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the financial survival guide. stacey, let's learn about be allowed. let's say i'm a strike and you're, i'm greece based off the site wall street prod. thank you for helping with the choice that fell out that way. the historic images from the night just gone and car ball is the last us plane leaves up in the hands of the very people washington promised to over throw 20 years ago. despite the chaos, the casualties and growing calls for the us defense secretary to resign. the by did ministration continues to praise the outcome of americans along the small while
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foreign nations race to get the last of their people out of cobble hundreds of ass guns, they, once employed have been left without protection. coming up, we speak to one fuller interpreter who worked for the british embassy, who says the you case betrayed their local stuff, is betrayed. i will put them in a very good way. i had a more than my car. we didn't know the big picture. last week's deadly suicide bought me in cobble highlights, renewed, severe threat posed by islamic state are to meet one russian terror suspects who claims he was tricked into fighting for are you still in syria by the british secret service? ah, just one of the afternoon very good day from us here down into national me kevin.
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oh, in this tuesday the 31st of august. as i'm going to stop in as a new phase in its history. but under the same old taliban rule, the very same regime that was in charge 20 years ago. the last us military flight took off from carville airport on monday night ending america's longest war. well, what you're seeing now picture just in the r t will do cents a day, tom pictures showing a virtually deserted carbo puerto. what's going on there over the last week or so? my. well, the tele now have full control over the key transport hubbard had to sing chaotic and deadly sings since the minutes and swept to power across. i've got to stand. now, at least all is apparently quiet. okay, we'll go live to tease senior correspondent. we'll go see if he's been following the final count of the withdrawal from afghanistan just to let you know there's a but a 10 2nd delay on this, but we're grateful to got a connection, sir, to that place, and we're out. anyway, moran, what's the 1st day liking, cobble without
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a us true presence there there is something of a sense of relief here and that tends to relief isn't because the americans have gotten that that relief is being felt by diplomats, but by civilians here. and that is that no more incidence took place as the evacuation was wrapping up at capital airport. the taliban went into the airport proper, merely minutes, minutes after midnight, minutes after the american troops, the last american troops at campbell airport. and then i've got to start had taken off and off to for hours and hours we heard the rule of garden fly machine gun and we, we thought we'd had even had a large caliber thought from all directions in the safety. that was the taliban. celebrating laboratory godfather,
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they are now in control of the airport. they went in, they inspected the place, allegedly, they're now in possession of even more aircraft left behind by the ass, gotten military left behind by the united states and its allies. though, from what we've heard, many of the, the jets, the aircraft at the airport were made dysfunctional so, so they were purposefully destroy tag go tangled with by evacuating american troops. nevertheless, the taliban is celebrating and they held a ceremony at the airport saying that now we finally one. i'm going to love you by the way. thank god. on the 1st of all, i would like to say that again, son is finally in every sense, free and independent, and our forces are control and the military and civilian parts of the airport. normal activity of the airport will start both in the civilian unit, as well as the military unit. there is soon as 5 would love to
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add that perhaps their victory isn't quite as absolute as, as they have said. because natal drones, american jones presumably have been cited flying move a capital this morning, made her country's of also said, great britain of the united states, specifically that they will carry out strikes against terrorists against presumably isis k, the isis affiliate, the stage that deadly bombing at the north gate of capital airport just several days ago where 200 people perish. 200 others injured otherwise. yes, the taliban victories very nearly absolute. they control all of capital completely uncontested. they are a control of most of a i've gotten to stop. there is only one province that is still holding out against the taliban. though even that even that is surrounded as for the evacuation,
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what the united states has been say. well, aside from them, praising almost the tad about saying that they were helpful and useful and holding a firm perimeter around the airport, the united states sees this evacuation what happened here as a success. this has been a massive military, diplomatic, and humanitarian undertaking. one of the most difficult donations history and extraordinary feet of logistics and coordination under some of the most challenging circumstances. imagine that we will continue our relentless efforts to help americans foreign nationals and atkins. leave afghanistan if they choose. we worked intensely to evacuate and relocate afghans. work alongside us and our particular risk every prize. we've gotten many out, but many are still there. they can be little doubt at this point that from the perspective of logistics or organization, yes. this was
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a record breaking evacuation that the she had number of flights in, in such a tough security was environment, you know, it's, it's nothing short of astounding evacuating. more than a 100000 people from the perspective of a humanitarian point of view. it is arguable that this was the success that, that trumping it to be, because so many people, hundreds of american citizens, the load never mind european citizen. just yesterday we met people who had british possible to write australian passports. and that was just a small number of people that we met and they've all been left behind. they were unable. and even if, if they were able to get to the airport, they weren't allowed inside either by the taliban or by the troops. that the native troops there who wouldn't let them in the spot them showing papers and passports,
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they wouldn't let them in until they had prior approval forms of flips of paper as we heard from some people. so. so definitely many people have been left behind. desperate people who, who believe there is a real threat to their lives, to the security and safety of their families. and there is, it is absolutely clear. there is no idea among them how to get out the out of the country. what the future holds, whether the taliban will abide by the promise of amnesty, the taliban itself is said that yes, these people will be allowed to leave and molested the taliban of the obviously once international recognition. and that recognition will only come if they act. now, in a civilized manner, if they allow people to leave nevertheless, only time will tell if these people will be able to get out of of got to start senior correspondent garcia. thank you for calling for the scene there. bring us more as it to develop the coming days. so as murray was saying, that depends how you look at it. success, so not what with the biden team,
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still paying to come the 20 year mission as a success on the other side of it. there are 90 retired us generals, at least roles now demanding us defense secretary and joint. she says stuff step down over the chaotic withdraw. they've called a reputational disaster, no less and stressed. it would inevitably fracture trust in the country among its allies in future. the loss of billions of dollars in our advanced military equipment and supplies fall into the hands of our enemies. this catastrophic, the damage to the reputation of the united states is indescribable. we will be seen for many years as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation . trust in the united states is irreparably damaged, and it's not just retired top bras. speaking out, some acting service minerals are voicing there and get to have paid a price, at least in $1.00 case for doing so. case in point one, senior us marine has been dismissed after accusing the government, the ball ching,
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the gun and pull out speaking of the wake of a cobble, airport bombing stewart shell posted the video on social media that went viral. reason people are so upset on social media right now is not because the marine on the battlefield. let someone down, people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down. and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. all of these people are supposed to advise, and i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever. but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield strategic or various before we evacuate? everyone? did anyone do that? and when you didn't think to do that, the thing when raise their hands, then we completely mess this up. just hours after posting clip left turn and couldn't, will. shell said he'd been relieved of his duties over a lack of trust and confidence in his ability to come on. however, he received it pouring his support online and then on sunday, posted another video say,
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he's also resigning his commission now. i think i have forfeited my retirement all entitled once, and i don't want a single dollar. a said we also heard from former us marine corps intelligence officers, scott ritter, who thinks that someone needs to be held accountable is so that lessons can be learned. first of all, the issue accountability is 100 percent, correct? i mean, we have a failure of policy that seems to be driven by political objectives that overrode operational reality. there has to be accountability or else there, there will be no lessons learned from this in this take. so on this point, illusion occur sheller is 100 percent correct. i take umbrage it to the way he got his message across. he was a really relief for cause because his job was to train young marines to be prepared to fight in future conflicts. his job was not to be critical of policies passed by is senior leadership. while i sympathize with his position,
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he had no right to do this a while he wore uniform and he was fired. justifiably so we cannot have a situation where military officers feel that they have a duty to be critically outside of the chain of command about policies. they disagree with, or else we'd have chaos, an anarchy. we wouldn't have will discipline military that we, that we need if we're going to actually, you know, maintain our, the national security states. so now if the people left seizing power, the taliban announced a general amnesty enough canister for all citizens, including officials who worked under the previous government, but with reports growing of taliban reprisals. anyone with links to foreign forces could well be endangered. we spoke to a former interpreter who worked for the u. k embassy in kabul during the 20th campaign. he asked to keep his name and location secret. we have a lot of government because as a powerful government, we never know that we will in this situation wouldn't be for us. i don't know why
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they did. why without protection, without any. it's almost when we call that the, i don't have an issue. i'm a, i'm keep changing way, my place. we had went all the scheme from the government and went to the airport. but we couldn't even tell you because it was there. how can they were feeding people like varying i'm thinking i'm going and some of the, the 1st project it's me by a piece of it also holds me emily approval for later this evening will not be the last thing. i hope i tried. many parents called them even then they have to show another when i know what to do, but they're not getting the response. i lost everything with the hope of the i will,
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i will buy from the tunnel ban surrounded the only air, colorado out of the country, the moment cobble airport with extra guards after the bombing the last week. the claim, the lives of at least a 100 blast top through the crowd and bodies. some of them were thrown into a nearby open sewer trench people in the gathering of that airport as you know for days trying to flee the tele buttons, return for interpreter again, telling us more about the blast and saying that the u. k. government had betrayed in his view, the local staff from one a, one committed a way. you can smell the blood to the last minute that i saw by my own eyes, the body. i thought they were the bodies, my wife. i'm going to bid and you couldn't, couldn't even walk a lot of what is inside the water. i'm not on the wall. that's
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a very good of interest of the and also addict wouldn't be glued. then there were no for him to do. i did inform the can be i didn't inform you ok about before this things happens, but they do that after they accept the very good way. i had been more than like after the 1st when the, the clear, you know, we will not on those people who will be both not hanging over the government options, but i don't think i may be missing houses. the thought going occupied my house and they are going to tell me all i can do the 9th or by monday or do i know the like i'm not on on my car. we in a bonded know if they help us, we believe that the other one will be most. that's why they're not even they're not
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even talking with the suicide bomber cobble airport. holland say once again, the severe danger posed by islamic state despite the loss of the so called callous at 4 years ago. next, our teammates are russian terror suspect 2 claims he was tricked into fighting for i sell in syria. but the british secret service and an interview with a correspond really portrayed as a matter of as off made some damming allegations against the u. k. government, i'm going to leave you with this on this in depth report. the we set off for russia's once troubled southern region cold. doug, it's done now mostly famous in the west for being the homeland of mixed martial arts, stark hobbies, montgomery of the we've managed to get access from the authorities to someone who used to fight right on the islamic state. frontline, in theory, a shoulder to shoulder with jihad and is claimed to have been the only fighter in
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his group to survive an enemy air strike. ah, the dog is on the biggest free trial detention center behind my shoulder. many suspected terrorists. a lot of them were eventually convicted, went through this massive facility in march. go on, who's the interview we were looking for? appeared very promising to us. after all the tip off from law enforcement was, he's ready and willing to talk we've been given permission to talk to the terrorist suspects inside the detention center. so we're waiting for our chance to hear his story. plus, we don't already found out the man had spent a while inside rock of syria, formerly the so called capital of ice or any don't call
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a city that or nothing. the a doing my job. and they told us how to hold the sword and how to shop on the market. what's the like animal buddies? that's how people are treated. so 6 years ago he was in rocca in august 2021. he was awaiting trial on several terrorism charges as a month i vazo $33.00 born in doug. it's done some of what you're about to hear me . sounds like typical words of excuse, from a fighter looking for
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a softer punishment. like he's playing the victim hard to say municipal such as new year, but just let me know. just remove that there was a motion, but he'd probably be surprised to know that as a matter wasn't talking about those who recruited him to join iso or above the commanders that had been giving out orders in syria in a voice of despair. he was accusing u. k. citizens of betrayal, claiming it was british intelligence operatives that had completely ruined his life . we cannot properly verify as a mad story or make any conclusions, even though he did provide the russian police with some evidence of his claims and
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even showed us elements of it. but definitely his version of events at least, deserves attention. so almost 10 years ago, this is 1st and indeed says as amount he, his wife and kids were happy with their new lives in the u. k. with their new home in the city of lester, with new job opportunities all until the family went to visit their relatives in germany. which coincided with an absolutely dreadful act of terrorism in paris. simple. now surely handle a business. the man a little chicken clear until his little
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dog dog. he claims that those who interrogated and searched him introduce themselves as members of the u. k. intelligence service weeks later he says, he began receiving phone calls from the same people who then insisted that they should meet during a potential trouble for his family. as a man agreed to meet for a conversation at a local police station. this he says he seek would be recorded on his phone and said, don line, we pay people for the time to do things off. is that something that you consider for trying to identify problems within the community? is somebody going in and challenging or trying to speak to your members was full raise, right, 3 me. you've just heard it right. if the recording is authentic, it proves his claims. but the operatives, he says he'd already seen at the airport,
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asked him to spine on muslims in lester mosques, according to, as i'm at the offer, came after the men fried to build trust in a lengthy frenzy chance. but he told them he'd much rather stay away from such dealing. the phone calls, however, didn't, and there, at the next meeting came a much more serious proposal. as a match says, he was asked to go point islamic state stronghold and syria and spy for the new. unfortunately, as a mat says, he was not a able to record that conversation. so this is, this is, this is the necessary to change of miss watson. says you what it is that you forget. so let me look at it, mr. leave it as
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a matter points out. he was promised that he wouldn't have to fight for so. and so which is why? because he to be a trainee upon arrival. he also says one of the conditions was that he'd be evacuated home after 3 months of spine, the big reward, and also the alleged persistence of the intelligence protruded, made as a man agreed to become a british spine. he firmly maintains, that was the reason he ended up alongside care was to syria. the reality on the ground shocked him, according to as a man soon after joining vigil hottest. he was forced to take part in. i saw the military ops which appeared to be doomed from the onset salute by the school some a whole chain. if i digital i need to just do it with somebody. let us
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show us the most of the show us, which he claimed he continued to be called up permissions. and when he wanted to get in touch with his supervisor in the cake to complain, they disappeared from messengers. as a mat says, he felt completely abandoned just take them off. and so on one of the armed ops, he allegedly never wanted to be florida as a mad was head and for the injured in a drone strike. he says he was the only survivor in his group in destroy my national social initiatives and
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having lost all hope for help from the u. k. as a met says he spent months trying to escape syria while barely being able to walk. although initially he says he was preparing for his inevitable death. yes. well, i mean, just to get as much says, it's a miracle that he eventually began to recover and did find his way out of syria on his own. the think documents which 1st help them reach the later became the cause of his arrest there and further deportation to russia. he says where he ended up is absolutely his own fault. but at this point he wouldn't mind looking into the eyes of the brits. we'll legit, the scared him with their persistence dragged him into the worst nightmare of his
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life and supposedly fooled him in a disgraceful manner. el chico jamie was just bear with me. who should be listening. but also i knew i knew you said that i have a little sense of it. so the we have come all the way to my home town about 40 kilometers away from the regions capital. that's after getting in touch with his mother who still lives here. but for years she was completely unaware of the fate of her son.
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we were welcomed by a decent, educated and hospitable family. surely, it's only natural that as a matter mother, not be staunch, believed her son's story. no, yeah. i need to know that there was a there belong to should then him good because you only show up at the shoot at the show, but i'm still unable to provide you with nimble shabani. it was unusual and unusual with them brucely group or go or push in a mess on the to those one. yet the only new will get them to come to the new new
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vision. so. so she was cousin tuck, young, glaring group of that sort. my lucia, which he only managed to think about, almost able much of a to on the some, i don't know which he only which number when the, which is not, you know, difficult or not be sought, says she can understand how the big some allegedly offered by the british intelligence could have tempted her son, a young breadwinner for the family. but still, she firmly believes that as a man fell victim to psychological techniques, if not outright pressure, when agreeing to take the job, she has an emotional message for someone she's never seen or known. but who has claimed to have recruited her son. that cookie was leveled not over, but the really prostate need to you, but you just get but almost all the food and i didn't cry is did during the total switch or swash. i'm going to be on come. we will not usually we will to the
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president of the must every leave with them when the car was lit the what was you to your you're covered, sim, new to own you for the also know what the key so blog would be shown. yes. on the left, so far, our request for comment on all the allegations and as a med story has been ignored by you gaze my 6. this is where my life began. but the twists and turns of its fate. let him back to digest sin and he will have to bear the responsibility for all the decisions he made. however, all he and his family want right now is for us to be able to go on with his wife without syria. i saw for you kay's intelligence news
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drink o r t rushes republic of dug just on the be to be with me ah ah, i.


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