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tv   News  RT  August 27, 2021 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, more than 100 and dead, 1300 images the tragic aftermath of a terrorist attack. that shook call that port. but crowds of people, both africans on foreigners, were crammed together, waiting to be evacuated from the country, and islamic state affiliate enough, gonna stand known as i. c. k says that it carried out those bombings. experts revealed to us more about the group. this group actually is
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a direct byproduct of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan. they didn't know they were such dread. why are you being green in the removal of those? so, knowing that you were about to leave behind incredible amount of weaponry. emotional televised address, president button found to continue with evacuation plans and to track down those responsible for the truck. we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay. ah . hi there. great. have you with this morning? you watching artsy, international canister is still reeling from the devastating bomb attack in the capital of the now taliban run. country to explosions rocked the international
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airport. the code at the center of west and evacuation efforts more than a 100 people were killed, including us military personnel. i must warn you may find these images coming up. now disturbing. one of the blasts occurred at an entrance to the council waiting in line to be processed to fly out that explosion. tools through the crowds bodies were thrown into a sewage. strang located near by, people have been amassing at the sight the days hoping to flee the telephone return and expose invest was said to been used in one attack, a car bomb. in the other, one of those explosions shook an area around a hotel where british officials were processing ask guns to fly to the u. k. more than 1300 people were injured. those are all due to explosions. 13 us service members are among the dead. 28 caliber members. so pillsbury, for i guess this is in cobble for us and told us how the tragic events unfold were
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several kilometers away from the airport. and yet still, we can hear either stream of vehicles with sirens blaring driving parts to and from the direction of the airports, ambulances of rescue vehicles that have now been 77 blocks. according to the local president, other dentist, we have distinctly heard for so for explosions in the last half. and now we had 2 more to move. one of them was much more powerful than the rest. we have since learned that at least one of the destinations was a controlled blast carried out by the american military. us troops here, the activity that we're hearing air activity, but by the way across it hasn't led up any still intense, you know, a few minutes at this point don't pass without the rule of jet engines overhead just to bring everyone up to speed that would you bloss one of the northern check
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put northern entrance to the airport and one at the eastern end at the barren hotel, which had previously been used by us and british servicemen as well as diplomats to that's afghans and to approve evacuations. it hasn't been used as such in that capacity for several days, but the press of people is, is, you know, it's hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes. there are, there is no drone footage due to security reasons, and you can't capture the massive people the, the press of the mob with just the simple video you know, short, short from up to up a 2nd floor or something. it is impossible to provide security at the airport as the situation stands i. it is believe that, but of the suicide bombers was, was she that he approached the airport. he was detected by the people in the crowd and the upon detection. he hurried over to the comparison l. at the checkpoint,
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i live, it's in such a tight pack of people at the exclusive device. you, you said also have devastating consequences. they determined the teams now to prevent more attacks. but as the situation sad you have? taliban said themselves, it is impossible to provide the guarantee security. here was all those people of that would be the problem is that a huge number of people have gathered near the water and there is a threat that the single person, one person alone can carry out an attack and killed people in order to damage the taliban. reputation, this is not a significant, not a big threat. we're monitoring the situation at the airport. they blame the united states to this, this, these crowd, this press, this mob outside the airport, which stretches for kilometers, which circled the entirety of the apple. take that the united states encouraged them to come and said it would evacuate them, bring them the greener pastures that, that the, to europe,
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to america. and the taliban says that until the united states leads it will not be able to provide the security needed to prevent these types of attacks. now, whether you believe that or not, well, it depends on who you are. many people here at the airport. they believe that they can't say that the taliban will prosecute them as a threat to their lives, the safety of their families, other people in that more than that presser there for the opportunity, trying to get out of, of, got this done. nevertheless, the situation remains incredibly ted's. above the taliban and nato countries have warned that there is a persistent that's the threat is high and it is ongoing. the united states has his promise that they will find those responsible, and that they will take action since the isis isis k and the isis of shoot guns. pardon is claimed responsibility for these attacks. of course sun, which is
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a regional affiliate of isis house claim responsibility for the atrocity ahead of the blast. the u. k. u. s. and other western nations have been warning their nationals about the threat of a severe terrorist attack happening, advising them to avoid the airport. we spoke to ali hassan who was near the airport when the 1st explosion occurred to dave into the airport of cobbled i was in standing. and if it was near to the get you and they used to sort of like 5 minutes away, i just saw there was like 4 to 5 minutes they had and they had to run. there was looking look dash, the c p will renew the duration problem. the difference of the type of the type of glued to the waiting. guess we're looking, we're suspicious. they didn't have guns. what they was looking for the airport. they was looking to be used troops. i will 100 them i. when they get back to the line, i was with the people like after 12 or 2 minutes an explosion happened when it came
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. it was near. it was near to the lead 1st and away and didn't happen. then i got started year after the used through the call, the people that stay away, stay away with people that didn't move. that doesn't even joking because they did the distinct money times. it was always didn't get to stay away. and then the us simply started tubing, gas, gas and smoke. when the people fix the 7 gas people, the people who really need to get the insurance, i thought they were like 5 to take form in danger. dear 1st born, they were sitting there was laying on the ground the ice, a splinter group behind thursday's, bombings has been active in eastern afghanistan, and pakistan. non law states salvage campaign of bloodshed when it was founded back in 2015 with more details on the grid is not easy just on the dreaded name of ice. it had all but vanished from international headlines. but now, amid the afghan power vacuum,
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the terror group has apparently struck again the . the double strike right outside couple, airport killed dozens. american politicians had been warning, an attack was inevitable, but to no avail. every day were on the ground is another day. we know that ice case seeking to target the airport attack both us and allied forces and innocent civilians. as we conduct these operations, we are sustaining the highest level of vigilance for an attack against the airport by isis k or another terrorist group, or commanders on the ground have taken every step they can to prepare for such an attack. isis k is an afghan off shoot of the same. the toria says lama state terror group. it's based in correson. hence the letter k in the abbreviation with over
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2000 g. hardy's committed to its terrible cause. the group targets have ghana stones most vulnerable the the if you think this may have been isis case law strike at the exiting foreign troops before a happy union with the taliban? well think again. the 2 groups are sworn enemies with the taliban just not radical enough. in the eyes of isis k,
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the islamic emery strongly condemns the bombing targeting civilians at cocoa airports. the explosion took place in an area where the us forces are responsible for security. the bottom line is isis k presents a massive security and reputational challenge for the taliban. given the taliban attempts to look more civil, humane and legitimate, we could conceivably soon see. i mean, strangers, it sounds a taliban lead anti terrorist operation, or isis k might become the perfect pretext for the us to negotiate at least some presence in talib, uncontrolled of garrison. we did hear about this group, for example, and i believe, april 2017. when trump and essentially authorized the pentagon to drop the mother of all bombs in eastern afghanistan, i believe in the non ga har province on ices k. but the roots of this group in its existence is poorly understood. and of course,
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when we hear these press briefings at the pentagon, there's very little context. this group actually is a direct byproduct of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan. it grew out of the pockets donny tallow bonds who were a disgruntled tale bon members who wanted to carry out attacks on us targets inside pakistan and afghanistan. one of their most spectacular attacks was on camped camp chapman, a u. s. military base where they used a c, i turn coat to attack us soldiers. there are several. busy other attacks on american assets and this all led to a rise of terrorism inside pockets on directly related to the u. s. presence and afghan. a stand 6 years ago. the pakistani taliban, which was widely suspected of being used by the african government, backed by the u. s, against pakistan turned into isis k. essentially it's the same thing as isis. so most viewers with no flemish state of iraq and syria, right. isis,
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which was this group that took over in 2014, 2015 big swats of iraq and syria. and by the way, who were able to do that because of massive amounts of military equipment that the us left behind specifically interact. that's where they really got their weapons from. they went into iraq, took those humvees and weapons and went back into syria. isis k, which is the islamic state of correson, which essentially means eastern. they don't like the taliban, they're not friends with the taliban. they've been fighting the taliban. but more importantly, they've been fighting the u. s. and i bring up the point about the weapons because we just did the exact same thing and up dennis and left behind. unbelievable amounts of us military equipment, massive amounts of weaponry and guns black hawk helicopters from these. we left it all there the same way that we did in iraq. so we could be creating a very similar problem of what we saw. 20142015 with the other isis license. k is far from being the only faction able to carry out such tax stance. the warning
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coming from the afghan national resistance front, which controls the pansy valley and are now seen as being the center of antique telephone opposition. its foreign relations had believes that the terrorist threat in the country right now is even stronger than it was 20 years ago. it could be isis cable, we think there are, there are other elements planned, the attacks. and that might have perpetrated such attacks against us soldiers and was a terrorist attack on the watch of the taliban group that says we are able to provide security. and now in one day, we see numerous terrorist attacks happening on the watch, unfortunate b, international terrorism and sun as much stronger compared to 2001. this is something that the national resistance front of us against on, has been saying for the past year. we believe the international community should help our efforts to combat to national terrorism. and again, in the doing the to the international community,
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abandoned janice then and we saw how again it became a haven for terrorists groups. the same will happen if the international community abandoned that again, it's into 2021. there's no pose threat towards everyone. no one is an exemption. and terrorism is after every state, whether it's part of the western world or the eastern. okay, let's get reaction to this story. now by speaking to professor of social sciences at the international islamic university in pakistan. less mahmoud professor, thanks so much for coming on. i want to start by talking about alex's k. not a lot of people that actually heard much about them prior to yesterday's attacks, but there are reports who suggesting that they could be several more members of
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that group in carbo. do you fear that we'll see more attacks coming from that group? yes, it is. it was so fatal took number of life and number of these and number of these is increasing day by day. and obviously, as, as they claimed, as accepted the responsibility they would not stop keeping that history, that they had been involved in a number of other attacks on civilians and women and schools. and now they have a merger again. and that would be detrimental to the fees in understand that was apparent in the week of the dollar bond on 15 august getting scobee emmy gave believe without having a blank check. but i think that the situation is getting del, ending with these 2 last several western nations said they had intelligence saying that that was going to be
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a terrorist attack. they were wanting people to stay away from the airport. aside from just telling people to stay away, was there anything else could have been done from prevent this attack? you know, they had been boarding by the different agencies and, and delegates again series of fast and countries as well. you can us one the citizens to be away from a board. but you know, there is no good mind in control yet established in gobble. and the government has yet to establish. it may see over the area and we have not seen any form of government in gobble. so i think that it was not flexible to control the situation on as what do you think that regular africans were aware that there was this
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terrorist threat or did they just choose to ignore it? such was the desperation to try and get out of the country. i think that there are 2 days of people trying to get out of a fun. one of us and they're doing they are being quicker to us. citizens are also included in that. and the other section that is industrial to come to go out of loudness on the people who are feeling selected by the, by the, by doing in god would in the sun board are trying to get a flight reliable. and since that is, availability is ready, shot at small. so they get there. here a lot of people are get the forum disorders and to
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be bound to leave. and mr. by them said that they will feel their lives with governments like canada and germany. they have announced that they are stopping their flight. so availability of price is a problem that would create more, you know, massive and more gathering on a for then that would be detrimental again for, for be because these n c i s k that they would get opportunity to have another activity did as a neighboring country, what threat does this entire situation post for pakistan? yeah, that is that they're telling what buckets on because but this on but suspecting that there would be based on the sun because in the week of dollar bond victory under the lead to all of the sun and there'd be swell capturing gulf gobble that
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showed that there would be no civil war and that was in the interest of the sun, if there would be no civil board in the sun because we were suspecting that if there would be civil war in the sun in both us would be that would be that would be good in a large influx of law in immigrants to pakistan, and that would be the problem. the metric again for buckets on as it was in the 4th $1979000000000.00, but the captioning of the fully it was, it is the whole said, dad would be based upon the sun and then would there would be in the long run. but this type of activity, but saturday, sit back on god that may be extended or no would have gotten a sun. that could be a problem for august because of the direct effect. the buckets on
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direct stakeholders keeping their open border all 20 to 40 kilometers on the sun. i'm not greatly appreciate your time. i guess this is professor. i'm not my mood from the international islamic university in islam about the rush to leave and the ensuing panic that was automates that august 31st withdrawal deadline. that was jo biden's cool weather. he's now presiding over the deadly day for the us military and canister in more than a decade and a televised address. and at times, emotional president vowed revenge said efforts to get people out of the country would continue. here's what you need to know. dish isis. tears will not win. we will rescue the americans. we will get our afghan allies and our mission will go on. the evacuation will continue and that the united states
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will get out any and all american citizens and african nationals were permanent us residency. what's known as green card, who want to leave, he said some people may not want to leave. but those who want to leave the u. s. will make every effort to get them out. he said it is an airline airlift mission, unlike any other in history. and was expected to be dangerous and stressful that was planned for also attacks. there had been warnings about attacks. he called those u. s. service members. now i believe the numbers don't up to 13 who are killed, quote unquote heroes saying they are the backbone of america. who are engaged in a dangerous, selfless mission to save the lives of others. and that the mission will and must continue. now more than ever. and he had this message for those responsible was to those who carried out just attack as well as anyone wishes america harm. no. this we will not forgive. we will not forget
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we will hunt you down to make you pay. general kenneth mackenzie, the head of central command are cent. com said isis carried out the attack specifically isis k or isis correson. and will likely continue to try and launch more attacks, adding that others have already been forwarded by security forces and cobble. the general went on to say to attack and hold to suicide bombers detonating explosives outside the abbey date of the airport and nearby hotel. the hotel, followed by isis gunman, opening fire on civilians, men, women, and children. along with us troops and military personnel. there are warnings about to attack and it's certainly raises more serious questions about americans evacuation efforts. why it has become so incredibly catastrophic and also pass comments from president, bite himself about america's effort in afghanistan and the war on terror. listen to this mission, to degrade the chairs, tread about kind in afghanistan and kilo summer been lot and was a success. i believed that our presence in that gas dance should be focused on. the
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reason we went in the 1st place to ensure afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. we did that. we accomplish that objective, president fighting thing really backtrack, even raising questions about whether the u. s. again, should have been in afghanistan in the 1st place to begin with, and certainly as long as the u. s. was there in nearly 20 years as far as the ongoing effort, general mackenzie said isis remains a, quote, extremely real threat and will try to carry out further attacks, something present and bite. and also green was saying this was a mission designed for stress. and that was expected to come under attack, and certainly that happened, as we know, he said at this point, it does not appear that taliban played a part in the attack. and that it's within the taliban interest for america to leave the country as well. he added that again while america will press ahead, was withdrawing and evacuating any and all us citizens and ask in nationals by august 31st. the august 31st deadline,
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he could not guarantee total security was in here. it sounds ridiculous, but the vast majority of people in communities like that want to come to america, given a choice. so getting every single person out is can't be guaranteed anybody because there's a termination or who wants to get out as well. and there has been in tell sharing, and this was confirmed by general mckenzie between us armed forces and also the taliban. that so emphasized and that seeing this of america is nearly 20 or involvement in afghanistan. now coming to heretic, violent and crashing. and it's not surprising to me when, when a isis and prisoners re weighed after the take over the air force base. and it was pretty clear that now we have thousands of people who could do harm beyond the towel and, and the town on is not
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a tightly military unit. so it's not surprising. it's just for me, particularly for the men and women in uniform, in the veterans that i've been working with that get people out of afghanistan over the past week. we go reaction to buy and speech from legal and list jennifer de master and conservative commentator ad martin, who were both far from impressed with the president's words. the global community is large trust and faith and joe biden and his administration, a large truck. now, in the united states of america, despite the victory of the games and united states military job, i have managed to completely unravel and unwind that in a matter of months, putting our military in women's lives in danger. you know, biding can get up there and say, all he wants to cameras will hunt you down, we'll get you. but he lots of credibility not only this rate and the, the euro, our enemies, but he's a lot of credibility from our allies as well. i don't know how somebody is able to
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do that in 9 months, have been in ministration, but i don't think anybody is surprised that it would be under the biting ration. we're watching the bible presidency deteriorate before our eyes. this president is not handling this well and everyone knows in america and the people in the rest of the world know it. so it's actually a very dangerous time. i hope the present is careful and slow and methodical. but right now what we're portraying is weakness. and uncertainty, he says at the end of his speech, and now i'm allowed to ask the person, and course i was instructed. and right now, china is looking at taiwan and bad guys are looking at america and saying, let's take advantage of this really weak, really embarrassing moment in american life. it's a big concern and wraps that up for this news. our don't get lots more new stories . you can check out on a website,
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a 20 dot com the ah, the military mission again, stay will conclude on august 31st. i want to find out who did a good, who would have thought the quote unquote, a young girl who i really want the truth so much. you got to be a subtle company or something. you cut the cut over the water. okay. that i'm on the 7th, not to get a quote to show me that this was the right weapon against the local. no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the
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road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghan stamps. and i know we still need that, i'm a dunaway and as i have the with with ah hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . everything we associate with modern life has been digitalized. in fact, we live within ecosystems created by big tech. they decide what we can see, what we can buy, and even what we can say. the systems no longer serve us,
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they actually control us. is there a way out from this growing dystopian? ah, ah cross talking tech control, i'm joined by my guess, zach war. he's in san francisco, he's a google whistleblower, a tech entrepreneur and co author of the book. google leaks a whistleblowers ex was a a big tech censorship. and in phoenix across to ryan hardwig, he is a free speech advocate. facebook whistleblower, and co author of the book behind the mask of facebook. current settlement cross talk rules and effects. that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i appreciate your both whistleblowers from some of the most tyrannical organizations that have ever existed on this planet. i feel very strongly about that. so i can ryan, i'd like you to give it a thumbnail sketch of your whistle blower experience at these tech


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