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understood, the bargain, you get a whole and then you know, rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for the pull the 100 dead, 1300 injured the tragic aftermath of a terrorist attack the ship cobble airport. but crowds of people, both guns and foreigners, were traveling together, waiting to be evacuated from the country, and his army say to fill it in afghanistan. note as isis case, as it carried out, the bombings revealed to us more about the group. this group actually is
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a direct byproduct of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan if they didn't know there were such drugs. why were you being green in the removal of those? so, knowing that you were about to leave behind incredible amount of weaponry and emotional televised address president biden 5 to continue with the evacuation plan. then to track down those responsible for the trough. we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay. ah, good morning. thanks for joining us here with your news headlines. this is art in to national. i've county stands still reeling from the devastating bomb attack in the capital of the now taliban run,
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country to explosions rocked the international airport. the current epicenter of western evacuation efforts will, than a 100 people were killed, including us military personnel sworn. you may find these images disturbing. one of the blasts occurred at an entrance to the airport guns were waiting in line to be processed to fly out explosion tools through the crowd. parties with thrown into a sewage strained, located near by. people have been a master at the sight today's trying to flee the taliban returned an explosive vessel was said to have been used in one of the attacks a car bomb in the other. another explosion shook canaria around a hotel where british officials had been processing ass guns to fly to the u. k. more than $1300.00 people were injured over or to explain 13 us service members among the taliban members or against the if is in cobble and told
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us how the tragic events unfolded. what were several kilometers away from the airport and yet still we can hear either scream of vehicles, the sirens blaring driving, pos to and from the direction of the airports, ambulances of rescue vehicles. they have been 77 blocks, according to local press and other dentist, we have distinctly heard for so for explosions in the last half. now we had 2 more to move. one of them was much more powerful than the rest. we have since learned that at least one of the destinations was a controlled blast carried out by the american military. us troops here. the activity that we're hearing air activity bought by the way across, it hasn't led up any still intense, you know, a few minutes at this point don't pass without the rule of jet engines. overhead just to bring everyone up to speed that were to bloss one of the northern
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checkpoint, northern entrance to the airport. and one of the eastern end at the barren hotel, which had previously been used by us in british serviceman, as well as diplomat to let's ask guns and to approve evacuations. it hasn't been used as such in that capacity for several days. but the press of people is ease. you know, it's hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes. there are no, there is no drone footage due to security reasons. and you can't capture the massive peoples of the press of the mob with just the simple video, you know, short short from up top, a 2nd floor or something. it is impossible to provide security at the airport as the situation stands. it is believe that but of the suicide bombers was, was she and as he approached the airport, he was detected by the people in the crowd and the upon detection. he hurried over
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to the american personnel at the checkpoint. and even in such a type pack of people at the exclusive device, you, you said also have devastating consequences. they determined the teams now to prevent more attacks. but as the situation stands you have taliban said themselves, it is impossible to provide the guarantee security. here was that all those people have that would be the problem is that a huge number of people have gathered near the airport and there is a threat that the single person, one person alone can carry out an attack and killed people in order to damage the taliban reputation, this is not a significant, that's not a big threat. we're monitoring the situation at the airport. they blame the united states to this, these, these crowd, this press, this mob outside the airport, which stretches for kilometers, which circled the entirety of the apple. take the united states, encouraged them to come, but said it would evacuate them,
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bring them the greener pastures to the, to europe, to america. and the taliban says that until the united states leaves it will not be able to provide the security needed to prevent these types of attacks. now, whether you believe or not, well, it depends and who you are. many people here at the airport, they believe that they can't say that the taliban will prosecute them as a threat to their lives, the safety of their families. other people in that more than that, presser there for the opportunity, trying to get out of, of, got this done. nevertheless, the situation remains incredibly ted's boof. the taliban and nato countries have warned that there is a persisted that the threat is high and it is ongoing. the united states has promised that they will fight those responsible and that they will take action since the isis isis. k is isis of shoot guns. pardon claimed responsibility
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for these attack islamic states for a son, which is a regional affiliate devices, has kind responsibility for the atrocity head of the blast. the u. k. u. s. and other western nations have been warning nationals about the threats of a severe terror attack. and advising them to avoid the court. we spoke with ali hassan who was in the airport when the 1st explosion occurred today into the airport of i was standing on to get i will need to get used to. so i was very close to like 5 minutes away. i just saw there was like 45 minutes. they had and they had to run. there was looking look danish people renewed the duration parliament, a difference of them. the type of the type of groups waiting. guess we're looking were suspicious, they didn't have guns. what they was looking for the airport. they was looking to be used troops. they will, i will 100 the mentors when they get back to my lined i,
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when they get back to the line, i was with the people like after 12 or 2 minutes. an explosion happened on the weekend. it was near. it was near to the late 1st been away, an accident happened. gone for the deer, the gun for they've done that. the gun guns. i was it again. when they get to the line they used to. i think the guys that they were behind. they use the same guns, i mean with your camera after the youth group, they called the people that they always stay away with the people that didn't know . that doesn't mean they are joking because they did these things money back. they was always good. and just and then they used tubing, gas, gas and smoke. when the people the day, you know, they have to like 6 to 7 people. the people who really need to gets injured. i saw
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there was like 5 or 6 forming dangers. the office was born in sitting there was lying on the ground. the ice is splinter group. on thursdays, bombings has been active in eastern afghanistan and pakistan lost a savage campaign of bloodshed when it was founded back in 2015. the we did hear about this group for example, and i believe, april 2017 when trump and essentially authorized the pentagon to drop the mother of
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all bombs in eastern afghanistan. i believe in the non ga har province on ices k. but the roots of this group in its existence is poorly understood. and of course, when we hear these press briefings at the pentagon, there's very little context. this group actually is a direct by product of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan. it grew out of the pockets donnie taliban who were a disgruntled tale bon members who wanted to carry out attacks on us targets inside pakistan and afghanistan. one of their most spectacular attacks was on campus camp chapman, the u. s. military base where they used a c, i turn coat to attack us soldiers. there are several other attacks on american assets. and this all led to a rise of terrorism inside pockets on directly related to the u. s. presence and afghan. a stand 6 years ago. the pakistani taliban, which was widely suspected of being used by the african government,
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backed by the u. s. against pakistan, turned into isis k. essentially it's the same thing as isis. so most viewers with no slumming state of iraq and syria, right. isis, which was this group that took over in 2014, 2015 big swaps of iraq and. and by the way, who were able to do that because of massive amounts of military equipment that the us left behind the civically in iraq. that's where they really got their weapons from. they went into iraq, took those home. these are weapons and went back into syria. isis k, which is the islamic state of correspond, which essentially means eastern. they don't like the taliban. they're not friends with the taliban. they've been fighting the taliban, but more importantly, they'd been fighting us and i bring up the, the point about the weapons because we just did the exact same thing in the dentist and left behind. unbelievable amounts of us military equipment, massive amounts of weaponry and guns black hawk helicopters from these. we left it all there the same way that we did in iraq. so we could be creating
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a very similar problem of what we saw. 20142015 with the other isis but isis k is far from being the only faction able to carry out such attacks. thus, the warning coming from the afghan national resistance front, which controls the punch in the valley. an area now seen as the center of the anti taliban opposition. its foreign relations had believed that the terror threats in the country right now was even stronger than 20 years ago. it could be isis cable. we think there are, there are other elements plan the attacks and that might have perpetrated such attacks against us soldiers and was a terrorist attack on the watch of the taliban. a group that says we are able to provide security. and now in one day we see numerous terrorists attacks happening on the watch, unfortunate b international terrorism. and i've got a son as much stronger compared to 2001. this is something that the national
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resistance front of afghan is on, has been saying for the past year. we believe the international community should help our efforts to combat or national terrorism and in the, to the international community, abandon the dentist, them. and we saw how afghanistan became a haven for terrorists groups. the same will happen if the international community abandoned that candidate into 2021. there's no pose threat towards everyone. no one is an exempt, and terrorism is after every state, whether it's part of the western world or the eastern. well, the rush to leave in the ensuing panic, who has all to meet the august 31st withdrawal deadline, which was joe biden school. however, he's now presiding over the deadly stay for the us military and afghan is done in more than a decade. and a televised address. and times emotional president vowed revenge said the assets get people out of the country would continue. here's what you need to know.
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this isis tears will not win. we will rescue the american city. we will get our afghan allies and our mission will go on. the evacuation will continue and that the united states will get out any and all american citizens and african nationals were permanent us residency. what's known as a green card, who want to leave, he said some people may not want to leave. but those who want to leave the u. s. will make every effort to get them out. he said it is an airline airlift mission. unlike any other in history and was expected to be dangerous and stressful that was planned for also attacks. there had been warnings about attacks. he called those u. s. service members. now, i believe the numbers up to 13 who are killed, quote unquote heroes saying they are the backbone of america who are engaged in a dangerous southwest mission to save the lives of others. and that the mission will and must continue. now more than ever. and he had this message for those
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responsible was to those who carried out this attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm. no. this, we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay general kenneth mackenzie, the head of central command are cent. com said isis carried out the attack specifically isis k or isis correson. and will likely continue to try and launch more attacks, adding that others have already been forwarded by security forces and cobble. the general went on to say to attack and hold to suicide bombers detonating explosives outside the abbey date of the airport and nearby hotel. the hotel, followed by isis gunman, opening fire on civilians, men, women, and children. along with us troops and military personnel. there are warnings about to attack and it's certainly raises more serious questions about americans
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evacuation efforts. why it has become so incredibly catastrophic and also pass comments from president, bite himself about america's effort in afghanistan and the war on terror. listen to this mission, to degrade the chairs, tread about kind in afghanistan and kilo. some of been lot was a success. i believed that our presence in that gas dance should be focused on. the reason we went in the 1st place to ensure afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. we did that. we accomplish that objective precedent by seeing the really backtrack, even raising questions about whether the u. s. again, should have been in afghanistan in the 1st place to begin with, and certainly as long as the u. s. was there nearly 20 years as far as the ongoing effort? general mackenzie said isis remains a quote, extremely real threat and will try to carry out further attack something present and bite. and also green was saying this was a mission designed for stress. and that was expected to come under attack and certainly that happened, as we know,
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he said at this point it does not appear. the taliban played a part in the attacks and that it's within the taliban interest for america to leave the country as well. he added that again while america will press ahead with withdrawing and evacuating any and all us citizens and ask in nationals by august 31st. the august 31st deadline, he could not guarantee total security was in here. it says killers, but the vast majority of people in communities like that want to come to america, given a choice. so getting every single person out is can't be guaranteed anybody because the termination or who wants to get out as well . and there has been in tell sharing, and this was confirmed by general mckenzie between us or forces and also the taliban. and so emphasized the messiness of america is nearly 20 or involvement in afghanistan. now coming to heretic, violent and crashing. and it's not surprising to me when, when
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a isis and prisoners ways after the, the tech over are aware for that. and it was pretty clear that now we have thousands of people who could do harm beyond the towel on and on. it's not a tightly military unit, so it's not surprising it's, it's farming, particularly for the men and women in uniform and the bad around that i've been working with that get people out of afghanistan over the past ways. we can reaction to bite and speech from legal analyst, jennifer domestic and conservative commentator and martin, who were both, far from impressed with the presidents woods the global community as lots trust and faith and joe biden, in his administration, a large truck now in the united states of america, despite the victory of the games and strength united states military job, i have managed to completely unravel and unwind that in a matter of months,
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putting our military in women's lives in danger. you know, biding can get up there and say, all he wants to cameras will hunt you down, will get you. but he lots of credibility not only this rate and the, the euro, our enemies, but he's a lot but credibility from our allies as well. i don't know how somebody is able to do that and 9 months have been administration, but i don't think anybody is surprised that it would be under the biting ration. we're watching the bible presidency deteriorate before our eyes. this president is not handling this well and everyone knows in america and the people in the rest of the world know it. so it's actually a very dangerous time. i hope the present is careful and slow and methodical. but right now what we're portraying is weakness. and uncertainty, he says at the end of his speech, and now i'm allowed to ask the person, and course as i was instructed and right now, china is looking at taiwan and bad guys are looking at america and saying,
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let's take advantage of this really weak, really embarrassing moment in american life, it's a big concern. well, in the wake of the blast, multiple european leaders and now readjusting their evacuation plans, the august 31st deadline is just 4 days away. after which no western forces are set to remain in cobble. with more on the reaction from the new britain and further afield, we heard from our correspondence, east ali and peace, oliver. well, not just in year from the us as well. i'm 20. 0 good. seattle has just recently has said that he will be convening a meeting of the un security council on monday. specifically to talk about the ongoing situation in afghanistan here in year. if we've heard from sha, michelle, the you council president who comes in the attack and said that he hoped this was going to see a resurgence in terrorism emanating from of gun stun, nato secretary general. you insult and,
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but also adding his voice to the condemnation of this attack. he said this evacuations would continue, that that remained the priority, getting people out through cobble apple, where they possibly could when it comes to germany, they had to now through and kind of cut him out of the german defense minister that the german evacuation mission had been completed, that's the evacuation of all german soldiers diplomats and the remaining german police officers that were on the ground in afghanistan. they have since sent one transport plane back to cobble airport. this is a special called go transport plane for taking people who require immediate medical assistance, taking people from the ground, they're who being caught up in this horrific terrorist attack and flying them off to what we understand to german bases in beckett's don, where they couldn't receive medical treatment there. we've also heard from high co must the german foreign minister who confirmed that there were no german personnel,
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no gen and citizens involved in the, the terrorist attack, you know, no, no germans were among be killed or wounded on the grounds. and when it comes to the evacuation process, they said it had being completed, angular medical, the german chancellor, describing this attack as despicable said be the window of being able to get people out of the country. well closed pretty much. and i'm gonna come cut about the defense minister blaming that window, closing on the taliban, taken into consideration, this evening's events. we see that the risk risk. hello. so this is a high pressure situation in which to the q h. people from the country and operate an al lift. we know that the time window is narrowing the anomaly the, the attack that we saw today. and if we had a warrant in recent days, and also this morning, has made it clear that the pro ration of the operations in caboose is not possible . the security situation on the grounds. and the telephone's refusal to allow an
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extension pass the 31st of august have made this impossible thought. well, here in rome, the defense ministry confirm no italians had been caught up amongst the killed other wounded from the terrorist attack on friday. we have seen though. busy with a number of those countries announcing the end of that q ation programs, norway said it was impossible for them to take anymore. people out. they've been joined by belgium, poland, and canada. all saying there was no more left to be involving their personnel from the ground fronts. we heard from a manual cross, the french president davis speaking in dublin during meeting there with the irish leadership. we have known these risks and the thought given the confusion, that rains and bolt and the tensions at the airport, the next few hours will continue to be extremely risky in both couple and the safety reasons. the bus that will not remain enough kind of stan. he will remain on bus many and we will continue to have an ambassador and
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a team and an embassy for afghan as far as we are not recognizing a regime but the a country, a french ambassador to get this done would continue his work from paris. that's the, the way people have reacted to the immediate news of this terrorist as i can cobble from, from around the european union, from rome to london isa over to you, any reaction from downing street because it wasn't so long ago that london was saying he would like to actually see the deadline extended. absolutely. we've been, in fact, over the last few days, the warnings coming from u. k. officials that there would potentially be some type of attack specifically targeting the evacuation as warning their own systems, of course, about the potential threats of this attack. and it's now played out as johnson, the prime minister. however, saying that the u. k. will be abandoning, they will they see that responsibility to continue to get people out of the country
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and say those efforts will still continue. we're going to continue with operation and we're now coming to towards the, the end of it, to the very end of it in any event. what this attack shows is the importance of continuing that work in his thoughts as efficient manner as possible in the hours to remain to us. and that's what we're going to do. the case manager of the fans have been saying today that they are working closely with best sources in their own assets that are in trouble to try to establish exactly what happened is we've been hearing this evening. and it appears that the attack is being attributed to the so called and said in some group who up of course in the pop attacks, the town of i jones and interesting lease himself. he wouldn't be drawn exactly who is responsible, but took the time to explain and the point off,
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as well as how about members as well have been killed in this attack likely far as johnson that realizing that of course, we have been assisting those evacuation attempts, but also not wanting to call playing on them because of course, those lines of communication, those lines of negotiation are going to be key in the common day, not just again, continuing education effort. but of course, going forward about the type of government you might see in what role the taliban, what influence the u. k. would like to keep going forward so far as johnson, as it was still continuing to decidedly have that evacuation attempts continue. but also, of course, not costing any blame as an issue to say that's still establishing before facts. won't political, endless shabby raspberry believes that the west's intervention enough galveston is what gave rise to isis in the 1st place. and he will spread by,
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by the western element in west and central asia under the guise of war. and tara had a sense make defeat in one of these. i says, he's a creation of mr. marker on, you know, i would need a shipping u. k. the political elite and washington, but the reality they want to give the was and impression that they have the celtic situation in cardboard, that's valid by not, not in control. therefore, potentially have also tried to give a warning sign to russia, china, iran, and bach. the son that one is on may clipping to civil war again. appreciate company here in r t and don't forget those small stories covered on a website. you can check them out by going to r t dot com. ah
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. the next size or financial survival guide. let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm sure i get your free time grief banks of the site walk 3 pod. thank you for helping ah enjoy. 6 that right fell out that way. the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk a folks. well, it's taking the world by storm. the world a t v. ted lasso jason's film show over there on apple plus and is a to camp is side kick is very funny. nick mohammed and this shows got a nice little to it. funny. but it has a gentleman that i think we can use in this time. we'll talk to nick about that, and he's also written a great, great show called intelligence. very funny david schwimmer and he will also dive into that a little nic mohammed right up to this one. dennis miller plus one the
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8 folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. that should be fun. as i studied on the nic mohammad left for is lee, is a british actor, comedian writer. i think i read recently that the james cordon is missing the white cliffs of dover. and my go home. i think if they want to continue with somebody from that side of the pond with a great sense of humor, a very nice accent, they might, they might consider our friend to take his place is best known for his role as nathan shelley and probably the hottest show and television right now. apple tv pluses ted last with jason's today and she also appeared in film such as the martian bridget jones baby next nominated also for out standing supporting actor and a comedy sir.


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