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of the coalition that they are in control of the security situation and the ball in a check like this. only underscores that nobody's in control is security situation . and for days that have been warnings of an imminent terror talk outside. cobble that board with multiple european leaders now readjusting their plans in the wake of today's blasts. it comes as the 31st of august deadline, fost approaches past which no western forces ought to remain in capital for moral this and i joined life by all europe correspondent, peter oliver, and r u. k. correspondent ali, both joining us here live on the program. both of you. good evening. peter will start with you. have we heard anything concrete yet from the decision makers in europe's capitals? well, not just in year from the us as well on tony are good. seattle has just recently has said that he will be convening a meeting of the un security council on monday. specifically to talk about the ongoing situation in afghanistan here in year. if we've heard from sha michelle,
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the counsel president who condemned the attack and said that he hoped this wasn't going to see a resurgence in terrorism. m and a thing from of gun stun, nato secretary general, you installed in, but also adding his voice to the condemnation of this attack. he said evacuations would continue, that, that remained the priority. getting people out through cobble apple where they possibly could. when it comes to germany, they hide denounce through an a good kind of cut invalid. the german defense minister that the german evacuation mission had been completed. that's the evacuation of all german soldiers diplomats and the remaining german police officers that were on the ground in afghanistan. they have since sent one transport plane back to cobble apple. this is a special called go transport plane for, for taking people who require immediate medical assistance,
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taking people from the ground, their who are being caught up in this horrific terrorist attack and flying them off to what we understand to german bases in beckett stone where they can receive medical treatment their we've also heard from high co master german foreign minister who confirmed that there were no german personnel, no gen and citizens involved in the, the terrorist attack, you know, no, no germans were among be killed or wounded on the ground. then when it comes to the evacuation process, they said it had been completed, angular medical, the german chancellor, describing this attack as despicable said be the window of being able to get people out of the country. well closed pretty much and i'm going to kind of cut about the defense minister blaming that window. closing on the taliban. taken into consideration, this evening's events. we see that the risk risk. hello. so this is a high pressure situation in which to the q h. people from the country and operate an al lift. we know that the time window is
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narrowing the anomaly the, the attack today. and if we had a warrant in recent days and also this morning and made it clear that the pro nation of the observations in the book is not possible the security situation on the ground. and to tell mr. feasel to allow an extension pass the 31st of august have made it impossible to ensure them to tell you. but while here in rome, the defense ministry confirm no italians had been caught up amongst the killed other wounded from the terrorist attack on friday. what we have seen though is a number of those countries announcing the end of that to ation programs. norway said it was impossible for them to take anymore. people out they've been joined by belgium, poland, in canada, all saying there was no more left to be involved in their personnel from the ground from we've heard from a manual chrome that the french president was speaking in dublin to
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a meeting with the irish leadership. what he said was that there was 20 boxes of french nationals on the guns that france was. one thing to evacuate from the country. 20 says waiting near or right cobble airport that they intended to try and get them out. but it didn't look good for them doing that so far. you said that the embassy was being evacuated in the, the french ambassador to afghanistan would continue. his work from power is not the way people have reacted to the immediate news of this terrorist attacking campbell from from around the european union or from rome to london. isa. over to you. any reaction from downing street because it wasn't so long ago that london was saying he would like to actually see the deadline extended? absolutely. we've been seeing, in fact, over the last few days, warnings coming from u. k. officials that there would potentially be some type of attack, specifically targeting the evacuation attempts and warning their own systems,
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of course about the potential threat of this attack. and it's now played out bars johnson the prime minister. however, saying that the the u. k. will be abandoning, they will, they see is their responsibility to continue to get people out of the country and say that those efforts will still continue. we're going to continue without operation. and we're now coming to towards the end of it, to the very end of it in any event, what this attack shows is the importance of continuing that work is fast and efficient manner as possible in the to remain to us. and that's what we're going to do, not the case manager of defense have been saying today that they are working closely with best sources in their own assets that are in trouble to try to establish that clean. what's happened and we've been hearing this evening and it appears that the
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attack is being attributed to the so called bombing state in hot sun group who calls into pop attacks and kind of an ad johnston. interestingly, himself, he wouldn't be drawn and exactly who was responsible, but took the time to explain and the point out as well, that kind of them as well have been killed in this attack, likely far as johnson realizing that, of course, have been assisting those evacuation attempts but also not wanting to call blame on them because of course, those lines of communication, those lines of negotiation are going to be key in the coming days, not just again for that continuing education effort. but of course, going forward about the type of government you might see in what role the case in that and what influence the u. k. would like to keep going forward. so. 2 bar johnson, as it was still continuing to decidedly have that evacuation attempt continue
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. but also of course not costing any blame as an issue to say that's still astonishing for you to ali live in london. peter oliver live in rome, both of you. thank you. why let's across life, not too shabby at around 3, a political analyst joining us here on the program on ology into national. we continue our coverage of breaking news related situation of from afghanistan funds for coming on the program this evening. what do you make of the timing of this double prong a target? cobble airport? is there a message? had a good evening. look at the end of the day. it's really quite remarkable as, as your report from your correspondence in london and abroad was indicating that washington london have been predicting this to happen for the last 24 hours. so is there a sinister hand on the washington? i sit on the ground in walden,
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some where is being said that the new a very and i sees which is being dub. i says k, just like the comment, marian delta, it should be referred to as i says, very into use leak left as it would try to. in fact, a one is non with the random. however, i'd be the poly bond vaccine to carry the metal further with control the spread better than any coffee vaccine is able to control corona virus. so really, you know, we're talking about, i says on the ground it was reported earlier in other channels. the london broadcasting but, you know, i says k or i just kept law, has only about 2000 people on the ground. holidays when to do all this. and of course, you know what is really important to know that over the last 10 days,
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since at valley bon actually walked into cardboard, in sort of blood less liberation if you like. from the western powers. there hasn't been any killings or death for the last 10 days. all of the sudden this happens in, in cardboard. as i said, you know, are there any sit in the hands behind it? we just have to wait and see. and i hope it doesn't. it's spread and that followed by not able to control these so called i says, variance now shabbier, you use the word control, i think it's a very key word across the board here. what do you, what do you think bars, johnson, and manual micron joe biden, are they in control of what's happening right now? would cobbled international airport. well look effectively, they have some control. but also as i said, i says, is
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a creation of mr. marker on our need to shipping you k, the political lead, i'm washington the want to control. i said, i'm sure they hand. but the reality is they want to give the world an impression that they've situation in cardboard. that taliban are not in control. therefore, potentially also tried to give a warning sign to russia, china, iran, and pakistan that one is on may slip into a civil war again. but as i said, the signs are there, that valid bond will be able to control those days. but of course, in the meantime, at london, washington in paris would try to do as much as we can because what they're trying to deal with the last 20 years. and perhaps the last 40 yet says,
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the whole sort of war on kara, which has been sort of going on the west and valley, which i really why while got and mental but anyway, spread by, by the western element in west and central asia under the guise of war and kara had said to make defeat. it was just as i said, 10 days ago, it is now using assets. the ice is to create habit, cobbled with re did without, without debt. as i said, citing there are sort of, you know, i would say that i would be cautiously optimistic. this is why the, i'm a didn't like analysis and the guy of predictions emanating from many quarters. well, you know, you mentioned it is a few moments ago and essentially who's in control devices. well, i think everyone knows by now that isis was originally a mercenary army used by the west and syria to try and achieve regime change when
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it comes to the situation in afghanistan. now the taliban seemingly seemingly that is, has a lot of support among the public. we've been speaking to analyst all evening here at our international when you think about quickly the taliban to control canister on the western press. it's been calling this catastrophe the apocalypse of i've gotten just on the crushing the fall of afghanistan. what about calling it? the new dawn of afghanistan a new chapter in afghanistan, because despite what the western press is saying, it seems to me, many others that the taliban actually has quite a lot of support in that war torn country. when there is no doubt, all the sort of independent enlightened analyst and commentators, those who are not in the pockets of big media and western sort of analysts been think times who are really putting forward at sort of the really looking looking their wounds at this moment and this has been
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a colossal defeat for washington. of course, they will all try to, as i said, you know, given impression of complete kill. but the reality is that this started bon at, you know, like others have called mark 2 or 2.0 is a completely different sort of product. it's a different sort of way of approaching things. you seen the interviews of taliban spokesman in the last few days and they have been very moderate. they obviously have but what, but why do you know, why do you think that is why, why is the taliban going on this campaign? why are they trying to present a more moderate face to the world? why is that? when a pool is in the background, as you well know, iran, russia, i'm showing that a black son have also been working with the family bond over the last 10. 15
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printer. yes. and it's a new generation of taliban individuals who are now perhaps it can flown and they want to be did they have made me clearly said that they do not want to fund to become sort of home for terrorist elements. and these ice, you have lost, as you might be said in syria, i'm here in iraq. so they're trying to find a new home. and of course, you know, have the e, i d, g, perhaps, to china and russia and to other southern russia republic. so one is found the piece of one, it's not is not what washington london, the irish one. and they will use all kinds of methods to destabilize a situation in that one on which hopefully with calm and peace can progress into
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a nation. which sort of really is not a problem to its neighbors. what about, for example, the, some of the biggest trades coming out of afghanistan, for example, of the opium trade. and it's pretty well documented at the cia, for example, even big pharma. we're getting huge amounts of african opium into the pharmaceutical industry in america. i mean, we're talking billions of dollars every single year. now the taliban is saying, we need help to destroy these o p of these puffy fields and it wasn't part of the war on terror. also, the war on drugs wasn't america, was supposed to destroy all these huge advances that lead the mass expanses of opium fields. and i've got to saw what happened that why now is it the taliban trying to clean up the drug trade in afghanistan, where i live on when they will be in power? you know, 25 years ago. 5. yeah. it's whether recorded that taliban were able to eliminate 85 percent of the opium trade. again, there are sort of coming from west trend and washington aligned analysts that you
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probably will benefiting from the drug trade. yes, there may have been some rogue elements like these rogue elements who created havoc at cob would airport that might have been, but the whole sort of a valuable leadership wants to eliminate the drug trade from from one spot. but just to give you an example, how hypocritical and the how sort of unbelievable washington a, you may recall, and your viewers may record very well. that at one time, noriega the child who was in charge of panama was working with most senior as a drug dealer. for the c i, yes, when c, r, you wanted to bring narcotics from south america to flooded into the black community and create lots of associates problems there. what, when marianne good decided that you really wanted to sort of benefit panama not
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from drug dealing in phone. he was taken to america and put in prison. it is well documented that as you say, as you say, manuel noriega, he was indeed on the payroll of a cia for many years. i wanted to ask you that's, i'm running very, very long time here. joe biden, joe biden, people talk about his cognitive abilities. some people say he's, he's called the early stages of dementia. for example, we're hoping to get a press conference soon. now the latest explosions of the car bull airport, but it's probably going to be the pentagon and not the us president. did you think joe biden is really in control of the situation? the foreign policy coming out of washington. now when you look at what's happening with going on when i'm not a psychiatry, is it a psychologist to come into bud bivens dementia? but what i would say that all american pests then have what for one form of dementia, all of that, they have weak memory. they don't know he's free was and they can really learn from
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the, sort of in, sort of for out mention in all parts of the was where they vietnam or cuba or in chilly when they got rid of y n b and put p no shit. so, i mean, really, they have very short memory and really don't want to learn from experience. so whatever biden is going through or whether the elite control or not. but the reality is that it's really the voice this week that benefited in the last 20 years . you know, one is fine, and they're the ones who are continuing to push washington in london due to ad create problems so that their business can benefit further. shall be. we've heard, we've heard from for the lights, condemnation for manual macro. and for example, in forest johnson regarding regarding biden's withdrawal from afghans on a course, it was donald trump who agreed on that we drop deadline,
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but chunk of course 5. and now the white house, he's the one trying to get it done. do you think european leaders feel in any way abandoned amid this mess or all they just try to take advantage of a mess and just do some politicking when there is, of course politicking as well. but what, what you've got to realize in kill economic tab is that the, the bach wanted bon and syria and iraq tax caught the usa and europe 6 trillion dollars. now those $6000000000.00 could have been beck pay used to improve health care to education. and not to have been inflicted on therapy on european and american people for the last decade and over. so the realities that will cost money. of course, as i said earlier, some business is benefits, but the majority of people lose out. and i see the european public
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perhaps becoming more aware. and perhaps also looking at that, that following america is not in the interest, but whether the leadership in paris or london will awaken to aid again. time will tell us that whether any of the new venture that america and washington decided to go in whether london in paris when follow, like who did behind washington shabby ross for political analyst are joining us live on autism. national. i enjoyed that. that was really interesting. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. well, just a little bit earlier in the program. i was speaking with our senior correspondent, but our guys, df who of course, as i'm sure you know, he's already in cobble. he told us earlier that he was with a group of john lists when they heard a possible foot explosion. we, we all heard that we've all heard explosion before, and that was definitely
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a bloss coming from the direction of the airport. we compared with all maps, maps and campuses, though no, no, no news yet what it could be that you may be able to hear sirens now blaring again . vehicles, nato. jess, by the way. she says that the drone from jet engines overhead is useless. it doesn't, and you can tell the difference between the jets in cargo plays by how high they are the sound they make. those jets went up there just a few hours ago that nevertheless, the situation is still ted, the americans and others have warned that there is a persisted, ongoing high threat of more terror attacks here in capital. when the airport presents itself as, as the target that many terrorists perhaps will be able to talk. but because the pressure of bodies is indescribable. the number of be the number of people circling
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that airport, which is kilometers in kilo, but isn't circumference is astounded. there's no video that shows you just how many people they are there are and they are everywhere. you may have seen that the grizzly footage coming out of the after the aftermath of the 2 blocks that we had earlier, the northern gates of. 6 the airport were apparently a suicide bomber designated. he's device, his exclusive, the bus, and the car bob in the eastern area of the airport between the baron hotel, which was used by american and british forces as well as the diplomat put to vent afghans to give out jesus for evacuation. the 2nd bloss the car boom allegedly occurred that that hotel is very near another check just across the road and that distance between the hotel and the check would also be packed with africa we. we expected the us, you know, when we arrived yesterday,
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but when we drove out of the airport, it struck even us just how many people there were, how desperate they were to get inside, and how heedless they were of the danger with taliban fighters ringing the perimeter outside of the airport, carelessly shooting in the air to get these people away to warn them away inside the airport. again, she's lucy shooting american troops. trying to get people to stop climbing over fences, lose courageous, and yet desperate to holland themselves in order to get to the jets and and to flee the country. earlier today we spoke to the new information, minutes diminished of information of the taliban. his 1st interview and he told us that they would natal, that there was a threat. they at the time this morning they told us it was, it was low, but it was there, unspecific, they didn't know what it would be. a bomb guided to the crowd, or perhaps someone spraying the crowd, the pressure of people oppressed buddies with, with the gotten fought who's in
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a stampede which could have caused even more casualties. as we've heard from our sources, many of the people who died today died not from shrapnel wounds or direct damage in the blood, but again, from the stampede. the good that because that is how tight, how tightly packed the bodies and the people off at the airport. we also hearing that people are still being delivered to the more than to the airport. initially we heard about just a few few casualties a dozen. so, but we understood that that the crew quickly ross, given that any explosive device of any yield, no matter how low could have caused substantial grades, cottage at the airport. but as i say, the situation is developing things are very hectic here. judging by the height and activity of the in the air and they to activity jets coming to support in the support the ground forces stationed at the air. both the taliban. well to blame
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this situation. the pandemonium and tale on americans and the allies. they said that it was them in the early days of the evacuation that urged people to come and congregate at the airport to try to get in and to evacuate. so you know, there's, there's a blame game going on around here. but the taliban has confirmed has said that it condemns this active tara targeting civilians. and then we'll try to get to the bottom of this, once american floaters leap. i'll see what i got the day of their reporting from the afghan capital. he was saying him and some other journalist said they suspect it's unconfirmed, but they suspect they did hear a 3rd blast from the area. let's give you a recap now of breaking news from our dentist on here on asi international. there have been to confirmed explosions outside the boarding cobble, where a chaotic evacuation effort has been under way. of course, ahead of the u. s. military withdrawal. we understand 60 people now dead 150,
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injure those numbers. keep on going up. the u. s. confirms that there is a number of dead and injured that of american troops, or we understand 10 american soldiers are dead now. the explosions come just hours off the western governments had warned of a security threat to the airport. so far, no serious claim responsibility though the accusations of flying the color nearly a downplayed terrorist threat warnings as a provocation. it's now saying several of its own militant members were injured in the block along with women and children. there are unconfirmed reports that a terrorist group called isis k, which is an afghan affiliate of islamic state may have been behind the early report to address the 1st explosion with a suicide bomber. the 2nd with a car bomb about the 2nd explosion happened near the barren hotel where british americans have been base in recent days, awaiting, of course, or evacuation. and several european nations announced earlier on thursday they were stopping their vacuum from car ball app. or as we understand there were still
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around 1500 americans and many other foreign is still enough dentist on trying to get out this before the us withdrawal deadline, which is now 5 days away. we can catch up on any of the angles or bits breaking news or at all to you by just stopping over at t dot com for the meantime on air and on line. we are back in 3 minutes. oh, the i can't read. the drugs are essential for millions of patients or are they, they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work. the problem is, in the long term, they're mostly disastrous. suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines, any up to something wonderful,
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very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible can bill. so of all ills are trying to mitigate life itself. i just think i was like i was just scared care a little girl, the 24. and like, i didn't have to be so complicated rather driven by shaped by those in me i think we dare to ask me ah, still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos. you know,
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it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its grip on the world that was like end up being quite like a dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trays like boy makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controlled the marketplace. it's not really a market as a private arena world where a single company controls the distribution of daily products and the infrastructure of our economy is the world. according to amazon. me the, the, the what we've got to do is
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identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk the top headlines with this. our breaking news continue that asi international lead, double the terror attack, carpool. that was killed, 60 and interest, 150. the evacuation methods with for us soldiers, confirmed among the dead of correspondent on the ground also says he's heard a 3rd law finn. now the time about earlier said an attack on cobble airport was possible and might be aimed at harming the color bands. image.


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