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shape those with the in me thing we dare to ask me. ah ha ha. i was going to have a message to any possible invader that anyone who looks to get this done with bad intention, they will face what the united states has graced today. america's hasty departure from afghanistan leaves the country in the hand that very taliban regime, the washington promised to overthrow 20 years ago. despite the cale and bloodshed
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during the final days of the us military presence, the biden administration continues to praise the come of america, the longest war and his foreign powers raised to get the last of that people active couple hundreds of that gun. they will not employed have been left with that protection. former interpreter, he worked, the british embassy tells us that the u. k. is portrayed is local stuff. it didn't work for them in a very good way. i had a more than my cup of the car. you know, i good evening just gone 10 o'clock here. moscow. you watching r t international. now last going to stand. he's entering a new phase in his history, but under the same old taliban rule, the same regime that was in charge 20 years ago. the last u. s. military flight took off from cooper airport on monday night to bring to an
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end america's longest war and here are members of the taliban inside the airport. some do appear to be well equipped to what may well be u. s. military gauges to small part of the trophies garnered from american troops during their hasty retreat. abandoned helicopters can also be seen in the hang. is that the taliban now have full control over the country's k transport hub. his witness, chaotic and deadly seen. since the military sweat back to power across off can stand. and now after 2 decades of a u. s. military presence, the group has issued a very clear warning. more about how y'all was going to have a message to any possible invader. but anyone who looks to get this done with bad intention, they will face what the united states has face today. there is something of a sense of relief here. and that sense of relief isn't because the americans have
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gotten that that relief is being felt by diplomats but by civilians here. and that is the new, more incidents took place. as the evacuation was wrapping up at capital airport, the taliban went into the airport proper. merely minutes, minutes after midnight, minutes off the american troop. the last american troops at campbell airport. and then i've got to start had taken off and off to for hours and hours we heard the rule of garden fly machine. got it. we, we, we thought we had even had a large caliber far from all directions in the city. that was the taliban celebrating laboratory gotten far they are now in control of the airport. they went, didn't they inspected the place? allegedly, they're now in possession of even more aircraft left behind by the ass, gotten military left behind by the united states and its allies. though,
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from what we've heard, many of the, the jets, the aircraft at the airport. we're may dysfunctional so, so they were purposefully destroyed, tied, tangled with by evacuating american troops. nevertheless, the tyler, but he's celebrating and they held a ceremony at the airport saying that now we finally one of hungary love you by the way. thank god. first of all, i would like to say that again, son is finally in every sense, free and independent. and our forces are controlled. the military and civilian parts of the airport. normal activity of the airport will start both in the civilian unit, as well as the military unit, resume all of capital completely uncontested. they are in control of most of a i've gotten to start. there is only one province that is still holding out against the taliban. the, even that even that is surrounded as for the evacuation. what the united states has
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been saying, well, aside from them, praising almost the title by saying that they were helpful and useful and holding a firm parameter around the airport. the united states sees these evacuation what happened here as a success. this is been a massive military, diplomatic, and military and under one of the most difficult donation history and extraordinary feet of logistics and coordination under some of the most challenging circumstances . imagine we will continue our relentless efforts to help americans foreign nationals and afghans leave afghanistan. if they choose. we worked with pencils to evacuate and relocate and work alongside us. and our particular risk reprice. we've gotten many out, but many are still there from the perspective of a humanitarian point of view. it is arguable that this was the success that, that trumping it to be. because so many people,
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hundreds of american citizens alone. never mind european citizens. just yesterday we met people who had british possible to have australian passports, and that was just a small number of people that we met and they've all been left behind. they were unable. and even if, if they were able to get to the airport, they weren't allowed inside either by the taliban or by the troops. then the native troops there who wouldn't let them in, despite them showing papers and passports, they wouldn't let them in until they had prior approval forms of flips of paper, as we heard from some people. so. so definitely many people have been behind desperate people who, who believe there is a real threat to their lives, to the security and safety of their families. and there is, it is absolutely clear. there is no idea among them how to get out the out of the country. what the future holds, whether the taliban will abide by the promise of amnesty. the taliban itself is
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said that yes, these people will be allowed to leave and molested the taliban of obviously once international recognition. and that recognition will only come if they are now in a civilized manner if they allow people to leave. nevertheless, only time will tell if these people will be able to get out of of got to start murdered gassy. they're reporting from comple. well, with the biden team still painting the outcome of c 20 a mission. as a success there are 90, were tied us generals and admirals, demanding that the defense secretary and joint chiefs of staff stepped down over the chaotic withdraw. they've called it a reputation disaster, unstressed. it would fracture trust in the u. s. among its allies. the loss of billions of dollars in our advance military equipment and supplies fall into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. the damage to the reputation of the united states is indescribable. we will be seen for many years as an unreliable partner in
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any multinational agreement or operation. trust in the united states is irreparably damaged. well, it's not just retired till bras, who are speaking at some acting service personnel also the voice in their anger and have paid a price for doing so. one senior us marine has been dismissed. african, the government of botching the afghan stam polite speaking in the wake of the cabal, apple bombing, shallow post the video on social media that went viral. reason people are so upset on social media right now is not because the marine on the battlefield. let someone down, people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. all of these people are supposed to advise, and i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you, will you rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, strategic, or various before we evacuate, everyone, did anyone do that?
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and when you didn't think to do that, the thing when raise their hands there we completely mess this up. we'll just as after posting that clip, the tenant colonel sheller said he had been relieved to gc, over lack of trust and confidence in his ability to command, however, to get an eye pouring off support online. and then on sunday he posted another video saying he's also resigning his commission, adding, i have fought it, it forfeited my retirement, all entitlements, and i don't want a single dollar. now we also heard from former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. he does think that someone needs to be held accountable so that lessons can be learned. first of all, the issue accountability is 100 percent, correct? i mean we have a failure of policy that seems to be driven by political objectives that overrode operational reality. there has to be accountability or else there, there will be no lessons learned from this in this take. so on this point, illusion occur sheller is 100 percent correct. i take umbrage it to the way he got
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his message across. he was really relief for cause because his job was to train young marines to be prepared to fight in future conflicts. his job was not to be critical of policies passed by is senior leadership to while i sympathize with his position, he had no right to do this a while. he was uniform and he was fired. justifiably so we cannot have a situation where military officers feel that they have a duty to be critically outside of the chain of command about policies. they disagree with, or else we'd have chaos, an anarchy. we wouldn't have the will discipline military that we, that we need if we're going to actually, you know, maintain our, the national security states. now after seizing power the taliban, and i'm just a general amnesty in afghan. a stand for all citizens, including officials who worked under the previous government, but with reports growing of taliban reprisals. anybody with links to foreign forces
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could well be in danger. we spoke to a former interpreter, he worked for the british embassy linkable. during the 20 year campaign. he asked that his name and location be kept secret. we had a lot of freight on the government because as our government, we never thought of. we will in the situation when big for us, i don't know. why did it like why without protection, without it, it's almost when we call that the i don't have an issue to keep changing way. my place. we had went from the scheme on the government and the people to the airport, but we couldn't even get them on there. and they were feeding people like saying if i'm thinking doing and some of that was the 1st
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visit to me by a piece. but also like you, me a question. i do this, even though i think i tried many parents call them even then they have to show another when i know what to do, but they're not getting the response. i lost everything with the hope of the i will . i will. bye. now the taliban has deployed extra guards around couple airport. the near corridor act as a country off last week's bombing, which killed at least a 170 blasts, to through the crowd throwing bodies into a nearby and sewer people. gathering up the port for days trying to flee the taliban return. former tips are again, talk to us about the blast and occasions the british government, the trying that local stuff from one a. one can make it a way. you can smell the blood
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a last minute that i saw by my own eyes and bodies. i saw their bodies my way. i'm going to bid and you couldn't, i couldn't even walk with a note of what is inside. there was a note on the wall. so i a very good in terms of the and also that it wouldn't be clued the airport there were 40. so do i did inform the can be informed okay. about before these things happen, but they didn't accept after that the time was too late for the it hadn't been raised. i worked for them in a very good way. i hadn't been a more than mike ever since. the 1st day when the from the area. we were not we will not on those people who with the phone and be both will not handing of a government options, but i don't think and babies thought,
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pressing how's the thought going occupied my house and they were going to tell me all i can do the 9 to survive monday bill bill bill of the i know the like i'm not on on my car. we didn't know if they help us believe the other one will be most. that's why they're not even they're not even talking with me while european union is bracing for a surgeon. refugees from afghanistan, ministers have just held an emergency meeting with a focus on preventing a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis. with more his shot to been ski. well, what seems to be in agreement from the minutes is, is that have to be moved on to protect the external world as from the migration price is happening. there were also discussions about the situation in afghanistan
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that the moment on the fact that they could now be a new, safe haven for terrorists. and also they could be more terrorism as a result of the current situation. but the main focus that appeared to be from this meeting that they leave is your ministers that will to prevent illegal migrants from coming to europe based on lessons learned. the you and it's members states stand determined to act jointly to prevent the reoccurrence of uncontrolled, large scale illegal migration movements faced in the past. appropriate security checks should be carried out, including for the full use of relevant e u databases as well as resignation in euro duck. well the issue of dealing with a large migration is something that you will be rattling in. the us started pulling out its troops from afghanistan. it's something that you're really concerned about because wanting. so who will to see is
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a repeat of what happened back in 2015 when around a 1000000 syrians flooded in europe, causing what many described as being my ration crisis. but since then, there has been a huge amount of work done, particularly on the eastern buddhist or the huge block to reinforce the borders that have a look now at some of the work that's been undertaken. news the
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the me is also the thorny issue of resettling migrants and refugees from afghan, the song, something that you decided that it still can not agree on. and as a result, back as a result of being able to give any definitive figures of how many people will be able to come to the you. it will not be done on a voluntary basis country by country. but you estimate since 2015 that have been around 570000, i saw them application just form. i got the song and it says that since february, the applications have increased by a 3rd of course, i've got concern of the whole of the for my sons government was coming. now that you want to see, and this is discuss me thing today, but there is more than to relocate. people leave off on the sun, 2 countries nearby in the region. so around the sun. but we've already heard from
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focus on that. it feels as if it's already on the frame. i cannot take any more individuals on this idea that you really looks to be closing it wound is continuing with fortress. europe is something that is provoked theory for international human rights organizations, such as, i'm the international law. i'm with the international is written to the e. you and also to you came to say that it's deeply concerned about the type of language that you was using when it talks about protecting its borders. but you also how's it says another solution. this is daniel cower is money in front of the taliban by saying, look, if you cheat to certain conditions, if you protect white women, if you allow girls to to school, we will give you money and funding towards humanitarian assistance in the country. rebuilding the country, all of facebook does come with those conditions and the commission is today thing off that press conference, we will have to wait and see if those conditions are met. the money will not be
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forthcoming before they met. despite all of the discussions today, we know that some european countries offer that they also will not be taking any more migrant refugees from amazon. was just in the ultimate, when it comes to admission, my position is well, moon. i think that nothing much has changed. especially because austria has done the loss already. we have taken in a bigger than proportionate share of people since 2015 per capita. we have the 4th largest afghan community worldwide. so in that respect, i think austin's is well known here. in the meantime, we're having a warning from the u. n. h feel that says that there was a even larger, greater problem that is learning enough comes down to the 39000000 people that live, that the high commissioner for refugees, almost baking european union to keep it who does open the u says they are open, but as we've seen from that reinforcement of fences and sorry, isn't your idea that they could be deployed drones and patrols of the borders. i
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know how many people feel. we've had a similar cause to keep food. food is open from the international rescue committee thing that you must not abandon people's laugh, chemist on. unfortunately, that is now how many people feel that they have been already abandoned. charlotte davinsky, they're willie yet. british foreign secretary dominic rob is admitted. he doesn't know exactly. meanwhile, how many k nationals are still in afghanistan? he's facing growing anger over the handling of the british evacuation mission and put the number left behind in the low hundreds during a recent interview. look, of course, when we are lament the fact that anyone would be left behind, i know that the number of u. k. nationals, the particular responsibility of the foreign office is now down at a very low level specific, well, low hundreds. given that we've taken in total $5000.00 out, and most of those are difficult cases where it's not clear around the eligibility
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of their undocumented, believe us or not dominate ra then went on to say that no other department in the united kingdom has handled the crisis in austin, east on any better than the foreign office. of course, the very department that he is in charge of now that has rates you must consent and raise many eyebrows. among many colleagues in the hall of westminster of close dominic roles has been long embroiled over the last few weeks in many controversial issues in the handling of the crisis in afghanistan. because of course, when koppel fell to the taliban some 2 weeks ago, dominic rob was nowhere to be seen. in fact, finally seen sunbathing abroad on holiday with his family. but not just that, allegedly, he declined many phone calls. he did not pick up the phone to his counterpart in the us going on on pakistan, which has led to many people pointing. many thing is of blame. dominant rob for the
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foreign secretary to go a while during an international crisis of this magnitude is nothing short of a shameful. i think it was amazing, staggering that the foreign secretary was still on holiday, while i canister was collapsing to the taliban. you've got to be on duty during that sort of period where we're so deeply and intimately involved in it. we haven't heard from the foreign secretary and about a week despite this being the biggest single foreign policy disaster in suez. so i don't know what the foreign office is thinking. while his handling of the crisis in afghanistan has really gone from bad to worse. in fact, he's now saying and advising that, anybody that still need to leave ask on a stone would probably be better off, going to a neighboring country to try and return to safety here in the united kingdom. however, of course, i easier said than done considering the taliban operating board checkpoints and really is putting a lot of trust in the taliban to uphold that side of the deal. allowing any safe
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passage to anybody that wishes to leave. it does come. of course, the britain promised that all u. k. citizens, all u k. nationals, and indeed all of those assisted and the occupation assisted the british army and the occupation of the last 18 years would be able to return to the united kingdom. however, as the weeks and days then passed, many ministers in parliament was saying, not everybody would be able to get out. and now dominic rob, as we heard, is it missing? he has no idea how many british citizens still remain in afghanistan. but is it actually maintain that the u. k has done a good job and that people should stop attacking the u. k for its own as occupation process. anyone getting back passing briefings either at me or the foreign commonwealth and development office is frankly not credible. and it is deeply responsible. we have absolutely been on this, and you can see we have been on this. why?
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because we have got 17000 people out. well, it's not just your case, it's been in need of returning here to the united kingdom, but many, many africans are absolutely desperate to flee from the taliban takeover as well and have been e mailing the united kingdom, the foreign office trying to get some help. so what we're hearing now is a minister has admitted the emails from schools of people have not only not been replied to a process, but not even being read by many, many ministers here in westminster. meaning many people are still stuck in the region unfair. and for their lives without any sense that they will but be able to get out. despite all of this, dominick rob the foreign secretary is still maintaining. they were real, a tangible gains from the 18 year occupation when colleagues all around him over the past few weeks have even been pushed to the point of floods, of tears in the house of commons, saying the absolute opposite to dominic rob. now he will indeed be stopped in
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a foreign affair. select committee. that's an opportunity for many m p 's to really grill the foreign secretary office handling of this crisis. no doubt it really will be a grilling, indeed that tomorrow. but many people are really questioning how on the dominate, rob is in this position still in this position, a crucial role. but at a critical time, what we ask people in london, what they think of the foreign secretary handling of the afghan poll act? i think you should be aware of how many people are left and then tried to help those people. well, i mean, they have to come up with the correct answer of how many people are there. and why was they, you know, brought back. you've shown that she doesn't know what to be in this site, actually, not the best. i mean to, to be a british, but someone gives you 4 days or 5 days to clear out the country can go much chances
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. can everyone hear me more, more content with his own in depression that he is making on the world? well, there's not what, what's going on in the world around him. if a public doesn't, a public person doesn't have to acknowledge who's supposed to protect the nation. it doesn't make me feel that i can trust politicians. my whole opinion of the government is not very high. and as the dominant, rob, so behavioral things appointing. i'm just a model dominant rob has flatly denied a claim from us media that britain may have been indirectly responsible for letting a suicide bomber into couple airport last thursday, apparently, and document lizzie's political magazine to suggest american forces kept the airports main gate open despite knowing it was a prime target for terrorists in order to let british personnel evacuate, but the foreign secretary has said that the allegation is just not true. and
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another government minister has the keys, the united states have indulging in a plain game. there is an underlying current blame, which is on helpful. it's a distraction from the main efforts of what is happening on the ground. if the scale of this attack was known beforehand, all gate should have been closed as a matter of protocol. and they went, which suggest saw it, detailed intelligence was missing, or huge risks were chosen to be taken anyway. and before we go, the sir, our alcoholic smoker and elderly, these is just a few of the words that you should now avoid using apparently that's according to a new inclusive language guide published by the us centers for disease control in an effort to promote health equity but some are wondering why the cdc, his way did into the world of woke a soul. why
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is the agency that is supposed to be protection from infectious disease is shrink ideological statements on socialist equity and woke. inclusivity is the cdc, has the time to focus on being woke then the cobra 19 pandemic is over. please review your pre pandemic lives and please try to follow the cdc's health equity rules. yup, we can all see the positive effects function of stuff like inclusive language brought the military now was now we just interrupted that report because president biden is now speaking about his country's role from afghanistan. so let's listen to complete what he's going to biggest air list in history. with more than one 120000
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people evacuated to safety. that numbers more than double. but most expert feller possible. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history. the only the united states had the capacity in the will and believe you to do it and we did it today. extraordinary success and this mission was due to the incredible skill, gravely and selfless courage. 9 states military in our diplomats and intelligence professionals for weeks, they risk their lives to get american citizens, afghans who helped us citizens of our allies and partners and others on board plains and out of the country. and they did it facing a crush of enormous crowds seeking to leave the country. and i did it knowing isis, k, terrorist, sworn enemies of the tale. bon, were lurking in the midst of those crowds. and still,
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the women and men in the united states military or diplomatic corps and intelligent professionals, did their job and did it well risking their lives. not for professional gains, but to serve others. not an emission of war, but in the mission of mercy. 20 service members were wounded in the service of this mission. 13 heroes gave their lives. i was just a dover air force base. for the dignified transfer. we owe them in their families, a debt of gratitude. we can never repay, but we should never, ever, ever forget. in april, i made a decision to end this war. as part of that decision, we set the date of august 31st for american troops to withdraw. this sumption was that more than 300000 african national security forces that were.


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