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tv   News  RT  August 28, 2021 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, when us lashes out isis k. yeah, as the throne strike kills that terror plan are enough, john installed in the faults. reprisals thought they'd cobble port bombing in which teen americans were among p $170.00 killed. the shot, the fight in kabul to just fuss crowds of people continue to flock to the airport.
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desperate to flee afghan dawn despite ongoing warnings about the terror threat and to us house republicans are demanding officers to claims that are going to fall down to president. fled the concrete with suitcases stopped with millions of dollars, which they say would like the stolen from american tax past. ah, 247 live from the russian capital. this is our international as always good to have with us a warm welcome to your news. and getting us started, washington confirmed it carried out and as strike against the islamic state affiliate which claim to be behind the states devastates in terror. attack got called enough chemist on the drone strike was said to have eliminated and isis that k planner. it's not known whether the target paid a role in states atrocity now about airport. a top left,
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a 117 people tad 13 of the american military personnel. his death president biden filed to avenge. the u. s. has also warned of the threats posed by isis in the region, and has asked its citizens to stay away from the hub. meanwhile, the august such, deadlines set for the us withdrawal from the country is just 3 days away now. well, that isis flint group responsible for 5 days attack has been active in eastern afghanistan and pakistan. launched a campaign of bloodshed when it was founded in 2015 colon brace focused on the security on the south, dependent on mike maloof fears a washington's move will father height intentions. and i think it's too little too late. i think that the plan are different. if indeed, ma'am, was a planner, that there will probably be other planners who will back him up and. and if everything is imminent in couple,
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it probably is already going to be initiated. and there are other people to do that . you got to keep in mind that this is one time strike. i know what biden said about getting back, but this was just like a rap on the knuckles that we know where you are, who you are. but it's, it does not take care of the isis problem in that area. and so he doesn't think it's going to make the situation any safer in these final few days. and i was going to evacuate people from cobbled. no, not at all, not at all. i think it's actually going to height intentions. now i think that isis has does have plans. they are, this is their moment. they basically are saying to tell him and you think you're in charge of the government there, but we actually control events and there's and there demonstrating that with the u . s. military out of the way. now i think you're going to see isis k. now take a much more prominent role and this, this will test,
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this will test for the telephone will, is in trying to seek international recognition. we'll try to actually stop isis and in some way or go against them. i think the battle is going to be on. we're going to see this thing disintegrate, perhaps, into a civil war shortly. western countries on tat upon official time, given a warning that a severe terror attack was imminent. but many people desperate free. the country appeared to be either unaware, one afraid of the consequences. rows of bodies have now been lined up in the streets with grieving families trying to identify their loved ones. once more at gowns, davidson couple incent this update about the situation on the ground. but with scott days left until the end of the evacuation, things are still very tense here in capital. not quite as ted's not quite as bad as things were in the immediate aftermath of the bombings or the bombing at capital airport. nevertheless,
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security measures around the city have been beefed up. so the taliban has set up more checkpoint, security checkpoints on roads leading to the airport. but that is only going to have a limited effect because there are so many roads more than that. the crowds at the airport have dispersed there just as strong that justice packed and carried across the city are continuing. security measures have been beefed up as not as much as they can be. so the taliban is still conducting door to door searches and deteriorate across the see if you try to identify the tape to catch more isis members from off doesn't what doesn't support us was attain arrested around couple 3 of them had the pictures published by the taliban and the taliban is promising to put a stop to, to stamp out, to put in then the ice is present here in capital around of gotten this done. but this is something they say they will only be able to do once the united states
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leaves. so the threat level is, is very high, both the taliban in the united states and the allies expect the expect the eye to splinters. so i just came to strike again, especially given how much cottage their last attack caused perhaps publicity for them. this is exactly the taliban says what they want. they want to discredit the taliban and they want to get people on their side say only we can provide you with security as we are the true gods people here. and i've got to stop. they say that the pallet bad news is too weak. it is too westernized, that it has lost its edge. nevertheless, the united states as also enact that maximum security measures at the airport around several check points in area, has been clear that people try to get to close warning shots,
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offline both by the taliban, by us troops. that flashback grenades, even gas grenades, used it. if the crowd gets out of control, but things are also desperate for ordinary people that, that includes people who worked with us forces with nato forces, with the embassies diplomatic stuff. people who still haven't been able to get out, never might get out. they still haven't been vetted or approved for evacuation. they haven't been able to contact anyone. they haven't been able to secure arrangements for their families. so certainly with just 3 days left for people to get out of up get this done and. and the crowds, the queue huge, there is a sense of desperation. the attack was also left money injured with hospitals having to provide makes shift beds to accommodate the numbers. some of the patients are said to be in a critical condition, his how one survivor described the devastation i had applied for the visit,
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the for this invited us to come near the door. i was near the gate when the explosion occurred. i saw myself fall into the ground and when i stood up, i told the dog last one side of my abdomen and then they brought me to hospital is one of the wounded. the british foreign office is struggling to explain how sensitive documents identifying africa was because for the british embassy and cobble were left behind in the chaos. a u. k. john was found the documents on the ground in the capital diplomatic district. some of the people on it, how to read, he left afghanistan on the job, did manage to track sound 3 families in the british army and rescued. but it's still unclear what's happened to 2 individuals who are named of embassy job we have worked tirelessly to skew the safety of those workforce and glued and getting 3 families to safety. the drop down in vall embassy was done at pace of the situation and capital deteriorated. every effort was made to destroy sensitive
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material. in light of the questions have been raised about the priorities of the british defense ministry. after it was revealed, is helping a camera team to evacuate pets from cobble some $200.00 cats and dogs will soon be rescued. that's of course not. the fate don't lose our guns whose names were left behind at the mc remains unclear and national affairs commentator, mancha gassett fears they could face reprisals from the telephone. clearly significant in terms of the attitude of those who failed to destroy those documents . it's also significant for those who names are on the document because obviously they are off in some danger from those who see them as traces or allies of the enemy. so i would say yes, definitely worry for those people on those lists. well, it could be a collective cowardice of people who simply ran looking after their own interest. but it said it could be a collective payday out there some times. the main cause because obviously will be for those people on those lists who haven't yet got out. that's,
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they're the ones who face the consequences, not the ones who didn't care enough to hide their names. i think that they're more endangered from the families of those who lost relative to the u. k. and us forces, i mean those are the people who will want revenge in the culture of the area. so those are the straight where these documents have ended up. as far as the taliban are concerned, we should bear in mind that they don't really have an interest in actually killing us and u. k. personnel because they are fully aware of the consequences if they do. meanwhile, stateside the 1st test solve us on personnel, enough canister in 20 months, as mounting huge pressure, joe biden, and one pressed by john and the south to whether who speak to the brief families the president states island the the the sexual state is
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also facing flacco for the crisis to republican representatives, have raised impeachment, articles, accusing antony blinking of failing to properly advise the president of abandoning american interests enough to understand the full out around the trip withdrawal. and as that, and seeing the entire site administration come on to increasing fire, break it all down for us, all teens john hardy, there really continues to be some of the back and forth between the taliban and us officials over who is ultimately to blame for the security breach, you heard the taliban spokesman talking about that. it was really the the u. s. security failure. the u. s. was responsible for guarding the entrance to the airport, but the u. s. maintain that it was the taliban failure for even allowing i sisters to get through and basically infiltrate the crowd. regardless, the evacuation effort continues along with as president vine, and said the hunt for those responsible for thursdays attacked the deadliest day. by the way, for us forces in afghanistan in a decade,
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president biden said the us will hunt down those responsible though this also comes after just a few weeks ago. the president essentially lauding america success in the region mission to degrade the terrors. tread about cod in afghanistan and kilo some have been lot was a success. i believed that our presence in that gas dance should be focused on the reason we went in the 1st place to ensure afghan estate would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. we did that. those who carried out just attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm. no. this, we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay. so certainly some contracting statements there from the president and pentagon officials said today, by the way, there are specific and credible threats remaining in afghanistan,
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including the possibility of more attacks. now whatever the outcome of the ongoing evacuation effort, it is certainly an extremely chaotic and messy situation for the united states. and of course for the biden administration. and president, coming under fire from republican leaders and officials calling for his resignation and saying that he ultimately bears the responsibility for what happened with some lawmakers. he been going so far as saying he has quote blood on his hands. if any america is harmed or killed and not safely evacuated, or if any of this military equipment or weapons are used to harbor kill an american, the blood is directly on jo biden's hands. this will destroy what's, what's left of nato, because the u. s. has been so unilateral and so clueless that mean for, for the president i'd states to be rebuked in the house of parliament. that's the 1st time it's ever happened. joe biden has blood on his hands. does hurry to national security and humanitarian disaster. it's solely the result of jer, biden's,
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weak and incompetent leadership. he's unfit to be commander in chief. it is in raging, and joe biden is responsible. it's now clear beyond all doubt, but he's neither the capacity nor the will to lead. he must resign or to be clear, president by the remain steadfast. the u. s. should continue to withdraw from afghanistan and effort that started by the way, during the obama administration, and continued through the trump administration. and keep in mind it was president trump who negotiated deal when the taliban to basically lay off us trips as us troops were being pulled out of the country. and that evacuation effort, of course continued, and the overall mission continued. the blame game is in full effect, and certainly a lot of accusations back and forth among officials here in the united states, and certainly internationally with this effort ongoing in a battalion, political activist spite cohen believes the president handling of the troop withdrawal has been fraught with blunders go by and screwed up and has screwed up multiple times with this withdrawal he didn't keep with donald trump may timeline
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for pulling out and he didn't begin the process as soon as he became president of getting african american civilians out of afghanistan. so that when the troops left began, leaving all the civilians were already gone. that was the biggest mistake that was made here. but the reality is there was no way to leave afghanistan without it being at least somewhat of a mass. this is the reality of what happens when you get involved in foreign entanglements. that frankly, are founders warned about 200 years ago. you end up with, you know, allied with your enemy over here to fight against your enemy. that you at some point created to fight this enemy, which are now allied with the fight. there's enemy, it's nonsense. we need to bring the troops home. we need to end the authorization to use the military force and caught, we shall go into war without congressional approval. to us house republicans are also demanding on the claims that are kind of stone down to the president fled the country with suitcases stuffed with a $160000000.00. the politicians say that if true, that money could have been stolen from us taxpayers. the next president denies the
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claim saying he fled with nothing but the clothes on his back. on the 10th open recalls, while 2 decades of occupation has wrought nothing but misery to most afghan, there is a layer that have collaborated with the united states who have done pretty well to put it mildly to congressman want an investigation of oscar off johnny. the president who just fled, apparently he took a $169000000.00 with him. he's now got asylum in the united arab emirates, a country known for its shall we say hospitality. it's too easy for officials to buy properties to by anonymous lee. there is no information available to help identify violations. more transparencies needed at the dentist and former vice president achmed, via masoud, allegedly flew to do by and 2009 with over $52000000.00 in cash. he was eventually released without having to explain where the money came from. many former afghan
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officials have luxurious real estate in the by the cost of an average apartment, and due by is over $670000.00. meanwhile, the gross domestic product per person, per year in afghanistan for 2020 was less than $600.00 afghan corruption has been going on for decades and did not start with america. but rather than trying to fix this, i watering graft, the united states for gasoline on the fire, our biggest single project, sadly. and inadvertently of course, may have been the development of mass corruption. once it gets the level i saw when i was out there is somewhere between unbelievably hard and outright impossible to fix it. this is nothing new for us aligned regime. the u. s. back saigon government in south vietnam was notorious for corruption. and that probably contributed to the overall victory of the communist. nice that he was convinced that mister to you had succeeded in removing from the country a substantial portion of south vietnam's estimated total of $26.00 tons of gold
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preserves former aides say to you, profiting by control of corrupt regime left vietnam, a billionaire. now saigon and cobble have fallen, but the usa is still, as it's buddies around the world. take the cars on a family that rules iraqi kurdistan. the families spent $50000000.00 on beverly hills, mansion alone, the prime minister of iraqi kurdistan. a member of the cars on a family actually spent over $3000000.00 and it could tar casino in a single night. now keep in mind that since 2014, the united states has sent over $3000000000.00 in humanitarian. a looks like american taxpayers have been subsidizing lives of luxury for whitehouse cronies across the planet. while the infrastructure of the united states is decaying and falling apart in some cases literally and the u. s. economy creeks. we now have a situation where the government is handing out cash all over the world to
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notoriously corrupt people. i think the investigation is regarding corruption and janice and the american involvement. then it should have started in 2002 when the americans invaded and occupied as janet ban because they brought in a way of corruption with them. very ordinary people have become enormously rich the previous word or 2, or just demand or maybe, or a strong man. now, multi millionaire, only 2 percent of the gets to the target population. most of the other money leaves that can need that kind of contract by americans in foreigners or through simple f corruption, a laptop. so i had painting, that's how i read quite literally the net, torres environmental campaign group extinction. red,
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brilliant rebellion returns to the streets of london, hosting a change of color to some buildings with full. so far as you have a change of heart over a growing climate and story much more in just a moment. i use join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the media reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. type
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relation, community. are you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to this end. the so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows, ah, in the hello. again, there's been a tail on the streets of london this week of the green campaign group extinction. rebellion brought parts of the city to a grinding halt with our latest protest. despite initially standing back, please lay to move. dan made hundreds of russ.
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the pain is on demanding, the british major. why not? institutions adopt investing in fossil fuel group has the poorest, provocative, modern, which at full demonstration this time the famous guild in city of london was red paint along with the headquarters, the standard charter bank on the london exchange. there's also lots of major junction in the cap to the huge something structure with more details is all take part in the square in central london in the city of london, right in the shattered procedure in the heart of the financial capital. as you can see, if you look across the square here, has a ton of money from a subsidy. this has been done by the extinction, rebellious climate change activists as part of their money march. and they've spread this plot here. i didn't have
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a financial hotspots to protest against the economic system. i don't know now it's profiteering monday to talk to the rain on march, which is often ways that they want me to meet at least hoping vending in any margin faxing i want. and if you have a police presence here, what is the process? this will be being done over the weekend. the back home was i went to central london. the heavily ready been 200 direct parts of the price as well as i guess you may be investing in fossil fuel to say, here with the multi site here. mocking the local people in the area. remember, the previous crisis has been 295-0002 care. to call me. when you think i didn't do the damage in the process. i mean, if we live in
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a world where you have to be completely perfect and spotless before you could raise the alarm or try to campaign for a better place, but nothing would ever get done and nothing would ever happen. where all human beings, we leave a bit of mess behind. i leave it bits a mess behind in my life, but i tried to do my best. if you could leave at the club, you know, it doesn't really work. i mean, the way they're doing it is going to get people to side with them, and that's already committed because people get irritated by people getting away educating with yes, there's a problem that some people just join in demonstrations because it's not, it's not the best story to get things done before the point is that the figures are being pulled out by the media as a way to distract from the main argument,
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which is what they don't want people to talk about. which is, you know, why is the government trying to essentially suppress the argument of the climate crisis? and, you know, why are they not doing more to protect us citizen it's a simple story of a young girl and how friend, a grizzly bad, but it seems, have caught the walls imagination as the russian automation. masha on the back has seen off some stiff competition from the likes of peppa pig and sesame street to become the highest globally rated children's tv show. we went to the production studio. well, the magic happens to found out why call tune about a back is warring to sub success. from flip books to 3 d generated cartoons. animation has always been able to capture the imagination of both young and old. and today, the most popular cartoon among children all over the world turns out to be a russian one, marsha and the bear. and it's made here in moscow at anna mccord animation studio.
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started in 2009 march, and the bear now has over a 100 episodes, several spin off shows and has been translated into 43 different languages. it has proven to be one of the most popular kids cartoons in the world. so let's find out what it takes to capture the imagination of youngsters worldwide. if you haven't heard of the show before, the premise is quite simple. if all of the little girl named marcia who constantly gets into trouble and her big furry friend bear who tries to steer her away from disaster teaching her some valuable lessons in life along the way. it's a simple concept, both proven to be an international sensation, and while each episode is only around 7 minutes long, it can take up to 9 months to make. but it all starts with the script with god, with the crash you. when it all begins with this great, and this is the most difficult part of the process. with a good script, you'll either make good film or not 5050, somebody with
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a bad one. a good film is impossible. the script writing is one of the hardest task . since we've been working for a while with covered a lot of topics, there is certainly a bit of a crisis of ideas at this point. and a good script writer and it's hard to find as it is. but an estimation, great writer is even rarer because we do pantomime. there is minimum dialogue, all of that has to be thought out. and every writer we have is worth his weight in gold. once the writers are happy with the script is then developed into a storyboard and a symbol to d and a magic. this process can also take several months with the vertical slew the news . if after several months of writing and rewriting, it all goes to a storyboard artist, he's like a drawing director and he had to take all the tax, visualize and determine the framing, what the characters do. at the same time, he has to understand editing framing. everything has to be white, expressive. the drunk process is rather quick, although the story boards for an ad, the job, it takes about 3 months. but in 3 easy, it takes a lot of time to produce. after that would take the story board and turn it into to
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the and imagine this is basically a timeline where we put all the frames and it becomes a sort of to decrease tune with low frame rate. and then we put in the dialogue, would do the sound before the animates, unlike many big budget moving this were chord, the app trade, she does several takes, which is what works. and then we put in the sounds, the music and with this model of the node we hold screenings, we'll look it up over decide of some changes, what works, what doesn't. and when everyone's happy, will launch 3 d production before the, when the storyboard complete and the dialogue recorded. it's after the animation team. this is where the magic of animation happens. all the scripts, the idea is the storyboards, the all get sent here, and turned into something more closely resembling the final product. and it's all done by these animators and directors here they take the basic movements of characters depicted in the storyboards and bring them to life. when you want that record, 1st,
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the story board goes to the director. he then assigns the scene for the animate and give them his feedback, and then they both play out the scenes. if with live actors come up with ways for everything to look great, which is fun to watch, they determine how the characters move at what pace, and then the animators do their job. so in storyboard form, this is what this seems like. and here's what the enemy did with it. and here you can compare the sound is already recorded during the storyboard phase. so when it's passed on to the enemy is they apply phonemes to the model, and then the enemy to go through all to make the scene. he can add a smile or frown. one simple scene which last, just over a 2nd, can take up to 5 days to animate. and each is just one of the hundreds of scenes that go into creating an episode. and then after months of time consuming and ridiculous work, the final version is pretty up rendered. and finally released to the world marsh. and the bear seems to have tapped into something that children throughout the world
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can understand and relate to. and with all the stories it's told and has yet to tell, hopefully it will make these children better people. and along the way, leave some lasting impressions. not bring us into an end. we'll back up the top to try to over until then. they're not documented. he gets inside the info and how amazon walks on its plans to dominate the future. enjoy. oh, i use


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