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as in united states and elsewhere in larger companies would lose millions and millions or is business and businesses good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fascist. the the news the breaking news, his his exclusively from survivors of thursday, suicide blasted cobbler forcing us troops opened fire on the crowd right after the explosion, killing many civilians. the smoke was seen near cobble for the sporting after an american event system, reportedly intercepted 5 rockets targeting the sides, multi crews in the country capital. and following the latest development
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janice, and i'm not going to get you get this person joe biden ducks out of answering. i've gotten this done related questions as to the bodies of fallen. us troops killed last week or bomb attack, return home to store veterans demanding the government, let him down. the leaders feel this through through the mission at this point in time. and in the latest of our special investigation series, we continue to explore issues around transgender inmates. being placed in women's prison, sometimes the dire consequences will be hearing of the trauma. one females convict 20
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ah either you watching on tv? national great to have you with us. okay, let's begin with some breaking news for you. this sound survive as of thursday, suicide bomber tank campbell airport. i've exclusively told all crew and i've got the stuff that the number of those killed was shot by us troops who opened fire in the aftermath of the explosion. micah with them well managed to escape, but we saw that they were shooting people in the stomach and in the had from all sides. non just into the air. mostly americans were shooting shut down, there was a crowd, every one tried to flee, and apparently the american store that there were terrorist and mano who could still make an explosion. so they opened fire closure and skilled few again because it happened in the side where the americans were. so people died in the crowd with the shooting from different sites. but we've had different perspectives these,
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these people, some of them are still in shock. some of them can't hear properly because of the blood because of the shooting, but putting all these perspectives together, we now have, we believe a clearer picture of what happened on that deadly day that deadly incident at the northgate of capital airport. according to the witnesses, the american troops there at the gate was stood in a line shoulder to shoulder the ice, a suicide bomber that designated his device, managed to get very, very close to them. just just meters away. and surrounding him was a crowd i've described before. the press of people, a capital airport, and in that case it was the same press. people jam packed together. once he's best, he's suicide vest went off. there was absolute pandemonium. people started running in all directions including into the airport, trying to flee to safety. there was
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a stampede, and that is when american troops, according to the witnesses, began firing into the crowds. we're talking about troops that is stationed on the walls, around the checkpoint, around the entry to the airport, where the suicide bombing took place. they say that they began shooting, i indiscriminately, that they began shooting it at people who were trying to flee, tries to jump down into the water. now, that skirts the wall that follows the wall, the perimeter of the airport. many of the people, according to the doctors we've talked to, he says, artificially his colleagues at another hospital told him that many of the people had both shrapnel wounds and bullet wounds. some others had no mark on them, but they were, they were floating under foot. they died from suffocation and from, from trauma of being run over by this, these panic mob and the american troops,
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according to the witnesses. again, this is all their testimony. they kept firing far past the, the, the bombing while they were concerned, while they were fearful that they could be more suicide bombers in the crowd. it wasn't, of course, helped by the panicking crowd, who are running in all directions, including towards the firing. the foreign troops and their dogs that we talked through in the board emergency board of couple hospital confirmed that many of the victims had bullet wounds. there were t bakers, 3 patients that the critical condition that we admitted to i q one was in general, noticed he was short in just an dorman and lake. and he also in the hand, he did fine. so he had 5 bullet wounds. he had many warms from,
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but i couldn't say that all of them are from somewhere somewhat below. but the thing here is that there are will to greece. the details this following the american troops, according to witnesses conducted into the crowd, while it was entirely indiscriminate, according to some people, other people saying that they were aiming, they were aiming for those people running around and not only running around, but we have descriptions of people with bo, shrapnel wounds and gunshot wounds, presumably some of these people according to witnesses again, they were laying down and they were shot in the aftermath of the bob blush. after they fell down, they was shot while lying down. we have reached out to the pentagon, we have asked them about these new allegations. these new with the testimonies and the pentagon has said that they are still investigating,
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as they usually do when in such instances. i remember we were when we were in mosul in iraq, where the united states conducted the burial bombing campaign with their homes. where you know, after a single rate they were up to 100 civilians killed. so these investigations, my point is they may take a very long time and we may not hear confirmation if it's all way for to, from the pentagon, for a year or perhaps even more of early the following video was shared with this by a witness of the poor suicide bombing, you may find these images disturbing. the the only witness told us that he had never seen anything like these scenes with bodies lying on the grounds. and he said that the american soldiers opened fire on the crowd, and many people would trapped with just one exit to escape. the crowded area
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surrounding the bloss. there's a suicide bombing and carbo claimed the lives of 13 american troops. the 1st of us personnel in afghanistan in 18 months was also one of the highest daily de tells of us troops in a decade. the bodies of those soldiers were transferred back home on sunday to dover. full space among those paying respects was the use president joe biden. but when they to quiz by the press about the crisis, he refused to answer, sparking outrage on line. take any questions or go ahead, get a chance. i'm not going to give you this man runs at the mention of being held accountable, and so the issues that he bad responsibility for joe, no questions, biden biden has no clue what's going on. he won't answer any questions on gadson because he can't answer any questions and get instant he's not all there mentally.
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time for him to resign. i'm not supposed to answer questions, isn't he? the boss who is running this show? or turn of the dead were from the camp pendleton, military base in california. dozens of people have been laying flowers at the entrance to the side. those killed comprised of 9 marines and a sailor, most of them in their early twenties. those paying respects demanded kansas government let him down the leaders as she could feel this through but the stupid mission at this point and tell him to send them in like that you never want to, you never want to see something like that happen. and so that's that's it. so yeah, it's heartbreaking. there's not enough words to express, you know how i feel right now, but i just, you know, i feel that somebody has blood on there and then it's just,
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so i need it so unnecessary. you know, like speed down to independent journalist martin some as he joins me on the line. good afternoon, t martin survivors of the complex bombing that claiming us troops opened far on the crowd right after the blast. the saying that a lot of those 170 deaths were caused by the explosion that caused by gunfire. what do you think of that version of events that sounded in any way? credible? well, obviously been looking online as many of the people have the baby see. the correspondence in campbell said that he's spoken to survivors and they, they're selling him the same story that your team have been told. and it seems to me that it's increasingly looking like the case that what you've just reported isn't what actually happened. and, and surely u. s. military leaders, they must have known this already. are you surprised that they wouldn't come out
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and try and pray and they had to know that this happened? they would have got this information back if they hadn't observed themselves, but they've been no mention of this previously. well, i can imagine it's obviously a p r disaster for them if, if what is being alleged, this is true. so you can imagine that there is a quite a lot of damage limitation, panic going on, and you wouldn't want them to make statements until they carried out investigations . i'm not presume that is the law and taking that we're looking into all of this and we will comments in due course. you read something into that vote the front of the not even denying it that so far. we've had quotes like we can't confer not. we're not in a position to deny it or investigate if they were sure it wasn't, wasn't true that we just denied it. well, let me know. all of this suggested this is, this is what happened. i mean, in a way, it doesn't change anything. the bombing itself was the cause of the panic. you know,
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the whole situation is obviously extremely tragic for everybody concerned. but of course, he puts a rather different light on it when you, when you realize to the actual fact the majority of people killed here, probably being killed by gunfire by us. forces will traffic, isn't it martin? i completely agree. but surely, soldiers a try not to behave in that manner to even in the most terrifying scenario to be shooting to a crowd of civilians last, completely unacceptable. i mean, if you shooting to a crowd of people is murder, isn't that if you know you're going to be killing this? well, i'd be to jesus. and of course, i should be better trained in the situation should have been under control of obscene reports that up to 28 taliban fighters died in this incident. now i don't know what the truth advances. i mean the, the ra, to the turn, the been a controlling access to the airport, which is been controlled by the, the u. s. and the british and,
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and others. and all of this needs to be looked into. obviously, it's not very professional to do stuff like that, but, and if you think about strategic doctrine of us military forces, over the years, protection of their own troops always takes precedence over civilian casualties. i'm. that's why, you know, the, they'll, you know, often accused of these kind of things. and you really, if you're going to go in on the ground in the country, any country you've got to expect that you're going to take casualties. and the, there's an unwillingness within the u. s. population. and also within the us military to contemplate that and therefore dexter civilians, whether it's enough going to stand or elsewhere. while regard is necessary in order to protect the law of us soldiers, which of course really is not very military. speaking about the value of civilian lives. let's just talk about the strength strike yesterday. that was carried out. now 1st central command said, as far as we're concerned, the weren't any,
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any civilian casualties. but then the claim started coming out from civilian saying that the members of the families had been killed. now there's an investigation taking place by the us authors as to whether, as many as 9 or 10 civilians died, including 6 children. surely they have the intelligence to know if there are civilians in the facility in the vicinity, i should say. but suddenly, as we've seen from revelations in the past, the civilian lives just considered collateral damage again, it comes down to what is the value of civilian lives? are they given no value? well, i think the, you know, the drone strike campaigns would have been carried out of the last decade. oh, so lots of civilians have died and you can see the problem. what's going to be happening in the, in the leadership in the us is we got to hit back quickly to show that we're not going to be pushed around. you know, these people have got to be punished,
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et cetera. then of course, if you knew who they were in the 1st place, then maybe you could have prevented them doing it. and of course it was the taliban and others who tipped off the us. that was a possibility of such an attack. but of course, if you're going to act in haste like that, the likelihood is going to get the wrong people. you're going to get people who had nothing to do with it. and that may again be what's happened to you. it's all for political show back in the us, you know, to, to, to a piece popular opinion then. yeah, just conclude by just explaining that we ought to get the claims that have come from eye witnesses, people who are on the ground in both of those incidents and we are waiting some kind of investigation which will no doubt be carried out by the us military which again, just how independent will that be, but that's the best that's going to emerge from the scenario. really appreciate your assessment that martin monson summers. independent journalists. my guest. thank you. okay,
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let's bring you some latest pitches emerging from the arc and capital. now this is where our video agency has captured the moments a huge flame of black smoke billowed into the sky near carpal airport. the images reaches the august 31st withdraw the deadline looms despite that smoke not long after attracted appeared to be moving. okay, around the field of cameras times now into the 3rd week on the taliban real. just a few hours ago, you said that it had intercepted 5 rockets aimed at car bull airport. according to reports, those rockets had been fired from concealed launches on pickup trucks. themselves were shut down by the defense system installed at the airport. no casualties have yet been reported. no group has claimed responsibility that comes just a day after a deadly rocket strike on the capitol. this is what i was mentioning just a moment ago. the us military says the one of his drones took out a suicide bomber truck, resulting in a secondary blast that reportedly killed 9 people,
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including children. watching all the international still to come committing crimes behind bars. we look at the growing problem of friends, gender, convicts being placed the women's prisons an allegedly abusing fellow inmates. we'll have a special report on that after the break. the ah with me ah
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ah, i use join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the moon, the ah, welcome back. we're return now to a topic that all to feel this is more investigation that has been getting elsewhere in the latest of a series of reports. we'll look at how the prison system is being abused by some
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transgender convicts to allow them access to female inmates. and growing number of women said that their lives have been turned into a living. hell. so we'll leave you now with today's report in which my colleagues asked taylor spoke with a female convict from california about her traumatic experience. oh, me. this time with focusing on the case of chemical johnson, the mother i'm former highway patrol officer is solving 15 years for killing her abusive husband. he was fatally shot while attacking her. the pair had struggled with a gun to meet you has been incarcerated in the central california women's facility since how conviction back in 2012. but for the last few months, she claims that she's faced fresh abuse this time from her soulmate, a transgender woman. so tell me the 1st thing i want to ask you is what contact you
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had with trans inmates and how that affected your time in prison. it had a very adverse effect on my entire will be, he was very violent. he was very vulgar. he was at high rock swimming in at all because well, he will have a stroke of anger and he will start talking like a man. there will be time this particular transgender was so evil. and what about the way that we clean our crew was the way we would use the restroom. he was made by the door to make sure that you were doing number 2 actually cleaned up behind yourself appropriately. like you can see his feet from the bottom of the door just standing there waiting for you to think she's in the restroom. and if you didn't do it being you want to do as far as cleanliness the way he wanted you to do there been, he was great something to you. he would prefer to make you go back in and clean the
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reform the way he spoke for reference to clean painting was a forward we have for that. sometimes we can car for here. i would have to get all my hands on me literally what a bottle the windex and the kyle and clean the floor to me, you know, different stand when i was at home, living in the situation is transgender had a girlfriend. that was actually my phone to me. he would be, don't miss her. all he would choker, he sure is the locker bringing her up off of her off before her feet will be we need he will be nation already. i guess the locker and it would be sometimes over. it will be she didn't want to be romantic and he would get angry and then he would attack her. never reporter news. i never saw her go out to talk to the old one or in our grill, and i seem to be without wow, what was going on?
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oh, absolutely. i was told later on by a foreign to that because of my former career, i was actually placing that sale with that me on property. like it was a joke. i used to be a police officer. so there were a certain amount of c o n managed to meet who had a problem with the fact that i was once a police officer. so that's the reason why this game was played on me in the 1st place, also live down. so hopefully also traps we've contacted the central california women's facility about the allegations for commons. not like i said to mika is incarcerated in california. one of the most old g p t friendly states at the start of this year, local authorities passed a controversial bill. but let's trans inmates request to transfer to facilities that align with that gender identity. now since then, around $300.00 such requests have been submitted. as of june,
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not one has been rejected. why do you think some government officials are pushing for this? i think it's politics for i think the l g b t community, although they're small in comparison to the rest of the community. they have a lot of poor resources. they have a lot of money. they have a lot of, or they have a lot of reach. they have a lot of political power. they may go to a lot of campaigns. a lot of it is off the stripping people who want to maintain certain offices and positions or have the operations to move up. they are pretty confused support because they need support. i think that there are some good people out there who want to see everybody become face or face. and so they'll place it a hard stream for both people to say, hey, do people leave to go to another institution because they're being both people
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don't have the full spectrum of the data. so people could go to a different if she's there physically for. so that's california, but over in the u. k. similar concerns all being voice to a one form of prison inmate who wished to remain anonymous. and that just she was sexually assaulted by a transgender cellmate who had previously been put behind, falls as a man to sex offences against women. been in prison with mail, prisoners, he always feel an edge. you know, something could happen attending time. we know they are not women, they are physically threatening and aggressive. i was sexually assaulted and i am not the only woman who has been, they haven't had surgery and they expose themselves. one of them had been told he couldn't shower at the same time as asked women, he made a formal complaint and said this was a breach of his human rights. so now he is allows to shower with us and because he now has that's right. the other males have the right to current
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u. k. law allows inmates to be housed in prisons which suit that declared gender regardless of what they've had gender reassignment surgery. ah, i readily accept the proposition that some and pops many women prisoners may stuff, a fear and acute anxiety if required to ship prison, accommodation, and facilities with a transgender woman who hasn't male genitalia. however, the subjective concerns of women prisoners are not the only concerns which the
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defendants had to consider in developing the policies. he also had to take into account the rights of transgender women in the prison system. by bringing this challenge, i did not stick to prevent trans women in prison from leaving indignity or to exclude old trans women from women's presence. however, i feel that trumps women have a history of violence and sexual offending against women. should not be in a situation where they can put our safety at risk. take coleman from the heat, prisons, single sex campaign group, believes the current regulations are making a mockery of the segregated prison system to our surprise. and frankly, shock. the judges rule. but this practice is lawful that extends to housing, male prisoners with fully functioning male genitalia. i find that quite shocking. and if it is lawful to hold males convicted of right
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alongside women have been subjected in their lives to various sexual assaults. then the law needs to change, we have a law in the u. k called the equality act and she 1010 basically it's out and a discrimination law. however, we have in that law, single effects exceptions which provide the in certain situations where biological sex really masses is when we will know when that masses, it is not discriminatory to make those single sex females only on to exclude all males. and that includes mailed with the protected characteristics, gender reassignment, and those who have agenda recognition certificate. now, it seems that this provision is simply not being used. we found in recent months that appears not to apply to women's prisons. it appears not to apply to
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female was in an h s. hospitals. it appears not to apply to changing rooms and girls toilets in schools. so when does it apply? i mean, this is an excellent question. when does it apply? and was keeping a close eye on all the issues raised by this topic. and no doubt they'll be more to come me. ah, i can't read the drugs are essential than millions of patients. or are they, they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work. the problem is, in the long term, they're mostly disastrous. suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant
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to treat instead of beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful. very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible can bill. so of all ills are trying to mitigate life itself. i just think i was like i was just scared, scare a little girl of 24. and like, didn't have to be so complicated. ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed? what will make you feel safe for the tycer lation whole community? are you getting the right way or are you being direct?
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what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows, use the more overturn.


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