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tv   Documentary  RT  August 31, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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i will, i will buy from washing arty internation. just come to half past 11 here. more sca, thanks for company to not. we'll be back with more news from the developments in afghanistan. place of the storage of the data. and about half of the the day it's over time.
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would you please leave your full for the trouble for him to do it in the harsh realities of life. in modern f, kennestone are often reflected in some familiar words, like drug trafficking, corruption, terrorism, all appear in the rhythm of rep. well, these performers have already been warned that they'll pay for that words, but they don't care how long have i contacted? i was, i'm sure you do. i mean, i'm sorry, 5 cab and your interview time. you shouldn't talk to me when i'm i'm because i'm a lot more gaskin, i mean 6 buddy each up as matter. good. not good. how's your boss you back
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to me? me be a 7 am the next morning. we love to a message that the be in yet another explosion. couple a suicide bomber had blown up a car at the gates to be american base. military personnel were injured to pass is by what killed in the blast the. no, i didn't. i mean, i was doing this is i'm just looking to get it done was to show, boom, boom, let you know we're picking what i'm interested in for a modem back sheesh. the local children went just willing to show us fragments of the bomb, but also a piece of human skull that they'd found close to the explosion. the
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act of terror now so commonplace here that locals are no longer sharper or even surprised anymore. the people who live close to the base suffer the most, the don't a single pane of glass in the windows and the owners grandchildren were wounded by fragments from the blast in america. to start to try to john that didn't work with them, it should make it too much much, much. but in my mom, if you could let me know what you're going to shoot any question which you all need me
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another day and we're leaving kibble for the eastern part of the country to trial luck. as always, we have some paid cash with us for expenses on the trip. a huge sum enough canister . but we already learned that human life here is worth much less love of person. i believe it is. if you are more than one of our driver took us to the market and asked us to buy scarves and traditional camps. he didn't want it to be so obvious that he had foreigners in his car, missed the meeting that he was named after the the
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couple of the ways that the we were and needed to get out of bed without running into any further trouble in the morning we took the opportunity to see the city from the upper floors of this hotel. were staying at a place called the white house. although it looks much more like a grand state building. it was even more intriguing is where the money came from to build this particular house with the speed it was. but he said there was
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a little bug she's 19 minutes later. and we were in a field where, opm, puppies or a bell to be. so they allowed us to film more than 2 hours and often 2 brothers for us to interview cold f, mozilla. and as a boiler, giovanni the farmers are more interested in planting poppies than grain. for example, wheat fields need to be near a water supply. they need copious amounts during the growing season, but the poppy can be sown and forgotten about, and it's ready to be harvested. what do you mean? i'm ok if nice with him doing the killer gramma see me mark what they had if i was
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there was a seat. silly. get there. lisky lloyd's back, you know? but if you look for the work for me about the location i asked to go up on that amount to around $120.00. we later learned that the brothers had somewhat underestimated the situation in this region. one hector is more likely to yield at least 30 kilos, a rower opium, not just 20. several years ago, a special anti drug program was established for the canister, but it proved a miserable failure. the plan was intended to count opium production. farmers were encouraged to surrender their puppy fields in return for payment. it didn't have the desired result. they'd simply plant 3 hector instead of one, then give one away to the government for money and sell the crop from the other 2 to the middleman the tale. but that was
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a profitable business mill that all the crops have been harvested. we can see how roll opium is extracted. it will then be used to make heroine all the tools of the trade, but kept out of sight. in case of a police raid. as part of the soap merger make when i miss me finish, i guess. i mean, get me get a gemini can come on god. i'm not showing any articles to show you that about a quote for the medical not told me the image name on the check was made by the by the do a for which means if the brothers had chosen to grow wheat on their land, their income would have been at least 10 times less has any credit it can get done goes by you can come
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inside get to the body, just get him to them. i knew what was the re live and children in the whole family. every stage of the rope reduction process takes place right in front of their eyes . party as well. i'm not going to admit that more for them and the who is going to miss my mom is on the 11th and the guy i've got about a month. i mean, i'm a because when i finally got it, i feel, you know,
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they had no idea that in russia alone, more than 30000 people, died each year because of african heroine. we brought a small projector with us as well as video showing how narcotics really affect drug users. we asked them to take the children away because we felt that the scenes were too explicit for such young eyes. but if you can let that go, maybe if there's probably no more than that, i wouldn't need to talk me to the whole issue of that with with
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some issue in any of those i might have just a moment when i needed that because some of that didn't quite have the effect, we'd hope for the one, no tears, no compassion and no pity. the people who die from using a gun, heroin, or a long way away. but the money to be made is here, close at hand. not even local attic to use nearby merit that much attention to because i think i could, i know the work of the place to talk with them. but if you could finish with it, it'll say what's going on if you're going to the we were able to leave it on the bed, what it was still daylight. while on the road, we heard that the village where we'd filmed had been visited by the group. they
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wanted to know if anyone knew who we were when we were staying in. we arrived in couple later that night and were very worried about the footage we collected up until the moment pull down outside the hotel. ah. we didn't sleep much though. early that morning, we were told that an unprecedented 1800 kilo batch of raw opium had just been intercepted enough to get to the the drug hall was taken to a base belonging to the ministry of foreign affairs. i was wondering
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if that was a good fit then that would be sure we can still kilogram a call when you get a chance. just let me know the traffic has had been caught at a checkpoint. thanks to the veracity testing technique that we saw earlier. they laid a hand on the suspect hard and it worked. later we discovered that the truck was from the same area that we've been to the previous day. but it
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was done for you, ma'am. so that gives, you may also say, oh, they put up thing shows that it's not a commercial credit. so when you took us jonathan, easiest ma'am, which the good will we had to head for the board immediately after filming this episode, we were leaving a gun. this down to return in another 6 months to get the money when i'm looking for pretty much is still going to see when i would chose the wrong $1.00. all just don't the room.
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yes. to see out this thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look for common ground in hello. this is driven by dream shaped by those with the in me dares thing. we dare to ask in oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in a world corrupted, you need to this end. the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. i i
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me me me me me. when you get this done and we have a new camera man on our team. this is dennis left 1st time in the country to him. everything here seems unusual. but there are things that really have changed and they are always obvious. we're talking about the people who fight for the so called is lemon state. civil. but eco,
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for studies you got that even mean, but you much or miss. lucky. you were quoted for the you, you're going to see, but i sent in a foolish, you mean you on the new system of the new deal? here is a linear mr. pharaohs him when you, when you get a photo of 3 of them. well, i mean these new when you might know what other medical you cuz you're not a regular basis. militants have been spotted more than a few times in the east of the country in areas close to the pakistani border. that's where our story takes us next. we want to meet our old acquaintances, the job brothers, such as like what? what, what, what really will we've
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been looking forward to meeting the brothers and visiting their puppy, failed to film the main scenes for this program. and then be on our way before darkness fell. because i'm the mom i that sounds almost efficient based on whether the mac wasn't not going to open about the that it to that she got anyone motor wasn't, wasn't like it was just done. it was more of a problem
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for us by monday. but what happens, but i wouldn't offer them almost a month, but you said you got a little option in the system says that there was issues for those avoid that is where at a loss and not at all sure what to do next we asked our translator to help persuade one of the elders of the job health family to talk the brothers into coming with us for the rain tomorrow. when their field will be destroy, the builder agreed to help us out,
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and police officers have regularly been patrolling the road leading the pakistani border for over a week. now they've been searching carls for statues of drugs and munition. among them, most recently found hold of trophies is a hand gun and about 2000 rounds for a kalashnikov machine gun. they agreed to let us accompany them on the next puppy field rate, asking only that we tell no one about the time or place of the operation. i will call you about a lot of things that i need to speak. you send them to complete the machines, put them in the books, and when i come back up there to get those reports was assigned to of course, what does that put people in yet? and i'm supposed to know if there's a day when you're putting me on with it. the
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day 3 of the special forces rates just a day earlier, the police force had suffered losses in this region. a hidden war has been raging since spring between italy, bone and isis militants. they are fighting for control of different territories. we've arrived in the ship very district. the. 7 medical medical, public meaning and then you put it about can head terms of puppy fields to be cut down today, at least them to plant. it wasn't obvious from a far where the fields in question were, but it turns out that puppies come in for colors in this region, that white we only have to, to complete the operation before and use of it filters through to the taliban,
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or them particularly zealous ice his opponents, the locals are much more afraid of them than of the police. ah, some i don't know, but i think he's got, but he will not be on your way by say by yes up with our family. is that about the mark from beginning to mark your function? you know, what was it was we soon spotted our old friends. they willingly surrendered the field and soviet authorities have no claim against them. at least that's the official line. why though, didn't the police simply wait a little longer so that they couldn't stand arrest the people who actually harvest the puppy? that remains a mystery may not be for me to come out to get the and saw that too much. but the one on madonna telling me that
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the brothers didn't seem to downhearted over their financial loss. does there remain the distinct possibility that the family still own several more fields just like this one and the 30s know nothing about them. well, the going, the leader of the ship very district is a rare visitor to this village. he never walks anywhere without arms security guards. and his conversation with the farmers resembles a chat between a school teacher and a few of his cheeky pupils. this is what local authorities call a proactive talk. well, it was, i didn't really want to know what was or was
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it was not, i don't know what it was or, you know, does the yard while the police evaluated just how much puppy laid wiped out. we decided to film a few more minutes of footage before we left, but our filming was slightly interrupted. well, some of the funny, so to let you know be to do those to the, to do with them all the way to the promotional and see if i, if it was, there's the most not but i didn't think i'm not going to it. so that's not what it is k previous. we could, you know, what the market we will get a chance for us to the the
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to get up there doing the job when you, when you speed up the me give me any point. it was an hour later we were general about police station examining the better trucks that have given us cover last year. several people were killed during the 1st week of the operation. this time the work injuries instead, but a few bullet holes left in the windscreen. will never know exactly who was shooting at us, perhaps resentful locals or dealers. the taliban,
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or even isis fighters over a lot of trouble with us because we do a little bit of a complaint on the even if you want to come to the final day, we had mixed feelings about all that we've seen on the one hand anti drug police units are producing will result on the other. anyone can strike a bargain with some local authorities. the backseat can be at a lot or a little the forecast is not optimistic. they expect a reco puppy crop this year to make up to 800 tons of heroin to celebrate continuing classes between taliban and isis will mean new war and new blood
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the be the only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking that is a nation's pickups are allowed to do anything, all the master races, and then you have the mind, a nation. so the slaves, americans, proc obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as
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long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. i turning those russian enter this dangerous volume in there wants to take over the world. that was a culture strategy. so that was on your own. i english v i v. i not leashed off in one tablet, block nato, to it's our we move east. the reason us, hey jim, it is dangerous, is the lie. the sovereignty of all the countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. they
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have paper. well, they have no bitcoin as a matter of fact, they shut their bitcoin mining down, not sense. they burg, their treasure of late 500 years ago under the main dynasty has a country made that you're boneheaded and stupid mistake. the, the, the the extraordinary success in this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless. courage is united states military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. the us president joe biden cool nation and i've gotten this done a success by the cale and bloodshed during the final days. the us military president
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feels the claims to the american efforts to remake of the country.


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