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the type of language that you was using when it talks about protecting its borders that you will. so how's it says another solution. this is to dangle a coward money in front of the taliban by saying, look, if you cheat to certain conditions, if you protect the white women, if you allow girls to go to school, we will give you money and funding towards humanitarian assistance in the country. rebuilding the country all of a so does come with those conditions in the you commission is today thing off that press conference. we will have to wait and see if those conditions are met. the money will not be forthcoming before they met. despite all of the discussions today, we know that some european countries offer that they also will not be taking any more migrant refugees from amazon. was to see the ultimate, when it comes to admission. my position is well, moon. i think that nothing much has changed. especially because austria has done the last already. we have taken in a big of them, proportionate share of people since 2015 per capita. we have the 4th largest afghan
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community worldwide. so in that respect, i think austin's is well known here. in the meantime, we're having a warning from the u. n. h, the all that says that there was a even larger, greater problem that is learning enough comes down to the 39000000 people that live, that the high commissioner for refugees, almost baking european union to keep it who does open the u says they are open but . * as we've seen from that reinforcement of fences and berries and your idea that they could be deploy drones and patrols on the borders dies, know how many people feel. we've had a similar cause to keep food. food is open from the international rescue committee saying that you must not abandon people's lack chemist on. unfortunately, that is now how many people feel that they have been already abandoned. charlotte davinsky reporting this so that brings you up to date with over nice say fall today here are now see, don't forget the plenty stories on our website and you can find that at aren't you
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don't come me ah ah ah, in the news
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the we went to have guns done twice in the last 6 months to record this footage. many people warned us that filming the opium crop being eradicated just wasn't realistic . and the chances of finding villages willing to show us the crops when next to 0. they said we'd never be able to find out who's backing the drug trafficking business in a country that had a nato military presence for 14 years. that's what they said, but it wasn't easy, but we did manage to achieve our objective score for us.
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in 2009 it was our team. but zora documentary, commemorating the 20th anniversary of soviet troops withdrawing from afghanistan this time. but as we flew in local people warned us that a lot has changed in the country and not always for the better. by the way, the
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the, the last in a series of operations to eradicate the opium crop. enough guns done was a failure. the money just got to spend on the presidential campaign. the country's budget ran dry. investigative reporting is a serious challenge. you're expected to oil, the wheels a little by paying back sheesh before you can fill anything. the bottom of the of the, the new movie, the driver and translator amolla saved today. they will not get back to me. this is neither one of these young and young junior
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shortly, but not to be come on june. but he thinks you will see me any more just because the leader come on the police surface, which basically means burned. money has become a local attraction. we're always traffic gems here. and pedestrian stop by just to stand on top of the bridge. and look at the denizens beneath. we were told that anything like this would have been unsinkable when the soviet union was here. or even under the taliban. ah, we had to pay a private gun to make sure we could fill me safely. the get to my
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neighbor. john, john, come out on my down there. they want us not to touch anything beneath the bridge. under any circumstances. it's very easy to get infected here. most of the drug use as a terminal. yeah. the my local standards. we enjoyed a warm welcome. just the day before, and i've got a colleague had his lin smashed, and he took a few punches the under the bridge, a hero in fixed cost, $6.00. that was how much one local user asked for. he called himself saying it all in here. they have to get all of those happened, occupation, job job. they had agreed to appear on camera in return for money.
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he volunteered to show us how he shoots up drugs, but we refuse that. and instead offered him an alternative suggestion with the call. but we will get it booked. it looked like there are several states sponsored drug rehabilitation hospitals and couple were planning to visit one to find out if they are able to miss a patient from the street. or if it's a time consuming process that involves tons of paperwork, people to see if it was the up again, the bush, fucked up. despite having
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proper accreditation, we were soon detained by the state security service. we were accused of filming classified subjects and possibly for working for the extremists, specifically the taliban current. yes, and we thought he was just left for the main camera was confiscated, but luckily they didn't see it. second, we're going to look it up and get up in one moment. in a moment. of course, in the end we weren't taken to
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a police station and we refuse to pay back sage. we were forced to delete the material. we filmed on the main camera, and then they let us go from there i could get that said, i don't know, lucky send me go. i didn't look back either come interview them or not, but they don't go that it's one of the luckily that without only brush with the law, as we later discovered, one of the police generals, remember, the words should be very well. that means soviet the police immediately let us go with them on a raid. the question is, what is the phone ship? fountain a couple. me. could you please can you put you put me on hold on. i don't
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you know, and i don't know what to do to get the movie on june. well, you know, the last one of the last 2 of you or did you want? i don't know more than you know how to do it. if you got did all of them by going well, you know you're, you're going to be on the tag or you're going, you're going to place in it. and you were pretty sure that
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the police are well aware of all the places where locals can buy drugs. most of the time they're sold from inside, expensive houses secured behind high walls. no one can get in without a warrant. but the minute word gets out that a rate has been planned, information seep through to the drug dealers themselves, making it impossible to catch them read and it does not want to switch the media so you could get another good, like you to be a senior who could put a couple when you purchased it so well, those will be nice to the beach that didn't go to the
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all of the uses arrested during the re with soon released by local standards. they didn't possess a big enough quantity to justify a jail term. the police say there are about 700000 people like them in the city. that's almost 18 sense of couple of population. the most of the big fish don't wait for the police in town. but at the checkpoint on the road into the city, the police call it the gates to couple. they have their own procedures that hardly ever used a special equipment that was purchased recently with us money. they're more accustomed to old school methods looking for stashes in the more unlikely locations
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. and following their instincts. one of the most surprising weapons against drugs we found was what they call the veracity test. they presume that a real help at heart will give him away. you simply lay your hand on the suspects chest and fill his pulse. we were a little skeptical at 1st enough. now nobody will settle. for the moments later, the officers did sign the spanish of hashish in his shoes. off the in a little over and in that same the recipe to us through a shadow of
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a one man who driven his car to cabal from janelle about in the east of the country . i don't want to be out of pocket enough, although she's about my father telling me like this because this is for something to them without a chance to them. with that, unless you more that should be so much you got those are the was making it because this is commonly used trig for trafficking drugs. the games showed that the tank was full, but the was actually no gas at all in its place. a 21 kilo stash of opium, bobby's that is by no means a large quantity by today's standards. a staggering 50 tons of opium and heroine confiscated at this check point alone each year. hefty prices are put on the heads
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of the most zealous police officers. i found my way to shaft miller definition to get charged. he said that was on us on this of others, and they have a bunch of other supports over on the the the the, the, the
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i the next morning and we're back to police the place where drug users get together. this time were accompanied by the doctors who have agreed to admit site yet to the hospital. you know, get them up. we sort of pretty nice. if you don't watch it, you would say it was nowhere to be found. his phone number was blocked and the when no police to guard us this time. we were just about ready to leave empty handed when 5 minutes later sired reappeared out of the blue. about
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this time he wasn't happy to see as accompanied by doctors when he learned that the treatment would take almost one and a half months. he tried to back out to find the water bottle and wanted to learn more about the general. i will do that move on formula my to net in my college for the next 10 minutes of convincing. we finally told celia into going to work on getting a job
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. he'll give you the demo of muscle. maybe we'll go over 200 patients from around afghanistan. currently undergoing treatment in this hospital. it's considered to be one of the best and couple a strip searches conducted before people are allowed in. that was the time when de la disguised his visitors came to smuggle drugs into the facility on a case that robert took it to the body alone multiple. and on monday with him
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in 10 minutes later we barely recognised he'd been required to part company with his hair. that's compulsory for anyone who's admitted to the hospital. the 1st 15 days of treatment or the toughest. he'll be in quarantine because this is when patients go through what's called heroine. withdraw him on the focus with him. he caught one at the other division actually more money in your function space for either kayla maddie. maddie demario laxity. works michelle formulation. right, so that he might look on as i mean i got about him, so i made on up to
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move on to what i what i do show now i'm sure that everything was going to be for my children cuz that's what she was gonna come up with what you can move, but this is move, it was pretty slow speed. it was peter, would a man with putting it doesn't that she did, he can you did you wanna do that? sure. you got to the one until a little early the me
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i get the following morning, we'd agreed to meet a fellow citizen for several years. russia as being sharing satellite data with a canister about the whereabouts of undercover hello and of arteries within its borders. there was an operation recently to destroy and illegal a heroine lab. they promised that we'd be able to see the police footage 3 of them already, but i had a problem 0 for the wait list in which the quote was cut to give them a report for the federal prison workers present. isn't it?
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yes. if i would be willing to put your medical care, which must be on when you need to or the on the but in years or my body will hold up on the credit for from a minimum of what they are still with me. so i thought the question was, i would say this is, it's a blessing somebody for me to confirm what am i going to school i needed just to get in a couple of i me to kind of give you what you were still get a and you will be nipple supposed to go on the stage for me to renew later and they
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can fully, i need to go with it. then i will go for the district. but it also seems an important question remains. why do the international forces that are for taliban radicals? and chemist on for more than 14 years continually overlook their main source of income, namely and drugs. we wanted to arrange a meeting with a former field commander who started to fight the taliban even before the nato military arrived in the country. none of the men of the house, aided by a relative who actors interpreter shows us pictures of his former fellow soldiers. each one has died a mysterious death in recent years. as almost all money will be late. and because you will be the total be when you
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thought i had seen it, because this much you knew something was going to stick. would it be lets you see it because it is so though in the eighty's field commander had to come, fought alongside the merger hardee and against the soviet forces. years later, he even treats his former enemies with respect. unlike his current ones at the well, we went with one state to do what is her number her and how did it and are you? i'm and john, i got i've wonderful all the moment for me. all of you call back. so when you saw them, how did or what did you call them? again, i want to, sheila middle are going to joe, so we don't show ownership kind of in the call mr. john bindham off. you'll get to choose mignon. when you go on general, how becomes advice we drove out to
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a couple of summer where we tried to find people who actually witnessed nato soldiers working with the taliban. second issue, that is what it would be using or uniform. can you spell that i need, isn't it? was it took a breach state. thank you. you've been that. oh dear. so you pushed, revision to the couple is just one of the several dozen families survive. the nato air strikes, the crowd were bombing the taliban, but had ordinary working people's homes. even though everything was documented, several years later, these people have still been unable to secure any compensation data she down. she would rather do she was younger still, if you could, if you know that
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there was once an american military base close to where these people used to live. they could see puppy fields flowering in the distance. but even though the crop was that close to a nato base, no one seemed to be to bob, and i'm just trying to what i could judge was what you meant us. allen's up. how about him, jennifer? the 2nd could lead auditor for the other day. so my, me, the elephant, what does that mean? what the, what does that make you feel that you deal with john? you just saw the moment i got you set out to you. the hardest thing for anyone visiting afghanistan to figure out these days is with the $7000000000.00 that the us allocated to combating afghan heroin has gone since 2001. if what we saw in central cabal today is the pinnacle of the anti drug campaign. and it's very
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clear why the overall acreage of poppy fields in the country continues to grow each year. just as we were about to finish filling the anti drug wall or phone rang, it was science later, the man we'd help get into a drug rehabilitation program the previous day. yes. literally waiting for, you know, pretty good now shows when you go to columbus firm, if we're moving kind of this is our 3rd time visiting police. so it's workable as drug users get together. say it had said he didn't want us to interview him this time he'd run away from rehab. and the only thing he was asking for now was money. presumably to pay for him to
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get home. we had to be honest and faith plan to help. so i had get treatment for his addiction, had simply ended in failure. he returned to where he'd come from and rejoined his old buddies. mm mm mm mm mm ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy for
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patients. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk the ah, or success of this mission was due to the incredible skill, gravely and selfless. courage is united states military and our diplomat and intelligence professionals. us president joe biden calls mission that demonstrated success despite the payoff and bloodshed during the final days of us military presence also claims that american efforts to remake other.


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