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ah ah me, the government has to determine which owns the going to ensure and which is it not going to insure and it does that based on a racial, makeup of neighborhoods. neighborhoods that had a certain number of black residence would have literally red lines drawn around them on the map. and they wouldn't insure mortgages in those areas because they believed that the properties would not hold value the main turned on a loan. they said, i'm a bad risk banks take up that same practice. they decide they're not going to land
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in those areas. that meant that all the benefits that were flowing to potential homeowners were flowing to whites and not going to minorities. make this element of racism into our homeowners culture problem. it's not a problem, it's been up and i believe oven. don't probably be white with them having 2 doors away. so we pass the law in 1968, and the fair housing proclaimed that fair housing for all, all human beings is now a part of the american way of life. the me the mandate the government given to nations prevent discrimination but to actually affirmatively go out and say, how do we desegregate america? the government betrays that policy. ah,
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i mind as i travel across the country that whether we're talking about the white americans or people who may be robot and other minority groups like the mexican americans, the rest just like the back americans. what everybody wants as an equal chance to have a piece of the action at the federal government has never enforce the fair housing act in that state. and local governments do not important. so again, you know, you could have federal policy, but if the local administration of these policies that often met the black people received discriminatory treatment. hello, my name is tyrone washington. i'm calling about the apartment park street available . yes. hello, my name is graham, wellington, i'm calling about the apartment for rent on park street. is that still available? yes, it is. what is really, what does it mean to me that the places that were segregated in the thirty's, forty's and fifty's, they're still segregated today because we haven't done anything to undo. the racial
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segregation of town today is over 95 percent white, very few minority families living there when fix the damage that was done, we just allowed, although the qualities to continue but said from this day forward, we can't discriminate. so it didn't fix it. all of these policies and practices, the systems that federal government, state government and local government pass, and in that they converge to sort of create, concentrated poverty. by the time we reach the sixty's. so that creates a situation where many urban areas you have like what george clinton would call chocolate cities and the vanilla suburb. what they call it, the white house that's a temperament can do. there's a lot of talk to the cities around. we've got new, we've got gary, somebody told me we got l a and we're working on the land. the hey,
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we didn't get our 40 acres in a new, but we did give me the time to tell you now there is no program or promise that a president can bake. the federal government can come in around and do their, the condition of black veterans and white veterans diverse, even though when they return from the war they were economically similar families. public housing then became a black phenomenon. people who fall into this category, they have to move where society is
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anytime nation down and people constantly changing the cause of the cities in the adequate the service neighborhoods that were heavily concentrated with african americans, garbage collection wasn't picked up as frequently. streets weren't repaired as well, conditions, deteriorated and urban areas became squanders. i would like to run american nose in this and say, take a look at it. you want to reject it, go ahead. well, i certainly would, wouldn't hate to think that anybody is what i said they were given up. hope what i'm saying is that society has failed. the hope of the people who live in struggle here. that's what i'm really saying. they're going to go on struggling anyway. whether we fail or succeed at the same time you have concentration, you also have clearance. you have highway construction, which is destroying black community,
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highways. oftentimes urban areas are built dead in the middle of black community. so there's a sort of rising anger or frustration that takes place. ah, well, once that became slums, are these looked at them and said, well we need to do some, some clearance.
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i choose all black people are all located. where are they going to approve now? neighborhood where they're messing with our unity tenure, rewritten? they know what they're doing, a systematic genet, that systematic well, those african american families who displaced had to move somewhere. so those families, we give section 8 housing vouchers. the idea behind section 8 is fabulous. it's
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exactly what one would hope is that people who are impoverished have an opportunity to move into neighborhoods that are not impoverished. unfortunately, for black americans, it doesn't work that way. a large reason for that is, is you can still legally discriminate against someone for using a section 8 voucher. so landlords in most suburbs would not accept section 8 housing factors. and that's perfectly legal. white homeowner's. deathly afraid of a black person moving next to them because blackness is associated with lower home values. the failure presence in the labor. c c c can undermine the value of our home and work concern. we like it a little about before it becomes common knowledge that the family in the area it's nothing personal always never is ever was personal, but i feel real bad. we grew up in philadelphia, actually originally and we were in an all black neighborhood. and my life changed when we moved to south jersey not far from some of the levered town type in
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neighborhoods. and when we came in, the police had to come in with us because people were throwing things at our house and terrorizing our house at night. ah, we moved there because we wanted to place that was integrated. and we just wanted to raise our standard of living and it was the strength of my parents that said, this is where we're going to be the do you think and grow family moving here will affect the community as a whole? definitely, in what way? i think that the property values will go down if they are allowed to move in here in any number. do you think there are staying and live in town will affect property values? i don't think myers have anything to do with the property decreasing or increasing . i think it's really a white problem, not a problem. well, as
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a result of all these policies, we created a segregated system. and because we forgotten now this entire history of how it happened, white families believe that they got where they are simply by their own hard work and determination to succeed in the middle class life. but they don't understand is that their parents could have came as an immigrant from a white country and immediately had access to known. and the ability to move in to white neighborhood black americans whose families had been citizens for generations could not. and so it's not saying that their families didn't work hard, but it is saying that their families benefited from a great deal of affirmative action to get where they are quite american don't be what site to live in these communities. and so because of that, they are unable to connect with what it is like to be in these areas that have been deprived of every type of opportunity. now, how do these communities get seen?
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they go for decades and it's festering situations, theory and better gain a community that have been completely abandoned. and suddenly we see them only when they burn something on the world. people might condition that on the down and it doesn't even once they get out what it is, i can't really look at man murder you. i
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wish we had not been willing to recognize this, right? we must understand if we had to do something about the dangers, the places. now, it shouldn't be that hard to understand why that becomes kind of the ultimate outcry, because it's the only way that these can become visible to most americans. ah, mac geysers financial survival guide, liquid assets. those that you can convert into cash quite easily. but keep in mind, no out just to me to replace that or watch guys reported a military mission against a we'll conclude on august 31st. ah,
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well, it sounds like we did a good to us all the quote unquote a young girl. and i really doubt it. so much you got to do that, you know, southern company is the cut cut over the whatever the most. i think that was really good quote to show that this was the right weapon against the right and the local. no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know that mcdonald and her
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ah, i don't want anything. they think they are going to be. but i don't know where is that on him. but he said you can get him when he went to john platt cobra and i went to get people plan. let me pull on just a platter of me in. and he wants to hear from you on on the can. okay. won't bother me. 956. when i came out here with farms. i was 5 years old when i came here 949. i came from the south branch. i bought it for some of the future in that area. so that's a lot easier. and we did, we had a very nice ending career with the police department. they took him out of the
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south bronx for the benefit of the community. now when i 1st became policemen, i was a ride squad in any right or any type of demonstration that was in the city. i went to it mostly irish cops on the job, them and they were nasty. there tell you to move in, you move, you got the stick. i mean, there was a lot and you didn't, you didn't disobey protest or you want to put forth your right to protest. or do you see guys putting holes in hoses so they can't put out fires matches to businesses, but to people's homes. you have a right to protest, but you don't have a right to do that. the i just think inside of we're looking hot for you for nothing. you have an out of where you are, who are you finance, but it's pretty easy to do. if you just follow my system step by step, it's so easy to make money and say, and i'm planning to be
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a 1000000 that by age 25, i just got my 1st deal. and i'm going to do many more like this for millions of dollars. 7 deals and $32000.00 and i want to be or you can do or do what do you waiting for? and i own that one. that 1. 1 right over here. now the time to buy a home now is the time to buy the news you know get some good from, i'm sure. so you try to be a little less crazy in
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urban and regional planning from the university of minnesota. please give chuck. thank you. thank you. and a little bit about organization, strong towns, organizations now evolved into a national movement of people trying to reconfigure their communities to be more financially sound post world war to america. the financing mechanisms of it act very much like a ponzi scheme. you have this immediate sugar high with this long term liability kind of hanging out there in the future. and the last generation standing is the one that's gonna have to pick up the bill. we prayed on our fellow americans just so we could keep the growth going and nobody stopped to consider the impact that this was going to have on real people in real families.
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i was bird dog, finding foreclosures for other investors. i just saw that a majority of wealth created the united states was for real estate. so i was determined to follow that track. it was so much fine at the height of when we were making money. company had season take us to the lakers. right behind the lakers bench. so totally bryant's wife leonardo dicaprio, literally right in front of us. and when he used to date g l and my son will never forget. 15 years old, nelson right in front of joseph hair is hanging over the back of her seat in jeff goes, dad. why? because they start playing with zell, hair. oh my god. anyway, i digress a bit, but back in 9697. there was
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a new product that started for the market called 125 percent loan to value. and when i 1st started seeing, i said this is a recipe for disaster. are you a home owner with too many build too many high interest monthly payments? why not pay them off with a 2nd mortgage bill? and you love to 125 percent of the value of your whole less your 1st mortgage balance. they went after the payment buyer. that's what they did. hey, get a 50000 dollar 2nd for $500.00 a month. go by that boat go by that 2nd car wasn't a home improvement loan. it was a signature loan did you could do whatever you want with. i just thought it was exceedingly irresponsible. long product. i took advantage of and he is taking time. i come on. good girl, mikey, mikey carrie writing. hey guys. no,
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no. the lenders got greedy and they figured okay, we exhausted the $125.00 potential pool. let's go make it super easy to get purchase money. now, if you were to ask me what the perfect credentials are to qualify for a home loan, i honestly couldn't tell you, may i help you, sir? i need a quick answer on a new home loan stated income, stated, employment, stated, stated, stated, which means whatever the borrower says is factual. as recently as the 1997, you had to put 20 percent down and he had to struggle to save that kind of money. you fast 4 or 5 years. and a bus boy from a local coffee shop can buy the same house for nothing. we'll have to verify your credit. so your credit, we don't have any. if we can pay cash, we do without which. please think the 2nd run the entire american economy. i mean,
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where would you be able to know more than we could pay back in order for the house of cards to stay standing? it has to get bigger. so the guy that's in the 3 bedroom, one and a half bath house, he's got to move up to the 4 bedroom, 2 bath house, the house, the car just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and bigger and bigger and bigger. and it's just all on fake valuations. ah yeah. at that point the home did absolutely become a vehicle for excess home prices rising from the case schiller index. i look at the number and i say yes, this looks good. it's much better than expected. you look at the number and say, nobody knows where the home prices are going to do. oh, people are increasingly back and they buy a house. a major concern is how much can i sell this to someone else at the other
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end. it can be called the greater fool. maybe i'm a fool device, that's a big house. but i'm going fell into an even greater for the people. there were people who thought 50 or 100 years ago that home prices should decline with time. and the reason is they were out don't expect it to gain the expected lose value. that was a common view in the past for so long. we have com as a society to place a tremendous amount of value on the home itself. and the bigger the home, the better it's interesting because i live at town and the houses were meant to evolve and change as families evolved and changed over time.
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the idea was that this home would be livable all your life. you could have one bedroom or 3 bedrooms depending on what your needs were at the time. and this area, what could be an extension of the living room or to be close off and become a bedroom? close in here. i think it close it here. and then you an answer from the hallway. so i have coming out from the federal hallway now where all the entrances onto the bedrooms. so it could be either one bedroom or 3 bedroom right now. we create the one bedroom here and in the rear one bedroom that could be partitioned with a rolling wall so it will become 2 bedrooms. there was an extension of dynamic coming out of postwar idea of what the house provided wasn't
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really about the up scaling or the super sizing of the house. and so that relationship between the gr, the physical house was still somehow in balance. subsequently, people began to make the scale shift where the houses became just large. i'm in love with this indoor trains. hope and if i guess i think it is where your dining room with me a lot about 75000 square feet. it's only one there that kind of feels like back there kid, i feel like it's very track home the attached office casita set up. it's really more suited to
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grandma. she doesn't really want to have a detach. the unit thing, grandma needs for foot ceilings mcmansions. they're going away, the dodo bird. people want to buy what they need and they don't want any extra. and this has so much square footage a wasted space. they might get away with one more sale, but in the years to come, it's going to be tougher and tougher. the higher ones are fine here. there's just tremendous economic dependence on this idea that we can keep building new single family homes on their own lives. and that they have to keep marching across the u. s. landscape, because it's a huge part of what the economy depends on her health and well being. don't take care. yes. so our property line is just basically the white picket fence all the
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way around. all the way back up to there. so we're going to have a, our garden over here and a chicken coop over there. gigi is the grand champion. not so much dodgy. so this whole industry of easy, quick money for property did not end at the retail borrower. developers were exposed to these funds. so these companies were going in and buying a swats of land from these farmers at ridiculous prices. just given them enough money for their great grandchildren to retire and it was just so hard to say now and that's where you see all of the citrus farms in the inland empire got the in of course the cities were loving it
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because the tax basis on real property was a house on it is far higher than farming. the cities were seeing their tax base couldn't topple literally overnight and the developers stopped. ah, when i would show the wrong, why don't just don't the room. yes, to shape out the thing because the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves, well, the parts we choose to look for common ground in the is still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos. you know, it's that it's tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its grip on the world that was like end up being quite like a dog get the dog. and so amazon looks like monopoly trays like a monopoly makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controlled the marketplace. it's not really a market as a private arena where a single company controls the distribution of daily products and the infrastructure of our economy is the,
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according to amazon the only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking, that is a nation's allowed to do anything, all the master races, and then you have the mind, a nation, so other slaves americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. like turning those russians into this dangerous go. you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy. so some of it on your own. i english v i v i n r too often, one, tablet block, nato. it's our we move east. the reason us had gemini, is a dangerous is the lie, the sovereignty of all the countries,
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the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large companies would lose millions and millions or is business to business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. this is the weekly, on our national in the headlines this sunday morning is a ton of bond surround, carpool with extra pool, says foreign countries race against time to evacuate that troops and fits to meet the end of the month deadline. the, the extra security comes off to the apple with rocks by a suicide bomb attack on thursday, which claimed at least $170.00 lives, including thought teen us marines. hundreds of people worlds are left in j.


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