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foundation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time, time to sit down and talk to the extraordinary success in this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless. courage is united states military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. us president joe biden calls mission and demonstrated success despite the payoff and bloodshed during the final days of us. military presence also claims that american efforts to remake other countries in its image
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are coming to a foreign powers to get the last of their people out of trouble. hundreds of downs they once employed have been left without the protection. former interpreter who worked for the british embassy tells of u. k has betrayed its local stack, is betrayed. i will put them in a very good lake. i had more than make up a car. we didn't know britain's top diplomat admits he doesn't know exactly the number of u. k citizens to left enough kind of stand that as he faces a backlash over his handling of the evacuation mission from the country. ah, testing lab, direct us to do moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas certainly wants to have with us. right now, the end of an aram,
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of remaking other countries. that's how us president joe biden describes the withdrawal from afghanistan while claiming that the mission there was a success or just to kill them up and has more. while the long awaited speech from joe biden was significantly delayed, the press waited quite some time for joe biden to finally come out and deliver his remarks. and now the town of the speech was overwhelmingly a defensive 1. 1 point he shouted about how the united states was facing a choice of leaving or escalating in afghanistan and how he made the choice to leave. interestingly enough, he did go on to then blame the afghan army and donald trump for the setbacks and the problems that have recently taken place. and there was a shift in some of the numbers, rather than saying that it was 6000 us personnel who were evacuated, the number was reduced to 5500. now he talked about how he did not want to make a forever war into a forever exit. and furthermore,
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he talked about how the era of the united states using its military to remake countries, had come to an end. now he said the only us interest in afghanistan currently is making sure that afghan, a stan does not become a base for terrorist attacks against the united states. and he said the united states would continue to make sure that afghan stan did not turn into that. and that was really the only interest the united states has in afghanistan. he basically said, as was said by general mackenzie, that the mission was going according to plan. it was comes at a time where we've seen that the withdrawal has at this point, cost $13.00 us service person's lives as well as the lives of $170.00 afghan civilians. believing date was august 31st, and joe biden says that america is reaching its goal. here's what he said. extraordinary success. this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage of united states,
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military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. now it's also important to note the context of the speech biden is on the defensive because very much has been viewed in a negative light. the situation where the remains of those 13 service personnel who were killed were delivered to the united states. well, family members that were not very happy with how joe biden interacted with them. i said, i swear to god if he checks his watch one more time, i couldn't look at him anymore after that, considering especially the time and why we were there. i found to be the most disrespectful thing i've ever seen. now at this point, we've got a number of republicans stepping up and calling for joe biden to resign, saying that he broke his promise to make sure that every american is brought safely home from afghanistan. but there are also a number of democratic voices that are also harshly critical of the white house and how it's handled things. the recreation process appears to have been egregiously mishandled. in order to move forward, we need answers and accountability regarding the cascade and sailors that lead us
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to this moment. our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished truth. i think this is the timeline is less than what we have to do to get the us citizen and others out of the country. president biden withdrew from afghanistan before the deadline of banding. american citizen, still on the ground, desperately needing evacuation. if biden refuses to resign, he must be impeached. this is an absolute disgrace. joe biden camera harris. anthony blank, and lloyd austin and general milly should all resign of face impeachment and removal from office. anger appears to be boiling within the military itself. there are 90 retired generals and admirals who have now stepped forward to demand that general milly, as well as secretary of defense austin, resign in results in response to their actions in afghanistan. joe biden took his
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opportunity to day to step up and take credit for ending a more than 20 year long military engagement by the united states and afghanistan. many are looking on at the manner in which the united states withdrew and the human cost and saying that their this was basically handled pretty badly and that the human losses that took place on all sides could have been avoided. a lot of voices stepping up and saying there was simply a lot of mismanagement here. joe biden took the floor today to defend himself and say that things are going to plan and things are being successful. while biden pointed to the withdrawal agreement made by his predecessor, donald trump, political analyst and radio hosted dave perkins argues that the current president is not in a position to cast blame, quite was not found by anything from it. and the evidence of bad is all the other things trump has done that biden has undone as quickly as possible. so biting doesn't care about anything. the trump did that, that he feels held to be,
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wasn't held to that fight and started backwards by removing our position of strength, like closing back run, shrinking our footprint to half the size of an airport in the city of 4000000 people. and then making it impossible to defend that by drawing down the military as he goes until there's not enough people left. it was a disaster waiting to happen, and biden did it all in the wrong order. every death is on him. their blood is on his hands, the only choice he has right now is to play me credit for doing good because that will fool that people who aren't really paying attention. but the whole world knows he did this completely wrong. and in the worst, most inept, bumbling possible way, and i don't see him saving at can the stand is entering a new phase in its history, but under the same old taliban rule, the same regime that was in charge 20 years ago. the last u. s. military flight took off from couples airport on monday night, bringing america's longest war to it. uh
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huh. and here are members of the taliban inside the airport. some appear well equipped in what appears to be u. s. military gear. just a small part of the trophies garnered from american troops during their hasty retreat band and helicopters can also be seen inside hangers there. after seizing power, the telephone announced a general amnesty and half gonna stand for all citizens, including officials who worked under the previous government, but with reports growing of taliban reprisals. anyone with links to the foreign offices may be in danger. we spoke to a former interpreter who worked for the british embassy in couple during the 20 year campaign that his name and location be kept secret. we had a lot of government because our government, we never thought of, we will in this situation wouldn't be for us. i don't know why they did. why
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without protection, without any almost when we call that the, i don't have an issue. i'm a, i'm keep changing way, my place. we had went all the scheme from the government and went to the airport. but we couldn't even tell because their how can they were feeding people like thing i'm thinking going on are some of the 1st be ridiculous to me by piece as i did. but also like you, me in approval with. even though i think i tried money, parents call them even then they have to show another way and i know what to do, but that they're not getting the response. i lost everything with the hope of the
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the i will, i will buy from the taliban. has deployed extra guards around cobble airport, the only air quarter out of the country after last week's bombing, which killed at least $170.00. that blast tore through a crowd, throwing bodies into a nearby open sewer. people had been gathering up the airport for days trying to flee the taliban set former interpreter again, talked to us about the explosion. and the accused, the british government of betraying its local staff from one a one kilometer away. you can smell the bladder the last minute that i saw by my own eyes, the body. i saw their bodies my way. i'm going to bid and you couldn't, couldn't even walk. it was a note of what is inside. there was a note of all these don't go on the wall, that's a very good interest in also that it wouldn't be clued then there were no 4 in. so
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do i did inform you can be i didn't inform you. ok about it before these things happen. but after that, the time was too late. it is a bit res. i will for them in a very good way. i had been more than like, ever since the 1st day when the, the clear, you know, we would not we will not on those people who will be posed not handing over the government options. but i don't think i may be missing houses, the thought going occupied my house and they were going to tell me all i can do the right to survive when when they do bill. i know the, i don't know if i'm on my car. we didn't know if they help us believe that
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the other one will be most. that's why they're not even. they're not even talking with the british foreign secretary, dominic robert has admitted he doesn't know exactly how many you pay. nationals are still in afghanistan is facing growing anger over the handling of the british valuation mission and put the number left behind in the low hundreds during a recent interview. look, of course, when we are lament the fact that anyone would be left home, i know that the number of u. k. nationals, the particular responsibility of the foreign office is now down at a very low level specific, well, low hundreds. given that we've taken in total $5000.00 out, and most of those are difficult cases where it's not clear around the eligibility of their undocumented, believe it or not dominate raw, then went on to say that no other department in the united kingdom has handled the crisis in austin, east on any better than the foreign office. of course, the very department that he is in charge of now that has raised numerous consent
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and raised many eyebrows. among many colleagues in the hall of westminster of close dominic roles has been long embroiled over the last few weeks in many controversial issues and the handling of the crisis in africa based on because of course, when koppel fell to the taliban some 2 weeks ago, dominate rob was nowhere to be seen. in fact, finally seen sunbathing abroad on holiday with his family. but not just that. allegedly, he declined many phone calls. he did not pick up the phone to his counterpart in the stone on pakistan, which has led to many people pointing. many thing is of blame dominant rob. so the foreign secretary to go a while during an international crisis of this magnitude is nothing short of a shameful. i think it was amazing, staggering that the foreign secretary was still on holiday one canister was collapsing to the taliban. you've got to be on duty during that sort of period
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where we're so deeply and intimately involved in it. we haven't heard from the foreign secretary and about a week despite this being the biggest single foreign policy, disastrous and sewers. so i don't know what the foreign office is thinking. while his handling of the crisis in afghanistan has really gone from bad to worse. in fact, he's now saying and advising that, anybody that still need to leave ask on a stone would probably be better off, going to a neighboring country to try and return to safety here in the united kingdom. however, of course i easier said than done considering the taliban operating for to checkpoints and really it's putting a lot of trust in the taliban to uphold that side of the deal. allowing any safe passage to anybody that wishes to leave. it does come. of course, the promise that all you k citizens all you k nationals. i'm indeed all of those assisted and the occupation assisted the british army and the occupation in the
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last 18 years would be able to return to the united kingdom. however, as the weeks and days been passed, many ministers in parliament was saying not everybody would be able to get out. and now dominic rob, as we heard, is it missing? he has no idea how many british citizens still remain in afghanistan. but it's actually maintain that the u. k has done a good job and that people should stop attacking the u. k for its own as occupation process. anyone getting back passing briefings either at me or the foreign commonwealth and development office is frankly not credible. and it is deeply responsible. we have absolutely been on this, and you can see we have been on these. why? because we have got 17000 people out. well, it's not just the u. k. citizens that are in need of returning here to the united kingdom, but many, many afghans are actually desperate to flee from the taliban takeover as well and
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have been e mailing the united kingdom, the foreign office trying to get some help. so what we're hearing now is a minister has admitted that email from schools of people have not only not been replied to a process, but not even being read by many, many ministers here in westminster. meaning that many people are still stuck in the region and fearing for their lives without any sense that they will ever be able to get out. despite all of this, dominick rob, the foreign secretary is still maintaining that they were real, a tangible gains from the 18 year occupation when colleagues all around him over the past few weeks have even been pushed to the point of floods, of tears in the house of commons saying the absolute opposite to dominic rob. now he will indeed be stopped in a foreign affair. select committee. that's an opportunity for many m p. 's to really grill the foreign secretary off his handling of this crisis. no doubt it really will be a grilling. indeed. that tomorrow,
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but many people are really questioning how on the dominic rob is in this position still in this position, a crucial role. but at a critical time, we ask people in london what they think the foreign secretary is handling of the afghan plum. i think you should be aware of how many people are left and then tried to help those people. well, i mean, they have to come up with the correct amount of how many people are there. and why was they, you know, brought back. he showed that he doesn't know what we have actually done the best i mean to to be the greatest, but someone gives you 4 days or 5 days to clear out the country go much chances. and everyone thinks me more more content with his own image, depression that he is making on the world. well, that's not what, what's going on in the world around him. if a public doesn't,
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a public person doesn't have to acknowledge who is supposed to protect the nation. it doesn't make me feel that i can trust politician. my whole opinion of the government is not very high. and as the dominant. rob, so behavioral things appalling. i'm just a good. while dominic rob has flatly denied a claim from u. s. media that britain has been indirectly responsible for letting a suicide bomber into couple airport on thursday, the pentagon document lead to political magazine suggests that american forces kept the airports main gate open despite knowing it was a prime target for terrorists in order to lead british personnel in fact, wait, but the foreign secretary has said that the allegation is just not true. and another government minister has accused us of indulging in a blame game. there is an underlying current of plame, which is on helpful is
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a distraction from the main efforts of what is happening on the ground. if the scale of this attack was known beforehand, old gate should have been closed as a matter of protocol. and they went, which suggest saw it, detailed intelligence was missing, or huge risks were chosen to be taken anyway. was asked to former u. k. counter terrorism, intelligence officer charles to bridge about how to conduct such an operation in mid a high risk of a terrorist attack. and end of the day. if you've only got one or 2 or 3 days left to carry out your evacuation. it could be argued that you constantly shut down the operation every time that there's a town that's because if you do so of course you just had an initiative to groups such as an official, perhaps even the taliban themselves. you could simply manufacture bomb alerts like that and therefore, thereby disrupt the operation to act with time. even before the capture plays, the british appeared to be the people who actually went public with this, which in
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a way could undermine any attempts to capture or kill the attacker before he got to the airport. because of course, that discloses the festival. there is a source that is disclosing this confirmation. i'm 2nd, it gave warning to the attacker. if he's watching the news, which i'm sure he said he was colleagues, that he was the there was information been given that he might, he or she might be on their way. or the european union is bracing for a search in refugees from afghanistan. and ministers have just held an emergency meeting with the focus on the preventing or repeats of the 2015 migrating migration crisis with more. here's child pinsky. well, what seems to be in agreement from you minutes is, is a that has to be moved on to protect the external world as from the migration price is happening. there were also discussions about the situation in afghanistan that
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the moment on the fact that they could now be a safe haven for terrorists. and also they could be more terrorism as a result of the current situation. but the main focus that appears to be from this meeting that they leave is the ministers that will to prevent illegal migrants from coming to europe based on lessons learned, the e u and its members states stand determined to act jointly to prevent the reoccurrence of uncontrolled large scale, illegal migration movements faced in the past. appropriate security checks should be carried out, including for the full use of relevant e u databases as well as resignation in euro duck. well, that issue of dealing with a large migration is something that you will be rattling. i think the us started pulling out its troops from afghanistan. it's something that you're really concerned about because wanting. so who will to see is a repeat of what happened back in 2015 when around
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a 1000000 syrians flooded in europe, causing what many described as being my ration crisis. but since then, there has been a huge amount of work done, particularly on the eastern buddhist o, v u block to reinforce the borders that have a look now at some of the work that's been undertaken. news the
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the me is also the thorny issue of resettling migrant and refugee map gamma song, something that you decided that it still can not agree on. and as a result, back as a result of being able to give any definitive figures as to how many people will be able to come to the you. it will not be done on a voluntary basis. country by country that you estimate in 2015 that have been around 570000 asylum application just for my on the song. and it says that in february the applications have increased the food cause i've got concern as a whole of the pool. my sons government was coming now that you want to see and this is discussed the meeting today, but there is more than to relocate. people have gone down to countries nearby in the region, so around and gone,
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but we've already heard from that. it feels as if it's all ready for the brim. i cannot take any more individuals on this idea that you look to be closing this containing with fortress. europe is something that is provoked. you read international human rights organizations such as, i'm the international love i'm with the international is written to the you. and also if you came to say that it deeply concerned about the type of language that you was using when it talks about protecting its borders. but you also how's it says another solution that dangled power is money important to the taliban? by saying, look, if you cheat to certain conditions, if you protect white women, if you allow girls to school, we will give you money in funding toward humanitarian assistance to the country. rebuilding the country, all of facebook does come with those conditions in the you commission is today thing off that press conference, we will have to wait and see if those positions are met. the money will not be
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forthcoming before they met. despite all of the discussions today, we know that some european countries offer that they also will not be taking any more migrant refugees from amazon. was just a matter of number. when it comes to admission, my position is well known. i think that nothing much has changed, especially because austria has done the last already occasions we have taken in a big of them. proportionate share of people since 2015 per capita. we have the 4th largest afghan community worldwide. and so in that respect, i think austin's is well known here. in the meantime, we're having a warning from the u. n. h, the all that says that there was a even larger great problem that is learning enough comes down to the 39000000 people that live that the high commissioner for refugees, almost baking european union to keep it who does open the u says they are open but as we've seen from that reinforcement differences and sorry, and your idea that they could be deploy drones and patrols in the borders size,
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know how many people feel? we've had a similar course to keep food. food is open from the international rescue committee saying that you must not abandon people's chemist on. unfortunately, that is now how many people feel that they have been already abandoned. now we spoke to maximilian crime, a german member of the european parliament who believes that the best option would be to get the taliban to guarantee it won't retaliate, retaliate against those who had helped western forces. we spend a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of life, and then you may have gone to a more rest and place the majority of to make a got a or a gamma play problem is been ever you have any tension. then our integration, the ring and urine, the make the exception to the,
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to the our, it and all we had about high have people in your forces again and pull in a 30 day station for a minute. then we have to take him to the house and tell him that and they will know, take the land with day to collaborate with us, the portal. so desperate my courage with me to take it directly to the government room and get guarantee that they will never prosecute those people re supported the forces as it does it for me. this are, i will be back, company hours, not look, this is our to international, say, with the one i make no,
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no borders and the blind number please. as emerge. we don't have authority. we don't actually, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so me, good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together in so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation,
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk i can't rec, drugs are essential for millions of patients or are they, they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work. the problem is, in a long term, they're mostly disastrous and suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines, any up to something wonderful, very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible can bill so all ills are trying to mitigate life itself. i just think i was like i was just scared,
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scared, little girl of 24. and like me didn't have to be so complicated. this is been by someone business show you can't afford to mess. i'm rachel blevins and i bridge a boring washington coming up. the united states and allies have proven billions of dollars in for an a to afghan affair. and we'll take a look at how the nation's economy will be able to sustain itself. and bitcoin is less than a week away from becoming legal tender l. salvador, for the ira leff is warning to hit the fall of the move we have as an expert analysis on hand to break it all down. then case how is exploring options to let us customers train stocks on the platform. we'll take a look at how it could affect the future of retail trading. we have a package here today, so let's get started.


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