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tv   News  RT  August 31, 2021 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] i the great the router you may see the behind me flying into that into the air. in that 1000 the taliban is celebrating victory. so then the taliban celebrate the last us plane leaves up. got a son in the hands of the very people washington promise to overthrow 20 years
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before. despite the chaos, the casualties and growing cold with defend separately to reside on the less the bridal administration continues to praise the outcome of america's longest bull. while foreign nations race to get the last of their people to cobble hundreds of africa and they, once employed have been left without protection, we speak to one former interpreter who works for the british embassy, who says the you case with trade, the local style, it is that i will put them in a very good way. i have been more than like that, but the car and the big picture last week, deadly suicide bought me and cobble highlights. the renewed, severe threat posed by islamic state meets one russian terror suspect who claims he was tricked into fighting for isolated syria by the british secret service.
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ah, hello, choose the morning the 31st of august lloyd from ortiz world, these h q in moscow. it's kevin, in here with you, and it is the don't over new kind of reality that for off kind of stand the last us evacuation flights taken off from cobble airport, ending the 20th presence of america, and it's made to allies that the news is met with sort of rhetoric gunfire, but the tell about in the african capital a senior correspondent. we're going to witness the historic moment. well, there's, there's a lot of gun fly. these gun fire isn't. it isn't violent. there are you, there are no clashes and the capitol to tell about i celebrating it is everywhere. trace around. you may see them behind me flying into their,
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into the air in their thousands. the taliban is celebrating victory after 19 years. 10 months and $25.00 days of the us boy, and i've got to start the last us soldiers left up. got to start. we heard tremendous air activity just before the downs, but we gather the something big was going on and it quickly emerged that yes, there was all sorts of ad cover at 3 says he, 17 cargo player, one of them apparently carrying the ambassador of the united states to have got to start taking off from capital airport, the airport is now under the control of the taliban. that is where the gunfire started. it has spread now throughout the city, machine guns rifles firing into the air raid read tre, surrounds, nevertheless, the united states. leaves it in a sad state because many american citizens never mind. you are the citizens of
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u. s. allies. citizens of european states. they are still stuck in afghanistan, people with passports. we saw them today in capital. 50 said in the hospital, the crowds that packed around the airport. they were full of people with the visas, with, with passports desperate to get out of, of got to thought. they haven't managed to make it. the taliban assures us, assures the international community that they will let them leave that even for translators, for american forces, who they branded as collaborators, even they will be able to leave one civilian flood, rescue the united states. the say the pentagon did say that the taliban was helpful and useful in securing the perimeter around the airport. as over the last 2 or so weeks, the united states conducted an enormous evacuation the united states and its allies . mostly nato countries evacuated more than a $100000.00 people,
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including military personnel. there are still though thousands, as i said, remaining, and i've got a son. but he surely after the final slide took off your secretary state under the blink and praise the evacuation effort. while acknowledging that many people are still stuck in afghanistan, this has been a massive military, diplomatic, and humanitarian undertaking. one of the most difficult donation history and extraordinary feet of logistics and coordination under some of the most challenging circumstances. imagine that we will continue our relentless efforts to help americans foreign nationals and afghans. leave afghanistan. if they choose. we worked in pencils to evacuate and relocate and work alongside us and our particular risk of reprisals. we've gotten many out, but many are still there. as 90 retired us generals and admirals, now demanding the defense secretary and joint chiefs of staff step down over the
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chaotic withdrawal they've called a reputational disaster and stressed. it would inevitably fracture trust in the country among its allies. the loss of billions of dollars in our advanced military equipment and supplies fall into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. the damage to the reputation of the united states is indescribable. we will be seen for many years as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. trust in the united states is irreparably damaged. it's not just retired top rasa speaking uh, some acting service, minerals are voicing there, and get to, and they've pay the price. what of at least for doing so? one senior us marines been dismissed or accusing. the government have bought chicken. we have canister and pull out. speaking in the wake of the cobble airport bombing steward, shell haven't posted the video on social media that went viral. reason people are so upset on social media right now is not because the marine on the battlefield.
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let someone down, people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. all of these people are supposed to advise, and i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate our gram airfield strategic air berries before we evacuate, everyone, did anyone do that? and when you didn't think to do that one, raise your hands, then we completely mess this up. just hours after posting that clip left tenant, colonel sheller had been relieved of his duties over what was described as a lack of trust and confidence in his ability to command. however, it receives an outpouring, his support online and on sunday, then posted another video saying he's also resigning his commission. i forfeited my retirement all entitlements and i don't want a single dollar. we also heard from from a marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, who thinks that someone needs to be held accountable so that lessons could be
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learned. first of all, the issue accountability is 100 percent, correct? i mean, we have a failure of policy that seems to be driven by political objectives that overrode operational reality. there has to be accountability, or else there, there will be no lessons learned from this in the take. so on this point of origin occur sheller is 100 percent correct? i take umbrage it the way he got his message across. he was a really relief for cause because his job was to train young marines to be prepared to fight in future conflicts. his job was not to be critical of policies passed by is senior leadership. while i sympathize with his position, he had no right to do this a while he war uniform and he was fired. justifiably so we cannot have a situation where military officers feel that they have a duty to be critically outside of the chain of command about policies. they disagree with, or else we'd have chaos,
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an anarchy. we wouldn't have the will discipline military that we, that we need if we're going to actually, you know, maintain, or the national security states. meantime, republicans calling for joe biden to resign or be and paged over his handling over the canister and pull out party members. say the president failed at his job. left hundreds of americans and allies behind a made the world less safe because of his decision. next and this morning, he's a look at how biden himself reacted over the african crisis. the mission to degrade the terrorist threat about cod in afghanistan in kilo some of been lot was a success. i believed that our presence and i guess that should be focused on the reason we went in the 1st place to ensure afghans that would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland. again. we did that. we accomplish that
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objective. take any questions or go ahead and ask janice and i'm not going to give you jared deal. the president trump negotiated with italy was never a good time to withdraw us forces. if he succeeds in getting americans to walk through the 5 stages of grief, you know, we've seen him expressed the denial, the pounding of the fish. there's, there's an anger, a walking away from the podium when he's asked questions about afghanistan. there's a negotiation. well, maybe it can be not that bad. well,
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we'll see where we go with policy. there's, there's a depression, and right now it's less walk the american people over through the end of the process to acceptance. he also said terrorism as metastasized, and there's this excuse with the global war on terror to send more troops to more countries. so i don't think this is over because biden is doing this job as an actor is getting that emotional by. and i am very afraid that if, if biting successfully walks americans through this emotional process, he is going to be able to suck us in. do a sustain global war on terror that could last another decade. after seizing power, the taliban announced a general amnesty enough gunners, time for all citizens, including officials who were previously under the governments there the foreign governments, but with reports growing of taliban reprisals with links to foreign forces could well be endanger. we spoke to
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a former interpreter who worked for the u. k embassy and culture in the 20 year campaign. he has to keep his name and location secret, rehab a lot of government because as a powerful government, we never thought of. we will in this one be for other i don't know. why did it like why without protection without any almost when we can order that. i don't have an issue to keep changing way. my place. we have the color scheme from the government. they send people to the airport, but we couldn't even touch it because because they were feeding people like thing i'm thinking going on are some of the 1st ridiculous because you could me by piece and also hard like you me,
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emily approval. but why should i do this? even this even will not help me with anything. now, i think i how i tried many parents call them even then i have to show another when i know what to do, but they are not getting over the response. i lost everything with the hope of the i will, i will buy from one of predicament. so the taliban surrounded the only colorado out of the country, couple airport for the extra guards. now, after the bombing that last week, they claimed the lives of at least a 170. the last talk through the crowd, bodies were thrown into a nearby open sewer. some of them people lead to be gathering up the protocols for days. as we've been reporting as you know, trying to flee the tele buttons, return that for interpreter again, telling us about the blast and saying that the u. k. government in his view, had betrayed the local stuff from 11 to make it
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a way you can smell the blood of the class that i saw by my own eyes body. i saw their bodies my way. i'm going to bid and you couldn't, i couldn't even walk. it was a note of what is inside the water, another one on the wall. so i a very good in terms of the and also food and be closed the airport. there were no. i did inform the can be i didn't inform you ok about before the things happen, but they didn't access after the the time was too late for the it hasn't been read . i work for them in a very good way. i had been a more than mike ever since the 1st day when the the clear, you know that we were not a we will not on those people who will be both not hanging over the government options,
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but i don't think and baby's thought nursing how's the store going by my house and they were going to tell me all i can do this 9 to survive, but monday will be i know this, i cannot find online. we have cars. we don't know if they help us believe that the other one will be most that's why they're not even, they're not even talking and not suicide bombing at cobble airports highlighted once again, the severe danger posed by law mc state, despite the loss of the so called color foot 4 years ago, he met a russian terror suspect who claims that he was tricked into fighting for i sell in syria by the british secret service. an interview with our correspondent, long interview. as a matter of maids, some dumbing allegations about the u. k. government, i'm going to leave you without this our,
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with the in depth report the we set off for russia's once troubled southern regent cold. doug, it's done now most the famous in the west for being the homeland of mixed martial arts star hubby, montgomery of the we've managed to get access from the authorities to someone who used to fight right on the islamic state frontline, inferior shoulder to shoulder with jihad and is claimed to have been the only fighter in his group to survive the enemy air strike. ah douglas on the biggest free trial detention center behind my shoulder, many suspected terrorists. a lot of them were eventually convicted, went through this massive facility in hotch. go on, who's the interview we were looking for appeared very promising to us after all the temple from law enforcement was. he's ready and
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willing to talk we've been given permission to talk to the terrorist suspects inside the detention center. so we're waiting for our chance to hear his story. once we already found out the man had spent a while inside rock of syria, formerly the so called capital of ice. and you don't call a city that for nothing. the a doing my job. and they told us how to hold the sword and how to chop off the market. what's the like animal?
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that's how people are treated. so 6 years ago he was in rocca in august 2021. he was awaiting trial on several terrorism charges as a month i vazo $33.00 born in doug. it's done some of what you're about to hear me . sounds like typical words of excuse, from a fighter looking for a softer punishment. like he's playing the victim part of the presto poultry municipal new year. but it is just going to be removed, but you'd probably be surprised to know that as
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a man wasn't talking about those who recruited him to join. i saw or above the commanders that had been giving out orders in syria in a voice of despair, he was accusing u. k. citizens of betrayal, claiming it was british intelligence operatives that had completely ruined his life . we cannot properly verify as a mad story or make any conclusions, even though he did provide the russian police with some evidence of his claims and even showed us elements of it. but definitely his version of events at least, deserves attention. so almost 10 years ago with all this is 1st of all and indeed says as a man, he, his wife and kids were happy with their new lives in the u. k. with their new home in the city of lester,
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with new job opportunities all until the family went to visit their relatives in germany. which coincided with an absolutely dreadful act of terrorism in paris. simple. now surely handle a business man, a little chicken from us. please give us a little dog, george. he claims that those who interrogated and searched him introduce themselves as members of the u. k. intelligence service weeks later he says, he began receiving phone calls from the same people who then insisted that they should meet during a potential trouble for his family. as a man agreed to meet for a conversation at a local police station. this he says he seek would be recorded on his phone and say, don line, we pay people for the time to do things off. is that something that you consider
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forward to trying to identify problems within the community? is somebody going in there and challenging or trying to speak to your members was full, great, great, 3 me. you've just heard it right. if the recording is authentic, it proves his claims. but the operatives, he says he's already seen at the airport, asked him to spine on muslims in lester mosques. according to adam and the offer came after the men fried to build trust in a lengthy frenzy chance. but he told them he'd much rather stay away from such dealing. the phone calls, however, didn't, and there, at the next meeting came a much more serious proposal. as a match says he was asked to go going, islamic state stronghold and syria and spy for the. unfortunately, as a mat says,
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he was not a able to record that conversation. so this is, this is, it is necessary to change the folks that he's looking for. let me say as a matter points out, he was promised that he wouldn't have to fight for school. and so risk is like because he to be a trainee. upon arrival. he also says one of the conditions was that he'd be evacuated at home after 3 months. of spying the big reward. and also the alleged persistence of the intelligence recruiters made as a mat agreed to become a british spine. he firmly maintains, that was the reason he ended up on the side terrace to syria. the reality on the
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ground shocked him. according to as a mat soon after joining vigil hottest, he was forced to take part in i saw military ops which appeared to be doomed from the onset salute by the d. y goes to my whole chain. if by digital media still it someone let us me by josh at the most of the show us, which he claimed he continued to be called up permissions. and when he wanted to get in touch with his supervisors in the u. k. to complain, they disappeared from messengers. as a match says, he felt completely abandoned jake and so on one of the armed ops he allegedly never wanted to be part of as
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a matter was head and horribly injured in a drone strike, he says he was the only survivor in his group. in making a bunch of national, punish social initiatives and having lost all hope for help from the u. k. as a met says he spent months trying to escape syria while barely being able to walk. although initially he says he was preparing for his inevitable death. well, we just need to get as much says it's
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a miracle that he eventually began to recover and did find his way out of syria on his own. the think documents which 1st help them reach the later became the cause of his arrest there and further deportation to russia. he says, where he ended up is absolutely his own fault. but at this point he wouldn't mind looking into the eyes of the brits. we'll legit, the scared him with their persistence dragged him into the worst nightmare of his life and supposedly for him in a disgraceful manner. this little l. i n jamie was just bear with me to read mr. austin, who knew me, said that i associated with the other little stuff that it was still
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the we have come all the way to my home town about 40 kilometers away from the regions capital. that's after getting in touch with his mother who still lives here. but for years she was completely unaware of the fate of her son. except we were welcomed by a decent, educated and hospitable family. surely it's only natural that as a matter mother, not be such believed her son's story. oh yeah. i need to know before
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that it was there. belinda should then him good because you only show up at the shoot at the show. but don't for you to the pride you was nimble. mister bonnie was something unusual and unusual on brucely group. i gotta push no mess on both of those one. yet. the only new will go to them. come to the new any vision so . so she most cousin tuck ganglion cook, who got a thought, my lucia, which he only more thing, but mostly able much of a to will. so now, on the some, i don't know which he only which number of when the, which is not, you know, difficult or could not be sought, says she can understand how the big some allegedly offered by the british intelligence could have tempted her son, a young bread winner for the family. but still she firmly believes that as
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a man fell victim to psychological techniques, if not outright pressure, when agreeing to take the job, she has an emotional message for someone that she's never seen or known. but who is claimed to have recruited her son, that cookie was leveled not over, but the really processing need to you, but you are the just keep but almost all the food and i didn't cry is due to what the status, what you are special to be on come, we will not usually we will to the press about the must 30 leave with them on the car was lit the what was you to your to ask of it, see him new to own you for the also know what the key sublet, would you be shown, yes, i will go so far. our request for comment on all the allegations and as a med story has been ignored by you gaze my 6. this is where my life began.
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but the twists and turns of his fate. let him back to delegate sin and he will have to bear the responsibility for all the decisions he made. however, all he and his family want right now is for him to be able to go on with his wife without syria. i saw, or you kay's intelligence ah, use up to drink go r t rushes republic of dug just on the join me every 1st day on the alec salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk me the back guys are this is the kaiser report. it's psychological warfare. world economic forum cutting to the core of americans. reason to be attacking our


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