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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  August 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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on forever, challenges to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together in a fox. well, it's taking the world by storm, the world tv ted lasso, jason's film show over there on apple plus and his aid to camp his side kick is very funny. nick, more hammered. and this shows got a nice look to it. funny. but it has a gentility that i think we can use in this time. we'll talk to nick about that. and he's also written a great, great show called intelligence. very funny david schwimmer and he will also dive into that a little nic mohammed right up to this on dennis miller plus one. the
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folks welcome to dennis miller plus one. that should be fine. as i studied on the nic mohammad left for is lee is a british actor, comedian writer, i think i read recently that the james cordon is missing the white cliffs of dover and might go home. i think if they want to continue with somebody from that side of the pond with a great sense of humor, a very nice accent, they might, they might consider our friend to take his place is best known for his role as nathan shelley and probably the hottest show and television right now. apple tv pluses. ted last. so with jason's today, you see also appeared in film such as the martian bridget jones baby nix, nominated, also for out standing supporting actor and a comedy series for his performance. and last season to is now streaming on apple
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tv. plus please welcome nick mohammed. thank you for that intro. very kind and yeah, if james could and you know, once to hang up his boots. yeah. i'm, i'm all, i'm all is. yeah. i wasn't meeting a quality judgment on james. i just remember it's such a lovely speaking voice and i know, i think that's part of james laura is late at night. and i thought, boy, i would look into this guy because that thing you did on that chat show in england . and i don't know who that cat is, but it's funny off times chat show hosts have to get into some sort of robotic trance where they laugh and just be congenial because they've got to move it along and who need somebody who's being a 1st budget. they were laughing so hard that you seemed stupified that you would reduce them to that level and it was, it was a clip of you doing. the great can see you have of encapsulation of sound tracks. tell me when you had that or you you have stand up comedy in your past,
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tony. yeah, yeah. so i've always done. we're not always done, but since you know before i kevin act, so i sort of comedy and still be coming out always in character. rather than put a stand up and yet as a character id called mr. swallow and i think you're referring to is him singing along to the direct park theme. tune words that he's written which effectively food summarize the plot of drastic park. and so, yeah, it seems to do the rounds on youtube and facebook and like, and yeah, it follows me around, it's the thing that people harangue me and i have to get recognized. so anything in the street you're directly, i'm like, well, you know, that's, that's john williams, the great american count school competitor and i bastardize his his theme and put words to it. but yeah, well, i love the little movie bush. you gave them of the jobs thing folks to put us. it might sound like comedy obscure or what we're talking about. but like,
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for instance, the jobs there is like by like it say clever how he encapsulates the plot, as he said, and uses the soundtrack too. and go watch the drastic park one. it is a standing, and i was wondering, i'm such a huge soundtrack fan. did it come from places you love drugs? oh he, he honestly, i'll be obsessed. i've got a like a big collection now, like cds and i just thought of the kids and dress and that was one of the 1st, you know, when i was 10, when the phone came out, i think and that was one of the 1st contracts that i got huge from william span. huge james horner. but yeah, i still listen to the great cd label called in trotter. and that's going to re release a lot of the kind of soundtracks that were made in the eighty's and that sort of digitally we must think remastering a load of days and i'm a huge fan. huge. yeah, go back one, click and get a book that i just finished by 85 goal. it might be,
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it might be, it's spelled di fagel about yon berry who is. yeah, you might not know him as well. but when you put out of africa together with you know, going back to goldfinger, he wrote, he took money, norman's song and made it to gold. the james bond theme, it was just a great book about quite possibly the greatest soundtrack writer ever. and you might enjoy it anyway, talking outside of shop. listen, this last so i you know what, i don't know, soccer. i don't know what put you off a show at the beginning, not, not put you up, but doesn't hook you. everybody has a set of things. when i heard it was about soccer. in the interim, i have talked to people who tell me what an uplifting show i like the i am going to binge it this weekend because i understand it's very positive. i like jason. i've met jason over the years. i think he's a charmer. i just sort of thought,
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i don't know anything about soccer. i'm not so much suck. i hear that's the last component that is inter go to the spirit of it. i hear it's very sweet, uplifting. show correct? yeah, that's correct. i think you know, it is superficially about about soccer football and the premises that jason plays a coach that an american football coach comes out with the coach, premier league football team in the u. k. but yeah, that's, that's not not incidental because you know, it's a big part of the show, but you don't have to be found to enjoy the show. i think there is a lot of work in progress city and so many fun and very parents in the show that kind of inhabit this world and surround tad that yeah, that make it really uplifting. and hopefully can resonate with anyone who, you know, whether you're a sports fan or not. i mean, not, you know, i'm personally not a huge football fan. so compound or anything. and that, you know, i, i, you know, by, because i'm in the show by, you know, i love it and totally, it's
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a real refreshing show. why i didn't mean to be clumsy at the beginning, talking about why i didn't watch it. it's just that there's a 1000000 things to watch and something got a snag, me like like fly fishing? like i got, i got to go. i got to go for the fly. when i heard soccer, i kind of went up, but i can't wait. because i met today cuz a couple of times and i find him as a sat there with them comedian sort as each other out at the beginning that this is a super bright guy about the human condition. there was a lot more there than just jokes. he seems to have a stranglehold, and indeed his year has been sorry. below that, probably i find it odd for him that he has personal turbulence and it's a great career thing. but just season is going to be super interesting. yeah, i mean you're in the listen, jason is an absolute legend. now the show is, you know, that impacts if energy he has in that warmth and that sort of spirit. he has
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absolutely, you know, those kinds of things built down from the top bill lawrence as well. you know, they, they just got such a clear vision show. they knew what they want. it's, you know, they set out to create the show with the tone that is, i think it, you know, it obviously helped know helped. that's the wrong kind of whether the defendant over the global pandemic. i think that the show resonated with maybe more people than it would have initially because, you know, i think people were really in need of something that had a real kind of woman hopeful message in real optimistic energy to it. you know, at time that people really need it, but i think the show was going to be what it was you know, going to be, you know, irrespective of that and yeah, they're just smart guy. it's like he say that just so super clever. so she did emotion needs to come to the retailing turned in emotionally. you know, one of the saddest parts of modern life for me is the fact that we have to qualify
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sediments. you do just got hung up on it there. i probably get hung up on a 10 times a day. i hate that we have to go around and do immediate patch up, work on things like it probably help. everybody knows that nick mohammed is not, you know, sitting there talking about how coven could help. but he, they were so gun shy now, you know, that's just a colloquial is. that's how we talk about humans game indicate, and yet we spent so much of our day now. i know about you, i have a spell check that goes off as i'm talking for a living and i go, go back contempt. i don't move on much further before you put that fine. of course it is mean that it helps people are sitting at home feeling a little hang dog they come in. there's a brilliantly funny show that has a nice effervescence about it that that is completely for the initiated to tell the people just the basic outline the show is he's a american football coach who ends up give me
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a little. he told me. yes so. so jason plays head last side who is an american football coach who comes over to k, a u k. family football team but doesn't really know the rules of football and he get the proper, kind of fish out sick. come in that respect and you know, very much plays it that the u. s. u k culture class to a degree. but, but there's more, there's more to it than that because i, the phrasing the show. we just sort of be, be curious, not judgmental. and that, that's what kind of ted is, you know, rather than resisting different. so sort of come back to being kind of aggressive towards any kind of difference or cynical he, he's like, ok, what sort of teach me and sort of show me why, you know, your way is the best way and you know, he school for all of his interactions with all the different characters he comes across. you ends up making really positive difference to everyone's lives and it really kind of, it just makes it very warm, positive show. and i think you know me,
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well, i'm a big fan of sort of snarky comedies and dot comedies and cynical comedies, but i think they show sort of seem to so, but the trend little bit in that respect and it feels very refreshing of the results of that and and yeah, it just, it just felt like, you know, exactly the kind of show that we will, we will need it and, you know, jason, so from a and i was going to say just before was what i think that those rice's and that creates a team is so good, is walking this fine line at being able to deliver on the comedy, but also deliver emotionally and in terms of character development and so on. and often so often in other comedy, comedy, drama. it feels like you're kind of sacrificing one for the other and i think they just manage to try this very fine line, you know, and then the backdrop is soccer. no incidental, but not important. i find him a insightful knave to the degree that i've read about it and watched a few moments of it. i thought, oh, i see he is a bit of a knave through life,
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but he's he has, he's the one who absolutely knows what humanities i find that talks again, i think it's very smart of him. and next time i see him, i'm just gonna say, i respect you so much. i'm not even going to ask you how this guys surname ended up being last. so unless they convey them to show it is such a funny choice, right off of that that makes me curious that they would be sitting there as j. pearlman trying to figure out character day will color so that's so funny to i don't know how that's come about that because we came off the back of the the commercials back in 2013. and so yeah, i don't know. i don't know the answer to the point that, you know, i don't quite know what the means are going to be this year. it seems to me that they're putting people and diving bells to keep them apart from each other. so nobody transfers this you. you might be in hurt locker suits all sitting there. it might be done from home, but you're up for one. it's exciting,
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but it's also weird ramp up into because the artistic side of yourself in the humble party yourself is that what i, when fi and then there's a killer. i miss, i'm right at the gates with moses. i want to win this stab at so it's, it's a, it's a funny, it's a dual track leading up to it, right? is to say, i mean listen, i feel so grateful and you know, let me clean on by my think it's it so they can tell the john. so you know, i almost do not to be nominated. happy to stay one for the same, but yeah it's, it's a lovely thing, but yeah, i mean, who knows if i think i think the plan is for that to be an imposed ceremony. i don't think they'll be an audience, but you know, who knows what kind of brings it might end up being, you know, like a virtual thing or whatever all day we will cannot connect said, you know, we don't have to travel to the states. i don't know, you know, i'm just is delightful to be nominated and especially little side so many of you
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know, fellow actors intent collazo as well. yeah. who knows which way it's going to go. i, i don't my mind is which very my go. yeah. well, i know more about intelligence than i do about the last, despite, and i think i don't know if that was up for this year, but that show makes me laugh. a virtuously. i'm schwimmer fan, you his sancho panza. in the, in the, we'll talk more about it. i want, i want to talk about intelligence after the break. we're joined by our, our friend nick, well hammond. the show is last. of course, you know, it's been nominated for, i believe over 20 emmys coming up. he of course up for the best supporting actress season to now streaming on apple tv, plus and indeed it shows like this. put the floss in the apple tv plus the will have it right up to this one. dennis miller plus one ah
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join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me military mission again is dan will conclude on august 31st. when it's time for them to go to us, all the quote unquote a young girl and i really need proof for my you got to do something that
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company will cut us a couple of months. okay. but i'm going to get a quote from the show. very good. this was the right weapon against the right and the local. no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the the signing of the us to all about agreement and laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghan. the stand on that mcdonald's and who's the folks. welcome back to dennis miller plus one, enjoying our time with nick mohammed. and he is a british actor, comedian writer era, parent james coordinate late night. tolliver,
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i'm just putting that up there myself. i'm trying to trying to bait that hooked. and you've seen him in the marsh and british bridget jones baby. and he also, i believe i think he's a creator writer. i know he's one of the stars of intelligence, but i also think this hatched out of mohammed mohammed bean. tell me about intelligence. it's on season 2 on peacock, david schwimmer, the the ultimate gordon, las guy and you sort of guy who idle operates right off his right shoulder is probably shocked to find out for us and he such a dog. yeah, i'm sorry. got that. you want to feel very well of it? yes. so i created the show i right to show. and yet david, we show on the show together. yeah. so like a labor of love, i don't want to write workplace comedy i had but if i there, you know, running at home about this with
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a bunch of bubbles. so against the sort of huge state the national security. and then i'd worked with david a, we kind of crossed paths on a pilot. i co written with julia davis. david was maybe going to be involved in. and so we did some sort of workshop improve stuff together. and that's how we met. that was a few years ago now and that's i didn't, didn't, didn't get picked up, but they've not had stayed in contact. and he said, you know, if you ever, you know, you have to think of another way to, you know, allow, kind of like an american up integration coming in. feel she home, you know, let me know. and i had this idea about getting a call me about about usage few and i'll be quite phone and quite, you know, not know beyond the realm of possibility. the agent, you know, the equivalent organization in the states. and then the asian shed intelligence initiative could have to come over and work with these guys and have a completely different way of working in a classic push. i would say some so yeah, i sent david the the page outline and he, you know,
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he was on board and yeah. then you know, then the commission, the season then the season. so yeah, i kind of got right saying and yeah, we have a great fun making that show and you know, season we didn't have a pilot, we went straight to the 1st season. and so i feel like i learned a lot reading see the wall and but yes, you can see which out on came on peacock in july i think june july yeah, i'm super proud because it feels like we really kind of hit the super time with it like i said earlier, you get hooked by things i get hooked by schermer whenever i see schwimmer, i think, you know, if somebody's swim resented i go out. i yeah, he was so good on that. i've seen him play that plastic surgery. if you've ever seen that movie where he plays a decorative plastic surgeon and that was oh, you have to watch it. he's just great. one of the guy events, breast augmentation, i believe or something i got. he's very sleazy, slimy, sort of a dallas. and he's just graded it. so what i saw him,
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i started watching this and believe, you know, this is where i knew your work from before i knew it from there. i love the fact what he's introduced to the judi dench for lack of a better comparison. m here. the various mostly super inside will about all that. i saw the guy that movie laugh rory, honestly and are you writing it alone? are you off in a room alone? nigger? yeah. tell me. tell me. yeah. yeah, completely right. and so they like remote or anything. so right. and then, you know, i'm saying that it's, it's very collaborative. once i've written a 1st draft, i send out the swim and swims business by the time as well, who, who's an exec on the show and the executive him a when and there isn't the director, you know, we all kind of, you know, read and we'll pitch and then i'll go away and you know, redraft and stuff, but yeah i right. cologne. and it's quite yes, quite quite sacrifice. and he feels sometimes it's like, you know,
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position of responsibility doing that. but i love it. and because it's such a kind of collaborative and creative atmosphere, you know, once we get to the site and with combing, you know, we'll, we'll try and mix it up a little bit. and you know, if we want to play with it, play around with it a little bit more, we will do a little bit of in proven stuff. so yeah, it's, it's, it's a real treat to get to work with, you know, arguably one of the greatest generation, you know, stone killer, you never him drop a line every time there was a kill shot on friends. you look at him and perry to, there's a to i listen shows just great, obviously. but there's a company guys you could tell. they said we've got to kill scott here. could we go to? and those 2 were just don't matter. they were not think of doors they were, i'm out of doors. listen so many people are in erotic about confronting their muse . i'm. i'm sure that you can write it yourself. i always found any time to write something in life. if i knew did it of the magic sword from the stone thing and said listen, you've got to work opportunity here. it goes away at this time. if you don't sit
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and start hitting the keys or the writing on the legal pad, i always try that rating for me. what's your process? how do you, can i completely agree? i think, you know, kind of calling yourself or right or the price or the right. it's mostly for the psychological barriers. anything if you, if you can just allow yourself to just talk to just type and it doesn't matter if it's not good in the 1st instance because at least you got something to make better, i guess. and so, yeah, i right, you know, i, we, we come up with episode outlined, quite detailed and usually kind of get approval from the channel and from, from the other effect from the show just that, you know, from a story point of view, this is all kind of going in the right direction and the fees and all that kind of stuff. but then i'll just sort of dive into into the script and make the right it order. but, you know, occasionally if, if i know that the c and i just want to write because i can visualize it also to know for the bits of dialogue that i think would work for you. i'll just kind of go ahead and write that and then sort of piece it together a little bit like
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a jigsaw about, you know, an occasionally also the flip side of that is if it's the same that you don't really know. you think what i know that this is got to happen in the scene, but i just don't have to write to see it. i'll just for the missed the alphabet and maybe come back to the place placeholder in that. but yeah, it's just about, you know, just keeping on going and then. yeah, i just saw, right documentary, by ken burns, who's our leading documentarian here in america. and it was about ernest hemingway and hemingway said that he would sit out and he said he would just try to write one true sentence, one in inherently true sentence. and then he would branch out from that. he said he would always leave the next day's 1st 20 minutes in his head, not on the page, you know where he was going to go. but he said, i didn't want to come in and restart again. say, can't the going, he get those 20 and then he said the rewrite was everything and i always, you know, he's such a genius in a declarative sense. but it's such
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a brilliant conceit that you just get on with it. at some point it cannot always be all magic touch to me. where to go for so easy to procrastinate as well, but just to get on with the best thing you can do there are i'm fascinated by as i to love magic, i never took it up, but i'm fascinated by it. i had performed. and of course my life with 10 and 10 and teller who i was fascinated by them. i had dinner with steve martin a few nights ago and we were talking about him starting out at disneyland as a midget magician. and he showed me the 1st tricky did, and i can see that it's almost like surfing for magicians. it's something they can ride their entire life that they draw solid from it. and i think you're, you're, you're still a big, it's translated into some children's novels. but when did you get the bite for magic? as a, as a child lab, familiar to child, you know, i was obsessed to the magic that my birthday. i think i was like fool. and yeah,
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i just, you know, enjoy the like the genie factors, you know, the magic circle, which is, you know, a magic club in the yeah, i'd love to ever since i've worked freshly the magician before you know, doing comedy and thing and pay my way free university and stuff and i still love it, you know, i, so reading tons of magic books and you know, practicing tricks and you know, fly pat and stuff with cards. and even though i, you know, i would rarely perform perform because, you know, acting is sort of them ok to a writing as well. but i still absolutely adore. and it will be a fascination that will never go away. and i think they think that when you're into it, you are just obsessed that you kind of sort of not than ever be sort of like halfway in or out of it. you know, i just, you know, i think about it over time. i love watching it, jason is as well. a huge magic, but i think it's quite common with a comedy you know as well. i think a lot of comedians have a secret secret passage for magic. now, when there's
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a very side took the opposite approach, used to do a joke. i remember it is actor, it hits. i don't like magic to me. magic the still is. here's a quarter. now it's gone. your said, sadly, the real truth to that sort of like quite poor magic being well, but when you say, when you see good magic been, well, it's like, you know, it's a thing of beauty. i love where you are or you adopt a close up or what were you in the grand gesture and where i can think of you in like marcia and your trailer, if you could probably work on your coin, dexterity in there for hours. but did you, did you like close up where you adapted? yeah. close to the thing i've done the day like, you know, work at wedding hotels and restaurants doing kind of close up go from table to table. so yeah, that's what caught called more than coin. but yeah, yeah,
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i love it. and so that i think i did a gig last night with things so much because it's quite nice to yeah, i just called the car things in it. so yeah, it's nice to much to go back into all of that stuff. are you familiar with tony slide deni? here's one of the greatest slide show idea. yeah. the slide 123 thing and the fly daily handkerchief placement and and then they fall apart. yeah. love it of all that, all that classic stuff. this is killers, you know, it's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant stuff. steve did a variation on slide, dean exact very called a fly genie and they had a fake. are going to use this 3rd had to come from his super he did a car online, it just made me laugh at such a surreal said saint martin as fly deni doing close out of his car to you all has to be the most surreal thing ever listed in the world of magic.
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well listen to children's novel is the young magician's and the 24 hour telepathy plot to children novels by our friend. and the other one is the magicians and the thieves all one act. he's writing a great show which i'm much more familiar with the law. so at this point called intelligence, look for season 2 over on peacock. he is up for an emmy for ted lasso in best supporting actor. i hope he wins, and he has a hell fellow. well met, we've enjoyed our time and went so quickly. i didn't even notice that fern growing over his left shoulder, which started today as a small piece of light could not turned into an absolute being stock over his shoulder. this time next, by so much for having me that it's taken at 5, but it will happen. this is dennis miller plus one. ah.
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is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its grip on the world that was like, being quiet like a dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trays like a monopoly makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controlled the market place. it's not really a market as a private arena where a single company controls the distribution of daily products. and the infrastructure of our economy is reduce the workload, according to amazon. me the news
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you know, look at them. below the bull bull economy. say what's happening as the ball ball banks perpetuate their local money print thing. the, the the, this, our top headlines here when i pay 170 dead, nearly 200 injured the aftermath of a terror attack that should cobble that board. but proud of people broke off guns on foreigners rules crammed together, waiting for by the witness of an explosion who was named joseph 10 meters away from it. share this
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