now 5 days away. well let's go straight to the ask on capitol right now and live to a senior correspondent, but i guess the signing bye for us now. but. 5 the very good evening to you couple that the situation at the moment, the resulting in the wake of 2 explosions. what can you update us on were several kilometers away from the airport and yet still we can hear a stream of vehicles, the sirens blaring, driving, pos to and from the direction of the airports, ambulances of rescue vehicles, as well as, as well as vehicle belonging to the taliban, the taliban, by the way, itself was come out and condemned these as they say, active, terra directed at civilians. they also say that this wouldn't have happened if the united states was still in the country earlier today. we had spoken to the
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information minister of the taliban appointed his 1st interview, whereby he said, this ultimately situation of the airport, this precious people. a 1000 thronged around the airport, is the fault of the united states and its allies because it is vague. who urged people in the early days to come to the airport to be evacuated, to, to go to the west, to be safe. eventually, afghans heard what they said and they screamed, not just the capital, but from all over the country, trying to get to the trying to get to the court. and the check was trying to climb over fences. while we were at capital airport, there was an endless stream of gunfire. the gunfire side, the american, made him through scaring away, would be refugees as they attempted to climb fences, as well as outside the check. woods where the where the tally bud scared away. wave guards around shooting to get people to, to stop trying to rush the chip for what explosion,
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as you said in the northern area of the airport, near a checkpoint. that is presumably presumably where american servicemen marines were killed. the pentagon has come out and confirmed that several who died, that it didn't specify how many, but earlier they had been puts it for american citizens for america service, but had been injured later on, there was an explosion just after there was an explosion rather between the buyer and hotel, which was heavily used by american forces as well as british forces and diplomats there they betted out people, they stamped out visas and approved people for evacuation. as, as we've heard, the, the hotel hasn't been used as such an office for, for a few days now. nevertheless, the explosion happened between the baron hotel, which is very close to the airport at the checkpoint, on the other side of the road,
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it's difficult to describe to you and to anyone who hasn't seen it themselves. the videos don't do it justice. just how many people there are and how tightly packed, how it's a scrub. it's a scrub. they're endlessly pushing each other, pushing towards the checkpoint, regardless of the dangers of the taliban way, the guns around 2 or a baritone native troops inside shooting in the air boarding people away at least mask press, finding kilometers kilo, which is around the airport, was, was the new could have target, there's no other way of putting it, the, the terrorist, those perpetrators that but the did this, they were out to cause as much cottage as much damage as possible. initially we heard about, you know, several casualties that were to, to dead pettyjohn. we understood straight away that there would be much, much more and the video footage coming out the absolutely grisly, you know, judging by that the, the, the number of injured and the number of debt is going to be much higher than the 40
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dead $120.00 egypt confirmed by the ministry of health so far unfortunately, but it's going to it's going to rise. the taliban has also said that it is good to fight those responsible. we have heard from our sources our contact here that they potentially be raids. tonight, rate rates by the taliban around the city. capital is a very big city, but they seem determined to find those, those responsible. the threats is, is all good. about minutes of information told us today that it was them that born the americans, but the, the americans of the british and they to, they said that the threat was persistent but was unclear and it was low. they told us this morning because they weren't sure what sort of attack it would be, could be shooting, causing a stampede, whereby thousands of people would, would trample each other. then there was the danger of an explosion, which is ultimately what happened. but the tally by the ged stresses the police
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wouldn't have happened if not for this evacuation. if the american troops was still there, they say that people can evacuate freely after americans have left. they can evacuate freely if they have the right right papers. but many people don't believe that taliban, even all over the city before the explosions. while we were while we were out, we saw people, mobs of people gathering in random locations. as we learned that me a room that somebody was stamping out a visa, jo tell, or it's a g o office, or it's an embassy. and people would show up waving their papers, offering the amount of money to be able to board. the final slides out of gobble. unfortunately, this is resulted in what we, what we saw today. and the danger is now that if that crowd persisted, we've heard that people haven't left people to the left. but there may be more attacks targeting them. yeah, not as you say, well, what about
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a 6 or 7 minutes after 10 pm where you are there and the afghan capital cobble. you're saying the taliban might be doing raise tonight looking for the possible perpetrators behind the bloss at the airport mode. i will be checking with you again in the very near future life from campbell. thank you. well, keep you updated here on our team to national anything you think you may have missed always log on to r t dot com. also, i'll see you tube channels as well. let's dell a little bit deeper into this unfolding crisis and live now to richard. met her to john this covering international relations. and the middle east are good to see you today. thanks for coming with us on the program. now both the west and the taliban, they knew about a possible terror attack coming. you got to imagine with the satellite imagery, the intel information, it was suggesting and inevitably unity. but what is, what is the point of targeting women and children mostly who are just trying to flee? thanks for having me on. well, it's a very gruesome, it's a very tragic and evil attack. i mean, this is unfortunately part of the chaos,
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not just of the evacuation that's ongoing, as you know, our colleague just talked to the wife from couple but the, the invasion itself. i mean, let's be very clear this entire attack and many other attacks in depth would have not happened, had the u. s. and it needs while it's not invaded afghanistan. so we have to see this as an extension of the whole war. it's not just something isolated, even the terrorist groups themselves because they're now saying if it's i this, you know, who helps to give rise to eyes is if we go back 40 years to the, to the war. when the soviets were in ghana, stan, who was giving money to the majority, relates or went on to formal kind of, all of these terrorists are known to the nature of security services and intelligence agencies and military operative so, you know, we, you know, you can trace all of this back, and unfortunately there are lots of innocent people who have died today and have been dying before because of these imperialist projects. and when we say that we hear from political, they're reporting that it was, i just case, you know,
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they're citing to unnamed intelligence. well to next to unnamed sources and saying one of them is a us official. now again, given the. busy recent history and the last 4 or 5 years of this is russia gay? nonsense. this'll be going on in the us media where they always fight unnamed officials. you know, we have to take it with a grain of salt because they immediately went on cnn. also mcmaster, who was the general and national security advisor to trump, immediately not just saying it was either with an i just was working with the taliban to do this attack, which is complete lunacy. you know, actually ridiculous for anyone, was one iota of knowledge about the region, the taliban, and either or enemy. and yet immediately on cnn, you have these national security goals. who are nothing but war mongers would love for the nature of presidents to continue saying that it's not just either, but it's also the taliban responsible. and we all know what comes after that is to justify a continued nature presence. and unfortunately, they exploit the sites that we start seeing today. and again, i don't saying all of us can completely understand not being there how, how bruce and this, they exploit this to potentially maybe increase the nato presence. or, you know,
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now we're hearing also other marines are dead. so they might capitalize on that. we don't know, but unfortunately we can't trust them to do anything but you know, exploit and capitalize on that because that's what they do. well that's, that's all about in meantime it's been blaming us officials for the case of the app or even the taliban saying that they want us officials about impending terror attacks. and apparently the. busy warning was falling on deaf ears. now we understand the u. s. military is reportedly ceiling, shut the gates of kabul airport. what does that mean for those who want to leave the country? well, here we are. we have to ask why, why are people seeing the country? did the nato troops to the us, the u. k. help build this country to something good or that they destroyed? if people are fleeing, they've always seen destroy the country because people are trying to leave the country in a mass exit if there's something wrong going on with the country and we know who is responsible for that. and as i said, the evacuation the fact that there are so many people trying to get out now is
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emblematic of what they did to the countries during the last 20 years. they have nothing to show for it except, you know, tony blair maybe coming out of the woodwork again to try and justify his project. but this is, this really speaks to the, to the level of wealth and quality, the poor living standards, the wealth disparity that is, that has been not just exacerbated, but it so heavily brought on by the occupation. and so they've not only destroyed the country, but now they're also making it difficult for people to get out, right. they're picking and choosing where people can go, the things spain will take a few 1000 refugees. this country will take a few 1000 and it's very, it's very ironic how they just barge into ghana spending just invade the country and stay there for 20 years. and then they pick and choose who can come into their country. people who are trying to flee and just, you know, find a better life for themselves. so this is very tragic, what's, what's going on. and if they did have any prior knowledge about the impact that's, that's on coming under the taliban has been trying to, you know, re brand themselves some kind of counter terrorism organization, which i believe professor abraham sort out earlier. you know, they've been trying to change their image from what it was 20 years ago. well,
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if they've been giving them warning, they should have heated these warnings. and instead of encouraging people to come to the airport, another thing that they could have done is not hydrogen airport because we have to understand the united states military has hijacked couples international airport for their own needs. if they had let commercial airliners and commercial operations continue as normal we, you know, we wouldn't be in this situation where you have them picking and choosing them. who can go in and creating these. you know, people being packed like sardines and it's hard or it's very tragic. and, you know, unfortunately i might, you know, my heart goes out to the victims because this, this could have all been avoided. richard, i wanted to ask you, because obviously this, this has been a top story for the past couple of weeks now, a lot of the western pressik calling at the fall of afghanistan. but i've, i've interviewed some afghans and they've actually told me that, you know, the past 20 years life is improved and kindest on. we have new infrastructure roads . busy highways internet arrived and i've gotten this done. one of the guys i was interviewing. he was dressed in a traditional african africa and clothing wearing an apple. i phone watch,
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you know, and these guys are saying actually, we've had an improvement in the standard of living in the past 20 years. but then you look at the past 2 weeks, the taliban sweeps to power all the western press. the press if the countries that had militaries in afghanistan, so the nato countries, the united states, for example, they're calling this a option of afghan us on the calling this a total loss and total failure. but if you look at how easily the taliban has has come back to power, perhaps perhaps richard, there's a lot of actual support among the civilian population and i've got a son for the taliban. what do you think it's difficult to to get a clear picture? yes, well you know, the, the thing when it comes to people having iphones, i mean, we used to hear this also about, you know, how come there are syrian refugees fleeing theory if they have i phone. well, i mean, the thing is tech has gotten cheaper over the last decade, so that's one explanation. and also, you know, having one does not exclude the other. you can still have people who have access through, you know, common tech devices. and yet the country, the wealth of the country, what are we talking about when it's been stolen and there's no problem with the
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resources, right? we're talking about the oil, the lithium, the puppy. so there are other resources that, you know, they're siphoned out of the back. so the colonial power is when we told our colonial power britain, friends, united states, they're their companies and multinational r siphoning away this wealth. and they're, they're making out the back door with it. what we're talking about. and you mentioned lithium a moment ago. i'm sorry to jump in quickly, but you just just erase this issue here. some years ago when trump 1st came in to the white house, you may remember he dropped the moab, the mother of all a bomb janelle canister, and he said he was targeting terrors. tunnels turned out later that actually he was up basically opening up a mountainous region for the biggest lithium deposit in the country. i've spoken to us military guys. some deny at something. oh yeah, it's a lot to do with a mineral wealth, enough gun is done. now we're getting a report today that the taliban is now seizing the biggest lithium deposit in afghanistan. is it possible that taliban, as it tries to sow the seeds of its political future, could use items like lithium or the mineral wealth of kindest, onto insights?
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and by friends around the world and foreign governments. yeah, absolutely. i mean, one of their primary sources of revenue have been the resources of again, the number one is opium and number 2 is the, you'll forgive me for getting the name of the precious blue stone that is only found in ghana, stan, and as you've just mentioned, the lithium come a 3rd on that list or even higher. so yes, absolutely. they could definitely capitalize on that. but there's something to be said here about it. you know, despite political disagreements and with the taliban, you know, the, when we have foreign multinational, coming in and plundering, plundering and thieving is something completely different. whether you know, the, the people in charge of the country and their own country are doing something with the resources is different. and i wouldn't, i wouldn't be surprised if, as you suggest that they would be doing that. they, they will definitely use their wells to their, to their advantage. of course they will. the thing is, so this thing with trump using the mo, the mother of all bombs to blow up the mountain. i mean, really, it's really kind of emblematic of what we're talking about here. and it's just one
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example of courses of how the wealth with siphoned out the backdoor and they did the same thing of course with, with iraq and they're doing the same thing right now. and serial, where they control the control, 90 percent of serious oil fields. so there's definitely something to be said there about who's gaining something from his occupation. and, you know, again, people use different words for these terms. you know, of kind of kind of fall into the taliban. it's been taken by the taliban. the, the absences that we have a foreign occupation. you have nato troops. they came into this country and occupied it for 20 years, and they killed a lot of people and a lot of war crimes of been committed and no one is billed, held accountable for these war primes. this is an, an object failure of any judiciary of any human rights values that the west claims to hold. so we need to deal with that number one. and again, it's then, you know, the, the future of got us the need to be left up to against the u. s. can come in and impose it's well and then create situations like today where you have suicide bombings. you know, when jam packed airports and then say that, well, if i just to blame you who help create either, why is,
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why are people fleeing the country who created the situation in the 1st place? and if you trace this back, you're going to find that the west is behind it, not entirely what a huge part. and people need to acknowledge that we most certainly cannot have national security goals and war mongers who work for the arms dealers like general mac master coming on cnn. and then think the tell about is working with either. this is just like when they said, i'm saying is working with all tied up completely ridiculous. anyone who has any knowledge about the middle east knows this was rubbish. and they repeated this on cnn, on the bbc 24720022003. so they can invade iraq. they've just made up this link between all tied. and saddam. so we need to watch out before the americans make up a link between the tolerant and isis to justify a prolonged present because they just might do it. i'm just my capitalize off of it . very good points made there. richard met her journalist covering international relations and the middle east. appreciate it. thanks for your time. thanks. i'm you . well, we can also cross live to mr. amir or in a political analyst are joining us here on the program during this breaking news here on aussie international. a good to see you this evening. the attacks are being blamed now,
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these latest to bloss at the airport cobble airport. the attacks are being blamed on this terror group called isis k. through all a bit news today. i guess you, did you believe the war in afghanistan now could turn into some sort of conflict between the taliban and this, this group isis k. well, you know, it brings to mind the october $983.00 blessed at the marine barracks in bay route where the marines were part of the multinational force and observers, which came in in order to separate the 2 warring live by me inspections. and then, of course, fell victim to his bolo, blessed and here too. of course, the americans came in because of 911, because to tell them where hosting al qaeda, perhaps the horace on group is not to the tele balanced liking. but then again, the americans have no valley or vital national security interest in staying up to
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them. and regardless of the graphics, the optics which we all see, the horrifying pictures when cooler heads prevail, they will still leave us guns. perhaps if they find a target, they will buy me from far from an aircraft carrier or what have you. but they have nothing to gain in staying or going back to them. now the taliban has pledged not to allow us galveston to turn into a haven for militants or terrorists. and the attack today suggests that is not going to be easy. is there a risk, mr. or in of a, of a spill over? do you think to the, why the region? well, you know, retrograde operations. we drones are always risky and almost always the cost casualties. and one cannot
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judge by what is happening today or this week until the american vacation is over. of course, the taliban, which ruled the country between 996 and 2 of the day you have local work in trying to regain power and established rule while cannot the job is to keep premature and yes, some other militia and some other groups might be coverage by the basic goals and the ratio of forces has not changed if isis can regroup and act again in the live, answering syria and in iraq. they would be, has very little to do with the question of whether the americans stop there and the americans are going to be preoccupied with force protection. not always the mission itself,
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for which they came there over there. but for protecting the troops who were sent over. so we really, it doesn't really make sense to send people only to god the same people with the or and as i'm sure you. well, no, i've gone on over the years has been called a graveyard of empires. is there a risk might actually become a graveyard of terror groups with one replacing and other taliban into al qaeda? isis and the ice is a your thought? no, not really because these groups can always transformed and we've seen it, syria and iraq, where they became the virtual college. they can still inspire people over the world in africa, or where have you and perhaps so hearing and others are not caught or not killed. they may yet launch other operations, but for the americans,
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what is important is that their homeland was not attacked in the last over the last 20 years for damn. the very fact that 911 was the last big terror acts is a victory of sorts. even though they paid with almost $2500.00 killed, you know, gun, he's done it. so let's, let's talk about this idea with afghanistan. because at the moment with this chaos at the airport, allegedly, to taliban outside the primitive fence, the us forces and various western military guys on the inside of the airport as well. we've had 2 attacks now in the past several hours. dozens of people killed well over a 100 people wounded. apparently, whoever was wanting to stay. the attacks carried out a successful operation. now it's nearly about half past 10 in the evening bearing cobble. what are your thoughts could so violence continue throughout the night? well, of course say move, tenuous, terror acts the hallmark of such groups. and obviously they intended for
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these 2 explosions to take at the same time for great their effect. now if they are going to challenge both the substance and the symbolism of the bus route, then tell the mom will have to act against them. perhaps try to have if the remainder of the room around the field so that the americans will be able to successfully and their asian by the 31st. because as we all remember, the package between taliban and president trump heads refraining from killing any american. and they were good, there were put the last year in the head up to no, they have not even sharp as americans, let alone kill them. so these, these terrorists, while of course, very significant,
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should not have any real teams on vitamin c, racial, lynn, or even on that i'd be totally blend of taking over the entire country. and they are in a political analyst, are joining a slide from tell me, appreciate it. thank you for your time. thank you. let's give you a recap now of breaking news from afghanistan on our t international. they were being true explosions outside the international airport in cobble where, okay, i'll take evacuation effort has been under way of course ahead of the u. s. military withdrawal. according to the off gotten health ministry, 40 people have been killed in a 120 injured. of the u. s. confirms there is a number of dead and injured american troops. report say 4 american soldiers were killed. 3 among the injured and the explosions are coming just i was off, the western governments had warned of a security threat that i so far there's been no claim responsibility. taliban
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earlier downplayed terror threat warnings as a provocation is now saying several of its own gods. rationally injured in the blocks along with women and children, there are uncontrolled report that a terrorist group called isis k, which is an african affiliate of islamic states, may have been behind the attack. early report suggest the explosion was a suicide bomber, while the 2nd explosion was thought to be a car bomb. and just now we've heard from you guys via who reportedly may have heard another last in the past few moments. now the 2nd explosion, earlier in the evening happened near the byron hotel where the british american citizens have been staying and recent days awaiting evacuation. several european nations announced earlier on, per se they were stopping their evacuations from koppel ford. they're still around 1500 americans and many other foreign nationals still enough. gotten us on trying to get out. of course this is a for the us withdrawal deadline, which is now 5 days away by, well,
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we can give you an update on this story. anytime you like it r t dot com for the meantime though, your program returns in about 3 minutes the when i was shot, the wrong job don't move the road. yes. to fill out this thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, the parts we choose to look for common ground americans love buying homes. ah,
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this would have fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country, large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you know, rebel right, as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for or military mission. again, stand, we'll conclude on august 31st one phone for who did a good to us all the quote go to go to do. and i really the proof for my you got to be of subtle companies. so the cut that the cut over the whatever the month i pay
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that, i'm on the 7th, not to get a quote to ship. very good. this was the right weapon against the right hand corner, bombarded somebody to go out to reveal the, the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know we still need that mcdonald and he the
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family is not up with the mark. sounds good. i took marking your function, you would like to get some more worried. it shows me what to do. i'm done. i got, i've got that limit and i wanted them off. you're gonna be back to work for me even above the let me let me ah
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ah ah, top headlines. i'm breaking news because our here on the international 40 people are killed more than a 120 injured in twin explosions outside cobble land. according to reports for us, soldiers are among the dead with 3 wounded taliban earlier said an attack on cobble airport was possible and might be aimed at harming the group's image. the problem is that.


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